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02.02.2019 - 17:53 [ Michael H. ‏/ Twitter ]

French radio reports 7,000 Gendarmes will be mobilised today in Paris for 12th consecutive weekend of #GiletsJaunes protests. Just waiting now for the U.K. msm to declare Jean Luc Mélenchon President of France & call for elections in France within 8 days …

27.01.2019 - 12:48 [ ]

Humberside Police tell man to ‚check his thinking‘ after he likes ‚offensive transgender limerick‘ on Twitter

The former policeman said he faced 34 minutes of phone questions from a police constable after liking the post. The officer, Mr Miller claims, told him he was investigating a report of „hate speech“ after an unnamed complainant contacted the force, reports Grimsby Live.

He spoke out about the probe on his own Twitter page and said: „Cop said he was in possession of 30 tweets by me. I asked if any contained criminal material. He said…No.

„I asked if any came close to being criminal…and he read me a limerick. Honestly. A limerick. A cop read me a limerick over the phone.“

27.01.2019 - 12:04 [ ]

NASA Erased First Moonwalk Tapes, But Restores Copies

(17. Juli 2009) After a three-year search for a set of data tapes that promised to offer an improved view of the first moonwalk by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin 40 years ago this month, NASA revealed on Thursday that the tapes were more than likely erased years ago and reused. But the agency then unveiled the next best thing: restored footage based on their best broadcast quality tapes.

27.01.2019 - 12:01 [ Reuters ]

Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits

(16. Juli 2009) The good news is he found where they went. The bad news is they were part of a batch of 200,000 tapes that were degaussed — magnetically erased — and re-used to save money.

27.01.2019 - 11:58 [ ]

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: NASA finds missing moon landing tapes

(28. Juni 2009) The Sunday Express can now reveal that the missing tapes containing the original high quality images have been found.

If the visual data can be retrieved, Nasa is set to reveal them to the world as a key plank of celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the landings next month.

The tapes show in much more detail than almost anyone has previously seen the surface of the moon beneath the patriotic symbol of the US flag.

Crucially, they could once and for all dispel 40 years of wild conspiracy theories.

10.01.2019 - 21:53 [ Mary Dejevsky / ]

I witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union and Brexit Britain’s situation is just as precarious

Who would venture to forecast with any confidence that the UK will still be the UK in its current composition in the next 20 years?

10.01.2019 - 11:48 [ ]

US-Studie zu „Schallwaffe“ in Kuba empfiehlt psychologische Untersuchung von US-Diplomaten

Wissenschaftler aus den USA und Großbritannien sind nach einer Untersuchung angeblicher Angriffe mit „Schallwaffen“ auf die US-Botschaft in Havanna zu einem überraschenden Ergebnis gekommen: Bei den Geräuschen, die angeblich erkrankte Diplomaten gehört haben wollen, soll es sich um Grillen handeln. Die Regierung von US-Präsident Donald Trump hatte die sozialistische Regierung Kubas beschuldigt, die diplomatische Vertretung mit einem unbekannten Waffensystem attackiert zu haben.

10.01.2019 - 10:49 [ ]

Israelischer Ex-Minister: Spionage für den Erzfeind Iran

Die iranischen Kontaktleute hätten Segev ein Gerät zur Verschlüsselung geheimer Nachrichten gegeben. Der frühere Energieminister habe auch Kontakte zwischen Vertretern israelischer Sicherheitsbehörden und den iranischen Geheimdienstmitarbeitern hergestellt. Dabei habe er die Iraner als harmlose Geschäftsleute vorgestellt.

10.01.2019 - 07:50 [ ]

Will UK isolate itself after Brexit?

Historically, unlike Japan, which has been secluded, the UK has always maintained close ties with the European continent. Not only do its religions and races come from the continent, but it is also economically close to Europe and politically part of the European royal family network. Queen Victoria was also broadly called the „European grandmother“.

In order to understand the relationship between the UK and the European continent, the Hundred Years‘ War is a useful beginning. …

06.01.2019 - 10:22 [ ]

SPD: Olaf Scholz hält sich für aussichtsreichen Kanzlerkandidaten

Vizekanzler Olaf Scholz empfiehlt sich als Kanzlerkandidat der SPD und bekräftigt den Anspruch seiner Partei, die Regierungsspitze zu übernehmen. „Die SPD will den nächsten Kanzler stellen“, sagte Scholz der Zeitung Bild am Sonntag. Auf die Frage, ob er selbst sich das Amt des Bundeskanzlers zutraue, sagte er: „Ja.

04.12.2018 - 14:07 [ Stephen Doughty, Member of Parliament / Twitter ]

Attorney General finally turns up to chamber looking like he’s been finishing his lunch off… extraordinary. #Brexit #Contempt

04.12.2018 - 14:02 [ Emma Ross-Thomas / ]

Brexit Bulletin: In Contempt?

Today in Brexit: May’s big Brexit debate is overshadowed by more parliamentary guerrilla tactics.

04.12.2018 - 13:34 [ Cathrin Kahlweit / ]

Großbritannien: Die Schlammschlacht um den Brexit beginnt

Andererseits hatte Labour schon vor der Rede angekündigt, man behalte sich vor, die Regierung mit einer archaischen Regel unter Druck zu setzen, die höchst selten angewendet wird und in etwa der „Missachtung des Gerichts“ in Strafprozessen gleicht.

23.11.2018 - 17:25 [ Sky News ]

Theresa May refuses to say if she’ll quit if MPs reject Brexit deal

Asked twice more if she would quit if parliament rejects her deal, Mrs May added: „As I’m sitting here, I’m not thinking about me.

„I’m thinking about getting a deal through that delivers on the people of this country.

„That’s what drives me and that is what is at the forefront of my mind.

23.11.2018 - 17:22 [ ]

Theresa May squirms over Brexit in radio phone-in – 5 most cringeworthy moments

She refused to say her deal beats cancelling Brexit, hinted she could resign – and that’s before you get to the personal questions. Here are the best moments

23.11.2018 - 16:29 [ BBC ]

Brexit: May says EU will not offer ‚better deal‘ if agreement rejected

She told a BBC phone-in that there would be just „more division and uncertainty“ if Parliament voted against the agreement next month.

But she declined to say whether the UK would be better off outside the EU, saying only it would be „different“.

20.11.2018 - 14:23 [ Tobias Haberkorn / ]

Climate Change: The Coming Calamity

(7.11.2018) Those who give up now are forgetting how quickly things have happened before in human history. Nations have frequently gone on war footing and their peoples have quickly adapted. The collapse of an old regime – and this is the revolutionary vocabulary French sociologist Bruno Latour uses to speak of today’s world – is only really noticed by the mighty and the masses when it actually happens. Nobody can know beforehand what the world will look like after the revolution.

20.11.2018 - 14:19 [ Tobias Haberkorn / ]

Klimawandel: Die Sintflut kommt

(4.11.2018) Wer jetzt aufgibt, vergisst, wie schnell es in der Menschheitsgeschichte immer mal wieder gegangen ist. Kriegswirtschaften hat es viele gegeben, und die Menschen wussten sich ihnen anzupassen. Dass ein Ancien Régime in sich zusammenfällt – in diesem Revolutionsvokabular spricht Bruno Latour von der heutigen Welt – , merken die Regenten und die Masse immer erst dann, wenn es wirklich geschieht. Dass vorher niemand wissen kann, wie die Welt nach der Revolution aussieht, liegt im Wesen der Geschichte.

22.10.2018 - 09:22 [ New York Times ]

John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration

(18.10.2018) The three people said Mr. Kelly and Mr. Bolton were sparring over an issue that has frequently angered the president and has often prompted him to lash out at Kirstjen Nielsen, who succeeded Mr. Kelly as the secretary of homeland security after serving as his deputy chief of staff in the White House. Mr. Bolton was siding with the president, who has angrily blamed Ms. Nielsen for failing to stanch the flow of migrants across the border, while Mr. Kelly, who is fiercely protective of his protégé, defended her, the people said.