14.09.2018 - 18:21 [ Haaretz ]

Leftists, Don’t Immigrate

The message is clear: Israel is open to the immigration of right-wing Jews only. The right wants Israel as the nation-state of the rightist Jewish people, while leftist Jews who want to implement their right to immigrate to Israel are treated as illegal migrants. In recent months several leftist activists were detained at the airport on entering Israel, including Israeli citizens.

11.08.2018 - 19:18 [ עומדים ביחד نقف معًا ‏ / Twitter ]

Tens of thousands are gathering RIGHT NOW in Tel Aviv’s Rabin square in to protest the #NationStateLaw, in what appears to be the THE LARGEST JEWISH-ARAB DEMONSTRATION IN HISTORY OF ISRAEL. This is our answer to the racist government.