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06.03.2022 - 12:34 [ S.B.R News / Twitter ]

#Russia #Ukraine Another video from Kherson, where a protest is taking place in the city center. So far all is quiet

06.03.2022 - 12:26 [ Franak Viačorka / Twitter ]

In the Russian-occupied Nova Kakhovka, the Kherson region of Ukraine, thousands of people gathered at the protest. They are chanting „Ukraine“ and carrying the flags.

04.03.2022 - 16:29 [ New York Times ]

Videos show scenes from one occupied Ukrainian city.

​​Videos posted on Thursday and verified by The New York Times reveal the various ways residents of Melitopol, a city under Russian occupation for at least three days, are coping with the presence of foreign troops in their city.

Civilians have responded with a mix of anger, scorn and acceptance, with some locals protesting Russian troops on multiple occasions and others lining up for aid from them in a central square

04.03.2022 - 16:26 [ @LLane0005 / Twitter ]

Мелитополь, российские военные доставили гуманитарную помощь населению

04.03.2022 - 16:24 [ Zoka / Twitter ]

Russian military is distributing humanitarian aid to the residents of Melitopol

04.03.2022 - 15:01 [ 6elatin, NFT Artist from Ukraine / Twitter ]

Rally in Melitopol right now Invaders, you are not welcome here!

01.03.2022 - 21:31 [ Matthew Luxmoore / Twitter ]

Amazing footage from Melitopol of Ukrainians stopping the onward advance of a Russian convoy and chanting “Occupants!” and “Murderers!” The jittery Russians are firing into the air

28.02.2022 - 11:35 [ Yaroslava Antipina, From Ukraine. In Ukraine. Kyiv. / Twitter ]

10:57 am in #Kyiv. I paid for the food, went to the street & began crying. Standing here on the street where I used to walk with coffee, listen to podcasts. These long queues to the food shops & pharmacies. These terrible nights with sirens. These deaths. Let’s stop the war!

28.02.2022 - 11:12 [ Yanis Varoufakis / Twitter ]

The only issue today should be to stop the war and to secure the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. The only way that could happen is a Washington-Moscow agreement that Russia withdraws in exchange for a commitment of Ukrainian neutrality. Anything else is war mongering.


26.02.2022 - 17:29 [ Captain Jim James / Twitter ]

Ukrainians wrecking Russian Motorized Infantry with Molotov cocktails at improvised roadblocks on the outskirts of Kyiv

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