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12.04.2022 - 17:48 [ ]

PM vows will not seek coalition with Joint Arab List, Netanyahu

Asked about the immediate aftermath of Silman’s resignation, he said that „the first order of business was to stabilize the faction. I’ve spoken with the party heads and this government is moving forward. The alternative is to return to the dark days of more election campaigns. Instead of fighting terrorism, fighting each other.“

Bennett further rejected the assertion that the current 60-60 situation in the Knesset has left his government paralyzed, saying that political paralysis „is measured in actions. Controversial laws are hard to pass, but we have no issue with regular legislation.“

15.03.2022 - 14:15 [ ]

U.S. oil tumbles more than 8%, dips below $100 per barrel

Published Mon, Mar 14 202211:14 AM EDT

U.S. oil tumbled on Monday, breaking below $100 per barrel, amid talks between Russia and Ukraine as well as new Covid-19 lockdowns in China.

11.02.2022 - 09:27 [ Fox News ]

New fight in Congress over war powers with US troops in Eastern Europe

The contours for a congressional authorization are murky at best. One could argue that portions of the 2001 AUMF serve as justification for the U.S. raid last week in Syria against an ISIS leader. But ISIS didn’t even exist when Congress approved that AUMF to invade Afghanistan and take on al Qaeda following 9/11. Many Democrats – and some Republicans – suggest that multiple presidential administrations have abused AUMF’s for decades now. They say the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush, Obama, Trump and even Biden have leaned on these older AUMFs as a crutch when they need to act overseas.

01.02.2022 - 02:10 [ Haaretz ]

Why Biden’s Team Suddenly Sounds Optimistic on Iran

White House Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk expressed the Biden administration’s most optimistic statement yet concerning the talks last Thursday, saying that the parties were “in the ballpark of a possible deal” on returning to the 2015 nuclear agreement. However, he noted that he did not want to place odds on it and that the U.S. was prepared for talks to …

20.10.2021 - 08:43 [ Financial Times ]

UK supply chain crisis to last until at least 2023, business leaders warn

With materials costs rising 30 to 40 per cent as the global economy struggles to reopen after Covid-19 shutdowns and international freight rates up 10-fold from pre-pandemic levels, manufacturing groups said inflation was now “baked in” to the UK economy.

Wright said inflation in the food and hospitality sector was running at a “terrifying” 14 to 18 per cent.

03.10.2021 - 16:18 [ Nachdenkseiten ]

Leserbriefe zu „Bundestagswahl: Die LINKE steht am Abgrund“

Es ist in Deutschland schon seit vielen Jahrzehnten eine unselige Tradition geworden, Missstände zwar irgendwo durchaus in vielen klugen Analysen wahrzunehmen, aber dann genauso weiter zu machen wie vorher und sich dann (bei der nächsten klugen Analyse) kräfigst weiter zu wundern warum denn alles immer und immer schlimmer wird.

02.10.2021 - 15:47 [ ]

Chipmangel: Was hinter der globalen Krise steckt

Trotzdem bröckelt das Versprechen von stets steigender Rechenleistung. Allerdings nicht, weil die Chiphersteller an die physikalischen Grenzen der Miniaturisierung gestoßen wären. Steigende Kosten für die immer größere Verdichtung von Rechenleistung haben zu einer Konsolidierung unter den Chipherstellern geführt – und zu Engpässen im immens komplexen Geschäft der Chipproduktion.

02.10.2021 - 15:45 [ ]

Kraftstoff-Krise in Großbritannien: Soldaten sollen Tankstellen beliefern

Die massiven Engpässe bei der Kraftstoffversorgung gehen nicht etwa auf einen Mangel an Benzin und Diesel zurück. Es fehlen landesweit Tausende Lkw-Fahrer, die den Sprit zu den Tankstellen bringen.

17.09.2021 - 13:07 [ ]

Sonntagsfrage Bundestagswahl

Wenn am nächsten Sonntag Bundestagswahl wäre …

09.06.2021 - 19:15 [ ZDF ]

Schlagabtausch um Maskendeals – Koalitionsstreit auf offener Bühne

In dem Streit geht es um vom Bundesgesundheitsministerium erworbene Masken ohne EU-Zertifizierung, die an Behinderte oder Obdachlose abgegeben werden sollten. Die SPD-Führung hatte Minister Spahn deshalb menschenverachtendes Verhalten vorgeworfen. Spahns Ministerium verweist darauf, dass die Masken voll funktionsfähig seien.

07.06.2021 - 14:53 [ Times of Israel ]

Likud MK says Bennett, Sa’ar like ‘suicide bombers’ facing ‘death sentence’

Asked by the anchor if she was not going too far, Golan replied, “No, and I’ll tell you why… They’re like terrorists who don’t believe in anything anymore, who go out on their suicide mission, and even if they know it’s their death sentence, they don’t care because they’re Shiites.”

04.06.2021 - 11:27 [ New York Times ]

Why Are We All Talking About U.F.O.s Right Now?

“There are a lot more sightings than have been made public,” John Ratcliffe, the former director of national intelligence, told Fox News in March. Quite a few of them, he said, “are difficult to explain.”

John Brennan, the former director of the C.I.A., said in a podcast last year that some of the unexplained sightings might be “some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand and that could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.”

07.03.2021 - 13:33 [ London School of Economics (LSE) ]

Shaping the post-Covid World: Moving towards wellbeing over the lifetime as the unit of analysis in policy

Professor Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science, LSE

Professor Lord Richard Layard, Emeritus Professor of Economics, LSE

Lord Gus O’Donnell, Chair of Frontier Economics and Visiting Professor, LSE

Professor Liam Delaney, Professor of Behavioural Science, LSE

Dr ChristianKrekel, Assistant professor of Behavioural Science, LSE

Dr Jet Sanders, Assistant Professorof Behavioural Science, LSE

Dr Celia Blanco-Jimenez. Fellow in Behavioural Science, LSE

Dr Kate Laffan, Fellow in Behavioural Science,University College Dublin

Dr Georgios Kavetsos,Associate Professor in Behavioural Science, QMC London

Dr Laura Kudrna, Fellow in Behavioural Science, University of Birmingh


4.5. The foregoing discussion highlighted the importance of processes as well as outcomes, and so a separate wellbeing commission should be established …

04.03.2021 - 08:05 [ ]

Nach Warnung vor Angriff: US-Abgeordnete sagen Sitzung ab

(Online seit heute, 0.18 Uhr)

Wegen der Sicherheitsbedrohung nehme man Abstand von der Zusammenkunft, teilte ein demokratischer Berater gestern mit. Die Kapitalpolizei hatte zuvor unter Berufung auf Geheimdienstinformationen gewarnt, dass Extremisten erneut das Kapitol stürmen wollen.

Das Repräsentantenhaus sollte heute über ein Gesetz zur Polizeireform debattieren und abstimmen.

04.03.2021 - 07:59 [ New York Times ]

Capitol Police Warn of Threat on Thursday, and House Cancels the Day’s Session

(March 3, 2021)

The “possible” plot, as described by the Capitol Police, appeared to be inspired by the pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as QAnon, according to a senior administration official who reviewed the intelligence warning. Intelligence analysts had spent weeks tracking online chatter ……..

16.11.2020 - 19:21 [ ]

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger fires back against Trump’s false claims about election

After a barrage of unfounded claims from President Donald Trump questioning various aspects of Georgia’s voting system, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger fired back.

In a series of Facebook posts from the Secretary of State page, Raffensperger, a Republican, …

24.10.2019 - 08:27 [ Sarah Mimms / Twitter ]

“I was a little embarrassed that it went viral,” Huddleston said, adding that friends she hadn’t heard from in years reached out to her after seeing the photo. “I guess it’s nice to hear from everyone,” she added.

19.09.2019 - 15:11 [ ]

Boris Johnson is given just 11 DAYS to spell out his Brexit plan or face No Deal as Macron sets ultimatum for end of month

EMMANUEL Macron today set Boris Johnson an 11-day deadline to table his Brexit plan – as Jean-Claude Juncker warned him time is running out to strike a deal.

The French president set a new ultimatum of September 30 after talks with Finland’s leader.

26.08.2019 - 16:17 [ LA Times ]

Trump claims serious trade negotiations with China to begin

Trump said his trade negotiators had received two “very good calls” from China on Sunday, hours after Trump waffled on whether he regretted the one-upmanship on tariffs Friday. Trump at first seemed to express regret over the escalating trade war, but the White House later said Trump’s only regret was that he didn’t impose even higher tariffs on China.