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15.03.2022 - 16:00 [ Norbert Häring ]

Liebe Mitmenschen: Bitte bleiben Sie Menschen aller Nationen gegenüber menschlich

Die berechtigte Empörung über den Angriffskrieg Russlands gegen die Ukraine darf uns nicht vergessen lassen, dass wir alle Menschen sind, auch Russen, die in Deutschland leben oder arbeiten. Ihr Akzent, ihr Aussehen oder ein Eintrag in ihrem Pass machen sie nicht zu Sympathisanten oder gar Mittätern oft ist sogar das Gegenteil der Fall. Sie deswegen zu schikanieren ist eine unmenschliche Form von Nationalismus

24.02.2022 - 11:40 [ CNN ]

‚We have severed diplomatic relations with Russia‘: Zelensky addresses Ukrainian citizens

Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the citizens of his country following the beginning of a Russian invasion.

24.02.2022 - 11:32 [ FRANCE 24 English / Twitter ]

During his press conference following the attacks on #Ukraine, President #Zelensky finished his speech in Russian. He appealed to Russian language speakers, imploring them to communicate with their close ones in #Russia. „Tell them the truth of what is happening“

15.02.2022 - 05:19 [ Marcel Irnie / Youtube ]

Freedom Convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION – Feb.6, 2022 „State of Emergency Update“ | IrnieracingNews

Freedom Convoy Leadership Update – Address to the Nation 7:00pm February 6, 2020. Ottawa Mayor declared a state of emergency. How Ottawa Police taking the convoy fuel and occupying the convoy tents does not impact the Freedom Convoy logistics. #irnieracingnews #freedomconvoyupdate #freedomconvoyaddresstothenation

14.02.2022 - 06:11 [ ]

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

In The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, Philip Zimbardo theorizes that people discount situational influences when judging the actions of others. In particular, he recounts in detail the events of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE), which he designed and directed: He replicated a prison block in a Stanford building and assigned male undergraduate volunteers to act the part of guards and prisoners.

The experiment, which was originally planned for two weeks, grew so dangerously out of control that Zimbardo was forced to shut it down after less than a week.

Drawing on his experience as an expert witness for the court-martial hearings on Abu Ghraib, Zimbardo presents a body of research evidence to suggest that the military as well as the Bush administration fostered a situation that turned ordinary soldiers into torturers and abusers. Zimbardo also suggests, however, that the power of situations can be used to promote good behavior and turn ordinary people into heroes. The Lucifer Effect is at times unbalanced and disjointed but well worth reading to remind us that where we are may affect us as much as who we are.

11.02.2022 - 04:33 [ Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta / Twitter ]

COVID-19 restrictions have caused so much terrible division in our communities and even in our personal relationships. It’s time to come together, put these damaging restrictions behind us, and move on!

08.02.2022 - 07:26 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Germany – Garmisch [Feb 7, 2022]

#Spaziergaenge, demonstrations in more than 2000 places in Germany! The people are DONE!

#NoVaccinePassports #NoGreenPass #NoAlPaseSanitario #NonAuPassVaccinal #NaoAoPassaporteSanitario #NeinzurImpfpflicht #Freedomrally #GeenQR

08.02.2022 - 07:16 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Germany – Altenburg [Feb 7, 2022]

#Spaziergaenge (walks), demonstrations in more than 2000 cities in Germany! The people are DONE!

#NoVaccinePassports #NoGreenPass #NoAlPaseSanitario #NonAuPassVaccinal #NaoAoPassaporteSanitario #NeinzurImpfpflicht #Freedomrally #GeenQR

08.02.2022 - 07:13 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Germany – Lübeck [Feb 7, 2022]

#Spaziergaenge, demonstrations in more than 2000 cities in Germany! The people are DONE!

#NoVaccinePassports #NoGreenPass #NoAlPaseSanitario #NonAuPassVaccinal #NaoAoPassaporteSanitario #NeinzurImpfpflicht #Freedomrally #GeenQR

08.02.2022 - 06:57 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Germany – Köln [Feb 7, 2022] #Spaziergaenge, demonstrations in more than 2000 places in Germany! The people are DONE!

07.02.2022 - 15:46 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Canada – Vancouver [Feb 6, 2022] The welcome party for Vancouver’s Freedom Convoy!

#NoVaccinePassports #NoGreenPass #NoAlPaseSanitario #DoNotComply #NonAuPassVaccinal #NaoAoPassaporteSanitario #TruckersConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom2020 #onverdeeldopen #GeenQR

06.02.2022 - 06:32 [ Ottawalks / Youtube ]

LIVE Ottawa – RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 Day 9 – Parliament Hill – Saturday February 5 pt 4

06.02.2022 - 06:22 [ Lincoln Jay / Twitter ]

So many people on Parliament hill right now. It’s hard to walk through the crowd. @JustinTrudeau it’s time to end the mandates. #TruckersForFreedom2022

01.02.2022 - 15:26 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Germany – Augsburg [Jan 31, 2022] In 2000+ (!!) places in Germany people demonstrate against vax pass & mandates, during the Montags #Spaziergänge

01.02.2022 - 15:08 [ Boris Reitschuster ]

Trotz zunehmender fadenscheiniger Verbote: Montagsspaziergänge in mehr als 2.000 Städten

2.173 auf den Telegrammkanälen gemeldete Spaziergänge und Demonstrationen an diesem Montag waren genau 100 mehr als vor einer Woche – ein weiterer Rekord, dem nasskalten Wetter zum Trotz.

30.01.2022 - 08:51 [ Guillaume Roy / Twitter ]

Night vibe in Ottawa #TruckerforFreedom



29.01.2022 - 17:27 [ ]

No passport, no problem! Clubbers enjoy end of Plan B restrictions by hitting the dancefloors in England without needing Covid passes or masks for first time

– Thousands of clubbers make the most of the end of Plan B restrictions in England for wild Friday night parties

16.01.2022 - 08:35 [ Constitutional Freedom / Twitter ]

PATRONS hold the line at Bar Wunder in Toowoomba QLD refusing to back down to Police Government tyranny they shouted „GET OUT“ repeatedly as Police tried to enter the premises. 15 January 2022.

Full video here:

11.01.2022 - 14:14 [ Freiheit in der Krise ]

Papa hier gibt es keine Bankräuber

Schweden im Januar 2022. Maskierte Menschen sind für meine Kinder Bankräuber und ein großer Spaß für sie ist es Bankräuber zu zählen. Wer die meisten gesehen hat, hat gewonnen. Leider erwies sich dieses Spiel in Schweden als ziemlich langweilig.

01.01.2022 - 06:49 [ Elang photography / Youtube ]

Happy New Year 2022 Jakarta, Detik-detik Pemotor Terkena Kembang Api

Di menit menjelang pergantian tahun terjadi suasana tidak kondusif di Karenakan salah satu pemotor terkena ledakan kembang api sehingga membuat macet dan suasana tidak kondusif

27.12.2021 - 07:42 [ Aaron Ginn / Twitter ]

While several EU countries enact Christmas lockdowns over omicron hysteria, this is India today.

28.10.2021 - 15:36 [ Reitschuster ]

Schweden: Keine Maßnahmen – und keine Herbst-Corona-Welle

Aussagekraft des “Fälle”-Voodoo tendiert gegen null

24.10.2021 - 06:25 [ Rio Times ]

Partying in Norway: Covid-19 cases plunge after the country gets rid of all restrictions

(OctoberNorway is one of three Nordic nations that has scrapped all Covid-19 rules in the past few weeks – along with Sweden and Denmark. 20, 2021)

28.09.2021 - 19:14 [ Leisa / Twitter ]

Support These Establishments, And Boycott the Cowards Who Comply

24.09.2021 - 17:22 [ ]

Norway to end coronavirus-related restrictions on Saturday

Norway will reopen society on Saturday, the government said, ending its coronavirus-curbing restrictions, which have limited social interaction and hobbled many businesses.

24.09.2021 - 17:18 [ ]

Norwegen hebt Beschränkungen auf: „Normal leben“

„Es ist 561 Tage her, dass wir die härtesten Maßnahmen in Norwegen in Friedenszeiten eingeführt haben. (…) Jetzt ist die Zeit gekommen, zu einem normalen Alltag zurückzukehren.“

18.09.2021 - 16:34 [ Al Jazeera ]

Denmark returns to pre-pandemic life with a huge pop concert

About 52,000 people flocked to Copenhagen’s Parken stadium a day after Denmark abolished coronavirus restrictions.

17.09.2021 - 19:42 [ schutzfilm / Youtube ]


In diesem Film geht es um alles:

28.08.2021 - 16:14 [ ]

Fantastic Festivals In London: Autumn 2021

GREENWICH + DOCKLANDS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL: The ever-creative (and, even better, free!) GDIF returns, with family-friendly outdoor events including a recreation of the Northern Lights, a riverside fire garden, and a giant birdcage roaming the streets at dusk, with video projections of birds released onto the streets. Greenwich and surrounds, 27 August-11 September

YAM CARNIVAL … … … … …

28.08.2021 - 16:00 [ ]

Warm and sunny weather forecast for Reading and Leeds festivals over Bank Holiday Weekend

Music fans are returning to Reading and Leeds for the first time in two years after last year’s festivals were cancelled

23.08.2021 - 12:43 [ Mehdi Hasan, @mehdihasanshow on @MSNBC and NBC's @peacockTV / Twitter ]

61% of Americans think the war in Afghanistan was not worth it. Forget Trump voters in diners, I think it’s pretty clear that U.S. politicians and pundits are out of touch with the American electorate as a whole.

17.08.2021 - 15:13 [ MSNBC / Twitter ]

„How many more generations of America’s daughters and sons would you have me send to fight Afghanistan’s civil war when Afghan troops will not?“ President Biden says. „I’m clear on my answer. I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past.“

15.08.2021 - 15:31 [ ]

Looking back over the 20 years since US, UK and other Western troops were deployed to Afghanistan, do you think this did or did not achieve anything?


Did achieve something: 23%

Did not achieve anything: 53%

Don’t know: 24%

15.08.2021 - 14:20 [ ]

US Public Supports Withdrawal From Afghanistan


This support spans partisan affiliations, though larger majorities of Democrats (77%) and Independents (73%) than Republicans (56%) agree.

These results corroborate the findings of other polls conducted over the past several months.

15.08.2021 - 14:11 [ ]

Poll: 73 percent support US withdrawal from Afghanistan


By contrast, 27 percent of respondents said they oppose the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, including 7 percent who strongly oppose and 20 percent who somewhat oppose.

23.07.2021 - 05:44 [ ]

UK ministers urge public not to delete Covid app

According to the health department, the number of people using the NHS Test and Trace app to register at pubs, shops and other venues fell 10 per cent compared with the previous week — which has been seen as another sign of deletions.

23.07.2021 - 05:40 [ ]

Just over a fifth of people have the NHS Covid app and are using it properly, poll finds


Forty per cent of respondents say they never had the app in the first place

20.07.2021 - 18:31 [ ]

Excited ravers pack into nightclubs from midnight as ‚Freedom Day‘ begins


There were countdowns to midnight at dozens of nightclubs in England as young people celebrated a return to clubbing after 16 months

20.07.2021 - 18:27 [ Evening Standard / Twitter ]

Excited revellers called it a “special night“ as they queued up ready to dance for the first time since the start of the pandemic #FreedomDay


18.07.2021 - 18:05 [ ]

Johnson doch in Vollquarantäne

Offenbar ist Johnson besorgt, dass eine Teilquarantäne bei der Bevölkerung auf Unverständnis stößt.

Zuvor hatte ein Regierungssprecher erklärt, dass Johnson und Sunak sich nicht vollständig isolieren müssten. Grund sei die Teilnahme beider Politiker an einem Pilotprogramm, das tägliche Testungen vorsehe.

18.07.2021 - 18:04 [ ]

‚The rules only apply to YOU‘: Social media explodes with memes at news that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak wanted to use pilot testing scheme to avoid self-isolation before hasty U-turn

The pair were both pinged by the Test and Trace app telling them to self-isolate after Health Secretary Sajid Javid tested positive for coronavirus.

They were to use a little-known pilot scheme which allows people out of self-isolation every day they pass a lateral flow test.

However after just two-and-a-half hours of severe backlash from across the country, the pair have now performed a hasty U-turn and announced they will be isolating.

17.07.2021 - 17:02 [ ]

Looks a lot like freedom day! Tens of thousands of Brits stampede to beaches on the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures on course to hit 86F

People enjoy the weather on Bournemouth beach in Dorset this afternoon as sun-seekers flock to the coast

12.07.2021 - 06:25 [ ]

IT’S GONE ROME – England 1 Italy 1 (2-3 on penalties): Brave Three Lions lose Euro 2020 final after penalty shootout heartbreak AGAIN

England led their first final since in 1966 for 65 long minutes – but Italy controlled possession, played most of the football and ultimately just about deserved their victory.

Wembley was wild, almost anarchic. As the tackles snapped, the atmosphere crackled and the concrete literally shook.

08.07.2021 - 16:34 [ Spiked ]

Boris, don’t give in to the neurotic middle classes

Let’s be real: some people want to live in lockdown forever because they fear and loathe ordinary people.

08.07.2021 - 07:13 [ ]

Now for the historic hangovers! England fans party into the night as they celebrate the nerve-shredding semi-final win with beers, cheers and tears of delight

Scores of supporters prepared to call in sick for work today following a night of booze-fuelled partying after the Three Lions defeated Denmark 2-1 during a nail-biting showdown in front of 60,000 spectators at the Wembley Stadium.

06.07.2021 - 18:19 [ ]

Covid: GB News poll suggests most will not wear masks after Freedom Day

A GB News poll ran on our Twitter page has revealed the majority of you would not wear a face mask if it was not a legal requirement.

More than 37,000 people cast their vote shortly after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to tear up England’s coronavirus regulations.

06.07.2021 - 18:16 [ Sky News ]

COVID-19: New Health Secretary Sajid Javid says ‚we can’t live in a world where the only thing we are thinking about is COVID‘

The health secretary added that it is „shocking“ to see „all the other health problems that have built up“ during the pandemic.

„Some seven million people have not come forward during the pandemic for help from the NHS with their health problems – seven million people,“ he said.

„Now just think about all the health problems that have been stored up and we need to treat that as a priority too – it cannot just be about COVID.“

30.06.2021 - 18:15 [ ]

Coronavirus latest news: Stop daily case updates as virus no longer ‚important cause of mortality‘, says JCVI scientist

He joins a growing number of MPs and leading scientists, including Prof Tim Spector, of King’s College London, warning the daily slew of Covid statistics are terrifying people and they lack any context, such as figures on flu, heart disease and cancer.

Conservative MPs are pressing Downing Street to follow officials in Quebec, Canada, and Singapore by moving to weekly updates or similar, ahead of the July 19 unlocking.

30.06.2021 - 08:12 [ ]

Delighted fans party into the night as they hurl half-drunk beers into the air and hug complete strangers after England beat old enemy Germany in Euro 2020 showdown

The elation spilled into fan zones across England – including in Manchester and Birmingham – with Britons proudly draping the St George’s flag over their shoulders when the squad’s first knockout tournament win against Germany in 55 years was secured.

Crowds in Three Lions jerseys later emerged from pubs and tore through the streets of London, Leeds and Newcastle, with hundreds who gathered in Leicester Square and Wembley spraying beers over onlookers and setting off colourful smoke bombs.

28.06.2021 - 21:08 [ DonJon / Twitter ]

23000 infections in England; 3 deaths. In Scotland, record 3000+ infections; zero deaths. We don’t protect the population from flu. We need to start seeing COVID the same way, barring variants that raise hospital admissions significantly. Bring on Freedom Day!

27.06.2021 - 08:28 [ NDR ]

Polizei räumt Stadtpark erneut: Wieder Festnahmen nach Partys

Zunächst schien die Lage im Stadtpark friedlich, wie ein NDR 90,3 Reporter beobachtete. Tausende Menschen hatten sich dort in kleinen Gruppen versammelt, um gemeinsam zu feiern. Die Polizei war mit einem Großaufgebot vor Ort und beobachtete die Lage. Szenen wie in der Nacht zum Sonnabend sollten unbedingt vermieden werden.

Als dann immer wieder Hunderte meist junge Leute auf engem Raum zusammenstürmten und dicht an dicht tanzten, kamen die ersten Lautsprecherdurchsagen der Polizei…

21.06.2021 - 05:40 [ Frank Turner / Twitter ]

I’m at @DownloadFest today. It’s difficult to explain how emotional it is being back at a festival site. The vibe is insane.

21.06.2021 - 05:36 [ ]

Download Festival is ‚100 per cent evidence‘ that big music events can take place safely says organiser after 10,000 rock fans enjoyed three-day party

Crowds, who had to provide a negative PCR test before arrival, were allowed to mosh and hug at the camping-only festival as they were freed from strict Covid regulations while onsite.

But the rock and metal event’s capacity was reduced by 90 per cent from 111,000 to around 10,000 as it was allowed to run as a smaller pilot event rather than being cancelled for the second year running.

19.06.2021 - 17:45 [ RND / Twitter ]

In #München haben am Freitagabend Tausende Menschen auf der Straße gefeiert. Anwohnerinnen und Anwohner fühlten sich durch Lärm und Musik gestört. Die #Polizei war mit Lautsprecherwagen im Einsatz, um an die #Corona-Regeln zu erinnern.

12.06.2021 - 14:22 [ ]

Tausende Menschen bei illegalen Feiern

In mehreren deutschen Städten haben Menschen in der Nacht von Freitag auf Samstag unter freiem Himmel gefeiert. In Köln kamen etwa 1000 Menschen zu einer illlegalen Party am Aachener Weiher. DJs hatten ihre Anlagen auf den Wiesen aufgebaut, die Polizei sprach gegenüber dem WDR von „tumultartigen Zuständen“.

17.05.2021 - 15:23 [ ]

No the War, Yes to Jewish-Arab Partnership

Support here the Jewish-Arab movement for freedom, equality and justiceAll donations are tax-deductible in the US and UK Standing Together is the Jewish-Arab grassroots people’s movement of Israel. In the past 5 years, we have been organizing people locally and nationally, and have mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to the streets in the struggle for peace, freedom, equality, and social justice.

17.05.2021 - 15:22 [ עומדים ביחד نقف معًا Standing Together / Twitter ]

Now is the most critical time in our shared existance here. Those who despise peace, social justice, and progressive values are ramping up against us. Please consider supporting us in digitally, physically, financially, or morally. We need your help.

16.05.2021 - 07:44 [ Alon-Lee Green - ألون-لي جرين - אלון-לי גרין / Twitter ]

WE ARE HUMBLED. For the the 3rd time this week, thousands of Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel are responded to our call and filled the county with hope. In more than 100 local protests, we called for an immediate ceasefire and against the Occupation.

16.05.2021 - 07:22 [ ]

In photos: Protests in U.S., across the world over Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Thousands of people rallied across the U.S. and the world Saturday following days of violence in Gaza and Israel that’s killed at least 145 Palestinians, including 41 children, and eight Israelis, per AP.

10.05.2021 - 14:44 [ Fernando H. Valls / Twitter ]

Así está ahora mismo la Puerta del Sol. Gente saltando, abrazándose, unos haciendo la conga… No tengo palabras.

10.05.2021 - 14:14 [ ZDF ]

Spanien: Tausende feiern Notstand-Ende

In Spanien haben Zigtausende in der Nacht zum Sonntag nach sechs Monaten euphorisch das Ende des Corona-Notstands gefeiert. Im Herzen der Hauptstadt Madrid war der Platz Puerta del Sol auch um 02.00 Uhr morgen noch voller Menschen.

Die meisten dachten noch gar nicht daran, ins Bett zu gehen.

10.05.2021 - 14:10 [ El Pais ]

Outdoor parties erupt across Spain as state of alarm ends

The first night without the state of alarm saw an atmosphere of partying in many parts of Spain on Saturday night, as revelers took to the street from midnight onward when the emergency measures that had been in place for six months in a bid to control the spread of the coronavirus expired. The festivities took place on the streets of the country despite the fact that the epidemiological data is far from good.

18.04.2021 - 18:02 [ ]

Fans return to live action at Wembley today in lockdown easing test case

Thousands of fans are returning to Wembley Stadium today (Sunday) as part of a Government programme to ensure the safe return of live entertainment.

18.04.2021 - 17:38 [ ZDF ]

Britische Corona-Lockerungen – Feuchtfröhliche Party-Nächte vor den Pubs

Bier, Gin Tonic, Wein – ganz egal – die Briten dürfen wieder in ihren geliebten Pubs trinken. Zumindest in den Außenbereichen. Bilder vom ersten Wochenende der Lockerungen.

18.04.2021 - 17:08 [ ]

The REALLY Great Outdoors! Britain is set for week of spring sunshine with balmy 62F highs as millions head out to enjoy new freedoms after lockdown

It comes after people in England enjoyed their first weekend nights out since restrictions were eased on beer gardens and outdoor dining.

Restaurants and pubs across the country were booked with some seeing their busiest day of trading in years on Friday.

02.04.2021 - 11:13 [ ]

Campaigners start legal action over Covid ban stopping care home residents aged over-65 from taking trips to see family and friends during pandemic

Legal action has begun against the government challenging guidance stopping care home residents taking journeys from their homes.

Pressure group John’s Campaign has started the proceedings in a pre-action letter sent to the Department of Health and Social Care.

The group – which is made up of both care home residents and their families – say that the ban on over-65s going on trips from the homes is unlawful.

02.04.2021 - 09:22 [ @FedShotTheBear / Twitter ]

Good on them! You’re young LIVE LIFE

02.04.2021 - 09:15 [ Reuters / Twitter ]

A post that appeared on Facebook for a giant party in a Brussels park during Belgium’s COVID-19 lockdown was intended as an April Fool’s joke but has sent police and prosecutors scrambling as nearly 20,000 people have said they plan to attend

28.03.2021 - 15:44 [ ]

Gruß aus Moskau: Keine Masken, kein Abstand, kein Impfpass, GAR NICHTS

Moskau 26.03.2021: So schön könnte es bei uns jetzt auch sein. Die Herren Epidemiologen, Veterinäre und Krankenhaus-Hausmeister Drosten, Wieler und Lauterbach könnten das hier doch bestimmt erklären.

28.03.2021 - 09:42 [ ]

Polizei löst illegale Partys mit 25 Personen auf

Alle Personen wurden angezeigt.

Gegen 21.30 Uhr hatte die Polizei in Sankt Martin im Mühlkreis einen Hinweis bekommen, dass in einer Garage in Sankt Peter am Wimberg eine Feier im Gange sei. Als die Beamten zur angegebenen Adresse kamen, trafen sie 14 Personen an, die an einer Geburtstagsfeier teilnahmen.

22.03.2021 - 15:51 [ Communist Party of Israel ]

Last Pre-Election Weekend, Tens of Thousands Protest Netanyahu Rule


With just three days before Israel’s fourth election in two years tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23, the weekly protests against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued last Saturday night, March 20, in city squares, at major intersections, and along highway overpasses throughout the country. The protests were organized under the slogans “Go vote,” “Replace the government,” and “Bring about change.”

21.03.2021 - 22:33 [ France 3 Provence / Twitter ]

Environ 6.500 personnes célébraient dimanche le carnaval dans le centre de Marseille,

20.03.2021 - 21:27 [ Wendezeit Hannover / Youtube ]

20.03.21 Kassel Polizei Frieden Freiheit keine Diktatur Techno und Tanz nahe Friedrichsplatz

28.02.2021 - 16:33 [ ]

It’s too nice to stay indoors! Sun-worshippers hit the quays, beaches and parks despite Covid lockdown as Spring arrives tomorrow with forecasters predicting a sizzling 73F by April

In Newcastle hordes of shoppers were spotted descending on to the Quayside this morning despite government appeals to stay indoors

27.02.2021 - 12:00 [ Hans Peter Doskozil ]

Mit dem Plan B aus der Pandemie

Insbesondere unter linken – meist gut abgesicherten – Gruppen, gibt es noch die sogenannte ZeroCovid Bewegung. Es ist die radikalisierte Version der Regierungspolitik. Die Idee ist, so lange im Lockdown zu bleiben, bis man Corona zum Verschwinden bringt. Auch manche Sozialdemokraten liebäugeln damit. Aber der Platz der Sozialdemokratie muss an der Seite derer sein, die unter den Verhältnissen leiden. Und nicht an der Seite derer, die sie aufgrund ihrer privilegierten Situation besonders gut aushalten.

ZeroCovid ist ein Irrweg. Oft aus den besten Absichten, aber doch ein Irrweg. Weil es eine Ignoranz des Sozialen und der Demokratie bedeutet. Die letzten Monate haben gezeigt, dass die Lockdown-Strategie nach einem Jahr Pandemie nicht mehr die erwünschten Erfolge erzielt. Die Menschen können nicht mehr, die Zahlen sinken nicht mehr. Wenn man krampfhaft versucht, die Wirklichkeit an die eigenen Ideen anzupassen, scheitert immer die Idee.

27.02.2021 - 11:55 [ ]

„Normal leben“: Doskozil will Lockdowns jetzt beenden

„Die Bevölkerung hat genug von den ewigen Lockdowns. Existenzen werden vernichtet und immer mehr Menschen, quer durch die Generationen, leiden deshalb unter schweren psychischen und physischen Problemen“, donnert Doskozil.

Der SP-Grande befürchtet offenbar weitere Lockdowns: „Während viele keine Arbeit haben, Existenzen ruiniert sind und manche jungen Menschen die Freude am Leben verlieren, diskutieren Teile der Politik immer weltfremder, wie lange wir uns noch einsperren könnten.“

18.02.2021 - 15:22 [ ]

Wieder Proteste in Spanien nach Verhaftung von Rapper

Hintergrund ist eine Serie von Twitter-Beiträgen, in denen der 32-jährige Rapper die Monarchie und die Polizei angriff. Polizisten bezeichnete er unter anderem als „beschissene Söldner“ und warf ihnen die Tötung von Demonstranten und Migranten vor.

13.02.2021 - 18:57 [ Youtube ]

Aretha Franklin – Think (feat. The Blues Brothers) ..

Aretha Franklin performing ‚Think‘ in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers.

18.01.2021 - 12:39 [ ORF WIen ]

Wirte sperren aus Protest auf

Für die rund 9.000 Gastronomie Betriebe in Wien ist der verlängerte Lockdown ein harter Schlag. Rund 150 Wirte wollen daher heute mit einer Protestaktion auf ihre prekäre Situation aufmerksam machen und aufsperren – allerdings ohne Gäste zu bewirten.

17.01.2021 - 18:45 [ Robin Monotti / Twitter ]

BOLOGNA, ITALY: Customers escort police out of the #IoApro restaurant under the cries of „Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!“


17.01.2021 - 18:36 [ Robin Monotti / Twitter ]

A very angry Italian opposition MP (@VittorioSgarbi ) backs the #IoApro (#IOpen) movement & calls for an insurrection against government restrictions on businesses, he says „Open up, & don’t worry, in the end we will make them eat their fines“.


The revolution starts tomorrow.

16.01.2021 - 17:56 [ ]

Mehrere tausend Demonstranten bei Anti-Corona-Demos in Wien

Polizeisprecher Markus Dittrich zufolge schätzte die Exekutive die Zahl der Aktivisten dort auf 3000. Auch dort trug kaum jemand Mund-Nasen-Schutz oder hielt sich an den Mindestabstand. Es wurde getanzt, Manifestanten umarmten einander und begrüßten einander mit Küssen.

10.01.2021 - 09:25 [ ]

Police ‚are told to fine Covid rule-breakers after just ONE verbal warning‘ as three officers ‚arrest a woman for sitting on a bench‘ and another is surrounded for ‚leaving her house more than once‘

– Officers will ‚move through the gears‘ and fine people £200 if they think a person is flouting the restrictions
– It comes as footage showed three police officers surrounding a woman for leaving her house more than once
– Another four officers appear to arrest a different woman for what she claims was ’sitting on a bench‘ by sea

08.01.2021 - 20:29 [ Nachdenkseiten ]

Leserbriefe zu „Regierungslogik: Die Corona-Maßnahmen wirken nicht. Also verlängern wir sie. Und die Tagesschau applaudiert“

„Die Menschen die in den engen Wohnungen unserer Städte leben , die Kinder, die Alten, die Künstler, die Musiker und auch alle Nichtgenannten, (Underdogs) sowie die (früheren) und jetzigen Mitarbeiter/innen der Gastwirte und des Einzelhandels. Auch die, die heute früh wieder zur Arbeit fuhren, bzw. fahren durften – in ihre Büros und an die Fließbänder, teilweise in vollen oder auch halbvollen Bussen und Bahnen – Sehr geehrter Herr Müller, ich sehe niemanden sich öffentlich zu positionieren für eine gerechte Lebensweise. (Der Promillebereich zählt nicht) Alle diese Genannten und Nichtgenannten Bürger dieses Landes genießen ihr Deutschland, ihr Land des Glücks und Lobgesangs, welches stetig wechselhaft, aber niemals aufwärts geht, nur ständig munter runter. Verlässt sie 2021 immer noch der Mut? NEIN, es ist ihre Bundesrepublik Deutschland, ihre eigene immer kleiner werdende Welt, in der Jede und Jeder danach strebt das sich der Mühe doch nie als Wert erweist. Sie bleiben auch im Jahr 2021(oder 3021, 4021 falls die Welt noch existiert) jederzeit gefügige, angepasste, obrigkeitshörige, aufopferungswillige, funktionierende, in ständiger Unterwerfung existierende Untertanen dieses Landes.“

08.01.2021 - 18:18 [ ]

Now police ban SNOWBALLS! Officers threaten to fine people £200 for playing in the snow – after swooping on friends for driving just SEVEN miles to go for a walk in the park – and claiming their cups of tea counted as a picnic

– The West Mercia police force tweeted: ‚There have been two reports of snowballs being thrown last night‘
– Came as friends were surrounded, read their rights and fined £200 each after driving seven miles for a walk
– Derbyshire Police has previously been criticised for using drones to film dog walkers and dying lagoon black
– Priti Patel insisted it’s ‚right‘ for officers to confront Britons sat on park benches after criticism of their tactics
– Officers in England and Wales have handed out more than 30,000 fines under coronavirus laws since March

08.01.2021 - 10:29 [ ]

100,000 Britons abroad face scramble to find a covid test or risk being stranded as government rules travellers will be BANNED from entering UK without a negative test – within DAYS

It is expected to cause a scramble for return flights as around 100,000 Brits are currently away in hotspots such as Dubai and the Maldives.

Ministers agreed the strict measures last night amid growing pressure to tighten borders – but have not confirmed a start date, although it is expected to be next week.

08.01.2021 - 10:15 [ ]

Covid crackdown Britain: Drivers are turned away from beauty spots while police question parents with pushchairs about where they are going and FOUR cops surround man outside Tube station

– Scotland Yard revealed that officers will be told to stop civilians in the street and ask why they are not at home
– MailOnline witnessed patrols out in force in Hammersmith today stopping Tube travellers and drivers
– Police in Derbyshire stopped people outside National Trust property including a woman desperate for the loo
– Officers in Birmingham City Center questioned a couple with pushchair to ask what business they had in town
– Priti Patel backs police to demand answers about why public are out with a ’stay at home‘ order in place
– This includes approaching people in parks, drivers out and about and going to homes if they are very noisy
– Police arrested 28 demonstrators for flouting restrictions and fined four men £800 for driving to McDonald’s

08.01.2021 - 10:01 [ ]

Three people are charged with assaulting police after officers entered family’s home ‚after being told too many people were inside‘

She said: ‚My house. That is bullying. This is my house. Get out of my house. I did not ask you in here.‘

A young boy can be seen in the video as the woman’s daughter said: ‚Just stop it mum‘.

Two women, aged 18 and 48, and a 43-year-old man were charged in connection with assaulting police officers and threatening and abusive behaviour, according to Police Scotland.

31.12.2020 - 04:55 [ Movement for a People’s Party / Twitter ]

#ForceTheVote Town Hall

30.12.2020 - 19:10 [ ]

#ForceTheVote Town Hall

Dear progressive members of Congress,

We invite you to join us at a live town hall meeting on Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET to discuss forcing a vote on Medicare for all.

Tens of millions of Americans are struggling without health care in the middle of a pandemic and we have a fleeting opportunity to bring Medicare for all to the floor of the House for a vote. Medicare for all is overwhelmingly popular and forcing the vote has enormous support in the progressive movement. Please join thousands of your biggest supporters to discuss #ForceTheVote.

30.12.2020 - 19:00 [ @JohnKramarz / Twitter ]

Here’s #MyStory , or at least one of them, to #ForceTheVote on #M4A Thanks @jimmy_dore for forcing this issue!

30.12.2020 - 18:53 [ Sherrie Scott / Twitter ]

Hey @jimmy_dore This is #MyStory let’s #ForceTheVote

30.12.2020 - 18:42 [ BJG / Twitter ]

Ms. Wood’s daughter Charlie was born premature. The cost of keeping her alive has been devastating. It turned Ms. Wood from an ACA advocate into a Medicare for All advocate. Please listen to her testimony from last year’s committee hearings on #MedicareForAll. #ForceTheVote

30.12.2020 - 18:32 [ Jonathan Gartin / Twitter ]

#ForceTheVote #MyStory #MedicareForAll #NewGenMindSet #publicpressure #townhall

30.12.2020 - 18:24 [ @healthcarety / Twitter ]

#ForceTheVote #MyM4AStory #MyStory #MedicareForAll #MultipleSclerosis @0rf @ForceTheVoteM4A

30.12.2020 - 18:19 [ William, The Sim / Twitter ]

Let’s make something happen for once. #MyStory #ForceTheVote

30.12.2020 - 18:07 [ Lady Long Limbs / Twitter ]

It’s tough to condense #MyStory on why I believe in #ForceTheVote , but I gave it my best shot

The short version is that I’m tired of seeing people suffer in one of the most powerful countries in the world, and it’s time to hold our representatives accountable for change.

08.12.2020 - 01:10 [ Caitlin Johnstone ]

In An Insane World, Revolution Is The Moderate Position

Simply advocating sanity over insanity gets you shoved out of sight and out of mind by the narrative managers responsible for preserving a world order that is stark raving insane from top to bottom. If you oppose the systems exploited by the ruling power establishment which murders, exploits and oppresses people at home and abroad all day every day while destroying the very ecosystem we depend on for survival, then you are branded a lunatic and your wrongthink quarantined so as not to infect the mainstream herd.

This dynamic is made possible by the fact that the powerful are constantly pouring their wealth and influence into manufacturing the collective delusion that madness is sanity and sickness is health.

29.11.2020 - 16:00 [ ]

Verletzte nach Demo gegen Ausgangssperre in Lüttich – Van Ranst kritisiert Andrang auf Grand‘Place in Brüssel

Unterdessen kritisierte der Virologe Marc Van Ranst den Menschenandrang auf der Brüsseler Grand‘Place am Samstagabend. Der weltberühmte Platz war schwarz vor Menschen, die gekommen waren, um die Weihnachtsdekoration und den Weihnachtsbaum zu bewundern.

26.11.2020 - 23:46 [ ORF ]

Thanksgiving – Amerikaner trotzen Warnungen

Schon am Wochenende gingen in Sozialen Netzwerken Bilder von den überfüllten Flughäfen etwa in Chicago und Phoenix um. Tatsächlich wurden von Freitag bis Sonntag mehr als drei Millionen Passagiere an den US-Flughäfen gezählt, so viele wie noch nie seit Beginn der Pandemie.

10.11.2020 - 17:06 [ MDR ]

Bargeldlose Zukunft für große Mehrheit unvorstellbar

Das gaben 82 Prozent bei der aktuellen Umfrage des MDR-Meinungsbarometers „MDRfragt“ und des MDR-Magazins „Umschau“ an.

09.11.2020 - 01:02 [ ORF ]

Geschlossene Lokale: Kärntner weichen nach Friaul aus

Nur wenige Meter vom Grenzübergang Thörl-Maglern entfernt zeigte sich am Sonntag ein Bild, das in Kärnten derzeit unvorstellbar ist: Gäste saßen bei einem Kaffee zusammen und genossen die Sonne.

05.11.2020 - 01:15 [ Reuters ]

Londoners hit the town one last time before new lockdown

Londoners shrugged off a resurgent COVID-19 pandemic and flocked to pubs and restaurants on Wednesday night, hours before the introduction of a new month-long lockdown across England.

24.10.2020 - 11:39 [ Financial Times ]

From peak city to ghost town: the urban centres hit hardest by Covid-19

FT research shows London and New York have suffered the most from the pandemic, but more substantial change lies ahead

24.10.2020 - 11:38 [ Washington Post ]

We can’t let Main Street become a ghost town


Darkened storefronts adorned with “Closed” and “For Lease” signs have become common sights in both urban and rural areas.

Maryland is no exception. From my hometown in Takoma Park to the bucolic charm of Chestertown, many businesses have shuttered or are hanging on for dear life.

17.10.2020 - 18:32 [ ]

So much for the Welsh ‚travel ban‘: Traffic flows freely between England and Wales on first day of ‚unenforcable‘ ban on travelers from English coronavirus hotspots like Liverpool

It was described as ‚unenforceable‘ by the Police Federation earlier this week and there is still no sign of any high-visibility patrols or roadblocks to deter travel from Merseyside – despite Liverpool being in Tier 3.

Those who ignore the restrictions will be breaking the law and could face fixed penalty notices starting at £50 – but there have so far been no reports of drivers being stopped.

17.10.2020 - 17:38 [ ]

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers leads new demonstration against Covid lockdown rules as Londoners begin life under new Tier 2 restrictions

Regulations in the second level of lockdown means people must not socialise with anybody outside of their household or support bubble in any indoor setting nor socialise in a group of more than six outside – including in a garden.

11.10.2020 - 14:33 [ ZDF ]

Länderchefs: Verantwortung statt Partys

Einen erneuten Lockdown könne sich das Land nicht leisten, so der Grünen-Politiker. „Deshalb ziehen wir die Schrauben an anderer Stelle an. Partys muss man nicht feiern, arbeiten und lernen schon.“

30.08.2020 - 11:37 [ Ben Reiff / Twitter ]

The number inside the square is again likely in the tens of thousands, and includes MK Ofer Cassif who just addressed the Hadash bloc

30.08.2020 - 11:34 [ Haaretz ]

20,000 Call on Netanyahu to Resign as Jerusalem Protests Enter Tenth Week

About 20,000 protesters are gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem Saturday evening for the tenth week in a row, calling for his resignation, as tensions with police run high following documented incidents of police violence at last week’s protest.

Parallel protests were held outside Netanyahu’s private residence in Caesarea and at over 300 bridges and major intersections nationwide.

15.08.2020 - 18:28 [ ]

Trailer – Unsere Forderungen

Captain Future wird dem verrückten Professor Drosten das Handwerk legen. Außerdem wird er Misstress Merkel, Wieler das Wiesel und Spahn das Ferkel aus ihren Posten bassen. Schließlich wird noch das Medienkartell aufgelöst und erwirkt, dass alle Menschen für immer in Freiheit leben können.

15.08.2020 - 18:22 [ Captain Future / Demokratischer Widerstand ]


Der Club-Lockdown dürfte also noch sehr lange anhalten, wenn sich die Corona-Politik nicht ändert. Der Schaden für unsere Kultur, für die für Berlin so wichtige Tourismusbranche und für unser Immunsystem ist verheerend. Im April ging ich am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz demonstrieren, im Mai gründete ich als Captain Future die Freedom Parade, um gegen diese völlig übertriebenen und unrechtmäßigen Maßnahmen zu demonstrieren, was ich wunderbar mit Musik, Tanz und guter Laune kombinieren lässt. Einige Clubs haben mir geschrieben, dass sie super fänden, was wir machen, jedoch zu große Angst haben, von der Lückenpresse zerrissen zu werden. Doch nach und nach finden wieder kleine Parties statt, bei Freunden zu Hause, an abgelegenen Orten.

08.08.2020 - 17:05 [ ]

Stay off the beaches? NO CHANCE! Thousands flout social-distancing to soak up 95F as desperate police turn back staycationers after councils begged tourists to steer clear following ‚bedlam‘ yesterday

Record numbers packed the seafront on Friday, despite Government warnings, and with little signs of social distancing, on what was the UK’s hottest August day since 2003.

There were similar scenes again today as staycationers in Bournemouth were seen emerging from tents they’d set up overnight to try and secure the best spots, while Sussex Police turned away cars from a full Camber Sands beach as early as 10am.

In North Wales, described as being a scene of ‚bedlam‘ yesterday, a councillor’s plea for visitors to avoid towns appeared to be ignored as the local police force reported a ‚considerable build up‘ of traffic in Abersoch as drivers made their way to the beach.

02.08.2020 - 10:27 [ ]

Very social – but no distancing! Revellers flock to Manchester’s pubs and bars for a night on the tiles despite new stricter lockdown rules

– Partygoers took advantage of hot weather this weekend to head out drinking in Manchester and Blackpool
– Groups of friends could be seen hugging and crowded outside nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants

26.07.2020 - 17:31 [ ]

Dreitägige Technoparty in Tschechien trotz Pandemie

Zum Abschluss heute kamen noch einmal rund 900 Menschen auf einem Feld rund 60 Kilometer südlich von Prag zusammen, wie eine Polizeisprecherin mitteilte. Am Vortag hatten sich sogar rund 2.000 Teilnehmer versammelt.

26.07.2020 - 00:06 [ Fox News ]

Hundreds of Texas bar owners pledge defiance to Abbott order

Fort Worth bar owner Chris Polone has organized what’s labeled as “Freedom Fest,” in which hundreds of bar owners say they’ll open their doors and set ’em up Saturday. About 800 bar owners have promised participation, Polone told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which could place their state liquor licenses in jeopardy.

26.07.2020 - 00:03 [ Dallas News ]

Group of Texas bars plans to open illegally in statewide protest Saturday against Gov. Abbott’s shutdown order


Polone, however, is now organizing Freedom Fest in alliance with other bars and venues across the state that will open their doors illegally for concerts on Saturday, July 25.

When Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers gave him the option of shutting the event down or losing his liquor license on July 4, Polone — who was broadcasting on Facebook Live — got on stage, ranted, and tore up the paperwork. Then he went outside, lit up a cigarette, and said his lawyers were ready to sue the state of Texas.

24.07.2020 - 18:46 [ Haaretz ]

I’m at Risk but I Oppose Wholesale Lockdown. Stop the COVID-19 Fearmongering

For too long we haven’t heard on the main news shows the dozens of medical experts who say we are walking on shaking ground that will topple us into a yawning abyss when the state closes down. They’ve made a mockery of Profs. Yoram Lass, Eyal Shachar, Idit Matot, Dr. Amir Sachar and many, many others, hid them deep down under the layers of horror, from which the coronavirus czar sprouted. There are no piles of dead bodies, so many people on ventilators that the hospitals cannot cope, enormous numbers of patients in critical condition forming a bottleneck in the hospitals. And it’s doubtful there ever will be.

23.07.2020 - 13:46 [ Haaretz ]

Thousands Protest Israeli Gov’t Handling of Economic Crisis, Call for Netanyahu’s Resignation in Jerusalem

Thousands of protesters gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem on Tuesday, before marching to the Knesset, supervised by a major police presence.

23.07.2020 - 12:10 [ ]

Scouse party: Liverpool fans turn out in their thousands as their side lift the Premier League for the first time – ignoring social distancing and police demands to go home as they set off fireworks and smoke bombs outside Anfield

Liverpool fans turned out in their thousands at Anfield tonight as their side lifted the Premier League title for the first time – but they ignored police demands to go home and set off smoke bombs and fireworks outside the stadium.

23.07.2020 - 12:04 [ ]

Premier League: Liverpool im Meisterschafts-Himmel

Die Zeremonie im Stadion war wegen der verheerenden Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie in Großbritannien ohne Fans abgehalten worden. Dafür feierten viele Fans der „Reds“ auf den Straßen der Stadt, die Appelle von Polizeichef Andy Cooke an die Liverpool-Fans, wegen der Corona-Pandemie zu Hause zu bleiben, blieben vielfach ungehört.

19.07.2020 - 17:13 [ ]

Police are STILL battling to shut down illegal rave FIFTEEN HOURS after it started as 3,000 lockdown revellers keep upmarket Bath residents awake all night with thumping sound system

Footage showed people thronged together, breaking social distancing rules as they gathered to dance, drink and blast music at the former RAF airfield.

16.07.2020 - 16:34 [ ]

Social workers continue Jerusalem protest over work and conditions

Israel’s social workers – currently involved in indefinite strike action – have attempted to block Jerusalem’s Light Rail as they continue to protest work and conditions.

Scores, if not hundreds, gathered on and around the tracks in downtown Jerusalem, preventing trains in both directions from leaving their stations.

16.07.2020 - 16:21 [ Haaretz ]

Jerusalem Has Seen Many Protests, but This One Was a Turning Point for the anti-Netanyahu Movement

‚We’re young and no longer willing to shut up and be nice,‘ says one of the thousands of demonstrators who turned up near the Prime Minister’s Residence angry and bold

15.07.2020 - 10:35 [ Pozitive Idea / Youtube ]

Protesters scuffle with police in protest to demand Israel’s Netanyahu resignation – NO COMENT

Thousands of Israelis protested outside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem on Tuesday (July 14), demanding his resignation over what they say has been an inept government response to the coronavirus crisis as well as his corruption trial.

14.07.2020 - 22:09 [ ]

Clashes erupt in Jerusalem ‚Bastille Day‘ protest in front of PM’s residence

Around 2,000 protesters arrived at the rally under the moniker “Bastille Day,” named after the July 14th French National Day which commemorates the storming of a grand fortress — an event that launched the French Revolution in 1789.

14.07.2020 - 21:42 [ Oren Ziv / Twitter ]

Now outside Netanyahu“s house in #Jerusalem: protesters are trying to pass police barricades

14.07.2020 - 21:29 [ Haaretz ]

Thousands Protest Outside PM’s Residence Demanding Netanyahu’s Resignation

Netanyahu has been drawing criticism not only for his alleged misconduct in the three corruption cases against him, but also for his attacks on the attorney general, the media, law enforcement and the judiciary in his arguments that the charges against him are baseless.

Protesters have also demanded further investigation into allegations of impropriety in the purchase of submarines from Germany.

04.07.2020 - 18:37 [ ]

Crowds start to gather at newly reopened pubs across England on Super Saturday in first signs social distancing rules may start to slip tonight

– Thousands of drinkers have seized upon today’s wave of easing to enjoy their first pint post-lockdown
– But as the revelry grows livelier into the night, there are fears pub-goers will fail to stick to distancing rules
– London’s Borough Market was heaving this evening and drinkers were pictured bunched together on street
– Pub-goers are set to sink a staggering 15million pints at 23,000 establishments across the country

04.07.2020 - 18:33 [ Los Angeles Times ]

Californians are losing their fear of the coronavirus

The public increasingly ignored the rules and demanded their summer on the sand, swimming, sunbathing and just hanging out. Unable to stop the crowds, county officials simply gave up.

27.06.2020 - 14:25 [ Boris Johnson #StayAlert, Boris Johnson #StayAlert @BorisJohnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom / Twitter ]

Businesses all over the country are getting ready to open their doors again on the 4 July.

Yesterday I heard from @PizzaPilgrims
staff about how they’re making their restaurant COVID-19 Secure so customers can enjoy their pizza safely.

27.06.2020 - 14:07 [ ]

UK coronavirus LIVE: Foreign holidays given green light as more illegal block parties are held in London

From July 6, the controversial quarantine arrangements will be replaced by a traffic light system, with officials placing countries into green, amber and red categories based on the prevalence of coronavirus within each nation’s borders.

While the full list of countries involved is still being confirmed, the initial phase of travel opening up is expected to involve France, Greece and Spain. The list of approved countries is due to be announced next week.

27.06.2020 - 13:54 [ Irena Halder / Youtube ]

#2 Lockdown Rebels in Portobello Road, 20 June 2020

As the evening wore on, the crowd swelled to about 500 people. After the Ginstitute stopped serving take away drinks, the local Sainsbury’s sold £5000 of beer and wine in less than 3 hours.

27.06.2020 - 13:51 [ BeanymanSports / Twitter ]

Epic Scenes At Anfield As Liverpool Fans Celebrate Historic Premier League Title Win

Fans gather outside Anfield to celebrate Liverpool winning the Premier League for the first time ever.

Liverpool’s 30-year wait for a league title is over after they were confirmed as Premier League champions.

27.06.2020 - 13:46 [ ]

‚Half a million visitors‘ to south coast of England on hottest day of the year


Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council said services were „completely overstretched“ as huge numbers of visitors defied advice to stay away – prompting authorities to declare the major incident.

Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood said Dorset had seen „half a million visitors“ to the area causing traffic jams and full beaches.

23.06.2020 - 09:54 [ ]

What It’s Like to Eat Inside Seattle’s Much-Discussed Protest Space

With so much national attention on the politics, it may seem a small thing to focus on food, which is only one part of the ecosystem at the CHOP/CHAZ. But the way people eat there offers a glimpse into the energy of the protest space, whether it’s through pop-up community kitchens, street vendors selling items right in the middle of everything, or local restaurants trying to figure out their place as a support pipeline.

15.06.2020 - 08:27 [ New York Times ]

Coronavirus Live Updates: As Social Distancing Wanes, Cuomo Warns of Another Lockdown

Specifically, Mr. Cuomo said that bar patrons in Manhattan and the Hamptons on Long Island had been flouting the rules, and warned that if local officials did not crack down on such behavior the state could be forced to suspend re-opening plans.

“There is a very real possibility that we would roll back the reopening in those areas,” he said, adding that if people didn’t abide social distancing rules, including wearing masks, a second wave of infections was almost inevitable. “It will come. And once it comes, it’s too late.”

10.06.2020 - 06:32 [ The Recount / Twitter ]

Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) gets fired up over Trump’s Buffalo tweet: “How reckless, how irresponsible, how mean, how crude. If there was ever a reprehensible, dumb comment … and from the president of the United States.”

10.06.2020 - 06:08 [ The Young Turks / Youtube ]

Emotional UPDATE on Martin Gugino, the Elderly Man Police Assaulted. TYT Reacts


Martin Gugino is an American hero. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

27.05.2020 - 03:08 [ Ron Paul / Twitter ]

When the people lead…the „leaders“ will follow. The virus panic is no different.

Watch today’s Liberty Report:

24.05.2020 - 19:52 [ ]

Johnson stellt sich hinter Berater Cummings

Wie die BBC-Reporterin Laura Kuenssberg aus dem Umfeld Cummings’ erfahren haben will, hatte sich der Regierungsberater mit seiner Frau und seinem kleinen Sohn für die Selbstisolation in einem separaten Gebäude auf dem Hof seiner Eltern einquartiert. Cummings erklärte, er habe sich gesetzeskonform verhalten.

24.05.2020 - 19:41 [ ]

Boris Johnson steps in at 5pm press conference to REFUSE to sack Dominic Cummings and says aide acted ‚responsibly and legally‘ while ‚following instincts of any father‘ amid calls for resignation over claims he broke lockdown three times

But despite ten Tory backbenchers demanding the scalp of his closest adviser and the mastermind of the Brexit Vote Leave campaign, he backed the divisive Machiavellian figure over revelations he twice travelled 270 miles from London to Durham while the public were told to stay at home.

24.05.2020 - 19:36 [ Spiked ]

Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown? Good

The hysteria over his trip to his parents‘ home is driven by nothing more than Remainer revenge.

20.05.2020 - 13:21 [ Bryan MacDonald / Twitter ]

Meanwhile in Sochi on Sunday, six members of Russia’s ‚National Guard‘ (росгвардейцев) versus one man who clearly loves his freedom.


Here’s a better angle. The man was refusing to stay inside at a special Covid-19 quarantine centre. There are currently 393 people obliged to stay in the facility at Sochi observatory. This also explains the cheering.

18.05.2020 - 19:19 [ King Yari / Facebook ]

Myrtle Beach #nonsocialdistancingBIKEweek Part 2! This happened today while enjoying lunch at Beach House Bar & Grill, a flashMOB of mopeds, golf carts, motorcycles, people, music and no social distancing

18.05.2020 - 19:17 [ ]

Large crowd in South Carolina ignores social distancing, dances in the middle of street

Instead of practicing recommended social distancing by city, nation, and state leaders, a large group of people gathered in the middle of Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to dance Sunday evening.

17.05.2020 - 18:07 [ Ali Utlu / Twitter ]

Bei der nächsten Demo gehe ich gemeinsam mit @LicentiaLisa Mal schauen ob Linksextremisten auch schwule Migranten angreifen, die sich wehren können. #SolimitLisa

13.05.2020 - 06:52 [ Achse des Guten ]

Schlaglichter einer Demo-Welle

Der Aktivist schien die Einschränkung der Grundrechte nicht so dramatisch zu finden wie ich. Verständnislos sah er mich an und sagte, dass man auf keinen Fall mit Rechten zusammen demonstrieren dürfe. Ja, es gebe auch linken Protest gegen die Corona-Sonderregelungen. Da müsse man schon ein bisschen aufpassen. Aber schließlich sei das Virus gefährlich und in Zeiten globaler Pandemien müsse man solche Einschränkungen eben hinnehmen. Mir war gar nicht klar, dass die Antifa so gehorsam sein kann.

13.05.2020 - 06:02 [ ]

Amerikaner versuchte Einreise in Deutschland als Müllmann

Aus Sehnsucht nach seiner Freundin hat ein junger US-Amerikaner auf dem Frankfurter Flughafen versucht, trotz Coronavirus-Beschränkungen nach Deutschland einzureisen. Der 20-Jährige verkleidete sich nach seiner Ankunft aus Washington als Müllmann – um so die Kontrollstelle zu umgehen.