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23.03.2021 - 19:18 [ Al Jazeera ]

Top Saudi official issued death threat against UN investigator

A senior official issued a death threat against UN investigator Agnes Callamard following her inquiry into the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

10.08.2020 - 04:50 [ Max Blumenthal / the Grayzone ]

Western media’s favorite Hong Kong ‘freedom struggle writer’ is American ex-Amnesty staffer in yellowface

Since bursting onto the Hong Kong Twitter scene, Kong Tsung-gan has been quoted by a who’s who of Western corporate media outlets. He has been described as an “author” (CNN, Globe and Mail, Time), “writer and activist” (New York Times, Washington Post), “activist and author” (LA Times),“activist” (AFP, Al Jazeera), “writer, educator and activist” (Guardian), “political writer” (Foreign Policy), “writer” (Vice), and “Hong Kong writer and activist” in an op-ed posted by the Nikkei Asian Review.

Kong has also been cited as a “Hong Kong journalist and rights activist” by Radio Free Asia and as a “rights activist and author” by Voice of America, two subsidiaries of the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM). Tasked with a mission to “be consistent with the broad foreign policy objectives of the United States,” the USAGM budgeted around $2 million to support protests in Hong Kong in 2020.

10.08.2020 - 04:36 [ Mark Ames / Twitter ]

Remember “Gay Girl In Damascus” the fake Syrian lesbian aka Tom MacMaster, who rallied gullible western liberal support for Syria regime change? Turns out one of the most popular US-backed Hong Kong protest “voices” is another hoax

04.08.2020 - 13:00 [ The Hill ]

Police committed 125 human rights violations during Floyd protests: Amnesty

In the report published Tuesday, Amnesty alleges the violations occurred in 40 states during demonstrations following the May 25 police killing of Floyd in Minneapolis.

04.08.2020 - 12:41 [ Tagesschau ]

Amnesty International: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen US-Polizei

Die Sicherheitskräfte hätten wiederholt körperliche Gewalt, chemische Reizstoffe wie Tränengas und Pfefferspray sowie Geschosse eingesetzt, um friedliche Proteste aufzulösen, heißt es in der Studie. Die jüngsten Ereignisse hätten Bedenken hinsichtlich „des Rechts auf Leben, der Sicherheit von Personen, dem gleichen Schutz vor dem Gesetz“ sowie der freien Meinungsäußerung und der friedlichen Versammlung geweckt.

14.07.2020 - 10:11 [ ]

Israeli court dismisses Amnesty bid to block spyware firm NSO

A Tel Aviv court has rejected a legal case filed by Amnesty International that attempted to block the Israeli spyware firm NSO Group from selling its cyberweapons internationally.

The rights groups sought to force the Israeli defence ministry to revoke NSO Group’s export licence for its leading phone-hacking software, Pegasus. Amnesty’s lawyers alleged the product had been used by repressive governments to target activists, including one the rights group’s own researchers, as well as journalists.

14.07.2020 - 10:09 [ ]

Israel: Court rejects bid to revoke notorious spyware firm NSO Group’s export licence

“Today’s disgraceful ruling is a cruel blow to people put at risk around the world by NSO Group selling its products to notorious human rights abusers. At a moment when NSO and the Israeli MOD should be held accountable for their practices, it is appalling that the court has failed to do so.

“NSO Group continues to profit from human rights abuses with impunity. The ruling of the court flies in the face of the mountains of evidence of NSO Group’s spyware being used to target human rights defenders from Saudi Arabia to Mexico, including the basis of this case – the targeting of one of our own Amnesty employees. We will continue to do all we can to stop NSO Group’s spyware being used to commit human rights abuses.

25.06.2020 - 21:41 [ Amnesty International USA ]

With Whom are Many U.S. Police Departments Training? With a Chronic Human Rights Violator – Israel

(August 25, 2016)

Baltimore law enforcement officials, along with hundreds of others from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state as well as the DC Capitol police have all traveled to Israel for training. Thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials here in the U.S.

Many of these trips are taxpayer funded while others are privately funded. Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

22.06.2020 - 08:24 [ Haaretz ]

Israel’s NSO Helped Moroccan Gov’t Spy on Journalist, Amnesty Claims

Israeli cyber espionage company NSO provided tools that helped the Moroccan regime track a local journalist named Omar Radi, according to a thorough investigation that human rights organization Amnesty International conducted over the past few months. The report was released on Monday.

The espionage against Radi began only a few days after NSO ostensibly committed itself to a new policy of transparency in keeping with the United Nations’ human rights guidelines for companies, according to the Amnesty investigation.

22.06.2020 - 01:06 [ Tagesschau ]

Journalist mit „Pegasus“ ausgespäht?

Das Programm, das auf sein Handy gespielt worden sein soll, soll laut Amnesty-Analyse von der israelischen Firma NSO stammen und nennt sich „Pegasus“. Mithilfe der Software ist es möglich, jegliche Kommunikation eines Mobiltelefons mitzuschneiden – egal, ob es sich dabei um Telefonate, SMS oder E-Mails handelt. Offiziell wird die NSO-Software zur Jagd auf Verbrecher und Terroristen eingesetzt.

19.05.2019 - 16:47 [ ]

Secretive Israeli firm behind WhatsApp spyware hack is sued by Amnesty International over ’surveillance of its staff‘

– Amnesty International have filed a lawsuit in Israel following the WhatsApp hack
– Amnesty have accused NSO of not giving due diligence in selling their product
– This week WhatsApp said NSO’s spyware software was used in a security breach
– WhatsApp said the attack may have been launched against human rights groups

19.05.2019 - 16:44 [ Amnesty International ]

Israel: Amnesty International engages in legal action to stop NSO Group’s web of surveillance


Amnesty International is supporting a legal action to take the Israeli Ministry of Defence (MoD) to court, to demand that it revokes the export license of NSO Group, an Israeli company whose spyware products have been used in chilling attacks on human rights defenders around the world.

In a petition to be filed tomorrow at the District Court of Tel Aviv, approximately 30 members and supporters of Amnesty International Israel and others from the human rights community set out how the MoD has put human rights at risk by allowing NSO to continue exporting its products.

18.05.2019 - 00:00 [ Haaretz ]

Arming Dictators, Equipping Pariahs: Alarming Picture of Israel’s Arms Sales

A thorough report by Amnesty International is harshly critical of Israel’s policies on arms exports. According to the report written in Hebrew by the organization’s Israeli branch, Israeli companies continue to export weapons to countries that systematically violate human rights. Israeli-made weapons are also found in the hands of armies and organizations committing war crimes. The report points to eight such countries that have received arms from Israel in recent years.

01.08.2018 - 16:33 [ Amnesty International ]

Amnesty International staff targeted with malicious spyware

In early June 2018, an Amnesty International staff member received a suspicious WhatsApp message in Arabic. The text contained details about an alleged protest outside the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C., followed by a link to a website. Investigations by Amnesty International’s technology team revealed that clicking the link would have, according to prior knowledge, installed “Pegasus”, a sophisticated surveillance tool developed by the Israel-based company NSO Group.

01.08.2018 - 16:31 [ Haaretz ]

Amnesty: We Were Targeted With Israeli NSO Cyberweapons

Like many other Israeli startups in the security field, NSO was founded in 2010 by three veterans of the army’s premier signals intelligence unit, 8200: Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie and Shalev Hulio. They started work on Pegasus, which remains NSO’s only product, immediately after founding the company.

06.06.2018 - 18:15 [ German Foreign Policy ]

Die präzisen Luftangriffe des Westens

Schwere Vorwürfe gegen die Kriegführung der Anti-IS-Koalition erhebt die Menschenrechtsorganisation Amnesty International. Wie Amnesty in einem gestern veröffentlichten Bericht schreibt, sind bei Luftangriffen westlicher Kampfjets im Rahmen der Rückeroberung Raqqas hunderte Zivilisten ums Leben gekommen, weil westliche Militärs es bei der Vorbereitung ihrer Bombardements an der gebotenen Sorgfalt mangeln ließen oder beim Beschuss ziviler Wohngebiete unpräzise Waffen benutzten. Treffen die Vorwürfe zu, dann handelt es sich um Kriegsverbrechen. Entsprechend streitet die Anti-IS-Koalition alles ab und räumt lediglich 24 zivile Todesopfer ein. NGOs können mindestens 1.400 tote Zivilisten in der Schlacht um Raqqa belegen. Die Bundeswehr war mit der Lieferung von Aufklärungsdaten involviert. Ein Beispiel bietet die Bombardierung einer Schule im März 2017, bei der mehr als 30 Zivilisten zu Tode kamen; der Angriff wurde auf der Grundlage deutscher Aufklärungsdaten durchgeführt.

05.06.2018 - 12:09 [ ]

: Amnesty sieht Hinweise auf Kriegsverbrechen durch Anti-IS-Koalition

Ein Jahr nach Beginn der Luft- und Raketenangriffen auf die inoffizielle Hauptstadt der Terrormiliz IS in Syrien hat Amnesty International schwere Vorwürfe gegen die US-geführte Militärkoalition erhoben.

23.04.2018 - 09:18 [ ]

Täter in Uniform

Je brenzliger die Lage, desto lauter der Ruf nach starken Sicherheitsorganen. Doch was, wenn Polizisten selbst zur Gefahr werden? Die Liste der Vorwürfe ist lang: Anschläge auf friedliche Bürger, Misshandlungen in Gewahrsamszellen, sogar Todschlag und Mord im Dienst.

Die Polizeigewerkschaft spricht von bedauerlichen Ausnahmen und schwarzen Schafen. Doch Amnesty International kritisiert strukturelle Polizei-Gewalt in Deutschland schon seit Jahren.

28.03.2018 - 18:52 [ ]

Sicherheitspaket: Amnesty warnt vor fatalen Folgen

(27.3.2018) Die Provider fordern weitere gesetzliche Anpassungen, sollte die Maßnahme beschlossen werden. So sei etwa die Speicherung der Wohnadresse und des akademischen Grades in der Praxis nicht umsetzbar, da für den Betreiber keine Überprüfungsmöglichkeiten bestünden.