… the FAQ!

Confused? No wonder…


If you even just use the CIA-invented terms „conspiracy theorie / conspiracy theorists“ (document 1035-960) and therefore believe that Marinus Van Der Lubbe set the Reichstag Fire without acting for the Nazis and the then-acting minister of interior of Prussia, head of Gestapo and president of Reichstag Hermann Göring, but „on his own initiative“ as the then-usual lone not-lone wolf bolshvist, you are unfit for politics and democracy. Moreover, you are a danger to democracy, everyone else, including yourself, and to everything that´s good and beautiful in this world, including the world itself.


If you think of Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the Cold War, Mao Tse Tung´s marching into Beijing, the Vietnam War, the split of India into two hostile nuclear armed powers, and all the other sweet stuff noble men gave to humanity in the 20th century, think of then-unfit dangerous supersuckers who didn´t went on general strike in Germany in and before 1933, namely the then-german socialdemocrats, socialists, unionists, communists and their cadres in SPD, KPD and ADGB.


So, if you are an socialdemocrat, socialist, unionist, communist („left“ behind, somehow the „rest“), you are a danger to democracy, everyone else, including yourself, and to everything that´s good and beautiful in this world, including the world itself – until proven otherwise. That is what history tells us. Quad erat demonstrandum.


We are not progressives-(„leftists“-)hating. Neither we are self-hating progressives. We are progressives-hating progressives. Because we can´t stand you suckers, and your utter, utter gibberish and brainless moronism.


Politics may not be the oldest business in the world, but the most dirty. And it´s made by humans, not by God, two Gods, more Gods, the universe, the orbit of one or more planets, nature, nation, some DNA, genes or whatever is on your mind anything else than your mind. Think of that. Think at all, homo. You are just a sapiens. Ok, you are human. Let´s be nice here. Equal rights. Not more, not less.

It´s not called „Cogito ergo summa summarum“. Stay way from game theorists.

As many years as you think back, think ahead. If you don´t, someone else will.

Democracy is not about one team winning against the other. It´s not about being more / having the majority. Democracy is about making sure that there can be teams fighting each other, that there is always the next fight (election) without bloodshed and that the More cannot slander, slaughter or wipe out the Less and then say, come on man, why fighting, let´s unite!
Democracy is about rules to be more than the More. And remember: the idiots will always be more. That is what they like about being More. This is what being More is all about.

The world is effectively run by a few hundred individuals. The rest / left follows. And they don´t follow conspiracies, they follow hierarchies and their orders. And there is no such thing as order theory. Right, rightists?

Knowledge is power, they say. We say, it can be for the good. It can be for freedom, justice and equality in chances.

They say: Lead or follow or go to hell. We say: Do it or don´t or get out the way!

War is the continuation of politics by other means, they say. We say, politics is the continuation of warfare by other means. That means, there is always a chance for peace, even by politics. Always and ever. No excuses.

You don´t give up what you defend – like freedom, democracy, some kind of way of life, for example. Especially, when you consider yourself being at war, or subjected to a pandemic or to man-made political climate or to an invasion from Mars or whatnot. It´s either, or.

If you want to understand what the hack is going on, ask, in that order:

Who is in command?

Who has the bucks?

Who and / or what has authorized that?

Who benefits?

This agency:

This news agency is for public intelligence, in the original sense of meaning. We still believe that´s possible. Basically, NARU (Nachrichtenagentur Radio Utopie) is some kind of a library. Check out our archive. Subscribe to our feed. Embed it on your website.

Be aware. Be awake. Trust the trustworthy. If you can, trust yourself. Every human being is an individual. Though some mad individuals, „transhumanists“, biomechanics, game theorists, etc, would like to change that, they are it by themselves. Think of behavioural politics. You act by your character, your will, like everyone else. Even following orders is your choice. No excuses. You cannot escape your responsibility.

You are not bad by nature. You are only bad by bad action. Don´t be bad. Be good.

Good luck to all of us.

this FAQ has been published on January 11, 2021. After a malfunction of our website it has been slightly changed and re-published on May 7, 2021.