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12.12.2020 - 19:40 [ New York Times ]

Covid-19: F.D.A. Clears Pfizer Vaccine and Millions of Doses Will Be Shipped Right Away

The authorization is a historic turning point in a pandemic that has taken more than 290,000 lives in the United States. With the decision, the United States becomes the sixth country — in addition to Britain, Bahrain, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Mexico — to clear the vaccine. Other authorizations, including by the European Union, are expected within weeks.

22.11.2020 - 13:02 [ New York Times ]

Protesters in Guatemala Set Fire to Congress Building Over Spending Cuts

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Guatemala’s capital on Saturday, setting fire to the nation’s congressional building in a show of anger over a budget bill passed this week that cut funding for health care and education.

The demonstrations in Guatemala City, which also included peaceful marches in the central plaza, rocked a nation still recovering from back-to-back hurricanes that displaced thousands of people, destroyed homes and obliterated critical infrastructure.

22.11.2020 - 12:56 [ ]

Guatemala: Demonstranten setzen Parlament in Brand

Die Demonstranten riefen den Staatschef zudem dazu auf, sein Veto gegen den Haushalt einzulegen. Das Parlament, das von Giammatteis Partei und deren Verbündeten dominiert wird, hatte diese Woche das Milliardenbudget im Schnellverfahren und ohne öffentliche Debatte verabschiedet. Es bürdet dem Land hohe Schulden auf.

26.10.2020 - 00:14 [ ]

Large Shares of Voters Plan To Vote a Straight Party Ticket for President, Senate and House


In an era of increasing partisanship, split-ticket voting continues to be rare in U.S. politics. With control of the Senate at stake on Nov. 3, just 4% of registered voters in states with a Senate contest say they will support Donald Trump or Joe Biden and a Senate candidate from the opposing party.

02.09.2020 - 10:22 [ New York Times ]

Markey Holds Off Joseph Kennedy in Massachusetts Senate Race

Mr. Markey, who was first elected to Congress in 1976, was able to outflank Mr. Kennedy with progressives, leaving the heir of Massachusetts’s most storied political dynasty little opening.