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16.03.2023 - 14:22 [ Elizabeth Tsurkov / Nitter ]

Feminist activists wearing gowns & headdresses from Handmaid’s Tale are blocking Kaplan Street in central Tel Aviv to protest against Netanyahu’s efforts to subjugate Israel’s judiciary

15.03.2023 - 17:44 [ Noga Tarnopolsky נגה טרנופולסקי نوغا ترنوبولسكي / Nitter ]

God knows why but FinMin Bezalel Smotrich cut short a planned visit to Panama, Mrs Netanyahu has cancelled her Berlin +1 & the PM has delayed his takeoff „til after 10 pm“ & shortened his trip to only 24 hours due to „talks on judicial reform & a security incident in the north“

15.03.2023 - 17:40 [ ]

Israel’s PM Netanyahu cuts short trip to Germany

Netanyahu is set to travel to Germany on Wednesday afternoon as protesters against his government’s judicial reform threaten to block the road to the Ben Gurion Airport to disrupt his trip. According to the previous itinerary issued by his office, Netanyahu was supposed to return on Friday but the new release it would happen on Thursday.

15.03.2023 - 17:30 [ @BenCaspit / Nitter ]

פורצי אנטבה (המקוריים), במחאת נתב“ג היום.

15.03.2023 - 17:25 [ Haaretz ]

Entebbe Veterans With ‘Idi Amin Car’ Join Airport Protest as Netanyahu Flies to Berlin

A convoy of Israeli army veterans and former hostages who were involved in the 1976 Entebbe Operation in Uganda arrived on Wednesday to protest at Ben-Gurion Airport ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s departure to Germany for a state visit.

The convoy is part of the protest movement aimed at disrupting Netanyahu’s departure over his constitutional coup.

09.03.2023 - 19:36 [ Noga Tarnopolsky נגה טרנופולסקי نوغا ترنوبولسكي / Nitter ]

#Breaking: Ben Gvir was infuriated at the police for „disobeying“ him & allowing the Ayalon highway to be blocked fir about 90 minutes. He has gotten rid of Tel Aviv police commissioner by appointing him „head of the training department.“

01.03.2023 - 14:24 [ צביקה מרקוביץ / Nitter ]

מה חשבנו שמה שקורה בגדה המערבית לא יעבור לתחומי הקו הירוק. אין תקווה ימי פומפיי האחרונים. הסוף.

28.01.2023 - 20:29 [ @noa_landau / Nitter ]

Tel aviv march against the government.

📸: Amir Goldstein

28.01.2023 - 20:21 [ Tomer Appelbaum / Nitter ]

ההפגנה נכון ל20:05

28.01.2023 - 19:38 [ / Nitter ]

A few hundred Orthodox Jewish protesters are at a demonstration in Tel Aviv, marching with banners against the Netanyahu-led government’s judicial overhaul

28.01.2023 - 19:18 [ Haaretz ]

Israel Protest | Tel Aviv Protests Kicks Off With Minute of Silence for Victims of J’lem Attacks

Thousands are protesting in Tel Aviv on Kaplan street, according to police estimates.

22.01.2023 - 14:02 [ Times of Israel ]

‘Night is descending upon Israel’: Masses rally against Netanyahu’s government

Moshe Ya’alon, former defense minister and protest leader, addresses the estimated 100,000 Israelis gathered on Tel Aviv’s Kaplan Street to call Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government a “dictatorship of criminals.”

“A state in which the PM will appoint all of the judges, there’s a name for it: dictatorship,” he says.

21.01.2023 - 19:15 [ @NTarnopolsky / Twitter ]

Ha’aretz reports Israel Police say over 100,000 protestors are on Tel Aviv’s Kaplan Street, a further 10,000 are at HaBima Square– and thousands more are protesting throughout the country.

21.01.2023 - 19:13 [ Partners for Progressive Israel / Twitter ]

If you’re in Israel: Tomorrow, January 21, at 7pm local time on Kaplan Street: „Stopping the regime coup. Fighting for democracy.“


21.01.2023 - 18:54 [ Communist Party of Israel ]

Massive Anti-government Protests in Mayor Cities Planned for Saturday Night

he main protest in Tel Aviv will be divided, with one organizer, the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, holding a rally at Habima Square for the second weekend in a row while other most radical organizers will demonstrate less than a kilometer away at the intersection of Kaplan and Begin streets. After skipping the twolast week’s events, Opposition Leader Yair Lapid said Wednesday he would attend this weekend, alongside other members of the opposition.

The Black Flag protest group said it would center its efforts on Kaplan Street and urged opposition politicians to show up. “Following the attack on the judicial system over Deri’s disqualification, and the calls from within the coalition to disobey the ruling, the organizers of the demonstration are calling on the heads of the opposition parties to announce that they will come to the mass demonstration and stand at the head of the protest march,” said Black Flags in a statement.

15.01.2023 - 12:27 [ BBC ]

Over 80,000 Israelis protest against Supreme Court reform

More than 80,000 Israeli protesters have rallied in Tel Aviv against plans by the new right-wing coalition government to overhaul the judiciary.

The reforms would make it easier for parliament to overturn Supreme Court rulings, among other things.

14.01.2023 - 20:25 [ Crannofonix / Youtube ]

LIVE | Anti-Government Protests in Tel Aviv – Demonstrations Against Netanyahu and His Government

Live from Tel Aviv on Saturday, January 14, as hundreds are gathering to demonstrate against recently-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

The protesters are rallying against judicial reforms announced earlier this month by new Justice Minister Yariv Levin, which give lawmakers increased powers over the Supreme Court.

Netanyahu himself has said that the plans give ‚the right balance between the three branches’ of government; the legislative, executive and judiciary.

14.01.2023 - 19:52 [ Uri Weltmann אורי וולטמן أوري فلطمان / Nitter ]

בשבוע שעבר התעקשנו בעומדים ביחד לסיים את הפגנת הענק בעצרת שקרוב למחצית מהנואמים בה היו ערבים-פלסטינים אזרחי ישראל, שרוב גדול מהדוברים בה היו נשים, ושנתנה ביטוי גם למאבק של הקהילה הטרנסית נגד אפליה ודיכוי, לקולות מתוך הציבור החרדי שמתעקשים על שלום ישראלי-פלסטיני ועל שוויון, >

14.01.2023 - 19:38 [ Yonat Friling (Frühling) / Nitter ]

Happening now in Tel Aviv: more than 50,000 people protesting against Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, despite the rainy weather. This is the 2nd week. Similar protests in Jerusalem and Haifa.

14.01.2023 - 18:34 [ ]

Police boosts security as major anti-govt rallies staged in Jlem, Tel Aviv

Tens of thousands of Israelis were gathering in central Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem on Saturday to stage twin rallies against the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

14.01.2023 - 18:29 [ Haaretz ]

Thousands Protesting Netanyahu’s Far-right Gov’t, Police Boost Forces in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv District commander Maj. Gen. Amichai Ashad said in a briefing to the police on Saturday that “the policy has not changed,” and added: “We only have one interest: to allow this demonstration to take place, in its full capacity,” he said. Ashad instructed police to be “very, very sensitive, and very, very patient,” and noted that the police would only act against people who commit “vandalism and behave violently.”

11.01.2023 - 13:32 [ Haaretz ]

‚Police Promised They Won’t Be Violent Against Protesters‘ in Tel Aviv This Weekend

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai met on Wednesday with former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo, and attorney Eliad Shraga, chairman of The Movement for Quality Government, in light of the protest against planned judicial reforms in Israel and ahead of the Saturday demonstration in Tel Aviv.

08.01.2023 - 13:42 [ @Flash_news_ua / Nitter ]

In Israel, 10,000 people came out to protest in Tel Aviv, — The Times of Israel. The protesters are opponents of the new Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. The action was held in connection with the publication of plans to change the judicial system of Israel

08.01.2023 - 13:41 [ FRANCE 24 / Youtube ]

Israël : manifestation contre le gouvernement Netanyahu à Tel-Aviv • FRANCE 24

Une marche contre le gouvernement de Benjamin Netanyahu a rassemblé samedi soir plusieurs milliers de manifestants à Tel-Aviv. Ces derniers dénoncent la présence d'“extrémistes“ et le danger qu’ils représentent selon eux pour la démocratie.

08.01.2023 - 13:12 [ Haaretz ]

Thousands March in Tel Aviv in Protest of Netanyahu’s Far-right Gov’t, Judicial Overhaul

At the Standing Together rally, Ayman Odeh, chairman of the left-wing Hadash party, said: „With this historic crisis there is also a huge and historic opportunity… The fascists‘ only chance is to separate us, and we won’t let them.“

After his speech, Odeh said that he was attacked by a protester. „After my speech tonight against the fascism I was verbally assaulted by a group of fscist protesters, one of them physically attacked me and was immediately pushed away by protesters around me,“ he said on Twitter.

12.12.2021 - 11:30 [ BMeida / Twitter ]

Israel – Tel Aviv [Dec 11, 2021] Another weekend of mass protesting in #TelAviv against Wax mandates!

05.12.2021 - 07:56 [ Breaking News / Twitter ]

WATCH: Protests in Tel Aviv, Israel against Vaccine green cards

23.11.2021 - 18:30 [ Communist Party of Israel ]

Last Working-Class Jewish Settler Residents Evicted from Givat Amal

Givat Amal is one of Tel Aviv’s poorest neighborhoods, despite being situated in one of the city’s wealthier locations. The area has been described as “one of the most sought-after real estate areas” in the country, which is what led to the legal battle that began in 2005 when a development project led by business tycoon Yitzhak Tshuva was first approved for Givat Amal. The company’s plans called for tripling and gentrifying the area’s population by constructing seven luxurious high-rise buildings, and displacing the previously settled Jewish population, many of whom had lived there since the early years after the founding of the state, but without ownership rights. In fact, the last legally recognized residents of the area were the Palestinian Arabs of Al-Jammasin Al-Gharbi, numbering some 1,250 persons in 1948, who were uprooted during the 1948 war and whose rights to return to or be compensated for their abandoned property have been systematically denied by Israel ever since.

25.05.2021 - 18:55 [ Haaretz ]

Israeli Police Arrest Hundreds of Arabs in Crackdown Leaders Warn Could Reignite Tensions

The police say they want to ‚restore deterrence‘ after a wave of Jewish-Arab mob violence, but Arab leaders fear that political activists will be arrested too and that the police only act when Jews‘ safety is at stake

25.05.2021 - 18:51 [ ]

Hundreds of police descend on Jaffa in anti-riot crackdown

Hundreds of police officers entered Tel Aviv’s historically Arab suburb of Jaffa Tuesday as part of a nationwide crackdown on civilians suspected of having taken part in the recent racially motivated riots around the country.

12.05.2021 - 08:18 [ Faccende Tripolini / Twitter ]

Demonstration chants in Tel Aviv (Hebrew): „Bibi (Netanyahu) do not be afraid. We will see you (sentenced) in lahai (in the International Court of Justice).“ „Jews and Arabs who refuse to be enemies.“ „The children of Gaza and Sderot want to live.“


12.05.2021 - 08:13 [ Alon-Lee Green - ألون-لي جرين - אלון-לי גרין / Twitter ]

HAPPENING NOW IN TEL AVIV: Hundreds of Jews and Arabs protesting against the attacks on #Gaza and the settlement in #SheikhJarrah We demand an immediate ceasefire and a stop to police brutality and evacuations in Jerusalem The demo is organized by the Jewish-Arab @omdimbeyachad


24.10.2020 - 21:54 [ Haaretz ]

Anti-Netanyahu Protesters Return to the Streets, Thousands March From Knesset

At about 10:00 P.M., thousands of Jerusalem protesters started another march from the vicinity of the prime minister’s residence. Police tried to stop the march in the Mamila area, but demonstrators broke into a run and bypassed the roadblocks.

Meanwhile, about 1,000 people are taking part in a protest by the Movement for Quality Government at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square for the second week in a row, under the banner of „Corruption is leaping – the state is sinking,“ a play on the Hebrew word for submarine.

16.10.2020 - 04:14 [ Ben Reiff / Twitter ]

Stunning action this morning: activists from the Bloc Against Occupation fill TLV’s Rabin Square with the words “DEMOCRACY OR OCCUPATION”. They write: “The problem does not begin or end with Netanyahu. Only when we end the occupation can we start talking about what democracy is”

16.10.2020 - 04:07 [ ]

Thousands protest across Israel demanding Netanyahu’s resignation

Some protesters accused Netanyahu of not condemning violence against them and also directed their ire at his coalition partner, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, for not taking a harsher stance against the violence.

„The fact that the Israeli prime minister has not once condemned the violence against the protesters is a green light for violence against citizens of the country,“ they said.

16.10.2020 - 03:59 [ ]

Israel: Protests turn violent as photographer attacked, man run over by vehicle

Demonstrators in Holon calling for the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were attacked and sprayed with tear gas by right-wing activists of the “La Familia” soccer fans organization, outlet N12 reported.

A Haaretz photographer, Tomer Appelbaum, was reportedly attacked with fists and kicking when arriving at the scene to document the rally, forcing him to flee.

16.10.2020 - 03:55 [ Haaretz ]

Anti-Netanyahu Protesters Report Attacks as Weekend of Demos Kicks Off Across Israel

At least 30 young people identified as members of La Familia, a group of far-right militants associated with the Betar Jerusalem football club, came to confront protesters assembled in a city square. They were wearing black shirts, waving Likud flags and carrying signs that read ‚A good leftist is a dead leftist‘ and ‚Leftists are traitors,‘ and cursing at protesters. According to police officers present at the scene, which were forced to call for reinforcements, they sprayed mace on the protesters.

16.10.2020 - 03:51 [ Ben Reiff / Twitter ]

At the margins of the anti-government protest tonight in Tel Aviv, right-wing counter-protesters held up a sign that reads “a good leftist is a dead leftist”.

06.10.2020 - 19:55 [ i24NEWS English / Twitter ]

#Israel: Anti-Netanyahu protesters gathering now in central #TelAviv and are preparing to march throughout the city — i24NEWS‘ @emilyarielrose reports to @calev_i24

06.10.2020 - 19:50 [ Haaretz ]

Anti-Netanyahu Protests Continue in Tel Aviv in Shadow of Lockdown, Police Violence

Dozens of demonstrators took to the streets in Tel Aviv and more in dozens of other cities and towns across Israel, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down and protesting the government’s restrictions on demonstrations during Israel’s coronavirus lockdown.

Following reports of police violence directed at protesters on Saturday night, organizers are expecting a large turnout later on Tuesday evening.

01.10.2020 - 22:49 [ Haaretz ]

Hundreds of Small Protests Mushroom Across Israel Over ‚Draconian‘ Restrictions

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators took on Thursday to the streets across Israel, protesting the latest measures limiting the right to protest during the country’s second coronavirus lockdown.

28.08.2020 - 11:07 [ Haaretz ]

Hundreds of Israelis Call for Netanyahu’s Resignation in Tel Aviv, Haifa Protest Marches

Hundreds of Israelis marched in protest in Tel Aviv and Haifa on Thursday, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.

A wave of anti-Netanyahu protests has swept Israel over the summer, with the largest weekly demonstration taking place every Saturday night near the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem.

06.08.2020 - 21:42 [ ]

Anti-government rallies in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv kick off after police back protesters

Anti-government protests set to take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Thursday evening will go ahead as scheduled hours after police asked Israel Supreme Court not to block the demonstrations.

01.08.2020 - 21:23 [ Haaretz ]

Ten Thousand anti-Netanyahu Protesters Rally in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Around Israel

The protest and march were approved by the Israel Police, which is present in large forces and says it will allow protest for all but „will not tolerate any disturbances of the public order.”

29.07.2020 - 18:29 [ ]

Gantz: Protests must not be silenced, attackers must face justice

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Wednesday demanded the arrest of perpetrators of violent attacks on demonstrators calling for the ouster of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

„They must be caught and brought to justice, the protest will not be silenced as long as we are here,“ he said.

29.07.2020 - 18:23 [ Haaretz ]

How Israel’s Far Right Went on the Attack Against anti-Bibi Protesters

According to demonstrators, police ignored their calls for help and only arrived at the scene later to break up the clashes. The attackers, whose identity is unknown and who pretended they are part of the anti-government protest, managed to flee the scene.

29.07.2020 - 18:14 [ Haaretz ]

Broken Bottles, Fists and Pepper Spray: Protesters Against Netanyahu Gov’t Recount Assault

According to the demonstrators, police ignored their calls for help and, only later arriving at the scene to break up the clashes. The attackers, whose identity is unknown and who pretended they are part of the anti-government protest, managed to escape the scene.

29.07.2020 - 17:45 [ Roni Schneider / Twitter ]

סרטון שתעד אסף שפיר. המשך בתגובה. האלימות של לה פמיליה הלילה, היא לא מלחמת אזרחים. הם פושעים ששלח הפושע הראשי: ביבי. גם הסמויים בשליחותו.

29.07.2020 - 00:24 [ Haaretz ]

More Than a Thousand Israelis Protest Police Brutality Outside Minister’s Tel Aviv Home

The protest was organized by several groups, including the so-called Black Flags movement, which regularly protests outside the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhau’s official residence in Jerusalem.

19.07.2020 - 11:55 [ Haaretz ]

Dozens Arrested as Protests Against Netanyahu Rock Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

The protests were not organized by a single, centralized organization, but were made up of a variety of different groups and young people who are unaffiliated with any particular movement.

18.07.2020 - 20:43 [ @ignis_fatum / Twitter ]

Live from the protest in Charles Clore park in #TelAviv

18.07.2020 - 20:37 [ Joëlle Weil / Twitter ]

„Wenn wir fallen, dann fällt ihr auch!!“ Demonstration in Tel Aviv gegen die Massnahmen der Regierung.

18.07.2020 - 20:31 [ @ignis_fatum / Twitter ]

Ongoing protest against the governments handling of the #COVID19 crisis in Charles Clore park in #TelAviv, organized by the “Cabinet of Hope” (umbrella organization of groups opposing the mismanagement of the crisis) #Israel

12.07.2020 - 19:47 [ ]

Israel: Deputy minister slams massive Tel Aviv protest as ‚health terror attack‘

A top official in Israel’s Health Ministry slammed a massive rally held in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening as a „health terror[ist] attack“ as a resurgent coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the country.

Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch (Likud party) expressed dismay over the event that saw more than 10,000 citizens in attendance, with protesters standing virtually shoulder to shoulder in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square.

12.07.2020 - 00:30 [ Haaretz ]

Ten Thousand Israelis Protest Poor Government Aid Amid Coronavirus Economic Crisis

Self-employed from hospitality, tourism and arts industries stage apolitical protest in Tel Aviv ■ Five were arrested

12.07.2020 - 00:20 [ News Update Live / Youtube ]

Israel COVID-19 | Live Protesters rally in Tel Aviv against gov’t response to pandemic | 11-07

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – With curbs reimposed, unemployment soaring past 20 percent and aid packages falling short of demands, many Israelis are angry about what they see as the government’s inept response to their economic woes. T

11.07.2020 - 17:41 [ Jerusalem Post ]

Massive protest expected in Tel Aviv amid economic crisis – report

The protest is reportedly organized by NGOs representing self-employed Israelis, but it is expected to be attended by thousands of students, contract employees and business-owners who were financially impacted by the emergency regulations the first time around.

„The protesters do not intend to be nice,“ one of the organizers told the media outlet, adding that the demonstrators‘ plan for Saturday evening is „showing rage and blocking roads to make sure the protest will not be forgotten.“

08.06.2020 - 00:09 [ Haaretz ]

How Bernie Sanders Came to Address an Anti-annexation Rally in Tel Aviv

Odeh and Sanders first met in February 2017, when the Odeh visited Washington to attend that year’s J Street conference.

07.06.2020 - 02:49 [ Haaretz ]

Israeli Police Violently Tackle Haaretz Photographer Covering Anti-annexation Protest

„I tried to film the cops, and then they decided to arrest me,“ said photographer Tomer Appelbaum after the incident, which was captured on video. „One punched me, one kneed me and one shoved my head.“ Some of his equipment was damaged, he said.

07.06.2020 - 02:38 [ Haaretz ]

‚We Are at a Crossroads‘: Thousands Protest West Bank Annexation in Tel Aviv

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders addressed the rally via video conference, expressing his support for the protesters and condemnation of Israel’s annexation plans. The senator said that he was “heartened” to see Arabs and Jews demonstrating together.

03.05.2020 - 16:10 [ i24News ]

Protest against Netanyahu-Gantz coalition deal draws thousands

The Israeli justice system has received eight complaints from good governance groups and lawmakers concerning the terms of the coalition agreement and the possibility of Netanyahu leading the government despite facing multiple indictments in a wide-ranging corruption investigation.

03.05.2020 - 10:21 [ Haaretz ]

Israel’s Top Court Hears Petitions to Bar Netanyahu From Forming Government

Expanded panel hears arguments Sunday on request that prime minister be disqualified over the criminal charges against him

03.05.2020 - 10:20 [ Haaretz ]

Israelis Protest Netanyahu-Gantz Government on Eve of High Court Hearing

The so-called „Black Flag“ protests were organized by the Movement for Quality Government under the slogan “Saving the court, saying no to corrupt government”. Protesters carried signs that read „We’re sick of corruption“ and „emergency government, corruption government“. At the mention of members of Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party the crowd booed and shouted, „Shame!“

03.05.2020 - 10:18 [ ORF ]

Demonstration gegen Pakt zwischen Netanjahu und Ganz

Gegen das Regierungsbündnis wurden acht verschiedene Beschwerden bei Israels Oberstem Gerichtshof eingebracht.

19.04.2020 - 23:40 [ Stars and Stripes ]

Israelis accuse Netanyahu of endangering democracy

More than 2,000 Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday, demonstrating against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to form an “emergency” government with his chief rival and accusing him of using the coronavirus crisis to escape prosecution on corruption charges.

18.04.2020 - 14:48 [ Or-ly Barlev ~ אור-לי ברלב / Twitter ]

הפגנת הדגלים השחורים להצלת הדמוקרטיה – הערב בכיכר הבימה – מבט על וידאו:


17.04.2020 - 11:55 [ Darya Henig Shaked / Twitter ]

Israelis demonstrating under corona restrictions in Tel Aviv. The black flag demonstration to save democracy.

17.04.2020 - 11:47 [ ]

Israelis demonstrate over ‚loss of democracy‘ during pandemic crisis

Some thousands of Israelis participated on Thursday night in a Tel Aviv demonstration against the interim government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the “loss of democracy.”

24.11.2019 - 11:57 [ Leon Sverdlov / Twitter ]

Thousands gathered in #TelAviv to demand @Netanyahu #resign. „Let #Democracy win!“ and „#Crime Minister“ were popular signs.

24.11.2019 - 11:34 [ Stav Shaffir, Abgeordnete in der Knesset / Twitter ]

נתניהו חסר המוסר והאחריות קרא לאוהדיו להבעיר כאן את הכל. אנחנו יצאנו מולם אמש באלפים, לדרוש בהתפטרותו ובניקוי אורוות מלא במערכות השלטון. כמו שיצאנו שבוע אחרי שבוע כדי לדרוש שהצדק ייעשה. גם כשאיימו עלינו, גם כשהתקשורת התעלמה. הציבור הישראלי ינצח גם את התקופה האפלה הזו. ראו- תקווה.

24.11.2019 - 11:32 [ Jerusalem Post ]

2500 people protest against Netanyahu in Habima square.

Protesters chanted „Bibi go home,“ and waved signs reading: „Netanyahu, let go already,“ „Netanyahu, you should quit“, and „The corrupt should go home“. MK Stav Shapir of the Democratic Camp, who was one of the organizers, said that protests will continue throughout the week in other cities as well, such as Be’er Sheva and Jerusalem.

24.11.2019 - 11:26 [ i24NEWS English / Twitter ]

#Israel: Rallies for and against Benyamin #Netanyahu saturday night #i24NEWS Correspondent @AlecHaimPollard reports from #TelAviv

03.08.2019 - 21:05 [ Communist Party of Israel ]

Masses Protest Violence against Transgenders after Teen Stabbed

The march was organized after a 17-year-old from the Arab city of Tamra was stabbed Friday afternoon, July 26, outside Tel Aviv’s Beit Dror shelter, after moving there to escape family pressure. According to the staff of Beit Dror, before collapsing the teenager identified the assailant as his brother.

25.05.2019 - 21:29 [ ORF ]

Tausende in Tel Aviv gegen Netanjahu auf der Straße

Nach Medienberichten bemüht sich Netanjahu um ein Gesetz, mit dem das Parlament Entscheidungen des Höchsten Gerichtes aushebeln könnte. Damit will er demnach einer Strafverfolgung in mehreren Korruptionsfällen entgehen.

05.05.2019 - 13:34 [ Eurovision / Twitter ]

41 participants for Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv!

This year, 41 participates from from 41 countries will be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Tel Aviv. First Semi-final on 14 May. Second Semi-final on 16 May. Grand Final on 18 May.

04.03.2019 - 22:42 [ PressTV ]

Committed to Tel Aviv regime, US deploys THAAD to Israel for 1st time

The US has already supplied the advanced missile system to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

10.11.2018 - 19:23 [ CyprusMail Online ]

US energy official to tour East Med

US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis Fannon will travel to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Nicosia, and Cairo starting Monday, November 11 to 20, the State Department announced on Friday.

During his trip, Fannon will be meeting with government officials and private sector representatives to discuss energy security and regional cooperation on energy issues.

15.08.2018 - 07:26 [ New York Times ]

Israeli Airport Detention of Prominent U.S. Jew Prompts Uproar

Israeli airport security, long extolled for its success in preventing terrorism, seems to have another target recently: critics of Israel.

On Sunday, officers at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport pulled aside Peter Beinart, a liberal American Jewish journalist, after he landed and interrogated him about his political activities. Mr. Beinart, an author and CNN contributor, is known for his love of Israel as well as his vocal opposition to its occupation of Palestinian territory.

His case is not unique.

12.08.2018 - 15:44 [ 972+ magazine ]

Tens of thousands of Palestinians and Jews protest Nation-State Law

(12.8.2018) “We are not going to rest after this incredible protest,” Barekeh continued. “We are marking the beginning of the way and there is no way back until the law is rescinded. Our struggle will be here, a popular parliamentary and democratic struggle for Arabs as well as Jews.”

“I came to France from Morocco when I was 10 years old,” Eva Illouz told the crowd. “Although I was Jewish and from Morocco, I went to the same schools as the French, and my teachers gave me grades just like the French. I felt that I wasn’t defined by my origin or religion. As a girl I felt deep in my bones the meaning of living in a country where I am treated as an equal.”

12.08.2018 - 09:55 [ Haaretz / ]

FULL TEXT: Haaretz Publisher Schocken Calls for Israelis to ‚Join the Struggle‘ at Nation-state Rally

One of the most significant threats to Jewish nationalism, as expressed in the nation-state law, is Arab representation in the Knesset, according to a portion of the Israeli population. So I tell you, the Arab citizen: Do not give the right-wing government a prize – despair and isolation. You all have the political power to reshape public discourse in Israel by participating in elections. Use it.

And to all the citizens of Israel, from every tribe, I call to join the struggle against the elimination of democracy, to develop an Israeli society, pluralistic and prosperous, with the participation of minorities in the economy and in politics.

12.08.2018 - 09:45 [ ]

Arab protesters say not enough attended thousands-strong anti-Nationality Law protest

Approximately 20-25 thousands people showed up in solidarity against the law, a number in which Agbariyah expressed disappointment.

“I expect that out of a million-and-a-half Arab citizens, at least 200,000 should turn up. It is unacceptable if we don’t manage to bring the Arab public to this protest,” Agbariyah complained. “Arab Knesset MKs have to get the crowds into the street. Committees, mayors of mixed cities, mayors of Arab cities—everyone should be uniting as one.”

12.08.2018 - 09:36 [ Haaretz ]

Tens of Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv for Nation-state Law Protest Led by Israeli Arabs

Tens of thousands of demonstrators protesting the nation-state law gathered in Tel Aviv Saturday night in the wake of last week’s mass march, which drew tens of thousands of Israelis to protest in solidarity with the country’s Druze community.

Demonstrators marched from Rabin Square to the plaza of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which began at 8:00 P.M. Protesters gathered at Rabin Square. A rally under the name „Abolish Nation-state Law – Yes to Equality“ took place after the march.

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Live: Arab Israelis rally in Tel Aviv against Jewish nation-state law

Arab Israelis gather in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday, August 11, to demonstrate against the new Jewish nation-state law.

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Tens of thousands are gathering RIGHT NOW in Tel Aviv’s Rabin square in to protest the #NationStateLaw, in what appears to be the THE LARGEST JEWISH-ARAB DEMONSTRATION IN HISTORY OF ISRAEL. This is our answer to the racist government.

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This Saturday night, no one in Israel goes to the movies. Everyone goes to the demonstration to revoke the #nationstatelaw. If you happen to be abroad (for the moment or forever) donate to off-set the cost of buses, permits, and *awesome clip* below.

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Demonstrate With the Arabs

The demonstration called for Saturday night in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square by the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, which represents Israel’s Arab community, is the most important of all the protests that have taken place against the nation-state law. It’s also one of the most important demonstrations in Israel in the past several years.

No minority in Israel suffers as much discrimination as the Arab minority, which is also Israel’s largest minority. It is frequently the target of normalized, institutionalized racism.

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Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court indefinitely extends gag order in the Bezeq graft probe (Case 4000) over suspicions @netanyahu advanced regulation benefiting Bezeq owner Shaul Elovitch in exchange for positive coverage from @WallaNews — signals investigators still have work to do

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Das friedliche Zusammenleben der Völker und Heimat aller Religionen, das ist die Berliner Republik, nicht Israel

„In 15 Jahren von politischem Aktivismus, und rund acht Jahren als ein Journalist, kann ich mich nicht an eine Zeit erinnern, an der Menschen um mich so angsterfüllt waren ihre Meinung zu sagen. Jedenfalls nicht Juden, und definitiv nicht in Tel Aviv“.

Haggai Matar, Jewish Daily Forward, 21. Juni 2014

„Ich lese ihnen einmal vor, was Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz, ein entschiedener Gegner der Besatzung, 1968 geschrieben hat, ein Jahr nach dem Sechs-Tage-Krieg: ´Ein Staat, der über eine feindliche Bevölkerung mit Millionen Fremden herrscht, wird notgedrungen zu einem Geheimdienststaat, mit allen Folgen für die Erziehung, die Rede und Meinungsfreiheit und die Demokratie. Die für jedes Kolonialsystem typische Korruption wird auch Israel erfassen. Die Verwaltung wird arabische Aufstandsbewegungen unterdrücken und sich arabische Quislinge und Verräter heranziehen.´ Was halten Sie von dieser Prophezeihung in Hinblick auf den Staat Israel heute?“

„Ich stimme dem Wort für Wort zu.“

„Geht es etwas genauer?“

„Wozu? Jedes Wort das er geschrieben hat, ist in Fels gehauen.“

Ex-Elitesoldat der israelischen Streitkräfte Dror Moreh, Regisseur und Fragesteller, und Yuval Diskin, ehemaliger Leiter des Inlandsgeheimdienstes Shin Bet, in „The Gatekeepers“ („Töte zuerst“).

„Warum haben Sie sich dafür entschieden, mit Leuten vom Geheimdienst zu sprechen und nicht mit Politikern?“

„Weil niemand Politikern traut. Politiker würden ihre Mutter verkaufen, um eine Stimme zu bekommen.“

Dror Moreh zu seiner Dokumentation „The Gatekeepers“ im Interview mit der „Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung“.

Seit Jahren emigrieren Israelis in die Stadt, die der Berliner Republik ihren Namen gibt. Dafür gibt es einen Grund. Dieser Staat und seine Regierung sind es nicht. Als sich ihr Kollege Yair Lapid, seines Zeichens glorreicher Finanzminister, im Oktober 2013 lauthals über die Flucht gerade junger und kreativer Israelis nach Berlin beschwerte, entblödete sich der Botschafter der Merkel-Steinmeier-Regierung nicht, sich zu entschuldigen und zu behaupten, diese quasi-Abtrünnigen würden ja Deutschland bald wieder verlassen.

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Israel: Israelis against occupation protest Palestinian Gaza rally deaths

Hundreds of Israeli protesters gathered outside the headquarters of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party in Tel Aviv on Sunday, to protest Israeli violence against Palestinian protesters after 16 protesters were killed and over 1,400 injured.