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28.11.2022 - 21:08 [ ]

Oberstes griechisches Gericht kippt Impfpflicht für medizinisches Personal

Die Entscheidung sollte das Ende einer 15-monatigen Geschichte für nicht geimpfte griechische Beschäftigte des Gesundheitswesens bedeuten. Sie sind seit dem 1. September 2021 ohne Bezahlung suspendiert, weil sie sich gegen eine Corona-Impfung entschieden hatten.

Konkret widerspricht die Entscheidung des Gerichts der Verlängerung der Impfpflicht durch die griechische Regierung, die am 1. April 2022 in Kraft trat und bis zum 31. Dezember 2022 gelten sollte.

11.11.2022 - 08:06 [ ]

Italien: Regierung verabschiedet Paket gegen Energiekrise

Im Hinblick auf die Energiesicherheit wird das Paket vier Milliarden Euro bereitstellen, um die Gasspeicherung vor dem Winter zu erhöhen. Um Italiens Gasproduktion auf sechs Milliarden Kubikmeter pro Jahr zu verdoppeln, wird die Regierung neue Konzessionen für Bohrungen zwischen neun und zwölf Meilen vor der italienischen Adriaküste vergeben.

06.11.2022 - 11:43 [ ]

Jeremy Hunt plots £10bn tax grab from the better off

Ministers have discussed reducing the rate at which income tax relief is applied to Britain’s 5.5 million higher-rate taxpayers from 40p to a flat rate as low as 20p. Another option being considered is to increase the number of very high earners whose income tax relief is cut even further.

The total cost of pension tax relief to the Exchequer is £42.7 billion, of which £22.9 billion is relief on income tax and £19.8 billion is on National Insurance contributions.

06.11.2022 - 11:35 [ ]

‘Tax the rich’: thousands march in London anti-austerity rally – video

Thousands of people rallied in the rain in central London to demonstrate against what they called ‘Tory austerity’ and demand an immediate general election.

06.11.2022 - 11:28 [ ]

Libertarian jihadists in No 10? Sadly, the Tories remain a party of soggy social democracy

Every Leftist revolution – Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR itself – follows the same pattern. First, Western observers gush over it – they’ve seen the future and it works. Then, as things begin to go wrong, they blame saboteurs and plead for time. Finally, when the revolution ends (as they all end) in hunger and labour camps, they insist that it was never properly socialist in the first place, and that “real socialism has never been tried”.

06.11.2022 - 11:19 [ ]

Majority of 2019 Tory voters urge Rishi Sunak to tax the rich in stunning new poll


The plea comes three weeks before the Government unveils its Autumn Statement mini-Budget, with six in 10 voters who backed the Tories last election calling for higher taxes on the wealthy

29.10.2022 - 19:09 [ ]

Staatstrojaner Pegasus: Ehemaliger UN-Sonderberichterstatter rät EU-Parlament zum Verbot

Der ehemalige UN-Sonderberichterstatter für Menschenrechte David Kaye rät dem EU-Parlament, Überwachungstechnologien wie den Staatstrojaner Pegasus zu verbieten. Er habe ernste Zweifel, dass es überhaupt möglich sei, diese Technologien einzusetzen, ohne gegen internationales Recht zum Schutz der Menschenrechte zu verstoßen, sagte Kaye am Donnerstag bei einer Anhörung vor dem Pegasus-Untersuchungsausschuss im EU-Parlament. Der Ausschuss tagt seit April dieses Jahres, um die zahlreichen Überwachungsskandale in der EU im Zusammenhang mit Staatstrojanern zu untersuchen.

27.10.2022 - 11:09 [ ]

Macron, Scholz play down tensions in ‚friendly‘, ‚constructive‘ meeting

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held a „friendly“ and „constructive“ conversation over lunch Wednesday, Paris and Berlin said, after the relationship suffered some bruising in recent weeks over a number of issues including energy and defence.

27.10.2022 - 11:07 [ ZDF ]

Scholz in Paris: Differenzen mit Macron

Derzeit gibt es zwischen Bundeskanzler Scholz und dem französischen Präsidenten Macron viele Uneinigkeiten. Diese prägten auch den heutigen Besuch von Scholz in Paris.

26.10.2022 - 06:09 [ ]

Rishi Sunak is just the start. The great lockdown scandal is about to unravel


For some time, I’ve been trying to persuade Rishi Sunak to go on the record about what really happened in lockdown. Only a handful of people really know what took place then, because most ministers – including members of the Cabinet – were kept in the dark. Government was often reduced to a “quad” of ministers deciding on Britain’s future and the then chancellor of the exchequer was one of them. I’d heard rumours that Sunak was horrified at much of what he saw, but was keeping quiet. In which case, lessons would never be learnt.

His speaking out now confirms much of what many suspected. That the culture of fear, seen in the Orwellian advertising campaign that sought to terrify the country, applied inside Government.

26.10.2022 - 05:48 [ ]

Rishi Sunak replaces third of Liz Truss’s Cabinet as he vows to fix mistakes of her premiership

Three were given their old jobs – Dominic Raab, the Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, Mr Gove, the Communities Secretary, and Steve Barclay, the Health Secretary.

25.10.2022 - 19:05 [ ]

Why are Europe’s gas prices falling?

In preparation for this winter, European countries have been rapidly filling their gas storage facilities with liquified natural gas (LNG) imported by ship from Qatar, the US and elsewhere. Those facilities are now reported to be virtually full. The latest phenomenon is LNG ships queuing off European coasts waiting to unload their cargoes – and being kept waiting because there is a shortage of storage space and facilities to unload. There are believed to be around 50 such ships currently at sea off Europe.

21.10.2022 - 22:49 [ Communist Party of Israel ]

Italian Far-right Leader Shared Values with Likud


Italy’s far-right leader Giorgia Meloni called on Wednesday Fascism “history” and highlighting her party’s links to Israel’s Likud and conservative factions. In her video, Meloni emphasized her party’s “shared values and experience” with Israel’s Likud party, US Republicans and British Conservatives. The “Italian conservatives” she leads are “a bastion of freedom and defense of Western values,” she said, highlighting her “Christian and family values.”

21.10.2022 - 22:45 [ ]

Italien: Postfaschistin Meloni hat Regierungsauftrag

Neun Minister und Ministerinnen stellt Melonis Partei FdI, jeweils fünf die Lega und Forza Italia, fünf Ministerien werden zudem mit Technikern und damit als parteilos eingestuften Experten besetzt.
Vizepremier und Außenminister wird wie erwartet Ex-EU-Parlamentspräsident Antonio Tajani und damit die Nummer zwei von Forza Italia.

19.10.2022 - 20:11 [ ]

Liz Truss threatened with Tory revolt in showdown ‘confidence vote’ on fracking

Liz Truss was facing a revolt by Tory MPs opposed to fracking on Wednesday despite whips saying a crunch Commons vote was a “confidence motion in the Government”.

At least three MPs signalled that they would not back the Government in the showdown vote, including the Prime Minister’s net-zero tsar Chris Skidmore, Conservative MP for Kingswood.

19.10.2022 - 19:59 [ ]

Suella Braverman’s resignation letter to Liz Truss in full

Earlier today, I sent an official document from my personal email to a trusted parliamentary colleague as part of policy engagement, and with the aim of garnering support for Government policy on migration. This constitutes a technical infringement of the rules. As you know, the document was a draft Written Ministerial Statement about migration, due for publication imminently. Much of it had already been briefed to MPs. Nevertheless, it is right for me to go.

As soon as I realised my mistake, I rapidly reported this on official channels, and informed the Cabinet Secretary. As Home Secretary I hold myself to the highest standards and my resignation is the right thing to do. The business of government relies upon people accepting responsibility for their mistakes. Pretending we haven’t made mistake, carrying on as if everyone can’t see that we have made them, and hoping that things will magically come right is not serious politics. I have made a mistake; I accept responsibility; I resign.

19.10.2022 - 19:55 [ ]

Suella Braverman quits as home secretary with scathing broadside over Liz Truss’s ‘broken pledges’

The immediate cause of the resignation was the breach of security rules after Ms Braverman admitted inadvertently sending a sensitive document from her personal email.

But a letter to the PM, released by Ms Braverman on her social media feeds, amounted to an assault on Ms Truss’s five-week record in office.

17.10.2022 - 16:11 [ James Withers / Nitter ]

Good grief. The latest poll of polls from @ElectCalculus would have the SNP as the official Opposition at Westminster. The Tories would be the 3rd largest party.

17.10.2022 - 15:54 [ ]

Liz Truss to dodge MPs’ questions, sending Penny Mordaunt instead

Borrowing one of Margaret Thatcher’s favourite put-downs, a Labour source described the prime minister as “frit” – meaning “frightened”.

The urgent question was tabled in a bid to force Ms Truss to answer MPs’ questions after she resisted Labour demands for a statement to the Commons today to explain the reversal of the bulk of her mini-Budget in a series of massive U-turns.

17.10.2022 - 15:31 [ Adam Bienkov, Political Editor and Correspondent @BylineTimes / Nitter ]

Liz Truss refusing to come to the House of Commons to answer Labour’s Urgent Question on the economic crisis, this afternoon. She will send Penny Mordaunt instead.

17.10.2022 - 15:25 [ @Telegraph / Nitter ]

The Chancellor’s briefing with Tory MPs has finished. A Government source said Mr Hunt „emphasised the need for stability and said that the PM should be commended for changing tack in the face of the deteriorating global economic situation“

17.10.2022 - 15:06 [ ]

The Tory MPs calling for Liz Truss to resign

New Tory prime ministers currently enjoy a year of immunity from confidence votes under the party rulebook.

But George Osborne, the former chancellor, predicts the beleaguered PM will likely be gone by Christmas, adding that „there will be a way“ for the party to remove her from Downing Street.

Here are the Conservative MPs calling for Ms Truss to quit.

15.10.2022 - 19:31 [ Simon_Templar2021 PhD / Nitter ]

This country is screwed whosoever in power even if Labour! Tory grassroot members has royally damaged this country by putting a malfunctioning robot Lizbot as PM who lacks a brain like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz! Unfortunately there isn’t a Wizard she can visit to get one!

15.10.2022 - 19:24 [ Jeremy Corbyn / Nitter ]

In 2019, we wanted to borrow money to fund public, regional, green investment that would pay for itself. Truss and Kwarteng want to borrow money to pay for uncapped bankers‘ bonuses. This government have crashed the economy. We would have transformed it.


15.10.2022 - 17:28 [ ]

YouGov / Eurotrack Survey Results




15.10.2022 - 17:21 [ ]

New cost of living tracker reveals extent of crisis in Western Europe


While different governments have taken very different approaches to the rising cost of living, it seems that none of these approaches have quite had the desired impact yet – a majority of adults polled across all seven countries say that they have already had to make cuts to their usual spending as a result of the rising cost of living. I

14.10.2022 - 18:13 [ Joel Neill / Nitter ]

Liz Truss’s legacy is going to be an answer nobody can quite remember in pub quizzes of the future. Wee floatin robot landlord in the Future Pub goes “who was PM for about 20 minutes when Queen Elizabeth died?” and we’re all going to scratch our microchips like “ahhh waaait…”

14.10.2022 - 17:55 [ ]

Eight minutes, four questions and NO apology! Liz Truss makes hasty exit from press conference after U-turning on flagship corporation tax cut after SACKING Kwasi Kwarteng and replacing him with Jeremy Hunt

Under fierce fire from journalists, Ms Truss refused to apologise for ‚trashing‘ the Tories‘ reputation – before abruptly walking out after eight minutes and just four question.

Downing Street will now be waiting anxiously to see if the PM has done enough to cling on, but the early response was not promising, with one former Cabinet minister telling MailOnline the PM had been ‚robotic‘ and made the situation far worse.

14.10.2022 - 14:33 [ The Left Wing Society / Nitter ]

Please can Jeremy Corbyn turn the Peace and Justice project into a party and take on the absolute cesspit that is British politics.


Who agrees? @jeremycorbyn

14.10.2022 - 14:13 [ Damian from Brighton / Nitter ]

If Jeremy Corbyn was still Labour leader and ahead in the polls the media would not be attacking the Tories, they would be attacking Corbyn. We know that is true because that is exactly what they did. They feel safe to attack the Tories now Starmer The Stooge is leader

14.10.2022 - 14:07 [ ]

Bericht: Torys diskutieren Aus für Truss

(today, 08.36 am)

In der Konservativen Partei nimmt einem Bericht der Londoner „Times“ zufolge der Widerstand gegen die britische Premierministerin und Parteivorsitzende Liz Truss zu. Führende Torys würden eine Ablösung der Regierungschefin nach nur gut einem Monat im Amt diskutieren, schrieb die Zeitung. Es gebe Überlegungen, einen gemeinsamen Kandidaten bzw. eine gemeinsame Kandidatin für die Parteispitze aufzustellen. Das Bauernopfer könnte allerdings Finanzminister Kwasi Kwarteng sein.

14.10.2022 - 13:54 [ ]

Kwasi Kwarteng to be sacked as Chancellor by Liz Truss – live updates

Tory MP: ‚I have lost confidence in the Chancellor and the PM‘

The mood among some Tory MPs is particularly grim this morning.

One tells me they have now lost confidence in Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng and that many MPs now believe the PM needs to be replaced.

They said: “I have lost confidence in the Chancellor and the Prime Minister for that matter. It is a total mess and there is no obvious solution.

“The vast majority of people [MPs] I speak to think she has to go.”

09.10.2022 - 18:09 [ / Nitter ]

Grüne: Bundessprecher Werner Kogler und Bundesgeschäftsführerin Angela Stoytchev gratulieren Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen

09.10.2022 - 12:11 [ ]

Wahllokale geöffnet: Hofburg-Wahl im Finale

Die Stimmabgabe für die Bundespräsidentenwahl läuft auf vollen Touren, die meisten Wahllokale sind seit 8.00 Uhr geöffnet. Erste Ergebnisse dürfen erst nach dem bundesweiten Wahlschluss um 17.00 Uhr veröffentlicht werden, kurz danach werden die ersten Hochrechnungen veröffentlicht. Das vorläufige Endergebnis ist ab etwa 20.00 Uhr zu erwarten.

03.10.2022 - 17:13 [ ]

Tory MP ’submits letter‘ calling for Liz Truss confidence vote amid backbench rebellion

The unnamed member of the parliamentary Conservative party told Bloomberg political editor Kitty Donaldson that they had handed in their letter to the 1922 committee on Sunday night.

While Tory MPs say letters have been going in for more than a week, this may be the first report of an MP personally admitting they have sent one themself.

Current rules give Liz Truss until next September before she can be ousted – but these could be changed by MPs.

03.10.2022 - 17:03 [ ]

Rebel Tories demand MORE U-turns on ‚mini-Budget‘ after plan to axe top 45p tax rate is ditched: Liz Truss CANCELS visit as ‚contrite‘ Kwasi Kwarteng vows he WON’T quit ahead of crunch speech – while PM’s ally says he warned Chancellor of market meltdown

– Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng backtracked amid threat of losing Commons vote

27.09.2022 - 10:47 [ ]

EVP-Chef Weber zu Italien: „Werbe für Gelassenheit“

Das wichtigste, was Italien bräuchte, wäre Stabilität, meinte Weber. Die Mehrheiten im Parlament könnten dafür sorgen, aber letztlich liege es an den handelnden Personen. Sie müssen auf jeden Fall die von der Draghi-Regierung angestoßenen Reformen umsetzen – auch im Interesse Deutschland. „Italien ist als G7-Staat sehr wichtig für Deutschland“. Deshalb müsse man das Gespräch suchen, statt zu urteilen.

24.09.2022 - 15:31 [ ]

Salvini, Berlusconi cross swords with Brussels

Meloni, who is poised to become Italy’s first woman premier and the most rightwing since the Second World War, has often praised the policies of Orban and her Polish allies.
Von der Leyen said Thursday that if the general election ushers in an autocratic, nationalist and Euroskeptic shift then „we have the instruments, as in the cases of Poland and Hungary.“ However, she added that „we are ready to work with any democratic government that is disposed to work with us“.
Salvini branded her statement as squalid and arrogant meddling in Italian domestic politics.

24.09.2022 - 12:27 [ ]

Senat und Kammer: So wird morgen gewählt

Fast 400.000 Bürger in Südtirol sind am morgigen Sonntag dazu aufgerufen, ihre Stimme für die Wahl des Parlaments abzugeben. Die Wähler erhalten einen gelben Stimmzettel für den Senat und einen rosa Stimmzettel für die Abgeordnetenkammer.

19.09.2022 - 17:07 [ ]

Queen’s funeral LIVE: Queen’s coffin arrives at Windsor Castle after passing thousands watching on Long Walk as guests including European royalty, Tony Blair and Justin Trudeau make their way into committal service at St George’s Chapel

Follow MailOnline’s liveblog for updates today as the state funeral for the Queen is held at Westminster Abbey before the committal service at Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty will be buried:

17.09.2022 - 18:57 [ ]

Vor Herbstlohnrunde: 32.000 bei ÖGB-Demos gegen Teuerung

Der ÖGB bekam unmittelbar vor Beginn der Demos auch Unterstützung von höchster politischer Stelle. Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen teilte via Twitter mit, dass er die Anliegen der Kundgebungen unteAuf Bannern und Transparenten hieß es etwa „Kostenexplosion stoppen“ und „Keine Profite mit Hungersmiete“. Auf einem Banner des Pensionistenverbands, der sich den Demos anschloss, hieß es: „Wir wollen keine Millionen, wir wollen essen, heizen, wohnen“.rstütze.

12.09.2022 - 13:44 [ ]

The bombshell text that sparked ‚Fab Four’s‘ shock reunion: RICHARD KAY reveals how William sent Harry a message asking if he and Meghan wanted to join him and Kate to view flowers left at Windsor – and how it was NOT an order from Charles

For 45 minutes, the two couples moved among the crowds, shaking hands, accepting condolences and flowers which they placed on the growing pile of tributes while thanking the public in turn for their kindnesses.

It was, of course, a powerful echo of similar images from a quarter of a century ago when, after the death of Princess Diana, the brothers greeted mourners outside Kensington Palace.

12.09.2022 - 13:31 [ ]

Election: ‚Gravy train is over‘ Meloni tells EU

The leader of the right-wing group said she was ready to „break the glass ceiling“ and become the nation’s first woman head of government.

12.09.2022 - 13:25 [ ]

Election: Centre-right and FdI maintain big poll leads

A quorum/youtrend poll for Skytg24 gave Giorgia Meloni’s FdI the support of 25.3% of the electorate; with the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) second on 21.2%.
The 5-Star Movement (M5S) was third with 13.8%, followed by FdI’s centre-right allies, Matteo Salvini’s League on 12.9% and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (FI) on 7.9%.

12.09.2022 - 11:32 [ Radio Swedeb ]

No final Swedish election result until Wednesday: right wing opposition takes lead

The result is only final once all the 6,578 districts have completed their counts. At the top of the graph you can see how many counts are completed.

Party abbreviations:

S – Social Democrats
MP – Green Party
V – Left Party
C – Centre Party
SD – Sweden Democrats
M – Moderates
KD – Christian Democrats
L – Liberals

10.09.2022 - 11:00 [ ]

Gegen drohende Energiekrise – Bundesrat befindet sich bei Sparkampagne im Blindflug


Damit sind wir bei einem weiteren Déjà-vu aus der Pandemie-Zeit. Der Einsicht, dass die Schweiz in Sachen Digitalisierung enormen Aufholbedarf hat. In der Pandemie waren es die Faxgeräte, über welche die Fallzahlen an das Bundesamt für Gesundheit gemeldet wurden, die für grosses Kopfschütteln sorgten. Heute wurde klar, dass die meisten Haushalte noch mit den alten Stromzählern ausgerüstet sind, die einmal pro Jahr abgelesen werden. Entsprechend ist ein Sparziel heute obsolet, weil es weder gemessen noch überprüft werden kann.

10.09.2022 - 10:33 [ ]

Regierung präsentiert neue Regeln zum Energiesparen

„Energiesparen ist das Gebot der Stunde – die beste Kilowattstunde ist jene, die garnicht erst verbraucht wird“, sagt Landeshauptfrau-Stellvertreter Stephan Pernkopf (ÖVP). Er will deswegen eine Sperrstunde für unnötigen Stromverbrauch.

10.09.2022 - 09:50 [ ZDF ]

Energiekrise: Sondertreffen in Brüssel

Die hohen Energiepreise belasten viele Unternehmen und Verbraucher. Deshalb berieten die EU-Energieminister am Freitag in Brüssel über Entlastungsmöglichkeiten.

06.09.2022 - 06:59 [ The Left Wing Society / Nitter ]

Please can Jeremy Corbyn turn the Peace and Justice project into a party and take on the absolute cesspit that is British politics.

Who agrees? @jeremycorbyn

06.09.2022 - 06:51 [ Jeremy Corbyn / Nitter ]

The first act of Liz Truss’ premiership should be taking immediate action to tackle the cost of living crisis that is pushing millions into poverty — this must be a wealth tax and bringing energy companies, water, mail and rail into public ownership.

She must also commit to giving workers a pay rise, ending the creeping privatisation of our NHS and the appalling treatment of refugees fleeing war.

06.09.2022 - 06:17 [ ]

Deutschland und Frankreich: Schulterschluss bei Gas und Strom

„Deutschland braucht unser Gas, und wir brauchen den Strom, der im übrigen Europa und insbesondere in Deutschland produziert wird“, sagte Frankreichs Präsident Emmanuel Macron nach einer Videokonferenz mit Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD).

Frankreich werde in den nächsten Wochen die notwendigen Gasverbindungen fertigstellen, um Deutschland Gas zu liefern, wenn es benötigt werde. In gleicher Weise habe sich Deutschland in Bezug auf Stromlieferungen verpflichtet.

04.09.2022 - 09:44 [ ]

The more Tory voters see of Liz Truss, the less they like her, polls show

The latest polling by Opinium for the Observer shows that whereas 49% of people who voted Tory in 2019 had believed Truss “looks like a prime minister in waiting” at the beginning of August, this had dropped to just 31% by 30 August.

Similarly while 55% said she was competent at the start of August, this had dropped to 35% among 2019 Tory voters by the end of the month. And while 52% of the same voters thought she was likeable at the start of August, only 31% felt that way by the end of the month.

04.09.2022 - 09:36 [ ]

Tory MPs warn Liz Truss ‘don’t lurch to the right’ amid fears of ‘Thatcher tribute government’

Conservative MPs have warned Liz Truss not to lurch the government to the right if, as expected, she triumphs over her rival Rishi Sunak and becomes prime minister next week.

Tory MPs cautioned that the new Conservative leader must not abandon the centre ground or surround herself with an inner circle of right-wing allies now that a general election is looming.

03.09.2022 - 17:36 [ ]

Is Liz Truss the British Trump?

If you are a right-wing MP or ambitious wonk on the Truss campaign ‘pivot’ is such a useful word. Far better to say ‘we need to pivot from campaign mode to governing mode,’ than to blurt out that ‘now we have their votes we can forget the lies we told to win over Conservative members’. Far better for Truss herself to say, ‘I am pivoting from my previous position on tax cuts’ to ‘I admit that I was wrong’.

Pivoting calls to mind the elegance of a ballerina turning on her points. Not the cynicism of a politician breaking promises she made only a few days before.

03.09.2022 - 16:34 [ ]

The lockdown files: Rishi Sunak on what we weren’t told

(27 August 2022)

Lockdown – closing schools and much of the economy while sending the police after people who sat on park benches – was the most draconian policy introduced in peacetime. No. 10 wanted to present it as ‘following the science’ rather than a political decision, and this had implications for the wiring of government decision-making. It meant elevating Sage, a sprawling group of scientific advisers, into a committee that had the power to decide whether the country would lock down or not. There was no socioeconomic equivalent to Sage; no forum where other questions would be asked.

So whoever wrote the minutes for the Sage meetings – condensing its discussions into guidance for government – would set the policy of the nation. No one, not even cabinet members, would know how these decisions were reached.

03.09.2022 - 16:13 [ ]

Empowering Sage scientists over Covid lockdown left us ‘screwed’, claims Sunak

The meetings were “literally me around that table, just fighting”, which “was incredibly uncomfortable every single time”.

At one meeting he raised the impact on children’s education: “I was very emotional about it. I was like, ‘Forget about the economy. Surely we can all agree that kids not being in school is a major nightmare’, or something like that.

“There was a big silence afterwards. It was the first time someone had said it. I was so furious.”

Setting out the problems he found with Government policy being influenced by outside academics, he said: “If you empower all these independent people, you’re screwed.”

03.09.2022 - 16:05 [ ]

Rishi Sunak says he wasn’t ‚allowed to talk about the side effects of lockdown‘ during the pandemic

Mr Sunak said one of the Government’s biggest mistakes was giving too much power to scientists and claimed the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) edited its minutes to hide dissenting opinions.

The former chancellor made the statements in an interview with the Spectator magazine.

“We shouldn’t have empowered the scientists in the way we did,” he is quoted as saying.

03.09.2022 - 15:44 [ Nachdenkseiten ]

Großbritannien – mehr Tote durch Lockdowns als durch Corona?

In Großbritannien findet momentan eine bemerkenswerte Diskussion über die vergangenen Lockdown-Maßnahmen statt. Einer der beiden konservativen Regierungschef-Kandidaten, der bisherige britische Finanzminister Rishi Sunak, hat diese Diskussion vor wenigen Tagen dramatisch intensiviert. Der staatliche Nachrichtensender BBC berichtete am 25.8.2022[1] über die Aussagen von Rishi Sunak gegenüber der Zeitschrift „The Spectator“: Ministern sei es untersagt worden, über Kollateralschäden (trade-offs) der Lockdowns zu diskutieren[2]; es sei falsch gewesen, eine staatliche Angstkampagne zu fahren. Das Regierungs-„Script“ sei ein ungerechtfertigtes Angst-Narrativ gewesen („the fear narrative“). Die vorgegebene Leitlinie sei gewesen: „Es gibt keine negativen Auswirkungen“.[3] Interne Kritik in dem wissenschaftlichen Beratungsgremium (SAGE) sei nicht veröffentlicht worden.

18.08.2022 - 05:49 [ ]

Basic income has been ‚total failure‘ says Meloni

The basic income was a flagship policy of the populist 5-Star Movement (M5S), whose then leader, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, said „we have abolished poverty“ with the measure.
FdI was the only party to vote against it, Meloni noted with pride.

09.08.2022 - 20:00 [ ]

Welcome to the website of the PEGA Committee of inquiry!

On 10 March 2022, the European Parliament decided to set up the PEGA Committee to investigate alleged infringement or maladministration in application of EU law in relation to the use of Pegasus and equivalent spyware surveillance software. In particular, the PEGA Committee is asked to gather information on the extent to which Member States or third countries are using intrusive surveillance to the extent that it violates the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.

During its twelve-month mandate our Committee, with its 38 Members and 38 substitute Members, will make use of various methods to investigate the alleged violations: it will hold hearings with experts, victims and other persons, request studies and briefings and undertake fact-finding missions when needed. The investigations shall be concluded with the submission of a final report.

09.08.2022 - 19:53 [ ]

EU erhielt die zwölfte Cybersicherheitsorganisation


Ein aktuelles, schlagendes Beispiel dafür ist die Neufassung der deutschen Cybersicherheitsstrategie. In Deutschland ist es Teil dieser Strategie, gewisse neuentdeckte Software-Sicherheitslücken für Polizei – und Geheimdienste offenzuhalten, die deutsche Cyberbehörde ZiTis soll die zugehörige Trojaner-Schadsoftware für mehrere Dutzend deutsche Bundes- Landesbehörden entwickeln.

09.08.2022 - 19:47 [ Kathimerini ]

EU Commission calls for investigation of phone tapping scandal

Hipper said it is the responsibility of each member state to investigate such matters, adding that “the Commission expects national authorities to thoroughly investigate any such allegation in order to restore public confidence.”

09.08.2022 - 19:43 [ Kathimerini ]

Greek president calls for investigation of phone tapping scandal

The government has said it will back a request by the opposition for a parliamentary investigating committee on the issue.

The European Commission is also monitoring the case. Cypriot MEP George Georgiou, vice-chair of the EU’s PEGA committee investigating malware surveillance software, has also sent a letter to the committee proposing a mission to Greece to investigate the allegations.

08.08.2022 - 19:06 [ ]

Athener Abhörskandal: Premier weist Schuld von sich

„Das, was passiert ist, mag gesetzmäßig gewesen sein, aber es war falsch. Ich wusste davon nichts, und offensichtlich hätte ich so etwas auch nie genehmigt“, sagte der Regierungschef heute in einer Ansprache, die vom griechischen Rundfunk ERT übertragen wurde.

08.08.2022 - 18:36 [ Kathimerini ]

PM says espionage a mistake, pledges EYP overhaul

“Although everything was done lawfully, the National Intelligence Service (EYP) underestimated the political dimension of that particular action. It was formally legitimate, but politically unacceptable. It should not have happened [and it] undermined citizens’ confidence in national intelligence,” Mitsotakis said.

08.08.2022 - 13:33 [ Kathimerini ]

Greek PM apologizes to opposition party leader over surveillance, report says

The conservative premier is expected to make a public address over the case on Monday, the semi-state Athens News Agency reported on Saturday.

Androulakis, who was elected PASOK leader in December 2021, said on Friday evening that he had learned EYP listened to his conversations in late 2021. He did not disclose the source of the information.

07.08.2022 - 20:05 [ ]

Predator von Cytrox: Rücktritte nach Trojaner-Skandal in Griechenland

Der Netzwerk von Investigativjournalist:innen Reporters United hatte zuvor berichtet, wie ein Firmengeflecht unter Beteiligung von Dimitriadis an staatlichen Einsätzen des Trojaners mitverdient. Daran beteiligt ist die Firma Intellexa, die Predator in Griechenland vertreibt.

Weitere Brisanz erhält die Enthüllung auch dadurch, dass Dimitriadis und Mitsotakis verwandt sind: Der Generalsekretär ist der Neffe des Ministerpräsidenten, dem wiederum der Geheimdienst als Nutzer von Predator direkt untersteht.

Hersteller von Predator ist die von israelischen und ungarischen Staatsangehörigen als Aktiengesellschaft in Nordmazedonien gegründete Firma Cytrox. Sie soll in beiden Ländern Büros zur Herstellung der Cyberwaffen unterhalten. Cytrox gehört inzwischen zu einer Gesellschaft in Ungarn, als Eigentümer gilt der 70-jährige Luftwaffenveteran Meir Shamir aus Israel.

31.07.2022 - 18:26 [ Nadine Dorries, UK Secretary of State for @DCMS / Nitter ]

Liz will deliver. As Prime Minister, I will deliver for the British people so we can succeed like never before

31.07.2022 - 18:12 [ Nadine Dorries / ]

I may have gone over the top about Rishi’s clothes… But I don’t want my party to be fooled by appearances the way many of the Cabinet were, writes NADINE DORRIES

My comments were widely interpreted to be anti-aspirational and it was suggested that I was seeking revenge against the man who, while Chancellor, had been planning a coup for a very long time and who had ruthlessly and metaphorically stabbed Boris Johnson in the back.

Rishi had been plotting against the most electorally successful Prime Minister the Conservative Party has known since the days of Margaret Thatcher. His actions made Michael Gove’s betrayal of Boris Johnson during the 2016 leadership campaign appear like a rank amateur rehearsing for the role of Brutus in a village hall play.


I wanted to highlight Rishi’s misguided sartorial style in order to alert Tory members not to be taken in by appearances in the way that happened to many of us who served with the Chancellor in Cabinet. The assassin’s gleaming smile, his gentle voice and even his diminutive stature had many of us well and truly fooled.

31.07.2022 - 18:05 [ ]

Britische Ministerin empört mit „Attentäter“-Sager

In einem Beitrag für die Zeitung „Mail on Sunday“ warnte Dorries die Mitglieder der Konservativen Partei vor dem früheren Finanzminister: „Das strahlende Lächeln des Attentäters, seine sanfte Stimme und sogar seine winzige Statur haben viele von uns wirklich getäuscht“, schrieb Dorries. Zudem retweetete sie ein Bild, das zeigt, wie Sunak als Brutus den Premier als Julius Cäsar von hinten ersticht.

31.07.2022 - 17:39 [ ]

MP Greg Hands says Nadine Dorries’ retweet of Sunak as ‘Brutus the backstabber’ is dangerous

MP Greg Hands has branded ‘dangerous’ a retweet by culture secretary Nadine Dorries, showing Rishi Sunak stabbing Boris Johnson in the back.

31.07.2022 - 08:10 [ fizzforbrexit / Nitter ]

… All politicians are corrupt especially nowadays. Name just one politician of ANY PARTY who has spoken out against the theft of our civil liberties and the abuse of our laws by Boris Johnson over the past 30 months? JUST COMPLICIT SILENCE!!

31.07.2022 - 08:06 [ ]

Overhaul campaign before it’s too late, Rishi Sunak told

To make an impression on the race, Sunak announced last night plans to charge patients £10 for a missed medical appointment to help clear the Covid backlog. He said he would revive high streets, slash the number of empty shops and backed tougher punishment for graffiti and littering, as well as additional powers for police to tackle anti-social behaviour.

29.07.2022 - 16:07 [ ]

As the EU bails out Germany, we should thank God we left

The result is that the EU faces a winter like that endured by Britain under Sir Edward Heath: with energy rationed, perhaps through planned outages. For fans of the EU Sir Edward has long been a totemic figure: the Prime Minister who took us into the bloc without bothering to ask the people in a referendum. How ironic that the EU’s energy policy is now leading it down the same road as Heath’s Britain.

27.07.2022 - 18:20 [ ]

Who exactly are the 160,000 Tory members who will choose the next prime minister?

Tory MPs have now voted five times to narrow the field of their leadership race down to just two candidates. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will go head-to-head, and the winner will replace Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Unlike the previous rounds, however, this one has a broader electorate: Tory members will get to vote on which of the pair becomes party leader.

27.07.2022 - 18:04 [ National Council for Civil Liberties - ]


(21 Jun 2022)

Ministers of the devolved nations have also highlighted how the Government’s proposals to replace the Human Rights Act threaten to undermine the devolution settlement in Scotland and Northern Ireland, with the Good Friday Agreement put in serious risk by any changes to the Human Rights Act.

Pre-legislative scrutiny of these plans is made even more important by the divergence between the proposals and the findings of the independent panel established by the Government to review the operation of the Human Rights Act. The panel found that the HRA is operating effectively to preserve parliamentary autonomy and to protect individuals’ rights.

However, the Government’s proposed Bill of Rights ignored these findings and would be a vast and deeply consequential overhaul of human rights protections in this country.

In a letter sent on Monday 20 June 2022, the groups urged the Government to respect the principles of our parliamentary democracy and subject the proposed Bill of Rights to the pre-legislative scrutiny it clearly requires.

Liberty Director Martha Spurrier, said: “Scrapping the Human Rights Act poses a real, imminent threat to rights in the UK. It’s a blatant, unashamed power grab from a Government that wants to put those in power above the law. They are quite literally rewriting the rules in their favour so they become untouchable.

“The Human Rights Act and access to the European Convention of Human Rights has empowered people in the UK to enforce their rights in practice. It has enabled people to challenge unlawful policies, be treated with dignity by public authorities and secure justice for their loved ones.

“The Government’s plan is to weaken and undermine this, taking power away from the public to take for themselves. We all know this Government cannot be trusted to keep its word or play by the rules. We’re urging everyone to not let them get away with this looting of our rights. Speak up and make your voice hard.”

26.07.2022 - 16:54 [ ]

EU-Minister einigen sich auf Gas-Sparplan

Diese Einsparungen sollen jedoch auf freiwilliger Basis erfolgen. Auch wie und wo das passieren soll, ist nicht festgelegt. Wenn sich jedoch alle daran hielten, käme die EU gut durch den Winter.

25.07.2022 - 18:37 [ Neue Zürcher Zeitung Deutschland / Nitter ]

Österreich hat angekündigt, Gas aus dem Speicher Haidach bei Salzburg künftig selbst zu nutzen. Bayerns Ministerpräsident Söder beharrt darauf, dass der Grossteil des Gases weiterhin nach Bayern fliesst und fordert Berlin auf, die Sache zu klären.

25.07.2022 - 18:33 [ ]

„Beschluss ist fix“: Regierung will jetzt Gasspeicher Haidach anzapfen

Insgesamt fünf Gasspeicher befinden sich im Flachgauer Straßwalchen tief in der Erde. Nur einer hat auch einen Anschluss an Österreich und gehört zu Versorgung der Salzburg AG. Das soll sich nun ändern. Denn die Bundesregierung will den für die Versorgung Bayerns wichtigen Gasspeicher Haidach schnell anzapfen – droht jetzt ein Gas-Streit mit dem Nachbarland?

25.07.2022 - 18:18 [ ]

Germany ‘urgently’ begs for gas as Russia supplies running dry: ‚We can’t afford it‘

(Apr 28, 2022)

The Haidach gas storage facility near Salzburg is reportedly almost empty. This is where Russia’s state-owned energy giant, Gazprom, sends its gas. But Bavaria’s Economics Minister Aiwanger has warned that the German state urgently needs to ramp up its capacity before winter.

25.07.2022 - 15:28 [ ]

Von der Leyen fordert Energiesolidarität

Die Volkswirtschaften in der EU seien eng miteinander verwoben, der EU-Binnenmarkt sei das „Herz unserer Wirtschaft“. „Deshalb ist es wichtig, dass alle Mitgliedstaaten die Nachfrage drosseln, dass alle mehr speichern und mit denjenigen Mitgliedern teilen, die stärker betroffen sind“, ergänzte von der Leyen. Energiesolidarität sei ein „Grundprinzip der europäischen Verträge“.

22.07.2022 - 17:13 [ ]

Nach Draghis Aus: Berlusconi kündigt Kandidatur an

Nach dem Aus der Regierung von Premier Mario Draghi stürzen sich die italienischen Parteien bereits in den Wahlkampf. Den Ton gab Forza-Italia-Chef Silvio Berlusconi an, der heute seine Kandidatur für einen Senatssitz ankündigte. Der 85-Jährige ist derzeit EU-Parlamentarier.

22.07.2022 - 17:10 [ ]

Nach Draghis Aus: Sozialdemokraten trennen sich von Fünf Sternen

„Mit den Parteien, die Draghi verraten haben, ist keine Allianz möglich“, betonte PD-Chef Letta. „In den nächsten Tagen werden wir Italien unser Wahlprogramm vorstellen, wir werden sehen, wer sich mit uns verbünden will“, so Letta. Beim Wahlprogramm will sich der Sozialdemokrat von Draghis politischer Agenda inspirieren lassen.

21.07.2022 - 20:44 [ ]

Italien wählt am 25. September neues Parlament

Italien wählt am 25. September sein neues Parlament. Der Wahltermin wurde vom Ministerrat heute festgelegt, nachdem Premierminister Mario Draghi zurückgetreten ist und Präsident Sergio Mattarella das Parlament aufgelöst hat.

21.07.2022 - 20:41 [ ZDF ]

Italiens Präsident löst Parlament auf

Italiens Staatspräsident Mattarella hat nach dem Rücktritt von Regierungschef Draghi ein Dekret zur Auflösung der beiden Parlamentskammern unterschrieben. Nun stehen Neuwahlen an.

21.07.2022 - 14:19 [ ]

Draghi quits, Italy set for early elections

„Sometimes even the hearts of central bankers get used,“ he quipped, referring to a recent joke he made about a transplant recipient preferring the heart of a central banker to that of another donor because it had ’never been used‘.
„Thank you for all the work done in this period“.

21.07.2022 - 13:45 [ tagesschau / Nitter ]

talien: Draghi bietet erneut Rücktritt an – soll vorerst geschäftsführend im Amt bleiben

21.07.2022 - 13:36 [ ]

Draghi hat Rücktritt eingereicht

Mattarella habe den Rücktritt „zur Kenntnis genommen“, Draghis Regierung bleibe „geschäftsführend“ im Amt, heißt es dazu aus dem Quirinalspalast.

21.07.2022 - 13:07 [ ]

Italien: Draghi verpasst Ziel bei Vertrauensvotum

Italiens Ministerpräsident Mario Draghi hat am Mittwoch bei einer Vertrauensabstimmung im Senat zwar die Vertrauensabstimmung gewonnen, doch die von ihm gewünschte breite Zustimmung blieb aus. Der Ball liege nun erneut bei Staatspräsident Sergio Mattarella, heißt es in italienischen Medien am Donnerstag: Es wird allgemein damit gerechnet, dass Draghi noch am Vormittag in der Abgeordnetenkammer seinen Rücktritt ankündigt.

20.07.2022 - 21:21 [ ]

Eine neue demokratisch-souveränistische Bewegung formiert sich in Italien

Toscana ist Journalist und erfolgreicher Youtuber, der auf seinem Kanal „Visione TV“ 209.000 Abonnenten hat. Die Gäste am Kongress wie Donato und Rizzo nannte er „die besten freien und mutigen Intelligenzen des Landes“. Diese würden sich „in den Dienst eines einheitlichen Projekts“ stellen. Anfang Juni hatte sich auch die ehemalige Fünf-Sterne-Senatorin Bianca Laura Granato „Ancora Italia“ angeschlossen.

An die Medien richtete Toscana scharfe Worte. Er rief den Journalisten während des Kongresses zu: „Lasst die Diener des Systems, die Clowns im Dienst eines Apparates, der dazu neigt, abweichende Meinung zu unterdrücken, wissen, dass wir keinen Millimeter zurückweichen werden“.

20.07.2022 - 20:40 [ ]

Gloves are off in battle to be next PM: Rishi Sunak says only he’ll beat Labour and win next election as Liz Truss takes dig at ex-Chancellor to pledge ‚bold new economic plan‘ – as Tories brace for bruising six-week contest with first TV debate on Monday

– Conservative MPs have chosen the final two candidates for PM going ahead to a run-off with party members
– Liz Truss emerged victorious from a brutal battle with Penny Mordaunt for second spot in head-to-head phase
– Rishi Sunak topped the ballot in all the voting rounds but polls suggest he could struggle in the member vote
– The candidates are due to clash in a BBC TV debate on Monday night with fears it will turn nasty quickly
– The winner of the ballot is due to be declared on September 5 and take over from Mr Johnson the next day

20.07.2022 - 20:34 [ ]

Truss vs Sunak – and the choice of two very different futures for Britain

Truss has pledged to raise defence spending to 3 per cent of GDP by 2030, while Sunak would keep it on its present path, rising to 2.5 per cent over the same period. Although the former chancellor gave the Ministry of Defence special treatment in his spending review, he shares the Treasury’s scepticism about getting value for money from it.

While the Truss camp suggests Sunak would be less supportive of Ukraine amid fears of the impact on the UK of sanctions against Russia, in practice they would probably adopt the same approach. However, Truss would probably be more hawkish than him towards China.

18.07.2022 - 18:12 [ ]

Regierungskrise in Rom: Draghi unterzieht sich Vertrauensvotum

Das teilte der Präsident der Abgeordnetenkammer, Roberto Fico, heute mit. Es könnte mit Draghi als Regierungschef weitergehen oder zu einer vorgezogenen Wahl kommen.

Auslöser der politischen Krise war die Enthaltung der Fünf-Sterne-Bewegung bei einem Vertrauensvotum im Senat. Die Fünf Sterne sind die stärkste Einzelpartei im italienischen Parlament.

18.07.2022 - 17:22 [ ]

The complete run-offs from our Next Tory Leader survey. Badenoch first, Truss second, Sunak third, Mordaunt fourth, Tugendhat fifth.

The run-off scores from our latest Next Tory Leader survey for all five candidates are as follows –

18.07.2022 - 17:15 [ Sky News ]

Sky News cancels Conservative leadership debate after Sunak and Truss refuse to take part

Sky News has cancelled its Conservative leadership debate after Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss refused to take part.

The debate was due to be hosted by Kay Burley tomorrow evening.

Conservative MPs are said to be concerned about the damage the debates are doing to the image of the party, exposing disagreements and splits.

18.07.2022 - 17:10 [ ]

Boris lashes out at Truss on tax as Tory leadership tensions explode in bloodbath contest

His comments came despite Ms Truss being seen as the „Boris Johnson continuity candidate“ with a number of his supporters backing her in a bid to stop Mr Suank entering No10.

Her attack on the former Chancellor’s record last night was one of a number of punches swung as the Tory leadership contest gets increasingly bitter.

17.07.2022 - 14:03 [ Rishi Sunak / ]

We got Brexit done – now we must capitalise on the freedoms it gave us

Second, the government would also remove the burdens of GDPR, creating in its place the most dynamic data protection regime in the world.

The EU’s Byzantine rules are preventing British tech companies from innovating and public services from sharing data to prevent crime. As any internet user can see, GDPR – with all its bureaucratic box-ticking – is clearly not working and needs to be replaced.

16.07.2022 - 14:10 [ ]

Relative Mehrheit für Neuwahlen

Laut einer Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts Unique Research ist erstmals eine relative Mehrheit der Österreicher für Neuwahlen. 46 Prozent der Befragten sprachen sie dafür aus, 40 Prozent dagegen. 72 Prozent der Österreicher sind der Meinung, dass die Regierung nicht genug tut, um Österreich auf die steigenden Energiepreise und eine mögliche Gasknappheit vorzubereiten. Nur 20 Prozent halten die Initiativen von Türkis-Grün für ausreichend.

15.07.2022 - 20:22 [ ]

Live: The Tory leadership debate

As things stand, Rishi Sunak is leading the way on MP nominations, but needs to win over Tory members to succeed in the final stage of the contest. Meanwhile Penny Mordaunt is the clear favourite with the bookies thanks to recent polling which suggests she is Tory members’ candidate of choice.

15.07.2022 - 20:12 [ @SheSaidWhatBul / Nitter ]

Lord Cruddas, ‘the ballot only has credibility if Boris is part of the process.’

15.07.2022 - 20:08 [ ]

Lord Cruddas threatens to cut off donations to Tory party


Lord Cruddas, who was last year forced to defend donating £500,000 to the party just three days after he was admitted to the House of Lords, said he wanted Boris Johnson to stay on as Prime Minister.

He said: “If the membership are asked to vote for the last two contenders they will be voting for two people that they do not want on the ballot. The ballot only has credibility if Boris is part of the process.”

15.07.2022 - 20:01 [ @BestForBritain / ]

Nadine Dorries says Boris Johnson should remain in post because „the donors have spoken“.


What about the will of the people?

New snap poll from @OpiniumResearch shows 59% think Tory MPs should vote to remove Johnson as leader today

15.07.2022 - 08:54 [ ]

Regierungskrise in Italien: Staatschef lehnt Draghis Rücktritt ab

Mattarella habe „den Rücktritt nicht akzeptiert und den Ministerpräsidenten aufgefordert, eine Erklärung vor dem Parlament abzugeben“, teilte der Präsidentenpalast am Donnerstagabend mit. Der Staatschef ist gegen frühzeitige Neuwahlen. Laut Medienberichten plant Draghi, kommende Woche eine Parlamentsmehrheit ohne die Fünf-Sterne-Bewegung zu suchen.

14.07.2022 - 14:51 [ ]

Tories brace for more blood on the carpet at 3pm: MPs finish voting in second round as Truss allies beg right-wing rivals to recognise the ‚reality‘ they cannot win – and slam surging Penny Mordaunt for inability to ‚master detail‘

Tories are braced for more blood on the carpet today as another hopeful is knocked out of the leadership race – with Liz Truss allies begging rivals to recognise the ‚reality‘ they cannot win.

The results are due to be revealed at 3pm after another frenzied day at Westminster that saw the Foreign Secretary officially launch her campaign insisting she can be ‚trusted to deliver‘ after taking on the EU over Brexit and Vladimir Putin over Ukraine.

In a dig at frontrunner Rishi Sunak she said she had been ‚loyal‘ to Boris Johnson, and it was not the time for ‚business as usual economic management‘.

13.07.2022 - 18:24 [ ]

AND THEN THERE WERE 6 – Rishi Sunak & Penny Mordaunt storm Tory PM leadership battle – but Hunt and Zahawi crash out

TUESDAY July 19 – FRIDAY July 22

– Knockout ballots will happen daily until just two candidates are left standing.

FRIDAY July 22

– The final two candidates tour the country trying to win the votes of 100,000 or so ordinary party members who will decide the next PM.

MONDAY September 5

– The results of the vote is announced and Britain’s next PM is revealed

13.07.2022 - 18:15 [ Telegraph, ]

Conservative leadership race latest: Nadhim Zahawi and Jeremy Hunt voted out

With only 14 public backers apiece, it is unsurprising Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Zahawi fell short of the 30 votes from MPs they needed.

The results, announced just now by Sir Graham Brady, leaves six candidates for MPs to vote on tomorrow. Rishi Sunak, as expected, is out in the lead with 88 votes, although is followed more closely expected by Penny Mordaunt, who has 67 backers.

11.07.2022 - 14:55 [ ]

Ready for Rishi

I got into politics because I want everyone in this country to have the opportunity to be able to give their children a better future.

Our country faces huge challenges, the most serious for a generation. Someone has to grip this moment and make the right decisions. Because the choices we make today will decide whether the next generation of British people will have more opportunities than the last.

We need to restore trust in our politics. We need to rebuild our economy. And we need to reunite the country.

That’s why I’m standing to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and your Prime Minister.

11.07.2022 - 13:50 [ Britain Elects / Nitter ]

The race to replace Boris Johnson, afternoon update (10 July):

Sunak: 30 MPs (+12)
Mordaunt: 18 (+11)
Hunt: 12 (+10)
Truss: 12 (+6)
Tugendhat: 12 (+6)
Badenoch: 11 (+5)
Zahawi: 10 (+7)
Braverman: 9 (-)

Chgs. w/ 24hrs ago

11.07.2022 - 13:43 [ ]

Rishi Sunak ‘dirty dossier’ sent around Tory WhatsApp groups as leadership race turns nasty

The memo circulated on Tory WhatsApp group reportedly attacks the former chancellor personally and accused him of having a “big tax and big spend agenda”.

According to The Telegraph, which first reported the “mucky memo”, the 424-word anti-Sunak missive was written by someone on the Thatcherite right of the party.

11.07.2022 - 13:37 [ ]

Tory right battles to stop Rishi Sunak reaching No 10 as challengers row over tax, Brexit and trans rights

Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Grant Shapps and Mr Zahawi all promised to cut the tax burden on Sunday, while Mr Sunak has insisted it would be irresponsible to do so while the UK is still running a large budget deficit.

Ministers who are close to Mr Johnson have publicly denounced Mr Sunak’s track record and warned that he will reverse the achievements of the Government.

Jacob Rees-Mogg told Channel 4: “I will not be supporting Mr Sunak.” He has previously referred to him as “the socialist Chancellor” because of the pandemic spending he introduced.

09.07.2022 - 16:49 [ ]

Mitfavorit Wallace kandidiert nicht als Johnsons Nachfolger

Trotz seiner Favoritenrolle will der britische Verteidigungsminister Ben Wallace sich nicht um die Nachfolge von Premierminister Boris Johnson als Chef der konservativen Tory-Partei bewerben.

26.06.2022 - 08:09 [ ]

France’s Macron asks Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to propose new government

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to propose a new „government of action“ that will be named in early July, according to an interview with AFP.

Macron also confirmed his confidence in Borne for the long term, AFP said in a Twitter post.

24.06.2022 - 22:42 [ ]

‘Anyone but Boris’ majority could doom the Tories to electoral oblivion

Nightmare scenario of tactical voting could put several Cabinet ministers’ majorities at risk, including the Prime Minister’s

24.06.2022 - 22:33 [ ]

The country would be better off’: senior Tories urge Boris Johnson to quit

Ex-leader Michael Howard among Conservatives to call for resignation after byelection catastrophes

24.06.2022 - 22:22 [ ]

Britischer Premier unter Druck: Rückschläge – doch Johnson will bleiben

Und im südwestenglischen Devon, im Wahlkreis Tiverton und Honiton, errangen die Liberaldemokraten einen deutlichen Sieg in einem Wahlkreis, den die Konservativen seit mehr als 100 Jahren innehatten. Der neue „Lib Dem“-Abgeordnete Richard Foord erklärte, es sei Zeit für Premierminister Boris Johnson zu gehen:

Im ganzen Land schalten die Liberaldemokraten die Konservativen aus und gewinnen. Menschen, die ihr Leben lang konservativ gewählt haben, sind abgestoßen von Boris Johnsons Lügen und haben die Nase voll.

24.06.2022 - 07:12 [ ]

Plötzlich und unerwartet: Impfpflicht in Österreich gestorben

Die Impfpflicht in Österreich ist wieder Geschichte. In einer Pressekonferenz am Donnerstag hat die Regierung ihre Niederlage auf allen Ebenen eingestanden.

24.06.2022 - 07:10 [ Tichys Einblick ]

Gesundheitsminister Rauch gibt bekannt: Österreich schafft Impfpflicht ab

Österreich will seine hochumstrittene Corona-Impfpflicht abschaffen. Das gaben Gesundheitsminister Johannes Rauch (Grüne) und der Fraktionsvorsitzende der ÖVP im Nationalrat, August Wöginger, bei einer Pressekonferenz um 14 Uhr bekannt. „Omikron hat die Regeln verändert“, so Rauch. Die Impfpflicht sei unter anderen Umständen beschlossen worden. Bereits im März hatte die österreichische Bundesregierung die Durchsetzung der Impfpflicht ausgesetzt.

24.06.2022 - 04:41 [ ]

Western Balkans Leaders Voice Frustration over EU Summit Failure

“I believe that our friends from Skopje and Tirana deserve the start of EU talks and I believe this should happen as soon as possible, which is not a matter of request, because both countries have done everything that was asked of them,” Vucic added.

He thanked Kovacevski and Rama for their “understanding” for Serbia’s unique position in its relations to Russia and for it not aligning with the EU on sanctions against Moscow over the war in Ukraine.

24.06.2022 - 04:13 [ Reuters ]

Bulgaria won’t lift veto on N. Macedonia’s EU plans yet, wants EU guarantees -PM


Sofia is pushing for North Macedonia to pass constitutional guarantees protecting the rights of Bulgarians there as well as to make progress on some historical disputes.

Bulgaria refused in 2020 to approve the EU’s membership negotiation framework for North Macedonia because of disputes over history and language

24.06.2022 - 03:48 [ ZDF ]

EU-Beitrittsgespräche : Westbalkan-Gespräche stocken

Die ursprünglich nach den Beratungen angesetzte Pressekonferenz mit EU-Ratspräsident Charles Michel, dem französischen Präsidenten Emmanuel Macron und EU-Kommissionschefin Ursula von der Leyen wurde aus Zeitgründen abgesagt.

24.06.2022 - 03:20 [ ZDF ]

Beschluss auf EU-Gipfel : Ukraine und Moldau erhalten Kandidatenstatus

Georgien, das seinen Antrag zeitgleich mit Moldau Anfang März eingereicht hatte, werde den Kandidatenstatus erhalten, „sobald die noch ausstehenden Prioritäten angegangen sind“, schrieb Ratspräsident Michel. „Georgiens Zukunft liegt innerhalb der EU“, betonte er. Michel verfasste die Tweets auch in den jeweiligen Landessprachen, auf Ukrainisch, Georgisch und Rumänisch.

19.06.2022 - 23:45 [ Taniel / ]

If you’re confused as to who WON… no one? Macron far, far lower than he thought 7 weeks ago, & failed at majority. Left far higher than it cd have imagined then, & will be 2nd force, but won’t govern & came to expect more. Conservatives drop, but will be key bloc for Macron

19.06.2022 - 23:36 [ Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Député @FranceInsoumise, candidat Premier ministre de la Nouvelle Union Populaire / ]

Libérez vous de vos préjugés, de la cupidité, du mépris. Libérez vous, pour libérer la société ! Si vous commencez à voir dans chaque visage humain, non pas ce qui est différent de vous, mais ce qui est semblable, vous deviendrez cet être inouï : l’Humanité. J’ai confiance.

19.06.2022 - 23:33 [ Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Député @FranceInsoumise, candidat Premier ministre de la Nouvelle Union Populaire / ]

Toutes les possibilités sont entre vos mains. Le grand jaillissement de l’Histoire, de la France des rébellions et révolutions, a un visage. Celui de la #NUPES. Pas un instant, nous ne renonçons à l’ambition de gouverner et d’amener le pays à un autre horizon.

19.06.2022 - 22:51 [ ]

Macron verliert absolute Mehrheit

Am Abend sagte Mélenchon vor Anhängern, das Ergebnis sei „total unerwartet“. Er griff Macron scharf an: „Das ist ein totales Debakel der Präsidentenpartei.“ Sein Lager habe sein Ziel erreicht, Macron die parlamentarische Mehrheit zu entziehen.

Er erneuerte den Anspruch des von ihm geführten Linksbündnisses, das Land regieren zu wollen. „Alle Möglichkeiten sind in eurer Hand“, rief er vor seinen Zuhörern.

19.06.2022 - 16:48 [ Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Député @FranceInsoumise, candidat Premier ministre de la Nouvelle Union Populaire / ]

L’esprit de résistance, même quand tout semblait perdu, a sauvé le pays. #18juin

19.06.2022 - 16:03 [ Bild / ]

Heute Wahl-Entscheidung in Frankreich – Wie mächtig wird der linke Deutschland-Hasser?

19.06.2022 - 09:41 [ ]

Live: French polling stations open for high-stakes legislative vote

Justine Benin defeated in Guadeloupe in an early blow to Emmanuel Macron’s centre-right Ensemble! („Together!“) coalition
In France’s Caribbean island of Guadeloupe — where the poll is held a day early — Justine Benin was defeated by NUPES candidate Christian Baptiste Saturday, a loss that jeopardises her role in the government as Secretary of State for Sea.

A government reshuffle is expected after the election.

19.06.2022 - 09:36 [ @AmericaElige / ]

France, Guadeloupe (parliamentary run-off elections) 3/4 seats were won by candidates who expressed their closeness to NUPES. The fourth was by an independent who has not yet told his choice. Minister Justine Benin has lost her seat and will either resign or be dismissed.

19.06.2022 - 08:57 [ L'Union Populaire 971 / ]

#legislatives2022 Sur les 4 circos en Guadeloupe, 3 pour #NUPES 1 pour le Modem.

La ministre Justine Benin a perdu dans sa circonscription et devra quitter le gouvernement ✌🏼.
Εn Martinique #NUPES remporte les 4 circonscriptions et en Guyane #NUPES 1 sur 2. Une belle soirée

19.06.2022 - 05:43 [ New York Times ]

Something Extraordinary Is Happening in France

In a country as complex, large and diverse as theirs, a political system designed to concentrate authority in the hands of a single head of state maybe isn’t the best way of reflecting popular will. And perhaps, after 64 years, it’s time to try something new.

19.06.2022 - 04:58 [ ]

Abschied von der absoluten Mehrheit?

Dass es überhaupt so weit kommen könnte, ist dem links-außen Politiker Jean-Luc Mélenchon geschuldet. Mit dem links-grünen Wahlbündnis Nupes aus seiner Partei La France Insoumise, den Grünen, Sozialisten und Kommunisten hat er ein Gegengewicht zu Macrons Mitte geschaffen und einen extrem linken Gegenentwurf zur sozialliberalen Politik des Präsidenten präsentiert.

19.06.2022 - 04:51 [ ]

Französische Parlamentswahl in Endrunde

Das neue linke Bündnis aus Linkspartei, Sozialisten, Grünen und Kommunisten, angeführt von Linkspolitiker Jean-Luc Melenchon, kann auf deutlich mehr Sitze im Parlament hoffen. Sollte das Mitte-Lager des Präsidenten nur eine relative Mehrheit erreichen, wären der Präsident und die Regierung gezwungen, Unterstützung aus den anderen Lagern zu suchen.

18.06.2022 - 20:19 [ Zarah Sultana MP / Nitter,net ]

Today I was proud to march alongside trade unionists from across the country to send a message to the Tory government: Squeeze the profits of the super-rich, not the livelihoods of the people #DemandBetter

18.06.2022 - 20:17 [ The Independent / Youtube ]

Cost of living crisis protest underway in London

The demonstration was organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), who say working people have lost almost £20,000 since 2008, with wages not matching rates of inflation.

Named the ‚We Demand Better‘ march, a blue flare signalled its beginning at Portland Place, where hundreds of coaches had brought protestors.

13.06.2022 - 03:08 [ Jean-Luc Mélenchon / ]

Déferlez dimanche prochain pour rejeter les projets funestes de M. #Macron. Déferlez avec vos bulletins de vote pour mettre fin à 30 ans de néolibéralisme. #NUPES #Legislatives2022 #VcommeVictoire

13.06.2022 - 02:46 [ ]

Mélenchon: Macron-Partei ist geschlagen

„Angesichts dieses Ergebnisses und der ausserordentlichen Gelegenheit, die sie für unsere persönlichen Leben und die Zukunft der gemeinsamen Heimat darstellt, rufe ich unser Volk auf, nächsten Sonntag auszuströmen, um natürlich die verhängnisvollen Vorhaben der Mehrheit von Herrn Macron definitiv zurückzuweisen.“

13.06.2022 - 02:39 [ ZDF ]

Parlamentswahl in Frankreich: Macrons Bündnis hauchdünn vor Linksbündnis

Laut dem vorläufigen amtlichen Ergebnis kam Macrons Mitte-Bündnis landesweit auf 25,75 Prozent der Stimmen. Dies teilte das Innenministerium in Paris in der Nacht zu Montag mit.

Die vom Linkspolitiker Jean-Luc Mélenchon angeführte Allianz aus Linken, Kommunisten, Grünen und Sozialisten kam demnach auf 25,66 Prozent und hatte damit hauchdünn das Nachsehen. Der Unterschied betrug gerade einmal 21.442 Stimmen – bei rund 48,7 Millionen Wahlberechtigten.

13.06.2022 - 02:23 [ ]

French EU minister: Mélenchon’s real objective is ‘to crush the left’

Beaune believes that Mélenchon’s real intention is not to become a prime minister – as he has declared – in the next legislative election but to “crush the left and kill the Socialist Party and the Greens for the benefit of Jean-Luc Mélenchon alone”.

12.06.2022 - 20:39 [ ]

Législatives : la NUPES devient la première force politique du pays

Le 1er tour des élections législatives acte un bouleversement de notre vie politique. À 26%, la NUPES est désormais la première force politique du pays. L’alliance historique de la gauche, composée de LFI, du PS, du PCF, de EELV et de Génération.s laisse derrière elle le bloc libéral et le bloc d’extrême-droite. La NUPES est présente au second tour dans plus de 500 circonscriptions.

12.06.2022 - 20:22 [ ]

As France returns to the polls, can Mélenchon’s left deprive Macron of a majority?

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon pulled off an extraordinary PR coup,” said Pascal Perrineau, a professor of political science at Sciences-Po Paris. “Asking the French to elect him prime minister might sound absurd, but it was an extremely shrewd strategy. It allowed him to both supplant Le Pen as Macron’s chief opponent and cast himself as the pillar of a revamped left.”

The PR stunt was soon followed by another tour de force, which even critics have hailed as a masterstroke. In the days following Macron’s re-election, Mélenchon and his team engineered what many had come to see as an impossible feat: a broad alliance of France’s deeply fractured left, united around a common policy platform and fielding a single candidate in each of France’s 577 constituencies.

11.06.2022 - 12:22 [ ]

European intelligence has three favourites for the position of Serbian PM

Sinisa Mali, the current finance minister and former mayor of Belgrade, is mentioned first as a possible candidate. He is one of Aleksandar Vučić’s closest associates and has been involved in several scandals – from the destruction of the Savamala quarter in Belgrade to allegedly owning 24 apartments in Bulgaria. The University of Belgrade stripped him of his doctorate after it was confirmed that he had plagiarized his thesis.

According to European intelligence, Nikola Selaković, current Minister of Foreign Affairs, also has a chance to become the new PM. He is also a loyal associate of Aleksandar Vučić…

11.06.2022 - 12:18 [ ]

Vučić with Scholz: „Scholz brought new energy and new hope“

„Scholz has brought new energy and new hope. He wants to hear everyone in the Western Balkans and wants real prospects for EU expansion which is an important, excellent message for everyone in the Western Balkans. We also talked about the fact that Serbia must progress much faster in terms of the rule of law, democracy…“, he said.

07.06.2022 - 12:32 [ ]

Boris Johnson latest news: Prime Minister’s premiership is no longer ‚viable‘, says William Hague

Lord Hague, the former leader of the Conservative Party, said Mr Johnson is now facing a „big problem“ because it „isn’t viable actually when more than 40 per cent of your party vote against you“.

He told Times Radio: “That is very difficult then to proceed as party leader in the long term. This is like trying to drive along the M1 with two flat tyres. You can say you are at the steering wheel but is it really viable? You are not going to get to the end of the motorway.”

07.06.2022 - 12:26 [ ]

Boris orders Cabinet to ‚get on with the job‘ and focus on cost of living after brutal confidence vote saw 148 Tory MPs try to oust him – worse than Theresa AND Maggie – with loyalists admitting even ministers secretly voted against him

– Boris Johnson is setting out to revive his premiership after a hugely damaging confidence vote last night
– His allies are begging the 148 MPs who voted against the PM to ‚back down‘ after his slim victory yesterday
– One loyalist MP described Monday as ‚the first day of a Tory civil war‘ with a double by-election looming
– The PM’s allies have insisted he will ‚fight his corner‘ amid warnings that an early general election is possible
– Backbench chief Sir Graham Brady called a full vote after receiving 54 letters from MPs calling for one

06.06.2022 - 16:59 [ ]

Boris Johnson will win the confidence vote – but even so, it’s over for him

Some big names may quit during the day, because many cannot accept the result. If you think Johnson is a disaster on Monday morning, you’re not going to believe he’s a genius on Monday evening, and no one would believe you if you said so.

06.06.2022 - 16:55 [ @BestForBritain / ]

Nadine Dorries says Boris Johnson should remain in post because „the donors have spoken“.

What about the will of the people?

New snap poll from @OpiniumResearch shows 59% think Tory MPs should vote to remove Johnson as leader today

06.06.2022 - 16:51 [ ]

MONEY TALKS: Big Tory donors plead with MPs not to ditch Boris Johnson

Big names include billionaire JCB boss Lord Bamford, property magnate Sir Tony Gallagher and Carphone Wearhouse founder David Ross.

Other names include multimillionaire financier Howard Shore and mega rich Simon Rueben – who alongside brother David is worth £16bn.

06.06.2022 - 10:05 [ WPLG Local 10 / Youtube ]

Parade and pageant highlights final day of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The fourth and final day of the Queen’s Jubilee is underway in London.

06.06.2022 - 09:51 [ ]

Boris Johnson latest news: No confidence vote in Prime Minister today

Sir Graham said in a statement: “The threshold of 15 per cent of the parliamentary party seeking a vote of confidence in the leader of the Conservative Party has been exceeded.

“In accordance with the rules, a ballot will be held between 1800 and 2000 TODAY MONDAY 6th JUNE — details to be confirmed.

06.06.2022 - 09:36 [ ]

Boris WILL face vote of no confidence TODAY: Graham Brady reveals 54 Tory MPs have submitted letters – with crunch ballot ‚at 6pm TONIGHT‘

– Boris Johnson is facing a confidence vote at 6pm tonight after Tories wrote letters to the 1922 committee
– The PM’s allies have insisted he will ‚fight his corner‘ amid warnings that an early general election is possible
– Backbench chief Sir Graham Brady calls a full vote when he receives 54 letters from MPs asking for one

03.06.2022 - 03:37 [ ]

Justiz: Von der Leyen hält Druck auf Polen aufrecht

Bisher hatte Brüssel die Gelder wegen des Streits um das Justizsystem blockiert. In der vergangenen Woche stimmte das polnische Parlament jedoch für eine Abschaffung der umstrittenen Disziplinarkammer für Richter und Richterinnen. Diese soll durch ein neues Gremium ersetzt werden.

02.06.2022 - 13:11 [ ]

Selenskyj: Ukraine „de facto schon EU-Mitglied“

Selenskyj zeigte sich überzeugt, dass sich Luxemburg dafür einsetzen werde, dass sein Land im Juni den offiziellen Status eines EU-Beitrittskandidaten erhalten und „in einem beschleunigten Verfahren EU-Mitglied“ werde.

28.05.2022 - 18:14 [ ]

Bunker zu verkaufen

Die gesamte tschechische Presse hatte sich am Donnerstag erwartungsvoll rund um Andor Šándor versammelt, den ehemaligen Geheimdienstchef des Landes. Doch die „wichtige Sicherheitsherausforderung“, über die der Ex-Spion sprechen wollte, entpuppte sich als Werbeverkaufsveranstaltung für Fertigbunker.

Während oben Tornados und Panzertruppen das Eigenheim niederwalzen, sitzt die Familie gut geschützt und glücklich tief unter der heimischen Grasnarbe. Jedenfalls in den bizarren Prospekten, die Šándor an die erstaunten Medienvertreter verteilte

22.05.2022 - 03:48 [ Zero Hedge ]

Russian Media Says Head Of Azov In Custody After 2,439 Total Fighters Surrender At Steel Plant

Late Friday Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that the last Ukrainian fighters holed up in the giant Azovstal steelworks plant emerged, days after there were reports that top Azov commanders still holding out.

The ministry said it counted 2,439 defenders had emerged and surrendered over the past few days. The final holdout group that was last to come out was tallied at 531. The Russian military’s now total control over the sprawling plant and city of Mariupol is considered the be its greatest victory over three months of war.

20.05.2022 - 22:59 [ ZDF ]

Russland dreht Finnland den Gashahn zu

Russland stellt die Gas-Lieferungen nach Finnland nach Angaben des finnischen Energieversorgers Gasum am frühen Samstagmorgen ein. Darüber habe Gazprom Export am Freitagnachmittag informiert, teilte Gasum mit. Zuvor hatte der Konzern erklärt, Forderungen von Russland, Gasrechnungen in Rubel zu begleichen, nicht zu akzeptieren.

20.05.2022 - 22:48 [ ]

Natural gas imports from Russia under Gasum’s supply contract will be halted on Saturday 21 May at 07.00

On the afternoon of Friday May 20, Gazprom Export informed Gasum that natural gas supplies to Finland under Gasum’s supply contract will be cut on Saturday May 21, 2022 at 07.00.

20.05.2022 - 22:35 [ ]

Ukraine to give no consent to alternatives for EU membership – Yermak

„We will not agree to the alternatives of joining the EU, which have begun to sound again recently,“ he said.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron said he was proposing to create a new political union, in which it would be possible to accept countries outside the EU, for example, Ukraine. proposing „to create what I would call a European political community.“

20.05.2022 - 13:12 [ ]

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: If there’s one lesson from this pitiful farrago, it’s that such a sweeping affront to our liberties must never happen again

During the pandemic, the British state imposed unprecedented constraints on the liberties we cherish.

When visiting dying relatives or drinking a cup of coffee on a park bench in open countryside becomes a criminal offence, something has gone terribly wrong.

The restrictions inflicted huge damage to the economy, children’s education and the public health. And latest evidence seriously questions whether they had much real effect.

If there is one lesson we must learn from this pitiful farrago, it is that such a sweeping affront to freedom can never be allowed to happen again.

20.05.2022 - 13:06 [ Bloomberg ]

Johnson Avoids More Fines as UK Police End ‘Partygate’ Probe

Boris Johnson won’t be fined again for breaking coronavirus regulations after UK police concluded a probe into rule-breaking gatherings during lockdown, a major boost for the prime minister after months of turmoil.

08.05.2022 - 12:44 [ ]

Local elections 2022: Critics turn on Boris Johnson as Tories lose almost 500 council seats

Tory MPs are assessing the fall-out after a „tough night“ for Boris Johnson in his first test at the ballot box since being fined for breaking lockdown rules.

The Conservatives lost nearly 500 seats in England, Wales, and Scotland in Thursday’s council elections, with partygate and the cost of living crisis cited by local leaders as key issues on the doorstep.

08.05.2022 - 12:28 [ ]

The NI Protocol lacks democratic legitimacy and must be removed

It is the Protocol – not Brexit – that has created a border in the Irish Sea. As such it represents an existential threat to the future of our place in the Union. No Conservative and Unionist government can stand by and watch as the pro-union people of Northern Ireland diverge further and further from the rest of the United Kingdom. The checks on the Irish Sea border are the symptom of the underlying problem, that Northern Ireland is subject to a different set of laws imposed by a foreign entity without any say by any elected representative of its people.

08.05.2022 - 11:32 [ ]

Northern Ireland election results: Sinn Fein becomes largest party at Stormont with 27 seats – as it happened

Sinn Fein has become the largest party in Northern Ireland after winning 27 seats at the Assembly election – the first nationalist party to ever do so.

Until today, a unionist party had always been the largest party in the Assembly since the formation of Northern Ireland in 1921

29.04.2022 - 19:43 [ Bundesministerium Inners (Österreich) - ]

NEIN zur Impfpflicht (2. Mai bis 9. Mai 2022)

Der Bundesminister für Inneres hat am 11. Februar 2022 einem Antrag auf Einleitung des Verfahrens für ein Volksbegehren mit der Kurzbezeichnung

„NEIN zur Impfpflicht“

stattgegeben; gleichzeitig hat er hierzu festgelegt:
Beginn des Eintragungszeitraumes: 2. Mai 2022
Ende des Eintragungszeitraumes: 9. Mai 2022
Stichtag: 28. März 2022

Das Volksbegehren hat folgenden Wortlaut:

25.04.2022 - 07:37 [ Sü ]

Emmanuel Macron im Interview: „Wir wollen eine Neugründung Europas“

(31. August 2015)

Der Minister, ein früherer Élysée-Berater und enger Vertrauter von Präsident Hollande, zeigte sich überzeugt, dass die Franzosen seine weitreichenden Pläne in einem Referendum billigen würden. Ein Nein wie 2005 drohe nur, wenn der nötige neue EU-Vertrag zu kurz greife: „Fällt die Reform zu klein aus, dann werden die Menschen sie tatsächlich ablehnen. Sie wollen nicht mehr das Europa der Bürokraten, all das Klein-Klein. Wir brauchen einen großen Wurf. Und eine offene Debatte, nicht wie bisher Europa nur von oben herab.“

25.04.2022 - 07:32 [ ]

Macron bleibt Präsident

Und er fügte hinzu: „Sie haben sich für ein humanistisches, republikanisches, soziales und ökologisches Projekt entschieden, das auf Arbeit und Kreativität beruht, ein Projekt zur Befreiung unserer akademischen, kulturellen und unternehmerischen Kräfte. Wir werden anspruchsvoll und ehrgeizig sein müssen. Wir haben so viel zu tun, und der Krieg in der Ukraine ist da, um uns daran zu erinnern, dass wir uns in tragischen Zeiten befinden, in denen Frankreich seinen Weg finden muss.“

19.04.2022 - 20:46 [ ]

Sorry… now back to the war: Boris offers MPs an apology but STILL refuses to call rule-breaking No10 gathering a party before moving swiftly onto Ukraine – as rebel Tory Mark Harper says he is ’no longer worthy of the great office that he holds‘

– The Prime Minister said sorry with ‚full humility‘ over the £50 fixed-penalty notice he received last week
– But in the same breath he claimed ignorance of his own Covid rules over June 2020 event in No10
– Told MPs ‚It did not occur to me then or subsequently that gathering … could amount to a breach of the rules‘

17.04.2022 - 20:43 [ ]

Athen protestiert gegen türkische Kampfjets über Ägäis

Griechenland hat gegen Flüge türkischer Kampfjets über Ägäis-Inseln protestiert. Außenminister Nikos Dendias sagte der Athener Zeitung „Kathimerini“ (Sonntag-Ausgabe), die zahlreichen Überflüge der Militärflugzeuge seien eine eklatante Verletzung des internationalen Rechts und stünden nicht im Einklang mit den jüngsten Bemühungen um Entspannung zwischen Athen und Ankara.

13.04.2022 - 07:49 [ ]

Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ fine will see him punished at the ballot box

According to a snap poll by YouGov, 57 per cent of British adults think Mr Johnson should resign for breaching the Covid rules. The same proportion also now want his Treasury protege to follow suit.

The Chancellor will be especially disheartened to discover that while 25 per cent of Tory voters want rid of Mr Johnson, the figure rises to 30 per cent when it comes to his own future in the party.

13.04.2022 - 07:41 [ ]

Rishi Sunak ‚had to be talked out of resigning over Partygate penalty because it would have pressured PM do the same‘ – while Sue Gray report on scandal ‚will be published next week and will NOT make comfortable reading‘ amid fears of MORE fines for Boris

Boris Johnson may face more woe over the coming days, amid claims Sue Gray’s report into the Partygate scandal is due next week and ‚will not make comfortable reading‘ – potentially even leading to more fines.

The Met revealed on Tuesday that at least 30 more fixed penalty notices were issued over the saga, with a spokesman for Number 10 confirming Mr Johnson, his wife Carrie and Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be among the recipients.

13.04.2022 - 06:38 [ ]

Johnson lehnt Rücktritt trotz Strafe ab

Scotland Yard hatte wegen mehrerer Partys am Regierungssitz während der Coronavirus-Ausgangssperren in den Jahren 2020 und 2021 Ermittlungen aufgenommen. Der Premier, dessen Beliebtheit nach dem Skandal stark gesunken war, hatte sich im Jänner vor den Abgeordneten entschuldigt, einen Rücktritt jedoch ausgeschlossen und auf die Ergebnisse der polizeilichen Ermittlungen verwiesen.

10.04.2022 - 10:40 [ Reuters ]

Macron faces a tough fight as France votes on Sunday

Opinion polls still see Macron leading the first round and winning a runoff against Le Pen on April 24, but several surveys now say this is within the margin of error.

09.04.2022 - 07:38 [ ]

Germany will stop importing Russian gas ‘very soon’, says Olaf Scholz

The German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has said his country is doing all it can to wean itself off Russian energy, but declined to endorse a claim by Boris Johnson that it would stop importing Russian gas by the middle of 2024.

09.04.2022 - 07:19 [ ]

Kanzler zu Besuch in London: Scholz und Johnson bekunden Einigkeit

Scholz kündigte an, dass Deutschland noch in diesem Jahr die Importe von russischem Öl stoppen werde. Selbst Großbritanniens Premier Boris Johnson sprang seinem Gast bei, als er sagte, es sollten doch die großen Schritte bedacht werden, die die Europäische Union, die Deutschland bereits unternommen hätten, um sich von der Abhängigkeit zu lösen. „Großbritannien importiert lediglich einen kleinen Teil des verbrauchten Gases aus Russland. Die mit Abstand größten Lieferanten sind Norwegen und Konzerne, die in der britischen Nordsee Gas fördern.“

04.04.2022 - 09:26 [ Ungarn Heute ]

Orbán und die Regierungsparteien verzeichnen Erdrutschsieg mit Zweidrittel-Mehrheit

Die von Viktor Orbán geführte Regierung mit dem Parteibündnis Fidesz-KDNP hat bei den Wahlen am Sonntag einen sicheren und vielleicht auch selbst von ihnen unerwarteten Erdrutschsieg errungen. Obwohl alle Umfragen Orbáns Sieg vorhersagten, rechnete niemand mit einer Zweidrittelmehrheit.

25.03.2022 - 14:33 [ ]

Nehammer am Donnerstag bei Scholz in Berlin

Nehammer werde in Berlin außer Scholz den deutschen Bundespräsidenten Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Wirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck (Grüne) und Finanzminister Christian Lindner (FDP) treffen. Die Gespräche werden voraussichtlich den Krieg in der Ukraine, allgemeine europäische Fragen, den Westbalkan und die bilateralen Beziehungen behandeln.

09.03.2022 - 18:23 [ ]

Frauenkampftag in Wien: Demo kritischer Feministinnen

Am internationalen Frauenkampftag, dem 8. März, fanden in Wien zwei Demonstrationen statt. Eine große, „woke“ und eine kleine, „radikale“. Wir liefern Stoff von letzterer, zu der die autonomen FrauenLesben des FZ (Frauenzentrum) Wien zur Kundgebung und anschließenden Demonstration aufriefen. Der Spaltung der Szene sei ein eigener Beitrag gewidmet – hier jedenfalls ein Video von der Demo, mit Eindrücken und Inhalten der Redebeiträge:

Den Rednerinnen gegenüber stand eine Menge von rund 50-60 Personen, mit fortschreitender Zeit wurden es etwas mehr. Inhalte der Beiträge waren u.a. die prekäre Lage von Frauen seit Corona, die durch die Corona-Maßnahmen zur Arbeitszeitreduktion und „zur Rückkehr an den Herd“ gezwungen wurden, die in schlechtbezahlten Jobs (Gesundheitsbereich) unter hohen Belastungen arbeiten, die zu Tausenden ihre Jobs verloren haben und von Armut betroffen sind. Auch ein Thema der Redebeiträge war der Krieg in der Ukraine – nicht ohne Kritik an EU, USA und insbesondere der NATO.

09.03.2022 - 14:16 [ ]

Entscheidung zur Impfpflicht wird verschoben – Keine Strafen ab Mitte März

Update 10.15 Uhr: Der Gesundheitsminister hat mittlerweile bekanntgegeben, die Impfpflicht per Verordnung auszusetzen. Nicht nur kommt das Gesetz damit nicht in Phase II, sondern ist auch (zumindest gegenwärtig) pausiert. Das heißt: Es gibt in Österreich aktuell keine Impfpflicht mehr. Das kann sich aber wieder schnell ändern. Zurückgenommen ist das Gesetz nicht, es ist bis 31. Jänner 2024 in Kraft.

07.03.2022 - 06:01 [ ]

Brisant: Fällt die Impfpflicht schon kommende Woche?

Die Impfpflicht-Kommission wird ihren diesbezüglichen Bericht am Dienstag, den 8. März veröffentlichen. Rät das Gremium, die Impfplicht, bzw. die Strafen gegen einen Verstoß derselben auszusetzen, so könnte das tatsächlich einer der ersten Amtshandlungen Rauchs sein. Denn eine solche Aussetzung der Impfpflicht hat durch den Gesundheitsminister mittels Verordnung zu geschehen.

07.03.2022 - 05:55 [ ]

Verfassungsgericht verhandelt öffentlich über „Lockdown für Ungeimpfte“

Der österreichische Verfassungsgerichtshof verhandelt am Dienstag übernächste Woche (15. März) vier Anträge, die den „Lockdown für Ungeimpfte“ als rechtswidrig ansehen. Die Verhandlung wird öffentlich sein. Das gab der VfGH am Freitag bekannt. Interessierte haben nun wenige Tage Zeit, sich für die mündliche Verhandlung anzumelden.

16.02.2022 - 17:35 [ Tichys Einblick ]

Dänische Gesundheitsbehörde mit Faktenchecks gegen Corona-Panikmache – Ende der Massenimpfungen angekündigt

Das Dänische Statens Serum Institut (vergleichbar etwa mit dem RKI in Deutschland) hat auf seiner Website nun Faktenchecks gegen „Häufige Fälle von Desinformation“ in Bezug auf Corona veröffentlicht – ähnlich wie man es auch aus Deutschland kennt. Nur werden hier eben keine Lockdown- oder Impf-kritischen Beiträge überprüft, sondern solche, die im Gegenteil die Corona-Gefahr übertreiben und Angst verbreiten.

13.02.2022 - 14:15 [ ]

Nehammer rückt von Impfpflicht ab, Impflotterie abgesagt


Bundeskanzler Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) schließt das Aussetzen der eben erst in Kraft getretenen Impfpflicht gegen das Coronavirus nicht aus, nachdem immer mehr Politiker und Experten in diese Richtung drängen. Wenn sich die von der Regierung beauftragten Experten dafür aussprechen, das Gesetz auszusetzen, werde man das machen, sagte Nehammer in der „Kronen Zeitung“ am Sonntag. Zudem verkündete er das Ende der Impflotterie.

13.02.2022 - 14:10 [ ]

Tirols Ärztekammerpräsident fordert Aussetzen der Impfpflicht


Tirols Ärztekammerpräsident Artur Wechselberger spricht sich „zumindest für ein Aussetzen“ der beschlossenen Impfpflicht gegen das Coronavirus aus. Man müsse sich unter anderem die Frage stellen, ob es „noch unbedingt notwendig ist, diese Spaltung der Gesellschaft in Kauf zu nehmen“, sagte Wechselberger.

13.02.2022 - 14:06 [ Chris Veber / ]

Game Over? Setzen Wiens Verfassungsrichter die Regierung matt?


Es ist vorbei. Der österreichische Verfassungsgerichtshof (VfGH) hat am 26. Jänner 2022 ein Verordnungsprüfungsverfahren eingeleitet und an den österreichischen Gesundheitsminister ein Konvolut an Fragen übermittelt. Fragen, die bis jetzt absolut tabu waren. Die an den Grundfesten der „Pandemie“ rütteln. Der Gesundheitsminister hat für eine Antwort Zeit bis zum 18. Februar 2022. Das ist dann auch das Enddatum der „Pandemie“ in Österreich.

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Cressida Dick confirms any Downing Street rulebreakers – including Boris Johnson – would probably only be fined £100 even if they are found guilty over No10 parties – as PM refuses to say whether he will quit if he is among those punished

Cressida Dick appeared to rule out any punishment stronger than a fine for Boris Johnson over Partygate today – as he refused to confirm he would quit if found to have broken the law.

Scotland Yard is sending formal questionnaires to more than 50 people to ask them to give an account of their involvement, with the documents due to start arriving by the end of this week.

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Dame Cressida Dick forced to quit Met Police after string of Scotland Yard scandals

But it comes after Scotland Yard has been rocked by multiple scandals in recent months, including the force’s handling of partygate, Sarah Everard’s murder and repeated claims of a culture of misogyny and racism.

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Dame Cressida Dick forced out of role as Met Police chief

Country’s most senior police officer says Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, ‚left her with no choice‘ but to quit

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EU leaders present united front after talks on Ukraine crisis

„We must find ways and means together to engage in a firm dialogue with Russia,“ he said in Berlin, where he was to debrief German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish leader Andrzej Duda on his Kremlin meeting and his talks with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

Standing alongside Macron and Duda, Scholz stressed the trio „are united by the goal of maintaining peace in Europe through diplomacy and clear messages and the shared will to act in unison“.

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News conference following Russian-French talks

For our part, we will do our best to find compromises that suit everyone. There is not a single point that we consider unachievable in the proposals we sent to NATO and Washington.

There is also the ongoing issue related to the situation in Donbass. The President said that Russia is conducting exercises and has amassed a large group of forces. But has Ukraine not amassed them also? They have the same 100,000 or 125,000 troops concentrated in Donbass.

To reiterate, they have tried to resolve the Donbass issue through military means twice, and they did not conceal this as they used equipment and aviation. Who will give us guarantees that this will not happen? This is also a legitimate question on our part.

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Putin says ready for compromise with West after talks with Macron on Ukraine

Repeatedly thanking the French leader for coming to Moscow, Putin said at a joint press conference that Macron had presented several ideas worth studying.

„A number of his ideas, proposals… are possible as a basis for further steps,“ Putin said, adding: „We will do everything to find compromises that suit everyone.“

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Macron: No security for Europeans if there is no security for Russia

While President Joe Biden was unsuccessfully trying to strongarm German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House Monday into saying he would give up Russian gas if that country invades Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron was in Moscow actually making what appears to be some potential headway in defusing the crisis over Ukraine.

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Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on Russia set alarm bells ringing

Domestic critics of Emmanuel Macron, Nato hardliners and the leadership in Ukraine will be suspiciously examining the French president’s late-night remarks at his Moscow press conference on Monday for signs of freelancing.