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04.01.2023 - 18:51 [ ]

Saudi Arabia May Cut Oil Prices To Asia Even Further

The price was set at a $3.25 premium to the Dubai/Oman benchmark, a cut by $2.20 per barrel from the prior month’s price.

Now, according to the four analysts surveyed by Reuters, Aramco could cut the price of Arab Light by another $1.50 per barrel for February shipments. This would bring the premium over Dubai/Oman to just $1.75 per barrel.

04.01.2023 - 17:20 [ Jerusalem Post ]

Israel can normalize ties with Saudi Arabia – with Biden’s help – opinion

“First, a written agreement defining our strategic partnership and what the US commitment is to our security if we’re attacked.

“Second, a status that assures us that US weapons sales will be reliable. It’s intolerable that from one month to the next we don’t know anymore if the US will fulfill its commitments. We need to be treated more like NATO or Israel where we can disagree on political and economic issues, but the underlying commitment to sell us what we need to defend ourselves doesn’t change.

01.05.2022 - 10:58 [ John Oberlin / Twitter ]

It’s like Putin is going out of his way to encourage Sweden and Finland to join NATO as rapidly as possible.

01.05.2022 - 10:54 [ ]

Sweden says Russian plane violated airspace as NATO application looms


A statement from the Swedish Armed Forces said the aircraft, an Antonov An-30, was first located when it was east of Bornholm and flying towards Swedish territory. It briefly violated Swedish airspace before leaving the area.

“Swedish fighter jets followed the incident and photographed the plane,” the defense ministry said.

15.03.2022 - 15:06 [ יאיר לפיד - Yair Lapid, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel / Twitter ]

Israel, like Slovakia, condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and calls for an end to the fighting. There is no justification for violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and there is no justification for attacks on a civilian population.


15.03.2022 - 15:01 [ יאיר לפיד - Yair Lapid, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel ]

Israel will not be a route to bypass sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States & other western countries.


@IsraelMFA is coordinating the issue together with partners including the Bank of Israel, @Israel_MOF, @Misrad_Calcala, the Airports Authority, @Energy_IL, & others.

15.03.2022 - 14:56 [ Haaretz ]

U.S. Growing Alarmed Over Israel’s Safe Harbor for Russian Oligarchs


Washington is signaling to Israel that joining the economic pressure on Putin’s regime, including the oligarchs closest to him, is more important than mediating between Russia and Ukraine

30.12.2020 - 16:21 [ ]

Brexit is finally DONE: After four years of wrangling MPs vote 521 to 73 and seal Britain’s historic divorce from the EU – as frontbench Labour rebels RESIGN and Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn defy Keir Starmer’s order to back the accord

Boris Johnson has hailed new chapter in Britain’s history as deal is rushed through the Houses of Parliament