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23.10.2019 - 02:53 [ Syrian Arab News Agency ]

A telephone call between Presidents al-Assad and Putin on the situation in northern Syria

The President also stressed the return of residents to their regions to stop any previous attempts of any demographic change to which some sides tried to impose, affirming Syria’s determination to combat terrorism and occupation in any span of the Syrian territories with all legitimate means.

20.10.2019 - 20:02 [ Stephen Kinzer / Information Clearing House ]

Condemning Trump on Syria? It’s ‘buffet outrage’

The more recent set of causes for our Kurdish misadventure began in 2011, when President Obama ordered President Bashar Assad of Syria to “step aside.” Beyond the arrogance that leads American presidents to think they can and should decide who may rule other countries lay the utter impossibility of achieving that goal.

20.10.2019 - 19:57 [ Stephen Kinzer / ]

Verurteilung Trumps wegen Syrien? Es ist „Empörung am Buffet“.

Obwohl die Entscheidung der Kurden, Assad um Verzeihung zu bitten und sich ihm beim Wiederaufbau eines weltlichen Staates anzuschließen, seit Jahren überfällig ist, ist sie willkommen und klug.

18.10.2019 - 20:03 [ Y.N.M.S ‏/ Twitter ]

Erdogan: We cannot engage in the fight against terrorist organizations forever. Therefore, President Assad should take on the fight against terrorism in his country.

17.10.2019 - 04:19 [ Ron Paul / ]

Kurden schließen sich Assad an, um Syrien zu verteidigen

Als Präsident Trump letzte Woche twitterte, dass „es Zeit ist, dass wir aus diesen lächerlichen endlosen Kriegen herauskommen“, und hinzufügte, dass die USA sich aus Syrien zurückziehen würden, geriet Washington in Panik. Plötzlich wurden alle – Republikaner, Demokraten, die Medien, die Think Tanks und die Kriegsindustrie – schnell zu Experten für „die Kurden“, von denen uns gesagt wurde, dass sie ein „Verbündeter“ seien, der von einem ignoranten Präsidenten Trump zu ihrer Schlachtbank geschickt werde.

05.08.2019 - 17:46 [ Haaretz ]

Syria’s Idlib: The Hot Potato the U.S., Russia and Turkey Are Fighting Over

In fact, Turkey is threatening to launch a broad campaign to take over Syrian territory in the area between eastern Syria and the Euphrates River to “cleanse” it from Kurdish militias, which Turkey considers a threat to its national security.

This is precisely what the United States, which sees itself as the protector of the Kurdish allies who fought alongside it against ISIS, is afraid of.

03.08.2019 - 16:59 [ ]

How Israeli-Designed Drones Became Russia’s Eyes in the Sky for Defending Bashar al-Assad


Though Russia has been instrumental in protecting the Assad government, which appeared to be on the brink of collapse four years ago, it has also carefully cultivated a military relationship with Israel over the past decade.

After more than seven years of war, the skies over Syria are saturated with aircraft from multiple militaries and armed groups, each pursuing their own goals, including using the country as a weapons-testing ground.

21.04.2019 - 16:16 [ ]

Why Isn’t Oil-Rich Russia Helping Its Syrian “Ally” Survive The Fuel Crisis?

It’s seemingly inexplicable that one of the world’s top oil exporters and most masterful perception management practitioners wouldn’t gift its “ally” emergency fuel shipments as a humanitarian gesture or at least sell it what it needs under a deferred payment plan, especially when considering that it’s owned all of the country’s oil and gas infrastructure since last year and regularly ships large amounts of oil to the country in order to meet the huge demands of its fuel-hungry Aerospace Forces there. On top of that, Russia even sells gas to its American adversary in spite of the sanctions that its customer imposed on this industry,

13.01.2019 - 16:44 [ Press TV ]

Top Syrian official visits Saudi Arabia as Syria-Arab ties warm up after long deep freeze: Report

(9.1.2019) Syria’s National Security chief Major General Ali Mamlouk has reportedly paid a visit to Saudi Arabia, amid promising signs that the incumbent Damascus government led by President Bashar al-Assad is being admitted back into the Arab world after nearly eight years of foreign-sponsored militancy.

30.12.2018 - 20:13 [ Daily Sabah ]

Erdoğan und Merkel besprechen Syrien und Anti-Terror-Kampf

Laut Quellen aus der Präsidentschaft haben die beiden Staatschefs über irreguläre Migration nach Europa sowie die bilateralen Beziehungen der Länder besprochen.

Erdoğan und Merkel seien sich einig gewesen, einen engen Kontakt zu pflegen, um den Prozess in Syrien hinsichtlich des im Oktober stattgefundenen Syrien-Gipfels in Istanbul und des US-Abzugs aus der Region zu beobachten.

30.12.2018 - 19:56 [ ]

Syrien nach dem US-Abzug: Moskau und Ankara wollen kooperieren

Man habe sich auf Schritte geeinigt, um alle Regionen Syriens von terroristischen Gruppen zu befreien, betonte Cavusoglu, ohne Details zu nennen. An dem Treffen nahmen auch die Verteidigungsminister beider Länder teil.

28.12.2018 - 13:18 [ ]

Konflikt in Nordsyrien: Assad unterstützt Kurden gegen die Türkei

Vor einer drohenden Offensive der Türkei im Norden Syriens hat die syrische Armee Truppen in die bisher von Kurden beherrschte Stadt Manbidsch verlegt. Zuvor hatten die Kurden Machthaber Assad um Hilfe gebeten.

28.12.2018 - 13:16 [ ]

Geplanter US-Truppenabzug Syrische: Kurden bitten Assad um Hilfe gegen die Türkei

Die kurdischen Volksverteidigungseinheiten (YPG) in Syrien haben die Regierung von Staatschef Baschar al-Assad um Beistand bei der erwarteten türkischen Militäroffensive gebeten. Die YPG rief die Regierung in Damaskus auf, Truppen in die von ihnen kontrollierten Gebiete im Norden Syriens zu verlegen.

27.12.2018 - 22:47 [ Reuters ]

UAE reopens Syria embassy in boost for Assad

The UAE was one of several regional states to back armed groups opposed to Assad, though its role was less prominent than those of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Turkey, rebel sources in the region have said. Emirati support has been associated with groups opposed to Islamist domination of the uprising.

17.12.2018 - 01:50 [ Reuters ]

Sudan’s president is first Arab leader to visit Syria since crisis

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday, the first such visit by an Arab leader since the start of the Syrian conflict, Syrian state media said.

President Bashar al Assad welcomed him at the airport, official photos showed. Many Arab countries have shunned Assad since the conflict that began early in 2011 after protests calling for his downfall swept Syria.

27.11.2018 - 23:38 [ ]

Syrian president changes 9 ministers in gov’t reshuffle

The nine ministers of water resources, internal trade, the interior ministry, tourism, education, high education, public works and housing, communication and industry were replaced in the cabinet reshuffle. The most significant change is the replacement of Minister of the Interior Mohammad al-Shaar, who has been in this position since April 2011, the early days of the Syrian crisis.

29.10.2018 - 16:04 [ German Foreign Policy ]

Der Gipfel von Istanbul

Im Jahr 2012 hatte sie – in enger Zusammenarbeit insbesondere mit den Vereinigten Staaten und Großbritannien – gemeinsam mit einer Gruppe syrischer Exiloppositioneller Pläne zur Umformung des syrischen Staates nach dem erhofften Sturz der Regierung von Bashar al Assad erarbeitet und sie im August 2012 sogar öffentlich vorstellen lassen.[1] Außerdem hatte sie – im Rahmen einer Staatengruppe mit dem Namen „Freunde Syriens“ – weitere Vorbereitungen für die Gestaltung eines Post-Assad-Staates getroffen.

08.10.2018 - 05:34 [ Radio China ]

Syrischer Präsident schwört von Aufständischen kontrollierte Regionen zurückzuerobern

Das Zentralkomitee der regierenden Baath-Partei hat am gleichen Tag getagt. Dabei hat Baschar gesagt, dass die Provinz Idlib und auch andere von Aufständischen besetzten Landesteile wieder unter Kontrolle des Staates gebracht würden.

06.10.2018 - 21:58 [ Press TV ]

Defying Israeli occupation, Golan Druze pledge loyalty to Syria’s Assad

The crowd marked the Saturday event by wearing their traditional black garbs and white hats while waving Syrian flags and pictures of Assad. The gathering Druze shouted support for the president into megaphones and were answered by Syrian soldiers who were standing behind a security fence on the opposite side of the border.

24.09.2018 - 17:45 [ ]

Israel, Russia to improve Syria hotline after plane downed

(21.09.2018) An Israeli military official says its „deconfliction line“ with Russia for their air forces in Syria will be improved after a Russian plane was hit by Syrian forces responding to an Israeli raid.

He spoke anonymously according to protocol Friday after an Israeli delegation returned from Moscow where they briefed officials on the incident that killed 15 Russians.

19.09.2018 - 08:01 [ Veterans Today ]

Real Translation: Putin, Israeli Air Force operations are undertaken in violation of Syria’s sovereignty

Editor’s note: Fake translations of this story are on the internet. This is a real one and Israel’s story about it’s pilots not seeing the Russian plane are cast aside as the total bullshit they are.

19.09.2018 - 07:42 [ WashingtonPost ]

Putin blames downing of Russian plane in Syria on ‘tragic chance events,’ plays down Israeli culpability

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday described the downing of a Russian plane in Syria as the result of “tragic chance events,” appearing to dial back a rare flare-up in tensions with Israel.

19.09.2018 - 07:39 [ Prof Ferrada de Noli ‏/ Twitter ]

Missiles „fired from the sea“ on #Lattakia, #Syria, were launched by #France’s frigate FS Auvergne. That, simultaneously with #Israel Jet-fighters attacking the port city, near Khmeimim #Russia Air Force base. ( …). FS „Auvergne“ in image below #svpol #Idlib


19.09.2018 - 07:32 [ ]

After Russian Military Aircraft Shot Down Near Syria, Russian Claims Israel ‚Deliberately Staged This Provocation‘

According to Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov, the Russian transport plane was shot down Monday night, local time, as Israel F-16’s attempted to use it as cover while carrying out a bombing mission against targets in the Latakia region of western Syria near the Meditarranean coast.

„By using the Russian plane as cover the Israeli air pilots made it vulnerable to Syrian air defense fire. As a result, the Ilyushin-20, its reflective surface being far greater than that of the F-16, was downed by a missile launched with the S-200 system,“ Konashenkov told reporters.

19.09.2018 - 07:27 [ ]

Syrien-Krieg: Maas bezeichnet Syrien-Einigung als „gutes Signal“

Die Türkei und Russland wollen im syrischen Idlib eine entmilitarisierte Zone errichten.
Bundesaußenminister Maas begrüßt den Plan, auf den sich Russlands Präsident Putin und sein türkischer Amtskollege Erdoğan geeinigt haben.

11.08.2018 - 08:55 [ ]

Syria’s Kurds cautiously progress in talks with Damascus

(6.8.2018) The Kurdish delegation, however, did not offer much information, simply saying that committees will be set up to prepare for a transition to the phase of negotiations.

This Kurdish-regime dialogue, which was held July 26-27, offered optimism that war may not be the only option, yet there are many obstacles left to overcome. For one thing, the 50,000-strong SDF and the proposed model of democratic autonomy, with its abundant local institutions, are not easy for a centralized system like Damascus to accept.

11.08.2018 - 08:53 [ ]

Syrian Kurds say they will ‚chart roadmap to decentralized Syria‘ with Damascus

(28.7.2018) A Syrian Kurdish group said on Saturday it had decided with the government to “chart a roadmap to a democratic and decentralized Syria”, but there was no immediate confirmation from Damascus.

04.08.2018 - 16:53 [ Leith Aboufadel ‏/ Twitter ]

It looks like Russia and Turkey will work together in Idlib. A source says that rebels loyal to Turkey will fight HTS and any other jihadist faction in Idlib, per the recent Sochi talks. The Syrian Army will not move any further than Jisr Al-Shughour in Idlib.


25.07.2018 - 06:15 [ Radio Utopie ]

Analyse: Putin organisiert den Israel-Syrien-Krieg und gefährdet den Iran

(10.5.2018) Putin, Trump, Netanyahu und offensichtlich auch Bashir Assad spielen alle auf derselben Seite. Irans Präsident Hassan Rohani sollte mit dem Abzug seiner Truppen aus Syrien drohen und endgültig mit Russland brechen.

11.07.2018 - 17:14 [ Al-Masdar News ]

Assad vows to retake all of Syria, no matter who controls the area

“The president emphasized the need for “dialogue between Syrians at all levels,” which he emphasized should lead to a “pact of national accord.” Assad accused the Western powers and the US specifically of “obstructing the activation of the political process” in the war-torn country.

The seven year war in Syria has had a severe impact on the country’s economy. In May, Assad estimated that the country may need up to $400 billion and over a decade to rebuild.

11.05.2018 - 09:04 [ Radio Utopie ]

Syrische Armee gibt zu: Wir, nicht der Iran, beschossen den Golan

Die syrische Armee hat am gestrigen Donnerstag gegen 16 Uhr deutscher Zeit zugegeben, den zuvor in der Nacht erfolgten Raketenangriff auf israelische Stellungen im besetzten Golan durchgeführt zu haben. Bezeichnenderweise erfolgte dieses Eingeständnis auf Facebook.

10.05.2018 - 09:04 [ Radio Utopie ]

Analyse: Putin organisiert den Israel-Syrien-Krieg und gefährdet den Iran

In der Nacht nach dem Besuch von Israels Premierminister Benjamin Netanjahu in Moskau bei Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin, dem gemeinsamen Abnehmen einer Parade auf dem roten Platz und unmittelbar nach Netanyahus Rückkehr nach Tel Aviv, beschießen syrische Militäreinheiten die Golan-Höhen, also seit 1967 israelisch besetztes Territorium. Netanyahu nimmt die Einladung dankend an. Israels Militär beschießt nun Syrien und verkündet selbst, es habe sich vorher mit den russischen Stellen abgesprochen.

Zur Zeit herrscht informelles Chaos, von allen Seiten strömt Propaganda.

Es ist offensichtlich und unleugbar, dass sowohl das Handeln der syrischen, wie israelischen Stellen in Absprache mit Russlands Militär und dessem Oberkommandierenden Putin über die Bühne geht.

07.05.2018 - 20:59 [ ]

Steinitz: ‚If Assad continues allowing Iran to operate out of Syria, it will be his end‘

Asked if that meant Israel might assassinate Assad, Steinitz said, „He will have his blood on his head,“ referencing a biblical verse saying someone was responsible for their own calamity.

He also appeared to suggest that his remarks did not reflect Israeli government policy, saying, „I’m not talking about any concrete proposal.“

29.04.2018 - 17:24 [ Sputnik ]

Syrian Parl’t Denies Reports About Assad Introducing Property Confiscation Bill

On Thursday, Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported, citing the country’s Foreign Ministry, that Assad had signed a decree under which Syrians could lose their property if they failed to register their ownership within a period of 30 days. Berlin criticized the measure, calling on Syria’s allies, including Russia, to prevent the decree from being implemented, according to the media outlet.

21.04.2018 - 22:58 [ ]


Butcher of Damascus. Gasser of children. Baby Killer of Syria. Tool of Moscow. Cruel despot. Monster. These are all names the western media and politicians routinely heap on Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad. He has now become the top Mideast villain, the man we love to hate.

15.04.2018 - 04:32 [ Max Blumenthal / Gray Zone / Truthdig ]

How the Syrian American Medical Society Is Selling Regime Change and Driving the U.S. to War

The organization is a USAID-funded lobbying powerhouse that functions with a single-minded determination to stimulate a US-led war of regime change that will place Syrian Islamists in power in Damascus.

SAMS was founded in 1998 by members of the Syrian American exile community, which is concentrated in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Prior to the 2011 armed rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad, the group led several medical delegations to Syria, presumably cooperating with the government to gain access.

12.04.2018 - 16:01 [ Al-Manar TV ]

Assad to Velayati: West Trying to Change Course of Events in Syria

As he received the Iranian Supreme Leader’s Top Adviser for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, President Assad considered the Western threats as attempts to cover up failures of terrorists in Syria.
“Victories in battlefield always coincide with Western attempts to change course of events,” Assad told Velayati.
“Any possible Western military action will do nothing but destabilization of region,” the Syrian leader warned meanwhile.