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23.11.2022 - 15:24 [ Middle East Eye ]

Biden administration sticks to ‚vague‘ wording on Saudi ties after immunity decision

US will continue to review its relationship with Saudi Arabia despite the administration saying the crown prince has immunity from Khashoggi lawsuit

22.11.2022 - 20:37 [ @PeaceBelgium / Twitter ]

The last time the NOPEC bill came this close to passing was in 2007, when it got approved by the House of Reps in a 345-72 vote and the Senate by 70-23, only to die after George W. Bush threatened a veto. (good relations between George W. & the Kingdom in the aftermath of 9/11)


22.11.2022 - 20:25 [ Reuters ]

Explainer: What is NOPEC, the U.S. bill to pressure the OPEC+ oil group?


But several attempts to pass NOPEC over more than two decades have long worried OPEC’s de facto leader Saudi Arabia, leading Riyadh to lobby hard every time a version of the bill has come up.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee passing the bill in May, it needs to pass the full Senate and House and be signed by the president to become law.

22.11.2022 - 20:17 [ Pakistan Economic Net / Twitter ]

Oil rises after Saudis deny report of OPEC+ supply increase

22.11.2022 - 20:08 [ @echoreflection / Nitter ]

„late last night, the Biden administration quietly gave Saudi Arabia’s Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Salman, immunity from a lawsuit for the murder of Khashoggi, who had criticized the crown prince’s policies“

22.11.2022 - 20:03 [ ]

Saudis may boost oil production after Biden admin shields crown prince from punishment in death of Jamal Khashoggi

A production increase of up to 500,000 barrels a day is now under discussion for OPEC’s December 4 meeting, delegates said.

17.11.2022 - 16:56 [ Nachdenkseiten ]

„Russische Raketen treffen Polen“ – Neuer Tiefpunkt von Politik und Medien in Deutschland

Kaum waren in der Nacht zum Mittwoch die ersten Informationen über den mutmaßlichen Niedergang einer Rakete auf polnischem Territorium durchgesickert, kannten deutsche Politiker, insbesondere von der FDP-Fraktion, und Medien kein Halten mehr: Ohne jede weitere Recherche oder den Versuch einer Verifikation titelte zum Beispiel das ZDF, obwohl zu diesem Zeitpunkt keinerlei entsprechende offizielle Stellungnahme aus Polen oder den USA vorlag, „Russische Raketen treffen polnisches Gebiet“. Dies griffen dann zahlreiche Politiker der Ampel-Koalition, unter anderem die Vorsitzende des Verteidigungsausschusses des Bundestages, ebenso unhinterfragt auf. Ein hysterisches Zitierkartell, basierend, wie wir jetzt wissen, auf Fake News.

16.11.2022 - 20:45 [ Tichys Einblick ]

Beharrlicher, ehrlicher Journalismus führte zur Wiederholung der Berlin-Wahl

Der ehemalige Berliner Abgeordnete Marcel Luthe, der maßgeblich mit TE zusammenarbeitete, um das ganze Ausmaß des Wahldebakels aufzudecken, betonte gegenüber TE, dass die Entscheidung der Lohn für 14 Monate „intensiver Arbeit“ des gesamten Teams sei. Allein aus den unvollständigen, falschen, teils gar manipulierten Niederschriften der Wahllokale ergebe sich die Ungültigkeit der Wahlen. Das Gericht betonte dabei, dass in diese Niederschriften nur einer reingesehen habe, nämlich Luthe selbst.

16.11.2022 - 09:43 [ associated press ]

Poland: Russian-made missile fell on our country, killing 2

That assessment and Biden’s comments at the Group of 20 summit in Indonesia contradict information earlier Tuesday from a senior U.S. intelligence official who told the AP that Russian missiles crossed into Poland.

12.11.2022 - 09:26 [ ]

Saudi Arabia is the biggest beneficiary of the war in Ukraine

(16 May 2022)

Cracks in the resolve began to show up immediately. Amid calls for more solar, wind and nuclear power, the UK government started to double down on domestic oil and gas production, and Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, flew to Saudi Arabia to ask the regime to increase its oil output.

11.11.2022 - 08:18 [ Worldwide Exchange / Nitter ]

„The chances of getting NOPEC passed are actually declining,“ says @rbccm Global Head of Commodity Strategy @CroftHelima. „Democrats were really driving for this. I don’t really sense a lot of Republican enthusiasm.“ #Election2022 #Midterms2022 #OPEC

11.11.2022 - 08:09 [ Reuters ]

Explainer: What is NOPEC, the U.S. bill to pressure the OPEC+ oil group?


But several attempts to pass NOPEC over more than two decades have long worried OPEC’s de facto leader Saudi Arabia, leading Riyadh to lobby hard every time a version of the bill has come up.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee passing the bill in May, it needs to pass the full Senate and House and be signed by the president to become law.

07.11.2022 - 07:48 [ ]

Saudi Arabia Reiterates Commitment To China, Regardless Of U.S. Concerns

(Nov 01, 2022)

Saudi Arabia’s strategic pivot effectively marks the end of the 1945 core agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that defined their relationship up until extremely recently.

07.11.2022 - 07:42 [ ]

Riyadh crosses the Rubicon toward Russia

(October 11, 2022)

This decision stands in stark contrast to the careful, muted responses of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian President Narendra Modi to Putin’s accelerating aggression in Eastern Europe and mounting threats to unleash nuclear war on the continent. Apart from buying Russian oil (at major discounts, most recently about $25 below Brent prices), neither the Chinese nor the Indians have offered Putin much in the way of diplomatic cover, military materiel or other direct substantive support since the earliest weeks of the illegal Russian invasion.

07.11.2022 - 06:06 [ Washington Post ]

Assad must go, Obama says


As Obama issued his statement, the leaders of France, Germany and Britain joined him in calling on Assad “to face the reality of the complete rejection of his regime by the Syrian people and to step aside.”

Obama had spoken to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron over the past two weeks to discuss calling for Assad’s resignation and to coordinate steps on sanctions.

07.11.2022 - 06:05 [ ]

Hillary Clinton: Muammar Gaddafi ‚must go now‘


Testifying before the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, Clinton called for an end to the violence in Libya.

She also added that the United States had reserved all its options as it considered additional steps that might be needed to stop Libyan forces from attacking civilians.

05.11.2022 - 12:37 [ Cristian Terhes, Member of the European Parliament representing Romania and the Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party (PNTCD) / Nitter ]

The lockdown abusers and their enablers now call for an AMNESTY, but without confessing the damage they’ve done and asking for forgiveness. I don’t want revenge, just justice at the fullest extent of the law! Do not vote into public offices any Freedom deniers and their parties!

05.11.2022 - 12:14 [ ]

Pandemic Amnesty? Not So Fast

It is simply wrong for people to publicly advocate for segregation and unemployment of a group of people because they don’t want a medicine that is fifteen minutes old.

It is simply wrong to whip your children up into a frenzy about something you have only heard about on the mainstream news to the point where they are yelling at strangers less than two meters away.

It is simply wrong to uninvite family members from Christmas because they didn’t take the same medicine you did.

It is simply wrong to close churches—you know, those places you go to when death is near—because you think death is near!

It is simply wrong to close the borders for years on end and completely ruin businesses that rely on tourism.

It is simply wrong to demonize every dissenting opinion in the pursuit of scientific and medical answers. Something about the scientific method requiring dissenting opinions and contrary evidence to buttress claims comes to mind…

I could go on and on.

05.11.2022 - 12:10 [ ]

Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty


We have to put these fights aside and declare a pandemic amnesty. We can leave out the willful purveyors of actual misinformation while forgiving the hard calls that people had no choice but to make with imperfect knowledge. Los Angeles County closed its beaches in summer 2020. Ex post facto, this makes no more sense than my family’s masked hiking trips. But we need to learn from our mistakes and then let them go. We need to forgive the attacks, too. Because I thought schools should reopen and argued that kids as a group were not at high risk, I was called a “teacher killer” and a “génocidaire.” It wasn’t pleasant, but feelings were high. And I certainly don’t need to dissect and rehash that time for the rest of my days.

Moving on is crucial now, because the pandemic created many problems that we still need to solve.

04.11.2022 - 07:50 [ ]

Saudi Arabia quells dissent inside the United States: Report

According to a report released by the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR), during the first half of 2022, Saudi Arabia executed 120 people, a number higher than that of 2020 and 2021 combined. The kingdom is on its way to surpassing the record of 186 executions set in 2019.

Most of the executions carried out this year took place on 12 March, when Saudi officials killed 81 detainees on charges of “terrorism-related activities.”

04.11.2022 - 07:39 [ ]

Biden’s Saudi recalibration a potential setback to prospects for Saudi-Israel normalization

(October 21, 2022)

Schneider is a co-chair of the Abraham Accords Caucus, as well as a lead sponsor of the DEFEND Act, which seeks to promote the creation of an integrated Middle East air-defense infrastructure, potentially including both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), also an Abraham Accords Caucus co-chair and lead DEFEND Act sponsor, raised concerns that the White House was “disrupting… momentum” toward integrated air defense by postponing a United States-Gulf Coordination Council meeting focused on the issue following the oil production cut announcement.

02.11.2022 - 10:01 [ James J. Marlow / Twitter ]

We are beginning to see a picture of results although there is still some distance to go. But at this stage, Meretz and Balad are OUT and Labor colleagues have turned against their leader, Merav Michaeli. #IsraelElections2022 #Israelex5

01.11.2022 - 10:13 [ Reuters ]

Explainer: What is NOPEC, the U.S. bill to pressure the OPEC+ oil group?


But several attempts to pass NOPEC over more than two decades have long worried OPEC’s de facto leader Saudi Arabia, leading Riyadh to lobby hard every time a version of the bill has come up.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee passing the bill in May, it needs to pass the full Senate and House and be signed by the president to become law.

01.11.2022 - 09:57 [ ]

Deep OPEC Output Cuts Upend Biden’s Attempt To Lower Oil Prices

In an effort to combat rising prices, earlier this year President Biden began the largest drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in U.S. history.
OPEC+ undid Biden’s SPR release by making deep output cuts, starting in November.
OPEC+ interests are fundamentally different than the interests of the U.S. consumer.

29.10.2022 - 04:07 [ Communist Party of Israel ]

Lapid Reiterates Hadash-Ta’al Will Not Sit in His Coalition

However, with four days left, no clear coalition can be created following Tuesday’s election, according to a final poll carried out by Panels Politics on behalf of Maariv. As in a similar poll last Friday, the Netanyahu bloc received 60 seats, the Lapid bloc received 56 seats and Hadash-Ta’al received the remaining four, the survey found. The poll showed Hadash-Ta’al. Meretz, Labor, and Islamist Ra’am passing the electoral threshold of 3.25% of the general vote.

28.10.2022 - 17:07 [ Rep. Susan Wild, Abgeordnete im US Repräsentantenhaus / Twitter ]

OPEC’s decision to slash oil production is a slap in the face to American interests. It’s time we restore the balance in this relationship. Today, @RepCindyAxne and I urged congressional leadership to bring up the NOPEC Act to crack down on the autocrats driving up PA gas prices.


28.10.2022 - 16:24 [ Middle East Eye ]

Opec+ oil cut: The birth pangs of a new world order

Riyadh is apparently set on another course. It intends to join Brics and is increasing its cooperation with China, including through its unprecedented consideration of trading oil for yuan instead of dollars. The UAE is also making moves, with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed recently visiting Moscow, and his energy minister saying Russia is irreplaceable in the oil market.

26.10.2022 - 06:16 [ ]

The lockdown files: Rishi Sunak on what we weren’t told

(27 August 2022)

Lockdown – closing schools and much of the economy while sending the police after people who sat on park benches – was the most draconian policy introduced in peacetime. No. 10 wanted to present it as ‘following the science’ rather than a political decision, and this had implications for the wiring of government decision-making. It meant elevating Sage, a sprawling group of scientific advisers, into a committee that had the power to decide whether the country would lock down or not. There was no socioeconomic equivalent to Sage; no forum where other questions would be asked.

So whoever wrote the minutes for the Sage meetings – condensing its discussions into guidance for government – would set the policy of the nation. No one, not even cabinet members, would know how these decisions were reached.

26.10.2022 - 06:09 [ ]

Rishi Sunak is just the start. The great lockdown scandal is about to unravel


For some time, I’ve been trying to persuade Rishi Sunak to go on the record about what really happened in lockdown. Only a handful of people really know what took place then, because most ministers – including members of the Cabinet – were kept in the dark. Government was often reduced to a “quad” of ministers deciding on Britain’s future and the then chancellor of the exchequer was one of them. I’d heard rumours that Sunak was horrified at much of what he saw, but was keeping quiet. In which case, lessons would never be learnt.

His speaking out now confirms much of what many suspected. That the culture of fear, seen in the Orwellian advertising campaign that sought to terrify the country, applied inside Government.

25.10.2022 - 10:04 [ ]

Biden’s Saudi recalibration a potential setback to prospects for Saudi-Israel normalization

(October 21, 2022)

Schneider is a co-chair of the Abraham Accords Caucus, as well as a lead sponsor of the DEFEND Act, which seeks to promote the creation of an integrated Middle East air-defense infrastructure, potentially including both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), also an Abraham Accords Caucus co-chair and lead DEFEND Act sponsor, raised concerns that the White House was “disrupting… momentum” toward integrated air defense by postponing a United States-Gulf Coordination Council meeting focused on the issue following the oil production cut announcement.

25.10.2022 - 09:59 [ New York Times ]

Why OPEC Is Cutting Oil Production (and Why There’s Not Much the U.S. Can Do About It)

(Oct. 24, 2022)

If the United States follows through on its threats, the Biden administration would be a true maverick in Middle East policy, because no other administration — Republican or Democratic — has ever retaliated against Saudi Arabia in any serious manner for its oil policies.

25.10.2022 - 09:51 [ @PeaceBelgium / Twitter ]

The last time the NOPEC bill came this close to passing was in 2007, when it got approved by the House of Reps in a 345-72 vote and the Senate by 70-23, only to die after George W. Bush threatened a veto. (good relations between George W. & the Kingdom in the aftermath of 9/11)


21.10.2022 - 19:10 [ Jeremy Corbyn / Twitter ]

Thanks to everyone who has written in support of my @guardian piece urging radical change. I must make one correction: it’s not about Corbynism. It’s about socialism. The fight for a kinder society is a collective struggle: we owe it to each other to win.

19.10.2022 - 15:02 [ @PeaceBelgium / Twitter ]

The last time the NOPEC bill came this close to passing was in 2007, when it got approved by the House of Reps in a 345-72 vote and the Senate by 70-23, only to die after George W. Bush threatened a veto. (good relations between George W. & the Kingdom in the aftermath of 9/11)

19.10.2022 - 14:15 [ Reuters ]

Explainer: What is NOPEC, the U.S. bill to pressure the OPEC+ oil group?


But several attempts to pass NOPEC over more than two decades have long worried OPEC’s de facto leader Saudi Arabia, leading Riyadh to lobby hard every time a version of the bill has come up.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee passing the bill in May, it needs to pass the full Senate and House and be signed by the president to become law.

19.10.2022 - 05:43 [ Reuters ]

OPEC+ members endorse output cut after U.S. coercion accusation


Khalid bin Salman on Sunday said he was „astonished“ by claims his country was „standing with Russia in its war with Ukraine“.

„It is telling that these false accusations did not come from the Ukrainian government,“ he wrote on Twitter.

16.10.2022 - 18:34 [ ]

After OPEC+ Cuts Oil Supplies, Nearly Half of U.S. Voters Support ‘NOPEC’ Bill

(October 12, 2022)

There appears to be plenty of room for persuasion on the issue: Over a third of voters said they didn’t know or had no opinion on the topic.

16.10.2022 - 18:20 [ @JavierBlas / Nitter ]

US politicians are at it again: trying to pass the „No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels“ or NOPEC Act. But let me show you a piece of history: 21 years ago, then Senator Biden (with the late Senator Specter) wrote to President Clinton urging the White House to sue OPEC

(17 Nov 2021)

The Biden-Spetcer letter explored two ways in which the two senators thought the US government could sue the cartel, one in US federal court and another one in, be prepared for it, the International Court of Justice at the Hague. The record is here:

Another piece of trivia-history. In 2007, then Senator Biden was a ‚co-sponsor‘ of NOPEC legislation in the Senate (via an amendment). Despite co-sponsoring the amendment, Biden later „did not vote“ for it (abstention). The record is here:

16.10.2022 - 17:50 [ @AZgeopolitics / Nitter ]

Jake Sullivan says Biden has no plans to meet with the Saudi crown prince at the G20 summit.

12.10.2022 - 12:50 [ ]

Congress eyeing ‘NOPEC’ bill to take on Saudi Arabia

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) recently floated using the legislation, known as “NOPEC,” as one way to respond to the group, which includes Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have gone even further, saying that the decision by the Saudi-led group to reduce production by 2 million barrels a day is a reason to significantly shift relations with Riyadh.

12.10.2022 - 12:44 [ ]

Biden vows ‘consequences’ for Saudis after OPEC+ cuts output

“There’s going to be some consequences for what they’ve done, with Russia,” Biden said. “I’m not going to get into what I’d consider and what I have in mind. But there will be — there will be consequences.”

11.10.2022 - 06:41 [ Fox News ]

Sen. Bob Menendez calls for end all cooperation with Saudi Arabia over OPEC+ oil cut

„The United States must immediately freeze all aspects of our cooperation with Saudi Arabia, including any arms sales and security cooperation beyond what is absolutely necessary to defend U.S. personnel and interests,“ wrote Menendez, who represents New Jersey and serves as the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

09.10.2022 - 18:15 [ Haaretz ]

Saudi-Russian Collusion in Broad Daylight Sends a Clear Message to Biden

This is extremely rancid geopolitics on the Saudis’ and Russians’ part. The former are cynical, intent on raising the price of oil and increasing revenue. They’re also a political ingrate in their relationship with the United States. With the Russians, it’s all about creating discord between the United States and European Union in the hope that the EU will pressure Ukraine into accepting annexations by Russia and achieve a cease-fire.

The United States and the EU must now realize a strategic fact of life: They have no ally in OPEC.

09.10.2022 - 13:30 [ ]

OPEC’s Slap in the Face Shows Biden Critics Were Right About Meeting With Murderous Saudi Prince

President Joe Biden has a lot of reasons to be furious with his national security team who, against his better judgment, systematically pressured him for 18 months to do an about-face on Saudi Arabia.

The White House has reportedly been in a state of „spasm and panic“ since Wednesday, when it became clear that several of the U.S.’s Persian Gulf partners, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, were set to commit what the White House considered „a hostile act“: an extensive cut in oil production coordinated with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, which will send oil prices soaring and very likely harm Democrats in the U.S. midterm elections in November.

09.10.2022 - 13:27 [ CNN ]

Inside the White House’s failed effort to dissuade OPEC from cutting oil production to avoid a ‘total disaster’


But that effort appears to have failed, following Wednesday’s crucial meeting of OPEC+, the international cartel of oil producers that, as expected, announced a significant cut to output in an effort to raise oil prices. That in turn will likely cause US gasoline prices to rise at a precarious time for the Biden administration, just five weeks before the midterm elections.

08.10.2022 - 07:45 [ Boris Reitschuster ]

Nur jeder achte „Corona-Intensivpatient“ wegen Corona in Behandlung: Unglaubliche Zahlen aus Österreich

„Aktuell 22 Prozent der Corona-Spitalsfälle ‘wegen‘ Covid im Krankenhaus“, titelt das Zentralorgan des rotgrünen Zeitgeists in Österreich. Und weiter wird ausgeführt: „Knapp mehr als ein Fünftel aller Corona-positiven Fälle im Spital wird mit Covid-19-Symptomatik eingeliefert. Im Intensivbereich sind es zwölf Prozent.“

Und ich kann mich noch gut an die gehässigen Blicke der Kollegen und die spöttischen Antworten der Regierungssprecher in der Bundespressekonferenz erinnern, wenn ich genau zu diesem Thema Auskunft wollte:

03.10.2022 - 17:03 [ ]

Rebel Tories demand MORE U-turns on ‚mini-Budget‘ after plan to axe top 45p tax rate is ditched: Liz Truss CANCELS visit as ‚contrite‘ Kwasi Kwarteng vows he WON’T quit ahead of crunch speech – while PM’s ally says he warned Chancellor of market meltdown

– Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng backtracked amid threat of losing Commons vote

26.09.2022 - 18:33 [ Rosa Luxemburg / Leipziger Volkszeitung / ]

Peace Utopias

(May, 6/8 1911)

During these fifteen years we had this: in 1895 the war between Japan and China, which is the prelude to the East Asiatic period of imperialism; in 1898 the war between Spain and the United States; in 1899-1902 the British Boer War in South Africa; in 1900 the campaign of the European powers in China; in 1904 the Russo-Japanese War; in 1904-07 the German Herero War in Africa; and then there was also the military intervention of Russia in 1908 in Persia, at the present moment the military intervention of France in Morocco, without mentioning the incessant colonial skirmishes in Asia and in Africa. Hence the bare facts alone show that for fifteen years hardly a year has gone by without some war activity. (…)

Only were one suddenly to lose sight of all these happenings and manoeuvres, and to transfer oneself back to the blissful times of the European concert of powers, could one say, for instance, that for forty years we have had uninterrupted peace. This conception, which considers only events on the European continent, does not notice that the very reason why we have had no war in Europe for decades is the fact that international antagonisms have grown infinitely beyond the narrow confines of the European continent, and that European problems and interests are now fought out on the world seas and in the by-corners of Europe.

Hence the “United States of Europe” is an idea which runs directly counter both economically and politically to the course of development, and which takes absolutely no account of the events of the last quarter of a century.

That an idea so little in accord with the tendency of development can fundamentally offer no progressive solution in spite of all radical disguises is confirmed also by the fate of the slogan of the “United States of Europe.” Every time that bourgeois politicians have championed the idea of Europeanism, of the union of European States, it has been with an open or concealed point directed against the “yellow peril,” the “dark continent,” against the “inferior races,” in short, it has always been an imperialist abortion.

And now if we, as Social Democrats, were to try to fill this old skin with fresh and apparently revolutionary wine, then it must be said that the advantages would not be on our side but on that of the bourgeoisie. Things have their own objective logic. And the solution of the European union within the capitalist social order can objectively, in the economic sense, mean only a tariff war with America, and in the political sense only a colonial race war. The Chinese campaign of the united European regiments, with the World Field Marshal Waldersee at the head, and the gospel of the Hun as our standard – that is the actual and not the fantastic, the only possible expression of the “European State Federation” in the present social order.

26.09.2022 - 17:57 [ Rosa Luxemburg / Leipziger Volkszeitung / ]


(6./8. Mai 1911)

Nur wenn man plötzlich all diese Vorgänge und Verschiebungen aus den Augen verliert und sich in die seligen Zeiten des europäischen Konzerts zurückversetzt, kann man z. B. davon reden, das wir seit 40 Jahren einen ununterbrochenen Frieden haben. Dieser Standpunkt, für den nur die Vorgänge auf dem europäischen Kontinent existieren, bemerkt gar nicht, das wir gerade deshalb seit Jahrzehnten keinen Krieg in Europa haben, weil die internationalen Gegensätze über die engen Schranken des europäischen Kontinents ins ungemessene hinausgewachsen sind, weil europäische Fragen und Interessen jetzt auf dem Weltmeer und nicht in dem europäischen Krähwinkel ausgefochten werden. Die „Vereinigten Staaten Europas“ sind also eine Idee, die sowohl wirtschaftlich wie politisch dem Gang der Entwicklung direkt zuwiderläuft, von den Vorgängen des letzten Vierteljahrhunderts gar keine Notiz nimmt. (..)

Und jedes Mal, wo bürgerliche Politiker die Idee des Europäertums, des Zusammenschlusses europäischer Staaten auf den Schild erhoben, da war es mit einer offenen oder stillschweigenden Spitze gegen die „gelbe Gefahr“, gegen den „schwarzen Weltteil“, gegen die „minderwertigen Rassen“, kurz, es war stets eine imperialistische Mißgeburt. (…)

Die Idee der europäischen Kulturgemeinschaft ist der Gedankenwelt des klassenbewußten Proletariats völlig fremd. Nicht die europäische Solidarität, sondern die internationale Solidarität, die sämtliche Weltteile, Rassen und Völker umfaßt, ist der Grundpfeiler des Sozialismus im Marxschen Sinne. Jede Teilsolidarität aber ist nicht eine Stufe zur Verwirklichung der echten Internationalität, sondern ihr Gegensatz, ihr Feind, eine Zweideutigkeit, unter der der Pferdefuß des nationalen Antagonismus hervorguckt.

Ebenso wie wir stets den Pangermanismus, den Panslawismus, den Panamerikanismus als reaktionäre Ideen bekämpfen, ebenso haben wir mit der Idee des Paneuropäertums nicht das geringste zu schaffen.

26.09.2022 - 13:56 [ Junge Welt ]

Nur fürs Protokoll

Rudolf Hilferding bilanzierte damals für die USPD: »Aus dem reißenden Wolf ist ein umgängliches Haustier geworden. Die Umsturzpartei hat sich zu einem Verein für soziale Reform entwickelt, bei dem, abgesehen von dem Bekenntnis zur Republik, höchstens noch die Phraseologie an die Vergangenheit erinnert.« (…)

Auch die SPD-Führung begriff schnell, dass sich hier die Chance bot, einen Teil der 1917 abgespaltenen Genossen und die zur USPD abgewanderten Wähler zu reintegrieren. Das war auch deshalb akut, weil die SPD-Spitze intern im Falle von Neuwahlen nach dem Rathenau-Mord mit einem deutlichen Linksruck rechnete.

26.09.2022 - 11:56 [ ]

Orban, Le Pen congratulate Meloni on election win

„Congratulations, a deserved victory,“ said Orbán on Facebook under a photo of the two leaders together.
National Rally leader Le Pen also hailed Meloni’s „historic“ victory at the head of a centre-right coalition featuring League leader Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia (FI) chief Silvio Berlusconi.

21.09.2022 - 21:55 [ Washington Post ]

Don’t let Putin bluff us. Russia is losing.

With defeat looming, Putin is trotting out a new strategy: He will annex Ukrainian territory and then threaten to use nuclear weapons if the Ukrainians and their allies in the West don’t let him get away with it. If the West were to give in to his nuclear blackmail, what would stop him from announcing tomorrow that Kyiv is also Russian territory (which he clearly believes)? Or Tallinn? Or Tbilisi? Or even Warsaw or Helsinki? We cannot live in a world where an evil dictator can redraw international borders at will with threats of nuclear annihilation. And we don’t have to.

21.09.2022 - 13:35 [ Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz ]

Verordnung über die technische und organisatorische Umsetzung von Maßnahmen zur Überwachung der Telekommunikation (Telekommunikations-Überwachungsverordnung – TKÜV)

§ 1 Gegenstand der Verordnung

Diese Verordnung regelt


die Ausgestaltung der Verpflichtungen zur Duldung der Aufstellung von technischen Einrichtungen für Maßnahmen der strategischen Kontrolle nach § 5 oder § 8 des Artikel 10-Gesetzes oder nach den §§ 6, 12 oder 14 des BND-Gesetzes sowie des Zugangs zu diesen Einrichtungen,


§ 3 Kreis der Verpflichteten
(1) Die Vorschriften dieses Teils gelten für die Betreiber von Telekommunikationsanlagen, mit denen Telekommunikationsdienste für die Öffentlichkeit erbracht werden. (…)

§ 5 Grundsätze

(2) Zur technischen Umsetzung einer Anordnung hat der Verpflichtete der berechtigten Stelle am Übergabepunkt eine vollständige Kopie der Telekommunikation bereitzustellen, die über seine Telekommunikationsanlage unter der zu überwachenden Kennung abgewickelt wird. (…)

§ 8 Übergabepunkt (…)

(3) Wenn der Verpflichtete die ihm zur Übermittlung anvertraute Telekommunikation netzseitig durch technische Maßnahmen gegen unbefugte Kenntnisnahme schützt oder er bei der Erzeugung oder dem Austausch von Schlüsseln mitwirkt und ihm dadurch die Entschlüsselung der Telekommunikation möglich ist, hat er die für diese Telekommunikation angewendeten Schutzvorkehrungen bei der an dem Übergabepunkt bereitzustellenden Überwachungskopie aufzuheben.

§ 15 Verschwiegenheit

(1) Der Verpflichtete darf Informationen über die Art und Weise, wie Anordnungen in seiner Telekommunikationsanlage umgesetzt werden, Unbefugten nicht zugänglich machen. (…)

§ 27 Grundsätze, technische und organisatorische Umsetzung von Anordnungen, Verschwiegenheit

(2) Der Verpflichtete hat dem Bundesnachrichtendienst an einem Übergabepunkt im Inland eine vollständige Kopie der Telekommunikation bereitzustellen, die über die in der Anordnung bezeichneten Übertragungswege übertragen wird.
(3) Der Verpflichtete hat in seinen Räumen die Aufstellung und den Betrieb von Geräten des Bundesnachrichtendienstes zu dulden, die nur von hierzu besonders ermächtigten Bediensteten des Bundesnachrichtendienstes eingestellt und gewartet werden dürfen und die folgende Anforderungen erfüllen:

21.09.2022 - 13:30 [ Radio Utopie ]

Verfassungsgericht: B.N.D. kopierte seit 2002 die Telekommunikation am Internetknoten Frankfurt

(20. November 2016)

Beschluss 2 BvE 5/15 des Bundesverfassungsgerichts zur G-10 Kommission, in welchem die Verfassungsklage dieses durch die Verfassungsänderungen der „Notstandsgesetze“ und dem nachfolgenden ersten Artikel 10-Gesetz / G10-Gesetz in 1968 geschaffenen Geheimgerichts nicht einmal angenommen wird, ist nicht gelesen worden. Und wer ihn gelesen und verstanden hat lügt oder schweigt.

21.09.2022 - 13:25 [ Radio Utopie ]

Regierung kopiert Internet-Daten an Netzknoten seit 2005, auch “vom und in das Ausland”

(1. Mai 2015)

Das Gutachten des Max-Planck-Instituts für ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht vom Juli 2006 (hier gespiegelt) führte die ganze Liste von Beratungen in Bundestag und Bundesrat an, die der Verfügung der neuen TKÜV und der im Zuge dessen erfolgten Änderungen des Telekommunikationsgesetzes (TKG) vorangegangen waren und nachfolgten. Sie hatten bereits unter der „rot-grünen“ Regierung Gerhard Schröder (S.P.D.) / Joseph Fischer (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) begonnen.

„Anhang 1: Chronologie zur Telekommunikations-Überwachungsverordnung (TKÜV)
– 22.01.2002: TKÜV tritt in Kraft
Inhalt: Telekommunikation mit dem Ausland ist nicht zu erfassen (§ 3 a.F. TKÜV; ab dem 24.08.2002 war dies in § 4 TKÜV geregelt)
– 30.04.2003: Referentenentwurf
Inhalt: § 4 TKÜV wird aufgehoben und damit die Auslandskopfüberwachung implizit ermöglicht
– 06.07.2004/ 03.09.2004: weitere Referentenentwürfe unterschiedlichen Inhalts
– 13.12.2004: Regierungsentwurf
Inhalt: § 4 TKÜV regelt Auslandskopfüberwachung explizit
– Januar 2005: Notifizierungsverfahren bei der EU-Kommission
– 12.08.2005 (nach Notifizierung): nochmalige Änderung der §§ 3, 4 TKÜV, BR-Drs. 631/05
– 03.11.2005 TKÜV-neu ausgefertigt (mit den nicht notifizierten Änderungen vom 12.8.)
– 08.11.2005 TKÜV-neu wird verkündet (BGBl. I., S. 3136)
– 09.11.2005 TKÜV-neu tritt in Kraft

Anhang 2: Chronologie zum Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG)
– 25.06.2004: TKG verkündet
– 02.02.2005: Entwurf eines „Gesetzes zur Änderung telekommunikationsrechtlicher Vorschriften (Kabinettsentwurf), BT-Drs. 15/5213:
Inhalt: Entschädigungsregelung § 23 Abs. 5 JVEG (Übergangsregelung, bis die geplante Verordnung nach § 110 Abs. 9 TKG in Kraft tritt)
– 18.03.2005: Stellungnahme und Änderungsvorschläge des Bundesrates zu diesem Entwurf
– 07.04.2005: Gegenäußerung der Bundesregierung
– 15.04.2005: Entwurf wird in Ausschüsse überwiesen
– 19.04.2005: Änderungsantrag SPD/Grüne, BT-Drs. 15(9)1867:
Inhalt: Kostenregelung in einem § 113 a TKG und damit einhergehend Änderung von §23 Abs. 5 JVEG (bezogen auf § 113 a TKG)
– 12.05.2005: öffentliche Anhörung zum Entwurf
– 17.06.2005: Entwurf wird im Bundestag angenommen, BT-Drs. 15/5694:
Inhalt: ohne den vorgeschlagenen Kostenparagraphen § 113 a TKG
– 08.07.2005: Bundesrat beschließt Anrufung des Vermittlungsausschusses
– 05.09.2005: Vermittlungsausschuss vertagt Beratungen
Anmerkung: Damit ist der Gesetzentwurf gescheitert und muss in der neuen Legislaturperiode erneut eingebracht werden (Grundsatz der Diskontinuität, seit 18.09.2005 neuer Bundestag)
– 31.01.2006: Entwurf eines „Gesetzes zur Änderung telekommunikationsrechtlicher Vorschriften“
Inhalt: entspricht vollinhaltlich dem Entwurf vom 02.02.2005
– 06.03.2006: Stellungnahme des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie zu diesem neuen Entwurf
Inhalt: Mahnung die Entschädigungsregelungen ins Gesetzgebungsverfahren einzubringen
– 17.05.2006: Neuerlicher Gesetzentwurf der Bundesregierung für ein „Gesetz zur Änderung telekommunikationsrechtlicher Vorschriften“
Inhalt: Novellierung des Kundenschutzes durch Integration der bislang in der Telekommunikations-Kundenschutzverordnung (TKV) enthaltenen Regelungen in das TKG; keine neuen Vorschläge zur Kostenregelung bei der TKÜ“

Diesen Mittwoch nun berichtete Radio Utopie von einer Kleinen Anfrage der Fraktion „Die Linke“ an die Bundesregierung im April 2012. Diese beinhaltete unter Punkt 16 ausdrücklich die Frage nach der „Überwachung von Telekommunikation..über den Frankfurter Netzknoten DE-CIX“ durch den Bundesnachrichtendienst.

Stellvertretend für die Regierung antwortete Kanzleramtsleiter Ronald Pofalla am 11. Mai 2012 den Abgeordneten über das, was diese bereits damals wissen mussten. Pofalla wörtlich:

„Gleichwohl wird die Bundesregierung nach gründlicher Abwägung dem Informationsrecht des Parlaments unter Wahrung berechtigter Geheimhaltungsinteressen nachkommen. Die Informationen werden als „Geheim“ eingestuft und dem Deutschen Bundestag zur Einsichtnahme übermittelt.“

Nach unserem Artikel sprach Fritz Mielert, langjähriger Aktivist in der Bürgerbewegung gegen Programm „Stuttgart 21“, via Twitter das Mitglied im Geheimdienste-Untersuchungsausschuss Konstantin von Notz (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) auf den Inhalt unseres Artikels an (wir berichteten).

Der Rechtsanwalt Dr. Konstantin von Notz dazu:

„Ziemlich verquirlter Irrsinn.“

Es melde sich jetzt jeder weitere Ignorant, Contra, oder leidenswillige abendländische Christ, der allen Ernstes behauptet, alle Regierungsmitglieder, alle Abgeordneten und alle Vertreter der Landesregierungen hätten seit fast zehn Jahren von all dem nichts gewusst.

21.09.2022 - 12:45 [ Radio Utopie ]

„Selbst Forderung der Drei Westmächte könnte die verfassungswidrige Grundgesetzänderung nicht rechtfertigen“

(19. Februar 2017)

Artikelserie (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) zu den Verfassungsgerichtsbeschlüssen 2 BvE 5/15 (zur Nichtannahme der Verfassungsklage der G 10-Kommission auf Einsicht in die „N.S.A.-Selektorenliste“) und 2 BvE 2/15 (zur Geheimhaltung der „Selektorenliste“ auch vor dem „Untersuchungsausschuss“ von Bundesnachrichtendienst und National Security Agency). Und zu deren Vorgeschichte und Folgen.

Wie zuvor von uns dokumentiert, hob im Sommer 1968 das „siebzehnte Gesetz zur Ergänzung des Grundgesetzes“ („Notstandsgesetze“) die Gewaltenteilung bezüglich des Brief- Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnisses auf und schrieb zudem in das Grundgesetz ein Recht des Staates, den betroffenen Bürgerinnen und Bürgern die Verletzung ihres Brief- Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnisses durch den Staat nicht einmal mitzuteilen.

Über nachfolgend eingereichte Verfassungsklagen gegen dieses „siebzehnte Gesetz zur Ergänzung des Grundgesetzes“ vom 24. Juni 1968, sowie gegen das anschließend von „S.P.D.“, „C.D.U.“ und „C.S.U.“ ebenfalls beschlossene ausführende erste Artikel 10-Gesetz vom 13. August 1968, entschied das westdeutsche Verfassungsgericht in Karlsruhe am 12. Dezember 1970 im Verfahren 2 BvF 1/69; 2 BvR 629/68; 2 BvR 308/69, auch „Abhörurteil“ genannt und heute zumeist zitiert als BVerfGE 30, 1. (Quelle 1, Quelle 2)

Mit 5 zu 3 Stimmen beurteilte der zweite Senat die „Notstandsgesetze“ als verfassungsgemäß. Aufgehoben wurde lediglich ein kleiner Abschnitt im ausführenden Artikel 10-Gesetz.

Für die „Notstandsgesetze“ der „großen Koalition“ stimmten die Richter Seuffert, Dr. Leibholz, Dr. Geiger, Dr. Kutscher und Dr. Rinck.

Dagegen stimmten die Richter Geller, Dr. v.Schlabrendorff und Dr. Rupp. Hier Auszüge ihrer abweichenden Meinung zum Urteil vom 15. Dezember 1970 (der Link zu den „Großer Lauschangriff“ genannten Verfassungsänderungen der „großen Koalition“ dreißig Jahre später in 1998, wiederum Grundlage für das B.K.A.-Gesetz der „großen Koalition“ in 2008, wurde hinzugefügt):


21.09.2022 - 12:30 [ Radio Utopie ]

13. August 1968: Gesetz zur Beschränkung des Brief-, Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnisses (Gesetz zu Artikel 10 Grundgesetz) (G10)


Anm. der Red.: Da der Öffentlichkeit der Republik das „Gesetz zur Beschränkung des Brief-, Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnisses (Gesetz zu Artikel 10 Grundgesetz) (G10)“ vom 13. August 1968 bis heute offensichtlich weder zur Kenntnis gebracht wurde, noch im Internet in Textform vorliegt, sowie die Verwendung einer PDF des Bundesanzeigers über den privaten Gebrauch hinaus „nicht statthaft ist“, haben wir das gesamte Gesetz abgetippt. Es dürfte unter einer Bevölkerung von 80 Millionen Menschen rund 200 Personen bekannt sein.

21.09.2022 - 12:20 [ ]

Siebzehntes Gesetz zur Ergänzung des Grundgesetzes [„Notstandsgesetze“] Vom 24. Juni 1968

2. Artikel 10 erhält folgende Fassung:

„Artikel 10

(1) Das Briefgeheimnis sowie das Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnis sind unverletzlich.
(2) Beschränkungen dürfen nur auf Grund eines Gesetzes angeordnet werden. Dient die Beschränkung dem Schutze der freiheitlichen demokratischen Grundordnung oder des Bestandes oder der Sicherung des Bundes oder eines Landes, so kann das Gesetz bestimmen, daß sie dem Betroffenen nicht mitgeteilt wird und daß an die Stelle des Rechtsweges die Nachprüfung durch von der Volksvertretung bestellte Organe und Hilfsorgane tritt.“


6. Artikel 19 Abs. 4 wird durch folgenden Satz ergänzt:

„Artikel 10 Abs. 2 Satz 2 bleibt unberührt.“

19.09.2022 - 15:57 [ ZDF ]

Präsident Biden: Corona-Pandemie ist vorbei

„Wie Sie sehen, trägt hier niemand eine Maske. Alle scheinen in ziemlich guter Verfassung zu sein. Ich glaube also, dass sich die Situation ändert, und ich denke, dies ist ein perfektes Beispiel dafür“, sagte der US-Präsident weiter.

Bidens Äußerungen könnten innerhalb seiner eigenen Regierung für einigen Wirbel sorgen.

19.09.2022 - 15:33 [ US Supreme Court ]



Administrative agencies are creatures of statute. They accordingly possess only the authority that Congress has provided. The Secretary has ordered 84 million Americans to either obtain a COVID–19 vaccine or undergo weekly medical testing at their own expense. This is no “everyday exercise of federal power.” In re MCP No. 165, 20 F. 4th, at 272 (Sutton, C. J., dissenting). It is instead a significant encroachment into the lives—and health—of a vast number of employees. “We expect Congress to speak clearly when authorizing an agency to exercise powers of vast economic and political significance.” Alabama Assn. of Realtors v. Department of Health and Human Servs., 594
U. S. ___, ___ (2021) (per curiam) (slip op., at 6) (internal
quotation marks omitted). There can be little doubt that
OSHA’s mandate qualifies as an exercise of such authority.
The question, then, is whether the Act plainly authorizes
the Secretary’s mandate. It does not. The Act empowers
the Secretary to set workplace safety standards, not broad public health measures.


The Solicitor General does not dispute that OSHA is lim-
ited to regulating “work-related dangers.” Response Brief
for OSHA in No. 21A244 etc., p. 45 (OSHA Response). She
instead argues that the risk of contracting COVID–19 qual-
ifies as such a danger. We cannot agree. Although COVID–
19 is a risk that occurs in many workplaces, it is not an occupational hazard in most. COVID–19 can and does spread at home, in schools, during sporting events, and everywhere else that people gather. That kind of universal risk is no different from the day-to-day dangers that all face from
crime, air pollution, or any number of communicable diseases. Permitting OSHA to regulate the hazards of daily life—simply because most Americans have jobs and face those same risks while on the clock—would significantly expand OSHA’s regulatory authority without clear congressional authorization.

19.09.2022 - 15:21 [ ]

US supreme court blocks Biden’s workplace vaccine-or-test rules


The court’s conservative majority concluded the administration overstepped its authority by seeking to impose the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (Osha) vaccine-or-test rule on US businesses with at least 100 employees. More than 80 million people would have been affected.

“Osha has never before imposed such a mandate. Nor has Congress. Indeed, although Congress has enacted significant legislation addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, it has declined to enact any measure similar to what Osha has promulgated here,” the conservatives wrote in an unsigned opinion.

In dissent, the court’s three liberals argued that it was the court that was overreaching by substituting its judgment for that of health experts.

19.09.2022 - 13:45 [ CBS News ]

President Joe Biden: The 2022 60 Minutes Interview

Scott Pelley: Mr. President, first Detroit Auto Show in three years. Is the pandemic over?

President Joe Biden: The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it. It’s– but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing. And I think this is a perfect example of it.

The car show was a reminder that gasoline prices hit a historic high last June—in part because Russia cut fuel supplies in its war on Ukraine.

19.09.2022 - 13:42 [ CNN ]

Biden: ‘The pandemic is over’

“The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. It’s – but the pandemic is over,” Biden said.

The US government still designates Covid-19 a Public Health Emergency and the World Health Organization says it remains a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. But the President’s comments follow other hopeful comments from global health leaders.

15.09.2022 - 15:03 [ ]

Asiatischer Staatenbund: Iran rückt mit Russland und China zusammen


Der Iran wird Mitglied in der Shanghaier Organisation für Zusammenarbeit (SOZ). Wie der iranische Außenminister Hossein Amirabdollahian auf seiner Instagram-Seite mitteilte, unterzeichnete die Teheraner Führung ein Abkommen über einen Wechsel vom bisherigen Beobachterstatus hin zur vollständigen Mitgliedschaft.

06.09.2022 - 07:53 [ Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) ]

Financing Putin’s war: Fossil fuel exports from Russia in the first six months of the invasion of Ukraine

Key findings include:

Fossil fuels continue to fill Kremlin’s war chest, due to high prices

– Russia earned EUR 158 billion in revenue from fossil fuel exports in the first six months of the war (February 24 to August 24). The EU imported 54% of this, worth approximately EUR 85 billion.

– Fossil fuel exports have contributed approximately EUR 43 billion to Russia’s federal budget since the start of the invasion, helping fund war crimes in Ukraine.

– The largest fossil fuel importer was the EU (EUR 85.1bln), followed by China (EUR34.9bln), Turkey (EUR10.7bln), India (EUR6.6bln), Japan (EUR2.5bln), Egypt (EUR2.3bln, and South Korea (EUR2bln).

– Surging fossil fuel prices mean that Russia’s current revenue is far above previous years’ level, despite the reductions in this year’s export volumes.

06.09.2022 - 07:19 [ ]

Studie: Moskaus Energieeinnahmen höher als Kriegskosten

Wie das in Finnland ansässige Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) heute mitteilte, betrugen die Einnahmen in dem Zeitraum umgerechnet 158 Milliarden Euro. Dem gegenüber stehen geschätzte Kriegskosten in Höhe von hundert Milliarden Euro.
Diese zeigten, dass die EU mit 85 Milliarden Euro der größte Abnehmer der Lieferungen war, gefolgt von China mit 35 Milliarden Euro.

28.08.2022 - 14:39 [ Washington Post ]

Assad must go, Obama says


As Obama issued his statement, the leaders of France, Germany and Britain joined him in calling on Assad “to face the reality of the complete rejection of his regime by the Syrian people and to step aside.”

Obama had spoken to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron over the past two weeks to discuss calling for Assad’s resignation and to coordinate steps on sanctions.

28.08.2022 - 14:29 [ Washington Post ]

Fighting between U.S. troops and militias draws scrutiny to Syria role


President Biden’s order to strike targets belonging to Iranian-backed groups reflects a decision to act — “to protect and defend the safety of our personnel, to degrade and disrupt the ongoing series of attacks against the United States and our partners, and to deter the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran-backed militia groups from conducting or supporting further attacks on United States personnel and facilities,” the president said in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Since Army Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla took over U.S. Central Command in April, there has been a push to ensure that Iran cannot carry out attacks against U.S. forces and assets with impunity, according to a person familiar with planning, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

28.08.2022 - 14:25 [ ]

Hillary Clinton: Muammar Gaddafi ‚must go now‘


Testifying before the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, Clinton called for an end to the violence in Libya.

She also added that the United States had reserved all its options as it considered additional steps that might be needed to stop Libyan forces from attacking civilians.

28.08.2022 - 14:09 [ CNN ]

At least 32 people dead following violent clashes between rival militias in Libyan capital of Tripoli

Libya has been split between warring factions since 2014, following the 2011 NATO-backed uprising against Moammar Gadhafi.

28.08.2022 - 13:30 [ ]

Neue Kämpfe in Libyen: Mindestens 23 Tote

Seit dem Sturz und gewaltsamen Tod des langjährigen Machthabers Muammar al-Gaddafi 2011 wird Libyen von Gewalt und Machtkämpfen erschüttert. Seit März kämpfen zwei rivalisierende Regierungen um die Macht. Im Mai kam es dabei nach einem gescheiterten Putschversuch in Tripolis erstmals zu schweren Kämpfen.

20.08.2022 - 23:36 [ Haaretz ]

Israel Election: Balad Chairman Says Joint List Project Must Be Reconsidered

Representatives from the three component parties of the Joint List – Hadash, Balad and Ta’al – were supposed to meet in Nazareth on Wednesday, but Balad’s representatives did not turn up, and the meeting was held without them.

Balad officials told Haaretz on Thursday that the party will run independently if it manages to put together a slate that includes mayors of Arab communities, prominent Arab civil-society activists, a candidate from the Negev and a Jewish candidate.

05.08.2022 - 13:51 [ Washington Post ]

The U.S.-China crisis over Taiwan was wholly predictable

As Jeffrey Bader, President Barack Obama’s top adviser on Asia, has noted of the Biden team: Despite having criticized Trump’s foreign policy bitterly, “when it comes to the greatest foreign policy challenge facing the United States — how to deal with the rise of China — [Biden officials] have continued and mimicked Trump’s destructive approach.”

Bader added, “This has prompted glee among departed Trump officials, who proudly declare themselves innovators and the Biden administration unimaginative and dutiful implementers.”

Ryan Hass, another top Obama China expert, argued that “communication channels for managing tensions have collapsed.”

28.07.2022 - 05:08 [ Dr. Peter F. Mayer / ]

Totales Desaster von ZeroCovid und Massenimpfung in Australien und Neuseeland

Der einzige Grund, warum Australien derzeit nicht den internationalen Titel für sich beansprucht, ist, dass es von Neuseeland überholt wird, das bei weitem die höchste Todesrate der Welt hat. Genau wie Australien hatte Neuseeland eine strenge Ausgangssperre und ein Reiseverbot verhängt, bis die Impfstoffe verteilt waren. Mehr als 98 % der Todesfälle traten nach März 2022 auf – mehr als zwei Jahre nach Beginn der Pandemie.

26.07.2022 - 22:32 [ ]

Rauch setzt sich gegen ZeroCovid-Fraktion durch – Quarantäne fällt

Ab 1. August sind positiv getestete Personen in Österreich nicht mehr verpflichtet, sich zu isolieren. Der Gesundheitsminister nähert sich dadurch Skandinavien, der Schweiz und anderen Ländern an. Trotz massiven Widerstand.

19.07.2022 - 09:50 [ Tehran Times ]

That Iran is on nuclear threshold is not secret, says top Iranian politician

He added “Iran has the capability to build nuclear bomb but it has no decision” to do so.

Enriching uranium to 20 percent was “more difficult” but increasing it to 60 percent was done in 2-3 days.

Therefore, he said, it will not be difficult to enrich uranium to purity of 90 percent.

“We’re a screwdriver’s turn away from reaching the 90% purity,” Kharrazi remarked.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei has banned production of nuclear arms.

The former foreign minister reiterated Iran’s long-held policy, saying nuclear weapon “contravenes” Iran’s religious “beliefs” and its „security exigencies“.

However, he added, mastering the nuclear technology and having the capability to build nuclear arms is “deterrent”.

15.07.2022 - 15:29 [ ]

Jimmy Dore is considering running for president. He could win.


Through his show, Jimmy has consistently lead and been right on issues like RussiaGate, the chemical attack in Syria, the DNC rigging a second election against Bernie, the CARES Act bailout for Wall Street, Covid vaccine mandates and lockdowns, Bernie’s spinelessness, the Squad’s careerism, and the need for a major new populist party free of corporate money.

His #ForceTheVote campaign reshaped US politics by exposing that even progressives like AOC are quickly corrupted by the Democratic Party. The People’s Party was the only major national organization to partner with Jimmy and demand a floor vote on Medicare for All in the middle of the pandemic.

When Jimmy asked him about running on the show, Chris Hedges said the media would dredge up something he said or did, or allegedly said or did, and use it to attack him endlessly. He’s right, they would do this to any independent populist who truly challenges the corporate state, but as Ralph pointed out, we’re in a very different political and media age from when he ran in 2000.

We’ve been through two great recessions and a pandemic that were used to crush us and create super billionaires. People are working more, making less, and living worse. Faith in institutions has collapsed across society, including the major parties, the media, big business, the banks, the courts, and schools. Trust in government is at historic lows. The number of independents is at record highs. And a majority of Americans want a major new party and an independent candidate for president.

14.07.2022 - 18:39 [ ]

Schwere Macron-Niederlage: Französisches Parlament schmettert Covid-Gesetze ab

Die französische Opposition konnte sich in der Nacht auf Mittwoch im Parlament gegen die Regierung durchsetzen. Weite Teile des Covid-Gesetzes wurden damit verhindert. Die gesetzliche Möglichkeit, den Grünen Pass in Frankreich wieder einzuführen, konnte damit abgewendet werden. Eine herbe Niederlage für Macron.

09.07.2022 - 18:41 [ ]

82 Prozent der Covid-Intensivpatienten vollständig geimpft

„Im Zeitraum MW 16-19/2022 war für ungeimpfte Personen das Risiko, aufgrund von COVID-19 in einem Krankenhaus behandelt zu werden 6,7-fach (12- bis 17-Jährige), 3,7-fach (18- bis 59-Jährige) bzw. 9,0-fach (ab 60-Jährige) erhöht im Vergleich zu Personen mit einer Auffrischimpfung.“

Fragen Sie mich bitte nicht, wie das zu den oben zitierten Zahlen aus dem Wochenbericht passt.

28.06.2022 - 23:32 [ Demoracy Now! ]

France Says Western Powers Should Open Oil Markets to Iran and Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro: “I would tell President Macron: Venezuela is ready to receive all the French companies that want to come to produce gas and petrol for the European market, for the global market. You are welcome to come whenever. The road is paved. We are prepared, ready and happy to do it.”

28.06.2022 - 09:13 [ AFP News Agency / ]

#BREAKING France wants oil from Iran, Venezuela back on the market: Macron’s office

(19 hours ago)

28.06.2022 - 09:06 [ Reuters ]

Powers need to study all oil options, including Iran, Venezuela -France

„There are resources elsewhere that need to be explored,“ a French official said on the sidelines of a G7 summit in Germany, when asked about how to alleviate high oil prices.

28.06.2022 - 09:01 [ ]

Maduro Forms Energy Commission With Kuwait, Continuing Pushback Against US “Blackmail”


In Kuwait on Tuesday, the fourth stop of his tour of the Middle East and North Africa, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, formed a joint oil and gas commission aimed at strengthening the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) and stabilising global oil prices.

28.06.2022 - 08:52 [ ]

Oil prices end higher as the U.S. announces new sanctions on Iran


Oil futures climbed on Thursday, shaking off early losses from economic growth worries in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s latest interest-rate hike, to finish higher after the U.S. announced new economic sanctions on Iran.

24.06.2022 - 07:30 [ Achse des Guten ]

Bericht zur Coronalage – Paul-Ehrlich-Chef feuern, Lauterbach entlassen – sofort

Nun ist es amtlich. Die Impfnebenwirkungen der bedingt zugelassenen Covid-Impfstoffe sind um den Faktor 10 höher als bei anderen regulär zugelassenen Impfstoffen. Das steht im aktuellen Impfnebenwirkungsbericht der Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung. Sie betreffen die Abrechnungen aller Kassenärzte und stehen so für 90 Prozent aller Patienten. Diese Offenlegung erfolgte erst auf Druck des AfD-Bundestagsabgeordneten Martin Sichert. Noch am 21. März musste die Bundes-KV auf Nachfrage im Gesundheitsausschuss des Bundestages dazu passen.

24.06.2022 - 07:12 [ ]

Plötzlich und unerwartet: Impfpflicht in Österreich gestorben

Die Impfpflicht in Österreich ist wieder Geschichte. In einer Pressekonferenz am Donnerstag hat die Regierung ihre Niederlage auf allen Ebenen eingestanden.

24.06.2022 - 07:10 [ Tichys Einblick ]

Gesundheitsminister Rauch gibt bekannt: Österreich schafft Impfpflicht ab

Österreich will seine hochumstrittene Corona-Impfpflicht abschaffen. Das gaben Gesundheitsminister Johannes Rauch (Grüne) und der Fraktionsvorsitzende der ÖVP im Nationalrat, August Wöginger, bei einer Pressekonferenz um 14 Uhr bekannt. „Omikron hat die Regeln verändert“, so Rauch. Die Impfpflicht sei unter anderen Umständen beschlossen worden. Bereits im März hatte die österreichische Bundesregierung die Durchsetzung der Impfpflicht ausgesetzt.

22.06.2022 - 16:25 [ Haaretz ]

‘The Situation Is Worse Now’: Why Young Israelis Are Pitching Protest Tents in the Streets Again

The 2022 tents on Rothschild Boulevard went up a full week after the launch of the current protest movement, which officially began on June 13. On that day, the first tent compounds were seen in the north and south of the country – first in Pardes Hannah, and then Be’er Sheva, followed quickly by similar efforts in Holon and Rosh Ha’ayin, and subsequently Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Kfar Sava and elsewhere.

The fact that the current movement emerged – and is growing – in the periphery “testifies to the fact that it’s a truly grassroots phenomenon, and suffering is happening around the country,” says Guy

19.06.2022 - 04:40 [ ]

++ Stoltenberg rechnet mit jahrelangem Krieg ++

Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.

15.06.2022 - 09:07 [ ]

Kiew gegen mögliches neues Minsker Abkommen

Putin habe Menschen in Butscha getötet, „und der Westen sagt, wir sollten sein Gesicht wahren“.

Das Minsker Friedensabkommen wurde 2015 in der Hauptstadt von Belarus im Normandie-Format von Russland, der Ukraine, Frankreich und Deutschland unterzeichnet. Im Wesentlichen ging es darum, den Bürgerkrieg in Luhansk und Donezk zu beenden.

30.05.2022 - 16:37 [ Norbert Häring ]

USA scheitern in Genf mit ihrem Plan für eine WHO-Gesundheitsdiktatur – vorerst

Der Verdacht, dass der US-Vorschlag damit erst einmal gescheitert war, ohne dass die WHO das zugeben und die Medien das berichten wollten, sollte sich erhärten. Zum Abschluss der Versammlung am 28. Mai war auf Health Policy Watch ein erster substantieller, wenn auch massiv schöngefärbter Bericht zu lesen, zwischen dessen Zeilen man das Vorgefallene herauslesen konnte. Health Policy Watch will Entscheidungsträger der Gesundheitspolitik vor allem in Entwicklungsländern informieren. Das Online-Magazin wird finanziert vom in der Gesundheitspolitik extrem einflussreichen Wellcome Trust und anderen Stiftungen.

12.05.2022 - 16:01 [ Daniel Neun / Rado Utopie ]

„Strategische Überwachung der Telekommunikation“: Die verschwiegene Infrastruktur der Totalüberwachung


In der „Begründung zum Entwurf für eine Erste Verordnung zur Änderung Telekommunikations-Überwachungsverordnung“ vom 29. April 2002 schrieb die Regierung:

Die Überwachungsmaßnahmen nach den §§ 5 und 8 des G 10 zielen auf ein regional begrenztes Gebiet ab, über das Informationen gesammelt werden sollen. Sie beziehen sich auf internationale Telekommunikationsbeziehungen, soweit eine gebündelte Übertragung erfolgt. Das Besondere an der strategischen Fernmeldekontrolle ist dabei, dass aus einer großen Menge verschiedenster Sachverhalte einzelne ausgewertet werden, die sich hierfür aufgrund bestimmter Merkmale qualifizieren. (…)

Die hierfür bei den Verpflichteten zum Einsatz gelangenden technischen Einrichtungen sind (..) weniger komplex als die Einrichtungen, die zur Umsetzung der übrigen Überwachungsmaßnahmen erforderlich sind. Dies liegt insbesondere darin begründet, dass der Betreiber bei der technischen Umsetzung dieser strategischen Kontrollmaßnahmen keinen Bezug auf eine bestimmte Person oder Anschlusskennung zu beachten hat. Angesichts der wenigen Anbieter, die internationale Übertragungswege anbieten, auf denen eine gebündelte Übertragung erfolgt, ist davon auszugehen, dass insgesamt nur verhältnismäßig wenige technische Einrichtungen zum Einsatz kommen. (…)

Der Gesetzgeber hat bei der Novellierung des G 10 eine Frist von 2 Jahren eingeräumt, innerhalb der eine Evaluation der geänderten Möglichkeiten gerade mit Blick auf die strategische Kontrolle verlangt wird. Auch diese Vorschrift fordert unverzügliches Handeln bei der technischen und organisatorischen Umsetzung von Maßnahmen zur strategischen Überwachung der Telekommunikation.“

Dazu am 1.Februar 2002:

„Offenbar, so vermuten nun Experten, will der Bundesnachrichtendienst wohl nun selbst 100 Prozent erfassen, um dann freiwillig nur 20 Prozent auszuwerten.“

14.04.2022 - 06:03 [ ]

Will vaccine passports be biggest campaign issue of 2022?

(April 2, 2021)

A growing number of the Republican Party’s most conservative members have seized on the passport proposals and expected guidance from the White House, blasting them as an example of government overreach that would isolate Americans who choose not to get vaccinated and violate the privacy of those who do.

07.04.2022 - 12:55 [ Stefan Homburg / Twitter ]

EIL +++ #Impfpflicht ist gescheitert! Von 683 Anwesenden stimmten 296 mit Ja, 378 mit Nein, und 9 enthielten sich.

07.04.2022 - 12:47 [ Heute im Bundestag / Twitter ]

Mit 296 Ja-Stimmen gegen 378 Nein-Stimmen bei neun Enthaltungen (683 abgegebene Stimmen) hat der #Bundestag den Gesetzentwurf einer Gruppe von Abgeordneten der🚦-Koalition für eine #ImpfpflichtAb60 Jahren & eine Impfberatungspflicht zum 15.Oktober 2022 soeben abgelehnt.

04.04.2022 - 18:31 [ Frankfurter Allgemeine gesamt / Twitter ]

Mangels Erfolgsaussichten haben die Befürworter einer Impfpflicht ab 18 ihren Antrag zurückgezogen. Stattdessen soll im Bundestag nun über eine Impfpflicht ab 50 abgestimmt werden.

04.04.2022 - 18:26 [ Bild / Youtube ]

Die Impfpflicht ab 18 ist gescheitert | BILD Live

BILD liegt der Kompromissvorschlag der Gruppe um Lauterbach, SPD-Expertin Heike Baehrens (66, SPD) und Grünen-Arzt Janosh Dahmen (40) vor, in dem die Impfpflicht ab 18 nicht mehr auftaucht

Heißt im Klartext: Niemand im Bundestag macht sich mehr für eine allgemeine Impfpflicht ab 18 Jahren stark.

26.03.2022 - 20:03 [ Haaretz ]

Israeli Intelligence ‚Cooperating Very Closely‘ With Ukraine, Top Zelenskyy Aide Says


“I have very big respect for the leaders of your intelligence services,” he said. “I know many of them personally. These are very big professionals and patriots of Israel and patriots of the whole free world. So I do know that our intelligence is satisfied with this cooperation, but of course there is always more that can be done,“ he said, describing Israel’s intelligence community as „one of the best of the world.“

26.03.2022 - 19:53 [ ]

Ukrainians mocked Russian troops while jamming their unsecured radio networks, NYT investigation reveals


It is unclear why Russian fighters are using unsecured communications, but it appears to have become the norm, The Verge reported.

26.03.2022 - 19:47 [ ]

Ukraine Arrests ‘Hacker’ It Says Was Routing Calls for Russian Troops

(March 15, 2022)

“Something like this, to this extent, has never been done,” McDaid said of Ukraine’s defensive moves on its telecommunications networks. The use of at least one hacker like the one in the released images is a consequence of what Ukraine has effectively forced Russia to do, “because of the literally unprecedented and effective security moves the Ukrainian mobile operators have made,” McDaid added.

13.02.2022 - 14:15 [ ]

Nehammer rückt von Impfpflicht ab, Impflotterie abgesagt


Bundeskanzler Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) schließt das Aussetzen der eben erst in Kraft getretenen Impfpflicht gegen das Coronavirus nicht aus, nachdem immer mehr Politiker und Experten in diese Richtung drängen. Wenn sich die von der Regierung beauftragten Experten dafür aussprechen, das Gesetz auszusetzen, werde man das machen, sagte Nehammer in der „Kronen Zeitung“ am Sonntag. Zudem verkündete er das Ende der Impflotterie.

13.02.2022 - 14:10 [ ]

Tirols Ärztekammerpräsident fordert Aussetzen der Impfpflicht


Tirols Ärztekammerpräsident Artur Wechselberger spricht sich „zumindest für ein Aussetzen“ der beschlossenen Impfpflicht gegen das Coronavirus aus. Man müsse sich unter anderem die Frage stellen, ob es „noch unbedingt notwendig ist, diese Spaltung der Gesellschaft in Kauf zu nehmen“, sagte Wechselberger.

11.02.2022 - 04:28 [ Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta / Twitter ]

If the Canada-USA trucker vaccine mandate wasn’t bad enough, now Justin Trudeau wants to bring in a mandate for truckers going between provinces. Alberta will fight this every step of the way – including in court, if we have to.



11.02.2022 - 03:25 [ NationalObserver,com ]

Ontario and most other provinces stick with gradual approach to COVID reopening

„Just because one province is doing something doesn’t mean we’re necessarily going to do that,“ said Dr. Jazz Atwal, Manitoba’s deputy chief public health officer.

Manitoba is hoping to lift all restrictions by spring, but Atwal said the plan will be dictated by science — not the decisions of other jurisdictions or demands from protesters.

11.02.2022 - 02:49 [ ]

COVID updates, Feb. 8: Quebec lifting most measures by March 14, will review mask mandate, vaccine passport

(Feb 08, 2022)

Legault unveils detailed reopening timeline for home gatherings, restaurants, bars, sports, working from home.

11.02.2022 - 02:43 [ ]

Quebec Liberal MP publicly breaks with Trudeau over vaccine mandates

(Feb 08, 2022)

„I think it’s time we stopped dividing the population,“ said Joël Lightbound, seen by some as a rising star in the federal Liberal party.

11.02.2022 - 02:31 [ ]

Canada’s Saskatchewan province lifts all Covid restrictions amid protests

(February 09, 2022)

Canada’s Saskatchewan province announced Tuesday the lifting of all Covid restrictions including wearing of masks and proof of vaccination for indoor dining — as truckers continued occupying Ottawa with similar demands.

Alberta was expected to soon follow suit — despite some pushback from doctors and nurses — while Quebec announced it would move up the loosening of restrictions.

11.02.2022 - 02:10 [ ]

Alberta starts lifting COVID-19 restrictions, vaccine passport program

(Feb 08, 2022)

Premier Jason Kenney says Alberta’s vaccine passport will end almost immediately, with most other big COVID-19 health rules gone three weeks later.

11.02.2022 - 01:48 [ CNN ]

Appeals court refuses to reinstate federal employee vaccine mandate while it reviews case

(February 09, 2022)

A federal appeals court said Wednesday it would not reinstate President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees while it reviews a lower court’s order putting the requirement on hold — potentially setting the stage for the case to go to the Supreme Court.

11.02.2022 - 01:38 [ Wall Street Journal ]

Judges Weigh More Biden Vaccine-Mandate Cases After Supreme Court Rulings

(Feb. 6, 2022)

Several lower courts considering challenges to the administration’s other Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

14.01.2022 - 22:20 [ Justin Amash / Twitter ]

The Supreme Court blocked President Biden‘s OSHA mandate, which was blatantly and egregiously unconstitutional. The principle is simple: The president is not a king with the power to do whatever he wants regardless of the law and the facts.

14.01.2022 - 20:39 [ Achse des Guten ]

US-Gericht stoppt Bidens Impfpflicht für Firmen – Auch Maskenpflichten fallen durch das Urteil.

Damit müssten Firmen mit mehr als 100 Angestellten zunächst nun doch nicht dafür sorgen, dass ihre Mitarbeiter entweder vollständig geimpft seien oder regelmäßig getestet würden. Auch eine Pflicht zum Tragen von Masken sei damit fürs Erste gestoppt.

14.01.2022 - 20:29 [ Tichys Einblick ]

Der nächste Rückschlag für Biden: Oberster Gerichtshof stoppt Impfpflicht

Der Oberste Gerichtshof der Vereinigten Staaten hat die von der Regierung Präsident Bidens angeordnete Impfpflicht in größeren Unternehmen gestoppt.

14.01.2022 - 12:05 [ ]

England ‚WILL scrap Covid passes and WFH at the end of the month’ because they are ‚hard to justify‘ now that Omicron is subsiding — with masks on trains and in shops the only curb left

Currently, people in England need to show proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow to enter large events and nightclubs.

A Whitehall source told the newspaper: ‚There was always a very high threshold for the policy and it looks increasingly likely in a couple of weeks that threshold won’t be met. The way cases are going it will be hard to justify renewing.‘

14.01.2022 - 12:00 [ Frankfurter Rundschau ]

Herbe Schlappe für Joe Biden: Impfpflicht scheitert vorm Supreme Court

Die Regelung für Unternehmen wurde als wichtiges Druckmittel der Regierung gesehen, Angestellte angesichts der aufwendigen und regelmäßigen Tests zu einer Immunisierung zu bewegen, um die Impfquote in den USA zu steigern. Dort sind bislang lediglich 62,7 Prozent der Gesamtbevölkerung vollständig gegen das Coronavirus geimpft. Von den knapp 208 Millionen Geimpften haben nur rund 77 Millionen, oder 37 Prozent, zusätzlich eine Auffrischungsimpfung bekommen.

14.01.2022 - 11:47 [ Kevin McCarthy - ]

House GOP Leaders: No More Authoritarian Mandates

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01), and House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21) released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Biden administration’s unlawful vaccine mandate:

“President Biden’s vaccine mandates are unlawful and not based on science. They deny workers their livelihood, divide our society, and diminish liberty. They are bad policies that undermine public confidence in the vaccines and compound the President’s failure to fulfill his promise to ‘crush the virus.’

14.01.2022 - 11:34 [ Senator Mike Braun / Twitter ]


Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for private employees has been struck down, with help from our objection in the Senate which was referenced in the majority opinion.

14.01.2022 - 10:37 [ Wirtschaft / Twitter ]

Schwere Schlappe für US Präsident Biden: Oberster Gerichtshof stoppt #COVID19-#Impfpflicht für US-Unternehmen.

14.01.2022 - 10:12 [ The Associated Press / Twitter ]

BREAKING: Supreme Court blocks the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test rule for U.S. businesses, but allows a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for most health care workers.

14.01.2022 - 10:10 [ Fox News ]

Supreme Court puts an end to pandemic of the autocrat

The American work force is now safe from the unnecessary threat of its government

09.01.2022 - 12:05 [ ]

SPD und Grüne dämpfen Erwartungen an schnelle Impfpflicht

Mit Blick auf mögliche Verzögerungen sagte Wiese, die Impfpflicht wirke ohnehin nicht kurzfristig, sondern sei »perspektivisch eine Vorsorge für den kommenden Herbst und Winter«.

Die Fraktionschefin der Grünen im Bundestag, Britta Haßelmann, sagte: »Das ist keine einfache Entscheidung, das bedeutet einen tiefen Eingriff.« In den Fraktionen müsse zunächst diskutiert werden, welche Vorstellungen es gebe.

09.01.2022 - 12:00 [ New York Times ]

Supreme Court’s Conservative Majority Appears Skeptical of Biden’s Virus Plan

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court’s conservative majority seemed to be leaning on Friday toward blocking one of the White House’s main pandemic-fighting strategies, expressing skepticism that the Biden administration has the legal power to mandate that large employers require workers to be vaccinated or to undergo frequent testing.

19.11.2021 - 06:56 [ CNBC ]

Biden administration suspends enforcement of business vaccine mandate to comply with court order

The White House previously told businesses to proceed with the implementation of the requirements.

07.10.2021 - 18:03 [ ]

„Vertrauen in den Staat erschüttert“ – Ex-Verfassungsgerichts-Präsident zerlegt Corona-Politik

„Die Freiheitsbeschränkungen in der Corona-Krise waren intensiv und vielfältig, und ihre rechtsstaatliche Aufarbeitung ist bei Weitem noch nicht abgeschlossen. Bei aller Hoffnung, dass die Zeit der wesentlichen Freiheitseinschränkungen zu Ende geht, ist diese Aufarbeitung dringend geboten: politisch und durch die Gerichte, die bislang ja fast nur vorläufige Eil-, aber keine endgültigen Entscheidungen über die Rechtmäßigkeit der Maßnahmen getroffen haben.“

Die „Erosion unserer Freiheitsrechte“ habe keineswegs mit der Corona-Krise begonnen, sondern wurde „durch die Pandemie lediglich erheblich beschleunigt“, so der frühere oberste Verfassungshüter.

07.10.2021 - 17:51 [ George / Twitter ]

Nur 5 Prozentpunkte höher? Dass soll wohl ein schlechter Witz sein, Herr Spahn?! Der Erhebungszeitraum für den neuen (7.) Report zur COVIMO-Studie liegt zwei Monate zurück (26.7.-18.8.21) und ergab damals bereits >80% Impfquote! Was ist so schwierig am Melden+Addieren von Zahlen?

07.10.2021 - 17:44 [ Jens Spahn, Bundesminister für Gesundheit / Twitter ]

Die Impfquote in 🇩🇪 ist höher als angenommen. Laut @rki_de liegt sie bis zu 5 Prozentpunkte höher als die Meldedaten ausweisen. Das sind richtig gute Nachrichten:

80% der Erwachsenen sind somit bereits vollständig geimpft. Das gibt mehr Sicherheit für Herbst und Winter. (1/2)

So können wir draußen auf AHA und medizinische Schutzmasken verzichten, auch wenn drinnen 3G (mit Option auf 2G) und Masken in Bus und Bahn wichtig bleiben. Wir sind noch nicht am Ziel. Aber: Aus heutiger Sicht wird es keine weiteren Beschränkungen mehr brauchen. (2/2)

09.09.2021 - 15:45 [ ]

Exposed: CDC Rushed to Change Definition of ‚Vaccination‘ On Same Day Israel Study Touts Natural Immunity over Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) quietly changed their definition of “Vaccination” on September 1st, exchanging the word “immunity” for “protection,” now that it appears that breakthrough cases can no longer be explained away as an anomaly.

The definition change occurred on the same day – September 1st – that a massive study was released demonstrating that those who had been vaccinated were “13 times more likely to be infected with the Delta variant (what has been called a “breakthrough” infection) than those with natural immunity,” as summarized at the American Conservative.

09.09.2021 - 05:20 [ Bloomberg Law ]

To End a War, Start at the Beginning


The seemingly chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan after nearly 20 years is the result not of poor last-minute planning but of the broad and vague mandate in the original authorization for the use of military force in 2001, argues Karen J. Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at the Fordham University School of Law. The U.S. must learn the lessons of this AUMF before passing any new authorizations, she says.

09.09.2021 - 05:15 [ ]

The only congressperson to vote against a forever war days after 9/11 is still fighting to convince Congress to finally do its job

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) speaks during the „No War With Iran“ Rally for at the U.S. Capitol on January 9, 2020 in Washington, DC.

This story is available exclusively to Insider subscribers.

09.09.2021 - 05:06 [ ]

Who authorized Afghanistan in the first place?


When Congress passed the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), they went far beyond initiating war in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda. Congress gave near limitless and indefinite authorization for the executive branch to wage war against anyone, anywhere in the world. This broad grant of war-making power was counterproductive to the mission of justice for the 9/11 attacks, setting the stage for 20 years of mission creep in Afghanistan and multiple sequels.

06.09.2021 - 18:45 [ LibTee / Twitter ]

Local COVID cases up 163% in four weeks, breakthrough infections one third of cases statewide last month | Local News |

(Sep 4, 2021)

06.09.2021 - 18:35 [ ]

COVID breakthrough infections soar in Massachusetts

(August 10, 2021)

“The vaccines are 95 percent effective, not a hundred percent,” said William Schaffner, MD, an infectious disease and vaccine specialist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. “We know that many of those people, older already, probably had serious underlying illnesses. Then if COVID hits you on top of that — that may be sufficient to graduate you to heaven.”

06.09.2021 - 18:31 [ ]

Breakthrough COVID-19 cases accelerate in Minnesota


State health officials said a higher proportion of breakthrough infections was inevitable as more people received shots and the coronavirus had fewer unvaccinated people left to target.

06.09.2021 - 18:11 [ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / Washington Post ]

Improving communications around vaccine breakthrough and vaccine effectiveness

(July 29, 2021)

Vaccine breakthrough cases may reduce public confidence in vaccines


Delta variant vaccine breakthrough cases may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases

06.09.2021 - 18:02 [ ]

CDC didn’t want you to see this data…

(August 5, 2021)

A graph, originally created by the New York Times, shows internal CDC documents acquired from the Washington Post of how infectious and lethal the delta variant is in comparison to other diseases.

06.09.2021 - 17:51 [ ]

In Los Angeles, Breakthrough Infections Are Now 30% Of All New Covid Cases Amid Delta Surge

(August 19, 2021)

In March 2021, when Americans first began hearing about the Delta variant of Covid-19, breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated Angelenos accounted for just 2% of that month’s case total. By June, when Delta accounted for 50% of all variants in Los Angeles, breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated residents had risen to 20% of all identified cases. In late July, county officials reported that the Delta variant had overwhelmed all others, accounting for more than 90% of all positive tests analyzed for variants. As a result, the ratio of breakthrough cases increased to 30%, local health officials announced today.

06.09.2021 - 17:00 [ ]

World watches Israel’s controversial third-dose vaccination strategy


Those with two shots are still getting sick with what are called breakthrough infections.

Half those in Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem are double vaccinated, a statistic that is less surprising when you take into account that more than 60 per cent of the population are fully vaccinated.

06.09.2021 - 16:58 [ ]

#Breaking: Israel no longer considers people who have received 2 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines „vaccinated.“ As of September 1, only 3x vaccinated are considered immune.


28.08.2021 - 12:49 [ ]

Denmark to lift all remaining Covid restrictions on 10 September

Danish restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms, sports stadiums and hairdressing salons have been open since that date for anyone who can prove that they are fully vaccinated, have a negative test result less than 72 hours old or contracted Covid within the past two to 12 weeks.

That requirement, already lifted from 1 August for some venues such as museums, will disappear for most others from 1 September, although a coronapas will still be needed for nightclubs and large events including football matches until 10 September.

21.08.2021 - 14:00 [ Glenn Greenwald / Twitter ]

The world’s dumbest fucking people (Media Matters liberals) are expressing bewilderment at my statement that CIA influences corporate media outlets like CNN (even though CNN employs former top CIA officials). If you don’t understand this basic fact about the US, you know nothing.

21.08.2021 - 13:42 [ The Post Millennial / Twitter ]

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald talks to Tucker Carlson about the way the media and others have turned on Biden following the Afghanistan withdrawal

21.08.2021 - 13:05 [ Fox News ]

Pompeo: Biden ‚has refused‘ to show leadership during Afghanistan ‚debacle‘

„I didn’t hear a single thing that would give comfort to the very allies you spoke about. I’ve heard from people in the region. They are frightened by the American collapse—the American collapse of temerity and strength and power that we demonstrated for four years that had frankly kept the Taliban at bay and prevented precisely what you’re precisely seeing happen today, and I didn’t hear a single thing that would frighten a single Taliban who thinks there’s any risk that this administration would impose any cost on them for their activities, for what they are doing to Americans today and holding them hostage—not permitting them to get into the airport in Kabul so that we can get them home to their families. „

21.08.2021 - 12:34 [ Warren Gunnels, Majority Staff Director for Budget Chairman @SenSanders / Twitter ]

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and other defense contractors received $445.5 billion from the Pentagon this year alone. All of them have been convicted or reached settlements for misconduct. Fraud is the business model of the military industrial complex.

21.08.2021 - 12:00 [ ]

David Petraeus‘ bright idea: give terrorists weapons to beat terrorists


Former CIA director David Petraeus is advocating giving arms to members of al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaida off-shoot, to beat Isis. That is madness

21.08.2021 - 11:56 [ ]

Petraeus zu afghanischer Armee: „Sie hatten plötzlich keine Rückendeckung mehr“

US-Präsident Biden und die Bundesregierung werfen der afghanischen Armee fehlenden Kampfwillen vor. Dem widerspricht im Interview mit STRG_F der ehemalige General und Ex-CIA-Chef Petraeus. Er verteidigt die afghanischen Soldaten.

21.08.2021 - 11:49 [ ]

General David Petraeus tells Biden it was premature to leave Afghanistan because Al Qaeda was always ‚going to come back‘ and the Afghan forces were ’not sustainable‘

– Petraeus commanded forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and helped formulate ‚counterinsurgency‘ strategies
– He criticized Biden’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan in a New Yorker interview
– Disagreed with decision to pull out liaison, special forces trainers, contractors
– Said it began an epidemic of ’surrender‘ for the Afghans
– Called departure ‚premature‘ but didn’t say how much more time was needed
– Warned Al Qaeda could reemerge
– Acknowledged ‚overbuilt‘ nation-building aspects, but said it was necessary for a hand-off
– Biden said the U.S. could not fight when Afghans were unwilling to do so
– ‚To say that the Afghans won’t fight for their country needs an asterisk‘

21.08.2021 - 11:28 [ White House ]

Remarks by President Biden on Evacuations in Afghanistan

Now, Justin Sink of Bloomberg.

Q Thank you, Mr. President. You just said that you would keep a laser-focus on counterterrorism efforts and that you don’t see as great of a threat of terrorism from Afghanistan as other parts of the world. But if you and your administration so badly misassessed how quickly the Taliban would sweep through Afghanistan and we no longer have an embassy there from which to run intelligence operations, how can you at all be confident of your assessment of the risk of terrorism and the ability of the U.S. to conduct over-the-horizon missions to keep it in check? Can you tell Americans that they’re safe and will remain safe from terror attacks in Afghanistan?

THE PRESIDENT: I think you’re comparing apples and oranges. One question was whether or not the Afghan forces we trained up would stay and fight in their own civil war they had going on.

No one — I shouldn’t say “no one” — the consensus was that it was highly unlikely that in 11 days they’d collapse and fall, and the leader of Afghanistan would flee the country.

17.08.2021 - 08:48 [ ]

Pentagon spokesman insists the Kabul airport chaos was NOT a failure – after US used helicopters to herd away Afghans and stowaways fell to their deaths off planes

– Pentagon spokesman John Kirby insisted Monday that the Kabul airport chaos earlier in the day did not constitute a failure
– American troops killed two armed Afghan nationals on the airfield who had stormed to try to get on planes
– Three fell to their deaths after climbing onto the fuselage of a C-17 jet in the desperate hope of holding on as the plane took off
– The bloodied bodies of another three Afghan nationals were left on the runway after the plane took off

17.08.2021 - 08:42 [ ]

Afghans fall from US Military planes after clinging to aircrafts taking off, 7 killed in airport chaos

In another video, hundreds of people could be seen running alongside a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane as it moved down a runway. Some clung to the side of the jet just before takeoff. Another video showed several falling through the air as the airplane rapidly gained altitude over the city.

Senior military officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing operation, told The Associated Press that the chaos left seven dead, including several who fell from the flight.

17.08.2021 - 08:26 [ Washington Examiner / Twitter ]

Reporters peppered Defense Department officials with questions at a briefing following President Joe Biden’s address to the nation. „How do you determine where the responsibility lies for this failure?“

16.08.2021 - 16:27 [ Jennifer Hansler, covering the State Department for @CNN / Twitter ]

US military flights have resumed at the Kabul airport for now, a US defense official tells @barbarastarrcnn

16.08.2021 - 15:36 [ ]

Afghanistan LIVE: UK and US evacuation suspended – runway not secure after airport breach

The British government vowed to evacuate hundreds of Britons and eligible Afghan nationals but their efforts have been suspended due to crowds of people invading the runway.

16.08.2021 - 15:33 [ ]

Diesmal die Generäle zur Rechenschaft ziehen

Der Druck, der auf Obama lastete, war so deutlich, dass ich, als er seine Entscheidung, die Truppen in Afghanistan aufzustocken, bekannt gab, schrieb: „Willkommen in Vietnam, Mr. President“.

16.08.2021 - 15:14 [ Fasil M / Twitter ]

All news outlets is telling us that the airport is secured by US 4000 troops. Where are they?

16.08.2021 - 14:46 [ Joyce Karam, Joyce Karam ]

Scenes of absolute desperation in #Kabul airport today: Afghan civilians chase & cling to US C-17 plane in last attempt to flee Afghanistan. At least one body fell from aircraft wing, after a stampede by runway. Very dark moment for country:

06.07.2021 - 18:37 [ ]

Geht’s jetzt doch schnell? Im August könnten alle Corona-Maßnahmen wegfallen

CDU-Rechtsexperte Jan-Marco Luczak geht noch einen Schritt weiter und sagt zu WELT: „Die Aufhebung von Schutzmaßnahmen ist verfassungsrechtlich zwingend.“

01.07.2021 - 14:28 [ ]

Judge tosses frivolous lawsuit by heiress Sulome Anderson seeking to destroy The Grayzone

The District of Columbia Superior Court has rejected a frivolous, million-dollar lawsuit claiming libel, defamation, and tortious conspiracy filed by writer Sulome Anderson against The Grayzone’s editor Max Blumenthal and assistant editor Ben Norton.

Judge William M. Jackson’s June 16, 2021 decision put an end to the entitled heiress’ three-year-long campaign to smear and bankrupt The Grayzone with the help of a powerful DC lawyer closely linked to the Israel lobby.

30.06.2021 - 18:10 [ ]

The world must learn from Australia that zero Covid is a disastrous dead end

Since the earliest of these dark days, that nation’s zero Covid approach has been widely hailed, certainly by lockdown fanatics, as the very pinnacle of success in winning the (spoiler alert: unwinnable) fight against this virus. But there are no medals to be won in this race until it’s over. The true test won’t be until Fort Knox Australia releases the shackles from its inhabitants and reopens to the rest of the world – still a far, far-off prospect.

It’s almost as if the Australian Government wants to revel in its isolation forever.

30.06.2021 - 09:35 [ Radio Utopie ]

Freut Euch, die Briten haben gesiegt. Wieder mal.

Vergesst jetzt mal den Fußball (großartige Sache) und irgendwelche Weltkriege. Das Nein der britischen Regierung zum Programm „Impfpässe“,“Immunitätsausweise“, „Grüner Pass“, „Impfzertifikate“ – und damit zum Masterprogramm ID2020 / „Digital Identity Alliance“ – ist der Bruch mit der neuen totalen Weltordnung den ich mir vorgestellt habe. Die Deutschen werden noch merken, was das für eine Befreiung auch für Sie bedeutet.

Es ist wie früher, es ist wie im Faschismus: Hilfe muss von außen kommen.

30.06.2021 - 08:15 [ ]

Vaccine passports: It’s all over! Cabinet agrees it’s time to ‚live with Covid’… and you WON’T have to show proof of vaccination to attend mass gatherings

– Ministers are set to shelve plans for the mandatory use of ‚Covid certification‘
– Plans for pubs and restaurants had already been put on the backburner
– The Mail can now reveal that ministers have also dropped the idea of imposing them on mass events

24.06.2021 - 03:22 [ Aktion Freiheit statt Angst ]

Handyverkehr seit 30 Jahren abhörbar: Wir erfahren, was wir wissen dürfen

Die Verschlüsselung von Handys mit dem GEA-1 Algorithmus ist absolut unsicher. Das zeigen jetzt(!) Forschungsergebnisse von IT-Sicherheitsexperten der Ruhr-Uni Bochum, der Forschungsstelle Simula UiB aus Norwegen, der französischen Forschungsinstitute Irisa und Inria sowie der Uni Paris-Saclay. Der für GPRS (G2) Netze in den 90-iger Jahren entwicklelte Standard sollte damals mit 64-bit Schlüssellänge Sicherheit bieten. Der vermeintliche 64-Bit-Schlüssel wurde aber im Algorithmus „aus unbekannten Grpnden“ praktisch auf die Sicherheit eines 40-Bit-Schlüssels reduziert.

07.06.2021 - 12:53 [ Radio Utopie ]

Wann kommt die neue USPD?

(13. Januar 2011)

Die „Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands“ (USPD) gründete sich 1917 aus Sozialdemokraten, die den Kriegskurs des Kaiserreiches und der kollaborierenden SPD nicht mehr länger mitmachen wollten. Während der deutschen Revolution von Soldaten und Arbeitern im November 1918 spielten sie eine tragende Rolle. Unter ihnen: Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg.

Bis heute werden Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg durch alle linken, aber vor allem durch alle kommunistischen Gruppen und Parteien vereinnahmt. Dabei waren diese beiden Figuren der deutschen Geschichte genau 15 Tage ihres Lebens Kommunisten. Zuvor waren sie jahrzehntelang Sozialdemokraten, zuerst in der SPD, dann in der USPD.

27.05.2021 - 20:00 [ ]

Sachsen-Anhalt: Schwarz-Rot-Grün hätte Mehrheit

Unbekannte Spitzenkandidaten, mäßige Noten für die Landesregierung: Zehn Tage vor der Wahl in Sachsen-Anhalt ist der Ausgang ungewiss. Laut ARD-Vorwahlumfrage käme die aktuelle Koalition aber wieder auf eine Mehrheit.

20.05.2021 - 14:50 [ ]

Biden administration ‘in a difficult position’ in effort to rejoin Iran nuclear deal

„The US now has incredible leverage over Iran,“ former Trump national security advisor John Bolton told FRANCE 24. „If Biden gives it away, he will virtually guarantee that the sanctions will collapse, and ultimately Iran will get nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them both on Europe and on the United States.“

15.05.2021 - 11:55 [ Haaretz ]

Bennett Flees to His Masochistic Comfort Zone: Under Netanyahu’s Sway

The facts are simple: Hamas is good for Netanyahu, and Netanyahu is fabulous for Hamas. He never intended to “topple” its rule. He keeps strengthening this organization, intentionally, to weaken Israel’s interlocutors in the PA.

Hamas-Gaza is a perfect exemplar of the basic concept Ehud Barak coined in his day, and which has kept the left in the political margins for the past 20 years: There is no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. This is exactly what Netanyahu wants. Hamas and Netanyahu are a long, stable, profitable romance.

14.05.2021 - 04:16 [ Haaretz ]

Bennett Gave in to Pressure by Deserting Coalition Talks

But amid the pressure from the harsh state of current events, Bennett stated Thursday that a government of change was no longer on the agenda. Instead of standing in the breach during an emergency, he folded and paved the way for the worst option of all: The continued reign of the person responsible for the horrible state our country is in.

14.05.2021 - 04:12 [ Haaretz ]

Bennett Says Lapid Government Is Off the Table, Renews Talks With Netanyahu’s Likud

He said that given the state of emergency in mixed Arab-Jewish cities, the planned makeup of the government led by Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid and Bennett won’t be able to manage the situation because it has become necessary to deploy military troops and conduct arrests. He said that doing so would be impossible with Mansour Abbas and his United Arab List party.

Bennett said he now prefers a large unity government.

28.04.2021 - 17:00 [ ]

High Court cancels hearing as PM agrees to Gantz as justice ministe

In addition, a few moments before Netanyahu announced his decision to back Gantz for the position, he apparently was made aware that Bennett held his first meeting with Mansour Abbas – the leader of the Islamist Ra’am party – in an effort to form a unity government.

28.04.2021 - 15:44 [ ]

Netanyahu reverses course, votes to appoint Gantz as justice minister

Hours before the High Court of Justice was due to decide on the legality of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to install a justice minister from his own party, the premier announced Wednesday afternoon he supports the appointment of Blue & White leader Benny Gantz for the position.

28.04.2021 - 15:42 [ Haaretz ]

Netanyahu Caves After Rebuke From Supreme Court: Gantz Appointed Justice Minister

In a statement Netanyahu said, „The prime minister submitted a detailed response to the High Court that completely rejects the court’s claim that yesterday’s vote was illegal.“

„However,“ Netanyahu said, „after the prime minister’s attempts at compromise were rejected again this morning, and in order to extract us from this dead end situation and allow the Justice Ministry to function, the prime minister decided to appoint Benny Gantz to the post of Justice Minister for the tenure of the interim government.“