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16.03.2023 - 17:15 [ Haaretz ]

U.S. Embassy Protesters Demand Biden Pressure Israeli Government to Halt Judicial Overhaul

Protesters outside the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv are asking the U.S. government to pressure Israel’s coalition into halting a judicial overhaul, with some suggesting concrete penalties such as withholding economic and military support if the legislation passes

16.03.2023 - 17:00 [ Israelis for democracy / Nitter ]


16.03.2023 - 16:28 [ Israelis for democracy / Nitter ]

Reserve duty soldiers and free sky diving instructors Major Itay Bradshesky and Master Sergeant Gilad Yitzhak; parachute carrying the Israeli Declaration of Independence. “We need to open our parachutes before we crash – democracy has no spare chute”, they said.

16.03.2023 - 16:10 [ Israelis for democracy / Nitter ]


16.03.2023 - 16:06 [ Israelis for democracy / Nitter ]

In front of the American embassy, calling for our friends to help us #SaveIsraeliDemocracy

16.03.2023 - 14:41 [ Haaretz ]

For Israel’s Leaders, Democracy Is a Foolish Invention of Gentiles

The members of Likud who could stop the carnage but continue to participate in this government will go down in history as far worse than collaborators. Petain, the ruler of Vichy France, at least believed he was saving France. I cannot believe that Nir Barkat, Avi Dichter, Gila Gamliel, Yoav Gallant, Yuli Edelsein think they are saving Israel. They know in their heart of hearts that without legitimacy, they are gambling with the entire future of the country. To you distinguished ministers and members of Knesset, I ask: Will you willingly sacrifice the country you served for the sake of a cabinet position or Knesset seat? Will you silence your conscience for that?

16.03.2023 - 14:28 [ Noga Tarnopolsky נגה טרנופולסקי نوغا ترنوبولسكي / Nitter ]

Students in Jerusalem. What you hear is DE MOH KRAT YA.

16.03.2023 - 14:22 [ Elizabeth Tsurkov / Nitter ]

Feminist activists wearing gowns & headdresses from Handmaid’s Tale are blocking Kaplan Street in central Tel Aviv to protest against Netanyahu’s efforts to subjugate Israel’s judiciary

16.03.2023 - 14:15 [ Noga Tarnopolsky נגה טרנופולסקי نوغا ترنوبولسكي / Nitter ]

This is not a warning: IDF Special Forces reserve units & Cyber Intel reservists announce they will not show up for duty SUNDAY to protest Netanyahu’s attempted régime change.

16.03.2023 - 14:02 [ Times of Israel ]

A last, desperate, long-shot plea: Prime Minister Netanyahu, stop this madness

Some say you’ve unleashed this revolution to evade your trial. That makes no sense. You could drag it on for years or subvert it with less drastic legislative initiatives.

Others posit that you are intimidated by the extremists — those you have empowered politically, and the toxic commentators on TV, radio and social media, including some very close to home.

I hear that some people who know you well think you have convinced yourself that you are truly King Bibi, a great, historic national figure, wiser and more capable than all.

16.03.2023 - 13:55 [ ifpnews.com ]

UAE halts purchase of Israeli defense shields following Iran-Saudi deal

(March 13, 2023)

”Until we make sure that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a government that he controls, we will not be able to do common things, “said UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

16.03.2023 - 13:28 [ Daniel Neun / Radio Utopie ]

Sie wissen von der Bundeswehr-Beteiligung an der Kriegsflotte im Persischen Golf, oder?

(3. August 2021)

24. Juni 2019: Der damalige U.S.-Außenminister Mike Pompeo fordert eine „globale Koalition“ gegen den Iran. passenderweise vorgetragen bei einem Blitzbesuch Pompeos in Saudi-Arabien.

4. August 2019: Ich lege mich fest und prognostiziere, dass „Bundeswehr-Marine .. noch vor Weihnachten unter Oberbefehl einer ausländischen Macht in den Persischen Golf entsandt“ wird.


20. Januar 2020: Monate vor der Ausrufung des bis heute andauernden Ausnahmezustands und bereits im Windschatten von SARS II („Coronavirus“), beschließen die Staatsführungen von Frankreich, Deutschland, Griechenland, Italien, der Niederlande, Belgien, Dänemark und Portugal in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung die „European-led maritime surveillance mission in the Strait of Hormuz“ (E.M.A.S.O.H.), von der Sie und 80 Millionen Andere bis heute nie gehört haben.

16.03.2023 - 13:24 [ Ynetnews.com ]

Netanyahu in 1993: Iran will have bomb by 1999


The prime minister has been warning for over 20 years that Tehran is close to achieving its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

16.03.2023 - 13:17 [ Tovah Lazaroff / Nitter ]

Netanyahu say evil must be halted in its initial stage as he speaks both about the Holocaust and the modern day threat against Iran while standing with German Chancellor Scholz at platform 17 in Berlin

16.03.2023 - 08:54 [ Haaretz ]

Israel Protest | Nationwide Demonstrations Underway Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Overhaul

– Likud lawmaker David Bitan becomes first gov’t MK to call to freeze judicial coup legislation, launch negotiations
– Dozens of protesters block coastal highway in central Israel
– Students erect barbed wire fence at Tel Aviv University: ‚Barrier defending freedom of expression and academic opinion‘
– Hundreds of reservists block an intersection in ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, shouting ‚go to the army‘
– Protesters paint road leading to Supreme Court in Jerusalem, police arrested five suspects
– Israeli navy veterans block transit route to Haifa port with boats
– Protests against judicial overhaul set to begin nationwide

16.03.2023 - 08:46 [ Ynetnews.com ]

No White House visit for Israel’s Netanyahu as U.S. concern rises

Analysis: Washington sends clear message to Israeli leader; ‚If you pursue objectionable policies, there’s no entitlement to the Oval Office sit-down,‘ says expert

16.03.2023 - 08:30 [ Tagesschau.de ]

Netanyahu in Berlin: Besuch im Zeichen der Proteste

Der israelische Premier Netanyahu ist zu Besuch in Berlin. Die innenpolitischen Proteste gegen seine geplante Justizreform werden ihm in die deutsche Hauptstadt folgen. Die Demonstranten fordern von der Bundesregierung eine klare Position.