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24.11.2022 - 18:19 [ ]

Pork set to follow eggs as food supply tightens

EU production data to the end of August showed a 3.9% drop to 6.5 million pigs.

At the member-state level, national figures showed that German production was back 11%. Danish sow numbers have fallen 3% this year and sit at a 20-year low (11 million), while Dutch farmers are being paid to sell up to help meet national ammonia and nitrate targets.

17.11.2022 - 11:38 [ ]

Operation Northwoods

(March 13, 1962)

c. Commence large scale United States military operations.
3. A „Remember the Maine“ incident could be arranged in several forms:
a. We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.
b. We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to „evacuate“ remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.
4. We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.

The terror campaign could be pointed at refugees seeking haven in the United States. We could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement, also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.

17.11.2022 - 10:14 [ Central Intelligence Agency / ]

CIA Document 1035-960 – Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

(01. April 1967)

Presumably as a result of the increasing challenge to the Warren Commission’s report, a public opinion poll recently indicated that 46% of the American public did not think that Oswald acted alone, while more than half of those polled thought that the Commission had left some questions unresolved. Doubtless polls abroad would show similar, or possibly more adverse results.


Innuendo of such seriousness affects not only the individual concerned, but also the whole reputation of the American government. Our organization itself is directly involved: among other facts, we contributed information to the investigation. Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries. Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.

3. Action. We do not recommend that discussion of the assassination question be initiated where it is not already taking place. Where discussion is active, however, addresses are requested:

a. To discuss the publicity problem with liaison and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors), pointing out that the Warren Commission made as thorough an investigation as humanly possible, that the charges of the critics are without serious foundation, and that further speculative discussion only plays into the hands of the opposition. Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists. Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.

b. To employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (I) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.


4. In private to media discussions not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be yet forthcoming, the following arguments should be useful:

a. No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider. The assassination is sometimes compared (e.g., by Joachim Joesten and Bertrand Russell) with the Dreyfus case; however, unlike that case, the attack on the Warren Commission have produced no new evidence, no new culprits have been convincingly identified, and there is no agreement among the critics. (A better parallel, though an imperfect one, might be with the Reichstag fire of 1933, which some competent historians (Fritz Tobias, AJ.P. Taylor, D.C. Watt) now believe was set by Vander Lubbe on his own initiative, without acting for either Nazis or Communists; the Nazis tried to pin the blame on the Communists, but the latter have been more successful in convincing the world that the Nazis were to blame.)

15.11.2022 - 08:41 [ ]

Poland and Germany to train Ukrainian troops

“Now we know for sure that the mission will operate in Poland, Germany and any other country willing to take up this responsibility,” Mr Rau said.

Last month, the EU Council agreed to set up the Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine). According to the European Council’s website, “the aim of the mission is to contribute to enhancing the military capability of Ukraine’s Armed Forces to effectively conduct military operations, in order to allow Ukraine to defend its territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, effectively exercise its sovereignty and protect civilians.”

15.11.2022 - 07:38 [ Xinhua ]

Staatsoberhäupter von China und USA müssen bilaterale Beziehungen in richtige Richtung lenken: Xi

Ein Staatsmann sollte darüber nachdenken und wissen, wohin er sein Land führen wolle. Er sollte auch darüber nachdenken und wissen, wie er mit anderen Ländern und der ganzen Welt auskommen könne, fügte Xi hinzu.

Xi betonte, in dieser Zeit und in diesem Zeitalter würden sich große Veränderungen in einer Weise vollziehen, wie es sie nie zuvor gegeben habe, und sagte, die Menschheit stehe vor noch nie dagewesenen Herausforderungen.

„Die Welt ist an einem Scheideweg angelangt. Wie soll es von hier aus weitergehen? Diese Frage beschäftigt nicht nur uns, sondern auch alle anderen Länder“, sagte Xi. Die Welt erwarte, dass China und die USA ihre Beziehungen in Zukunft richtig handhaben.

Xi wies darauf hin, dass sein Treffen mit Biden die Aufmerksamkeit der Weltöffentlichkeit auf sich gezogen habe, und sagte, dass beide Seiten mit allen Ländern zusammenarbeiten sollten, um dem Weltfrieden mehr Hoffnung zu geben, das Vertrauen in die globale Stabilität zu stärken und der gemeinsamen Entwicklung einen stärkeren Impuls zu verleihen.

15.11.2022 - 07:23 [ New York Times ]

Ukraine War and G20: Summit Begins Under Shadow of War and Economic Worries

BALI, Indonesia — The annual Group of 20 summit began on Tuesday under the shadow of the war in Ukraine and concerns about a possible global recession, as leaders of some of the world’s wealthiest nations and biggest emerging markets push for a coordinated response to the threats.

As the group of 19 countries and the European Union gathers on the Indonesian island of Bali, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the U.S.-China rivalry and a resurgence of authoritarianism are testing alignments in the existing world order.

14.11.2022 - 08:14 [ ]

Palästinensischer Präsident will mit Netanyahu verhandeln

Der palästinensische Präsident Mahmud Abbas ist bereit, mit dem israelischen Wahlsieger Benjamin Netanyahu über eine Lösung des Nahost-Konflikts zu verhandeln. „Ich kenne Netanyahu seit langem, seit den 1990er-Jahren“, sagte Abbas im palästinensischen Fernsehen gestern. „Er ist ein Mann, der nicht an den Frieden glaubt, aber ich habe keine andere Wahl, als mit ihm zu verhandeln.“

14.11.2022 - 07:45 [ Haaretz ]

Israel’s New Proposed Civics Curriculum Favors Loyalty to State Over Equal Rights

Israel’s new junior high school civics curriculum highlights Jewish aspects of Israel and the power of the government while reducing the focus on civil and human rights, the status of the Arab minority, judicial oversight, equal rights and other components of democracy.

According to sources in the Education Ministry, the curriculum, which was formulated over the past year by five members of the curriculum committee (all Jews, and three are religiously observant), is expected to serve as a basis for a new high school civics program in the future. It is pending final approval.

12.11.2022 - 14:30 [ ]

Programm 2022 – Kommende Veranstaltungen

Wann: Di 15 November 2022 20:30 – 23:00
Sonderveranstaltung: Ithaka – a father. a family. a fight for justice.

Australien / 2022 / 110min / Ben Lawrence / OmU. Im Anschluss: Gespräch mit Christian Mihr (Geschäftsführer, Reporter ohne Grenzen Dtl.). Eine gemeinsame Veranstaltung mit dem Aktionsbündnis Free Assange.

12.11.2022 - 09:26 [ ]

Saudi Arabia is the biggest beneficiary of the war in Ukraine

(16 May 2022)

Cracks in the resolve began to show up immediately. Amid calls for more solar, wind and nuclear power, the UK government started to double down on domestic oil and gas production, and Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, flew to Saudi Arabia to ask the regime to increase its oil output.

11.11.2022 - 08:06 [ ]

Italien: Regierung verabschiedet Paket gegen Energiekrise

Im Hinblick auf die Energiesicherheit wird das Paket vier Milliarden Euro bereitstellen, um die Gasspeicherung vor dem Winter zu erhöhen. Um Italiens Gasproduktion auf sechs Milliarden Kubikmeter pro Jahr zu verdoppeln, wird die Regierung neue Konzessionen für Bohrungen zwischen neun und zwölf Meilen vor der italienischen Adriaküste vergeben.

11.11.2022 - 07:47 [ ]

Trump lashes out at ‘average’ DeSantis, as their political rivalry comes to a boil

In a statement of remarkable vitriol and length, former President Trump lashed out Thursday at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose commanding re-election win on Tuesday has, according to some political observers, catapulted him to front-runner status in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

10.11.2022 - 16:36 [ Achse des Guten ]

„Corona-Maßnahmen”: Sie konnten wissen, was sie tun

All dies wurde begleitet von einer in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik einzigartigen Hass- und Hetzkampagne von Politikern und Medienschaffenden, in deren Verlauf jeder, der auf die experimentellen modRNA-Injektionen lieber verzichten wollte oder es wagte, Zweifel an der Wirksamkeit der von Politikern verhängten „Maßnahmen“ oder den experimentellen modRNA-Injektionen zu üben, als Covidiot, Schwurbler, Verfassungsfeind oder gleich als Nazi beschimpft wurde.

10.11.2022 - 07:14 [ Achse des Guten ]

Indubio extra: Die USA nach den Halbzeitwahlen

Was haben die amerikanischen Wähler ihren Politikern mit dieser Abstimmung mitgeteilt? Das Ergebnis ist weniger klar als erwartet, aber es gibt auch klare Sieger. Darüber spricht Gerd Buurmann mit den beiden Journalisten Roger Letsch und Christian Schneider.

29.10.2022 - 01:21 [ ]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Francesca Albanese

9. In recent years, a number of reputable scholars and organizations have concluded that systemic and widespread discriminatory Israeli policies and practices against the Palestinians amount to the crime of apartheid under international law. While the international community has not fully acted upon it, the concept that Israeli occupation meets the legal threshold of apartheid is gaining traction. This may help overcome a certain tendency to scrutinize Israeli violations, often individual and
decontextualized, under specific bodies of international law rather than the very system through which Israel rules over the Palestinians.

10. At the same time, if considered alone and not as part of a holistic examination of the experience of the Palestinian people as a whole, the apartheid framework presents some limitations:

(a) First, with few exceptions, the scope of recent reports on Israeli apartheid is primarily “territorial” and excludes the experience of Palestinian refugees. The recognition of Israeli apartheid must address the experience of the Palestinian people in its entirety and in their unity as a people, including those who were displaced, denationalized and dispossessed in 1947–1949 (many of whom live in the occupied Palestinian territory);

(b) Second, a focus on Israeli apartheid alone misses the inherent illegality of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. The Israeli occupation is illegal because it has proven not to be temporary, is deliberately administered against the best interests of the occupied population and has resulted in the annexation of occupied territory, breaching most obligations imposed on the occupying Power. Its illegality also stems from its systematic violation of at least three peremptory norms of international law: the prohibition on the acquisition of territory through the use of force; the prohibition on imposing regimes of alien subjugation, domination and exploitation, including racial discrimination and apartheid; and the obligation of States to respect the right of peoples to self-determination. By the same token, Israeli occupation constitutes an unjustified use of force and an act of aggression.9 Such an occupation is unequivocally prohibited under international law and contrary to the values, purposes and principles of the United Nations as enshrined in its Charter;

(c) Third, the apartheid framework does not address the “root causes” of the web of racially discriminatory laws, orders and policies that have regulated daily life in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967 and Israeli animus (intention) in seizing land while subjugating and displacing its indigenous people and replacing them with its nationals. This is the hallmark of settler-colonialism, and a war crime
under the Rome Statute.

11. In essence, the limitations of the apartheid framework as currently applied bypass the critical issue of the recognition of the Palestinian people’s fundamental right to determine their political, social and economic status and develop as a people, free from foreign occupation, rule and exploitation. Dismantling the Israeli apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territory in particular, while necessary, will not
automatically address the question of Israeli domination over the Palestinians, restore permanent sovereignty over the lands Israel occupies and the natural resources therein, nor, on its own, fulfil Palestinian political aspirations.

11.09.2022 - 16:56 [ New York Times ]

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11.09.2022 - 16:56 [ Haaretz ]


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11.09.2022 - 16:56 [ Achse des Guten ]

Die Achse des Guten.

Ob als Klimaleugner, Klugscheißer oder Betonköpfe tituliert, die Autoren der Achse des Guten lassen sich nicht darin beirren, mit unabhängigem Denken dem Mainstream der Angepassten etwas entgegenzusetzen.

11.09.2022 - 16:55 [ Qwant ]

Qwant – Qwant – The search engine that doesn’t know anything about you

Your personal data is your business
Surf on the Qwant search engine in complete confidentiality.

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Swisscows – Anonymous search engine


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