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20.10.2022 - 16:44 [ @EMASOH_AGENOR - A maritime security initiative led by 9 European countries in the Strait of Hormuz / Nitter ]

ūüáģūüáĻ Ambassador to ūüáįūüáľ Carlo Baldocci was welcomed by RDML Costantino onboard flagship of @EMASOH_AGENOR in port of Kuwait City, where he was briefed about the #European mission in the Gulf. Naval diplomacy is important in order to promote #inclusive dialogue with regional partners.


19.10.2022 - 05:43 [ Reuters ]

OPEC+ members endorse output cut after U.S. coercion accusation


Khalid bin Salman on Sunday said he was „astonished“ by claims his country was „standing with Russia in its war with Ukraine“.

„It is telling that these false accusations did not come from the Ukrainian government,“ he wrote on Twitter.

16.07.2022 - 22:06 [ ]

How to understand Israel and Saudi Arabia’s secretive relationship

(July 11, 2022)

U.S. President Joe Biden understands the limitations facing his Saudi hosts later this month. No major breakthrough is likely during his visit to Jeddah. He will meet with nine Arab leaders: the six Gulf monarchs plus Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. The Saudis are going to take more control of Tiran Island in the Gulf of Aqaba from Egypt, according to some accounts. It is home to an American military outpost that monitors the 1978 peace agreement between Egypt and Israel.

12.03.2022 - 16:34 [ Democracy Now! / Youtube ]

How False Testimony and a Massive U.S. Propaganda Machine Bolstered George H.W. Bush’s War on Iraq

(Dec 5, 2018)

As the media memorializes George H.W. Bush, we look at the lasting impact of his 1991 invasion of Iraq and the propaganda campaign that encouraged it. Although the Gulf War technically ended in February of 1991, the U.S. war on Iraq would continue for decades, first in the form of devastating sanctions and then in the 2003 invasion launched by George W. Bush. Thousands of U.S. troops and contractors remain in Iraq. A largely forgotten aspect of Bush Sr.’s war on Iraq is the vast domestic propaganda effort before the invasion began. We look at the way U.S. media facilitated the war on Iraq with journalist John ‚ÄúRick‚ÄĚ MacArthur, president and publisher of Harper’s Magazine and the author of the book ‚ÄúSecond Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the 1991 Gulf War.‚ÄĚ

24.01.2022 - 03:11 [ BMedia / Twitter ]

Kuwait – Kuwait City [Jan 22, 2022] Young brave man speaking out against tyranny! World Wide Rally for #Freedom

#wewillALLbethere #WorldwideDemonstration #worldwiderallyforfreedom #NoVaccinePassports #NoGreenPass #NoAlPaseSanitario #PassaporteSanitárioNÃO #GeenQR

14.08.2021 - 08:53 [ Pentagon - ]

Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing on Afghanistan

MR. KIRBY: What I’d say, Mike — what I’d say to that, Mike, is what I’ve been saying for the last few days, that the Afghan forces have advantages, they have capability to protect their territory and their people, they have the capacity to do that.

What — what I think the Afghan people want to see and what they deserve to see is the leadership and the will to use those advantages to their benefit.

Thanks, everybody, going to have to go now.


Q: … can you clarify the numbers one more time, so I have no mistakes? 3,000 going into the airport, 1,000 first going to Qatar and then to Afghanistan to help with SIVs, or staying in Qatar?

MR. KIRBY: No — no, I said the — the 1,000 enablers will go to Qatar for right now. I can’t predict whether there’ll be onward movement from there. Right now, they’re going to Qatar …

Q: And the 3,500 …

MR. KIRBY: … again, for helping process, and then 3,000 to the airport in the next few days and then there’ll be a reserve force out of Bragg that will — that will stage out of Kuwait, and that’s roughly 3,500 to 4,000.

Q: And all of that’s in addition to the 650 who are there …

MR. KIRBY: That is correct.

27.03.2021 - 19:26 [ ]

The Iran Contra Affairs – Iran: Other Relevant Conflicts

The Iran-Iraq war was the main reason why Iran was so need of weapons, and thus was willing to purchase them from the U.S. and Israel. The Reagan Administration’s decision to sell arms to Iran was particularly shocking because the U.S. had publicly supported Iraq, along with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other small mideast nations.

20.03.2020 - 18:53 [ Bundestag ]

Antrag der Bundesregierung: Ergänzung des Einsatzes bewaffneter deutscher Streitkräfte ..


Die Aufgaben f√ľr die beteiligten Kr√§fte der Bundeswehr werden erg√§nzt um:
‚ÄĘ Einsatzunterst√ľtzung durch Luftbetankung √ľber den 31. M√§rz 2020 hinaus;
‚ÄĘ Lufttransport f√ľr die internationale Anti-IS-Koalition, internationale Organisationen, Alliierte und Partner;

‚ÄĘ bodengebundene Luftraum√ľberwachung. Zu den √ľbrigen, unver√§ndert fortgeltenden Aufgaben wird auf den Zustimmungsbeschluss des Deutschen Bundestages vom 24. Oktober 2019 verwiesen.

5. Einzusetzende Fähigkeiten

Die militärischen Fähigkeiten schließen die Fähigkeit zum strategischen und taktischen Lufttransport ein.

6. Ermächtigung zum Einsatz und Dauer des Einsatzes

Der deutsche Beitrag zur Luftbetankung wird √ľber den 31. M√§rz 2020 fortgesetzt. Im √úbrigen bleibt die Befristung des gesamten Einsatzes bis zum 31. Oktober 2020 unber√ľhrt.

7. Einsatzgebiet

Luftbetankung sowie der Beitrag zur Luftraum√ľberwachung und Lagebilderstellung k√∂nnen im irakischen Hoheitsgebiet, im Luftraum √ľber dem Operationsgebiet von IS in Syrien und im Hoheitsgebiet von Anrainerstaaten, von denen eine Genehmigung der jeweiligen Regierung vorliegt, erfolgen. Lufttransport als Unterst√ľtzungsleistung f√ľr die internationale Anti-IS-Koalition, internationale Organisationen, Alliierte und Partner k√∂nnen in Irak, Jordanien, in weiteren Anrainerstaaten, von denen eine Genehmigung der jeweiligen Regierung vorliegt sowie in EU- und NATO-Staaten erbracht werden.

20.03.2020 - 18:46 [ Bundestag ]

Geplanter Ablauf der Plenarsitzungen

Donnerstag, 26. März 2020 (155. Sitzung)
09.00 ‚Äď 09.35 Uhr 30 Min. TOP 7 Pers√∂nlichkeitsschutz bei Bildaufnahmen
09.35 ‚Äď 10.40 Uhr 60 Min. TOP 8 Frontex-Finanzierung
10.40 ‚Äď 11.15 Uhr30 Min. TOP 9 Bundeswehreinsatz Irak

07.01.2020 - 15:59 [ ]

US-led coalition temporarily relocates headquarters from Iraq to Kuwait: Report

Iraq’s Arabic-language al-Forat news agency reported that the alliance took the decision on Tuesday to move its command center from the Iraqi capital Baghdad to Kuwait City.

The Qatar-based and Arabic-language al-Jazeera news network, citing a report published by German DPA news agency, later confirmed the account.

07.01.2020 - 15:55 [ ZDF ]

„Teilabzug ist international koordiniert“

Die Bundeswehr verlegt einen Teil ihrer Soldaten aus dem Irak nach Jordanien und Kuwait. „Ich halte den Abzug aus Sicherheitsgr√ľnden f√ľr unsere Soldaten vertretbar“, so der CDU-Au√üenpolitiker Roderich Kiesewetter.

07.01.2020 - 15:49 [ ]

Iran crisis: Germany to withdraw troops in Iraq over security fears after general Soleimani killed by Trump-ordered airstrike

Germany is moving some of its military personnel from Iraq to neighbouring countries over security concerns, the government told lawmakers, days after the killing of a top Iranian military commander in a US drone strike.

About 30 of the 120 German soldiers in Iraq who mainly train Iraqi security forces will be redeployed to Jordan and Kuwait, the government told parliament in a letter on Monday.

07.01.2020 - 15:42 [ Sky News ]

Letter saying US troops will pull out of Baghdad was ‚an honest mistake‘

Our own sources in Baghdad confirmed that the letter was genuine and that they too had seen it.

One source said their understanding of the US position was that a partial withdrawal or repositioning of some troops to Kuwait was taking place.

31.12.2019 - 01:38 [ The Times of Israel ]

Kuwait says it respects Iran‚Äôs integrity after ‚Äėprivate‚Äô meet with separatists

In a meeting with Iran‚Äôs ambassador, Kuwait‚Äôs deputy foreign minister Khaled al-Jarallah stressed that his country‚Äôs foreign policy was based on respecting ‚Äúsovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs and good neighborliness,‚ÄĚ KUNA said.

26.12.2019 - 10:38 [ ]

The Persian Gulf Is About to Become Dangerously Crowded


France and Qatar signed an agreement allowing France to deploy and station military forces within Qatar.

The Netherlands said on November 25 that it would join Denmark and France in the European naval mission, reported the NLTimes. The Netherlands said it would deploy a navy ship to the Persian Gulf for six months but said it would play an ‚Äúobserving‚ÄĚ role. Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden are also expected to join the European coalition, the Tehran Times reported.

16.12.2019 - 03:58 [ The National ]

What is Nato’s Istanbul Cooperation Initiative?

The UAE was the first Arab nation to open an embassy at the military alliance’s headquarters in Belgium and has been a member since 2004.

Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar are also members. Oman and Saudi Arabia are yet to join but the alliance has said it would welcome them with open arms if they should choose to take the step. Both countries will attend the anniversary on Monday.

30.11.2019 - 15:01 [ Pentagon ]

Milley Says Middle Eastern Nations Want U.S. Involved in Region

Army Gen. Mark A. Milley also discussed the need for deterrence regarding Iran. Milley spoke with military and civilian leaders in Israel, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq on this four-day trip.

20.10.2019 - 17:52 [ Axios ]

Israel to attend U.S.-led maritime security meeting in Bahrain

Background: The Bahrain maritime security meeting is a follow-up to the U.S.-led anti-Iran conference held in Warsaw in February. Around 60 countries attended that conference and have participated in ongoing meetings since.

The state of play: According to the State Department, the Bahrain meeting on Oct. 21-22 will focus on maintaining maritime and aviation security in the Middle East and promote steps to interdict and prevent shipments of illicit weapons of mass destruction.

10.10.2019 - 06:52 [ Haaretz ]

Defending Syria Pullout, Trump Says U.S. Should Never Have Been Involved in ‚Stupid‘ Mideast Wars

Trump’s call for ending U.S. military involvement in the Middle East and bringing the troops home was a feature of his presidential campaign, but it flies in the face of many decades of bipartisan American policy, even as the Trump administration and its immediate predecessor have tried to give additional attention to what they see as long-term security threats elsewhere, including from China and Russia.

22.08.2019 - 02:55 [ Middle East Monitor ]

UK licensed £6.3bn worth of arms to Saudi-led forces in first four years of Yemen conflict

According to new government statistics, since March 2015 the UK has licensed £5.3bn worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, £657m to the United Arab Emirates, £85m to Egypt, £72m to Bahrain, and £40m worth to Kuwait.

28.04.2019 - 22:43 [ Yves Engler / Global Research ]

Canada Gets Cozy with Repressive Middle East Monarchies

While Justin Trudeau’s government embraces repressive Middle East monarchies, they want us to believe their campaign to oust Venezuela’s government is motivated by support for democracy and human rights.

04.03.2019 - 14:35 [ ]

Saudi Arabia has deposited $334 mln in Jordan central bank

Jordan’s government fell last year after spending cuts and tax rises imposed under an IMF programme caused rare public protests. The country, which sits between Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, is traditionally a regional diplomatic hub.

13.02.2019 - 00:02 [ ]

Kneissl reist zu Iran-Konferenz in Warschau

Nach Angaben der polnischen Regierung haben rund 60 der mehr als 70 eingeladenen Delegationen aus aller Welt zugesagt.

Ihre Teilnahme bestätigten bisher der israelische Regierungschef Benjamin Netanyahu und der ungarische Außenminister Peter Szijjarto. Auf Ministerebene werden außerdem aus der Region Saudi-Arabien, Bahrain, der Jemen, Jordanien, Kuwait, der Oman, Marokko und die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate vertreten sein, wie die PAP meldete.

15.01.2019 - 09:12 [ New York Times ]

Pompeo’s Anti-Iran Tour Faces Obstacles of a Fractious Middle East

Mr. Pompeo has not yet proposed that Arab nations outside the war zones send troops to fight the militias, though he has left open the possibility of the United States helping piece together an Arab military coalition to move into northeastern Syria as the United States withdraws.

14.12.2018 - 03:20 [ Al Bawaba ]

Kuwait Agrees to Setting up British Base on its Territory

British ambassador to Kuwait Michael Davenport earlier said in an interview with Forces Network that London was considering a permanent military presence in Kuwait.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre looking at all the possibilities. We‚Äôre not talking about a major deployment I don‚Äôt think, but we‚Äôre looking at what might work for both the United Kingdom and for Kuwait. As I say, it‚Äôs at a very early stage,‚ÄĚ he said.

14.12.2018 - 02:49 [ Reuters ]

Russia, China abstain in U.N. vote on Syria cross-border aid

Russia and China on Thursday abstained from an annual United Nations Security Council vote to extend approval for cross-border humanitarian aid deliveries in Syria because Moscow said the four-year-old authorization was ‚Äúdivorced from reality.‚ÄĚ

27.11.2018 - 21:47 [ WSWS ]

Trump wiegelt Militär gegen Gerichte und politische Gegner auf

Zu den Angerufenen geh√∂rten Oberst Stephanie Barton von der 101. Fallschirmj√§gerdivision in Afghanistan; Leutnant Oberst Sam Howie von den Marines auf dem Luftwaffenst√ľtzpunkt al-Jaber Air Base in Kuwait; Kapit√§n Pat Hannifin von der Navy auf der USS Ronald Reagan; Brigadegeneral David Lyons von der Air Force in Afghanistan; und Leutnant Nicholas Hartmann von der US Coast Guard in Bahrain.

23.11.2018 - 09:16 [ Elephant ]

Passports to riches: Semlex’s dubious dealings with African governments

Despite these surprisingly powerful connections, Karaziwan is neither a citizen of Comoros, DRC or of any other African nation with which he has been able to secure incredible financial footholds and political appointments. He is a Syria-born Belgian citizen who for close to two decades has used Semlex and its various partners, as well as political clout and connections on the continent, to secure multiple hundred-million-dollar deals to provide passports and other identification documents to African countries at exorbitant prices and sometimes without going through open tender processes.

18.11.2018 - 23:06 [ France24 ]

Jordan MPs approve income tax bill amended after unrest

Stability in Jordan is seen as fundamental to the region and in the wake of protests Amman was offered a $2.5 billion aid package from three Gulf backers.

More than $1 billion has already been deposited in the central bank by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, a Jordanian government source said in October.

11.11.2018 - 16:20 [ Rudaw ]

Iraqi president’s delegation meets in Kuwait with Emir

Their meeting will be „within the framework of enhancing relations and cooperation between the two countries as well as discussing the joint dossiers between Iraq and Kuwait.“

The Iraqi delegation included the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Industry, the Director of the Intelligence and the Governor of Basra.

04.11.2018 - 18:12 [ Arab News ]

Five Arab states join Egypt in military maneuvers

The US plans to hold a summit in January to launch a new Arab military alliance, similar to NATO, that will include nine countries led by the Gulf Cooperation Council states, in addition to Egypt, Jordan and the US.

02.10.2018 - 03:48 [ ]

Kuwait stops exporting crude oil to US first time in over two decades

According to Bloomberg, Kuwait has shifted its focus from the US market to the more blooming Asian ones, which currently take up to 80 percent of the emirate’s exports. New possibilities are opening up in light of the upcoming new batch of US sanctions against countries trading with Iran, expected to take effect beginning in November.

26.09.2018 - 11:51 [ Newsweek ]

Trump’s Alliance Against Iran: Saudi Arabia and Partners Join Israel in Supporting U.S. as Others Turn Away

While President Donald Trump condemned Iran in his address Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, a small but influential group of countries gathered elsewhere in New York City in an attempt to rally support for an increasingly controversial cause among the international community.

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the ambassadors of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to Washington and the director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency were among those who spoke alongside two of President Donald Trump’s most senior officials at the 2018 United Against Nuclear Iran summit.

26.09.2018 - 11:36 [ ]

Donald Trump to support plan for ‚Arab Nato‘

(22.9.2018) President Donald Trump has backed plans to offer a Middle East Security Alliance (MESA) to members of the GCC supportive of America’s stand on Iran, a proposal that is expected to be discussed behind the scenes at the UNGA meetings in New York.

Diplomats see the evolving position of Washington towards a new core group as a product of the Iran situation but also a plank of the Middle East peace process review undertaken by Mr Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

26.09.2018 - 11:30 [ Saudi Gazette ]

Trump hails Saudi achievements, criticizes Iran in UN speech

‚ÄúFollowing my trip to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries opened a new center to target terrorist financing. They are enforcing new sanctions, working with us to identify and track terrorist networks and taking more responsibility for fighting terrorism and extremism in their own region,‚ÄĚ Trump told the crowd of world leaders.

‚ÄúThe United States is working with the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, and Egypt to establish a strategic alliance so Middle Eastern nations can advance security and stability across their home region,‚ÄĚ he added.

04.08.2018 - 16:33 [ Reuters ]

China chides Iran over threat to block oil exports through Strait of Hormuz

(6.7.2018) ‚ÄúEspecially as it is a country on the Gulf, it should dedicate itself to being a good neighbor and co-existing peacefully,‚ÄĚ he added. ‚ÄúChina will continue to play our positive, constructive role.‚ÄĚ

Ministers from 21 Arab countries are attending the summit, as well as Kuwait’s elderly ruler, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber al-Sabah.

14.07.2018 - 14:31 [ ]

„Wiege des Aufstands“ Daraa: Syrische Regierung feiert R√ľckkehr

Ohne die mit vielen Milliarden gespickte milit√§rische, waffentechnische, politische und mediale Unterst√ľtzung der USA, Saudi-Arabiens, Katars, Kuwaits, der T√ľrkei, Gro√übritanniens, Frankreichs und anderer westlicher Staaten einschlie√ülich Deutschland h√§tte es diese Aufr√ľstung radikaler Milizen, die in jedem westlichen Land vor Gericht mit gro√üer Wahrscheinlichkeit als Extremisten eingestuft werden, nicht gegeben.

08.06.2018 - 20:43 [ Press TV ]

Oman says running out of patience with UAE violations

On Wednesday, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi unveiled a raft of economic deals, signing 20 memorandums of understanding for over 60 joint projects, including in the oil and gas, banking, nuclear energy, and defense.

The deals, approved at a meeting of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, did not involve the four other Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members — Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

02.06.2018 - 02:57 [ Jason Ditz / ]

US Will ‚ÄėUnquestionably Veto‚Äô UN Draft on Protecting Palestinians

(31.5.2018) US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has vowed to ‚Äúunquestionably veto‚ÄĚ a UN draft resolution calling for an international mission to protect Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. There is speculation the resolution, sponsored by Kuwait, could be up for vote Friday.

15.05.2018 - 02:40 [ Al-Manar TV ]

Kuwait Requests Emergency UN Council Talks on Gaza on Tuesday

Kuwait has requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, after dozens of Palestinian protesters were killed in clashes with Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza border, the country’s mission to the UN said Monday.

06.05.2018 - 12:44 [ ]

Kuwaiti warship sinks in Persian Gulf

„All the crew members of the ship were rescued, there were no human casualties,“ the statement released on the Kuwaiti General Staff’s Twitter account says.

18.04.2018 - 08:43 [ CNN ]

Bolton dealing to build an Arab military force in Syria

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, said Tuesday that Saudi Arabia is engaged in talks with the US and would consider sending forces to Syria along with other Arab countries as part of this contingent.
Jubeir also noted that the idea is not necessarily new, as Saudi Arabia made a similar proposal to the Obama administration, but that the US did not take them up on the offer.