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20.02.2019 - 03:43 [ Radio Utopie ]

Was will Bernie Sanders wirklich?

U.S.-Präsidentschaftswahlen in 2020: Bernie Sanders hat heute seine Präsidenschaftskandidatur verkündet. Das war von Vielen erwartet worden. Von mir nicht. Um Missverständnisse zu vermeiden: ein Sieg von Sanders gegen Donald Trump bei den U.S.-Präsidentschaftswahlen in 2020 wäre sehr positiv, für die gesamte Menschheit. Nur bleiben da noch einige gewichtige Fragen offen.

Zunächst zu dem, was jetzt passieren wird.

27.01.2019 - 06:52 [ CBS News ]

Roger Stone says campaign officials listed in indictments „have an ax to grind against me“

A longtime associate of President Trump is maintaining his innocence. Roger Stone insists he is not guilty of charges outlined in a federal indictment and he’s blasting an early-morning FBI raid on his Florida home. Stone spoke to CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues.

26.01.2019 - 15:52 [ The Young Turks / Youtube ]

Trump LOSES Shutdown War And Roger Stone Is Raided And Arrested

The government shutdown has ended… for now. Trump advisor Roger Stone’s home was raided and he was promptly arrested by furloughed FBI agents.

25.01.2019 - 16:56 [ Wikileaks / Twitter ]

FULL DOC: Roger J. Stone indictment (pdf). The document reflects existing reporting on Stone, Corsi & Credico’s attempts at braggadocio in response to WikiLeaks‘ announcements. New evidence of no „back channel“ with WikiLeaks:

25.01.2019 - 16:53 [ CNN ]

Mueller indicts Roger Stone, says he was coordinating with Trump officials about WikiLeaks‘ stolen emails

Prosecutors cite text messages and emails he exchanged with the people about what Assange had, and one sent a photo of himself standing outside the Ecaudorian embassy in London, where Assange has stayed for years.
The men passed on much of the information after WikiLeaks began speaking publicly about stolen documents it had but before all had been released.
According to previous reporting, those people included radio host Randy Credico and Jerome Corsi. They are unnamed in the indictment and have not been charged with crimes.

04.01.2019 - 22:16 [ Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams / ]

Ron Paul says: Giuliani Is Right! Free Assange!

President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, stunned Washington over the weekend by stating the obvious: Julian Assange and Wikileaks are simply publishers, like the Washington Post and New York Times. If Assange is prosecuted by the US for publishing information, what’s to stop prosecution of the rest of the US media? We agree with Giuliani for a change! Let’s hope Trump agrees as well! Join us for the first Ron Paul Liberty Report of the New Year:

04.01.2019 - 19:48 [ Consortium News ]

Watch the 11th Online Vigil for Julian Assange Live on Friday Night

Guests on past vigils have included Dan Ellsberg, John Pilger, former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel, John Kiriakou, Suzie Dawson, Cathy Vogan, Margaret Kimberely, Ann Garrison, Scott Horton, George Smazuely, Ray McGovern and many more. The broadcast will be hosted by CN Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria.

03.01.2019 - 14:16 [ Wikileaks / Twitter ]

Ecuador has initiated a formal „Special Examination“ of Julian Assange’s asylum and nationality (nationals cannot be extradited) as it seeks a $10billion+ IMF bailout for which the US government demanded handing over Assange and dropping environmental claims against Chevron.

01.01.2019 - 20:01 [ Joe Lauria / ]

Giuliani sagt, dass Assange nicht verfolgt werden sollte

Rudy Giuliani, ein Anwalt Präsident Donald Trumps, sagte am Montag, dass der Herausgeber von WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, „nichts Falsches“ getan habe und nicht wegen der Verbreitung gestohlener Informationen ins Gefängnis gehen dürfe, was ja auch bei den großen Medien der Fall sei.

22.12.2018 - 23:13 [ WSWS ]

Demands surge for Britain to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Yesterday, legal experts who comprise the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) made a scathing condemnation of the British government. Its press release, issued by the UN Human Rights Commissioner, noted that the UN Working Group had ruled three years ago that Assange was being “arbitrarily deprived of his freedom and demanded that he be released.”

05.12.2018 - 11:23 [ ]

Help WikiLeaks Sue Guardian Over Fabricated Story

The Embassy’s visitor logs – maintained by Ecuador – show no such visits, since they did not occur.

This is not the first time that the Guardian, and in particular its writer Luke Harding, have fabricated a story about Assange.

WikiLeaks is suing The Guardian for libel over this serious fabrication.

Bringing legal action in UK courts is extremely expensive. WikiLeaks is entirely funded by the public and urgently needs your support.

05.12.2018 - 11:13 [ ]

Misreporting Manafort: A Case Study in Journalistic Malpractice

(3.12.2018) Firstly, the entire story was based upon anonymous intelligence sources, sources that could not tell the newspaper exactly when the meetings took place.

Furthermore, the Ecuadorian embassy is one of the most surveilled buildings in the most surveilled city in the world, and was under 24-hour police guard and monitoring, costing the UK government over £11 million between 2012 and 2015. The embassy also had very tight internal security, with all visitors thoroughly vetted, required to sign in and leave all their electronic devices with security. Is it really possible any figure, let alone Donald Trump’s campaign manager, could walk in for a series of secret meetings without leaving record with Ecuador, or being seen by the media or police?

05.12.2018 - 11:07 [ Mark Curtis ‏/ Twitter ]

„The Guardian hit piece was so spectacularly desperate in its over-reaching to advance a narrative which has been used to manufacture support for longtime CIA/MI6 agendas … that it completely exposed itself as the establishment psyop firm that it is“.


05.12.2018 - 10:34 [ The Jimmy Dore Show / Youtube ]

Politico Caught Running CIA Propaganda About Assange

(4.12.2018) Just when we thought the bogus Assange smear couldn’t get worse, Politico asks the world to hold their beer.

01.12.2018 - 19:17 [ Glenn Greenwald ‏/ Twitter ]

8/ Even 2 hours after I read it, I still can’t believe that Politico actually published an article by an ex-CIA agent under a fake name saying that if the Guardian’s blockbuster Assange/Manafort story is false, it’s Russia’s fault. Parodying the US media at this point is futile.


01.12.2018 - 14:59 [ Caitlin Johnstone ]

Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks

For the first few hours after any new “bombshell” Russiagate story comes out, my social media notifications always light up with poorly written posts by liberal establishment loyalists saying things like “HAHAHA @caitoz this proves you wrong now will you FINALLY stop denying Russian collusion???” Then, when people start actually analyzing that story and noting that it comes nowhere remotely close to proving that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election, those same people always forget to come back afterward and admit to me that they were wrong again.

28.11.2018 - 03:38 [ Gareth Porter / Truthdig ]

U.K. and Ecuador Conspire to Deliver Julian Assange to U.S. Authorities

Behind the revelation of those secret charges for supposedly threatening U.S. national security is a murky story of a political ploy by the Ecuadorian and British governments to create a phony rationale for ousting Assange from the embassy. The two regimes agreed to base their plan on the claim that Assange was conspiring to flee to Russia.

28.11.2018 - 03:25 [ the Canary ]

Growing calls for Guardian editor-in-chief to resign after the paper publishes massive ‘fake news’ story

There are growing calls for the Guardian‘s editor-in-chief to resign as the paper faces accusations of publishing a major “fake news” story about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on 27 November. Citing anonymous sources, the Guardian article accused Assange of holding “secret talks” with Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. The allegation could strengthen efforts to extradite Assange to the US, where he may face the death penalty.

28.11.2018 - 03:09 [ Craig Murray ]

Assange Never Met Manafort. Luke Harding and the Guardian Publish Still More Blatant MI6 Lies

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. But to see the partisans of the defeated candidate (and a particularly obnoxious defeated candidate) manipulate the security services and the media to create an entirely false public perception, in order to attempt to overturn the result of the US Presidential election, is the most astonishing thing I have witnessed in my lifetime.

23.11.2018 - 22:13 [ Philip M. Giraldi / ]

Assanges Verfolgung zeigt die Gefahren für die Pressefreiheit und die freien Medien

Wenn das Scheunentor mit einer Verurteilung geöffnet wird, wird dies zweifellos zu einem großen Schaden für die Meinungsfreiheit und freie Medien führen. Man kann heute die New York Times oder die Washington Post öffnen und eine Reihe von Geschichten lesen, die nicht identifizierten oder vertraulichen Quellen in der Regierung zugeschrieben werden. Wenn Assange verurteilt wird, wäre die Regierung in der Lage, den Präzedenzfall auszunutzen, um im Geheimen auf allen Ebenen zu operieren, während Reporter und die Medien, die sie vertreten, um Geschichten von öffentlichem Interesse zu suchen, Gegenstand rechtlicher Schritte durch das Justizministerium wären. Wenn das geschieht, würde eine freie Presse, so begrenzt sie auch sein mag, wie es derzeit im Mainstream der Fall ist, nicht mehr als eine Erinnerung sein.

23.11.2018 - 22:09 [ Philip M. Giraldi / Strategic Culture Foundation ]

Assange’s Persecution Highlights Dangers to the Freedom of Speech and Free Media

If the barn door is opened with a conviction, major damage to freedom of speech and a free media will undoubtedly ensue. One can open The New York Times or Washington Post today and read a number of stories that are attributed to unidentified or confidential sources in the government. If Assange is convicted, the government would be able to exploit the precedent to operate in secret at all levels while reporters and the papers they represent seeking public interest stories would be subject to legal action by the Justice Department. If that happens a free press, even as limited as it currently is in the mainstream, would become nothing more than a memory.

16.11.2018 - 20:58 [ ]

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange charged in secret, US court document suggests

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been named by mistake in a US court document, leading to suggestions he may have been charged in secret.

The Australian’s name appeared twice in a court filing from a prosecutor in Virginia in a case involving a man accused of coercing a minor for sex.

20.10.2018 - 10:21 [ WikiLeaks / TwitLonger ]

Statement: Julian Assange launches case over his continued gagging, threat

Julian Assange today launched a case accusing the government of Ecuador of violating his fundamental rights and freedoms. WikiLeaks general counsel Baltasar Garzon arrived in Ecuador yesterday to launch the case against the government. The move comes almost seven months after Ecuador threatened to remove his protection and summarily cut off his access to the outside world, including by refusing to allow journalists and human rights organisations to see him, and installing three signal jammers in the embassy to prevent his phone calls and internet access.

23.08.2018 - 09:29 [ Washington Times ]

Wasserman Schultz immediately joins Clinton campaign after resignation

(24.7.2016) She may be done with the Democratic National Committee, but former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was quickly picked up by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

23.08.2018 - 09:16 [ ]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resigns From DNC In Wake Of WikiLeaks Email Dump

(24.7.2016) The DNC’s vice chair, longtime party official Donna Brazile, would serve as interim chair, the DNC said. CNN’s Jeff Zelany said that it took a call from President Obama for Wasserman Schultz to agree to resign. Obama’s statement, released after Wasserman Schultz’, was supportive of her work for the party.

23.08.2018 - 09:05 [ New York Times ]

Released Emails Suggest the D.N.C. Derided the Sanders Campaign

(22.7.2016) WikiLeaks posted almost 20,000 emails sent or received by a handful of top committee officials and provided an online tool to search through them. While WikiLeaks did not reveal the source of the leak, the committee said last month that Russian hackers had penetrated its computer system.

Among the emails released on Friday were several embarrassing messages that suggest the committee’s chairwoman, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, and other officials favored Hillary Clinton over Mr. Sanders — a claim the senator made repeatedly during the primaries.

01.08.2018 - 19:43 [ ]

Senator Black: Warum die Zensoren Assange hassen

Eine Regierung „des Volkes“ kann nicht unter einem erstickenden Mantel der Geheimhaltung gedeihen. Und Geheimhaltung zielt oft darauf ab, uns nicht vor Feinden im Ausland zu schützen, sondern uns über die dunklen Machenschaften unserer eigenen Regierung zu täuschen. Die folgenreichsten Geheimnisse sind die, die benutzt werden, um Schritte zu verbergen, die unternommen werden, um Prädikate für zukünftige Kriege festzulegen – ungerechtfertigte Konflikte, die von einem endlosen Fließband zu rollen scheinen. Flugverbotszonen, Bombenanschläge, Sanktionen, falsche Flaggen, Blockaden, Söldner, blutrünstige Terroristen sind zum Handelsbestand geworden. Sanktionen destabilisieren unsere Ziele durch Hunger und Leid. Wir terrorisieren und blasen Körperteile wie Visitenkarten auf die Straße. Regimewechsel ist das Endspiel, Putsche und Attentate sind nur ein faires Spiel.

01.08.2018 - 19:28 [ Richard H. Black / ]

Sen. Richard Black: Why the Censors Hate Assange

Government “of the People” cannot flourish beneath a suffocating cloak of secrecy. And secrecy is often aimed, not at protecting us from enemies abroad, but at deceiving us about the dark machinations of our own government. The most consequential secrets are those used to conceal steps taken to establish predicates for future wars – unwarranted conflicts that seem to roll off an endless assembly line. No-fly zones, bombings, sanctions, false flags, blockades, mercenaries, bloodthirsty terrorists have all become stock in trade. Sanctions destabilize our targets through hunger and suffering. We terrorize and blow body parts into the streets like calling cards. Regime change is the end game; coups and assassinations are fair play.

24.06.2018 - 09:15 [ Paul Craig Roberts / Information Clearing House ]

The Persecution of Julian Assange Proves That Western Values No Longer Exist

Wikileaks is a news organization and has not done anything that a free press has not always done. Julian Assange is a citizen of Australia and Ecuador. He is not an American and thus cannot be guilty of treason. Yet Washington is believed to have used a grand jury to concoct such a case against him.

19.06.2018 - 19:24 [ Youtube ]

John Pilger speaks out for Julian Assange

Legendary Australian writer and film-maker, John Pilger, has returned to Australia to seek urgent help, both government and public, for the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Pilger’s public speech at Sydney Town Hall yesterday was informative and painfully moving. Assange, he says, has not only been a victim of persecution from the US and other states, from which he was granted political asylum – or, a place to remain arbitrarily ‚holed-up‘ for 6 years, according to two UN rulings… What troubles Pilger more is the „Vichy journalism“, of which he gives numerous examples, that has served to aggregate lies and smear that would demolish public support for Wikileaks, and deflect us from reading the content of their publications. If we would only read them now, we might be skeptical about journalists describing a war hawk as „the icon of our generation“…

19.06.2018 - 19:12 [ WSWS ]

Die Kundgebung in Sydney zur Verteidigung von Julian Assange: Ein wichtiger Schritt nach vorn

Die Rede von John Pilger stellte all jene Politiker, Zeitungsredakteure, Journalisten, Ex-Liberalen und „Ex-Linken“ bloß, die Julian Assange den Wölfen zum Fraß vorgeworfen haben. Sie war eine starke Verteidigung demokratischer Rechte.

„Ich kenne Julian Assange gut“, begann er. „Ich betrachte ihn als einen engen Freund, eine Person von außerordentlicher Belastbarkeit und Mut. Ich habe einen Tsunami von Lügen und Schmutz über ihn hinwegfegen sehen; endlos, rachsüchtig, heimtückisch; und ich weiß, warum sie ihn mit Dreck bewerfen.“

„Im Jahr 2008 wurde in einem streng geheimen Dokument vom 8. März 2008 ein Plan zur Zerstörung von WikiLeaks und Assange aufgestellt. Die Autoren saßen in der Cyber Counter-intelligence Assessments Branch des US-Verteidigungsministeriums. Sie beschrieben detailliert, wie wichtig es sei, das ‚Gefühl des Vertrauens‘, das den Kernpunkt von WikiLeaks ausmacht, zu zerstören.“

„Dies würde erreicht werden, schrieben sie, mit der Androhung von ‚Entblößung‘, ‚Strafverfolgung‘, und einen unerbittlichen Angriff auf den guten Ruf. Ziel war es, WikiLeaks und seinen Herausgeber zum Schweigen zu bringen und zu kriminalisieren. Es war, als ob sie einen Krieg gegen einen einzigen Menschen und das Prinzip der Redefreiheit planten.“

02.06.2018 - 10:34 [ ]

Verteidigt Julian Assange!

Demonstrationen, Proteste, Reden und andere öffentliche Veranstaltungen müssen weltweit organisiert werden, um Julian Assange zu verteidigen.

Das IKVI und die WSWS unterstützen die Mahnwache, die von WikiLeaks-Anhängern vor der ecuadorianischen Botschaft in London am 19. Juni anlässlich des sechsten Jahrestages des Betretens des Gebäudes vorbereitet wird. Auch in anderen Städten werden Mahnwachen organisiert.

Die ecuadorianische Regierung muss Assanges Recht auf Kommunikation und den Empfang von Besuchern wiederherstellen. Nachdem sie ihm politisches Asyl gewährt hat, hat sie nicht das Recht, ihn seinen Verfolgern zu übergeben.

02.06.2018 - 10:31 [ Caitlin Johnstone ]

Moreno: Assange Can Remain At Embassy, So Long As He Doesn’t Practice Journalism

In an interview with German publication Deutsche Welle, Ecuador’s president confirmed reports that revoking Assange’s political asylum is being actively considered and remains an option on the table, saying that his administration will “take a decision” if the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief refuses to comply with instructions to cease voicing his political opinions online. Saying that Assange’s public geopolitical analysis has “surpassed the limits of freedom of expression,” Moreno’s conditions on Assange’s continued asylum amount to a demand that Assange cease to practice the journalism he was granted political asylum for in the first place.

16.05.2018 - 19:25 [ Telegraph ]

Former CIA engineer Joshua Schulte suspected of leaking thousands of ‘Vault 7’ files

Last week, prosecutors said in court they planned to file a new indictment in the next 45 days, while his lawyer asked the judge to impose a deadline on any CIA leak related charges.
Both the CIA and the US justice department have not yet commented.

12.05.2018 - 14:57 [ ]

Beenden Sie die Isolation von Julian Assange

Mit großer Sorge haben wir gehört, dass Julian Assange den Zugang zum Internet und das Recht, Besucher*innen in der ecuadorianischen Botschaft in London zu empfangen, verloren hat. Nur außerordentlicher Druck der US-amerikanischen und spanischen Regierungen kann erklären, warum die Behörden Ecuadors solch entsetzliche Schritte zur Isolierung von Julian unternommen haben sollten.

Wir fordern, dass Julian Assanges Isolation JETZT endet!

12.05.2018 - 14:54 [ Wikileaks / Twitter ]

June 19: WikiLeaks publisher @JulianAssange marks 6 years in Ecuador’s Embassy in London—detained in the UK without charge, denied healthcare & sunlight, and now gagged & isolated, for documenting the world. Join the solidarity vigil 11am-8pm, speeches from 6pm.

24.04.2018 - 13:54 [ Glenn Greenwald / ]

The DNC’S Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Poses a Serious Threat to Press Freedom

The Democratic National Committee filed a lawsuit this afternoon in a Manhattan federal court against the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and various individuals it alleges participated in the plot to hack its email servers and disseminate the contents as part of the 2016 election. The DNC also sued WikiLeaks for its role in publishing the hacked materials, though it does not allege that WikiLeaks participated in the hacking or even knew in advance about it; its sole role, according to the DNC’s lawsuit, was publishing the hacked emails.

24.04.2018 - 13:48 [ ]

The CIA Democrats vs. Julian Assange

The lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), naming WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange as co-conspirators with Russia and the Trump campaign in a criminal effort to steal the 2016 US presidential election, is a frontal assault on democratic rights. It tramples on the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which establishes freedom of the press and freedom of speech as fundamental rights.

Neither the Democratic Party lawsuit nor the media commentaries on it acknowledge that WikiLeaks is engaged in journalism, not espionage; that its work consists of publishing material supplied to it by whistleblowers seeking to expose the crimes of governments, giant corporations and other powerful organizations; and that this courageous campaign of exposure has made both the website and its founder and publisher the targets of state repression all over the world.

20.04.2018 - 22:28 [ Washington Post ]

Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 campaign

The complaint, filed in federal district court in Manhattan, alleges that top Trump campaign officials conspired with the Russian government and its military spy agency to hurt Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and help Trump by hacking the computer networks of the Democratic Party and disseminating stolen material found there.