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15.08.2019 - 05:56 [ ]

Dow tumbles 800 points in biggest one day fall of year on global economic growth slowdown

Bank stocks led the decline Wednesday as the inversion of the yield curve is seen making it harder for banks traditional business model to work when short term borrowing costs are higher than longer term lending rates.

Bank of America BAC, -4.69%, Citigroup CITI, -5.40% and J.P. Morgan JPM, -4.15% all ended sharply lower.

13.06.2019 - 09:56 [ Bernie Sanders, candidate for President / Twitter ]

I didn’t hear Jamie Dimon criticizing socialism when Wall Street begged for the largest federal bailout in American history—some $700 billion from the Treasury and even more from the Fed.

13.06.2019 - 09:47 [ Fox News ]

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: Socialism a ‚big mistake‘

JPMorgan Chief Executive Jamie Dimon warned at a quarterly meeting of the Business Roundtable (BR) that socialism would be a “huge mistake.“

“When government owns and controls companies used for political purposes, not economic purposes, it usually means jobs and votes and can lead to huge deterioration,” said Dimon, who chairs the BR.

16.04.2019 - 15:19 [ ]

US-Kongress: Demokraten laden Deutsche Bank vor

Für ihre Untersuchungen von Donald Trumps Finanzgeschäften fordern Abgeordnete Informationen von der Deutschen Bank. Das Institut galt einst als Hausbank des Präsidenten.

16.04.2019 - 15:11 [ New York Times ]

Deutsche Bank Is Subpoenaed for Trump Records by House Democrats

The two committees that issued the subpoena, the House’s Intelligence and Financial Services committees, also demanded documents from numerous other financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, related to possible money-laundering by people in Russia and Eastern Europe, according to three people with knowledge of the investigation.

21.03.2019 - 15:31 [ ]

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Josef Ackermann: Mit diesen Lobbyisten traf sich die Bundesregierung


Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank: Wenn die Bundesregierung in der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise Rat sucht, geben sich die Top-Manager der großen (Investment)-Banken im Kanzleramt und den Bundesministerien die Klinke in die Hand. Mehr als 300 Mal haben Vertreter der Bundesregierung in dieser Wahlperiode die wichtigsten Bankmanager getroffen, wie das Finanzministerium jetzt eingeräumt hat. Laut Handelsblatt wolle man „durch Offenlegung jede Skandalisierung vermeiden“.

21.03.2019 - 15:29 [ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Abgeordnete im US Repräsentantenhaus / Twitter ]

JP Morgan agreed to pay out *$13 billion* over its massive role in mortgage schemes w the ‘08 recession. They also finance major fossil fuel pipelines. It’s big money? So maybe they *aren’t* the best authority on prioritizing economic wellbeing of everyday people & the planet.

21.08.2018 - 09:30 [ ]

JPMorgan, HSBC Among Banks to Help Manage Saudi Dollar Bond

(5.3.2018) The world’s biggest oil exporter plans to borrow the equivalent of $31 billion this year to bridge an expected budget deficit of $52 billion and fund growth plans after its economy shrank last year. The kingdom on Friday said it’s increasing a $10 billion syndicated loan by $6 billion after existing lenders and new banks showed “an exceptional response.”

21.08.2018 - 08:01 [ ]

Here’s Why JP Morgan Reversed Course On Tesla

In the course of just under two weeks, J.P. Morgan’s Tesla analyst Ryan Brinkman increased his price target for Tesla from $195 to $308 and then reversed course back to $195 this morning, all while keeping an underweight rating.