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10.11.2020 - 18:15 [ University of Oxford ]

Science reveals secrets behind the success of Game of Thrones

In other words, Martin keeps his characters’ networks within the limits that his readers’ human minds were designed by evolution to cope with.

20.10.2020 - 11:58 [ ]

Wird die Menschheit immer klüger?

Man könnte es auch in den Worten von James Flynn ausdrücken: Das 20. Jahrhundert hat gezeigt, wie groß die kognitiven Reserven sind.

15.09.2020 - 12:52 [ Donna Laframboise / ]

3 Things Scientists Need to Know About the IPCC


The bottom line is that this is a week of naked political horse trading that goes on behind closed doors. Journalists are not allowed to witness what takes place, which is why we’ve been looking at official IPCC photos here. This is what they permit us to see.

It’s only after the diplomats have haggled over this Summary – paragraph by paragraph – that the final version gets officially released at a press conference.

The world is then told that science has spoken. But what’s just happened has nothing to do with science. Scientific truth is not determined in the dead of night by UN-level negotiations. On what planet would such an approach make scientific sense?

But the bad news doesn’t stop there. There’s actually a step in the IPCC process in which the original, lengthy report gets amended so that it conforms to the politically-negotiated Summary. I am not making this up.

05.08.2020 - 20:06 [ FRESH Movie Trailers / Youtube ]

Men In Black 3 „Look Right Here“ …

In this clip, MIB’s Agent J and Agent K (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) control a crowd of witnesses with the famous neuralyzer (or flashy thing)…

04.08.2020 - 20:52 [ Jerusalem Post ]

Yair Netanyahu: I show my father videos of ‚aliens‘ from protests

The original tweet, which was later deleted from the Galey Israel account, read: „My dad is a strong man, he sees what we all see, these aliens at the protests, it’s funny to him, it’s like entertainment.“

Later, Yair Netanyahu attempted to clarify his words in another tweet.

14.05.2020 - 20:45 [ ]

The Sun’s midlife crisis could be making it stand out in the universe


„The solar dynamo is one of the last unsolved mysteries of solar physics,“ Reinhold says. „We don’t really know why it’s 11 years long, or how it is generated.“

Other stars also run on cycles, but theirs varies from three years to eight years.

Although the researchers aren’t quite sure what makes the Sun so unique, they have a few possible explanations.

08.05.2020 - 19:46 [ ]

It’s all about the data

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been reminded of the importance of data. We see the daily number of diagnosed cases, the numbers of hospital beds, the number of ventilators and most of all — the number of deaths from the virus. We are getting a little of the pain that our parents and grandparents must have suffered when they received reports from the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific during World War II. They worried daily about their loved ones in the midst of so many dying.

22.01.2020 - 22:02 [ Dr. Jessie Christiansen ‏/ Twitter ]

I have always been interested in galactic archaeology, but I don’t think this is what they meant. Did you know that dinosaurs lived on the other side of the Galaxy?


02.01.2020 - 16:57 [ Dr. Jessie Christiansen ‏/ Twitter ]

I have always been interested in galactic archaeology, but I don’t think this is what they meant. Did you know that dinosaurs lived on the other side of the Galaxy?


29.12.2019 - 15:17 [ Caitlin Johnstone ]

Why Everything Is Fucked

The most powerful early humans were the cleverest humans, the ones who understood how to use this new capacity for language and abstract thought to their own advantage. They realized that by simply saying something is true in a sufficiently confident way, they could persuade the less clever humans to treat it as true.

Those clever humans used this newfound ability to place themselves in charge, and to make a bunch of rules to be passed down from generation to generation proclaiming that the less powerful humans must submit to the more powerful humans. Over the generations these rules became more and more numerous and complex, weaving in moralism, codes of filial piety, and insane, power-serving religions glorifying meekness, obedience and poverty.


But then, I believe in miracles.

15.11.2019 - 20:48 [ New York Times ]

I’m Sorry, Is Impeachment Not Entertaining Enough for You?

I wonder whether this is where hundreds of channels, dozens of streaming services and the internet have ultimately left us. In a world where there’s news breaking on social media every one-thousandth of a second, and you can hit ‘refresh’ all day long, is it too much to expect that voters will spend hours listening to sober civil servants with complicated stories and pocket squares?

15.11.2019 - 15:00 [ ]

A NASA scientist’s incredible animation shows how dinosaurs roamed the Earth on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy

Our sun orbits the galaxy’s center, so many dinosaurs roamed the Earth while the planet was on the other side of the Milky Way.

Our solar system’s orbit keeps us just the right distance from the galaxy’s chaotic center for life to exist.

15.11.2019 - 12:27 [ Dr. Jessie Christiansen ‏/ Twitter ]

I have always been interested in galactic archaeology, but I don’t think this is what they meant. Did you know that dinosaurs lived on the other side of the Galaxy?

18.10.2019 - 19:48 [ CNN ]

Is this how we’ll live on Mars?

„The climate crisis is — rightly — frightening a lot of people, and there is a tendency to think of Mars as a sort of escape hatch for humanity, a planet B, which is very dangerous and problematic,“ said Watson.

13.07.2019 - 16:26 [ ]

Wirtschaft sympathisiert mit CO2-Steuer

„Wir brauchen in Europa oder in allen Industriestaaten eine CO2-Steuer, die berechenbar langfristig steigt“, sagte Frank Appel, Chef der Deutschen Post, der „Rheinischen Post“. „Dann können sich Konsumenten und Unternehmen in ihrem Verhalten anpassen und gezielt in Anlagen investieren, die den Ausstoß von CO2 begrenzen.“

26.04.2019 - 21:44 [ ]

Gorilla selfie park ranger explains how he got incredible picture

Mathieu said: ‘In terms of behaviour, they like to mimic everything that is happening (around them), everything we do.’

He said the caretakers at Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla Orphanage Centre try to give the animals as much access as possible to their natural environment, but they inevitably exhibit ‘almost the same behaviour as humans.’

20.11.2018 - 14:33 [ Nicolas Lewis / ]

A major problem with the Resplandy et al. ocean heat uptake paper

(6.11.2018) I wanted to make sure that I had not overlooked something in my calculations, so later on November 1st I emailed Laure Resplandy querying the ΔAPOClimate trend figure in her paper and asking for her to look into the difference in our trend estimates as a matter of urgency, explaining that in view of the media coverage of the paper I was contemplating web-publishing a comment on it within a matter of days. To date I have had no substantive response from her, despite subsequently sending a further email containing the key analysis sections from a draft of this article.

How might Laure Resplandy [xiv] have miscalculated the ΔAPOClimate trend as 1.16 per meg per year?

20.11.2018 - 14:31 [ ]

Global Warming: Another Doomsday Climate Model Flunks A Math Test

(15.11.2018) Media around the world seized upon the report as yet another indicator of climate-change doom and runaway global warming. No surprise, since most of the media faithfully adhere to the Holy Church of Global Warming.

20.11.2018 - 12:49 [ Cornell University / ]

What did birds and insects do during the 2017 solar eclipse? Radar study finds less activity during the event

(15.11.2018) Many bird species were in the beginning stages of their fall migration, and recent developments in computing power, big data processing, and machine learning set the stage for the completion of a much-needed continental-scale analysis.

The next solar eclipse over the continental U.S. is in the spring — April 8, 2024 — and Nilsson is looking forward to …