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08.11.2022 - 06:22 [ ]

Five Eyes, Six Eyes, Europe’s Eyes? Europe-Five Eyes Cooperation in the Face of China

(Mar 27, 2021)

In the short term, Europe may be able to shrug off the illegality of its data-sharing practices under the GDPR, and please privacy advocates with adequacy reviews, but in the long term the violation of Europe’s own data privacy crownpiece is sure to harm its international credibility.

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A Surveillance Primer: 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes

(August 15, 2022)

The Five Eyes (FVEY) surveillance alliance includes the following countries:
– Australia
– Canada
– New Zealand
– United Kingdom
– United States


The Nine Eyes countries include:

– 5 Eyes countries +
– Denmark
– France
– Netherlands
– Norway


The 14 Eyes surveillance countries include:

– 9 Eyes countries +
– Germany
– Belgium
– Italy
– Sweden
– Spain

12.09.2022 - 11:32 [ Radio Swedeb ]

No final Swedish election result until Wednesday: right wing opposition takes lead

The result is only final once all the 6,578 districts have completed their counts. At the top of the graph you can see how many counts are completed.

Party abbreviations:

S – Social Democrats
MP – Green Party
V – Left Party
C – Centre Party
SD – Sweden Democrats
M – Moderates
KD – Christian Democrats
L – Liberals

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A Surveillance Primer: 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes

(August 15, 2022)

The Five Eyes (FVEY) surveillance alliance includes the following countries:
– Australia
– Canada
– New Zealand
– United Kingdom
– United States


The Nine Eyes countries include:

– 5 Eyes countries +
– Denmark
– France
– Netherlands
– Norway


The 14 Eyes surveillance countries include:

– 9 Eyes countries +
– Germany
– Belgium
– Italy
– Sweden
– Spain

07.08.2022 - 07:48 [ Glenn Greenwald / Nitter ]

Bernie doesn’t even pretend any more to have anything resembling a left-wing foreign policy or any minimal divergence from the neocon-driven Dem Party’s foreign policy dogma. Opposing NATO expansion was long a mainstream liberal view. Now only Hawley & Paul will get near it:

07.08.2022 - 07:24 [ ]

Bernie Turns Pro-War & Votes To Expand NATO

The United States Senate has voted 95-1-1 to approve the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, further engorging the ever-growing “defensive” alliance – this despite the fact that NATO was formed as a pact among nations to protect one another from the Soviet Union, a country that hasn’t existed for more than 30 years. Even onetime peace activist Bernie Sanders voted in favor, showing that the Vermont Senator has essentially given up any semblance of independence and is a good Democrat who will never cross the party leadership on substantive matters.

20.07.2022 - 14:51 [ ]

Right before meeting with Putin in Iran, Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to ‚freeze‘ Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday once again threatened to stand in the way of Finland and Sweden joining NATO — a day before he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Iran.

29.06.2022 - 19:04 [ ]

Europe’s new Iron Curtain: The defences designed to keep Putin out as Biden announces a new permanent base in Poland – while Sweden and Finland are formally invited into alliance and Russia blasts ‚destabilising‘ move

Joe Biden, speaking at a NATO summit in Madrid today, announced the creation of a new base for the US Fifth Army Corps in Poland – the first permanent American base in the country – along with 3,000 extra soldiers to be sent to Romania and ‚enhanced‘ troop rotations for the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Two more squadrons of F-35 fighters will be deployed to the UK, Biden added, along with additional air defence systems for Germany and Italy, and another two destroyers which will be stationed at Rota Naval Station in Spain, bringing the total to six.

28.06.2022 - 21:13 [ ]

Türkiye, Finland, and Sweden sign agreement paving the way for Finnish and Swedish NATO membership

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Türkiye, President Sauli Niinistö of Finland and Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson of Sweden met in Madrid on Tuesday (28 June 2022) under the auspices of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

13.06.2022 - 17:47 [ ]

Niinistö and Stoltenberg discuss Nato bid at Kultaranta Talks

On Monday morning, Støre will discuss Nordic security with Speaker of Parliament Matti Vanhanen (Cen) and the directors of the Swedish and Finnish institutes of international affairs.

That will be followed by a security policy debate in Finnish featuring Defence Forces Commander Timo Kivinen, Education Minister Li Andersson (Left), Foreign Affairs Committee chair Jussi Halla-aho (Finns) and Defence Committee chair Petteri Orpo (NCP).

13.06.2022 - 17:42 [ ]

Finland will not go into NATO without Sweden, president says

Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö has underlined his country’s commitment to joining NATO in tandem with Sweden after he was asked whether Finland could proceed alone in the application process.

Niinistö was speaking on Sunday at a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

29.05.2022 - 18:41 [ ]

Erdogan beharrt auf Nein zu NATO-Norderweiterung

Gespräche mit Vertretern der beiden skandinavischen Länder am Mittwoch seien nicht wie erwartet verlaufen, so Erdogan weiter. Die Länder hätten nicht die erwarteten Schritte im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus unternommen. Erdogan äußerte sich auf seinem Rückflug aus Aserbaidschan vor türkischen Journalisten.

27.05.2022 - 10:46 [ Nexta / ]

#NATO is going to hold naval exercise BALTOPS-22 with #Sweden and #Finland. The exercises will take place in the #BalticSea from June 5-17. According to the #Pentagon, a sixth U.S. fleet will take part.

18.05.2022 - 05:33 [ ]

Schweden, Finnland besiegeln Weg in NATO

Schweden und Finnland nähern sich ihren NATO-Beitritten in großen Schritten an. Die schwedische Außenministerin Ann Linde unterzeichnete am Dienstag den Mitgliedsantrag. Kurz darauf stimmte das finnische Parlament mit überwältigender Mehrheit einem Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft zu. Am Abend unterzeichnete dann schließlich Finnlands Außenminister Pekka Haavisto den Antrag.

18.05.2022 - 05:23 [ Radio Sweden ]

Finland and Sweden to walk „hand-in-hand“ into NATO

At a joint press conference in Stockholm, prime minister Magdalena Andersson and Finland’s President Sauili Niinistö spoke about the long historic relations and co-operation between the two countries, and the importance of taking this step together.

16.05.2022 - 19:06 [ Radio Sweden ]

PM: Seeking NATO membership is historic shift for Sweden

With general elections just a few months away, the government could change between now and when the process is complete. Ulf Kristersson, leader of the conservative Moderates, said, „NATO is above party politics.“

14.05.2022 - 17:37 [ Radio Sweden ]

As Sweden confronts NATO decision, Left Party holds out hope for non-alignment

A majority of parliament’s eight parties backed a national security analysis and its findings on Friday, but the Greens and the Left Party refrained from signing off on its conclusions.

The report didn’t take a stance on whether Sweden should join NATO but highlighted the benefits of being a member of the alliance, something the two parties oppose.

07.05.2022 - 08:28 [ ]

NATO Military Committee to meet on May 19; chiefs of general staffs of Ukraine, Finland, Sweden invited

The Chiefs of General Staffs of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden will take part in the meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Brussels, Belgium on May 19, according to the alliance’s website

01.05.2022 - 10:58 [ John Oberlin / Twitter ]

It’s like Putin is going out of his way to encourage Sweden and Finland to join NATO as rapidly as possible.

01.05.2022 - 10:54 [ ]

Sweden says Russian plane violated airspace as NATO application looms


A statement from the Swedish Armed Forces said the aircraft, an Antonov An-30, was first located when it was east of Bornholm and flying towards Swedish territory. It briefly violated Swedish airspace before leaving the area.

“Swedish fighter jets followed the incident and photographed the plane,” the defense ministry said.

01.05.2022 - 10:50 [ Radio Sweden ]

Linde: No decision yet on Nato membership


Foreign minister Ann Linde says Sweden has not come to a conclusion yet on Nato membership.

She was speaking at a press conference in Helsinki following a bilateral meeting with her Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto.

01.05.2022 - 10:44 [ Radio Sweden ]

Sweden’s former UN ambassador on Nato membership: „don’t rush decision“


Sweden is moving too fast on discussions whether to join Nato or not, says the former UN ambassador and veteran Social Democrat, Pierre Schori.

Schori believes that Sweden would lose some of its credibility on several serious issues, including when it comes to nuclear disarmament.

01.05.2022 - 10:39 [ Radio Sweden ]

Left party demands referendum on NATO membership


Party leader Nooshi Dadgostar told Swedish Radio News on Thursday morning that most voters voted for parties who promised not to join the military alliance, and if politicians are going to change their stances, that needs to be put to the voters.

27.02.2022 - 12:10 [ ]

Covid lockdowns weren’t needed, finds inquiry in the country that stayed open

Some countries that did impose lockdowns had ’significantly worse outcomes‘ than Sweden, whose citizens also retained more persoal freedom

25.01.2022 - 23:01 [ Stefan Homburg / Twitter ]

Vorgestern gab es in Schweden große Demos gegen den Impfpass (denn Masken oder Lockdowns existierten dort nie). Sie haben die absurde Sorge, daraus könne ein digitaler Identitätsnachweis à la China werden. Obwohl, was redet die Kommissionpräsidentin da?

22.01.2022 - 15:59 [ henning rosenbusch / Twitter ]

#Schweden, Stockholm: seht euch diese MASSEN an! In einem Land, das bisher wenig von Spaltung, Lockdowns etc. betroffen ist und was: „Nej till vaccinpass“


19.01.2022 - 07:03 [ vakenpunktse / Youtube ]

World Wide Rally for Freedom – Sweden

On the 22nd of January 2022 we gather in Stockholm and Gothenburg to rally for Freedom.

11.01.2022 - 14:14 [ Freiheit in der Krise ]

Papa hier gibt es keine Bankräuber

Schweden im Januar 2022. Maskierte Menschen sind für meine Kinder Bankräuber und ein großer Spaß für sie ist es Bankräuber zu zählen. Wer die meisten gesehen hat, hat gewonnen. Leider erwies sich dieses Spiel in Schweden als ziemlich langweilig.

19.12.2021 - 14:06 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Sweden – Malmö [Dec 18, 2021] Huge protest today in #Malmö against vax passports!

12.12.2021 - 10:35 [ BMeida / Twitter ]

Sweden – Göteborg [Dec 11, 2021] Huge protest against the Wax passport! Even in Sweden!

#NoVaccinePassports #NoGreenPass #CovidGesetzNein #NoAlPaseSanitario #NoVaccineMandates #Freedomrally #DoNotComply #Widerstand #NonAuPassSanitaire #GeenQR #nejtillvaccinpass

28.10.2021 - 15:36 [ Reitschuster ]

Schweden: Keine Maßnahmen – und keine Herbst-Corona-Welle

Aussagekraft des “Fälle”-Voodoo tendiert gegen null

24.10.2021 - 06:25 [ Rio Times ]

Partying in Norway: Covid-19 cases plunge after the country gets rid of all restrictions

(OctoberNorway is one of three Nordic nations that has scrapped all Covid-19 rules in the past few weeks – along with Sweden and Denmark. 20, 2021)

22.10.2021 - 06:00 [ ]

NATO’s Annual Nuclear Strike Exercise Underway In Southern Europe

The DCA aircraft committed by the nuclear capable European air forces are always the same, since they are the only ones configured to carry the B61: German and Italian Air Force Tornado IDS; Belgian, Dutch and Turkish F-16s. The American participation involves the tactical assets based in Europe: F-16s and F-15Es.

22.10.2021 - 05:47 [ ]

NATO will retain a nuclear deterrent: Stoltenberg claims

„Also on the agenda are talks on how to preserve the gains made in the fight against terrorism after the end of the Alliance’s military operation in Afghanistan.

And tomorrow, the ministers will meet with our closest partners, Sweden, Finland, and the European Union.

And we all look forward to discuss how we can further strengthen the partnership.“

20.03.2021 - 20:06 [ ORF ]

Demos gegen Maßnahmen in mehreren EU-Staaten

Tausende Gegnerinnen und Gegner der CoV-Maßnahmen sind heute in mehreren europäischen Ländern auf die Straßen gegangen. In Schweden wurden kleinere Kundgebungen von der Polizei aufgelöst, im niederländischen Amsterdam und dem deutschen Kassel mussten Wasserwerfer eingesetzt werden.

02.02.2021 - 21:28 [ ]

AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine will not be recommended for over-65s in France or Sweden as countries follow Germany’s lead

The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine will not be recommended for over-65s in France or Sweden, the countries‘ health ministries announced today.

It comes after Germany advised against administering the jab to those over 65 and Emmanuel Macron claimed it was ‚almost ineffective‘ for the age bracket.

Continental objections to the jab last week came amid a furious row between the Bloc and AstraZeneca over lagging supply, which has seen newly-unshackled Brexit Britain storm ahead in its immunisation roll-out.

11.01.2021 - 07:55 [ Dr Naomi Wolf / Twitter ]

Oh. My. God. Huge new restrictions in Sweden. It’s looking a lot like a global coup based on/predicated upon medical fascism.

09.12.2020 - 04:12 [ Portal ]

Politisch Verfolgter aus Honduras klagt vor dem EU-Gerichtshof gegen Schweden

Aus einem Bericht über interne Vertriebene in Honduras geht hervor, dass im Zeitraum von 2004 bis 2018 mindestens 247.000 Menschen innerhalb des Landes durch Gewalt vertrieben wurden.

16.11.2020 - 11:14 [ ]

U.S spied on allies, including Netherlands, through Denmark

According to the Danish broadcaster, the NSA and Danish military service FE signed an agreement in 2008, which stated that the Americans would help Denmark tap internet cables in the European country. In return, the NSA gained access to internet cables to Eastern Europe. Together they processed the data in a data center near Copenhagen Airport, which was built for that purpose.

But the United States also used that internet access to spy on Denmark itself, and surrounding countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, the whistleblower, a former employee of the FE, said to DR.

27.10.2020 - 17:15 [ ]

Schwedens beneidenswerte Lage im Anti-Corona-Kampf

Auch ist zu berücksichtigen, dass die Sterbefälle in Schweden dem langjährigen Durchschnitt entsprechen. Während der ersten 35 Wochen dieses Jahres gab es 620 Tote auf 100.000 Einwohner, womit die Zahlen der vorhergehenden Dekade fünfmal über- und fünfmal unterschritten wurden. Der höchste Wert wurde für 2012 mit 650 ermittelt, was ca. 3000 Todesfälle mehr als in diesem Jahr bedeutet. Damals grassierte eine schwere Influenza-Epidemie, die augenscheinlich mehr Opfer forderte als gegenwärtig das Sars-CoV-2-Virus.

05.10.2020 - 21:59 [ Zeit ]

Coronavirus in Marseille: Das Virus der Rebellion


Dass ausgerechnet eine Politikerin der Grünen, die in Deutschland bislang fast alle Corona-Regeln der Regierung mittragen, der Bar- und Restaurantschließung widerspricht, hat mehr mit Emmanuel Macrons bisheriger Corona-Bilanz zu tun als mit dem neuen Erlass. Der Präsident hatte im Frühjahr einen besonders strengen und langen Lockdown verhängt, dennoch hatte Frankreich ähnlich viele Opfer zu beklagen wie das lockerere Schweden.

26.08.2020 - 15:01 [ ]

Tausende falsche Testergebnisse in Schweden

Der Fehler sei in zwei Labors festgestellt worden, die die kommerziellen Schnelltests aus China analysierten.

Rückblickend wurde festgestellt, dass sie nicht zwischen niedrigen Viruskonzentrationen und negativen Proben unterscheiden konnten. Die Leistungen des Tests seien einfach zu schlecht, hieß es.

21.07.2020 - 20:27 [ ORF ]

Kein Nobelbankett in Stockholm in diesem Jahr

Normalerweise nehmen mehr als 1.000 geladene Gäste an dem Fest teil. Zuvor erhalten alle Geehrten mit Ausnahme des in Oslo ausgezeichneten Friedensnobelpreisträgers ihre Medaillen im Konzerthaus der schwedischen Hauptstadt.

03.07.2020 - 10:47 [ ]

Iran zu Entschädigung wegen Flugzeugabschusses bereit

Nach tagelangem Leugnen räumte der Iran seine Verantwortung für das Unglück ein. Die iranischen Revolutionsgarden gaben an, die Maschine kurz nach ihrem Abflug von Teheran versehentlich abgeschossen zu haben.

Der Iran hatte kurz vor dem Unglück mit Raketenangriffen auf US-Stützpunkte im Irak auf die Tötung des Generals Kassem Solaimani durch die USA geantwortet.

10.06.2020 - 20:14 [ ORF ]

Finale im Fall Palme enttäuscht Schweden

Die Staatsanwaltschaft habe im Vorfeld davon gesprochen, nun ein klares Bild vom Tatgeschehen zu haben, neue Erkenntnisse seien aber nicht präsentiert worden. Er glaube nicht, dass die schwedische Öffentlichkeit diese Geschichte akzeptieren werde.

10.06.2020 - 00:06 [ ORF ]

Ermittler geben Pressekonferenz zu Mordfall Olof Palme

Die Tat im Herzen von Stockholm ist bis heute unaufgeklärt und zählt zu den größten ungelösten Mordfällen Europas.

20.05.2020 - 16:49 [ The Barents Observer ]

Norwegian and Swedish fighter jets in joint training with US B-1 bombers

This is the first time that American strategic long-range bombers are exercising in Swedish airspace, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Norway’s Defense command says Wednesday’s exercise is “one of the largest of its kind, and several allied and partners trained along with the US B-1.”

01.05.2020 - 23:54 [ The Guardian ]

Exiled Pakistani journalist found dead in Sweden

Hussain fled Pakistan in 2012 after his reporting on forced disappearances and human rights violations in the Balochistan region had resulted in the police raiding his house and interrogating his family. He also received death threats…He had arrived in Sweden in 2018, after previously moving from the United Arab Emirates to Oman and Uganda

01.05.2020 - 23:45 [ Arab News ]

Missing Pakistan journalist found dead in Sweden

Sajid Hussain, from the troubled southwestern province of Baluchistan, was working part-time as a professor in Uppsala, about 60 kilometers (35 miles) north of Stockholm, when he went missing on March 2.
He was also the chief editor of the Baluchistan Times, an online magazine he had set up, in which he wrote about drug trafficking, forced disappearances and a long-running insurgency.

26.04.2020 - 21:55 [ ]

The legal reason why Sweden did not impose lockdown

Even if the country wants to do so, it has legal limitations that need to be overcome.

In other words, the legal framework within which the government of Sweden operates does not directly allow it to impose draconian measures, such as a widespread or nationwide shutdown.

This is because there is no provision in the Swedish constitution that allows the imposition of a state of emergency during peacetime crisis.

26.04.2020 - 11:46 [ Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) ]

Schwedens Mogelpackung

Schweden wird noch immer als einer der neutralen Staaten Europas aufgezählt, obwohl sich nicht einmal das Land selbst noch als solches bezeichnet. Stattdessen kursiert dort mittlerweile die Eigenbezeichnung des militärisch bündnisfreien Landes. In dieser Studie soll anhand der Beziehungen zu der NATO und der EU gezeigt werden, dass selbst diese Bezeichnung – besonders nach friedenspolitischer Interpretation – faktisch keine Berechtigung hat.

24.04.2020 - 16:59 [ QuickTake by Bloomberg ]

“It’s much more sustainable.” Sweden has left its schools, gyms, cafes, bars and restaurants open throughout the spread of the #coronavirus pandemic. Anders Tegnell, the man behind this strategy, now says the country may be over the worst

24.04.2020 - 16:53 [ ]

‘Closing borders is ridiculous’: the epidemiologist behind Sweden’s controversial coronavirus strategy

What would you have done differently?

We underestimated the issues at care homes, and how the measures would be applied. We should have controlled this more thoroughly. By contrast, the health system, which is under unusual pressure, has nevertheless always been ahead of the curve.

Are you satisfied with the strategy?

Yes! We know that COVID-19 is extremely dangerous for very old people, which is of course bad. But looking at pandemics, there are much worse scenarios than this one. Most problems that we have right now are not because of the disease, but because of the measures that in some environments have not been applied properly: the deaths among older people is a huge problem and we are fighting hard.

24.04.2020 - 13:26 [ Daily Mail ]

Sweden’s chief epidemiologist says lockdowns may not save lives because 50% of their deaths are in care homes – and they’ll handle second wave better because they now have higher levels of immunity

A lockdown might not have saved lives in Sweden because half its coronavirus deaths are in care homes where visits are already banned, the country’s top disease expert said today.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said it was ‚hard to understand‘ how a full-scale lockdown would have stopped the virus spreading into nursing homes.

While Sweden has avoided introducing a lockdown, it has banned visitors from care homes in one of its few restrictive measures, with schools, bars, shops and restaurants still open.

21.04.2020 - 01:49 [ The Straits Times ]

Sweden says its controversial coronavirus strategy proving effective

And while many other countries have introduced strict laws, including hefty fines if people are caught breaching newly minted social-distancing laws, Swedes appear to be following such guidelines without the need for legislation.

01.04.2020 - 09:21 [ Kopenhagen Post ]

Denmark wary of foreign powers during pandemic

In co-operation with other Nordic intelligence services, the defence minister, Trine Bramsen, has warned that foreign powers are willing to use to the coronavirus crisis to cause damage to Denmark.

In an interview with Jyllands-Posten newspaper, Bramsen said that the pandemic makes Denmark more vulnerable, and there are already examples of negative-impact campaigns being aimed at the Danes.

16.01.2020 - 03:22 [ ORF ]

Falscher Offizier erklomm hohen NATO-Posten

Der Mann sei unter anderem als Verbindungsoffizier ins NATO-Europakommando in Belgien entsandt worden, teilte die schwedische Armee heute mit. Auch bei internationalen Missionen sei der Mann aktiv gewesen, unter anderem in Afghanistan sowie beim UNO-Einsatz in Mali.

28.12.2019 - 21:39 [ France24 ]

UN extends probe into mysterious 1961 death of Secretary-General Hammarskjold

In his last report, published in early October, Othman accused the United States and Britain of withholding information regarding Hammarskjold’s death.

28.12.2019 - 21:34 [ SwedenUN / Twitter ]

The resolution on the #DagHammarskjöld investigation, initiated by??, was just adopted by consensus & the record high number of 128 cosponsors. We ? all cosponsors for their support & look forward to the continuation of the investigation!

26.12.2019 - 10:38 [ ]

The Persian Gulf Is About to Become Dangerously Crowded


France and Qatar signed an agreement allowing France to deploy and station military forces within Qatar.

The Netherlands said on November 25 that it would join Denmark and France in the European naval mission, reported the NLTimes. The Netherlands said it would deploy a navy ship to the Persian Gulf for six months but said it would play an “observing” role. Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden are also expected to join the European coalition, the Tehran Times reported.

19.11.2019 - 16:20 [ Tagesschau ]

Schwedens Staatsanwaltschaft: Vorwurf gegen Assange fallengelassen

Eine Auslieferung an die USA ist aber auch nach der aktuellen Entscheidung der schwedischen Justiz noch möglich, weil die US-Justiz einen Auslieferungsantrag gestellt hat, der von den Briten zugelassen wurde. Die Verhandlung darüber beginnt am 25. Februar.

31.10.2019 - 17:12 [ Jacobin Magazin ]

“I Was Fired for Helping Julian Assange, and I Have No Regrets”

We talk to Fidel Narvaez, the ousted Ecuadorian diplomat who handled Julian Assange’s case about why Lenín Moreno caved to international pressure, broke his promises, and gave Assange up to British authorities.

05.10.2019 - 20:44 [ ]

Treffen in Stockholm: Atomgespräche zwischen USA und Nordkorea

Medien berichteten, dass der schwedische Diplomat Kent Härstedt als Vermittler bei den Gesprächen anwesend war. Schweden hat eine wichtige Rolle im Verhältnis zwischen den beiden Ländern inne: Es pflegt im Gegensatz zu den USA offizielle diplomatische Verbindungen zu Nordkorea. Im März 2018 und im Januar hatte es in Vorbereitung einer Zusammenkunft zwischen Trump und Kim bereits ein Treffen in Schweden gegeben.

21.09.2019 - 18:13 [ Craig Murray ]

The World’s Most Important Political Prisoner

We are now just one week away from the end of Julian Assange’s uniquely lengthy imprisonment for bail violation. He will receive parole from the rest of that sentence, but will continue to be imprisoned on remand awaiting his hearing on extradition to the USA – a process which could last several years.

At that point, all the excuses for Assange’s imprisonment which so-called leftists and liberals in the UK have hidden behind will evaporate. There are no charges and no active investigation in Sweden, where the “evidence” disintegrated at the first whiff of critical scrutiny. He is no longer imprisoned for “jumping bail”. The sole reason for his incarceration will be the publishing of the Afghan and Iraq war logs leaked by Chelsea Manning, with their evidence of wrongdoing and multiple war crimes.

21.09.2019 - 18:11 [ ]

UK worsens Julian Assange’s persecution as US seeks extradition

Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, says that UK authorities are holding Julian Assange in worse conditions than accused terrorists and ‘making it impossible’ for him to fight US extradition.

07.09.2019 - 07:20 [ The Times of Israel ]

Swedish FM Wallstrom, who recognized Palestinian state, to resign

Five years in office saw sharp deterioration in ties with Israel, particularly after she called IDF killing of Palestinians carrying out terror attacks ‘extrajudicial killings’

10.08.2019 - 10:49 [ John Pilger / Twitter ]

Do not forget Julian #Assange. Or you will lose him. I saw him in Belmarsh prison and his health has deteriorated. Treated worse than a murderer, he is isolated, medicated and denied the tools to fight the bogus charges of a US extradition. I now fear for him. Do not forget him.


17.07.2019 - 21:59 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

„Collective violence, such as torturing a publisher for journalism, requires more than persecuting authorities, mobbing states and media smear campaigns to survive… Atrocity does not take place without passive, complacent, compliant bystanders“

09.07.2019 - 05:07 [ WikiLeaks ‏/ Twitter ]

Noam Chomsky on the US attempt to extradite Assange: „But why should the United States have the power to control what others are doing elsewhere in the world? I mean, it’s an outlandish situation. It goes on all the time. We never even notice it.“

02.07.2019 - 15:45 [ Nils Melzer / ]

Demaskierung der Folterung von Julian Assange

Dennoch, so mag man sagen, warum so viel Luft auf Assange verschwenden, wenn unzählige andere weltweit gefoltert werden? Weil es hier nicht nur darum geht, Assange zu schützen, sondern auch darum, einen Präzedenzfall zu verhindern, der das Schicksal der westlichen Demokratie besiegeln könnte. Denn ist es erst einmal ein Verbrechen, die Wahrheit zu sagen, während die Mächtigen Straflosigkeit genießen, wird es zu spät sein, den Kurs zu korrigieren. Wir werden unsere Stimme der Zensur und unser Schicksal der ungezügelten Tyrannei überlassen haben.

Dieser Gastkommentar wurde dem Guardian, der The Times, der Financial Times, dem Sydney Morning Herald, dem Australian, der Canberra Times, dem Telegraph, der New York Times, der Washington Post, der Thomson Reuters Foundation und Newsweek zur Veröffentlichung angeboten.

Keiner von ihnen reagierte positiv.

02.07.2019 - 14:01 [ Mathias Bröckers / ]

Präzedenzfall WikiLeaks

Der UN-Sonderberichterstatter Nils Melzer hat seine Position zum Fall Assange noch einmal klar gestellt – doch keine Zeitung wollte den Beitrag drucken

02.07.2019 - 04:56 [ Radio Utopie ]

Militarisierung der Ostsee mit der dauerhaften Stationierung des Gotland-Regiments

(22.5.2018) Am Pfingstmontag, den 21.5.2018, wurde in einer Zeremonie in Beisein des schwedischen Königs Carl XVI. Gustaf der historische Militärstützpunkt auf Gotland für die schwedischen Streitkräfte mit dem Panzerregiment P18 wieder aktiviert. Micael Byden, Oberbefehlshaber der schwedischen Streitkräfte, begründete in seiner Rede, dass „der strategisch wichtige Standort für Schweden auch heute wichtig“ sei. Die Kosten für die Militärbasis betragen 89,5 Millionen U.S.-Dollar.

14.06.2019 - 11:44 [ NDR ]

Wanted for espionage – the hunt for Wikileaks

Panorama decided to take one day in the long and complicated saga of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and to dissect it. It’s April 11, 2019, the day when he was removed from the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested by the UK police. What happened that day? How did the UK government respond? Why don’t we know there were other people connected to Wikileaks who found themselves in trouble with the law that day? And what does April 11, 2019 tell us about the Assange saga?

14.06.2019 - 11:39 [ NDR ]

Wikileaks: Rachefeldzug der US-Regierung?

„Es ist an der Zeit, Wikileaks als das zu benennen, was es wirklich ist: Ein nicht-staatlicher, feindlicher Geheimdienst“, sagte der heutige US-Außenminister Mike Pompeo über die Enthüllungs-Plattform bei einer Rede als CIA-Direktor 2017. Entsprechend behandeln die USA Assange nun nach seiner Festnahme in London. Sie werfen ihm vor, geheime Informationen erhalten und verbreitet zu haben. Und sie klagen ihn deshalb nach dem Spionage-Gesetz („Espionage Act“) an, das Strafen bis hin zur Todesstrafe vorsieht.

13.06.2019 - 14:42 [ Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; Human Rights Chair, Geneva Academy / Twitter ]

How public humiliation works: On 11 April #JulianAssange was mocked for his beard throughout the world. During my visit, he explained to us that his shaving kit had been deliberately taken away three months earlier.

13.06.2019 - 14:38 [ ]

Sajid Javid signs request for Assange to be extradited to US

Assange is serving a 50-week prison sentence after being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in April and jailed for a bail violation.

And an investigation has been reopened into an allegation of rape in Sweden, which Assange has always denied.

Mr Javid told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I am very pleased that the police were finally able to apprehend him and now he’s rightly behind bars because he broke UK law.

13.06.2019 - 14:32 [ ]

Entscheidung in Großbritannien: Regierung für Auslieferung Assanges

Er wolle „stets Gerechtigkeit“, und es liege ein „legitimes Auslieferungsgesuch“ vor, sagte der zuständige Innenminister Sajid Javid im BBC-Radio. Die Entscheidung liege jetzt bei Gericht, das sich am Freitag wieder mit dem Fall beschäftigen werde.

Grundsätzlich gilt in solchen Fällen, dass der Innenminister ein gültiges Auslieferungsgesuch unterzeichnen muss, wenn die entsprechenden Kriterien erfüllt sind.

12.06.2019 - 09:51 [ Sydney Morning Herald ]

ABC raids a wake-up call to journalists who left Assange swinging

It is easy, and for some convenient, to forget how much in journalism was changed by the arrival of WikiLeaks.

It’s perhaps one reason that he is rejected by so many journalists.

12.06.2019 - 09:42 [ Ruptly / Twitter ]

‚If Julian goes down, the rest of you do‘ – #Assange’s father and Weiwei visit #Belmarsh

12.06.2019 - 09:25 [ ]

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei visits Julian Assange in prison as U.S. sends Britain a formal request to extradite him for leaking military secrets

Weiwei, who was detained without charge in China for 81 days in 2011 during a crackdown on political activists, is believed to have previously visited Assange in 2015 when he was holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The 47-year-old’s father John Shipton arrived at the prison today with Ai Weiwei this afternoon.

12.06.2019 - 09:13 [ ]

USA beantragen Assanges Auslieferung

Die USA haben in Großbritannien ein formelles Auslieferungsgesuch für Julian Assange beantragt. Dem Gründer der Enthüllungsplattform WikiLeaks würden von Washington unter anderem Verstöße gegen Spionagegesetze vorgeworfen, teilte das Londoner Innenministerium am Dienstag mit. Noch diese Woche wollen die USA Beweise gegen ihn vorlegen.

11.06.2019 - 19:26 [ Dr. Jill Stein / Twitter ]

The Assange case is a poster child of state persecution. Every journalist, activist & all who care about democracy should know about the massive propaganda & legal corruption used to take Assange down. This is what tyranny looks like! #FreeAssange

07.06.2019 - 07:07 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

The first substantive US extradition hearing, previously planned for 12 June has now been moved to 14 June. The hearing will be in Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court.

07.06.2019 - 07:02 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

Press Release: DoJ preparing to file additional indictment against Assange. The Trump´s DoJ is so desperate to build its case against Assange that it is using as star witness a sociopath, convicted conman and sex criminal, involved in an FBI entrapment operation against WikiLeaks

06.06.2019 - 08:51 [ Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for President / Twitter ]

Trump’s decision to charge Assange under the Espionage Act will have a serious chilling effect on our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It also undermines our democracy by keeping crucial information from the American people that they deserve to know.

04.06.2019 - 08:45 [ Craig Murray ]

Jeremy Hunt Works That Rogue State Status

When Jeremy Hunt decided to attack the United Nations on twitter yesterday, he didn’t expect them to respond. He got owned.

03.06.2019 - 18:32 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

„It states Assange would not be extradited and could be questioned in Britain“. – Assange has offered cooperation and to be questioned in the UK since 2010.

03.06.2019 - 16:13 [ SVT ]

Häktningsförhandling mot Julian Assange i Uppsala i dag

I dag kommer beskedet om Wikileaksgrundaren Julian Assange häktas i sin frånvaro vid Uppsala tingsrätt. Åklagaren har begärt att han ska häktas på sannolika skäl misstänkt för våldtäkt av graden mindre grovt brott. Rättsexperten Lena Holmqvist kommenterade fallet och sa att om det blir en rättegång mot Julian Assange kan den bli i Uppsala. Klockan 16 väntas besked komma om häktningen. SVT Uppsala sänder direkt från den kommande presskonferensen.

02.06.2019 - 13:51 [ Pamela Anderson / Daily Beast ]

Pamela Anderson: Assange Is a Scapegoat, Not a Criminal

So you say Julian is to blame for Hillary’s defeat? Well, then I’ve got news for you: When the truth was exposed about Hillary, most voters did not like what they saw. Did Julian disclose the evidence? Sure, that’s what investigative journalists do. But should he be persecuted and jailed for that? No, that’s what repressive dictatorships do. While Julian may have influenced the election, he certainly has not interfered with it. Hillary lost the election herself, simply because the Electoral College resulted in a majority for Trump. And if you believe the culprits were Russian hackers, well then sort it out with the Kremlin, but keep your hands off our freedom of the press!

02.06.2019 - 13:48 [ Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; Human Rights Chair / Twitter ]

For the record: I never said I considered #JulianAssange „a bad actor“ but that, initially, I had been affected by the same misguided smear campaign as everybody else, and only saw the real facts once I investigated in detail @isaacstanbecker @wapo

02.06.2019 - 00:13 [ John Pilger / Twitter ]

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says of Julian #Assange: “In 20 years of work with victims of war and political persecution I have never seen democratic states ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual. with so little regard for the law.”

31. Mai 2019

02.06.2019 - 00:05 [ ]


The UN Rapporteur on Torture has issued an unprecedented statement on the persecution of the journalist and publisher Julian Assange.

Full UN statement:

01.06.2019 - 07:41 [ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) ]

UN expert says „collective persecution“ of Julian Assange must end now

In official letters sent earlier this week, Melzer urged the four involved governments to refrain from further disseminating, instigating or tolerating statements or other activities prejudicial to Assange’s human rights and dignity and to take measures to provide him with appropriate redress and rehabilitation for past harm. He further appealed to the British Government not to extradite Assange to the United States or to any other State failing to provide reliable guarantees against his onward transfer to the United States. He also reminded the United Kingdom of its obligation to ensure Assange’s unimpeded access to legal counsel, documentation and adequate preparation commensurate with the complexity of the pending proceedings.

“In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law,” Melzer said. “The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!”

01.06.2019 - 07:39 [ Democracy Now! ‏/ Twitter ]

U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture @NilsMelzer says there has been a lot of „fabrication and manipulation“ in Julian Assange’s legal cases. „We have to take a step back and look at all these proceedings … and come to our own conclusions about whether these are fair.“

31.05.2019 - 08:56 [ John Pilger / Twitter ]

I was in court today for Julian #Assange’s latest extradition hearing; but Julian himself was absent. He was in the Belmarsh prison hospital. His supporters at the court should now be joined by journalists across the world. My own union, the #NUJ, must be at the hearing in June.

31.05.2019 - 08:43 [ Partisangirl / Twitter ]

Remember when the guardian claimed the US doesn’t want to extradite Julian #Assange and it was all just a crazy conspiracy theory?

30.05.2019 - 16:49 [ Wikileaks / Twitter ]

WikiLeaks has grave concerns about the state of health of our publisher, Julian Assange, who has been moved to the health ward of Belmarsh prison. – See full statement:

30.05.2019 - 16:25 [ ]

Julian Assange ‚moved to HMP Belmarsh hospital wing after dramatic weight loss and deteriorating health‘

Julian Assange has been moved to the hospital wing of HMP Belmarsh after a “dramatic” loss of weight and deteriorating health, WikiLeaks has said.

The website said it had “grave concerns” about its founder’s well-being and claimed his condition had declined so much that he can hardly hold a conversation.

29.05.2019 - 11:32 [ WSWS ]

Despite Assange’s ill-health, Swedish court rejects delay to hearing

Per Samuelson, one of Assange’s Swedish defence lawyers, told Reuters on Tuesday that he made the request for the hearing to be delayed after meeting with Assange at Britain’s Belmarsh Prison on Friday. One of the reasons for the application, he said, was that “Assange’s health situation on Friday was such that it was not possible to conduct a normal conversation with him.“

29.05.2019 - 04:12 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

Our publisher Julian Assange has endured 9 years of punishment through process. He now faces the rest of his life in prison. Please donate.

26.05.2019 - 13:12 [ Mehreen, Brussels correspondent @ft / Twitter ]

Klaus Regling is doing his best to play down the fact that the ESM is becoming the paramilitary wing of the Hanseatic League with new powers over budget surveillance and debt restructuring #Eurogroup


26.05.2019 - 13:08 [ ]

Gang of eight: Northern member states unite on euro-zone reform


Composed of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden, the group, dubbed the New Hanseatic League, is starting to have some influence.

17.05.2019 - 06:38 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

Julian Assange. In his own words: The Media, Propaganda and You.

17.05.2019 - 06:17 [ Chelsea E. Manning / Twitter ]

** Today, Chelsea was not only put back in jail, but Judge Anthony Trenga ordered her to be fined $500 every day she is in custody after 30 days and $1,000 every day she is in custody after 60 days. This is unprecedented.

17.05.2019 - 06:17 [ ]

Ex-WikiLeaks-Informantin Manning wieder in Haft

Die Whistleblowerin hatte sich zuvor erneut geweigert, zum Fall von WikiLeaks-Gründer Julian Assange auszusagen.

15.05.2019 - 17:45 [ WSWS ]

Attendees at London meeting to free Assange and Manning speak out

Luis, a musician, said, “I think defending Assange is vital. There will be a cost if we do not do so, suffered by many others.

13.05.2019 - 13:05 [ RT Deutsch / Youtube ]

„Wichtigster Journalist der Welt“ – Protest vor Gefängnis, in dem Assange festgehalten wird

„Der Grund, warum diese Maßnahmen ergriffen wurden, ist, dass er auf den Missbrauch der Staatsmacht, die Kriegsverbrechen, die im Irak begangen wurden, aufmerksam gemacht hat, und dafür sollten wir ihn verehren und ihn nicht so bestrafen und sanktionieren, wie es die britische Regierung jetzt versucht“, sagte das unabhängige Parlamentsmitglied Chris Williamson.

13.05.2019 - 12:53 [ Tagesschau ]

Wieder Ermittlungen gegen Assange

Demnach will Schweden beantragen, dass Assange ausgeliefert wird, nachdem er seine Haftstrafe in Großbritannien abgesessen habe.

13.05.2019 - 09:04 [ ]

Schweden: Staatsanwaltschaft gibt Entschluss im Fall Assange bekannt

Die schwedische Staatsanwaltschaft will am Montag bekanntgeben, ob sie die Voruntersuchungen zu Vergewaltigungsvorwürfen gegen Wikileaks-Gründer Julian Assange wiederaufnimmt.

13.05.2019 - 06:36 [ ]

The “Swedish Allegations” concerning Julian Assange:

Fourth, despite widespread false reporting, Assange was never charged with anything related to the Swedish allegations. These only reached the level of a “preliminary investigation”. The Swedish prosecution questioned Assange on two separate occasions, in 2010 and 2016. He has consistently professed his innocence.

Fifth, almost entirely omitted from current media reporting is that the initial Swedish preliminary investigation in 2010 was dropped after the chief prosecutor of Stockholm concluded that “the evidence did not disclose any evidence of rape” and that “no crime at all” had been committed. Text messages between the two women, which were later revealed, do not complain of rape. Rather, they show that the women “did not want to put any charges on JA but that the police were keen on getting a grip on him” and that they “only wanted him to take a test”. One wrote that “it was the police who made up the charges” and told a friend that she felt that she had been “railroaded by police and others around her”.

Sixth, Assange left Sweden after the prosecutor told him that he was free to leave as he was not wanted for questioning. Assange had stayed in Sweden for five weeks. After he left, Interpol bizarrely issued a Red Notice for Assange, usually reserved for terrorists and dangerous criminals – raising concerns that this was not just about sexual accusations.

Seventh, Sweden’s investigation is now entirely closed. It was shelved for six years during the period 2010-2016 while the Swedish prosecutor refused to question Assange in London.

13.05.2019 - 06:32 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

Note to editors-Sweden: There is widespread media misreporting about allegations made against Julian Assange in Sweden in 2010. Here are the facts:

13.05.2019 - 06:31 [ BBC ]

Julian Assange: Sweden to announce decision on rape case

Swedish prosecutors are set to announce whether they are reopening an inquiry into a rape allegation against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange.

The investigation may be revived at the request of the alleged victim’s lawyer.

04.05.2019 - 12:25 [ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) ]

United Kingdom: Working Group on Arbitrary Detention expresses concern about Assange proceedings

GENEVA (3 May 2019) – The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention takes note of Mr. Julian Assange’s conviction by a UK court on 1 May 2019, and his sentencing to 50 weeks imprisonment. On 4 December 2015, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention adopted Opinion No. 54/2015*, in which it considered that Mr. Assange was arbitrarily detained by the Governments of Sweden and the UK.

The Working Group issues the following statement:

18.04.2019 - 03:54 [ Truthdig ]

First Julian Assange, Then Us

We must now all resist. We must in every way possible put pressure on the British government to halt the judicial lynching of Julian Assange. If Assange is extradited and tried, it will create a legal precedent that will terminate the ability of the press, which Trump repeatedly has called “the enemy of the people,” to hold power accountable. The crimes of war and finance, the persecution of dissidents, minorities and immigrants, the pillaging by corporations of the nation and the ecosystem, and the ruthless impoverishment of working men and women to swell the bank accounts of the rich, and consolidate the global oligarch’s total grip on power, will not only expand, but will no longer be part of public debate. First Assange. Then us.

17.04.2019 - 13:54 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

“Give the man his truly earned freedom”. Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize winner, accepts the Daphne Galizia award in the European Parliament on behalf of imprisoned Julian Assange. The award is for Journalists, Whistleblowers and Defenders of the Right to Information.

17.04.2019 - 13:29 [ WikiLeaks / Twitter ]

WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange has been awarded the 2019 GUE/NGL Award for Journalists, Whistleblowers & Defenders of the Right to Information. The award, sponsored by European parliamentarians, was established in honour of assassinated Maltese journalist, Daphne Galizia.

16.04.2019 - 11:49 [ Common Dreams ]

Chomsky: Arrest of Assange Is “Scandalous” and Highlights Shocking Extraterritorial Reach of US

Well, the Assange arrest is scandalous in several respects. One of them is just the effort of governments—and it’s not just the U.S. government. The British are cooperating. Ecuador, of course, is now cooperating. Sweden, before, had cooperated. The efforts to silence a journalist who was producing materials that people in power didn’t want the rascal multitude to know about—OK?—that’s basically what happened. WikiLeaks was producing things that people ought to know about those in power. People in power don’t like that, so therefore we have to silence it. OK? This is the kind of thing, the kind of scandal, that takes place, unfortunately, over and over.

16.04.2019 - 07:00 [ Heike Hänsel, Mitglied des Bundestages / Twitter ]

Freedom for Julian Assange – No extradition to the USA! Joint statement by @SevimDagdelen, Heike Hänsel and @anamirandapaz on the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in front of HMP Belmarsh prison in London: .. #FreeAssange #Unity4J #ProtectJulian

16.04.2019 - 06:36 [ ]

On Sky News, an inconvenient fact from Julian Assange’s lawyer collapses the official narrative

On 14 April, UK lawyer for Julian Assange, Jennifer Robinson, collapsed the official narrative on Sky News.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge, Robinson pointed out an inconvenient fact:

„All these people saying he was hiding from Swedish justice. If that were the case, why didn’t he walk out the embassy two years ago when this case was dropped?“

13.04.2019 - 18:39 [ ]

Die sieben Jahre Lügen über Assange werden jetzt nicht aufhören

Es handelte sich um eine Anfrage nach dem Informationsgesetz durch einen Verbündeten von Assange, nicht um eine Medienstelle, welche Dokumente aufdeckte, die zeigten, dass schwedische Ermittler tatsächlich den Fall gegen Assange bereits 2013 einstellen wollten. Das Vereinigte Königreich bestand jedoch darauf, die Scharade fortzusetzen, damit Assange eingesperrt bleiben konnte. Ein britischer Beamter schickte den Schweden eine E-Mail: „Wagt es nicht, kalte Füße zu bekommen!“

09.02.2019 - 10:05 [ Junge Welt ]

Kontaktgruppe fordert Neuwahlen in Venezuela. Bolivien, Mexiko und Karibikstaaten verweigern Unterschrift. Deutscher Botschafter bei Guaidó

Am Donnerstag überreichte der deutsche Botschafter in Caracas, Daniel Kriener, Guaidó ein Schreiben, in dem er »in Vertretung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland« dessen Selbsternennung »anerkennt«. Zudem gehörte Kriener zu einer Gruppe europäischer Diplomaten, die sich zu einem Stelldichein bei Guaidó versammelten, wie dieser stolz per Twitter verbreitete. Über die Inhalte des Gesprächs wurde nichts mitgeteilt.

09.02.2019 - 10:01 [ ]

Differenzen auf internationaler Konferenz zu Venezuela in Montevideo

Aus Lateinamerika nahmen an der Konferenz Vertreter aus Bolivien, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexiko und Uruguay teil. Aus Europa waren Diplomaten aus Frankreich, Deutschland, Italien, den Niederlanden, Portugal, Spanien, Schweden und Großbritannien anwesend. Mit dabei war auch die Hohe Vertreterin der EU für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Federica Mogherini, und der uruguayische Präsident Tabaré Vázquez.

08.02.2019 - 09:10 [ ]

Mexiko, Uruguay und Caricom: Montevideo-Mechanismus als Lösung für Krise in Venezuela

Im Vorfeld zur ersten Tagung der Internationalen Kontaktgruppe zur Bewältigung der Krise in Venezuela haben Mexiko, Uruguay sowie das Länderbündnis Karibische Gemeinschaft (Caricom) den Montevideo-Mechanismus als Ergebnis ihrer Zusammenarbeit zur friedlichen und demokratischen Beilegung des Konfliktes bekanntgegeben.

07.02.2019 - 08:14 [ telesur ]

Uruguay, Mexico Present Outline for Montevideo Conference

The conference will foster a platform for respectful negotiations between Venezuela and its opposition.

The agenda for the “Montevideo Mechanism” being held in Uruguay on Thursday will be a four part process, foreign ministers said Wednesday.

15.12.2018 - 22:20 [ ]

Communication channels between Russian, EU military established to coordinate activities

Direct communication channels have been established between Russian military and defense ministries of the UK, France, Finland and Sweden to prevent dangerous military activity and decrease the likelihood of incidents in the Baltic Sea region, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Lt. Col. Alexander Fomin said on Friday at the meeting with military attaches

14.12.2018 - 02:49 [ Reuters ]

Russia, China abstain in U.N. vote on Syria cross-border aid

Russia and China on Thursday abstained from an annual United Nations Security Council vote to extend approval for cross-border humanitarian aid deliveries in Syria because Moscow said the four-year-old authorization was “divorced from reality.”

03.11.2018 - 17:33 [ ]

Iranian Foreign Minister Discusses New US Sanctions With EU Officials – Tehran

„During his Friday night conversations with Mogherini as well as Heiko Maas of Germany, Margot Wallstrom of Sweden, and Denmark’s Anders Samuelsen, the top Iranian diplomat discussed with them Washington’s re-imposition of sanctions against Iran and Europe’s efforts to counter such US moves,“ the statement read.

15.10.2018 - 16:09 [ Reuters ]

Swedish Social Dems leader Lofven asked to try to form new government

The speaker of Sweden’s parliament said on Monday he had asked Social Democrat leader and caretaker prime minister Stefan Lofven to try to form a government after the head of the center-right opposition gave up a similar attempt at the weekend.

08.10.2018 - 19:57 [ ]

Nobelpreis für Wirtschaft geht an Klima-Ökonomen

Die mit umgerechnet rund 870.000 Euro (neun Millionen schwedischen Kronen) dotierte Auszeichnung geht nicht auf das Testament des Erfinders Alfred Nobel zurück. Sie gilt daher nicht als klassischer Nobelpreis. Die schwedische Reichsbank stiftete den Preis 1968 nachträglich.

30.07.2018 - 10:04 [ Junge Welt ]

Teil der Front

Die formal bündnisfreien Staaten Schweden und Finnland lassen sich immer enger in die Strategie der NATO einbinden und beteiligen sich an Manövern der Militärallianz. Der Gegner heißt Russland

01.07.2018 - 08:56 [ ZDF ]

Merkel hat Zusagen – 14 Länder nehmen Flüchtlinge zurück

(30.6.2018) Darunter sollen auch Länder sein, die ihrer Flüchtlingspolitik bisher extrem kritisch gegenüberstanden, wie Tschechien, Ungarn oder Polen. Das geht aus einem Schreiben der Kanzlerin an die Partei- und Fraktionsvorsitzenden der Koalitionspartner SPD und CSU hervor, wie dem ZDF aus Unionskreisen bestätigt wurde.

22.05.2018 - 07:44 [ Radio Utopie ]

Russisches U-Boot in Ostsee war schwedisches ziviles Boot „Time Bandit“

(2015) Schwedens Verteidigungsminister Peter Hultqvist forderte vor einem Monat eine zusätzliche Budgeterhöhung von siebenhundert Millionen U.S.-Dollar für den Zeitraum von 2016 bis 2020. Damit sollen die Kriegsschiffe „Gavle“ und „Sundsvall“ modernisiert sowie hundertundfünfzig Soldaten ständig auf Gotland stationiert werden.