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20.09.2020 - 17:43 [ Prof Michel Chossudovsky / Global Research ]

What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

The data and concepts have been manipulated with a view to sustaining the fear campaign.

The estimates are meaningless. The figures have been hyped to justify the lockdown and the closure of the national economy, with devastating economic and social consequences. The Virus is held responsible for poverty and mass unemployment.

Confirmed by prominent scientists as well as by official public health bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Covid-19 is a public health concern but it is NOT a dangerous virus.

The COVID-19 crisis is marked by a public health “emergency” under WHO auspices which is being used as a pretext and a justification to trigger a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring. Social engineering is being applied. Governments are pressured into extending the lockdown, despite its devastating economic and social consequences.

There is no scientific basis for implementing the closing down of the global economy as a means to resolving a public health crisis.

Both the media and the governments are involved in spreading disinformation.

11.07.2020 - 18:33 [ ]

Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health

Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda.

06.07.2020 - 09:46 [ MDR ]

Corona-Tests nach Quarantäne in Magdeburg Pflicht

Schüler und Arbeitnehmer aus dem Quarantäne-Gebiet müssen nun einen Corona-Test machen. Erst mit einem negativen Ergebnis dürfen sie wieder arbeiten gehen beziehungsweise die Schulbank drücken. Darauf hat Amtsarzt Eike Hennig hingewiesen.

29.06.2020 - 19:31 [ Tagesschau ]

QR-Code als Eintrittskarte für Griechenland-Urlauber

Wie die Regierung in Athen mitteilte, müssen alle Touristen 48 Stunden vor ihrer Einreise online ein Anmeldeformular mit einem Fragebogen ausfüllen und erhalten dann einen persönlichen QR-Code, über den nach Ankunft mitgeteilt wird, ob sie auf das Coronavirus getestet werden.

15.06.2020 - 20:49 [ rbb24 ]

Wohnblock in Berlin-Neukölln unter Corona-Quarantäne

Man warte auf weitere Laborergebnisse, außerdem sollen im Laufe der Woche die Bewohner der betroffenen Blockteile durchgetestet werden.

26.04.2020 - 21:56 [ Ruptly / Twitter ]

Building sealed off for #COVID-19 tests after residents violate restrictions #Germany #Grevenbroich

16.04.2020 - 15:21 [ ]

Trump says U.S. investigating whether COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab

The source of the virus remains a mystery. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Tuesday that U.S. intelligence indicates that the coronavirus likely occurred naturally, as opposed to being created in a laboratory in China, but there is no certainty either way.

16.04.2020 - 13:41 [ Washington Post ]

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses

“The idea that it was just a totally natural occurrence is circumstantial. The evidence it leaked from the lab is circumstantial. Right now, the ledger on the side of it leaking from the lab is packed with bullet points and there’s almost nothing on the other side,” the official said.

As my colleague David Ignatius noted, the Chinese government’s original story — that the virus emerged from a seafood market in Wuhan — is shaky. Research by Chinese experts published in the Lancet in January showed the first known patient, identified on Dec. 1, had no connection to the market, nor did more than one-third of the cases in the first large cluster. Also, the market didn’t sell bats.