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11.10.2019 - 14:40 [ ]

Iran says Chinese state oil firm withdraws from $5B deal


Officials in Beijing didn’t immediately acknowledge their decision. Phone calls to the CNPC rang unanswered on Sunday and its website bore no mention of the withdrawal.

However, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif separately complained Sunday about the U.S. campaign against Tehran and its impact on foreign investments.

11.10.2019 - 14:18 [ ]

Russia offers to establish international organization for security in Persian Gulf


Russia offers to establish an organization with the participation of Russia, the US, EU states and other countries in order to resolve the issues in the Persian Gulf, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed on Thursday during the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

01.09.2019 - 10:32 [ ]

Iran to speed up legal process for seized British oil tanker Stena Impero – Zarif


His comments come one week after meeting with Erik Hanell, the chief of Swedish shipping firm Stena Bulk, which owns the seized vessel. Hanell asked Tehran to release the ship and its crew of 23.

31.08.2019 - 12:40 [ Axios ]

Scoop: Netanyahu tried to reach Trump to block Zarif meeting


Netanyahu frantically tried to get President Trump on the phone — who was in back-to-back meetings and couldn’t take the call — while his office contacted multiple senior Trump administration officials, trying to connect the two leaders.

26.08.2019 - 16:20 [ ABC News ]

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif in Beijing for talks

Zarif made a five-hour visit Sunday to the seaside resort of Biarritz, where he met with French President Emmanuel Macron and French, German and British diplomats.

He said he planned to brief Wang on „the latest developments as well as my tour of Europe and my discussions in Biarritz with our French colleagues“ in the nuclear agreement.

26.08.2019 - 05:46 [ CNN ]

Macron sparks confusion after inviting Iran’s foreign minister to G7 summit

When Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, landed in Biarritz Sunday afternoon it appeared France’s Emmanuel Macron, this year’s G7 host, had pulled off an end run around his most powerful guest, US President Donald Trump.

25.08.2019 - 17:05 [ USA Today ]

Iranian official Javad Zarif arrives unexpectedly at G7 amid tensions. Trump’s response? ‚No comment‘

Iran’s move comes as the other countries that signed on to a nuclear agreement with Iran, including France, are seeking to keep that deal in place after Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Obama-era agreement.

13.08.2019 - 17:21 [ CBS News ]

Iran warns that small but growing U.S. naval coalition in Strait of Hormuz raises the „risk of combustion“

After intense negotiations with Iranian authorities, CBS News was given rare access to Iranian-controlled waters in the Strait — one of the most volatile transit routes for the world’s oil supply.

About 14 tankers carry crude through the Strait every single day; a combined cargo value of $1.3 billion. It’s a lot of money, and there’s a lot of vested interest in ensuring the flow of tankers continues unimpeded.

20.07.2019 - 18:38 [ ]

Zarif: Iran tells EU oil sales to Russia, China not enough


Zarif told Russia’s TASS: „We expect them to implement their obligations to normalize economic relations between Iran and other countries.“ He added: „The Europeans – both E3 and the entire EU – are part of it [the deal] and they have to implement their commitments.“

15.07.2019 - 11:40 [ ]

Zarif arrives in New York to attend UN meeting

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif landed in the American city of New York hours ago.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif left Tehran for New York on Saturday afternoon in order to attend the annual meeting of the high-ranking officials of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

12.07.2019 - 10:58 [ ]

Iran fordert von Großbritannien Freigabe von Tanker

Die USA verzichteten Insidern zufolge indes vorerst auf Sanktionen gegen den iranischen Außenminister Mohammed Dschawad Sarif. Was genau die US-Regierung zu dem Schritt bewogen hat, sagten die beiden mit dem Vorgang vertrauten Personen nicht.

25.06.2019 - 18:57 [ ]

Iran says it will never build a nuclear weapon

Iran will never pursue a nuclear weapon, its foreign minister has claimed, saying Islam prevented the country from doing so.

Iran has previously said it is ideologically opposed to acquiring nuclear weapons and seeks nuclear power only for civilian purposes. But in the current unpredictable climate it is possible Donald Trump could pick up Javad Zarif’s remarks as a signal to talk.

21.06.2019 - 16:45 [ Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran ‏/ Twitter ]

At 00:14 US drone took off from UAE in stealth mode & violated Iranian airspace. It was targeted at 04:05 at the coordinates (25°59’43″N 57°02’25″E) near Kouh-e Mobarak. We’ve retrieved sections of the US military drone in OUR territorial waters where it was shot down

11.06.2019 - 05:55 [ ]

Maas im Iran: Annäherung Fehlanzeige

Gebetsmühlenartig wiederholt Maas, dass es ja INSTEX gibt, eine Art Tauschbörse, die Franzosen, Briten und Deutsche eingerichtet haben. Das System läuft noch nicht, …

10.06.2019 - 17:59 [ Radio Utopie ]

Maas und Zarif: Um die Wette heucheln in Teheran

Anstatt die Sanktionen der U.S.-Regierung nach deren einseitiger Aufkündigung des internationalen Atomabkommens (JCPOA) endlich effektiv zu umgehen, haben die Regierungen im Iran und in Deutschland die dafür notwendigen Finanzgesellschaften immer noch nicht umgesetzt.

17.05.2019 - 16:26 [ Reuters ]

PM Abe says Japan wants to develop ties with Iran

Japan would like to maintain, and develop, its traditionally friendly ties with Iran, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday. At the start of a meeting in the Japanese capital, Abe also told Zarif that he was concerned about growing tension in the Middle East.

03.11.2018 - 17:33 [ ]

Iranian Foreign Minister Discusses New US Sanctions With EU Officials – Tehran

„During his Friday night conversations with Mogherini as well as Heiko Maas of Germany, Margot Wallstrom of Sweden, and Denmark’s Anders Samuelsen, the top Iranian diplomat discussed with them Washington’s re-imposition of sanctions against Iran and Europe’s efforts to counter such US moves,“ the statement read.

31.08.2018 - 20:59 [ Dawn ]

‚Pakistan stands with Iran in this hour of need‘: Qureshi on US withdrawal from nuclear accord

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who arrived in Islamabad on Thursday for a two-day visit, held detailed talks with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday, with both sides underlining the need to promote bilateral relations in all areas of cooperation.

04.08.2018 - 16:32 [ Radio China ]

China will Atomabkommen mit Iran wahren

Dieses Abkommen sei ein durch den Weltsicherheitsrat überprüftes und anerkanntes multilaterales Abkommen und entspreche den gemeinsamen Interessen der betroffenen Parteien und der internationalen Gemeinschaft, deshalb solle es respektiert und gewahrt werden.

04.08.2018 - 08:27 [ Mehr News Agency ]

Zarif meets with ASEAN sec. gen., EU chief

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held separate meetings with Secretary General of ASEAN Lim Jock Hoi and European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, discussing regional and international issues.

03.08.2018 - 17:19 [ Javad Zarif, Außenminister der Islamischen Republik Iran / Twitter ]

Met with President & FM of Singapore & FMs of China, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. Clear global consensus on need to take concerted action to preserve JCPOA. Also detailed review with HR Mogherini of actions by EU and beyond to ensure economic benefits to Iranian people.

16.05.2018 - 08:31 [ Mehr News ]

EU, Iran regret US withdrawal, recall commitment to continued implementation of JCPOA

According to the official website of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, following the US announcement of its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear deal, EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini held talks with the Foreign Ministers of France (Jean-Yves Le Drian), Germany (Heiko Maas), the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) and of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Mohammad Javad Zarif) on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

According to the press release, the top diplomats attending the meeting:

16.05.2018 - 08:27 [ Washington Post ]

Europe adopts defiant stance in attempt to save Iran nuclear deal

“We are operating in a very difficult context,” Mogherini said after an intense day of diplomacy that included meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany. All of those countries were signatories of the deal that aimed to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon in exchange for economic incentives. She said European leaders hoped to have a firm plan within a few weeks.

15.05.2018 - 22:56 [ ]

EU and Iran ‚make good start‘ on salvaging nuclear deal

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, met with his EU, British, French and German counterparts in Brussels today. „We are on the right track … a lot will depend on what we can do in next few weeks,“ Zarif said after a 90-minute meeting in Brussels. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini insisted European powers were serious about salvaging the deal.

15.05.2018 - 16:30 [ European External Action Service - EEAS / Twitter ]

„The EU is determined to preserve this deal“ @FedericaMog on the #IranDeal and on today’s meetings with @JZarif and E3 foreign ministers (France, Germany, UK)

15.05.2018 - 16:26 [ Holger Möhle, Berliner Korrespondent des Bonner General-Anzeigers / Twitter ]

Gleich geht es los. Mission impossible? Mit BM Heiko #Maas zur Rettung des Atomabkommens mit #Iran nach Brüssel. Dort Treffen mit den Außenministern Frankreichs und Großbritanniens sowie EU-Chefdiplomatin #Mogherini. Dann Verhandlungen mit Irans AM #Sarif.

15.05.2018 - 10:18 [ ]

Treffen der Hilflosen?: Atomabkommen mit dem Iran: Krisengespräche in Brüssel

Ob es nach den für den Abend geplanten Gesprächen eine gemeinsame Pressekonferenz geben wird, ließen die Organisatoren bis zuletzt offen. Zu ungewiss ist, ob es überhaupt etwas zu verkünden gibt.

15.05.2018 - 00:05 [ Xinhuanet ]

Tehran, Moscow set to save Iran nuclear deal

There was no press conference following the Lavrov-Zarif talks in Moscow, and the Russian Foreign Ministry only said in a brief statement that the main focus of the conversation was the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal; both ministers agreed to maintain close contact on this issue.

12.05.2018 - 12:04 [ ]

Iran wirft Israel falsche Vorwände für Luftangriffe in Syrien vor

Teheran – Der Iran hat Israel vorgeworfen, unter fadenscheinigen Vorwänden in Syrien militärisch zu agieren. Die Begründung für die israelischen Luftangriffe sei „erfunden“, erklärte das Außenministerium in Teheran am Freitag. Außenminister Mohammad Javad Zarif werde am Samstag zu einer Reise nach Peking, Moskau und Brüssel aufbrechen.

12.05.2018 - 11:52 [ ]

Weltweites Ringen um Rettung des Iran-Atomabkommens

Kommenden Dienstag wollen sich die Außenminister Deutschlands, Frankreichs, Großbritanniens sowie die EU-Außenbeauftragte Federica Mogherini mit dem iranischen Außenminister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Brüssel treffen. Am Montag wird Zarif auch in Moskau erwartet.

11.05.2018 - 17:00 [ ]

Nach US-Ausstieg aus Deal: Aussenministertreffen zum Iran-Atomabkommen am Dienstag in Brüssel

Nach dem US-Ausstieg aus dem Atomabkommen mit dem Iran treffen sich am Dienstag die Aussenminister der europäischen Unterzeichnerstaaten mit ihrem iranischen Kollegen in Brüssel. Im Vorfeld sprach Bundeskanzlerin Merkel von einer unsicheren Zukunft für das Abkommen.