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Feindsender (‚Enemy radio station‘) was a term used in Nazi Germany to describe radio stations broadcast by enemies of the German Reich before and during World War II, such as the United Kingdom or the United States. It also referred to radio stations in Germany which broadcast anti-Nazi material. The term has not been in general use since the downfall of the Third Reich.

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Are hospitals REALLY creaking under the strain of Covid before Christmas? NHS data shows trusts are STILL quieter than last December – with seven times fewer wards close to being full

– Average intensive care ward occupancy down to 75 per cent from 84 per cent from the same time last year
– 15,465 people in hospital with Covid in England on Wednesday compared to 18,974 on worst day in spring
– But statistics suggest the health service is, overall, coping better with its workload than it did last winter

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The Berlin authorities are waging war on Berliners

The other is that too few, until now, are ready to oppose openly the government’s strict new regulations – even in freedom-loving Berlin. Of course, there is a reason for that. For months, those protesting against the lockdowns have been equated with the far right by many media outlets and assorted politicians. This despite a recent study revealing that most participants are not right-wing at all. There have even been calls to have Querdenken, the outfit that has been organising the big anti-lockdown demonstrations, put under observation by Germany’s secret service, the Verfassungsschutz.

As a result, anyone voicing anger over the lockdown risks being discredited as a Covid denier or a right-wing conspiracy theorist. I

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It’s Only a Matter of Time Until a Journalist Is Jailed

Opponents of the lockdown were systematically silenced on establishment media, and silenced on social media by social censorship, as opposed to technological censorship: The lynch. The lynch isn’t an algorithm; it’s a common tool of social punishment the purpose of which is to shame, persecute, make miserable and blacken the names of those who express opinions that oppose what one’s homogenous newsfeed is willing to stand for.

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germany wanna take race out of the constitution as if that‘s gonna stop racist people from being racists performative activism is what it is

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Das Dritte Reich des Traums

Charlotte Beradt, die als Journalistin in Berlin arbeitete, wurde ab 1933 nicht mehr beschäftigt, floh 1939 nach England und 1940 weiter nach New York. Charlotte Beradt sammelte Träume, die zwischen 1933 und 1939 geträumt wurden, und befragte dazu Menschen ihrer Umgebung: Schneiderin, Nachbar, Tante, Milchmann, den befreundeten Unternehmer, den Arzt … Fünfzig »von der Diktatur diktierte Träume« hat sie in ihren 1966 erstmals erschienenen Klassiker der Traumdokumentation aufgenommen.

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How Dreams Change Under Authoritarianism

At times, “The Third Reich of Dreams” also echoes Hannah Arendt, who saw totalitarian rule as “truly total the moment it closes the iron vice of terror on its subjects’ private social lives.”

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Der perfekte Verschwörungstheoretiker

Die Psychologin Pia Lamberty plädiert dafür, das Phänomen ernst zu nehmen. Man dürfe es nicht kleinreden, indem man den mutmaßlichen Täter einfach für krank erkläre. „Wenn man einer solchen Weltsicht anhängt, hilft es nicht mehr, zu wählen oder zu einer Demo zu gehen. In dieser Logik ist die letzte Konsequenz Gewalt.“

Für Lamberty sind die Mythen ein Radikalisierungsbeschleuniger. Auch die Sicherheitsbehörden haben wohl erkannt, dass von einigen Verschwörungsgläubigen eine Gefahr ausgeht. Das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz warnt vor ihnen in seinem jüngsten Bericht, in Form der sogenannten Reichsbürger und Selbstverwalter.

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Democratic Union Party needs an Arab candidate, Zandberg vows

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) called on Saturday for the Democratic Union Party to add an Arab-Israeli to the list during a panel in Baqa al-Gharbiyye.
Zandberg, whose Meretz Party joined forces with the party led by former prime minister Ehud Barak and MK Stav Shaffir, vowed she will do all that is possible to ensure that there is an Arab member at the top of the list.