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Schach-Profi Vincent Keymer: „Es gibt Züge, die Menschen niemals machen würden“

Man kann theoretisch online eine Partie spielen und nebenher in einen zweiten Rechner, ein Handy oder sonstige Maschine die Partie eingeben – die Engine gewinnt gegen jeden Menschen auf der Welt.

11.09.2022 - 16:56 [ New York Times ]

The New York Times

Live news, investigations, opinion, photos and video by the journalists of The New York Times from more than 150 countries around the world.

11.09.2022 - 16:56 [ ] Die aktuellsten Nachrichten auf einen Blick – aus Österreich und der ganzen Welt. In Text, Bild und Video.

11.09.2022 - 16:56 [ Achse des Guten ]

Die Achse des Guten.

Ob als Klimaleugner, Klugscheißer oder Betonköpfe tituliert, die Autoren der Achse des Guten lassen sich nicht darin beirren, mit unabhängigem Denken dem Mainstream der Angepassten etwas entgegenzusetzen.

11.09.2022 - 16:55 [ Qwant ]

Qwant – Qwant – The search engine that doesn’t know anything about you

Your personal data is your business
Surf on the Qwant search engine in complete confidentiality.

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heise online – IT News, Nachrichten und Hintergründe

News und Foren zu Computer, IT, Wissenschaft, Medien und Politik. Preisvergleich von Hardware und Software sowie Downloads bei Heise Medien.

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TLS 1.3: Slow adoption of stronger web encryption is empowering the bad guys

(April 6, 2020)

Asymmetric encryption is used during the “handshake”, which takes place prior to any data being sent. The handshake determines which cipher suite to use for the session – in other words, the symmetric encryption type – so that both browser and server agree. The TLS 1.2 protocol took multiple round trips between client and server, while TLS 1.3 is a much smoother process that requires only one trip. This latency saving shaves milliseconds off each connection.

30.06.2022 - 09:45 [ ]

Black Hat 2021: DNS loophole makes nation-state level spying as easy as registering a domain

(Aug 4, 2021)

We have no way of knowing whether the loophole has already been exploited: Anyone could have collected data undetected for over a decade.

We do know this is still an active threat vector – while two major DNS providers (Amazon and Google) have fixed the issue, others may still be vulnerable. As a result, millions of devices are potentially vulnerable.


After analyzing it, we learned it was dynamic DNS traffic from Windows machines that were querying the hijacked name server about itself. Dynamic DNS keeps DNS records automatically up to date when an IP address changes. It’s traditionally been used in large networks that host internal services, and use their own internal servers. In short, the traffic we received contained sensitive information that was never supposed to leave an organizations internal network.

The dynamic DNS traffic we “wiretapped” came from over 15,000 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, 45 U.S. government agencies, and 85 international government agencies. The data included a wealth of valuable intel like internal and external IP addresses, computer names, employee names and office locations.

30.06.2022 - 09:05 [ @Der_Kloenk / ]

3 things I wish from @github: – faster website (also in the actions tab) – nixos support for actions as first level citizen – TLS 1.3 in github actions

(7 May 2020)

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TLS 1.3: Slow adoption of stronger web encryption is empowering the bad guys

(April 6, 2020)

Asymmetric encryption is used during the “handshake”, which takes place prior to any data being sent. The handshake determines which cipher suite to use for the session – in other words, the symmetric encryption type – so that both browser and server agree. The TLS 1.2 protocol took multiple round trips between client and server, while TLS 1.3 is a much smoother process that requires only one trip. This latency saving shaves milliseconds off each connection.

30.06.2022 - 08:09 [ ]

Ex-Amazon Cloud Worker Found Guilty in Capital One Hack: The huge hack affected more than 100 million US customers.

(June 18, 2022)

„She wanted data, she wanted money, and she wanted to brag,“ Assistant United States Attorney Andrew Friedman said in closing arguments, according to the release. The Justice Department didn’t identify the other organizations affected by Thompson’s activity.

16.06.2022 - 16:38 [ FRANCE 24 English / ]

#LIVE – The French leader Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi meet with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in #Kiyv. Watch their joint press conference live on @FRANCE24_En

08.06.2022 - 06:59 [ ]

Gigamon releases 2022 TLS Trends Research based on 1.3trn network flows

Encrypt all feasible East-West traffic – The majority (65%) of East-West network traffic is now encrypted (up from 56% in 2020), leaving 35% of traffic unencrypted.


„This report seeks to provide real-world data on SSL/TLS usage,” said Bassam Khan, vice-president of product and technical marketing at Gigamon. “The findings illustrate why organisations need to rethink their decryption policies and procedures, particularly as TLS 1.3 gains further traction.”

06.06.2022 - 19:07 [ ]

TLS 1.3: Slow adoption of stronger web encryption is empowering the bad guys

(April 6, 2020)

Asymmetric encryption is used during the “handshake”, which takes place prior to any data being sent. The handshake determines which cipher suite to use for the session – in other words, the symmetric encryption type – so that both browser and server agree. The TLS 1.2 protocol took multiple round trips between client and server, while TLS 1.3 is a much smoother process that requires only one trip. This latency saving shaves milliseconds off each connection.

08.05.2022 - 16:20 [ New York Times ]

The Banality of Systemic Evil

(September 15, 2013)

In “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” one of the most poignant and important works of 20th-century philosophy, Hannah Arendt made an observation about what she called “the banality of evil.” One interpretation of this holds that it was not an observation about what a regular guy Adolf Eichmann seemed to be, but rather a statement about what happens when people play their “proper” roles within a system, following prescribed conduct with respect to that system, while remaining blind to the moral consequences of what the system was doing — or at least compartmentalizing and ignoring those consequences.

08.05.2022 - 16:09 [ Frankfurter Rundschau ]

Die Macht steht immer auf der Seite der Macht

(Erstellt: 20.01.2013Aktualisiert: 17.01.2019)

In einer Welt, in der die Architekten der Finanzkrise regelmäßig im Weißen Haus zu Abend essen“, schreibt Lawrence Lessig, Jura-Professor in Harvard und Autor der Zeitschrift The Nation, „in einer solchen Welt erscheint es lächerlich, dass Aaron Swartz ein Schwerverbrecher gewesen sein soll.“ Doch den 26 Jahre alten Internetaktivisten Aaron Swartz erwartete tatsächlich ein Prozess, der mit einer drakonischen Höchststrafe von 35 Jahren Gefängnis hätte enden können, dazu eine Geldstrafe in Millionenhöhe. Sein Vergehen: Er hat über das Netzwerk einer Universität mehr als vier Millionen wissenschaftliche Artikel heruntergeladen, die kostenpflichtig waren.

08.05.2022 - 15:38 [ ]

The Boy Who Could Change the World: The Writings of Aaron Swartz


Here for the first time in print is revealed the quintessential Aaron Swartz: besides being a technical genius and a passionate activist, he was also an insightful, compelling, and cutting essayist. With a technical understanding of the Internet and of intellectual property law surpassing that of many seasoned professionals, he wrote thoughtfully and humorously about intellectual property, copyright, and the architecture of the Internet. He wrote as well about unexpected topics such as pop culture, politics both electoral and idealistic, dieting, and lifehacking. Including three in-depth and previously unpublished essays about education, governance, and cities, The Boy Who Could Change the World contains the life’s work of one of the most original minds of our time.

08.05.2022 - 15:31 [ Techdirt ]

Why Did The Secret Service Take Over Aaron Swartz’s Case Two Days Before He Was Arrested


The same filing shows that MIT allowed all of this to happen despite no warrant, court order, or subpoena — just handing over all sorts of info.

08.05.2022 - 15:26 [ CNN ]

How Aaron Swartz helped build the Internet


„Aaron was an embodiment of the Web, and a contributor to many of the aspects that made it great,“ said Matt Mullenweg, who founded the blogging platform WordPress, in a statement. „When I was young and getting into technology Aaron was even younger and literally setting the standards for the Web with contributions to RSS 1.0 and Creative Commons. He inspired a generation to share online, to move to (San Francisco), to not be afraid to start things, and to break down barriers.“
Swartz died Friday of an apparent suicide in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York. He was 26.

08.05.2022 - 15:12 [ Harvard Magazine ]

RSS Creator Aaron Swartz Dead at 26


Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old computer genius, activist, and technology innovator known as a hero of the open-access movement—which promotes use of the Internet to provide free and easy access to the world’s knowledge—committed suicide last Friday in New York City, according to authorities and various media outlets. He was a Safra fellow studying ethics at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society in July 2011 when a federal grand jury indicted him on charges of gaining illegal access to JSTOR, a subscription-only service for distributing scientific and literary journals, and downloading five million articles and documents—nearly the entire library, according to

06.05.2022 - 14:59 [ ]

New DNS Flaw Enables ‘Nation-State Level Spying’ on Companies

(7. August 2021)

DNSaaS providers (also referred to as managed DNS providers) rent DNS to other businesses who don’t want to maintain and protect yet additional network resources on their own.


The Wiz researchers stated, “We found a simple loophole that allowed us to intercept a portion of worldwide dynamic DNS traffic going through managed DNS providers like Amazon and Google,”
“The dynamic DNS traffic we ‘wiretapped’ came from over 15,000 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, 45 U.S. government agencies, and 85 international government agencies.”
Employee/computer identities and locations and extremely sensitive data about organizations’ infrastructure, such as Internet-exposed network equipment, were among the

06.05.2022 - 08:59 [ ]

The Unfriendly Internet – Turning Off Cleartext Lookups in September

So, all DNS server operators have to deal with spoofed UDP traffic, doubly so for open recursive server operators. It requires a lot of fiddling with limits in the software used to detect attacks to adapt the constantly changing attack landscape. Sometimes the attacks look so much like regular traffic that it is tricky to tell attackers apart from real users, which is why many of you have had the unfortunate experience of being blocked as a false positive.

Without getting too technical: UDP traffic can be spoofed. This is primarily true because of lazy or incompetent ISPs not enforcing proper filters on their outgoing traffic.

29.04.2022 - 21:11 [ ]

Known DNS Providers

AdGuard users can configure any DNS server to be used instead of the system default provided by the router or ISP. In this article, you will find a list of popular DNS providers.

29.04.2022 - 21:08 [ ]

DNS-over-HTTPS Is The Wrong Partial Solution

(October 21, 2019)

DoH not only encrypts the DNS request, but it also serves it to a “normal” web server rather than a DNS server, making the DNS request traffic essentially indistinguishable from normal HTTPS. This is a double-edged sword. While it protects the DNS request itself, just as DNSCrypt or DoT do, it also makes it impossible for the folks in charge of security at large firms to monitor DNS spoofing and it moves the responsibility for a critical networking function from the operating system into an application. It also doesn’t do anything to hide the IP address of the website that you just looked up — you still go to visit it, after all.

And in comparison to DoT, DoH centralizes information about your browsing in a few companies: at the moment Cloudflare, who says they will throw your data away within 24 hours, and Google, who seems intent on retaining and monetizing every detail about everything you’ve ever thought about doing.

29.04.2022 - 20:52 [ ]

DNSCrypt version 2 protocol specification

The DNSCrypt protocol can use the UDP and TCP transport protocols.
DNSCrypt Clients and resolvers should support the protocol over UDP and must support it over TCP.

The default port for this protocol should be 443, both for TCP and UDP.

29.04.2022 - 20:50 [ ]

Problems that UDP and only UDP has

(August 2018)

To Simplify, TCP is just a collection of algorithms that extend UDP to make it support in-order delivery of streams. UDP on the other hand does not care about such streams and instead sends blocks of messages (called datagrams) in whatever-order and provides no guarantee what-so-ever that you will ever receive them.

29.04.2022 - 20:37 [ ]

TCP vs. UDP – die beiden Protokolle im Vergleich

UDP steht für User Datagram Protocol. Es ist ein verbindungsloses Transportprotokoll. Das UDP hat zwar ähnliche Aufgaben zu erfüllen wie das TCP, dabei arbeitet es aber – im Gegensatz zum TCP – verbindungslos und unsicher. Das heißt, als Absender weiß man hier nie, ob das versendete Datenpaket angekommen ist, da keine Empfangsbestätigungen gesendet werden. UDP wird hauptsächlich bei DNS-Anfragen, VPN-Verbindungen und Audio- und Videostreaming verwendet, da es durch seine vereinfachte Arbeitsweise schneller ist.

23.04.2022 - 13:27 [ Glenn Greenwald / Rumble ]

The WashPost’s Doxxing of @LibsOfTikTok Reveals Who Corporate Journalists See as Their Targets


23.04.2022 - 13:24 [ ]

German government funds ‚research‘ project that doxxed Libs of Tik Tok


Brown is working on an ongoing project with support from Prototype Fund, an organization that provides financial support to Brown’s so-called „Hatespeech-Tracker.“ Protoype Fund is a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Travis Robert Brown’s Hassreden-Tracker is composed of his existing tools, such as cancel-culture, which Travis uses to track, stalk, dox, and harass those he has a personal vendetta against. You can see the hundreds of lists he’s created here.

23.04.2022 - 12:28 [ ]

Prototype Fund – About

The Prototype Fund is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that is supported and evaluated by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.
Individuals and small teams (of freelance coders, hackers, UX designers and more) can receive funding in order to test their ideas and develop open source applications in the areas of Civic Tech, Data Literacy, IT Security and Software Infrastructure.

23.04.2022 - 12:22 [ Bors Reitschuster ]

Ausspionieren und Denunzieren von Regierungskritikern mit Steuergeldern

Der in Berlin ansässige Travis Brown veröffentlichte den Angaben zufolge am 11.2.2022 eine Feindesliste von angeblich „rechten“ Twitter-Konten. Auf der stehen führende konservative und liberale Intellektuelle wie Sam Harris, Bret und Eric Weinstein, Peter Boghossian und Heather Heying, so die „Freie Welt“: „Jüdische Mitbürger wie Blogger Scott Alexander, Homosexuelle wie Autor Douglas Murray und Antifa-Experte Andy Ngo sowie schwarze Mitbürger wie Rapper Zuby wurden auch an Browns Internet-Pranger gestellt.“

Nach eigenen Angaben hat Travis Brown mit seinem Hassreden-Tracker 35 Millionen gelöschte Tweets archiviert. In einem Tweet vom 4.4.2022 gab er an: „Wir tracken 18 Mio. Konten, die mit rechtsextremen Netzwerken zu tun haben.“ Dazu schreibt die „Freie Welt“: Wenn Sam Harris und Eric Weinstein als „rechtsextrem“ gelten, ist es kein Wunder, dass Brown 18 Mio. Menschen im Visier hat.

19.04.2022 - 14:52 [ ]

Der Maulwurf-Akt: Wie eine Clique im Verfassungsschutz für viele wühlte


Es geht um Beamte des Bundesamtes für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung (BVT), gegen die die Staatsanwaltschaft Wien viele Verdachtsmomente hegt: sensible Informationsbeschaffung und Datendiebstahl gegen Geld auf der einen; den Verdacht der Russlandspionage, schmutziges Geld und kriminelle Vereinigungen auf der anderen Seite. Und noch mehr: Dabei sind Protagonisten der Skandale rund um die Meinl-Bank, Wirecard, Ibiza und das BVT selbst.

19.04.2022 - 14:40 [ Matthias Halbeis / Twitter ]

Wie eine Clique aus Ex-Verfassungsschützern das Land vor sich hertrieb |


01.04.2022 - 06:41 [ Reuters ]

U.S. bars ex-spies from becoming ‚mercenaries,‘ following Reuters series

(March 16, 2022)

“We don’t want our best trained intel officers going straight into the hands of foreign governments for the sake of money,“ Castro said. „This discourages intelligence mercenaries and protects our national interest.“

The UAE spying operation, called Project Raven, hacked into Facebook and Google accounts and thousands of Apple iPhones, targeting activists that human rights groups say were later arrested and tortured

13.02.2022 - 10:02 [ ]

Wie eine Clique aus Ex-Verfassungsschützern das Land vor sich hertrieb

Dabei sind Protagonisten der Skandale rund um die Meinl-Bank, Wirecard, Ibiza und das BVT selbst. Es geht um opportune Politiker und einen schwachen Staat, die derartige Machenschaften erst auf fruchtbaren Boden fallen lassen. Der bisher streng geheim gehaltene Verschlussakt liegt der „Presse am Sonntag“ vor. Er offenbart, in welch schlechtem Zustand der Sicherheitsapparat derzeit ist. Und dass einige, wenige Personen mit krimineller Energie tatsächlich ausreichen, um ein Land jahrelang vor sich herzutreiben.

02.02.2022 - 02:42 [ Außenministerium der Russischen Föderation ]

Außenministerium der Russischen Föderation

31 Januar 2022 16:56

Zum Vorsitz Russlands im UN-Sicherheitsrat im Februar 2022

02.02.2022 - 02:35 [ Radio Utopie ]

“Versteht man in den Hauptstädten der EU-Länder, wozu diese verantwortungslosen Schritte führen können?”

(29. July 2014)

Anm. d. Red.: Wir fordern das Außenministerium der Russischen Förderatiom zum wiederholten Male (1, 2, 3, 4) auf, ein paar tausend Rubel weniger in die Internet-Kontrolle und stattdessen in einen Übersetzer mehr zu investieren, um im ureigensten Interesse die eigene deutschsprachige Webseite aktuell zu halten. Auch mehrfache diesbezügliche Anrufe bei der Russischen Botschaft in Berlin waren nicht erfolgreich und inspirierten offensichtlich nur schlechte Witze der hiesigen Spitzel und ihrer medialen Megaphone.

23.12.2021 - 06:51 [ München steht auf ]

Pressemitteilung 22.12.

Wir – ein Bündnis aus verschiedenen Initiativen mit „München steht auf“ – sehen es mit großer Sorge, dass durch die Absage der Mittwochsdemonstration auf dem Geschwister-Scholl-Platz in München die Protestierenden nun keine Möglichkeit haben, ihr Recht auf Versammlungsfreiheit auszuüben.

Frust und Enttäuschung sind bei einigen verständlicherweise sehr groß. Wir versuchen gerade, über Statements auf die Menschen einzuwirken, damit am Mittwoch alles friedlich bleibt. Das ist aber enorm schwierig in der aufgeheizten Stimmung.

Wir bieten daher erneut an – im Sinne aller – in München eine Versammlung zu organisieren und den Protest in geregelte Bahnen zu lenken. Wir haben schon mehrfach bewiesen, dass wir das können.

20.12.2021 - 16:52 [ ]

Friedensbewegung – FbK (Friedensbewegung bundesweite Koordination)

Organisiert euch konkret vor Ort, wie das geht, steht hier:

20.12.2021 - 16:26 [ ]

Freiheitsversammlung Muenchen

— Nächste Versammlung am 08.01.2022 um 12:30 Uhr am Max-Josef-Platz in München—

20.12.2021 - 08:02 [ ] – die Ausgangssperre gilt nur für Menschen

Kann ma irgendwer dem Webmaster sagen dass diese sinnlosen Menupunkte wegmüssen? Halloooooo? Irgendwer?

20.12.2021 - 07:14 [ Arbeitskreis Gewerkschafter/innen Aachen ]

Am Samstag waren wir bei der BÜNDNIS-DEMO gg. die CORONA-HYSTERIE-IMPFPFLICHT bereits 1000 Menschen! Jetzt berichten die Mainstream-Medien plötzlich!

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
als Gewerkschafter/Innen-Arbeitskreis (AK) gehören wir als dessen Mitbegründer zum BÜNDNIS GEGEN DIE IMPFPFLICH und gestalten dessen Aktionen mit.
Inmitten der CORONA-HYSTERIE (…) haben wir beständig mit zu Demos und Kundgebungen gegen den Maßnahmenwahnsinn aufgerufen.
Und die Teilnehmerzahlen zu den Demos sind beständig angeschwollen!

09.08.2021 - 09:38 [ Eva, Director of Cybersecurity @EFF / Twitter ]

Apple distributed this internal memo this morning, dismissing their critics as „the screeching voices of the minority.“ I will never stop screeching about the importance of privacy, security, or civil liberties. And neither should you.


09.08.2021 - 09:04 [ CyberPreserve / Twitter ]

A week after Apple introduced an important update iOS 14.7, which despite including critical security fixes, failed to address a vulnerability in iMessage that can be misused by the adversaries to pose a threat and attack iPhones via Pegasus malware.


31.07.2021 - 06:11 [ Deutsche Kommunistische Partei ]

Eilmeldung: Verfassungsgericht weist Angriff auf die DKP zurück


Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hat heute den Versuch, die Existenz der Deutschen Kommunistischen Partei (DKP) mit bürokratischen Mitteln zu gefährden und ihr die Kandidatur bei den Bundestagswahlen zu verbieten, zurückgewiesen.

Die Begründung ist eine schallende Ohrfeige für den Bundeswahlleiter und bestätigt außerdem, dass die DKP eine aktive politische Partei ist, so wird zum Beispiel auf die Kundgebung der DKP zum 80. Jahrestag des Überfalls auf die Sowjetunion verwiesen.

30.07.2021 - 09:06 [ ]

More than FIFTY Tory MPs are ready to vote against ‚misguided‘ Covid passports after Government is accused of introducing them ‚by stealth‘ by quietly updating NHS app – as Dominic Raab says they ‚make sense‘ for returning to the office

– Many Tory MPs are ‚horrified‘ by proposals to introduce mandatory passports
– They say it will create a ‚two-class society‘ and plan to block the plans
– Britons with both Covid-19 jabs can now add vaccine certificate to Apple Wallet
– ‚Get your NHS Covid Pass‘ section of the NHS App leads to ‚domestic‘ or ‚travel‘
– ‚Domestic‘ section will display name, date of birth and QR code confirming jabs
– ‚Travel‘ section has same information along with nine extra details for each dose
– Lib Dems: Government has ‚introduced Covid ID Cards by stealth onto phones‘

14.07.2021 - 08:17 [ Helen 侯-Sandí, @WordPress Lead Developer / Twitter, ]

Of the 35 WP core committers, 22 do not work for Automattic. Just in case you were still thinking that WordPress is an Automattic project.

(Dec 30, 2015)

30.06.2021 - 19:48 [ NYC Board of Elections / Twitter ]

The Board of Elections conducts rigorous and mandatory pre-qualification testing for every election. It has been determined that ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System (EMS). EMS produces Cast Vote Records (CVR) from ballot images. RCV software uses the CVR to produce unofficial results. When the cast vote records were extracted for the first pull of RCV results, it concluded both test and election night results, producing approximately 135,000 additional records. Board staff has removed all test ballot images from the system and will upload election night results, cross-referencing against election night reporting software for verification. The cast vote record will be re-generated and the RCV rounds will be re-tabulated.

The Board apologizes for the error and has taken immediate measures to ensure the most accurate up to date results.

30.06.2021 - 19:18 [ ]

State Board of Elections Approves Software To Tabulate Ranked-Choice Primary Results


The approval comes after more than 18 months of back and forth between the city and state over the process required to test and implement the Universal Ranked-Choice Voting Tabulator, the software selected by the city which was developed by a non-partisan non-profit called The Ranked Choice Resource Center. It wasn’t until January of this year that state officials finally agreed to allow the mandatory testing and certification to take place.

24.06.2021 - 08:34 [ ZDF ]

Software-Pionier – McAfee tot in Gefängniszelle gefunden

Möglicherweise handle es sich um Selbstmord, hieß es in einer Erklärung.

Stunden zuvor hatte das Oberste Gericht Spaniens grünes Licht für die Auslieferung des 75-Jährigen an die USA gegeben. Die Staatsanwaltschaft im US-Staat Tennessee wirft dem britisch-amerikanischen Programmierer Steuerhinterziehung vor.

24.06.2021 - 03:22 [ Aktion Freiheit statt Angst ]

Handyverkehr seit 30 Jahren abhörbar: Wir erfahren, was wir wissen dürfen

Die Verschlüsselung von Handys mit dem GEA-1 Algorithmus ist absolut unsicher. Das zeigen jetzt(!) Forschungsergebnisse von IT-Sicherheitsexperten der Ruhr-Uni Bochum, der Forschungsstelle Simula UiB aus Norwegen, der französischen Forschungsinstitute Irisa und Inria sowie der Uni Paris-Saclay. Der für GPRS (G2) Netze in den 90-iger Jahren entwicklelte Standard sollte damals mit 64-bit Schlüssellänge Sicherheit bieten. Der vermeintliche 64-Bit-Schlüssel wurde aber im Algorithmus „aus unbekannten Grpnden“ praktisch auf die Sicherheit eines 40-Bit-Schlüssels reduziert.

15.06.2021 - 15:59 [ ]

ZITiS baut Supercomputer zur Entschlüsselung


Dieser Supercomputer hat „höchste Priorität“ für die ZITiS-Abnehmer Verfassungsschutz, Bundeskriminalamt und Bundespolizei.

Vor zwei Wochen wurde bekannt, dass ZITiS auch einen Quantencomputer einsetzen will. Ob Supercomputer und Quantencomputer verschiedene Projekte sind, will ZITiS auf Anfrage nicht verraten:

10.06.2021 - 09:58 [ Richard Silverstein ]

IDF Lies About Espionage Charges Against Tomer Eiges, Cyber-intelligence Officer Who Died in Military Prison


We do not know for certain how Eiges, who a separate source told me committed suicide (though this fact is disputed by his family), managed to die. Though an autopsy was performed by a pathologist hired by the family, according to a family friend he was not able to determine a cause of death.

The IDF refuses to release any medical account of its own. It has performed its own secret investigation of the circumstances of Eiges death and refuses to release any accounting.

10.06.2021 - 09:41 [ Haaretz ]

Intel Officer Who Died in Jail Was About to Compromise ‚Big Secret,‘ Says Israeli Army Chief

According to Kochavi, the secrecy, with which the affair was handled, was important „in order to safeguard his privacy and the privacy of his family … while guarding a big secret.“

Kochavi added that the IDF managed to stop „him at the last minute,“ before he caused harm.

10.06.2021 - 09:23 [ Haaretz ]

Everything That Can Be Said About the Mysterious Death of an Israeli Intel Officer

Those who knew the officer say he was regarded as a prodigy in the field of computers, which he studied in high school. At age 16, he participated in a program to encourage high-tech entrepreneurship for young people and completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He joined the Israel Defense Forces in March 2016 and served in an intelligence branch tech unit.

His friends told Haaretz he was an idealistic and brilliant individual who succeeded in all the assignments he was given. “He was a man of values and ideals, and they guided him in his work and in his philosophy of life,” said one.

26.03.2021 - 10:46 [ ]

Handydaten abgesaugt? Vorwürfe gegen IT-Techniker beim BVT

In der Wohnung eines BVT-IT-Technikers sollen Ermittler Dutzende Mobiltelefone gefunden haben. Die Geräte sollen laut einem Bericht der „Presse“ teils hochrangigen Mitarbeitern des Innenministeriums gehört haben. Der Mann stehe im Verdacht, die Daten ausgelesen, weitergegeben und verkauft zu haben, so die Zeitung. Die Staatsanwaltschaft bestätigte Ermittlungen.

24.03.2021 - 15:12 [ ]

6 ways HTTP/3 benefits security (and 7 serious concerns)

(29 Jun 2020)

HTTP3, the third official version of hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), will not use the transmission control protocol (TCP) as did its predecessors. Instead, it uses the quick UDP internet connections (QUIC) protocol developed by Google in 2012.

24.03.2021 - 15:08 [ Jake Miller / ]

h2c Smuggling: Request Smuggling Via HTTP/2 Cleartext (h2c)

(Sep 8, 2020)

The revival of HTTP request smuggling has led to devastating vulnerabilities in our modern application deployments. An HTTP request smuggled past the validation of an edge server can lead to serious consequences, including forged internal headers, access to internal management endpoints, and a variety of opportunities for privilege escalation.

HTTP/2 (or HTTP/3) is a promising solution to the issues we’ve faced with request smuggling, but support for HTTP/1.1 isn’t going away anytime soon. In the meantime, we’re still in for more surprises from our good friend HTTP/1.1.

In this post, I demonstrate how upgrading HTTP/1.1 connections to lesser-known HTTP/2 over cleartext (h2c) connections can allow a bypass of reverse proxy access controls, and lead to long-lived, unrestricted HTTP traffic directly to back-end servers.

16.02.2021 - 10:29 [ Nachdenkseiten ]

Auch das Linux Magazin lässt sich in die Agitation gegen kritische Medien einspannen. Was sind das denn nur für Waschlappen!

Ein Leser der NachDenkSeiten, J. S., dessen Klarnamen wir nicht nennen, weil er Sorge hat, diskreditiert zu werden, und wir diese Sorge verstehen, hat uns darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass auch das Linux Magazin die bösartige, unberechtigte Bewertung der NachDenkSeiten als rechtslastig übernimmt. Soweit sind wir schon: Selbst in Medien, die sich kritischen Verstand und Unabhängigkeit eigentlich leisten könnten, wird nachgeplappert, was die Agitatoren der westlichen Mehrheitsmeinung so verbreiten. Es folgt die Mail des NachDenkSeiten-Lesers und seine Mail an das Linux Magazin. Wir veröffentlichen dies auch deshalb, weil wir wie J. S. auch immer wieder feststellen, dass und wie viel geglaubt wird, was heute so an Fehlinformation und Hetze verbreitet wird.

14.01.2021 - 19:39 [ Daniel Lücking / Twitter ]

Jetzt sind wir bei einem Surfstick, der offenbar in einem Shop für Prepaidkarten genutzt wurde und eine SIM-Karte nach der anderen aktiviert und aufgeladen hat. Es ist gerade ein Test für das technische Verständnis der MdB. #UA1BT

14.01.2021 - 19:37 [ Stella Schiffczyk / Twitter ]

Erster Kriminalhauptkommissar A. Sl. vom #BKA wird im #UA1BT zu den Handies des Attentäters befragt. Der Zeuge ist in der IT tätig und wertete das HTC A.A.s und u.a.dessen Telegram-Chats mit #moumou1 aus.

28.12.2020 - 10:33 [ Brian Bond - 007, JavaScript Developer / Twitter ]

Replying to @Eve6: learn to code

27.12.2020 - 06:35 [ Washington Post ]

How the Iowa caucuses came ‘crashing down,’ under the watchful eye of the DNC

(Feb. 16, 2020)

The DNC ordered and paid for a security audit of the software, which was completed by NCC Group, a Britain-based cybersecurity firm. Out of the review, which also involved threat assessment conducted with the national party as well as officials in Iowa and Nevada, came directions to guard the name of the vendor, and to take the software live as late as possible to prevent it from getting into the hands of hackers, according to multiple people who participated or had knowledge of the exercises.

27.12.2020 - 06:14 [ ]

County party chair thinks internal audit was too kind to Iowa Democratic Party

(Dec. 16, 2020)

After the caucus, the IDP hired a pair of Democratic lawyers: Nick Klinefeldt, who was a federal attorney appointed by President Barack Obama, and former Iowa Attorney General Bonnie Campbell. They were tasked with identifying and determining the cause of problems that occurred during the 2020 Iowa Caucuses, with the results of their investigation being released to the public on Saturday morning.

27.12.2020 - 06:10 [ ]

Iowa autopsy report: DNC meddling led to caucus debacle


The audit states the conversion tool had coding errors that spit out inaccurate numbers and caused confusion about the accuracy of the results, eventually leading to delays in reporting. But the state party’s app never malfunctioned nor was hacked, the report concludes.

27.12.2020 - 06:04 [ ]

Investigator: DNC Was “Directly Involved” in Iowa Caucus App Development, Countering DNC Denial


The DNC’s meddling, which included a last-minute demand that developers of the Shadow app create a special software that would allow the DNC real-time access to the raw numbers before they went public, didn’t sit well with Zogby.

“Why would [the DNC] need to see that?” Zogby said about the DNC’s insistence on access to the raw caucus results before they went public. “Why wouldn’t you trust the state party to make the determination?”

In the transcript from the closed-session meeting held by the state party, members suggested that the DNC’s goal was to strip Iowa of its prestigious first-in-the-nation status.

11.12.2020 - 21:00 [ Bundesverfassungsgericht ]

Erweiterte Datennutzung („Data-mining“) nach dem Antiterrordateigesetz teilweise verfassungswidrig

n § 6a Abs. 5 ATDG definiert der Gesetzgeber den Begriff der erweiterten Nutzung. Hierunter ist das Herstellen von Zusammenhängen zwischen Personen, Personengruppierungen, Institutionen, Objekten und Sachen, der Ausschluss unbedeutender Informationen und Erkenntnisse, die Zuordnung eingehender Informationen zu bekannten Sachverhalten sowie die statistische Auswertung der gespeicherten Daten zu verstehen (Satz 1). Hierzu dürfen die beteiligten Behörden des Bundes Daten auch mittels phonetischer oder unvollständiger Daten, der Suche über eine Mehrzahl von Datenfeldern, der Verknüpfung von Personen, Institutionen, Organisationen, Sachen oder der zeitlichen Eingrenzung der Suchkriterien aus der Datei abfragen sowie räumliche und sonstige Beziehungen zwischen Personen und Zusammenhänge zwischen Personen, Personengruppierungen, Institutionen, Objekten und Sachen darstellen sowie die Suchkriterien gewichten (Satz 2). § 6a ATDG gestattet damit die unmittelbare Nutzung der Antiterrordatei auch zur Generierung neuer Erkenntnisse aus den Querverbindungen der gespeicherten Datensätze (sogenanntes „Data-mining“).

Der Beschwerdeführer rügt mit seiner Verfassungsbeschwerde, die sich ausschließlich gegen § 6a ATDG richtet, eine Verletzung des Grundrechts auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung (Art. 2 Abs. 1 in Verbindung mit Art. 1 Abs. 1 GG).

11.12.2020 - 20:57 [ ]

Bundesverfassungsgericht streicht Data Mining aus Antiterrordateigesetz

Bei der Data-Mining-Erlaubnis in § 6a Absatz 2 Satz 1 des ATDG ist das der Ansicht des Ersten Senats nach nicht der Fall: Sie nennt zwar den „Schutz von Rechtsgütern zu, die besonders gewichtig sind“, lässt aber mit einer „Erforderlichkeit im Einzelfall […] zur Aufklärung […] weitere[r] Zusammenhänge des Einzelfalls“ so viel Interpretationsspielraum, dass sie das Bundesverfassungsgericht als „nicht normenklar“ einstuft. Hier fehlt den Richtern „eine wenigstens hinreichend konkretisierte Gefahr in dem Sinne […], dass zumindest tatsächliche Anhaltspunkte für die Entstehung einer konkreten Gefahr vorliegen“.

13.11.2020 - 20:43 [ Ron / Twitter ]

Having election voting data as an open standard makes it easy to develop programs that can input election data and output election data. With knowledge of these data types, you could theoretically make black box programs that could modify election data.

Something to look for is whether the Image Cast Central (ICC) system stores this JSON data as plaintext or in an encrypted form.
If this json is stored as plain text, then modifying election data before it is turned into the custody of the county is trivial.

13.11.2020 - 20:36 [ National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ]

NIST Special Publication 1500-100: Election Results Common Data Format Specification

(December 2019)

1.1 Why this specification is needed The purpose of this specification is to provide a comprehensive, flexible, and interoperable pre-election setup and post-election results reporting XML and JSON format for manufacturers to integrate into their voting equipment and for election offices, the media, and other groups to use in their own software. Some advantages of using this specification are that:

• election results can be reported directly from election offices in this format regardless of voting system manufacturer, thus enabling interoperability;

• the need for custom software and custom reporting formats is greatly reduced;

• jurisdictions that use multiple versions of EMSs and tabulators can more easily combine and transfer information between systems

13.11.2020 - 20:33 [ Ron / Twitter ]

It seems election votes are tallied then stored as a DOUBLE in JSON. „can include a factional [sic] component in special cases“

If it is proven that Dominion uses this standard in their machines, then that is proof that votes are stored ultimately as double length floating point numbers.

13.11.2020 - 12:12 [ ]

Officials: Clerk error behind county results favoring Biden

The Department of State said Antrim and many other counties in Michigan use the Dominion Voting Systems election management system and ballot tabulators. The tabulators are programmed to scan hand-marked paper ballots.

04.11.2020 - 14:18 [ ]

County Will Continue Process Of Scanning Mail-In Ballots Wednesday

According to a press release from the county Tuesday night, about half of the ballots received by mail had been counted by 8 p.m. but the process was going more slowly than anticipated due to mechanical issues with the ballot scanner.

After the high speed scanner had been operating all day, a technician was called into the Election Bureau to allow the scanning to continue until 11:30 p.m. before picking back up again around 8:30 a.m. A second scanner is also expected to be available on Wednesday.

04.10.2020 - 17:15 [ ]

Computing issue responsible for sharp Covid-19 case rise, says Johnson

The official dashboard said on Saturday that due to a technical issue, which has now been resolved, there was a delay in publishing a number of cases.

This means that the total reported over the coming days will include some additional cases from the period between September 24 and October 1.

04.10.2020 - 16:26 [ Jennifer Williams, Politics & investigations editor for the Manchester Evening News / Twitter ]

He is asked why there has been a sudden spike overnight in testing numbers. There was a problem with counting, he says. ‘It was a computing issue.’ WHAT COMPUTING ISSUE

04.10.2020 - 16:21 [ ]

Boris Johnson blames ‚failure in counting system‘ for daily Covid infections DOUBLING to a record 12,872 – but dodges giving fuller explanation as he hints there WERE delays tracing contacts of thousands who tested positive

But appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show this morning, Mr Johnson suggested that the issue might have gone deeper and affected crucial efforts to track down contacts of those who tested positive.

‚The reason for that is there was a failure in the testing system… It was a computing issue,‘ he said.

12.09.2020 - 12:12 [ ]

Boris Johnson Tried To Get His MPs To Back Him Over Brexit On A Zoom Call. It Didn’t Quite Go To Plan

But when the Zoom call attended by 256 MPs suddenly broke off after twenty minutes, the online forum descended into chaos as MP Michael Fabricant started singing Rule Britannia, clutching a piece of paper with the words already printed out.

15.08.2020 - 18:28 [ ]

Trailer – Unsere Forderungen

Captain Future wird dem verrückten Professor Drosten das Handwerk legen. Außerdem wird er Misstress Merkel, Wieler das Wiesel und Spahn das Ferkel aus ihren Posten bassen. Schließlich wird noch das Medienkartell aufgelöst und erwirkt, dass alle Menschen für immer in Freiheit leben können.

10.08.2020 - 17:18 [ Fefes Blog ]

Intel hatte einen Datenreichtum…

(…) Vielleicht könnte man das ja mal als Anreizs sehen, eine konkurrenzfähige offene Architektur ohne Geheimnisse zu bauen. In Europa am besten. Bzw. eigentlich mit dem Geld von Europa aber nicht in Europa, sonst kommen wieder die Schweine, äh, die Innenminister.

12.07.2020 - 15:33 [ ]

Scientists from the Wuhan virus lab have ‚defected‘ to the West, reveals senior Trump ally Steve Bannon – as FBI gathers evidence that coronavirus pandemic was caused by an accidental leak

He said: ‘The thing was built with French help, so don’t think that there aren’t some monitoring devices in there. I think what you are going to find out is that these guys were doing experiments which they weren’t fully authorised [for] or knew what they were doing and that somehow, either through an inadvertent mistake, or on a lab technician, one of these things got out.

‘It’s not that hard for these viruses to get out. That is why these labs are so dangerous.

‘You essentially had a biological Chernobyl in Wuhan, but the centre of gravity, the Ground Zero, was round the Wuhan lab, in terms of the casualty rates. And like Chernobyl, you also had the cover-up – the state apparatus reports to itself and just protects itself.’

05.03.2020 - 14:41 [ Plain Ol' Johnny Graz / Twitter ]

My predictions for South Carolina and Super Tuesday: Massive irregularities and late results. Bernie initially ahead, then slowly losing ground as manipulated results trickle in. At best, a mixed result for Bernie, fueling the brokered convention narrative.


16.02.2020 - 14:14 [ John Panzer, Silicon Valley & California native / Twitter ]

“The DNC ordered and paid for a security audit of the software, which was completed by NCC Group, a Britain-based cybersecurity firm.

Out of the review, which also involved threat assessment conducted with the national party as well as officials in Iowa… … and Nevada, came directions to guard the name of the vendor, and to take the software live as late as possible to prevent it from getting into the hands of hackers, according to multiple people who participated or had knowledge of the exercises.”

16.02.2020 - 14:09 [ Washington Post ]

How the Iowa caucuses came ‘crashing down,’ under the watchful eye of the DNC

The DNC ordered and paid for a security audit of the software, which was completed by NCC Group, a Britain-based cybersecurity firm. Out of the review, which also involved threat assessment conducted with the national party as well as officials in Iowa and Nevada, came directions to guard the name of the vendor, and to take the software live as late as possible to prevent it from getting into the hands of hackers, according to multiple people who participated or had knowledge of the exercises.

13.02.2020 - 19:33 [ German Foreign Policy ]

Ausspähen unter Freunden (II)

BND und CIA nutzten die Schweizer Crypto AG zum Abhören fremder Regierungen. Verbündete wurden auch später noch ausgeforscht

12.02.2020 - 13:08 [ Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering - ]

UF Engineer Testifies Before U.S. House Committee about Election Security


“Currently, there is no known way to secure a digital ballot. At this time, any election that does not employ paper ballots cannot be secured,” Dr. Gilbert said. “Therefore, the report recommended that Internet voting, and specifically the electronic return of marked ballots, should not be used at this time.”

House Administration Committee Chairperson Zoe Lofgren commended Dr. Gilbert on the presentation of the report’s findings and the excellent work done by the National Academies. She noted that the report was “the guts of what we ended up putting in our SAFE [Securing America’s Federal Elections] Act that’s now pending in the Senate.”

12.02.2020 - 12:51 [ Human Experience Research Lab / University of Florida ]

About Prime III

The name Prime III was chosen because it’s a third generation voting system. Dr. Juan E. Gilbert defines voting systems by generation. First generation voting was done with mechanical equipment and paper, e.g. lever machines, punch cards, etc. Second generation voting uses computers, e.g. optical scan, DRE. Third generation devices are multimodal, e.g. Prime III, AutoMark. These are machines that accommodate multiple voters on one machine using multimodality. Prime III is a third generation voting device that allows voters to cast their ballot using touch, voice or both..

12.02.2020 - 12:38 [ ]

Prime III

After piloting Prime III in selected wards in the 2014 primary election, the New Hampshire Department of State modified the software to accommodate the requirements of the state’s election code and debuted the system in the Presidential primary on February 9, 2016. Prime III can also be used through Gilbert’s other voting systems: Balloting and Televoting. The Balloting system enables voters to fill out their ballots online or through their phone. Once the ballot is completed, the voter will get a QR code that can be scanned at a Prime III-enabled voting machine to speed up the voting process.Televoting allows military and overseas voters to fill out their ballots through Prime III online and have it printed back at their home precinct.

11.02.2020 - 19:44 [ ]

Geleakter Bericht: Die Vereinten Nationen wurden gehackt und haben niemandem davon erzählt

Der Bericht besagt, dass die Hacker eine Schwachstelle in der SharePoint-Software von Microsoft ausnutzten. Die dafür verwendeten Malware sei bis dahin unbekannt gewesen.

Die Techniker der UN scheiterten demnach bislang auch daran, die Befehls- und Kontrollserver im Internet zu identifizieren, die für die Exfiltrierung von Informationen verwendet wurden.

11.02.2020 - 15:19 [ Washington Post ]

‘The intelligence coup of the century’: For decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries.

For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret.

The company, Crypto AG, got its first break with a contract to build code-making machines for U.S. troops during World War II. Flush with cash, it became a dominant maker of encryption devices for decades, navigating waves of technology from mechanical gears to electronic circuits and, finally, silicon chips and software.

11.02.2020 - 15:08 [ ZDF ]

„Operation ‚Rubikon'“ – #Cryptoleaks: Wie BND und CIA alle täuschten

Aber was in den Berichten steht, die von unmittelbar Beteiligten aus Bundesnachrichtendienst und CIA erstellt wurden, sollte bekannt werden:

Deutschland hat in enger Zusammenarbeit mit den amerikanischen Nachrichtendiensten über Jahrzehnte nicht nur mehr als 100 Staaten, darunter auch Freunde und Verbündete, belauscht.
Es hat im Zuge dessen auch von der Ermordung zehntausender Menschen gewusst – und geschwiegen.

Die heute veröffentlichten Erkenntnisse sind Ergebnis einer gemeinsamen Recherche von ZDF Frontal 21, der „Washington Post“ und der „Rundschau“ des Schweizer Fernsehens SRF.

11.02.2020 - 15:05 [ Fefe ]

Die CIA hat 2018 ihren Anteil an der Crypto AG verkauft, die vorher mit dem BND zusammen Backdoor-Equipment an ausländische Botschaften verkauft hat.

Immerhin entbehrt es nicht einer gewissen Komik, die offiziellen Stellungnahmen der Befragten zu lesen. CIA, BND und Siemens haben direkt jeden Kommentar verweigert, die Schweizer wollen von nichts gewusst haben, und dem Parlamentarischen Kontrollgremium sagte man unter der Hand, das sei ja alles kalter Kaffee.

10.01.2020 - 15:24 [ CNN ]

‚Designed by clowns‘: Boeing releases flood of troubling internal documents related to 737 Max

Boeing (BA) employees ridiculed the 737 Max’s regulatory certification progress and crudely expressed doubts about the plane’s ability to fly safely, according to a trove of newly released internal documents.

The company on Thursday sent the documents — more than 100 pages in all — to the House and Senate committees that have been probing its design of the troubled 737 Max plane, which was grounded last March after two fatal crashes that claimed 346 lives

04.07.2019 - 11:58 [ Middle East Eye ]

Libyan militia building mercenary air force, rivals claim


From February 2015, the Ukrainian Glissada company, specialising in the supply of spare parts for airplanes and helicopters of various nations, began looking for pilots and technicians with experience on the Mirage F1 for full-time jobs in Africa.

The final client was Libya Dawn, via the Caravana Middle East company based in Jordan and directed by a US-Jordanian, Rami Ghanem Najm, according to MEE’s source. Najm was arrested in December 2015 in Greece on an international arrest warrant and extradited to the US on arms trafficking charges.

The first two foreign mercenaries appeared in Misrata in June 2015. One of them refused to bomb LNA troops and left. The other – an Ecuadorian, reinforced by technicians of the same country – carried out several air strikes against LNA forces, then Islamic State militants in the Sirte region.

14.05.2019 - 21:30 [ ]

ZombieLoad Attack: Watch out! Your processor resurrects your private browsing-history and other sensitive data.

After Meltdown, Spectre, and Foreshadow, we discovered more critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. The ZombieLoad attack allows stealing sensitive data and keys while the computer accesses them.

While programs normally only see their own data, a malicious program can exploit the fill buffers to get hold of secrets currently processed by other running programs. These secrets can be user-level secrets, such as browser history, website content, user keys, and passwords, or system-level secrets, such as disk encryption keys.

The attack does not only work on personal computers but can also be exploited in the cloud.

14.05.2019 - 21:29 [ ]

New secret-spilling flaw affects almost every Intel chip since 2011

Almost every computer with an Intel chips dating back to 2011 are affected by the vulnerabilities. AMD and ARM chips are not said to be vulnerable like earlier side-channel attacks.

04.05.2019 - 18:29 [ ]

Firefox hat alle Add-ons deaktiviert

Mozilla hat sich für das Problem entschuldigt. Derzeit wird daran gearbeitet es zu beheben. Wann es soweit ist, ist noch nicht bekannt.

29.03.2019 - 10:50 [ ]

There is mysterious ‘undocumented technology’ hidden on Intel computer chips, researchers say

Computer experts have claimed that the chips which power most of the computers in the world are hiding mysterious and ‘undocumented’ technology.

Analysts from Positive Technologies alleged that Intel chips and processors contain an enigmatic ‘logic signal analyser’ capable of reading ‘almost all data on a computer’.

The claims are likely to alarm conspiracy theorists …

27.03.2019 - 02:40 [ ]

Petition to revoke Article 50 rejected after hitting 5,750,000 signatures

The Government has rejected a petition calling for Brexit to be stopped, which has gathered more than 5.75 million signatures.

27.03.2019 - 02:39 [ BBC ]

Why bots probably aren’t gaming the ‚Cancel Brexit‘ petition

The BBC spoke to three cyber-security experts about how likely it is that a number of the 3m signatures gathered so far are not genuine.

They all agreed that the petition’s email validation process would be a deterrent.

23.03.2019 - 07:24 [ Guido Fawkes ]

‘Revoke Article 50’ Petition Creator Threatened May, Discussed How to Buy “Legal” Guns and Take Them to Commons

Remainers and Leavers alike have been getting a little too excited about the Revoke Article 50 Petition. Yes, you can sign it as many times as you like with made up email addresses and whatever name and country you care to put in. Yes, there are videos online explaining in detail how to use bots to hijack Parliamentary petitions – exactly what happened with the second referendum petition immediately after the referendum. Is it actually going to stop Brexit? No, that will be MPs…

23.03.2019 - 07:17 [ @NorthropGrumma1 / Twitter ]

Replying to @philiphaggis @JuliaHB1: Oh rite So just make millions of email addresses Simple

23.03.2019 - 07:11 [ ]

Is the revoke Article 50 petition being hijacked by bots? Unlikely, say experts

Over three million people have signed the petition to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit. But are they all real?

In recent years, automated programs known as bots have come to be used for artificially inflating Instagram follower counts, mining bitcoin or swaying online polls.

09.11.2018 - 04:22 [ Radio Utopie ]

6. Aaron Swartz-Tag 2018: Freier und sicherer Zugang zu Informationen

Sichere Verbindungen und Datenbanken, Erkennen und Abwehr von Spionage-Software, freier Zugang zu Daten von mit staatlich finanzierten Publikationen: in San Francisco treffen sich ab heute über das Wochende Programmierer und Aktivisten zum „6th Annual Aaron Swartz Day 2018“

08.08.2018 - 16:43 [ The Young Turks / Youtube ]

„Voting Machine Issues Unacceptable In Johnson County“

The Kansas City Star had the right headline. Cenk Uygur, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

08.08.2018 - 16:41 [ Bobby Goren ‏/ Twitter ]

Unbelievable election night. No matter what the results end up being, there is a giant cloud cast over the Kansas primaries. It could be a computer glich or some genuine shady shit but there needs to be massive investigation done beginning IMMEDIATELY

08.08.2018 - 16:37 [ Cody Holyoke / Twitter ]

BREAKING: Democrat Sharice Davids wins election for KS 3rd US House by 2,088 votes, according to KS Secretary of State’s office.

08.08.2018 - 16:31 [ Maria L. Torres, #StillWithHer in ideology and spirit! / Twitter ]

With 59% of precincts now reporting, Sharice Davids is still gaining on Brent Welder; she is only behind by 113 votes!

08.08.2018 - 16:16 [ Steve Vockrodt ‏/ Twitter ]

Similarly, Sharice Davids‘ lead over Brent Welder in Johnson County two updates ago was 2,599. The last update increased her lead to 3,131 over Welder. Davids still trails 113 votes in the overall tally.

08.08.2018 - 16:10 [ Tom Dempsey, reporter for @41actionnews / Twitter ]

JoCo election commission: 1 encrypted USB drive for each of the 196 voting locations. Each one should take seconds to upload. Tonight, they are taking around one minute (or more).

Multiple that by 196 and you get a LONG delay

08.08.2018 - 16:05 [ ]

Officials cite ’slow reporting‘ for Johnson County vote delay

The county recently spent more than $10 million on 2,100 new voting machines. It’s unclear if Tuesday’s delay is connected to the new machines.

The results were key in determining the outcomes of two high-profile races: the Republican nomination for Kansas governor and the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional District.

17.04.2018 - 08:04 [ ]

Hacking Humanity: „Nur Maschinen können Maschinen regulieren“

Generell sieht er die Menschheit nicht mehr wirklich imstande, KI und Roboter aufgrund deren hoher Komplexität an die kurze Leine zu nehmen. „Nur Maschinen können Maschinen regulieren“, glaubt der Programmierer. Die letzte Verantwortung bleibe dabei aber im Kern doch „bei den Leuten, die die Technik bauen“.

26.12.2017 - 14:35 [ Radio Utopie ]

„The Internet’s Own Boy“- Doku über Aaron Swartz auf halben Weg zum Oscar

(2014) Das Thema ist nach wie vor hochbrisant, setzen doch Politik und gewisse Wirtschaftszweige alles dafür ein, das Internet als Kommunikationsmittel, besonders hier das World Wide Web, Chat-Pogramme, den E-Mailverkehr, Messanger-Dienste und die Netzneutralität zu kontrollieren, zu reglementieren um mit den privaten Daten finanziellen Gewinn zu erwirtschaften oder die Privatsphären auszuspähen.

15.01.2017 - 02:25 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

“Everyone Made Themselves the Hero.” Remembering Aaron Swartz

On January 18, 2012, the Internet went dark. Hundreds of websites went black in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). The bills would have created a “blacklist” of censored websites based on accusations of copyright infringement. SOPA was en route to quietly passing. But when millions of Americans complained to their members of Congress, support for the bill quickly vanished. We called it the Internet at its best.

05.11.2016 - 03:07 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Support Whistleblowers at the Aaron Swartz Hackathon This Weekend

The 2016 Aaron Swartz International Hackathon—held in honor of the late Internet and political activist—will take place during the day Saturday and Sunday at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. The hackathon will focus on whistleblower submission system SecureDrop, which was created by Swartz and Kevin Poulsen to connect media organizations and anonymous sources and is managed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

05.11.2016 - 03:06 [ Radio Utopie ]

Zwei Tage vor Veranstaltung zum Gedenken an Aaron Swartz Grossfeuer im Internet Archive in San Francisco

(8.11.13) Am heutigen Freitag, den 8. November 2013, hätte Aaron Swartz, der sich für ein freies Internet ohne Zensur und kostenlosen Zugang zu Wissen für die Öffentlichkeit einsetzte, seinen siebenundzwanzigsten Geburtstag gefeiert. Zur ehrenden Erinnerung an den Internet-Aktivisten, der sich im Januar diesen Jahres das Leben nahm, hat das Internet Archive in San Francisco für heute zu einem Empfang, Vorträgen und Hackathon in sein Quartier in der 300 Funston Ave eingeladen.

13.04.2016 - 05:14 [ Techdirt ]

Techdirt Podcast Episode 69: Free Culture And Aaron Swartz (Part Two)

Last week we were joined by Justin Peters, author of the new book The Idealist all about Aaron Swartz, free culture and digital activism. The first half of the discussion focused on that broader context, and this week we continue with a closer look at Aaron himself.

02.02.2016 - 12:17 [ Techdirt ]

DOJ Lies To ‚FOIA Terrorist‘ Jason Leopold; Claim They Have No Documents On Aaron Swartz

Jason Leopold, who uses FOIA requests so frequently and so effectively that the DOJ once labeled him a „FOIA Terrorist,“ submitted a similar request with the Justice Department — specifically targeting the US Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts — which is the office out of which Swartz’s case was prosecuted. Obviously, they have plenty of such documents. In fact, in Poulsen’s DHS Swartz files there are emails between DHS and DOJ folks. But, an astounding three years and 11 days after Leopold submitted his FOIA request, the DOJ has told him it has no responsive documents.

That’s obviously bullshit. There’s simply no way that the office that was prosecuting Swartz has no responsive documents on the case.

16.01.2016 - 17:00 [ The Real News Network ]

Aaron Swartz – a Fighter Against the Privatization of Knowledge

Two colleagues and friends of Aaron Swartz talk about his activism and vision of technology in the service of a more democratic and just society

11.01.2016 - 21:44 [ Ben Wikler / Medium ]

How to honor Aaron Swartz’s life

(2015) Don’t be surprised if at some point in your life, maybe at many points, you find yourself submerged in a darkness that seems infinite and eternal. It might seem to you like it’s always been that way, it will always be that way, and there’s only one way out.

You’re wrong. It will get better. But it will only get better if you find some way to survive.

Aaron constantly asked himself how he could do more to change the world, but on one terrible day, he ended his ability to contribute forever. Don’t do that.

We need you. We need all of us. There’s a lot of work to be done.

14.07.2015 - 07:16 [ Zeit ]

Aaron Swartz: Ein schwieriger Mensch, der viele berührt hat

(14.Januar 2013) Es ist nicht unwahrscheinlich, dass wir die Auseinandersetzungen um das Urheberrecht in Zukunft einteilen werden in „die Zeit vor Aaron Swartz‘ Tod“ und die danach. Die Urheberrechtsextremisten haben mit ihm jemanden zum Opfer gemacht, der in seinem Leben sehr viele Menschen berührt hat. Diese werden seinen Tod nicht als Ende und nicht als Niederlage akzeptieren.

10.01.2015 - 01:50 [ Demand Progress ]

White House Responds to Calls to Fire U.S. Attorney Responsible for Aaron Swartz Prosecution

According to Demand Progress executive director David Segal, “Aaron, the tens of thousands who signed this petition, and the countless more who cared about his cause deserve much better than this meaningless rhetoric.

10.11.2014 - 14:38 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Join Us This Weekend in Honoring Aaron Swartz’s Legacy by Hacking for a Better World

Aaron Swartz fought for an Internet grounded in community, creativity, and human rights. By co-creating platforms like RSS, reddit, Creative Commons, and the technology that became SecureDrop, he helped build the tools that make information accessible to all, and in the process, called truth to power while putting power in the hands of the users.

05.11.2014 - 15:38 [ Youtube ]

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman on Aaron Swartz

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Founder and Executive Director of, speaks on Aaron Swartz memorial at the Cooper Union Hall, New York City on January 19, 2013.

20.07.2014 - 18:44 [ TruthDig ]

Aaron Swartz Can’t Fight the New Cybersecurity Bill, So We Must Do It

Now, a year and a half after Swartz killed himself, there is the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. CISA is a lot like CISPA, but could end up being even worse. Privacy and civil rights groups including the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are standing up to fight it. In an article about the bill, the ACLU’s Sandra Fulton wrote: CISA “poses serious threats to our privacy, gives the government extraordinary powers to silence potential whistleblowers, and exempts these dangerous new powers from transparency laws.” The bill has been approved by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and will move to the Senate soon.

20.07.2014 - 18:37 [ Ars Technica ]

The Internet’s Own Boy review: Remembering—and honoring—Aaron Swartz

Every element of Aaron Swartz’s brief, remarkable life exemplifies the stuff we cover all the time on Ars. His tech-filled upbringing, his teenage rise to geek royalty, his hand in reddit’s genesis, and his online political activism made him a worthy subject of Ars conversation well before he became a household name

28.06.2014 - 03:33 [ Radio Utopie ]

“The Internet’s Own Boy – The Story of Aaron Swartz” – jetzt öffentlich im Kino und Internet

Das Vermächtnis des Internetaktivisten ist der Kampf um ein von den Regierungen unzensiertes Internet mit freien kostenlosen Zugang zu Informationen und Wissen für alle Menschen. Wir alle wissen, mit welcher Verzweiflung diese weltverändernde Basis der nie zuvor existierenden unabhängigen Vernetzung zerstört werden soll. Es ist der grösste Krieg in der Geschichte der Menschheit.

28.06.2014 - 00:45 [ TechCrunch ]

Watch This Film About Why Aaron Swartz Matters More Than Ever

Aaron Swartz was a young, bright genius who believed in the open Internet. A self-made millionaire by the age of 19, he co-founded Reddit, was part of the creation of RSS and became a political organizer and Internet hacktivist who was instrumental in the fight against SOPA.

28.06.2014 - 00:45 [ takepart ]

The Internet’s Own Boy – The Story of Aaron Swartz

The Internet’s Own Boy follows the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz’s help in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his fingerprints are all over the internet. But it was Swartz’s groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two-year legal nightmare. It was a battle that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26. Aaron’s story touched a nerve with people far beyond the online communities in which he was a celebrity. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties.

22.06.2014 - 18:00 [ Boing Boing ]

Aaron Swartz documentary „The Internet’s Own Boy“ is available for CC-licensed preorder today

Starting today, „The Internet’s Own Boy,“ Brian Knappenberger’s award-winning, acclaimed documentary about Aaron Swartz, is available to pre-order as a Creative Commons-licensed (CC-BY-NC-SA) video download.

13.06.2014 - 03:36 [ ROXIE ]


The story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz’s help in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his fingerprints are all over the internet. But it was Swartz’s groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two year legal nightmare. It was a battle that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26. Aaron’s story touched a nerve with people far beyond the online communities in which he was a celebrity. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties.

04.05.2014 - 09:59 [ Hot Docs ]

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

As we hear from those closest to Aaron, this incredibly inspirational and moving story shows how one of the most promising minds of a generation found himself staring down a government prosecuting him under the very laws he was fighting against.

30.04.2014 - 06:42 [ Yahoo ]

‚The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz‘ Trailer

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

12.04.2014 - 01:40 [ WIRED ]

Booking Video: Aaron Swartz Jokes, Jousts With Cops After MIT Bust

Most people aren’t at their best when being booked by police. Swartz was exactly at his best: asserting his rights in a casual, shlumpy posture that disarms his opponents without insulting them. Able to defy authority one minute, and joke around with it the next, the booking video is an exhibit in miniature of the qualities that made Swartz such an effective activist, and makes his loss such an enduring shame.

“You seem like a good kid, man,” the booking officer remarks, near the end of the process.

“I think I am,” says Swartz.

31.03.2014 - 17:35 [ Techdirt ]

Details Show MIT Employees Gleefully Helped With Prosecution And Persecution Of Aaron Swartz

Last summer, MIT tried (weakly) to defend what it called its „neutral“ stance on Aaron Swartz, allowing the case to proceed even though the only party that had a legitimate claim to „harm,“ JSTOR, had come out almost immediately after Swartz’s indictment to say that it did not support the prosecution. Around the same time, we noted that MIT was in the midst of a legal fight to block the release of Swartz’s Secret Service file. Some found this effort a bit odd — but the reasons are now becoming clear. An investigative report by the Boston Globe, scouring 7,000 pages of discovery documents in the case, found that some employees at MIT appeared to gleefully support going after Swartz with all of the powers of the DOJ.

17.02.2014 - 13:19 [ Techdirt ]

NY Times Unimpressed With Any Online Protest That Doesn’t Rattle The Earth’s Very Core

As we recently announced and participated in, a group of websites, companies, consumer advocacy groups and digital rights organizations all joined forces for a day of action last Tuesday against mass surveillance. That protest, dedicated to the memory of Aaron Swartz, involved participants and websites running banners that urged visitors to head over to the protest website and contact their representatives. An underlying goal was to harness some of the outrage against SOPA/PIPA and direct it toward the NSA’s ongoing surveillance abuses, since online protest have been proven to help move the needle, even if they can’t all be on the scale of SOPA.

Not everybody was impressed. Because the NSA and friends didn’t immediately admit fault and declare an end to all surveillance before crying a lot, launching balloons and committing coordinated seppuku on the steps of the Capitol building, Nicole Perlroth at the NY Times took to penning a slightly-snotty article strongly suggesting the effort was a waste of time and „barely registered“:

13.02.2014 - 01:15 [ RT / Youtube ]

RT-TV – Palast on the Kochs and Aaron Swartz

Abby speaks to investigative journalist and best-selling author, Greg Palast about a document left behind at a Koch Brothers political fundraiser that reveals the dark money behind many right wing legislative campaigns in the US.

12.02.2014 - 09:00 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

The Day We Fought Back

(11.02.2014) In one day, over 71,000 concerned Americans picked up the phone and told their Congress to rein in the NSA. Far more sent emails to their members of Congress. Around the world over 200,000 put their name to a set of founding principles against suspicionless surveillance: by the NSA, by their own governments, by anyone who dares to violate our human rights.

We’ve done more in this single day to pressure the U.S. Congress to reform surveillance law than what months or even years of lobbying to date have accomplished.

We’ve demonstrated our strength. We’ve shown those who want to watch us that the whole world is watching them. (..)

Of course, the battle isn’t over. In some ways it’s just beginning. We’ve proven to lawmakers that we are powerful, united yet diverse, and that we are going to use everything within our means to combat surveillance abuses. But defending freedom online is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll need to show them, day after day, that we won’t compromise or accept reforms that fall short. And we’ll continue to make every day a day we fight back against mass surveillance—in the courts, in the legislature, and on the Internet.

The late Internet activist Aaron Swartz famously said, when describing how the Internet defeated the SOPA blacklist bill, that: “We won this fight because everyone made themselves the hero of their own story. Everyone took it as their job to save this crucial freedom.”

Aaron’s legacy of fighting for a technological world that supports, rather than undermines, human rights inspired us today. Together, the hundreds of thousands of us that took action in the last twenty four hours, can live up to that legacy. Today, we began to win.

09.02.2014 - 20:30 [ Boing Boing ]

Join Boing Boing, Reddit, and websites all over the world on the 11th to fight mass surveillance

In two days, the Internet will erupt in a protest to rival the uprising against SOPA: in Aaron Swartz’s memory, websites everywhere will add code from to their templates, helping to flood Congress — and the world’s legislative bodies — with calls for an end to mass surveillance.

22.01.2014 - 03:29 [ Reuters ]

A year after his death, film explores Aaron Swartz’s online activism

„The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz“ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday and director Brian Knappenberger was joined by Swartz’s father Robert and two brothers, Noah and Ben, all of whom received a standing ovation.

21.01.2014 - 16:14 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

February 11th: The Day We Fight Back Against NSA Surveillance

In January 2006, EFF filed our first lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of NSA mass surveillance.

In January 2012, the Internet rose up to protest and defeat SOPA, legislation that sought to censor the Internet in the name of copyright enforcement.

And in January of last year, we lost a dear friend and fierce digital rights advocate, Aaron Swartz. We vowed to defend the rights of Internet users everywhere in his memory.

21.01.2014 - 16:08 [ ]

Transcription: Taren at Aaron Swartz’s Memorial – 2013 January 19

„You can do magic!“ he told them with a snap of his fingers and a picture of Harry Potter. For each anecdote he told about how programming can make the world a better place. „You can do magic,“ he said. Aaron really could do magic.

15.01.2014 - 08:20 [ Techdirt ]

Aaron Swartz Explains Why The NSA Needs To Be Stopped

Last week, when we wrote about the big „day of action“ against the NSA in memory of Aaron Swartz, to be held February 11th, a few folks questioned whether this was an appropriate issue, since they were unaware of Aaron being all that concerned about the NSA. Obviously, Aaron died months before the Snowden leaks, but as many folks who knew Aaron knew, the NSA was absolutely an issue he was quite concerned about even prior to the Snowden leaks. Brian Knappenberger, who has been working to put the finishing touches on his new documentary about Aaron, The Internet’s Own Boy, in order to debut it at Sundance, has released an astounding trailer of the film (which looks amazing).

12.01.2014 - 22:41 [ Motherboard ]

Internet Activists Look Back at Aaron Swartz’s Life as ‚The Day We Fight Back‘ Approaches

On January 11, 2013, federal prosecutors, in an aggressive campaign to bring high-profile convictions against hackers, finally broke the spirit of talented internet activist and technologist Aaron Swartz. Faced with 35 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention a long battle with depression, Swartz committed suicide. And with that, one of the great voices of internet activism fell silent.

12.01.2014 - 22:37 [ Huffington Post ]

Eric Holder Criticized On Anniversary Of Aaron Swartz Death

Members of the House and Senate are pressing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to answer questions about the „aggressive“ prosecution and „tragic“ death of internet activist Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide a year ago Saturday while facing federal hacking charges.

Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), and U.S. Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.), Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), and Jared Polis (D-Colo.) sent Holder a letter Friday, following up on an initial request for answers about the prosecution that Cornyn sent a year ago.

12.01.2014 - 16:48 [ Guardian ]

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz, the computer programmer and internet freedom activist, committed suicide on Friday in New York at the age of 26. As the incredibly moving remembrances from his friends such as Cory Doctorow and Larry Lessig attest, he was unquestionably brilliant but also – like most everyone – a complex human being plagued by demons and flaws.

12.01.2014 - 02:30 [ Youtube ]

Aaron Swartz – SOPA and The Day We Fight Back

These are clips and excerpts from interviews featured in the upcoming documentary about Aaron Swartz called „The Internet’s Own Boy.“ Sadly, Aaron took his own life on January 11th, 2013 after a two year legal battle. These clips show some of his work on SOPA, and his thoughts on the NSA.

11.01.2014 - 11:01 [ John Cornyn, U.S. Senator ]

Cornyn, Colleagues Demand Answers from DOJ on Aaron Swartz Case

Ahead of the one year anniversary of technologist Aaron Swartz’s death, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) joined with colleagues in sending a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder seeking responses to the still unanswered questions about the aggressive prosecution Mr. Swartz was facing at the time of his death.

In addition to Sen. Cornyn, the letter is signed by U.S. Sens. Wyden (D-OR) and Flake (R-AZ), and U.S. Reps. Issa (R-CA), Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Grayson (D-FL), Lofgren (D-CA), and Polis (D-CO).

11.01.2014 - 10:52 [ Lawrence Lessig / the Atlantic ]

Why We’re Marching Across New Hampshire to Honor Aaron Swartz

Forever, all of us close to him will wonder whether there was more we could have done to keep him. We hadn’t worked hard enough to help him. He was alone, surrounded by a million friends. And now, even now, forever it will be this now, a million friends are forever alone, having lost him.

I wanted to find a way to mark this day.

11.01.2014 - 10:50 [ Techdirt ]

Members Of Congress Ask Eric Holder To Try Again In His Explanation Of The Prosecution Of Aaron Swartz

(10.01.) Tomorrow is the anniversary of the unfortunate passing of Aaron Swartz. Senators John Cornyn and Al Franken, along with Rep. Darryl Issa, have now sent Attorney General Eric Holder yet another request for an explanation concerning the investigation and prosecution of Swartz. This follows on a similar request from last year, but these elected officials note both that the DOJ’s response was inadequate, and that it was also contradicted by the eventual report on the prosecution that came out of MIT.

11.01.2014 - 02:35 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Remembering Aaron

One year ago, we lost Aaron Swartz, a dear friend and a leader in the fight for a free and open Internet. The shock was, and remains, a profound one. It’s a testament to the power of his commitments and ideals that both in life and in death he has inspired millions around the world, including all of us at EFF, to redouble our own efforts to advance the causes that he believed in, and to untangle the twisted and brutal computer crime laws that were used to persecute him…. Aaron was an idealist who dreamed of opening up information far beyond just the law, though. The public deserves unfettered access to the products of publicly funded research and our shared culture, and he saw how the Open Access movement could play a part in that. He may have been heartened to see the great strides that movement has made in the past year. Aaron didn’t get to see the White House come out strongly in support of Open Access for research funded by the federal government, or the FASTR bill, which you should tell your lawmakers to support, but we can hope he would have been pleased.

10.01.2014 - 22:59 [ The Hill ]

Lawmakers press DOJ for Aaron Swartz files

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is demanding answers from Attorney General Eric Holder about the Justice Department’s treatment of the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz.

Eight lawmakers from both chambers wrote to Holder on Friday ahead of the anniversary of the programmer’s death and charged that the department has not been forthcoming about its treatment of Swartz.

They called the late programmer a “brilliant technologist and activist” and demanded that Holder explain how the department’s conduct toward Swartz was “appropriate,” as a U.S. attorney’s office has described it.

10.01.2014 - 19:07 [ Techdirt ]

In Memory Of Aaron Swartz, A Day Of Action Against The NSA

A bunch of websites and organizations are teaming up today to announce a day of action against mass surveillance in honor of the passing of Aaron Swartz. It calls out to those who fought back against SOPA to now join in this effort as well — as Aaron was deeply involved in both issues.

10.01.2014 - 19:02 [ February 11th 2014 is The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance ]


In January 2012 we defeated the SOPA and PIPA censorship legislation with the largest Internet protest in history. A year ago this month one of that movement’s leaders, Aaron Swartz, tragically passed away.

Today we face a different threat, one that undermines the Internet, and the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society: mass surveillance.

If Aaron were alive, he’d be on the front lines, fighting against a world in which governments observe, collect, and analyze our every digital action.

10.01.2014 - 12:45 [ Techdirt ]

Senator Leahy Tries To Sneak Through Plans To Make Merely Talking About Computer Hacking A Serious Crime

You may have heard about the recent high-profile, malicious hack of Target’s point of sale systems, giving the attackers access to the details of at least 40 million credit cards. Senator Patrick Leahy is, incredibly cynically, using this news event to try to sneak through a change to the „anti-hacking“ law, the CFAA, which was used to prosecute Aaron Swartz and many others. And it’s not a change to improve that law, but to broaden it, extending massively how the DOJ can charge just about anyone they want with serious computer crimes.

27.11.2013 - 02:10 [ New York Times ]

‘Why Care About the N.S.A.?’

I created this Op-Doc with excerpts from interviews that I filmed for an ongoing documentary about the programmer and online activist Aaron Swartz, who was concerned about surveillance issues long before Mr. Snowden’s disclosures.

09.11.2013 - 05:54 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act Reform

After the tragic death of programmer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz, EFF calls to reform the infamously problematic Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). In June 2013, Aaron’s Law, a bipartisan bill to make common sense changes to the CFAA was introduced by Reps. Lofgren and Sensenbrenner. You can help right now by emailing your Senator and Representative to reform the draconian computer crime law.

08.11.2013 - 04:49 [ Radio Utopie ]

Zwei Tage vor Veranstaltung zum Gedenken an Aaron Swartz Grossfeuer im Internet Archive in San Francisco

Die Einladung “Please Come: Aaron Swartz Reception at the Internet Archive Fri Nov 8th in SF” wurde am 5. November im Netz veröffentlicht.

Nur wenige Stunden später, gegen 3.30 Uhr morgens am 6. November 2013 brach auf dem Gelände ein Grossfeuer aus (Foto) und zerstörte das Scanning Center. Dabei entstand grosser Sachschaden an hochwertigen technischen Geräten und digitalen Speichermedien.

08.11.2013 - 04:31 [ Boing Boing ]

Aaron Swartz celebration/hackathon kickoff, Nov 8

Lisa Rein writes, „Noisebridge and the Internet Archive are hosting a big event on Nov 8 (1830h-2100h) to celebrate Aaron Swartz’s life and accomplishments, and kick off an international series of hackathons that will be taking place all over the world in his honor, during what would have been his 27th birthday weekend, November 8-10, 2013. (Confirmed locations include, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Houston, Kathmandu, Magdeburg, New York, Santiago, Chile, Seattle and San Francisco.)“

17.10.2013 - 00:13 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Creative Commons Policy Statement Supports Real Copyright Reform

Without a doubt, Creative Commons, also frequently known as CC, has long been an ally in restoring sanity to copyright systems. Today’s statement makes that role more explicit. At EFF, we’ve long admired the organization’s work; as one token of that, we invited co-founder Lawrence Lessig to give a keynote at this year’s Pioneer Awards, and have given the award to founding board member James Boyle, and to Aaron Swartz who helped design the code layer of the licenses.

16.10.2013 - 17:35 [ Russia Today ]

Freedom of the Press Foundation takes over Aaron Swartz’s whistleblower project

Whistleblowers, rejoice! The Freedom of the Press Foundation is taking the helm of a secure document-submission service co-created by late computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, and wants to make it more accessible than ever.

The foundation — launched less than a year ago “to crowd-source funding for cutting-edge, independent journalism and publishing outlets” lacking mainstream support — announced early Tuesday that it has taken charge of the DeadDrop project, an endeavor announced earlier this year after the death of Swartz, a transparency advocate who co-created the system with Wired journalist Kevin Poulsen.

16.10.2013 - 07:08 [ Techdirt ]

Aaron Swartz’s Final Project: Secure Whistleblower Submission Platform Gets New Support

Today it was announced that the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an offshoot of the EFF which we’ve covered before, has taken over the project, now dubbed SecureDrop. Besides having the support of the Foundation to help with development and deployment of the platform, they’ve also announced that the system has gone through a significant security audit by some of the most respected names in the business, leading to a few additional improvements:

16.09.2013 - 14:33 [ New York Times ]

The Banality of Systemic Evil

In recent months there has been a visible struggle in the media to come to grips with the leaking, whistle-blowing and hacktivism that has vexed the United States military and the private and government intelligence communities. This response has run the gamut. It has involved attempts to condemn, support, demonize, psychoanalyze and in some cases canonize figures like Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

13.08.2013 - 20:09 [ Netzpolitik ]

Aaron Swartz: erster Teil geheimer Ermittlungsdokumente veröffentlicht

Die veröffentlichten Ermittlungsdokumente, welche zum Teil stark zensiert sind, belegen das Interesse des Secret Services am sogenannten “Guerilla Open Access Manifesto“, welches von Aaron Swartz im Jahr 2008 veröffentlicht wurde. In dem Manifest ruft Swartz dazu auf, auch urheberrechtlich geschützte akademische Papiere frei verfügbar zu machen, um Wissen allen Menschen verfügbar zu machen.

13.08.2013 - 13:03 [ golem ]

Wired erzwingt Veröffentlichung von Ermittlungsunterlagen

Das US-Technikmagazin Wired hat vor Gericht die Freigabe der Ermittlungsunterlagen zu Aaron Swartz erstritten. Der US-Geheimdienst Secret Service muss die Akten nach und nach herausgeben. Die ersten 104 Seiten sind veröffentlicht worden.

13.08.2013 - 06:14 [ Techdirt ]

DOJ Decided To Ratchet Up Case Against Aaron Swartz Because He Spoke Out Publicly About Being Innocent

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the MIT report concerning the case against Aaron Swartz. A number of people have picked up on some really questionable things in the report. One incredible claim made in it was that Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Heymann, who was running the prosecution against Swartz, apparently admitted that he really only ramped up his efforts against Swartz to punish Swartz and the organization he founded, Demand Progress, for having the audacity to discuss the case publicly and explain why Swartz believed he didn’t do anything wrong. Here’s the passage from the report:

12.08.2013 - 22:42 [ WIRED ]

First 100 Pages of Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service File Released

After half-a-year of delays and roadblocks, the U.S Secret Service today released the first 104 pages of agency documents about the late coder and activist Aaron Swartz, including a brief report on Swartz’s suicide less than three months before his scheduled trial.

08.08.2013 - 06:58 [ Netzpolitik ]

Aaron Swartz: MIT hat nach eigener Einschätzung keine Fehler gemacht

Aaron Swartz, der zwar selbst kein Student oder Mitarbeiter am MIT war, aber enge (u.a. familiäre) Kontakte zu verschiedenen Fakultäten des MIT hatte, lud zwischen September und Dezember 2010 rund 500.000 wissenschaftliche Artikel von der JSTOR Datenbank herunter. (..) Im Januar 2011 wurde er festgenommen und angeklagt – zu diesem Zeitpunkt drohten ihm bis zu 35 Jahre haft und 1Mio USD Strafe.

31.07.2013 - 06:49 [ techdirt ]

MIT Defends Its ‚Neutral‘ Stance On Aaron Swartz As ‚Reasonable‘ Even As It Failed To Understand Importance Of The Case

The „bottom line“ is that it argues that MIT did its best to „stay neutral“ throughout the entire process, and that this was a perfectly reasonable legal strategy, though, possibly not the best ethical strategy.

10.07.2013 - 12:08 [ techdirt ]

Judge Tells Homeland Security To Shut Up And Release Aaron Swartz’s File

After Aaron Swartz’s suicide, Kevin Poulsen filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of Homeland Security, asking for the Secret Service’s file on Aaron Swartz, since it was the Secret Service that handled the bulk of the investigation.

18.06.2013 - 05:51 [ techdirt ]

Retired Federal Judge Explains Why The FISA Court Should Not Be Trusted

Retired federal judge Nancy Gertner, who has appeared in stories here for years (she was the original judge in the Tenenbaum trial, and also spoke out about how US attorney Carmen Ortiz handled the Aaron Swartz case), has now highlighted a very important point about all of the NSA surveillance stories: at the heart of much of it is the secretive FISA court, and that court should not be trusted.

06.06.2013 - 07:40 [ Demand Progress ]

Tell Senate allies: Thank you for fighting for my son Aaron Swartz

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my son was destroyed by a system and prosecutors who still don’t understand the nature of what they did.

They destroyed my son by their callousness and inflexibility.

And the work of changing that system — of getting answers to our unanswered questions about Aaron’s prosecution — remains before us. For now, it’s important that those lawmakers who’ve already joined our cause know that we are thankful, and that we will continue to stand with them as they use their power to hold DOJ to account and seek justice for Aaron.

16.05.2013 - 15:06 [ Kevin Poulson / New Yorker ]

Strongbox and Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was not yet a legend when, almost two years ago, I asked him to build an open-source, anonymous in-box. His achievements were real and varied, but the events that would come to define him to the public were still in his future: his federal criminal indictment; his leadership organizing against the censorious Stop Online Piracy Act; his suicide in a Brooklyn apartment. I knew him as a programmer and an activist, a member of a fairly small tribe with the skills to turn ideas into code—another word for action—and the sensibility to understand instantly what I was looking for: a slightly safer way for journalists and their anonymous sources to communicate.

16.05.2013 - 15:04 [ New Yorker ]

Introducing Strongbox

This morning, The New Yorker launched Strongbox, an online place where people can send documents and messages to the magazine, and we, in turn, can offer them a reasonable amount of anonymity. It was put together by Aaron Swartz, who died in January, and Kevin Poulsen. Kevin explains some of the background in his own post, including Swartz’s role and his survivors’ feelings about the project. (

01.05.2013 - 00:48 [ Truthout ]

If Bangladesh Can Hold Their Corporate Fatcats Accountable – Then So Can We!

In the United States, we have basically two different justice systems. There’s one for corporate executives and rich people, and one for everyone else.

Here in the United States, we hold people like Aaron Swartz and Bradley Manning accountable for their actions, but let people like JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon and Goldman Sachs‘ Lloyd Blankfein, who have caused real damage to America, get off with barely a slap on the wrist. Just this week, JP Morgan avoided another court case that could have led to criminal charges by paying a small fine.

09.04.2013 - 20:27 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Calling All Engineers and Technologists: We Need Your Help to Reform the CFAA

We need you to help fix the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)—the law used to prosecute the late activist and Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz. Specifically, we need you to start a conversation within your company about supporting CFAA reform.

09.04.2013 - 20:20 [ reddit ]

We are activists and academics who support reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

We are Demand Progress, Aaron Swartz’s partner Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Free Press, Orin Kerr, Jennifer Granick, Lawrence Lessig, Marvin Ammori, Tim Berners Lee.

Some of us will be on throughout, others will pop in and out over the course of the afternoon. (Lessig, TBL, etc won’t be able to answer every single question, but will probably get to those voted up to the top.)

08.04.2013 - 17:05 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Help Us Remember Aaron Swartz By Participating in Our Week-of-Action, Demanding Congress Reform the CFAA

Today, EFF and a host of organizations across the political spectrum are launching a week-of-action imploring Congress to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)—the expansive law used to prosecute the late activist and Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz.

04.04.2013 - 09:24 [ Radio Utopie ]

U.S.A.: Gründung der Rechtsanwaltsgruppe ‘Whistleblower Defense League’

In den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika haben sich Strafverteidiger zu einer schlagkräftigen Verteidigungsallianz für Whistleblower gegen die Verfolgung durch die U.S.-Regierung zusammengeschlossen. Der Selbstmord von Aaron Swartz, die Inhaftierung von Bradley Manning, der C.I.A.-Whistleblower John Kiriakou oder der N.S.A.-Whistleblower Thomas Drake und weitere Opfer der Justiz bringen das Fass der Geduld in den Reihen der Rechtsanwälte zum Überlaufen.

30.03.2013 - 20:15 [ Demand Progress ]

No Harsher CFAA! Support Aaron’s Law Instead

The whole Internet is clamoring for reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because it stifles innovation and even imprisons activists and innovators like Aaron Swartz. (And could easily have been used against Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and countless others.)

So what are some Republicans in the House thinking about doing? Expanding it, and instituting even harsher penalties.

25.03.2013 - 19:31 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is broken

The tragic death of Aaron Swartz, a 26-year-old coder and social activist, has shone a light on the sad truth about America’s misguided computer crime law. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) has vague language that broadly criminalizes accessing a computer without „authorization,“ but doesn’t explain what that actually means.

21.03.2013 - 14:05 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

Secret Service Reopens Aaron Swartz Freedom of Information Act Requests

The U.S. Secret Service is reopening all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests it had previously denied regarding the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz. The news was first broken via twitter by Truthout journalist Jason Leopold, who was one of the first reporters to request files from the Secret Service following Swartz’s death. EFF independently confirmed the decision with the Secret Service, which had been investigating Swartz’ mass downloading of scholarly texts from MIT.

14.03.2013 - 15:13 [ techdirt ]

Details Come Out On US Attorneys Withholding Evidence In Aaron Swartz Case

Last week, we wrote about Aaron Swartz’s girlfriend, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, releasing a statement accusing the DOJ of a variety of things that hadn’t really been covered before, including lying, seizing evidence without a warrant and withholding exculpatory evidence. That resulted in an interesting discussion in the comments, in which a few DOJ defenders suggested that since there were no details, we were probably making this up (as if we don’t have better things to do). Now, however, the details have come out. In a letter that was sent at the end of January (but just now leaked to the press), Swartz’s lawyers highlight how Assistant US Attorney Steve Heymann was responsible for the charges above.

08.03.2013 - 21:13 [ Techdirt ]

Aaron Swartz’s Partner Accuses DOJ Of Lying, Seizing Evidence Without A Warrant & Withholding Exculpatory Evidence

Yesterday we wrote about Attorney General Eric Holder’s ridiculous claims defending the prosecution of Aaron Swartz. We noted two key things that were ridiculous. First, Holder insisted that Swartz was only facing a few months in jail (he implied 5 months, tops) and scolded the media for claiming it was 35 years. As we noted it was the US Attorneys‘ own press release that trumpeted the 35 years. More importantly, the few months in prison was only if he agreed to plead guilty.

07.03.2013 - 16:16 [ Wired ]

Attorney General: Aaron Swartz Case Was a ‘Good Use of Prosecutorial Discretion’

Holder, the nation’s top prosecutor, is the highest-ranking member of the President Barack Obama administration to defend the indictment and prosecution of the former director of Demand Progress, who committed suicide in January as his April trial approached. Holder’s comments come seven weeks after Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, whose office was prosecuting Swartz, said the authorities’ actions were “appropriate in bringing and handling this case.”

01.03.2013 - 14:34 [ Main Justice ]

Aaron Swartz Partner: Prosecution was ‘Political’

The partner of the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz has called his prosecution “political,” after reading a report in the Huffington Post of a briefing last week for congressional staffers given by a Department of Justice official.

28.02.2013 - 15:34 [ Youtube ]

Lessig on `Aaron’s Laws – Law and Justice in a Digital Age`

Lawrence Lessig marked his appointment as Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School with a lecture titled „Aaron’s Laws: Law and Justice in a Digital Age.“ The lecture honored the memory and work of Aaron Swartz, the programmer and activist who took his own life on Jan. 11, 2013 at the age of 26.

20.02.2013 - 07:23 [ Daniel Wright / Firedoglake ]

Aaron Swartz’s FBI File

Two of the 23 pages were not released, according to the FBI, due to; privacy (U.S.C Section 552 (b)(7)(C)), sources and methods (U.S.C Section 552 (b)(7)(E)) and, curiously, putting someone’s life in danger (U.S.C Section 552 (b)(7)(F)).

Putting someone’s life in danger?

08.02.2013 - 12:37 [ Petitionen / Weißes Haus ]

we petition the obama administration to: Fire Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann’s overzealous prosecution of an allegedly minor and non-violent electronic crime led to the suicide of Aaron Swartz. President Obama recently said, as repeated by Vice President Biden, „if our actions result in saving only one life, they’re worth taking.“ We should not destroy the lives of human beings for crimes against computer systems that harm no one and provide no benefit to the perpetrator. Such actions should be treated as forms of protest and civil disobedience. To prosecute these actions the same as rapes and murders is a savage abuse of the criminal justice system which continues to destroy the lives of peaceful, productive members of society.

30.01.2013 - 18:36 [ VICE ]

Aaron Swartz Died for Piers Morgan’s Sins

By Greg Palast
Who is the rightful owner of this information? A document called The Constitution says, “We, The People.” (The Bill of Rights is now available on JSTOR free of charge.)