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02.11.2018 - 05:51 [ ]

Brasilien will Botschaft nach Jerusalem verlegen

Brasiliens künftiger Präsident Jair Bolsonaro will die Botschaft seines Landes in Israel nach Jerusalem verlegen. Wie bereits im Wahlkampf angekündigt, plane er den Umzug der Botschaft von Tel Aviv nach Jerusalem, erklärte der Rechtsaußen-Politiker gestern auf Twitter. „Israel ist ein souveräner Staat, und wir sollten dies respektieren“.

05.08.2018 - 14:45 [ euronews (deutsch) / Youtube ]

Bunter Umzug in Jerusalem

Rund 20.000 Menschen haben in Jerusalem für die Rechte von Lesben, Schwulen, Bisexuellen und Transgender protestiert.…

09.06.2018 - 01:07 [ Haaretz ]

EU Foreign Policy Chief Cancels Jerusalem Visit

Mogherini’s attendance at AJC conference on Monday, following Jordan visit, canceled due to ‚agenda reasons.‘ Netanyahu’s bureau says he was unable to meet her, while sources add that ‚her positions are very hostile‘

19.05.2018 - 03:08 [ Radio Utopie ]

Tag der Schande

Fast alle sogenannten „Militärkorrespondenten“ verhielten sich wie Armee-Propagandisten. Tag für Tag unterstützen sie die Armee damit, dass sie wie diese Lügen und Verzerrungen verbreiteten. Der Öffentlichkeit blieb nichts anderes übrig, als das alles Wort für Wort zu glauben. Niemand sagte ihr etwas anderes.

Dasselbe trifft auf fast alle anderen Kommunikationsmittel, Moderatoren, Ansager und Korrespondenten zu. Sie wurden zu bereitwilligen Lügnern im Dienste der Regierung. Vielen von ihnen wurde das wahrscheinlich von ihren Chefs befohlen. Das ist wirklich kein ruhmreiches Kapitel.

Nach dem blutigen Tag, als sich die Armee der Verurteilung durch die Welt ausgesetzt sah und das Schießen einstellen musste (”nur” zwei unbewaffnete Demonstranten wurden getötet), waren sich alle israelischen Medien darin einig, die Sache zum großen Sieg Israels zu erklären.

15.05.2018 - 09:31 [ Washington Post ]

Nothing says ‘peace’ like 58 dead Palestinians

President Trump himself, in a video message, pledged his commitment to a “lasting peace agreement.”

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said “peace is within reach.”

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared it “a great day for peace.”

Because nothing says “peace” like 58 Palestinians killed, 2,700 wounded, renewed hostilities between Iran and Israel, the entire region aflame and U.S. allies reeling.

15.05.2018 - 09:24 [ New York Times ]

A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem

The event was grotesque. It was a consummation of the cynical alliance between hawkish Jews and Zionist evangelicals who believe that the return of Jews to Israel will usher in the apocalypse and the return of Christ, after which Jews who don’t convert will burn forever. Religions like “Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism” lead people “to an eternity of separation from God in Hell,” Robert Jeffress, a Dallas megachurch pastor, once said. He was chosen to give the opening prayer at the embassy ceremony.

14.05.2018 - 18:07 [ Al Jazeera ]

Gaza protests: All the latest updates

At least 52 Palestinians were killed on Monday in Gaza and more than 2400 others wounded as the Israeli army fired live ammunition, tear gas and firebombs at protesters assembled along several points near the fence with Israel.

14.05.2018 - 17:45 [ ]

Schumer applauds Trump on moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

“In a long overdue move, we have moved our embassy to Jerusalem. Every nation should have the right to choose its capital,” Schumer said in a statement. “I sponsored legislation to do this two decades ago, and I applaud President Trump for doing it.”

14.05.2018 - 17:27 [ Büro der Weltgesundheitsorganisation im besetzten Palästina @WHOoPt1 / Twitter ]

Dozens killed, including a health worker, and hundreds injured in demonstrations in Gaza today. WHO reiterates its calls for the protection of all health staff and facilities. #NotATarget #RightToHealth #WHOoPt #Gaza

14.05.2018 - 14:55 [ Al Jazeera ]

Gaza protests: All the latest updates

At least 37 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and close to 1700 others wounded as the Israeli army fired live ammunition and teargas and firebombs at protesters assembled along several points near the fence with Israel.

Of the 1693 wounded, the ministry of health said at least 74 were below the age of 18, 23 were women and eight were journalists.

14.05.2018 - 14:45 [ Mike S. Omer-Man, Israel-based journalist, editor-in-chief at @972mag / Twitter ]

Israeli snipers have killed 67 Palestinian protesters in Gaza since March 30. In Jerusalem, Israel’s top court is still deliberating whether or not it’s legal for the army to shoot unarmed protesters.

14.05.2018 - 14:44 [ Squinter ‏ / Twitter ]

Gaza is a fucking charnel house right now, a free-fire zone with the number of unarmed civilians, including children, being cut down by snipers rising by the minute. The US could end this with a phone call, instead it’s having a slaughter party in Jerusalem

14.05.2018 - 13:57 [ Washington Post ]

Israelis kill 18 Palestinians in Gaza protesting U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers on Monday killed 18 Palestinians demonstrating along the border fence and wounded 918 in the bloodiest day of protests since they began six weeks ago, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered on the edges of Gaza as the U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem, fanning out along the fence in what appeared to be some of the largest demonstrations yet.

14.05.2018 - 13:29 [ Haaretz ]

Jerusalem Embassy and Gaza Protests: 18 Palestinians Reported Killed by Israeli Gunfire at Border

The Israel Police is preparing for the U.S. embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with thousands of policemen deployed through the city. At 4:00 P.M. (Israel Time), the official ceremony will take place at the U.S. Consulate in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem, which will officially become the U.S. embassy this week

Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem were urged to turn out en masse to protest the embassy move and take part in Tuesday’s 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or “catastrophe,” as Palestinians term Israel’s creation.

14.05.2018 - 09:04 [ ]

Blutvergiessen wegen US-Botschaftseröffnung in Jerusalem befürchtet

In einem höchst umstrittenen Schritt eröffnen die USA am heutigen Montag ihre Botschaft in Jerusalem. US-Präsident Donald Trump hatte die sowohl Juden als auch Muslimen heilige Stadt im Dezember im Alleingang als Hauptstadt Israels anerkannt. Dies löste schwere Unruhen in den Palästinensergebieten aus. Israel feiert den Schritt dagegen als grossen politischen Triumph.

05.05.2018 - 21:04 [ Michael F. Brown / Electronic Intifada ]

Bolton’s plan to make Palestine disappear

(26.3.2018) Bolton has proposed a “three-state solution”: Israel, giving Gaza to Egypt, and giving the West Bank to Jordan.

He contended in a 2014 Washington Times op-ed that under his plan, “The contentious issue of Jerusalem’s status as the purported capital of ‘Palestine’ would disappear, since Amman would obviously be the seat of government for an enlarged Jordan.”

That was magical thinking.

05.05.2018 - 20:14 [ Jonathan S. Tobin / Algemeiner ]

Abbas Isn’t the Real Problem

Anyone possible successor will be a slave to the same mindset that prevented Abbas from ever embracing peace. As long as Palestinians are more worried about suing Britain for the Balfour Declaration than building up their own institutions, and regard Tel Aviv as much an illegal settlement as the most remote West Bank hilltop caravan, Israelis know that the 100-year-old war on Zionism won’t be over.