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13.03.2020 - 09:58 [ ]

Get the troops out now — “Generals lie, Soldiers die”

(September 18, 2007)

“Generals lie, Soldiers die,” chanted pro-testers when general David Petraeus appeared before a Congressional committee in Washington on 10 September.

Petraeus’s mission? To provide military cover for Bush’s cynical tactic of playing for time.

02.11.2019 - 13:50 [ ]

Israel: Gantz, Joint Arab List leaders say coalition talks held in ‚positive spirit‘

Earlier on Thursday, a meeting between Blue & White’s representatives and Netanyahu’s Likud negotiating team ended with no major breakthrough, Hebrew-language broadcaster Channel 12 reported.

15.08.2019 - 18:24 [ Bernie Sanders, candidate for President / Twitter ]

The role of the United States must be to bring parties together to resolve conflict. When we are in the White House we will push the leadership on both sides to reach an agreement that creates peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

19.06.2019 - 18:37 [ DPRK Video Archive / Youtube ]

Kim Jong Il greets South Korean President Kim Dae Jung [Subtitles]


Historic June 15 Joint South summit and declaration of North and South Korea in 2000, 15 years ago. The historic south-north meeting and inter-Korean summit were successfully held in Pyongyang from June 13 to 15.