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02.12.2020 - 10:38 [ teleSUR ]

Mexico: Free Healthcare for People Without Social Security

Health services in Mexico are free of charge for all the population, including people without social security, according to a decree implemented on Tuesday by the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The decree establishes that federal hospitals will determine consultation, medical procedures, or additional diagnostic studies in high specialty facilities and national institutes of health that rely on the federal government.

02.12.2020 - 04:46 [ CNN ]

Don’t expect a second stimulus check this year. Here’s what Congress is talking about instead

Congress returns to Washington this week focused on passing a broader spending bill by December 11 to avert a partial government shutdown, though it’s possible that some relief programs could be added to such a broader spending bill.

01.12.2020 - 04:25 [ Middle East Monitor ]

Algeria’s president leaves German hospital, back home in ‚coming days‘

Elected in December, Tebboune has pushed for a new constitution that limits presidential terms and gives more powers to the parliament and judiciary. It will be put to a referendum on Sunday.

29.11.2020 - 11:34 [ Haaretz ]

‚Netanyahu Endangers Israel‘: Thousands Protest Against PM Across Israel

Thousands of protesters demonstrated on Saturday evening against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at intersections, bridges and squares across Israel, as weekly demonstrations continued for the 23rd week in a row.

27.11.2020 - 19:48 [ teleSUR ]

Mexico: Senate Passes a Reform Set To End Presidential Immunity

„With this profound modification we will make an avant-garde transformation not only with respect to Mexico’s history, but also in the international sphere, and we will set an example of a new political structure,“ Morena Party senator Marti Batres said.

26.11.2020 - 23:46 [ ORF ]

Thanksgiving – Amerikaner trotzen Warnungen

Schon am Wochenende gingen in Sozialen Netzwerken Bilder von den überfüllten Flughäfen etwa in Chicago und Phoenix um. Tatsächlich wurden von Freitag bis Sonntag mehr als drei Millionen Passagiere an den US-Flughäfen gezählt, so viele wie noch nie seit Beginn der Pandemie.

26.11.2020 - 19:31 [ teleSUR ]

Bolivia: General Alfredo Cuellar Arrested Over Sacaba Massacre

The Prosecutor’s Office ordered the arrest of Bolivian Air Force General Alfredo Cuellar over the massacre that occurred in Sacaba city during the protests against the U.S.-backed coup that took place in November 2019.

26.11.2020 - 02:47 [ ]

Japan and China Agree to Coordinate on East China Sea

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Tokyo and met with his Japanese counterpart Toshimitsu Motegi. “Through the joint effort by both sides, we would like to make the East China Sea the sea of peace, friendship and cooperation,” Wang said.

26.11.2020 - 02:41 [ ]

Japan und China einigen sich auf eine Koordinierung im Ostchinesischen Meer

Der chinesische Außenminister Wang Yi besuchte Tokio und traf sich mit seinem japanischen Amtskollegen Toshimitsu Motegi. „Durch die gemeinsamen Bemühungen beider Seiten möchten wir das Ostchinesische Meer zum Meer des Friedens, der Freundschaft und der Zusammenarbeit machen“, sagte Wang.

25.11.2020 - 03:10 [ ]

Joe Biden: ‘America is Back’ and ‘Ready to Lead the World’

“It’s a team that reflects the fact that America is back, ready to lead the world, not retreat from it, once again sit at the head of the table, ready to confront our adversaries and not reject our allies, ready to stand up for our values,” Biden said.

25.11.2020 - 02:59 [ ]

Joe Biden’s Interventionist Secretary of State Pick

In 2015, Blinken facilitated an increase in weapons sales and intelligence sharing for the Saudi-led coalition after it intervened in Yemen to fight the Houthis. “We have expedited weapons deliveries, we have increased our intelligence sharing, and we have established a joint coordination planning cell in the Saudi operation center,”

25.11.2020 - 02:55 [ ]

Joe Bidens Wahl: ein interventionistischer Außenminister

Im Jahr 2015 erleichterte Blinken der von den Saudis geführten Koalition eine Zunahme der Waffenverkäufe und des Informationsaustauschs, nachdem sie im Jemen im Kampf gegen die Houthis interveniert hatte. „Wir haben die Waffenlieferungen beschleunigt, wir haben den Austausch nachrichtendienstlicher Erkenntnisse intensiviert, und wir haben eine gemeinsame Planungszelle zur Koordinierung in der saudi-arabischen Einsatzzentrale eingerichtet“, sagte Blinken im April 2015.

24.11.2020 - 20:25 [ Robert Reich, Berkeley prof, frmr Sec of Labor / Twitter ]

Jeff Bezos net worth in 2009: $6,800,000,000 Jeff Bezos net worth in 2020: $183,800,000,000 Federal minimum wage in 2009: $7.25 Federal minimum wage in 2020: $7.25 If this doesn’t convince you our economy is rigged, I don’t know what will.

24.11.2020 - 19:54 [ Marianne Williamson / Twitter ]

When I was in college, 300,000 people were in prisons across the United States. Today it’s over 2.3 million. The real crime here is the advent of the private prison industry. Billions of dollars are made off human suffering and injustice.

24.11.2020 - 19:50 [ Ayanna Pressley, Abgeordnete im US Repräsentantenhaus / Twitter ]

That’s right @briebriejoy „3 million people over the age of 60 are still paying on student loans.“

We all should be gasping. This debt is choking trillions, it is a crisis & demands urgent, bold action. The Biden-Harris Admin can cancel student debt Day 1 via Exec Order.

24.11.2020 - 18:05 [ Common Dreams ]

„Shameful and Concerning He Is Even Being Considered,“ Says AOC as Rahm Emanuel Floated for Role in Biden Cabinet

But no matter the source of the rumors and media reports, progressives are using their growing numbers in Congress to attempt to exert influence over Biden’s cabinet picks and establish that they will not quietly fall in line for nominees who are hostile to their popular policy agenda.

23.11.2020 - 23:55 [ Stars and Stripes ]

Navy rear admiral visits Taiwan, report says, as yet another US warship passes through strait

The Navy sent another warship through the Taiwan Strait over the weekend, which also included an unconfirmed visit to the island by the officer in charge of intelligence gathering in the Indo-Pacific region, according to wire and Navy reports.

23.11.2020 - 21:17 [ Movement for a People’s Party ]

Our Coalition

MPP has been on the front lines with game-changing allies as co-sponsors or endorsers of important actions aligned with our platform. We’ve driven convoys to support the Women’s March on the Pentagon and the Poor People’s Campaign, stood on the picket lines with teachers in California, and supported the National Democratic Independent Farm Workers Union’s boycott of Driscolls’ Berries, among many other actions.

Here are a few examples of when MPP has joined forces with powerful allies to create change:

23.11.2020 - 21:10 [ Movement for a People’s Party / Twitter ]

We are so excited to announce that we have an official party name! Party popper White heavy check mark Thousands of you voted using our ranked-choice ballot and the results are in! After four years of movement building, next month we will register in our first state as the People’s Party!!!

22.11.2020 - 11:53 [ Portal ]

Mexiko: Paramilitärs verletzen Mitglied eines Hilfskonvois in Chiapas

Die bewaffneten Gruppierungen in der Region sind die Nachfolgeorganisationen der paramilitärischen Verbände, welche in den 1990er Jahren von Militärs im Ruhestand ausgebildet wurden und zur Aufstandsbekämpfung gegen die Unterstützungsbasis der Zapatistischen Armee der Nationalen Befreiung (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, EZLN) eingesetzt worden waren.

20.11.2020 - 01:46 [ The Hill ]

Bipartisan pair of Senators call on Egypt to address case of imprisoned human rights advocate

Kamel was preparing in November 2019 to leave Egypt for Geneva, Switzerland, to testify at the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues when he was taken by security forces from his home in the early hours of the morning without an arrest warrant.

16.11.2020 - 21:01 [ France24 ]

Macron walks diplomatic tightrope while hosting Trump ally Pompeo

Le Drian said Friday that he would raise the concerns of France – which has been hit by a number of jihadist attacks – over Trump’s plans to speed up the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

16.11.2020 - 15:46 [ ]

House Democrats Dissect What Went Wrong And How To Rebound From Losses

House Democrats started this month hoping, and preparing, to gain seats in the election. Instead, their once-robust majority in the House has dwindled, and Democrats are on track to begin next year with the slimmest majority in decades.

Now members on the progressive left and Democratic Party moderates are again at odds over whose policies won in 2020 and how they should govern as a party.

14.11.2020 - 19:17 [ France24 ]

Pompeo arrives in France at start of awkward Europe and Middle East tour

In an arrival tweet posted Saturday, Pompeo highlighted the “shared values: democracy, freedom, and rule of law” between the US and France. “The strong relationship between our countries cannot be overestimated, and I’m looking forward to my discussions here in Paris,” he said.

14.11.2020 - 01:22 [ Reuters ]

National security adviser O’Brien to represent U.S. at Asia meetings

While Trump attended the U.S.-ASEAN summit in Manila in 2017, he has never attended a full EAS meeting. Vice President Mike Pence represented the United States at the meetings in Singapore last year.

13.11.2020 - 17:59 [ teleSUR ]

Polisario Front Declares War on Morocco

Western Sahara is a territory occupied by Morocco since 1975 when the African ex-colony was abandoned by Spain. Since then, an armed dispute between Morocco and the Saharawis was maintained, ending in 1991 with a peace treaty that would lead to a referendum on self-determination, which to date has not taken

12.11.2020 - 15:14 [ Haaretz ]

The Electoral Math Behind Netanyahu’s Sudden Affinity for Arab Lawmakers

Last Thursday, in an interview with Radio Anas, Abbas said he wouldn’t dismiss supporting legislation to freeze Netanyahu’s trial. The choice of Matanyahu Englman as state comptroller was attributed to the “defection” of Ra’am members from the opposition ranks, in addition to Abbas’ support for canceling the vote that approved the establishment of an inquiry committee on the submarine procurements.

12.11.2020 - 02:26 [ The Sudan Tribune ]

Moscow endorses deal on Russian naval base in eastern Sudan

After the collapse of the al-Bashir regime in April 2019, the Sudanese government did not withdraw from the agreement. The head of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, during a visit to Russia in October 2019 called for strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

12.11.2020 - 02:16 [ Tagesschau ]

Äthiopien berichtet von 500 Toten

Die TPLF war die dominante Partei in der Parteienkoalition, die Äthiopien mehr als 25 Jahre lang mit harter Hand regierte. Dies änderte sich, als Abiy Ahmed 2018 an die Macht kam: Der Ministerpräsident brachte Reformen auf den Weg, entfernte Funktionäre der alten Garde und gründete eine neue Partei, der die zuvor in der Parteienkoalition vertretene TPLF nicht beitrat.

11.11.2020 - 23:24 [ Portal ]

In St. Vincent und den Grenadinen neues Parlament und Premierminister gewählt

St. Vincent und die Grenadinen sind seit 1979 ein unabhängiger Staat innerhalb des Commonwealth, seit 2001 steht der ULP-Chef an der Spitze der Regierung und hat gegenwärtig die Präsidentschaft der Karibischen Gemeinschaft (Caricom) inne.

10.11.2020 - 09:23 [ Portal ]

Kritik an massiver Ausweitung industrieller Landwirtschaft in Argentinien

In seiner Stellungnahme weist PAN darauf hin, dass 123 hochgefährliche Pestizide aus der internationalen PAN-Liste im Land zugelassen und 109 Pestizide, die in anderen Ländern verboten seien, in Argentinien vermarktet würden.

09.11.2020 - 13:25 [ Portal ]

Bolivien begeht in feierlichem Staatsakt Einführung von Präsident Luis Arce

Ab Samstag waren Gäste wie der spanische König Felipe VI. zusammen mit Vizepräsident Pablo Iglésias, der argentinische Präsident Alberto Fernández, die Präsidenten von Paraguay (Abdo Benítez), Mexiko (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) und Kolumbien (Iván Duque) angereist.

08.11.2020 - 14:12 [ The Japan Times ]

Aung San Suu Kyi poised to win a second term as Myanmar votes

The country’s first civilian-led government in more than five decades has delivered on some reforms, including liberalization of the banking, insurance and education sectors and curbing inflation. But about a third of the population lives in poverty, businesses remain mired in red tape, and accusations of genocide against the country’s Muslim Rohingya population are still a concern for foreign investors.

08.11.2020 - 13:35 [ France24 ]

Thai police use water cannon to stop pro-democracy march to palace

Student-led rallies have rocked the kingdom since July, with protesters calling for the removal of Premier Prayut Chan-O-Cha — a former army chief who came into power through a 2014 coup — and a rewrite to the military-scripted constitution.

07.11.2020 - 23:18 [ Haaretz ]

Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu in Hundreds of Locations Across Country

Hundreds of demonstrations are taking place Saturday night in squares, junctions and on bridges around the country for the 20th week in a row since the anti-Netanyahu protests began in July.

07.11.2020 - 12:20 [ ]

Democrats‘ post-election ‚family meeting‘ descends into chaos


The clash between the ideological wings of the caucus reflects the high levels of frustration among Democrats of all stripes following a demoralizing turn at the polls on Tuesday.

Heading into the elections, party leaders had predicted they would pick up seats, even in deep red districts won soundly by Trump in 2016. Instead, they saw Republicans knock off at least seven Democratic incumbents, most of them first-term lawmakers who had helped deliver the party’s House majority just two years ago.

07.11.2020 - 09:30 [ Haaretz ]

Netanyahu’s Party Can’t Fathom Politicians Aren’t Above the Law

: Representatives of the ruling party (in the spirit of the commander, the commander’s wife and their son) long ago crossed the red line that separates the parliamentary freedom to criticize and exercise oversight of the branches of government, and sowing fear, stoking unbridled incitement and making explicit threats against those who displease them.

06.11.2020 - 12:30 [ Portal ]

Erneut wurde in Mexiko ein Journalist getötet

Der Journalist, der auch Pressesprecher des Technologischen Instituts von Ciudad Juárez war, hatte in seiner Nachrichtensendung öfter über die Korruption, die Unsicherheit und die Gewalt im nördlichen Bundesstaat Chihuahua kritisch informiert.

05.11.2020 - 18:28 [ Portal ]

Indigene Gemeinden in Mexiko fordern Anerkennung ihrer Autonomie

Die Grundlage der Vorschläge ist das Abkommen über die indigenen Rechte zwischen der mexikanischen Regierung und der Zapatistenguerrilla EZLN von 1996, das nie umgesetzt wurde, sowie aktuelle Forderungen, welche insbesondere die indigenen Rechte im Zusammenhang mit umstrittenen Großprojekten betonen.

05.11.2020 - 08:36 [ Haaretz ]

Netanyahu Learnt the Lesson of Rabin’s Assassination. The Israeli Left Should Too

“Rabin’s murder was a perfect murder that paid off,” the late Prof. Moshe Negbi once wrote. This is a serious charge, but an accurate one. Netanyahu owes his political existence to this murder. The roots of his rule are planted in the blood of the slain prime minister. Fanning the violence and then looking away is a strategy that served him both before the murder and after it.

04.11.2020 - 17:41 [ France24 ]

‚The last red line‘: Ethiopia nears civil war as PM orders military into restive Tigray region

The statement by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office, and the reported attack by the well-armed Tigray People’s Liberation Front, immediately raised concerns that one of Africa’s most populous and powerful countries could plunge back into war. That would send a shock wave through the Horn of Africa and beyond.

03.11.2020 - 12:45 [ Xinhuanet ]

Pakistani FM invited to int’l conference on Afghanistan: foreign ministry

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday held a telephone conversation with his Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto and was invited to attend an international conference on Afghanistan that is scheduled to be held in Geneva, Switzerland later this month, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan said.

03.11.2020 - 12:17 [ Portal ]

Amtsübergabe in Bolivien: Arce lädt Nicolás Maduro ein, die De-facto-Regierung Juan Guaidó

Bis dato wurde bestätigt, dass König Felipe von Spanien gemeinsam mit dem Minister für Soziales, Pablo Iglesias, sowie Chiles Präsident Sebastián Piñera teilnehmen. Diese Liste wird sicher in den nächsten Stunden und Tagen länger.

02.11.2020 - 20:55 [ Haaretz ]

AG Bars Netanyahu From Handling Matters in Legal System, Law Enforcement While on Trial

The opinion states that Netanyahu cannot make decisions regarding appointments to the legal system or law enforcment. Netanyahu must also be barred from making decisions regarding witnesses, other defendants or engaging in legislation that could affect the proceedings against him, Mendelblit wrote.

Furthermore, Netanyahu cannot interfere in several areas under the jurisdiction of the Communications Ministry.

01.11.2020 - 02:52 [ Al Arabiya ]

Pro-democracy leaders in Thailand hospitalized after police clashes

A court on Friday ordered the release of Panupong “Mike” Jadnok, Panusaya “Rung” Sithijirawattanakul and Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak who have been in custody since mid-October on sedition charges — but police sought to question them over outstanding arrest warrants.

30.10.2020 - 01:22 [ Haaretz ]

On Rabin Assassination Anniversary, anti-Netanyahu Protesters March Through Tel Aviv

A large crowd was expected to turn out for protests Thursday evening at locations throughout Israel, as anti-government demonstrations coincide with the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, according to the Hebrew calendar.

29.10.2020 - 14:34 [ Xinhuanet ]

UN deputy chief to take „virtual trip“ to Colombia

The last time the UN deputy chief visited Colombia in person was in 2015 for the launch of the Inter-Institutional Commission for the Sustainable Development Goals.

29.10.2020 - 03:09 [ teleSUR ]

Uruguay: Workers Hold a Large Mobilization Against Budget Cuts

The meme reads, „Amid Uruguay’s COVID-19 crisis: two-thirds of the budget cut has to do with health, education, and housing. The new budget reduces salaries and benefits, creates new positions for colonels and generals, and gives tax privileges to large companies and rural owners.“

29.10.2020 - 03:00 [ teleSUR ]

Evo Morales Will Return to Bolivia On November 9

Rodríguez said that two days later, on November 11, Morales will go to the Tropic of Cochabamba, where he would stay.

Rodríguez recalled that last year, on November 11, the president was forced to leave his country after the civil-military coup carried out against him.

28.10.2020 - 02:16 [ Xinhuanet ]

All in-person meetings suspended at UN New York headquarters due to COVID-19 infections

Diplomats said people who attended Thursday’s meeting were being tested for COVID-19, and an in-person meeting on Syria planned for Tuesday was instead held virtually.

27.10.2020 - 19:32 [ Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) ]

Aufrüstung gegen die libanesische Revolution

Egal ob Tunesien, Chile, Sudan, Irak oder Libanon: Die Hintergründe von Massenbewegungen im globalen Süden werden auf EUropäischer und US-Regierungsebene meist auf Demokratisierungsbestrebungen der Bevölkerung gegen autoritäre Regime, Korruption und Misswirtschaft reduziert. Dass der Kampf ebenfalls gegen den durch Neoliberalisierung verursachten sozialen Zerfall geführt wird, bleibt häufig ebenso unerwähnt, wie die Verantwortung der Europäischen Union (EU) und der USA an ebendiesen Strukturen.

27.10.2020 - 02:21 [ teleSUR ]

Bolivia To Restore Ties With Cuba And Venezuela

The president-elect also warned the Organization of American States (OAS) for its behavior towards Bolivia and urged them to admit its participation in the coup and its complicity in the massacre of hundreds of Indigenous citizens that followed it.

25.10.2020 - 10:39 [ Portal ]

Ein Jahr nach Protestbeginn: Heute Verfassungsreferendum in Chile

Am 15. November 2019 verkündeten Parlamentsangehörige fast aller Parteien das „Abkommen für den Frieden“, dessen Hauptinhalt die Ausarbeitung einer neuen Verfassung sein soll. Soziale Organisationen kritisierten dieses Abkommen als „Rettungsring“ für die Regierung Piñera: Menschenrechtsverletzungen würden unbestraft bleiben und der Präsident könnte einfach weiter regieren.

25.10.2020 - 01:25 [ Xinhuanet ]

Provisional results show Alpha Conde re-elected president of Guinea

Conde, the candidate of the ruling party RPG (Rally of the Guinean People), won the electoral ballot with 59.49 percent against 33.5 percent for the candidate of opposition party UFDG (Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea), Cellou Dalein Diallo, who came in second position, according to the provisional results publicly announced by the president of the CENI.

24.10.2020 - 12:17 [ teleSUR ]

Bolivia’s TSE Declares Luis Arce the Elected President

Bolivia’s Electoral Supreme Court (TSE) declared Luis Arce, the elected president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and David Choquehuanca as vice-president on Friday after the official vote counting showed that Arce’s party, the Movement Towards Socialism, reached a landslide victory of 55.10 percent of the votes.

24.10.2020 - 04:09 [ Xinhuanet ]

Peace in Afghanistan to enhance regional connectivity: Pakistani PM

An Afghan parliamentary delegation, headed by Rahmani, arrived in Pakistan on Friday to discuss relations between the two parliaments and Pakistan’s role in the Afghan peace process, and also to boost economic ties.

23.10.2020 - 14:03 [ Al Jazeera ]

Pompeo to meet Armenian, Azeri ministers over Nagorno-Karabakh

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to meet the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia on Friday in a fresh attempt to end nearly a month of bloodshed, in which hundreds have been killed.

23.10.2020 - 13:54 [ France24 ]

Libya’s warring rivals sign nationwide “permanent ceasefire” at UN ceremony

After mediation led by UN envoy Stephanie Turco Williams this week, the 5+5 Joint Military Commission reached what the United Nations called an “important turning point towards peace and stability in Libya”.

23.10.2020 - 13:40 [ Xinhuanet ]

Acting Kyrgyz president signs law to postpone parliamentary elections

The date of conducting parliamentary elections will be set after the constitutional reform in accordance with the law, but no later than June 1, 2021.

23.10.2020 - 13:10 [ Portal ]

Mexiko: Indigene besetzen Institut für Indigene Völker

Der letzte Anschlag fand am 22. August dieses Jahres statt, als Paramilitärs ein Kaffeelager in Ocosingo im Bundesstaat Chiapas zuerst geplündert und danach in Brand gesetzt haben.

23.10.2020 - 13:03 [ Portal ]

Kolumbien: Trotz Corona wieder große landesweite Demonstrationen

Während des siebenmonatigen Lockdowns wurden 164 Dekrete erlassen, die eine Steuersenkung für Großunternehmen und gleichzeitig Kürzungen im Gesundheits- und Sozialsystem vorsehen.

23.10.2020 - 11:14 [ Haaretz ]

Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu as Business Owners Rejoin Dissent

housands of Israelis called for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday night in hundreds of locations across Israel, with major protests taking place in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

23.10.2020 - 03:04 [ Xinhuanet ]

Acting Kyrgyz president signs law to postpone parliamentary elections

Acting President and Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Zhaparov on Thursday signed a constitutional law to postpone the date of repeat parliamentary elections, his press service reported.

21.10.2020 - 23:57 [ The Hill ]

End the American military presence in Somalia

The situation for Somalians is desperate and deserves the attention of the world. But our military presence over nearly three decades has not proven to be worth the costs and risks. President Trump is right to call for a withdrawal of U.S. forces, and we should hope it is followed through.

21.10.2020 - 11:01 [ ]

Democrats seem unlikely to move against Feinstein

Any decision to remove Feinstein from serving as chairwoman or ranking minority member in the 117th Congress, which convenes in January, would have to be approved by a vote of the entire Senate Democratic Caucus. And the support for such a move does not appear to be there.

21.10.2020 - 04:04 [ New York Post ]

Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée sues Saudi crown prince in US court over his murder

The Saudi court ruled that the killing was not premeditated — though the CIA has previously concluded that the prince personally ordered Khashoggi’s murder.

21.10.2020 - 03:52 [ ORF ]

Khashoggis Verlobte klagt saudischen Kronprinzen

Zusammen mit Cengiz reichte die von Khashoggi gegründete Menschenrechtsorganisation Democracy for the Arab World Now (Dawn) Klage gegen bin Salman und 28 weitere Verdächtige ein.

21.10.2020 - 03:47 [ Al Arabiya ]

Saudi Arabia, US to increase cooperation in energy market, other sectors: Statement

During a press conference last week, Pompeo said the US supported “a robust program of arm sales to Saudi Arabia, a line of effort that helps the Kingdom protect its citizens and sustains American jobs.”

21.10.2020 - 02:48 [ Xinhuanet ]

Rwanda, Burundi foreign ministers meet to improve bilateral relations

The meeting comes barely two months after the meeting of military intelligence chiefs from Rwanda and Burundi that was held at the same border post. It is the first of its kind since 2015 when the ties between the two countries became deteriorated after Burundi accused Rwanda of hosting and supporting perpetrators of the 2015 coup plot against then Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.

20.10.2020 - 12:23 [ ]

Morales kündigt Rückkehr nach Bolivien an

„Mein größter Wunsch ist, nach Bolivien zurückzukehren. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit“, sagte Morales gestern (Ortszeit) bei einer Pressekonferenz in seinem Exil in der argentinischen Hauptstadt Buenos Aires.

20.10.2020 - 12:20 [ ]

MAS-Wahlsieg in Bolivien weitgehend anerkannt

La Paz. Die Bewegung zum Sozialismus (Movimiento al Socialismo, MAS) hat sich am Sonntagabend nach der Verkündung der vorläufigen Wahlergebnisse in Feierstimmung gezeigt. Demzufolge habe die MAS mit absoluter Mehrheit und 20 Prozentpunkten vor der zweitplatzierten Allianz Bürgergemeinschaft (Comunidad Ciudadana, CC) gewonnen.

20.10.2020 - 02:54 [ ]

UN Security Council discusses verification of Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire

The UN Security Council discussed the need to ensure verification of a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya told reporters on Monday after a closed-door meeting on the disputed region

19.10.2020 - 04:42 [ Jen Perelman / Twitter ]

Paula Jean Swearengin is grassroots funded. Senator Capito is corporate funded. I support Paula Jean bc #IStandWithWV & hope you will too!

17.10.2020 - 21:55 [ ZDF ]

Parlamentswahlen in Neuseeland – Arderns Labour-Partei holt absolute Mehrheit

Wegen ihres Umgangs mit den Attentaten von Christchurch, bei denen ein Rechtsextremist aus Australien im vergangenen Jahr in zwei Moscheen 51 Muslime erschossen hatte, und ihres erfolgreichen Kampfes gegen die Corona-Pandemie hat Ardern auch international viel Anerkennung gefunden.

17.10.2020 - 15:23 [ teleSUR ]

Chile to Mark the First Anniversary of its Social Outbreak

On Sunday, a massive rally is expected in „The Dignity Square,“ which has been the epicenter of demonstrations in Santiago City.

„In the last year, over a million Chileans have taken to the streets to demand their rights. They do not deserve repression,“ CUP activists Fuad Chahin said.

17.10.2020 - 14:54 [ Portal ]

Honduras: EU-Abgeordnete reagieren auf erneuten Mord an Umweltschützer

Familienangehörige der Gefangenen und die Menschenrechtsverteidiger aus Guapinol berichten in Gesprächen mit solidarischen Organisationen bereits seit mehreren Monaten, dass eine Gruppe Bewaffneter sich im Ort etabliere und immer wieder drohend ihre Macht zur Schau stelle.

16.10.2020 - 20:27 [ Xinhuanet ]

Lebanon president says keen on fair solutions to maritime border demarcation with Israel

Lebanon is currently trying to form a new government capable of implementing structural reforms and negotiating border demarcation with Israel so as to start oil and gas exploration in Lebanon’s territorial waters

16.10.2020 - 18:12 [ teleSUR ]

Hondurans Reject Handing Over Land To Private Capital

Representatives from several Honduran Campesino organizations announced that they would carry out protest actions against the approval of decree PCM 030-2020. This norm, called the „Banana Law“ by rural activists, would give land plots to national and international private capital.

16.10.2020 - 17:14 [ Portal ]

Kolumbien: Ankündigung landesweiter Proteste setzt Regierung unter Druck

Eine Woche später, vom 29. Oktober bis 2. November, soll eine „humanitäre Karawane“ zu einem Protestmarsch aufbrechen. Mehr als 30 soziale Organisationen nehmen an der Karawane teil, die durch die Region Cañón Del Micay im Departamento Cauca zieht.

16.10.2020 - 03:02 [ Tagesschau ]

Ausnahmezustand in Thailand verhängt

Versammlungen von mehr als fünf Menschen in der Hauptstadt Bangkok sowie die Veröffentlichung von Botschaften im Internet, „welche die nationale Sicherheit beeinträchtigen können“, wurden damit verboten. Am Vortag hatten erneut tausende Menschen in Bangkok gegen die Regierung demonstriert.

16.10.2020 - 02:31 [ Xinhuanet ]

UN Security Council welcomes elaboration of transitional political arrangements in Mali

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday welcomed the elaboration of transitional political arrangements in Mali and underlined the need to fully adhere to their terms, issuing a presidential statement in the wake of developments unfolding rapidly in the West African nation.

16.10.2020 - 02:06 [ Voice of America ]

Protesters March on Nigerian Parliament After Army Threatens to Step In

In response to the protests, the head of Nigeria’s police force on Sunday dissolved the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit that demonstrators have accused of beatings, killings and extortion.

Demonstrators have called for more meaningful reforms. Protesters say they fear a new unit, whose creation to „fill the gaps“ left by SARS was announced on Tuesday, was just a rebranding of the squad.

16.10.2020 - 00:40 [ The Balochistan Post ]

14 killed in a convoy attack in Ormara, BRAS claims responsibility

The convoy of the state-run Oil and Gas Development Authority was reportedly travelling from Gwadar to Karachi when it was attacked on the way.

15.10.2020 - 14:50 [ Al Jazeera ]

Australia police drop probe into Afghan ‘war crimes’ reporting

In a statement, the federal police said prosecutors “considered a range of public interest factors, including the role of public interest journalism in Australia’s democracy” before deciding not to prosecute.

ABC’s managing director David Anderson welcomed the police decision on Oakes, but added the “matter should never had gone this far”.

14.10.2020 - 14:18 [ KBS ]

Seoul will sich weiter um Dreiergipfel mit China und Japan bemühen

Die japanische Nachrichtenagentur Kyodo hatte gemeldet, dass die japanische Regierung Südkorea die Position mitgeteilt habe, dass Suga am trilateralen Gipfel nicht teilnehmen werde, sollte Südkorea keine akzeptablen Maßnahmen in der Zwangsarbeiterfrage treffen. In der Position sei die Absicht des neuen Premiers widergespiegelt worden.

12.10.2020 - 20:53 [ The Hill ]

Nursing home residents stage protest of coronavirus restrictions

“They want to be able to hug their grandchildren, they want to be able to hold the hands of their loved ones,” said Ben Gonzales, an assistant administrator at the facility, according to CBS4.

12.10.2020 - 19:51 [ KBS ]

Südkorea lockert Abstandsgebot auf niedrigste Stufe 1

Für die Änderungen seien eine zunehmende Erschöpfung der Bevölkerung angesichts des langen Kampfes gegen die Seuche berücksichtigt worden. Auch die wirtschaftlichen Folgen strenger Abstandsgebote hätten für die Entscheidung eine Rolle gespielt, erläuterte der Premier.

11.10.2020 - 23:54 [ Xinhuanet ]

Afghan religious scholars call for ceasefire amid escalation in fighting

Amid increase in Afghan fighting, the Ulema or religious scholars in a gathering held in Kunduz city the capital of northern Kunduz province on Sunday have condemned the ongoing conflict and hostilities in the country as illegitimate and called upon the Taliban outfit to observe ceasefire and facilitate the peace talks to succeed.

11.10.2020 - 19:27 [ ]

Milizen beenden Angriffe auf US-Truppen im Irak

Vergangenen Monat hatten die USA mit der Schließung ihrer Botschaft in Bagdad gedroht, sollte die irakische Regierung die Milizen nicht zügeln. Das hatte auf irakischer Seite Sorgen ausgelöst, denn die Schließung der Botschaft könnte ein Schritt hin zu US-Luftangriffen und einer Ausweitung der Konflikte sein. Mehrere irakische Politiker hatten deswegen die Milizen aufgerufen, die USA nicht weiter zu provozieren.

11.10.2020 - 16:51 [ France24 ]

Thousands rally in Ivory Coast to protest President Ouattara’s bid for third term

By early afternoon around 20,000 people had packed a 35,000 capacity stadium in Abidjan, chanting and dancing. Some held banners saying „The people say no to an illegal third term.”

11.10.2020 - 15:50 [ Al Jazeerra ]

‘Enough is enough’: Nigerians demand SARS police unit scrapped

As he drove towards Wuse, a busy market in the Nigerian capital, the 21-year-old was flagged down by three operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) for what he thought was a routine check of his vehicle documents. The gun-wielding police officers ordered him to step out of his car and hand in his mobile telephone for a search.

11.10.2020 - 02:20 [ Newsweek ]

Trump Makes ‚Law and Order‘ Pitch to Black, Latino Voters in ‚Blexit‘ White House Speech

„In order to protect the lives of Black Americans and all Americans, you have to have your police support you,“ Trump continued. „If the left gains power they will launch a nationwide crusade against law enforcement, which they’re already doing.“

11.10.2020 - 02:12 [ ]

Nebraska district could prove pivotal for Biden in November

Most states use a “winner-take-all” method when it comes to electoral votes, meaning the candidate who wins the popular vote in the state gets all of its electoral votes as well. But Nebraska and Maine use a different method, in which two electoral votes are distributed to the popular-vote winner in the state, in addition to one electoral vote to whoever wins the popular vote in each of the state’s congressional districts.

09.10.2020 - 01:53 [ France24 ]

Russia invites leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan for urgent peace talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin invited the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan to visit Moscow for peace talks Friday and said fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh should be halted for humanitarian reasons.

09.10.2020 - 01:38 [ ]

Kyrgyz president says ready to step down when law and order restored

„At the same time, we need to sack the prime minister and members of his cabinet, who worked before the crisis, thus creating legitimate grounds for new appointments. In order to legitimize the appointment of the new prime minister and cabinet members, a parliamentary ruling and a presidential decree are necessary. I’m ready to sign relevant documents and I’m waiting for a Jogorku Kenesh ruling,“ the president said.

09.10.2020 - 01:25 [ Press TV ]

Iran FM Zarif to head to China on Friday for talks on bilateral ties, international developments

Zarif’s trip comes as the two sides are fast-tracking implementation of the Sino-Iranian Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, a roadmap outlining the quality of their strategic ties that was announced jointly in 2016.

To America’s dismay, the deal is crafted to help the two sides ditch dollar in bilateral trade and bypass the American sanctions.

08.10.2020 - 04:38 [ KBS ]

Politik Präsident Moon hofft auf Kooperation mit USA für Erklärung von Kriegsende

Er hoffe, dass beide Länder auf eine Erklärung des Kriegsendes hinarbeiten und eine aktive Beteiligung der internationalen Gemeinschaft in dieser Hinsicht bewirken würden, sagte Moon am Donnerstag in einer Videoansprache für das jährliche Galadiner der Korea Society.

07.10.2020 - 23:56 [ teleSUR ]

US Southern Command Chief Admits Plans Against Venezuela

On Monday, Faller commented at an online meeting organized by the business forum Council of the Americas that the international attempts to bring down Venezuela’s government have worked, although not quickly enough for the Venezuelan people.

07.10.2020 - 04:04 [ Xinhuanet ]

Pakistan makes joint statement at UN on behalf of 55 countries over Hong Kong issue

The joint statement pointed out that non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states is an important principle enshrined in the UN Charter and a basic norm of international relations.

07.10.2020 - 02:20 [ Tagesschau ]

Kirgistans Ministerpräsident tritt zurück

Wie die Nachrichtenagentur AFP unter Berufung auf den parlamentarischen Pressedienst des Landes berichtet, wurde der erst am Vortag von Demonstranten aus dem Gefängnis freigelassene Politiker Sadyr Schaparow zum neuen Regierungschef gewählt.

06.10.2020 - 19:23 [ ]

Israel FM meets with UAE counterpart in Berlin for ‚historic‘ summit

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said it was a ‚great honor‘ to host the high-level summit

06.10.2020 - 05:48 [ France24 ]

Military appointed to key posts in Mali’s interim govt

At least four central cabinet posts—defence, security, territorial administration and national reconciliation—went to colonels in the army, according to a decree read live on state television by the president’s secretary-general Sekou Traore.

06.10.2020 - 04:36 [ France24 ]

Kyrgyz protesters storm government headquarters, free ex-president in post-election clashes

Protesters seized Kyrgyzstan’s seat of government and freed a jailed former president on Tuesday after demonstrations against an election marred by vote-buying accusations spiralled into violent clashes with police.

05.10.2020 - 12:00 [ ]

Whispers in Blue and White to dissolve Israeli gov’t intensify: report

More Blue and White party members are calling to end the collaboration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and dissolve the government, broadcaster Channel 12 reported Sunday.

In an interview with Israel’s public radio Kan, chairwoman of the Knesset’s (Israel Parliament) Internal Affairs and Environment Committee Miki Haimovich said that more people within her party are thinking on such a possibility.

05.10.2020 - 11:42 [ Carolina Landsmann / Haaretz ]

Fascism Is Dead, Long Live Dictatorship

It’s important for me to be precise, because I know the mechanisms of thought enforcement in my political camp, which will want to turn my words into support for Netanyahu. I firmly oppose the lockdown, but the fact that Israel is enforcing it by using the army doesn’t make the paratroopers’ presence at checkpoints proof that “the dictatorship is already here.” Certainly no more than the curfew in Spain and the soldiers patrolling the streets there were proof of Franco’s return.

05.10.2020 - 04:17 [ The Japan Times ]

Mike Pompeo shortens Asia trip as Trump falls ill, but will visit Japan

In Tokyo on Tuesday, Pompeo and Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi will have a meeting with the foreign ministers of Australia and India in a move that is seen as a counter to China’s growing assertiveness in the region.

05.10.2020 - 02:30 [ Haaretz ]

Lawmaker From Gantz’s Party: More ‚Thinking of Quitting Netanyahu Government‘

Israeli lawmaker Miki Haimovich, a member of Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party, said on Sunday evening that there is a growing group in Kahol Lavan that is considering dismantling the partnership with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

05.10.2020 - 02:20 [ Haaretz ]

Gantz Knows the Premiership Is Lost and Now His Party Is Raising the Stakes

Passing legislation to keep protests away from Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem, to which Gantz’s party didn’t oppose, was the last of too many straws, bringing Kahol Lavan to its limit

04.10.2020 - 02:33 [ Al Arabiya ]

EU removes Libya’s Aguila Saleh from sanctions list

Aguila Saleh, leader of a rival parliament in eastern Libya, no longer faces EU travel bans and asset freezes imposed four years ago, the EU said, confirming a Reuters report on September 9 that the so-called de-listing was planned.

03.10.2020 - 21:15 [ Xinhuanet ]

Sudanese gov’t, armed groups sign peace deal to end conflicts

The signing ceremony, which was broadcast live by Sudan’s official TV, was attended by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir, Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.

The participants also included representatives from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Chad and Egypt in addition to regional and international organizations such as the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League and the European Union.

02.10.2020 - 14:36 [ Portal ]

EU und Teile der Opposition fordern Verschiebung der Wahlen in Venezuela

Venezuela erwarte von der EU, „dass sie eine Haltung einnimmt, die mit den Prinzipien des Völkerrechts im Einklang steht und sich darauf beschränkt, eine positive und respektvolle Vermittlerrolle zu spielen“, so die Stellungnahme vom 1. Oktober abschließend.

02.10.2020 - 14:23 [ Portal ]

Whistleblower: Regierung in Kolumbien will den Ausnahmezustand verhängen

Der Ausnahmezustand würde es Duque unter anderem ermöglichen, Proteste zu verbieten, lokale Amtsträger abzusetzen, bei Medien zu intervenieren und Menschen ohne gerichtliche Verordnung ausspionieren oder festnehmen zu lassen. Somit würde die Regierung „eine Art von Diktatur formalisieren“, klagte Cepeda.

30.09.2020 - 21:07 [ Xinhuanet ]

Japan gov’t, TEPCO ordered by high court to pay damages over Fukushima crisis

The ruling by the Sendai High Court marked the first time a high court has recognized the government’s responsibility for the nuclear disaster in around 30 similar lawsuits that have been filed across Japan since the crisis.

30.09.2020 - 18:18 [ ORF ]

Drastischer Anstieg bei Gewalt gegen Brasiliens Indigene

Bestürzung löste etwa der Mord an Paulo Paulino Guajajara aus, dem Anführer der Guardioes da Floresta (Hüter des Waldes), die sich selbst organisiert haben, um ihr Gebiet vor Eindringlingen wie illegalen Holzfällern zu schützen. Die Gewalttaten gegen Indigene sind wie in seinem Fall häufig mit Landkonflikten verbunden.

30.09.2020 - 18:08 [ Portal ]

Mexiko: Weitere Haftbefehle im Fall Iguala gegen Militärs und Bundespolizisten

Angehörige der Lehramtsstudenten demonstrierten in der Hauptstadt und errichteten eine „Mauer der Erinnerung“, an der sie gemeinsam mit dem Kollektiv „Spuren der Erinnerung“ Porträts und Schuhabdrücke der 43 jungen Männer anbrachten. Die Zahl 43 wurde auf den Haupteingang des Rathauses in Mexiko-Stadt aufgemalt.

30.09.2020 - 01:35 [ teleSUR ]

US: Democrats, Rubio Ask EU to Not Observe Venezuela Elections

The U.S.-based peace organization CODEPINK condemned on Tuesday a bipartisan letter sent to the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, requesting that the European body neither recognize nor send an electoral observation mission to Venezuela’s legislative elections this December 6.

28.09.2020 - 11:22 [ Portal ]

Wahlkampf in Bolivien von Gewalt überschattet

Erst am vergangenen Mittwoch hat die Chefin für Korruptionsbekämpfung der Spezialeinheit der Polizei zur Verbrechensbekämpfung (Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Crimen,FELCC), Silvia Sandoval Peredo, drei Berichte an die Öffentlichkeit gebracht, die illegale Praktiken der Polizei bei der Strafverfolgung von MAS-Politikern offenlegen.

28.09.2020 - 11:09 [ Portal ]

Kampf um Wasser in Mexiko: Indigener Aktivist in Baja California ermordet

Der 34-jährige Eyraud Adams war ein bekannter Aktivist, der sich für die Verbesserung der Lebensbedingungen und das Recht auf Autonomie der Kumiai einsetzte. Aufgrund der zunehmenden Dürre in der Region war das Recht auf Wasser eines seiner Hauptanliegen.

28.09.2020 - 10:30 [ Xinhuanet ]

UN chief welcomes agreement between parties to Yemen conflict to release prisoners

Delegates representing the government of Yemen and Ansar Allah (Houthi group) announced on Sunday that they have agreed to immediately release the first group of 1,081 conflict-related detainees and prisoners, the largest prisoner release in the country’s history.