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12.06.2020 - 03:19 [ NBC News / Youtube ]

Troubling Divide Between Police Testimony And Some Incidents Caught On Video | NBC Nightly New

In some cases of police violence, including in the case of George Floyd, there is a disconnect between what officers say happened and what video evidence later shows. As the nation weighs police reform measures, former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton says it should focus on the importance of telling the truth.

07.05.2020 - 14:54 [ ]

Report: Iran behind recent cyberattack on Israel’s water supply

Iranian hackers said to have routed the attack through servers located in the United States

Iran is the suspected culprit behind last month’s cyberattack on several facilities operated by Israel’s Water Authority, Fox News reported Thursday, citing a source among US officials.

17.04.2020 - 11:43 [ Haaretz ]

Netanyahu: Masses Will Take to the Streets if Court Ousts Me

“Let there be no doubt, the High Court will take the opportunity to oust me,” Netanyahu himself says in these conversations. He warns that if the court prevents him from being prime minister, or if a law is enacted banning him from running for the post in the future, a civil rebellion will erupt. “Masses will take to the streets,” he predicts. “There will be a call to boycott the election.”

16.04.2020 - 18:18 [ Secular Talk / Twitter ]

From „not me, us“ to „not us, him“

16.04.2020 - 17:45 [ Grüne Fraktion Dresden ]

Nach Beschluss des BVerfG muss auch Stadt Dresden in jedem Einzelfall Zulässigkeit kleiner Demos prüfen

Anlässlich der Demonstration, sowie dem heutigen Beschluss des Bundesverfassungsgerichts zum Versammlungsverbot (1 BvR 828/20), erklärt Johannes Lichdi, Stadtrat aus der Neustadt:

„Das BVerfG hat gestern beschlossen, dass ein Pauschalverbot jeder Demonstration gegen das Grundrecht auf Versammlungsfreiheit verstößt. Damit ist endlich auch die Verfassungswidrigkeit der Praxis der Dresdner Versammlungsbehörde höchstrichterlich festgestellt.“

Er fordert die Stadtverwaltung auf: „Oberbürgermeister Hilbert muss umgehend dafür sorgen, die rechtswidrige und lächerliche Praxis der Versammlungsbehörde zu beenden. Sie hat sogar zur „Verhaftung“ von Pappfiguren wie gestern am Gomondai-Platz geführt.

03.04.2020 - 07:57 [ MDR Aktuell / Twitter ]

Bundesgesundheitsminister Spahn hofft bei schweren Corona-Erkranungen auf Malaria-Medikament Resochin von Bayer: Spahn sagte @bild , es gebe erste Hinweise, dass bestimmte Medikamente zu helfen schienen.


31.03.2020 - 02:20 [ ]

Coronavirus rattles America’s national security priesthood

If the U.S. foreign policy establishment were a high school cafeteria, the popular kids would be the terrorism and nuclear weapons analysts. And the global health specialists would be eating tater tots in the corner with the band geeks.

The coronavirus outbreak is upending that social hierarchy as it ravages economies and societies around the world – making an irrefutable case for a cause that once struggled to get a hearing in the clubby national security priesthood.

27.03.2020 - 18:05 [ ]

Trump calls for ousting GOP congressman from party ahead of coronavirus relief vote

„Looks like a third rate grandstander named (Thomas Massie), a congressman from, unfortunately, a truly GREAT state, Kentucky, wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress,“ Trump tweeted early Friday.

Massie’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the congressman signaled he was moving forward despite bipartisan calls to forgo calling for a roll call vote.

26.03.2020 - 07:18 [ ]

Bundesfinanzminister: Olaf Scholz übt Kanzler

Scholz in der Kanzlerrolle – das Kuriose daran ist, dass es längst nicht so kurios wirkte, wie man vor wenigen Wochen noch gedacht hätte. Denn da war Scholz schon Geschichte. Jetzt hat er wieder eine Zukunft.

14.03.2020 - 19:57 [ ]

Trump’s national security adviser says China ‚covered up‘ coronavirus

White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien on Wednesday criticized China’s response to the coronavirus as a cover-up and said that Beijing cost the global community two months to respond to the outbreak.

„Unfortunately, rather than use best practices, this outbreak in Wuhan was covered up,“ O’Brien said in remarks at the Heritage Foundation. „There’s lots of open source reporting from Chinese nationals that the doctors involved were either silenced or put in isolation … so the word of this virus could not get out.“

10.03.2020 - 18:39 [ Naomi Lim, @BBCNorthAmerica , @CNNPolitics / Twitter ]

I’ve spent almost a year covering Biden on the road and I’ve never seen a line this long for one of his events. Here in Detroit, Michigan on primary eve for his rally with Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

Via @dcexaminer .

17.02.2020 - 11:37 [ CNN ]

Hillary Clinton is not going to be Bloomberg’s vice president

Let’s start by saying this: It is not going to happen. Bloomberg is a long way from leading, let alone winning, the race for the Democratic nomination. There’s no indication he would ask Clinton to be on his ticket, and no compelling reason why she would accept.

17.02.2020 - 10:03 [ Tagesspiegel / Twitter ]

Berlins SPD-Fraktionschef #Saleh behauptet, CDU und FDP stünden nicht „uneingeschränkt zur Demokratie“. So befeuert er den politischen Klimawandel.

Ein Kommentar von @LorenzMaroldt

15.02.2020 - 14:04 [ Des Moines Register ]

Amid bickering over transparency, Iowa Democrats retain prominent attorneys to review caucus chaos

The party’s State Central Committee, which acts as a governing board, approved up to $50,000 to retain attorneys Nick Klinefeldt, who was a federal attorney appointed by President Barack Obama, and former Iowa Attorney General Bonnie Campbell to conduct the investigation. Both are Democrats in Des Moines. Party officials hope the review will take 45 days or less.

14.02.2020 - 13:51 [ Xinhua ]

Munich Security Conference to focus on „westlessness“


The Munich Security Report, which is published annually ahead of the MSC, sets the tone for the conference that is known as the „Davos“ in global security and political issues. This year’s MSC will be convened from Friday to Sunday this week.

„There is a double phenomenon right now, that the first is the West is less western, and the second is the world as a whole is less western. What does it mean to German, European and global relations, especially to our security politics?“ said Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the MSC, at a press conference Monday morning in Berlin.

28.01.2020 - 12:06 [ Washington Post ]

Bolton book roils Washington as onetime allies turn on Trump’s former national security adviser

People close to Bolton said he wanted to testify, and a spokeswoman denied that he was behind the leak of the book, adding that the National Security Council has had a copy of it since Dec. 30.

21.01.2020 - 16:51 [ New York Times ]

Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: ‘Nobody Likes Him’

Mrs. Clinton also dodged a question about whether she’d endorse and campaign for Mr. Sanders if he were to win the Democratic nomination.

16.01.2020 - 22:53 [ ]

Putin: Verfassung Russlands hat Vorrang gegenüber internationalen Gesetzen

„Mehrere Länder haben schon längst derartige Beschlüsse gefasst und ohne jegliche Gewissensbisse festgeschrieben, dass bei ihnen alles gültig ist, was nicht gegen das Grundgesetz verstöße.“

Auch Russland werde diesen Weg gehen. „Wenn ein internationaler Vertrag, welcher Art auch immer, der Verfassung zuwiderläuft, darf er nicht unterzeichnet werden.“

14.01.2020 - 07:58 [ ]

Bennett’s party to run ‚independently‘ ahead of Israel’s upcoming elections

In a statement released by the party, it said that “The New Right will run as the party of the ideological and liberal Right. This is the only chance of the Right bloc to reach 61 seats and victory.”

Bennett’s party argued that running in parallel to the considerably more religious joint slate of Ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Rafi Peretz and nationalist hardliner Itamar Ben Gvir, would, in total, attract more votes to the parties of the right than unifying all into one slate.

12.01.2020 - 19:59 [ Poor People's Campaign ]

Poor People’s Campaign Calls on United Nations to Hold Trump/U.S. Accountable for War Crimes

The lives of people in the Middle East and around the globe hang in the balance. The lives of those we represent — among the 140 million poor and low wealth in the United States, 43% of the U.S. population — also hang in the balance as the world teeters on the precipice of a devastating war.

12.01.2020 - 19:52 [ MSNBC ]

Trump ordering Iran strike is war crime, faith leader says


Donald Trump and the U.S. should be held accountable for war crimes for the U.S. strike against Iran, according to the Poor People’s Campaign, which has sent a letter requesting a meeting with the United Nations high commissioner for human rights to address this assertion. Bishop William Barber discusses with Joy Reid saying, ‘We were perilously close the other night to the beginning of a world war.’

20.12.2019 - 17:36 [ Haaretz ]

Israel’s Left-wing Meretz Party to Keep Chairman, Mulls Future of Merger

“Politicians who continue to behave like politicos who try all day long to disband camps and to make deals in closed rooms won’t receive a mandate from the public. That’s the reason why the left was weakened in the past and those are the people who threaten to finish it off.” She went on to say, “Our public deserves to decide in a quick and open primary who will represent it in the Knesset. We established the Democratic Camp and we deserve a democratic leadership like that all over the world.”

03.11.2019 - 19:20 [ Buzzfeed ]

An Intelligence Report Will Say UK Spy Agencies Found No Evidence Of Russian State Interference In The Outcome Of The Brexit Referendum

One of the sources told BuzzFeed News the finding was categorical.

The report, titled simply „Russia“, is at the centre of a row between some MPs and Downing Street after the committee’s chair, former attorney general Dominic Grieve, urged Boris Johnson to release the report ahead of the Dec. 12 general election, arguing that it was “really unacceptable for the prime minister to sit on it”.

17.10.2019 - 06:32 [ ]

War of words at the White House

A Democratic source familiar with how the meeting transpired said it “devolved into the president calling the Speaker a name. He was quite nasty, so she stood up to go. She started to sit back down but Rep. Hoyer got her to go. Pelosi and Hoyer walked out of the meeting.”

The source added that when Pelosi and Hoyer were preparing to walk out of the meeting, Trump said to them: “I’ll see you at the polls.”

20.09.2019 - 18:07 [ New York Times ]

Putin Says Saudis Should Buy Russian Missiles, to Laughter From Iran


“These kinds of systems are capable of defending any kind of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia from any kind of attack,” he added.

Mr. Rouhani, seated next to Mr. Putin, laughed visibly. The broadcast on the state-owned Russian television network RT captured the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, chuckling to himself in the audience.

25.08.2019 - 09:50 [ ]

Hezbollah: Israeli drone falls, another explodes over Beirut

BEIRUT: An Israeli drone went down over Beirut’s southern suburbs, and another exploded in the air overnight Sunday near Hezbollah’s media offices, a source from the party told The Daily Star.

Throughout the morning, following the incident, Israeli reconnaissance hovered over south Lebanon and the capital’s southern suburbs – a Hezbollah stronghold.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is expected to comment on the issue in a speech scheduled for late afternoon.

20.08.2019 - 16:32 [ ]

New figures show UK economy a little larger than thought

The Office for National Statistics added around 26 billion pounds to the size of the world’s fifth-biggest economy in 2016, a rise equivalent to around 1.3% of gross domestic product and bringing total output to just under 2 trillion pounds.

18.08.2019 - 11:49 [ Daily Mail ]

Cripes! Boris’s Brexit script is left in a pub by a ‘drunk’ official revealing the PM is primed to tackle ‘tricky’ topics of Northern Ireland, citizens’ rights and no deal

And thanks to a boozy civil servant leaving a stash of Brexit papers in a Westminster pub, The Mail on Sunday can reveal the full extent of Mr Johnson’s rigid new regime.

An eight-page document entitled ‘Core Brexit Brief’ and prepared specifically for Mr Johnson by Whitehall spin doctors and policy advisers was found abandoned in The Feathers public house, in the heart of Westminster.

10.08.2019 - 23:38 [ NBC News ]

Top U.S. diplomat for Western Hemisphere, Kimberly Breier, to step down

“The WHA team has many successes to its credit, from launching a productive relationship with the new government in Mexico, to our unprecedented Venezuela policy, to taking full advantage of the new era in South America and beyond,“ Breier wrote, expressing satisfaction with her accomplishments during her nearly 10 months in office.

03.08.2019 - 20:02 [ Matt Duss, Foreign Policy Advisor for @SenSanders / Twitter ]

.@LindseyGrahamSC: „I didn’t sign up for Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy.” If you did you might’ve gotten it right on Iraq, Senator. Or Iran. Or Yemen. Or North Korea. I’ll put @BernieSanders‘ foreign policy judgement up against yours any day.

03.08.2019 - 19:56 [ Washington Post ]

Lindsey Graham warns Trump administration against Afghanistan withdrawal

Graham concluded the brief interview with a direct political shot that invoked Trump’s most left-wing Democratic challenger: “To go to zero would be reckless and dangerous — against sound military advice, [and instead following] Bernie Sanders’s military advice. I didn’t sign up for Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy.”

02.08.2019 - 15:41 [ Bangkok Post ]

Chaos in capital as bombings stir worries

The internet was soon alight with rumours and speculation, which authorities moved quickly to dispel. For a start, they, said, no areas of the city had been closed.

As for the identity of the perpetrators, army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong said the usual suspects were involved, without naming names.

26.07.2019 - 13:04 [ ]

Schredder-Affäre: Kurz spricht von „Schlamperei“

Er verstehe vollkommen, dass man sich denkt, „was ist da los“. Der Vorwurf, dass die Causa etwas mit dem „Ibiza-Video“ zu tun haben könnte, sei „absurd“. Vielmehr habe es sich um ein normales Prozedere im Zuge eines Regierungswechsels gehandelt.

25.07.2019 - 17:27 [ Tasnim News ]

Iran Sends Letter to UN Security Council over Seizure of UK Tanker

It was entering the strait from the southern route, which is an exit path, increasing the risk of an accident.

Moreover, Stena Impero had not heeded any of the warnings from the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization.

The UK oil tanker was also polluting the Persian Gulf water heavily by dumping crude oil residue.

22.07.2019 - 20:01 [ ]

Außenminister Hunt: Europäer sollen Schiffe im Golf beschützen

Großbritannien fordert eine europäische Schutzmission für die Schifffahrt im Persischen Golf. Das sagte der Außenminister Jeremy Hunt am Montag nach einer Dringlichkeitssitzung des Krisenkabinetts in London. Man habe in den vergangenen 48 Stunden „konstruktive Diskussionen“ mit mehreren Staaten geführt, erklärte Hunt.

17.07.2019 - 21:11 [ Haaretz ]

One of Israel’s Most Effective Politicians Just Quit, Proving Labor’s at the End of the Road

The fact that Shelly Yacimovich, a leader and symbol of Labor for the last decade and a half, has decided to take a break from politics is another sign of the desperate condition of the party as another election approaches. “I can’t do it anymore,” she wrote, paraphrasing Menachem Begin. But it isn’t just her. The Labor Party itself can’t do it any more, not on its own.

12.07.2019 - 11:35 [ ]

Missiles belonging to French army found at pro-Haftar base in Libya


The missiles were intended for the “protection of a French military unit deployed to carry out counter-terrorism operations”, the ministry added.

In its statement, the French ministry of defence also denied the Javelins had been given to Haftar’s forces, and it further reiterated that the arms were not subject to import restrictions because they were intended for the protection of French troops.

10.07.2019 - 20:49 [ Telegraph ]

European Commission president-in-waiting warns Britain over ‚tone and attitude‘ of Brexit

Ursula von der Leyen, the woman nominated as the new president of the European Commission, has warned the next prime minister of Britain over the “tone and attitude” of Brexit.

03.07.2019 - 08:34 [ Sueddeutsche ]

EU-Gipfel: Lagarde soll EZB-Präsidentin werden

Die Chefin des Internationalen Währungsfonds, Christine Lagarde, soll Mario Draghi an der Spitze der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) nachfolgen.

03.07.2019 - 07:59 [ ]

EU-Gipfel Von der Leyen: als Kommissionschefin nominiert

Die Französin Christine Lagarde wurde zudem als künftige Präsidentin der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) nominiert. Sie ist bisher Chefin des Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF).

23.06.2019 - 07:18 [ ]

John Bolton: ‚Substantial‘ belief five countries spreading lies on Trump team dysfunction


“We have substantial reason to believe that North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and China have made a decision to — and you can see it publicly — to try to sow disinformation about the administration, and to say that the president and his advisers are divided, and things like that,” Bolton said Tuesday during a Wall Street Journal event in Washington, D.C.

15.06.2019 - 01:10 [ ]

Jeremy Hunt claims Merkel is willing to renegotiate Brexit deal


The foreign secretary said he had spoken to the German chancellor on the sidelines of D-day commemorations last week and she had indicated that the EU was “willing to negotiate on the package” if a new prime minister had the “right approach”.

14.06.2019 - 09:11 [ ]

Offenbar nur „kleine Einigung“ auf Eurozonen-Budget in der EU

Strittig sei unter anderem die Finanzierung des Haushalts für die 19 Euro-Länder geblieben, sagte der Vertreter am Freitag in Luxemburg. Die Verhandlungen sollen in den kommenden Monaten fortgesetzt werden. Zuvor waren auch der Verwendungszweck und die Auszahlungsbedingungen umstritten.

13.06.2019 - 09:30 [ ]

Debatte über SPD-Kurs: Kampf gegen das Selbstmitleid

Esdar und Möller definieren mehrere Themenfelder, auf die die Sozialdemokraten sich besinnen müssen, um deutlich zu machen, wofür die SPD steht: Bildung als Aufstiegsmotor, natürlich digital. Mehr Klimaschutz – sozial gestaltet. Migration rechtsstaatlich und empathisch begleiten.

12.06.2019 - 11:39 [ Tagesspiegel ‏/ Twitter ]

Er war Chef der #SPD und gründete später die Linkspartei. Nun bedauert Oskar #Lafontaine den Zustand seiner früheren Partei und spricht sich für eine Fusion von SPD und Linkspartei aus.

10.06.2019 - 11:35 [ Pamela Rendi-Wagner, SPÖ-Bundesparteivorsitzende, SPÖ-Klubobfrau / Twitter ]

Ich will einen Rundumschutz für unser Wasser. Die ÖsterreicherInnen haben ein Recht auf höchste Wasserqualität. Wasser ist ein Menschenrecht und keine Handelsware. Deshalb wollen wir das öffentliche Trinkwasser per Gesetz vor Privatisierung schützen.

23.05.2019 - 18:17 [ ]

Bundespräsident: „Wenden Sie sich nicht angewidert von der Politik ab“

„Ich verstehe, dass man im ersten Schock so reagiert. Aber ich bitte Sie, genauer hinzusehen. Ein Politiker ist dazu gewählt, seinem Land zu dienen. Um das gutzumachen, muss er oder sie genau unterscheiden können, was anständig und was unanständig ist, was korrupt und was korrekt ist, was sich gehört und was eben nicht.

Ein gutes Vorbild zeigt Anstand nicht nur, wenn gerade Kameras im Raum sind, sondern handelt anständig aus einer inneren Überzeugung heraus. Wir alle sollten in diesem Sinne danach streben, Vorbild zu sein.“

21.05.2019 - 08:36 [ ]

Ex-Verfassungsschutzvize berät FPÖ-Innenminister Kickl


Der ehemalige Staatssekretär im Bundesinnenministerium, Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, ist in die österreichische Politik gewechselt. Er berät als Pensionär Innenminister Herbert Kickl von der rechtskonservativen FPÖ, wie die Regierung dem NDR bestätigte. Fritsche hat demnach im Gebäude des Verfassungsschutzes in Wien ein Büro bezogen.

21.05.2019 - 08:34 [ BILD Politik / Twitter ]

*** BILDplus Inhalt *** Analyse von Hans-Georg Maaßen – „Die üblichen Verdächtigen sind nicht immer die Täter“ #Weltpolitik #Innenpolit

12.05.2019 - 11:48 [ ]

Neos-Kandidatin Gamon hofft auf Zeichen für Vereinigte Staaten von Europa

Wenn Neos-Spitzenkandidatin Claudia Gamon zum Chat mit den Userinnen und Usern des STANDARD kommt, haben die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa zumindest erzählerisch Form angenommen. Gamon meint, so ziemlich alles in der Geschichte der EU sei irgendwann einmal hochunrealistisch gewesen – „bis jemand den Schneid hatte und angefangen hat bzw. sich dafür eingesetzt hat“.

11.05.2019 - 07:14 [ Spectator ]

How do the Project Fear prophets explain the good news about Britain’s economy?

Yet you might think that hardened Remainers could just admit to a tiny of nugget of good news in that the economy has continued to defy the recession they so confidently predicted would result from a vote for Brexit. But not a bit of it. According to a Guardian news report on the story, the unexpectedly strong performance of the economy was “helped by unprecedented stockpiling by manufacturers fearful of the impact from a no-deal Brexit.”

03.05.2019 - 17:09 [ Fox News ]

Pompeo: The problems in Venezuela have been years in the making

May. 02, 2019 – 7:12 – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responds to Rep. Omar claiming the U.S. is to blame for the turmoil in Venezuela on ‚The Ingraham Angle.

01.05.2019 - 20:27 [ Hans-Georg Maaßen, ehem. Präsident des BfV / Twitter ]

Ich freue mich darauf, die notwendige Politikwende für Deutschland durch meine geplanten Auftritte für die @cducsubt und @WerteUnion bei den Landtagswahlen in #Sachsen und #Brandenburg zu unterstützen. (hgm) #change


01.05.2019 - 12:58 [ ]

Britische Lokalwahlen: Stimmungstest im Brexit-Patt

Nach der neuerlichen Verschiebung des Austritts Großbritanniens aus der EU ist es in der britischen Innenpolitik relativ ruhig um den Brexit geworden. Das dürfte nicht zuletzt an den bevorstehenden Kommunalwahlen liegen.

01.05.2019 - 09:52 [ The Situation Room / Twitter ]

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to CNN’s @WolfBlitzer, claimed that Nicolás Maduro was preparing to leave Venezuela „this morning“ but was talked out of it by the Russians.

11.04.2019 - 15:10 [ ]

Theresa May announces yet more votes as she faces MPs after Brexit delay

Theresa May has announced she will hold yet more votes with MPs to determine what kind of deal they want if Labour and the Tories can’t work out a new Brexit deal amongst themselves.

22.03.2019 - 12:17 [ ORF ]

EU-Kommissarin ruft zu Verlassen von Facebook auf

Jourova habe ihr Nutzerkonto 2015 gelöscht. „Wir sollten uns die Freiheit bewahren, wie weit wir uns dieser permanenten öffentlichen Kommunikation aussetzen“, sagte sie. „Das gilt auch für Politiker.“ Jourova kündigte „größeren Druck und einige gesetzliche Auflagen“ für Facebook und andere Plattformen an.

19.03.2019 - 12:48 [ ]

Theresa May set to beg Brussels for ‚escape clause‘ that could delay Brexit for months

Mrs May is likely to ask other EU leaders to allow an “escape clause” for a short two or three month delay if she can revive her stalled deal and win a meaningful vote in the Commons next Tuesday.