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09.08.2020 - 06:42 [ ]

Is France helping Lebanon, or trying to reconquer it?

Macron himself firmly rejected the idea of reviving the French mandate.

“You can’t ask me to substitute for your leaders. It’s not possible,” he said. “There is no French solution.”

But he made a point of noting that he plans to return to Lebanon to verify that promised reforms are being undertaken on Sept. 1, the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Greater Lebanon – and the beginning of French rule.

09.08.2020 - 06:30 [ ZDF ]

Nach Demonstrationen im Libanon – Märtyrer-Platz in Beirut geräumt

Am Abend haben Sicherheitskräfte mit Tränengas Demonstranten vom Märtyrer-Platz abgedrängt. Hier fand bis zum Abend eine Trauer- und Protestkundgebung statt. „Es ist mittlerweile ruhig“, berichtet ZDF-Korrespondent Uli Gack aus Beirut. Zuvor hatten Demonstranten das libanesische Außenministerium gestürmt. An den Protesten gegen die politische Elite des Landes nahmen Tausende teil.

09.08.2020 - 06:27 [ Haaretz ]

Anti-government Protesters Storm Lebanese Ministry Buildings in Aftermath of Beirut Blast

Prime Minister Diab calls for early parliamentary elections as over 200 protesters wounded, one police officer killed in clashes

25.08.2019 - 09:50 [ ]

Hezbollah: Israeli drone falls, another explodes over Beirut

BEIRUT: An Israeli drone went down over Beirut’s southern suburbs, and another exploded in the air overnight Sunday near Hezbollah’s media offices, a source from the party told The Daily Star.

Throughout the morning, following the incident, Israeli reconnaissance hovered over south Lebanon and the capital’s southern suburbs – a Hezbollah stronghold.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is expected to comment on the issue in a speech scheduled for late afternoon.