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09.04.2022 - 18:28 [ ]

General Assembly Adopts Text to Suspend Russian Federation from Human Rights Council, Continuing Emergency Special Session on Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

The Assembly adopted the draft resolution by a recorded vote of 93 in favour to 24 against, with 58 abstentions, signaling the international community’s strong censure of Moscow’s aggressive actions towards a neighbouring State.

09.04.2022 - 18:24 [ Camila / Twitter ]

In terms of population, 73.73% of the world did not vote in favor of suspending Russia 🇷🇺 from the UN Human Rights Council. The figure is even higher when you factor in the 18 countries that didn’t vote.

09.04.2022 - 18:20 [ Washington Post ]

How isolated is Russia, really?

Though the United States, the European Union and other allies have imposed sanctions on Russian oligarchs and armed enemies of the Kremlin, most of the world’s population lives in countries that have not.

Even in the United Nations votes, condemners did not represent a majority of the global population — abstainers and supporters of Russia did.

10.03.2022 - 11:15 [ ]

Ukraine war now ‘apocalyptic’ humanitarians warn, in call for safe access


“This situation is really apocalyptic for people, it is getting worse, they are running out of essential supplies,” said Ewan Watson, spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). “And so, our call today is really for lifesaving aid to reach these people.”

He added: “We’ve depleted our stocks, as I said; it stands to reason that people are coming to the end of whatever supplies they had. So, when you ask if this is a matter of life or death, or if it is lifesaving? Yes. For us, it is essential that humanitarian aid gets into a city like Mariupol, and to other cities that are in the midst of conflict in Ukraine today.”

04.03.2022 - 14:42 [ UN Human Rights Council #HRC49 / Twitter ]

At #HRC49, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet presented her report into accountability for alleged violations of international human rights law committed by relevant actors in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.


04.03.2022 - 14:37 [ UN Human Rights Council #HRC49 / Twitter ]

#HRC49 | The @UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling for the „swift and verifiable“ withdrawal of #Russian troops and Russian-backed armed groups from the entire territory of #Ukraine.

Watch the video of the adoption of the VOTE

15.07.2019 - 03:59 [ teleSUR ]

UN Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution Rejecting US Sanctions

The draft resolution was approved with 28 votes in favor, 14 against and five abstentions, and was presented by Venezuela and Palestine on behalf of the Movement of Non-aligned Countries (NAM), except Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, and Peru, during the OHCHR’s 41st session.

10.07.2019 - 11:19 [ ]

Iran deal was ‘the worst diplomatic debacle in American history’ — John Bolton to CUFI

„Last June, we announced our withdrawal from the hypocritical Human Rights Council, which shielded the world’s worst human rights violators while devoting most of its time to condemning Israel; a thriving democracy. (Applause) We are also reevaluating U.N. peace-keeping missions, including those involving Israel to ensure support for effective, accountable, and efficient operations. We will not allow bureaucratic inertia to keep the United States in international organizations or agreements that undermine U.S. interests and values. (Applause)

For these reasons, in September of last year I announced that the United States would not fund, support, or cooperate with the International Criminal Court, or ICC (Applause). The ICC, which asserts near-universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country without their consent. As I said then, the ICC is flawed to its core and we will let it die on its own.“ Applause)

16.06.2019 - 09:24 [ Ryukyu Shimpo ]

Editorial: UN special rapporteur indicates freedom of expression in Japan in danger; infringing on freedom of expression is inexcusable


The report also expresses concern over the pressure the government is applying on the protests against the new base construction in Okinawa, and advised against infringing on the freedom to demonstrate in opposition of public policy, and suggested the government cooperate with the protests and related journalism.

The new report once again criticizes the Japanese government, stating that almost none of the previous report’s recommendations have been implemented.

22.12.2018 - 23:22 [ Heike Hänsel MdB / Twitter ]

Die UN hat nun auch reagiert und ihre Forderung nach Freilassung von Julian #Assange erneuert!#FreeAssange #HandsOffAssange

24.08.2018 - 02:28 [ Press TV ]

Head of UN panel probing Israeli crimes resigns

The UN said in a statement dated Aug. 22 that Crane had informed the council of his decision a day earlier, „due to a personal circumstance that has arisen“ and that the council was „considering next steps“.