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23.11.2022 - 14:42 [ Jerusalem Post ]

‚Israel, Russia to coordinate in air, sea, and electromagnetic arena‘

(October 27, 2015)

In Russia, Eisenkot met with his Russian counterpart, General Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov – the first time chiefs of staff from Russia and Israel held a direct meeting in Moscow. Eisenkot also participated in part of the meeting held between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Afterward, the two sides agreed to set up a joint working group led by the deputy chiefs of staff from each country.

24.10.2022 - 19:28 [ Jerusalem Post ]

‚Israel, Russia to coordinate in air, sea, and electromagnetic arena‘

(October 27, 2015)

In Russia, Eisenkot met with his Russian counterpart, General Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov – the first time chiefs of staff from Russia and Israel held a direct meeting in Moscow. Eisenkot also participated in part of the meeting held between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Afterward, the two sides agreed to set up a joint working group led by the deputy chiefs of staff from each country.

20.10.2022 - 17:29 [ ]

Iran has declared war on Britain and the West

Following Putin’s visit to Tehran in July, Iran offered to assist Russia with avoiding those sanctions by using its so-called “dark” fleet of oil tankers.

In return, Moscow agreed an arms deal with Iran, including the purchase of 2,400 Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones.

These Iranian kamikaze drones are now at the forefront of Vladimir Putin’s attempts to wreak havoc against Ukraine, with their participation all the more important because the Russian military is running low on stockpiles of its conventional missiles. Nor is Iran’s involvement likely to be confined to providing drones.

20.10.2022 - 17:20 [ Foaad Haghighi / Nitter ]

Despite familiar denials of wrong-doing, under a deal agreed in Moscow earlier this month with senior officials from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Tehran has promised to provide Russia with surface-to-surface missiles as well.

24.08.2022 - 15:26 [ ]

Darya Dugina’s death in Moscow car bomb leads to more questions than answers

To hear Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) tell it, Ukrainian intelligence dispatched an assassin to kill Dugina, a state television commentator and staunch backer of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…

22.08.2022 - 05:42 [ Matthew Plaza / Nitter ]

Aleksandr Dugin’s daughter was just incinerated in an apparent assassination attempt in Moscow. In this video you can see Dugin struck with grief at the sight of the burning car. Regardless of their thoughts or actions no parent deserves to see their child die. This is horrific.

22.08.2022 - 05:13 [ ]

Western media’s favorite Russian philosopher: Who is Aleksandr Dugin, whose daughter was killed in a Moscow car bombing?

Dugin has been dubbed ‘Putin’s brain’ and ‘Putin’s Rasputin’ by the anglophone press for his supposed influence on the worldview of President Vladimir Putin and the country’s ruling elite. Foreign Policy magazine included him in its 2014 ‘Global Thinkers’ list “for masterminding Russia’s expansionist ideology.”

However, the reality is that he’s not influential in the Kremlin. Nor is he even a mainstream figure in Moscow. Instead, he’s become a totem for ultra-nationalist campaigners, most of whom believe President Vladimir Putin is too moderate in his foreign policy.

Thus, Dugin has become a curious anomaly: famous in the West, but a fringe figure at home.

22.08.2022 - 05:05 [ ]

Car blast kills daughter of Russian known as ‚Putin’s brain‘

In this handout photo taken from video released by Investigative Committee of Russia on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022, investigators work on the site of explosion of a car driven by Daria Dugina outside Moscow. Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the Russian nationalist ideologist often called „Putin’s brain“, was killed when her car exploded on the outskirts of Moscow, officials said Sunday. The Investigate Committee branch for the Moscow region said the Saturday night blast was caused by a bomb planted in the SUV driven by Daria Dugina.

19.07.2022 - 19:14 [ Jerusalem Post ]

‚Israel, Russia to coordinate in air, sea, and electromagnetic arena‘

(OCTOBER 27, 2015)

In Russia, Eisenkot met with his Russian counterpart, General Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov – the first time chiefs of staff from Russia and Israel held a direct meeting in Moscow. Eisenkot also participated in part of the meeting held between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Afterward, the two sides agreed to set up a joint working group led by the deputy chiefs of staff from each country.

28.06.2022 - 07:24 [ Bloomberg / ]

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister traveled to Russia in a show of support for the fellow OPEC+ member just as the US encourages the cartel to pump more oil and isolate Moscow


09.05.2022 - 18:04 [ ZDF ]

Putins Rede zum Ukraine-Krieg

In einer Rede auf dem Roten Platz in Moskau während der Feierlichkeiten zum Gedenken an den Sieg über Nazi-Deutschland im Zweiten Weltkrieg zog Putin am Montag Parallelen zwischen dem Kampf der Roten Armee gegen die Nationalsozialisten und dem Vorgehen der russischen Streitkräfte in der Ukraine.

Der Kremlchef betonte zudem, es handele sich bei der russischen Invasion um einen präventiven Schritt, der dazu diene, das „Vaterland“ vor der „inakzeptablen Gefahr“ zu verteidigen, die das vom Westen unterstützte Nachbarland für Russland darstelle.

09.05.2022 - 09:52 [ Nexta / ]

#Putin’s speech at the parade is over. There were no words about mobilization or an open declaration of war on #Ukraine.

10.03.2022 - 21:09 [ ]

Gerhard Schröder in Moscow to meet Putin in Ukraine peace bid

Schröder’s Moscow visit followed talks in Istanbul with a Ukrainian politician who is a member of the country’s delegation for peace talks with Russia, according to a detailed account of the initiative provided to POLITICO by a person closely involved.

“Ukraine wanted to see if Schröder could build a bridge for dialogue with Putin,” one of the sources said.

Last week, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, suggested Schröder could try to mediate between Moscow and Kyiv.

10.03.2022 - 20:54 [ WDR Aktuelle Stunde / Twitter ]

Ex-Bundeskanzler #Schröder trifft sich laut dem Portal @Politico in Moskau mit Präsident Putin, um im Ukraine-Krieg zu vermitteln. Die Bundesregierung weiß nach eigener Aussage nichts davon. Unser Berlin-Korrespondent @TobiasReckmann spricht von einem „unglaublichen Affront“.

10.03.2022 - 20:52 [ Berliner Zeitung am Wochenende / Twitter ]

Das Medium Politico meldet, dass Gerhard Schröder in Moskau sei, um den russischen Staatspräsidenten Wladimir Putin zu treffen. Das wollten wohl die Ukrainer.

06.03.2022 - 12:51 [ ]

Bennett erst bei Putin, dann bei Scholz


Israels Premier Bennett hat in Moskau mit Russlands Präsident Putin über die Lage in der Ukraine beraten. Noch am Abend will Bennett mit Kanzler Scholz sprechen.

09.02.2022 - 05:56 [ Kreml ]

News conference following Russian-French talks

For our part, we will do our best to find compromises that suit everyone. There is not a single point that we consider unachievable in the proposals we sent to NATO and Washington.

There is also the ongoing issue related to the situation in Donbass. The President said that Russia is conducting exercises and has amassed a large group of forces. But has Ukraine not amassed them also? They have the same 100,000 or 125,000 troops concentrated in Donbass.

To reiterate, they have tried to resolve the Donbass issue through military means twice, and they did not conceal this as they used equipment and aviation. Who will give us guarantees that this will not happen? This is also a legitimate question on our part.

09.02.2022 - 05:43 [ ]

Putin says ready for compromise with West after talks with Macron on Ukraine

Repeatedly thanking the French leader for coming to Moscow, Putin said at a joint press conference that Macron had presented several ideas worth studying.

„A number of his ideas, proposals… are possible as a basis for further steps,“ Putin said, adding: „We will do everything to find compromises that suit everyone.“

09.02.2022 - 05:27 [ ]

Macron: No security for Europeans if there is no security for Russia

While President Joe Biden was unsuccessfully trying to strongarm German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House Monday into saying he would give up Russian gas if that country invades Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron was in Moscow actually making what appears to be some potential headway in defusing the crisis over Ukraine.

09.02.2022 - 05:20 [ ]

Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on Russia set alarm bells ringing

Domestic critics of Emmanuel Macron, Nato hardliners and the leadership in Ukraine will be suspiciously examining the French president’s late-night remarks at his Moscow press conference on Monday for signs of freelancing.

20.08.2021 - 15:24 [ Kreml - ]

Meeting with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Vladimir Putin and Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel, who is in Russia on a working visit, are meeting in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

20.08.2021 - 15:21 [ ZDF ]

Staatsbesuch in Russland – Merkel bei Putin: Viele Konfliktthemen

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel reist inmitten massiver Spannungen zwischen Moskau und Berlin an diesem Freitag zu Gesprächen im Kreml mit dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin.

24.06.2021 - 20:14 [ Außenministerium der Russischen Föderation - ]

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security, Moscow, June 24, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen,


I am honoured to be invited once again to address the Moscow Conference on International Security, which is organised by the Defence Ministry of Russia. We are pleased that participants from many states and multilateral organisation are attending it despite the pandemic. I regard this as a shared interest in combining our efforts to improve the international situation and find the best possible solutions to numerous challenges of our time. I am sure that the high level of representation at this event will promote the achievement of these goals.

Eighty years ago today, on June 22, 1941, our homeland was attacked by Nazi Germany, which had occupied nearly all of Europe by that time. The tragedy of World War II is a vivid reminder of what a betrayal of the principle of equal and indivisible security and a feeling of superiority can lead to.

It was through enormous sacrifice and huge losses, above all of the Soviet peoples, that Nazism was defeated and our civilisation was saved. During the terrible war years, the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition demonstrated exceptional teamwork, wisdom, acumen and solidarity, quickly joining forces in the name of routing the aggressor.

10.10.2020 - 11:07 [ ZDF ]

Konflikt um Bergkarabach – Waffenruhe zwischen Armenien und Aserbaidschan

Laut Russlands Außenminister Lawrow haben sich Aserbaidschan und Armenien auf eine Waffenruhe in Bergkarabach geeinigt. Sie soll Samtag Mittag in Kraft treten.

12.09.2020 - 11:32 [ ]

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Reaffirms Commitment To Strengthen Regional and International Security, Stability

The foreign ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries have reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against international terrorism, drug trafficking, cross-border organized crime, and cybercrime during a Sept. 9-10 regular SCO Council meeting in Moscow.

12.09.2020 - 11:06 [ BBC ]

How India and China bought peace – for now

After months of worsening tensions on their contested Himalayan border, India and China surprised many by announcing that troops are to quickly disengage.
The joint announcement followed a marathon meeting between Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow.

11.09.2020 - 09:32 [ ]

China, Russia, India share extensive, profound common interests, ideas: senior Chinese official

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (R) meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (C) and Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar in Moscow, Russia, on Sept. 10, 2020.

11.09.2020 - 09:29 [ ]

Indien und China wollen Konflikt entspannen

Die Truppen beider Seiten sollten sich „schnell voneinander lösen, angemessenen Abstand halten“, ihren Dialog fortsetzen und die Spannungen abbauen, heißt es nach Angaben der amtlichen chinesischen Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua von heute in einer Vereinbarung beider Außenminister bei einem Treffen in der russischen Hauptstadt Moskau.

02.08.2020 - 23:28 [ Ruptly / Youtube ]

Russia: Moscow half marathon becomes first mass sport event held amid pandemic

About 13,000 people participated in the Moscow half marathon, a part of the all-Russia sports project „Zabeg,“ on Sunday. The race became the first mass sport event in the Russian capital since COVID-19 restrictions were introduced. Participants were able to choose the distance – five or 21.1 kilometres (13.11 miles).

02.08.2020 - 23:16 [ ]

Runners told to observe social distancing in Moscow half-marathon

More than 9,500 runners competing in Moscow’s annual half-marathon on Sunday wore masks and gloves in the starting area, had their temperature checked and were told to observe social distancing rules because of the COVID-19 pandemic

17.07.2020 - 02:52 [ TASS ]

Lavrov to hold talks with Algerian foreign minister in Moscow on July 22

The spokeswoman noted that Algeria plays an important role in maintaining regional stability in North Africa. „We believe that the upcoming talks will strengthen multifaceted bilateral cooperation,“ the diplomat concluded.

30.01.2020 - 06:16 [ ]

Netanyahu To Meet Putin In Moscow On January 30th To Explain ‘Deal Of The Century’

“On January 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will be in Russia on a short working visit,” the message informs, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

Earlier, Netanyahu’s spokesperson Anna Jonathan-Leus informed that the Israeli PM plans to head for Moscow after visiting Washington in order to inform Putin of the details of the US plan for Middle Eastern regulation, the so-called “deal of the century.”

13.01.2020 - 18:52 [ ]

Libyen: Verhandlungen in Russland und Deutschland

Fajis as-Sarradsch, Chalifa Haftar und Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu reisten heute nach Moskau, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wird am Sonntag in Berlin erwartet

11.01.2020 - 19:05 [ ]

Merkel zu Krisengesprächen bei Putin in Moskau

Bei der Unterredung im Kreml sollen die Konflikte in Libyen und Syrien und auch die Lage im Iran im Mittelpunkt stehen.

28.12.2019 - 02:00 [ Pars Today ]

Zarif to visit Russia on Monday

“When discussing current issues on the international and regional agendas, special attention will be paid to the situation regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear program, the Syrian settlement, developments in the Persian Gulf area and other regional issues.“

19.12.2019 - 20:42 [ ]

Geheimdienstmitarbeiter erschossen: Tödlicher Angriff vor FSB-Zentrale in Moskau

Die Darstellung russischer Staatsmedien wich von jener des FSB ab: Die Schüsse fielen einem Bericht des Staatssenders RT zufolge um 18.10 Uhr Ortszeit (16.10 Uhr MEZ) im Empfangsbereich des FSB. Dort war von drei Angreifern die Rede, zwei sollen bei einem Schusswechsel mit dem Wachdienst des FSB getötet worden sein. Der dritte mutmaßliche Täter konnte demnach zunächst flüchten. Es seien dann weitere Schüsse gefallen, hieß es.

18.11.2019 - 21:28 [ Yonhap ]

Senior N.K. diplomat departs for Russia

North Korean First Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui, considered leader Kim Jong-un’s top strategist in nuclear negotiations with the United States, departed for Russia on Monday, the North’s state media reported.

06.05.2019 - 19:37 [ ]

Moscow plane fire: reports claim jet was struck by lightning

Russian authorities have said the deadly fire onboard an Aeroflot passenger jet was probably caused by pilot error, a technical malfunction or “adverse weather conditions”, apparently referring to reports that lightning struck the plane after takeoff.

05.05.2019 - 23:24 [ Sputnik ]

Flugzeug in Moskau ausgebrannt: Offenbar 41 Tote

Von den 78 Menschen an Bord des Flugzeugs der Gesellschaft Aeroflot, das am Sonntag Feuer gefangen hat, haben 37 den verheerenden Brand überlebt. Dies teilt das russische staatliche Ermittlungskomitee mit.

13 Tote wurden bestätigt. Das Schicksal von 28 weiteren Menschen werde geklärt.

02.03.2019 - 10:38 [ Portal ]

Venezuela und Russland verstärken Kooperation, PDVSA-Europasitz nach Moskau verlegt

Bei einem offiziellen Besuch in Moskau am Freitag hat Venezuelas Vizepräsidentin Delcy Rodríguez mit dem Außenminister der Russischen Förderation, Sergei Lawrow, eine verstärkte Zusammenarbeit beider Länder vereinbart.

07.02.2019 - 10:16 [ ]

Netanyahu and Putin to Meet in Moscow on Iranian Threat

Despite tensions between their home countries, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 21 in Moscow, where the two are expected to discuss the Iranian threat.

22.10.2018 - 18:01 [ Ruptly / Youtube ]

LIVE: US National Security Advisor John Bolton meets Lavrov in Moscow: arrivals at MFA

US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meet at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Monday, October 22. According to Bolton, the meeting comes with the aim of continuing the talks held at the Russia–United States summit in Helsinki earlier this year.

10.10.2018 - 19:31 [ KBS ]

Vizeaußenminister Nordkoreas, Chinas und Russlands führen Gespräche

Das Treffen erfolgte im Vorfeld der Verhandlungen zwischen Nordkorea und den USA für die Vorbereitung eines zweiten Gipfels. Daher wird davon ausgegangen, dass die Unterstützung Pekings und Moskaus bezüglich der Verhandlungen zwischen Pjöngjang und Washington sowie Wege für eine Lockerung der Sanktionen des UN-Sicherheitsrats gegen Nordkorea erörtert wurden.

21.08.2018 - 19:01 [ ]

Taliban kommen offenbar nach Moskau

Lawrow sagte, die Kontakte zu den Taliban seien bekannt. Sie gehörten zur russischen Afghanistan-Strategie, weil die Fundamentalisten dort Teil der Bevölkerung seien. Außerdem gehe es bei den Kontakten oft um Fragen der Sicherheit russischer Bürger.

21.08.2018 - 18:53 [ Jerusalem Post ]

Taliban plans to take part in Moscow talks on Afghanistan on Sept. 4

The Taliban plans to take part in Afghanistan peace talks in Moscow on Sept. 4, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency on Tuesday.

08.08.2018 - 20:07 [ ]

Trump schlägt Putin Kooperation gegen Terror vor

Auf Besuch in Moskau hat US-Senator Rand Paul nach eigenen Angaben einen Brief von Präsident Donald Trump an Kreml-Chef Wladimir Putin übergeben. Das Schreiben schlage eine Kooperation gegen Terroristen, einen Dialog der Parlamente beider Länder und eine Wiederaufnahme des kulturellen Austausches vor. Paul schrieb heute im Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter: „Ich hatte die Ehre, einen Brief von Präsident Trump an die Führung von Präsident Putin zu überbringen.“

28.07.2018 - 15:00 [ ]

Putin lädt Trump nach Moskau ein

Putin sagte bei der Konferenz der Schwellenländer Brasilien, Russland, Indien, China und Südafrika, Telefonate zwischen Moskau und Washington allein reichten nicht aus. Beide Seiten müssten zu Gesprächen zum Beispiel über den Atomvertrag mit dem Iran, den Konflikt im Nahen Osten und Fragen der Waffenkontrolle zusammenkommen. Trump habe den Wunsch nach weiteren Treffen geäußert.

15.05.2018 - 00:05 [ Xinhuanet ]

Tehran, Moscow set to save Iran nuclear deal

There was no press conference following the Lavrov-Zarif talks in Moscow, and the Russian Foreign Ministry only said in a brief statement that the main focus of the conversation was the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal; both ministers agreed to maintain close contact on this issue.

05.05.2018 - 19:32 [ ]

Prügel, Tränengas und mehr als 1200 Festnahmen

Bei landesweiten Protesten zwei Tage vor der erneuten Amtseinführung von Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin hat die Polizei nach Angaben des Bürgerrechtsportals Owd-Info (hier lesen Sie mir über die Organisation) bis Samstagabend mehr als 1200 Demonstranten festgenommen. Rund die Hälfte davon seien bei einer nicht genehmigten Kundgebung in Moskau festgesetzt worden, darunter auch Oppositionsführer Alexej Nawalny, der zu den Protesten aufgerufen hatte.