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21.08.2021 - 14:49 [ Informationsstelle Militarisierung e.V. ]

Afghanistan: Horchposten

Auf einen „interessanten“ Nebenaspekt, worum es den US bei ihrem Afghanistan Einsatz auch gegangen zu sein scheint, weist der Hardliner John Bolton hin, die viele Jahre in führenden Positionen am Krieg mitgestrickt hatte.

20.05.2021 - 14:50 [ ]

Biden administration ‘in a difficult position’ in effort to rejoin Iran nuclear deal

„The US now has incredible leverage over Iran,“ former Trump national security advisor John Bolton told FRANCE 24. „If Biden gives it away, he will virtually guarantee that the sanctions will collapse, and ultimately Iran will get nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them both on Europe and on the United States.“

20.10.2020 - 04:12 [ Ron Paul / ]

Kommen die Truppen aus Afghanistan nach Hause? Hängt davon ab, wen Sie fragen.

Aber man kann nicht eine „Amerika zuerst“-Außenpolitik betreiben, wenn man Leute wie Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Mark Milley und andere damit betraut. Sie werden es einfach nicht tun. Das sehen wir wieder, wenn es darum geht, unsere Truppen aus dem langen und törichten Krieg in Afghanistan abzuziehen.

20.10.2020 - 04:06 [ Ron Paul / Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ]

Troops Coming Home from Afghanistan? Depends on Who You Ask.

But you cannot pursue an “America first” foreign policy if you put people like Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Mark Milley, and others in charge of carrying it out. They simply won’t do it. We are seeing that again when it comes to withdrawing our troops from the long and foolish war in Afghanistan.

20.10.2020 - 04:02 [ The Washington Times ]

John Bolton: ‚Huge mistake‘ to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by end of year

It would be a “huge mistake” to withdraw the bulk of U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan by next year, as previously suggested by President Trump, former White House National Security Adviser John R. Bolton said Monday.

03.07.2020 - 13:42 [ Times of Israel ]

Bolton warns Trump could cozy up to Iran if he wins 2nd term

Former US national security adviser John Bolton on Thursday said Israelis should be worried about US President Donald Trump winning a second term in office.

03.07.2020 - 13:28 [ ]

Bolton: ‚Fickle‘ Trump would sell out Israel for photo op with Iran’s leaders

„I describe in the book how eager he was to have a meeting with the Iranian leadership, whether Rouhani or Khamenei. Are the Iranians prepared to sit down for talks to get relief from the sanctions, to buy time so they can push forward their nuclear program? Sure, they’re willing to do that,” said Bolton, in an interview to promote “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”

“Just as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un played Trump all along, I worry that in a second term, the Iranians might be able to do the same with Trump. That to me is a danger.”

18.06.2020 - 07:48 [ Saagar Enjeti / Twitter ]

Pretty telling that the episode which pissed off Bolton the most during his tenure was Trump calling off airstrikes which would have killed dozens of Iranian soldiers in June 2019

18.06.2020 - 07:43 [ Ken Klippenstein / Twitter ]

Here’s @AmbJohnBolton saying Chelsea Manning should get the death penalty for disclosing classified information. Genuinely one of the most chilling interviews I’ve ever seen.

18.06.2020 - 07:38 [ ]

Bolton takes hits from all sides over book

Former national security adviser John Bolton drew criticism from all sides as the first excerpts of his forthcoming memoir were published on Wednesday.

Bolton’s book, „The Room Where it Happened,“ paints a damning portrait of President Trump, describing him as unfamiliar with basic facts and motivated by politics and his own interests in many of his foreign policy decisions and interactions with world leaders.

14.02.2020 - 15:12 [ ABC News ]

Pompeo makes 1st trip to Africa in bid to reassert US as leading partner

„The challenge that Pompeo’s facing in Africa is explaining the contradictory messages coming from Washington,“ said Witney Schneidman, a fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Africa Growth Initiative. „It’s the lack of attention that’s been paid. It’s the fact that (former national security adviser John) Bolton rolled out this Africa strategy 14 months ago, and since then, very little has been accomplished where many other nations have moved forward.“

03.02.2020 - 01:11 [ Daniel McAdams / ]

In die Katastrophe stolpern

Es besteht eine echte Gefahr für außenpolitische Berater und Analysten – und insbesondere für diejenigen, denen sie dienen -, wenn sie sich in einer Blase, einem Echoraum, befinden und alle ihre Schlussfolgerungen auf fehlerhaften Eingaben beruhen. Es ist natürlich noch schlimmer, wenn sie glauben, sie könnten ihre eigene Realität schaffen und Ergebnisse erfinden, die Hand und Fuß haben.

Unter diesen Umständen laufen die Dinge selten wie geplant.

03.02.2020 - 01:06 [ Daniel McAdams / Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ]

Stumbling into Catastrophe

President Trump has argued that prohibiting funds for military action against Iran actually makes war more likely, as he would be restricted from the kinds of military-strikes-short-of-war like his attack on Syria after the alleged chemical attack in Douma in 2018 (claims which have recently fallen apart). The logic is faulty and reflects again the danger of believing one’s own propaganda.

31.01.2020 - 05:53 [ Tagesschau ]

Abstimmung im Senat: Impeachment-Ende vor dem Super Bowl?


Die Republikaner drücken nun auf’s Tempo: Vermutlich werden sie morgen bereits abstimmen lassen, Trump mit ihrer Mehrheit entlasten und das Impeachment pünktlich zum Super-Bowl-Wochenende beerdigen. Damit dürfte auch John Bolton, Trumps gefeuerter Sicherheitsberater und der letzte Hoffnungsträger der Demokraten, nicht mehr gehört werden.

31.01.2020 - 05:25 [ Fox News ]

‚GAME OVER,‘ Trump declares, as old Bolton, Schiff videos surface amid Senate impeachment trial


Obama separately had said that Bolton „bullies, marginalizes and undermines those who do not agree with him.“ Other prominent Democrats agreed with him at the time.

Bolton himself had admitted in the past that he would be more than willing to lie if he felt it was in the nation’s best interest.

“If I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security, I would do it,“ Bolton said in an interview with Fox Business in 2010.

28.01.2020 - 12:13 [ Washington Post ]

If senators fail to call Bolton, their trial is a farce

LAST WEEK, senators trying the impeachment charges against President Trump did not know for sure whether former national security adviser John Bolton could answer outstanding questions about the case. Now they know.

28.01.2020 - 12:09 [ LA Times ]

Column: Trump says Bolton is a disgruntled liar. Let him testify under oath so we can find out

“I’m with the Bush-Cheney team, and I’m here to stop the count.”

Those words were bellowed by John Bolton in a Tallahassee library in December of 2000, when he was part of a team of Republican lawyers trying to stop the Florida recount of votes cast in the Bush-Gore race. Until now, it was the most famous utterance President Trump’s former national security advisor had ever made.

28.01.2020 - 12:06 [ Washington Post ]

Bolton book roils Washington as onetime allies turn on Trump’s former national security adviser

People close to Bolton said he wanted to testify, and a spokeswoman denied that he was behind the leak of the book, adding that the National Security Council has had a copy of it since Dec. 30.

28.01.2020 - 12:02 [ ]

Trump Lawyers Ready For Final Day Of President’s Impeachment Defense

Shortly before winding down Monday night’s arguments in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz addressed the elephant in the room: whether potential testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton would alter the course of the proceeding.

21.01.2020 - 18:30 [ Washington Post ]

Trump’s lawyers, Senate GOP allies work privately to ensure Bolton does not testify publicly

President Trump’s legal defense team and Senate GOP allies are quietly gaming out contingency plans should Democrats win enough votes to force witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial, including an effort to keep former national security adviser John Bolton from the spotlight, according to multiple officials familiar with the discussions.

01.01.2020 - 10:44 [ ]

Report: Rudy Giuliani’s shadow policy efforts extended to Venezuela

New reporting by The Washington Post reveals that Rudy Giuliani was conducting shadow foreign policy in locations other than Ukraine. The president’s personal lawyer was conducting business in Venezuela to try and ease President Nicolás Maduro from power.

28.12.2019 - 11:53 [ Teresa Whitaker ‏/ Twitter ]

Dems appear to give up on John Bolton testimony, say they won’t subpoena after he blows off impeachment deposition – New York Daily News. Democrats didn’t even Subpoena John Bolton but now Demand ⁦⁦@senatemajldr⁩ and Republican Senate do it

24.12.2019 - 16:19 [ ]

Trump could resign sparked by Senate trial Scaramucci says

The Donald Trump impeachment trial in the Senate could include testimony under oath by Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Pompeo. How would the president respond? Joy Reid and her panel discuss.

16.12.2019 - 15:15 [ ]

Schumer asks McConnell for Mulvaney, Bolton to testify in impeachment trial

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Sunday wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) outlining his preferences for the structure of an impeachment trial in the upper chamber and calling for testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

16.12.2019 - 15:12 [ ]

Impeachment-Pläne der Demokraten: Trump-Vertraute sollen aussagen

Die US-Demokraten wollen Vertraute des US-Präsidenten im Senat vorladen: Im Zuge des geplanten Amtsenthebungsverfahrens sollen unter anderem Trumps Ex-Sicherheitsberater Bolton und der Stabschef des Weißen Hauses, Mulvaney, aussagen.

14.12.2019 - 10:52 [ ]

Lawyer: Bolton Aide Charles Kupperman Fears House Will Reissue Subpoena For Testimony

Kupperman and his previous boss, former national security adviser John Bolton, were close to Trump and counseled the president on Ukraine matters. Kupperman was also listening in on the July 25 call between Trump and the president of Ukraine that triggered a whistleblower complaint. Cooper also represents Bolton, who refused to testify after the White House claimed he and Kupperman were among a small cadre of close advisers to the president who have absolute immunity from congressional subpoenas.

14.12.2019 - 10:36 [ Jerry Dunleavy / Twitter ]

Thes Democrats didn’t even issue a subpoena against Bolton (pictured here) but tell me more about how badly they want him to testify

02.12.2019 - 06:21 [ ]

John Bolton should testify so Americans can find the truth

However, given that Bolton is generally respected within conservative Republican circles, having served under President Bush, any testimony from him that directly implicates Trump in a bribery scheme would make it more difficult for Republican lawmakers to dismiss the inquiry as partisan. Similarly, any testimony from Bolton could all but vindicate the president. This explains why House Democrats have been reluctant to pursue him.

29.11.2019 - 12:16 [ CNN ]

This is House Democrats‘ big chance to bring in John Bolton


While the committee has requested Bolton’s testimony, it is not currently pursuing a subpoena in court.

28.11.2019 - 21:00 [ CNN ]

John Bolton’s attorney says he won’t appear without subpoena after impeachment investigators invite him to testify


Asked whether he would issue a subpoena to Bolton, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff would not say.

26.11.2019 - 22:19 [ Ron Paul / ]

Die wahre Bombe des Impeachment Hearings

Wer war Fiona Hills Boss? Der ehemalige nationale Sicherheitsberater John Bolton, der zweifellos ebenfalls der Ansicht war, dass der Präsident kein Recht hat, die US-Außenpolitik zu ändern. Bolton ist derjenige, der, als Trump sagte, dass US-Soldaten nach Hause kommen würden „erklärte“, dass das in Wirklichkeit bedeutete, dass die Soldaten dort bleiben würden.

26.11.2019 - 17:48 [ LA Times ]

Letters to the Editor: John Bolton should stop trying to sell more books and start testifying

It appears to me that Bolton is fiercely partisan, fiercely selfish and fiercely greedy. I just wish that he would be fiercely American and simply tell Congress what he knows about impeachment-related issues.

26.11.2019 - 17:46 [ New York Times ]

Ruling Will Not Lead John Bolton to Testify Soon, Lawyer Says

Charles J. Cooper, a lawyer who represents Mr. Bolton, said that a court decision on Monday ordering another former White House official to appear before Congress under subpoena did not apply to Mr. Bolton because of the nature of his job. Mr. Cooper said Mr. Bolton would therefore wait for another judge to rule in a separate case that could take weeks more to litigate.

23.11.2019 - 09:47 [ ]

If John Bolton Keeps Refusing to Testify, Congress Should Arrest Him

The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that each chamber of Congress can hold a person in contempt for flouting a legislative subpoena, and – as Justice Brandeis explained in Jurney v. MacCracken – each chamber may also coerce obedience “by means of arrest.” In other words, the House Sergeant at Arms may take people into physical custody until they provide information withheld from Congress.

12.11.2019 - 18:04 [ Fox News / Youtube ]

Why are House Democrats giving up on John Bolton so easily?


House Democrats say they will not take former Trump national security adviser John Bolton to court, adding that his reluctance to appear only adds to their impeachment case.

12.11.2019 - 17:57 [ New York Times ]

Bolton Said to Know of ‘Many Relevant Meetings’ on Ukraine, but Will Not Testify

(Updated Nov. 11, 2019)

WASHINGTON — John R. Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, knows about “many relevant meetings and conversations” connected to a pressure campaign on Ukraine that House impeachment investigators have not yet been informed of, his lawyer told lawmakers on Friday.

28.10.2019 - 17:53 [ ]

John Bolton’s deputy fails to show up for impeachment testimony – live

Charles Kupperman, ex-deputy national security adviser, was subpoenaed by House Democrats but has asked a judge to rule on the matter

20.10.2019 - 14:46 [ BBC ]

US expands ‚axis of evil‘


The United States has added Cuba, Libya and Syria to the nations it claims are deliberately seeking to obtain chemical or biological weapons.

15.10.2019 - 11:53 [ New York Times ]

Bolton Objected to Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Calling Giuliani ‘a Hand Grenade’

Mr. Bolton got into a sharp exchange on July 10 with Gordon D. Sondland, the Trump donor turned ambassador to the European Union, who was working with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, to press Ukraine to investigate Democrats, according to testimony provided to the investigators.

22.09.2019 - 13:32 [ New York Times ]

An Abrupt Move That Stunned Aides: Inside Trump’s Aborted Attack on Iran

Why Mr. Trump suddenly latched onto the estimate at this point rather than when casualties were discussed at the earlier meeting remains a mystery to many officials. Some assumed he was influenced by Mr. Carlson or other allies that his re-election would be jeopardized and was looking for cover.

But when the decision came, Mr. Pence, Mr. Pompeo and Mr. Bolton were all out of the White House, and the president did not call them for input. Instead, he told the Pentagon to call off the attack.

13.09.2019 - 13:11 [ Haaretz ]

Why Netanyahu and Dermer Have Kept Silent About John Bolton

With Bolton out of the White House, it’s unclear if Netanyahu will succeed in getting any kind of public gesture from Trump before next Tuesday. The White House helped Netanyahu several time during the April election campaign, most notably with Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. This time, despite heavy pressure from the Israeli side, Trump still hasn’t delivered anything for Netanyahu — although there are still six days left, which is an eternity in Israeli political terms.

10.09.2019 - 23:35 [ Zeit ]

John Bolton: Das war überfällig

Während der US-Präsident lediglich eine Neuverhandlung des Atomabkommens anstrebt, will Bolton die Regierung in Teheran zu Fall bringen – im Zweifel auch militärisch. Folgerichtig empfahl der nationale Sicherheitsberater nach dem Abschuss einer US-Drohne im Juni einen Angriff auf den Iran, Trump entschied sich dagegen. Auch deshalb gewann Trump vermutlich das Gefühl, dass Bolton ihn ungewollt in militärische Konflikte hineinziehen will. Laut der New York Times soll der US-Präsident in kleiner Runde gesagt haben, wenn es nach Bolton ginge, „würden wir schon vier Kriege führen“.

10.09.2019 - 20:46 [ Portal ]

USA schränken Geldsendungen nach Kuba weiter ein

Die Maßnahme wurde bereits im April dieses Jahres von US-Sicherheitsberater John Bolton als Teil der neuen Kuba-Politik von US-Präsident Donald Trump angekündigt. Damals erklärte Bolton, die „Troika der Tyrannei“ bestehend aus Venezeula, Kuba und Nicaragua beseitigen zu wollen. Im Kontext der anhaltenden Versuche eines „Regime change“ in Venezuela will Washington nun offenbar den Druck auf Havanna weiter erhöhen, um ein Ende der Unterstützung Kubas für die venezolanische Regierung von Präsident Nicolás Maduro zu erwirken.

10.09.2019 - 18:32 [ Tagesschau ]

Nationaler Sicherheitsberater: Trump entlässt John Bolton

Trump schrieb auf Twitter, er habe Bolton zum Rücktritt aufgefordert. Der habe daraufhin seinen Rücktritt eingereicht. Trump begründete seine Entscheidung damit, dass er mit vielen Positionen Boltons nicht übereingestimmt habe. Der US-Präsident kündigte an, nächste Woche einen Nachfolger zu ernennen.

26.08.2019 - 06:07 [ Dr. Reza Parchizadeh ‏/ Twitter ]

Another potential stumbling block to compromise in Biarritz: Trump brought with him national security adviser John Bolton, the leading Iran hawk in his administration.

05.08.2019 - 01:11 [ CNA ]

Ross to attend Venezuela summit in Peru on Tuesday, US says

The head of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Moreno, and the European Union’s representative on Venezuela, Enrique Iglesias, have also confirmed their attendance, the sources added.

03.08.2019 - 12:00 [ LA Times ]

This Iranian opposition group was labeled a terrorist organization. Now it has supporters in the White House


People close to President Trump, including national security advisor John Bolton, and Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, are supporters of the Mujahedin Khalq. For years, Bolton and Giuliani have called for a change of government in Tehran and have described the Mujahedin Khalq as a viable alternative to the government of the Islamic Republic.

31.07.2019 - 05:49 [ ]

Beamte der USA und Nordkoreas sollen sich letzte Woche in DMZ getroffen haben

Die Nachrichtenagentur Reuters meldete am Dienstag unter Berufung auf einen hohen US-Beamten, dass ein Vertreter des Nationalen Sicherheitsrats der USA für Gespräche an der Grenze gewesen sei. Diese hätten stattgefunden, während Sicherheitsberater John Bolton in Seoul war.

25.07.2019 - 14:08 [ ]

Außenministerin Kang äußert Unterstützung für Führung der USA in Straße von Hormus

Kang kam am Mittwoch in Seoul mit dem Nationalen Sicherheitsberater der USA, John Bolton, zusammen.

Bolton sagte, dass es hier und da in der Welt viele Herausforderungen gebe. Er glaube jedoch, dass Südkorea und die USA eng kooperieren würden.

Kang äußerte Unterstützung dafür, dass die USA die Führung haben und erwähnte die Straße von Hormus.

25.07.2019 - 07:56 [ Truthdig ]

How John Bolton Bamboozled the Brits Into Conflict With Iran

The UK is probably not willing to take military action in return, especially if Boris Johnson becomes PM tomorrow [update: he just, on Tuesday]. He has told Trump to his face that Britain won’t support military action against Iran.

24.07.2019 - 08:30 [ ABC News ]

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects new submarine that could potentially threaten US

Shin pointed out that the submarine was revealed just in time for U.S. national security adviser John Bolton’s Seoul visit.

20.07.2019 - 18:02 [ Times of Israel ]

At summit with Russia, Israel and US demanded Iran leave Lebanon, Iraq — report


During a trilateral meeting between the national security advisers of Israel, the US and Russia in late June, Jerusalem and Washington demanded that Moscow ensure the withdrawal of Iran’s forces from Lebanon and Iraq, as well as from Syria, Channel 13 news reported Tuesday.

The demand was seen as a condition for US and Israeli support for a long-term arrangement to secure peace in war-ravaged Syria.

10.07.2019 - 11:23 [ ]

Holy War? Pompeo Preaches to Pro-Israel Christian Confab

The Secretary of State took his case against Iran to the Evangelical faithful, making it a matter of religious life, or death.

10.07.2019 - 11:19 [ ]

Iran deal was ‘the worst diplomatic debacle in American history’ — John Bolton to CUFI

„Last June, we announced our withdrawal from the hypocritical Human Rights Council, which shielded the world’s worst human rights violators while devoting most of its time to condemning Israel; a thriving democracy. (Applause) We are also reevaluating U.N. peace-keeping missions, including those involving Israel to ensure support for effective, accountable, and efficient operations. We will not allow bureaucratic inertia to keep the United States in international organizations or agreements that undermine U.S. interests and values. (Applause)

For these reasons, in September of last year I announced that the United States would not fund, support, or cooperate with the International Criminal Court, or ICC (Applause). The ICC, which asserts near-universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country without their consent. As I said then, the ICC is flawed to its core and we will let it die on its own.“ Applause)

10.07.2019 - 11:14 [ ]

Trump sending top officials to speak to pro-Israel evangelicals conference

Pence, Pompeo, Bolton as well as ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, the top U.S. Middle East negotiator, will speak Monday and Tuesday at the conference taking place in Washington D.C. Such a broad array of top senior foreign policy and security officials is rare for pro-Israel groups.

25.06.2019 - 03:09 [ The Week ]

Bolton and Pompeo are the real reasons Iran doesn’t want to negotiate, expert says

But while a series of U.S.-imposed, Trump-approved sanctions have angered Tehran amid rising tensions between the two countries, the president might not be the antagonist in Tehran’s eyes, said Trita Parsi, the head of the National Iranian American Council during a Monday appearance on The Hill’s Rising.

Instead, he argues, that National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are the problem.

23.06.2019 - 13:12 [ PM (Prime Minister) of Israel / Twitter ]

VIDEO: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US National Security Adviser John Bolton at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. Full remarks:

23.06.2019 - 09:52 [ Maysam Behravesh ‏/ Twitter ]

According to the British source, the #Saudi intelligence chief will head to #Israel at the weekend, where he will engage in similar lobbying efforts with Israeli officials and US National Security Adviser John Bolton, who will be visiting Israel. #Iran

23.06.2019 - 09:25 [ Kim M. / Twitter ]

„Bolton is meeting Netanyahu Sunday in Israel. Regional security concerns will be discussed. The meeting will also include Russian Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev“ Uhhh…2 warmongers & a Russkie to discuss Iran–in Israel?

23.06.2019 - 09:21 [ Noa Landau / Haaretz ]

Bolton to Meet Netanyahu Ahead of Unprecedented Summit on Syria, Iran

A diplomatic official told Haaretz that “this unprecedented meeting of two world powers with Israel, in Israel, underscores its global standing and sends a powerful message to the region, especially to our enemies. The meeting is a climax of many political steps, among them Netanyahu’s meetings with presidents Trump and Putin. These meetings created the opportunity for a historic meeting such as this, which will contribute a great deal to Israel’s security interests in the region.”

23.06.2019 - 08:53 [ Wall Street Journal ]

Trump Bucked National-Security Aides on Proposed Iran Attack

President Trump bucked most of his top national-security advisers by abandoning retaliatory strikes in Iran on Thursday. In private conversations Friday, Mr. Trump reveled in his judgment, certain about his decision to call off the attacks while speaking of his administration as if removed from the center of it.

“These people want to push us into a war, and it’s so disgusting,” Mr. Trump told one confidant about his own inner circle of advisers. “We don’t need any more wars.”

23.06.2019 - 08:42 [ ]

Fire John Bolton


Make no mistake: This is John Bolton’s war. It’s a war that the current National Security Advisor has been advocating since 2007. He has spoken of bombing Iran on TV, in print, as a government official, and as a private citizen. He has received payment from an Iranian dissident group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MeK), listing a $40,000 speaking fee for “European Iranian Events” in July 2017 on a government financial disclosure form (experts say the total number over a series of years could be significantly higher). He spoke at MeK’s conference in July 2017, promising regime change in Tehran.

23.06.2019 - 08:18 [ New York Times ]

M.E.K.: The Group John Bolton Wants to Rule Iran


Mr. Bolton is a longtime Iran hawk who has supported the Mujahedeen Khalq, known as M.E.K. It is a fringe dissident group that calls for regime change in Iran. Mr. Bolton has said he has backed the controversial group for over a decade.

23.06.2019 - 08:00 [ TYT Network ]

Giuliani, Bolton Repeatedly Met With Group Formerly Designated a Cult-Like Terror Organization


Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, and John Bolton, Trump’s National Security Advisor, met with the group five separate times since Trump’s inauguration, according to Justice Department documents reviewed by TYT. The documents were submitted to the Justice Department by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)—MEK’s political wing—under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, between July 20, 2017 and June 27, 2018.

That group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK for short, was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department until 2012, at which point it was removed from the State Department’s terror list after an intense lobbying effort. The group was on the terror list for good reason: MEK has killed several American servicemembers and contractors; attempted to assassinate a top U.S. general; and attempted to kidnap the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Douglas MacArthur II.

23.06.2019 - 07:38 [ ]

Beware the Bolton path to US military strikes on Iran


Why is this not an international issue? Where are the United Nations and our traditional allies? U.S. unilateralists such as Trump and Bolton despise international organizations, but the rest of the world does not. The White House either does not want to approach the UN for international authority, or it is sure that such an appeal would not succeed for a host of reasons, most related to the image of America the bully.

23.06.2019 - 07:35 [ ]

Bolton Keeps Trying to Goad Iran Into War


The conventions of mainstream journalism make it difficult to challenge America’s self-conception as a peace-loving nation. But the unlovely truth is this: Throughout its history, America has attacked countries that did not threaten it. To carry out such wars, American leaders have contrived pretexts to justify American aggression. That’s what Donald Trump’s administration—and especially its national security adviser, John Bolton—is doing now with Iran.

The historical examples abound.

23.06.2019 - 07:29 [ ]

Trump has reportedly lost interest in regime change in Venezuela. John Bolton has not.


In private, Trump „chewed out his staff“ about the failed Venezuela regime change, blaming National Security Adviser John Bolton and his Latin America policy director Mauricio Claver-Carone for getting „played“ by both Guaidó and key Maduro figures, current and former administration officials tell the Post. Some current officials disputed that characterization of Trump’s reaction and said his Venezuela policy was always long-term and is on track

23.06.2019 - 07:18 [ ]

John Bolton: ‚Substantial‘ belief five countries spreading lies on Trump team dysfunction


“We have substantial reason to believe that North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and China have made a decision to — and you can see it publicly — to try to sow disinformation about the administration, and to say that the president and his advisers are divided, and things like that,” Bolton said Tuesday during a Wall Street Journal event in Washington, D.C.

22.06.2019 - 17:41 [ ]

White House Adviser Bolton To Travel To Israel For Talks with Russian, Israeli Officials

Spokesman Garrett Marquis said on June 20 that Bolton will meet on June 23 with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then hold talks with Meir Ben-Shabbat and Nikolai Patrushev, his Israeli and Russian counterparts.

22.06.2019 - 16:38 [ Spectator ]

WATCH: Tucker Carlson calls John Bolton a ‘bureaucratic tape worm’

„This is Washington in a nutshell: Blunder into obvious catastrophes, refuse to admit blame, and demand more of the same. That’s the John Bolton lifecycle. In between administration jobs, there are always cushy think-tank posts, paid speaking gigs, and cable news appearances. War may be a disaster for America, but for John Bolton and his fellow neocons, it’s always good business.“

21.06.2019 - 21:59 [ New York Times ]

Trump’s Slouching Toward War With Iran Is a Disgrace

In fact, as former Secretary of State John Kerry told me, “Iran has helped in the war against the ISIS,” another Sunni terrorist group.

The aim of the Bolton-Pompeo Iran-equals-Al-Qaeda maneuver has been obvious: to bring a war with Iran within the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force that was passed by Congress in response to Sept. 11, whose perpetrators were overwhelmingly Saudi. Shameless is the only word for such contempt for truth in pursuit of a casus belli.

21.06.2019 - 21:19 [ ]

Bolton Argues War With Iran Only Way To Avenge Americans Killed In Upcoming War With Iran

“Sadly, I believe direct military conflict with Iran is the only suitable response for the heartbreaking deaths of our troops in that upcoming military conflict,” said the national security advisor, noting that only by launching a ground invasion of the Islamic Republic could he ensure the thousands of U.S. troops who will perish in that ground invasion will not perish in vain.

21.06.2019 - 16:27 [ Donald J. Trump, President of the United States / Twitter ]

….On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not….

….proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!

21.06.2019 - 16:26 [ ]

Geplanter Vergeltungsschlag: Trump will Angriff auf Iran zehn Minuten vor Start gestoppt haben

Donald Trump hat einen Militärschlag gegen Iran nach eigenen Angaben kurzfristig abgesagt. Die Zahl der Todesopfer wäre im Vergleich zum Drohnen-Abschuss „unverhältnismäßig“ gewesen, sagte der US-Präsident.

21.06.2019 - 15:16 [ Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee ‏/ Twitter ]

Today, a group of us met with the President on Iran. We urged him to de-escalate tensions and avoid miscalculation. Iran wants to drive a wedge between the U.S. and our allies. We shouldn’t let them. I also reminded him: there’s no congressional authorization for war with Iran.


21.06.2019 - 15:14 [ Laura Walker / Twitter ]

Senior administration officials said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; John R. Bolton, the national security adviser; and Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, had favored a military response.


21.06.2019 - 15:04 [ ]

Officials leave White House after Iran meeting


The White House invited House and Senate leaders and Democrats and Republicans on the House and Senate intelligence and Armed Services committees to meet with President Donald Trump on Thursday.

21.06.2019 - 08:12 [ Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for President / Twitter ]

.@realDonaldTrump Your Iran strategy has been ill-advised and short-sighted. Change course now. Return to the Iran nuclear agreement before it’s too late. Put aside your pride and political calculations for the good of our country. Do the right thing.

21.06.2019 - 06:03 [ New York Times ]

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

It was not clear whether Mr. Trump simply changed his mind on the strikes or whether the administration altered course because of logistics or strategy. It was also not clear whether the attacks might still go forward.

Asked about the plans for a strike and the decision to hold back, the White House declined to comment, as did Pentagon officials. No government officials asked The New York Times to withhold the article.

21.06.2019 - 05:57 [ Haaretz ]

Report: Trump Approved Military Strikes Against Iran but Pulled Back After Planes Were in Air

U.S. President Donald Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing of American global hawk drone but pulled back after planes were in the air and ships were in position, according to a report by the New York Times citing administration officials.

The report claimed the order to halt attacks on Iranian radar and missile batteries came after intense debate at the White House among top security officials and congressional leaders.

21.06.2019 - 01:28 [ ]

Kuba spürt John Boltons Zorn

John Bolton* hasst die Regierungen Venezuelas, Kubas und Nicaraguas und nennt sie die „Troika der Tyrannei“ und die „drei Handlanger des Sozialismus“ – und ist entschlossen, seine Zeit als nationaler Sicherheitsberater zu nutzen, um die Überreste des Sozialismus in unserer Hemisphäre zu beseitigen. Er hat offen erklärt, dass die Monroe Doctrine von 1823 „noch immer am Leben und gut“ ist, was bedeutet, dass die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika die Bedingungen der Regierungsführung in der westlichen Hemisphäre diktieren werden, wenn nötig mit militärischer Gewalt. Bolton ist wütend darüber, dass er nicht in der Lage war, einen Putsch in Venezuela erfolgreich zu inszenieren, und schlägt jetzt gegen Kuba aus und bestraft das Land ausdrücklich für seine Unterstützung des venezolanischen Präsidenten Maduro. Die am 4. Juni angekündigten Reisebeschränkungen stellen eine weitere Seite aus Boltons „Regime Change“-Drehbuch dar.

20.06.2019 - 17:24 [ ]

Is the White House Plotting an End-Run Around Congress Into Iran?

This month could mark the first time a chamber of the U.S. Congress has moved to repeal the 2001 AUMF, which has been used by three presidents to keep the U.S. in a state of war for nearly 18 years.

In May, the House Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment to the annual defense spending bill from Representative Barbara Lee that would repeal the 2001 law eight months after enactment. The amendment passed through committee on a party-line vote of 30-22. It could pass, should the Democratic majority remain unified, as early as this week when it comes up for consideration.

20.06.2019 - 12:20 [ Spiked ]

A war no one can win: Team Trump’s absurd obsession with Iran could have terrible consequences.

This is clear from the fact that Trump himself, alongside Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, and John Bolton, the US national security adviser, have always been absolutely convinced of the need to face down Iran’s theocratic regime. Not because of evidence of regional perfidy, or intelligence suggesting Iranian plots afoot. But because of an animus towards Iran that reaches deep into the psyche of the US foreign-policymaking establishment.6

16.06.2019 - 14:12 [ ]

Could John Bolton soon be SACKED? Will it avert Iran war? Former CIA agent Kiriakou positive on both

Hawkish National Security Advisor John Bolton has steered the Trump administration towards multiple conflicts. However, CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou tells RT he’s learned that Bolton’s days in the White House may be numbered.

16.06.2019 - 13:47 [ ]

Tensions erupt as US launch cyber attack on Russia but officials don’t tell Trump

The New York Times, the US has increased the number of cyber attacks on Russia’s grid. Moreover, two administration officials had told the newspaper that Donald Trump had not been briefed on the attacks.
Pentagon officials have also described the “broad hesitation” to tell Trump about the details of the operations against Russia.

16.06.2019 - 13:36 [ New York Times ]

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid


But in a public appearance on Tuesday, President Trump’s national security adviser, John R. Bolton, said the United States was now taking a broader view of potential digital targets as part of an effort “to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‘You will pay a price.’”

Power grids have been a low-intensity battleground for years.

16.06.2019 - 13:31 [ Wall Street Journal ]

Bolton Says U.S. Is Expanding Offensive Cyber Operations


The U.S. intends to expand offensive operations in cyberspace to counter digital economic espionage and other commercial hacks, White House national security adviser John Bolton said Tuesday, while also dismissing talk of a split with President Trump on North Korea and other hot spots.

16.06.2019 - 13:30 [ CNN ]

Trump says Kim has ‚kept his word‘ hours after Bolton said he hasn’t


Earlier Tuesday, Bolton had told the Wall Street Journal at a speaking event in Washington that North Korea is not complying with the terms agreed upon during Trump’s first summit with Kim, in Singapore last year.

16.06.2019 - 13:13 [ ]

Bolton and Pompeo Are Trying to Start Another Forever War

This shouldn’t be remotely surprising, given their track records of supporting regime change across the Middle East, opposing the Iran nuclear deal and salivating at the prospect of bombing Tehran. Given these actions, it is frustrating to see many reporters simply parroting their unverified claims. This is exactly what Bolton and Pompeo are counting on: They want the public to be looking the other way.

16.06.2019 - 13:06 [ ]

Dem congressman: Would anyone be surprised if Bolton got U.S. into Iran war over ‚very, very questionable intelligence?‘

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) joins Alex Witt to discuss the escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran, including his concern that the U.S. is heading toward a war with Iran following the Trump administration’s conclusion that Iran attacked oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Quigley also weighs in on President Trump backtracking after saying he’d consider listening to foreign governments offering campaign help.

15.06.2019 - 13:01 [ Veterans for Bernie Sanders #vets4bernie / Twitter ]

.@realDonaldTrump has a tweet for everything. @potus NATSEC Advisor John Bolton manipulated intelligence to fit the Bush admins case for war on Iraq, what makes anyone think he’s not doing that exact same thing now? #DropTheMIC #NoMiddleGround #RevokeTheAUMFs

15.06.2019 - 00:53 [ Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary (UK) / Twitter ]

I condemn yesterday’s attacks on vessels in the Gulf of Oman. UK’s assessment concludes that responsibility for the attacks almost certainly lies with Iran. These latest attacks build on a pattern of destabilising Iranian behaviour and pose a serious danger to the region

15.06.2019 - 00:01 [ CNN ]

Iranian boat fired missile at US drone prior to tanker attack, US official says

In the hours before the attack on the two tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, the Iranians spotted a US drone flying overhead and launched a surface-to-air missile at the unmanned aircraft, a US official told CNN.
The missile missed the drone and fell into the water, the official said.

14.06.2019 - 23:57 [ ]

Japanese oil tanker owner disagrees with US military that a mine caused blast near Iran

„We received reports that something flew towards the ship,“ Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo, said at a press conference Friday. „I do not think there was a time bomb or an object attached to the side of the ship,“ he said, adding that a projectile landed above the waterline. (…)

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

30.05.2019 - 18:34 [ Haaretz ]

U.S., Israeli, and Russian National Security Advisers to Meet in Jerusalem

The White House announced Wednesday that U.S., Israeli and Russian national security advisers will meet in Jerusalem in June to discuss regional security issues.

29.05.2019 - 10:14 [ Gareth Porter / ]

Bolton drängt mit israelischen „Informationen“ auf Krieg gegen den Iran

Normalerweise würde es Informationen entweder von einer sehr glaubwürdigen Quelle innerhalb der iranischen Regierung oder ein Abfangen einer sensiblen Kommunikation aus dem Iran erfordern, um diese Art von Anschuldigungen zu rechtfertigen. Aber keine Nachrichtenagentur hat die Nachricht verbreitet, dass eine so spektakuläre neue Information den Weg ins Weiße Haus oder ins Pentagon gefunden hat.

28.05.2019 - 11:03 [ KBS ]

Trump nicht einverstanden mit Abe hinsichtlich Nordkoreas Raketenstarts

Die „Washington Post“ schrieb, dass Trump Nordkoreas Machthaber Kim Jong-un den Rücken gestärkt habe, indem er dem Nationalen Sicherheitsberater John Bolton und sogar Abe öffentlich widersprochen habe.

25.05.2019 - 17:45 [ Daily Beast ]

John Bolton Says North Korea Missile Testing Violates UN Resolutions

National security adviser John Bolton said Saturday that sanctions against North Korea must be kept in place after the rogue country violated a United Nations Security Council resolution when it test-fired short-range missiles last week. The Associated Press reported that Bolton, speaking in Tokyo ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s state visit, also defended the U.S. seizure of a North Korean cargo ship May 14.

25.05.2019 - 04:14 [ Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for President / Twitter ]

Cost of Iran war? A region engulfed in bloodletting, countless lives, many trillions $, our ntnl security undermined, ISIS/AQ strengthened, massive immigration crisis, likely confrontation btwn US & nuclear Russia or China. War without end because “victory” will remain undefined.

25.05.2019 - 04:03 [ Marc Safman / Youtube ]

A Kick-Ass Tulsi Gabbard Interview On Fox News W/Tucker Carlson (5/23/19) #tulsi2020

21.05.2019 - 05:59 [ ABC News ]

2020 candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard presses that US must not go to war with Iran

On Wednesday, Gabbard told ABC News that she believed actions coming from Trump and national security adviser John Bolton, „are dangerously escalating us closer and closer towards a devastating war with Iran.“

20.05.2019 - 05:23 [ Donald J. Trump, President of the United States ]

If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!

20.05.2019 - 05:20 [ New York Times ]

Rocket Hits Green Zone in Baghdad as Tensions Flare Between U.S. and Iran

The heavily guarded compound was already on a heightened state of alert after nonemergency personnel there and at the United States Consulate in the northern city of Erbil were ordered last week to leave.

The order came after the Trump administration announced that new intelligence indicated a heightened risk that Iranian forces or proxies were considering an imminent attack on American forces or interests in the Persian Gulf or Iraq.

20.05.2019 - 03:42 [ The Hill ]

Gabbard: US must not go to war with Iran

The veteran, who served two tours in Iraq, released a new video on Thursday slamming top Trump administration officials for ratcheting up tension with the country and arguing that the „U.S. must not go to war with Iran.“

18.05.2019 - 07:08 [ ]

Trump May Not Want War With Iran—But the Coalition of the Killing May Give Him One

One spark—a rogue militia attack on US forces in Iraq, a battle involving Iran-allied forces in Syria or Lebanon, an incident in the Persian Gulf—could set off the conflagration that Trump’s advisers seem to want.

Who else wants war? It isn’t just Bolton, who has advocated war with Iran for many years. Joining Bolton on what Zarif calls the “B Team” are Bibi, bin Salman, and bin Zayed (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the effective ruler of the United Arab Emirates). Together, they represent Trump’s Coalition of the Killing.

18.05.2019 - 04:03 [ ]

Netanyahu Is Playing Trump Like a Fiddle

In other words, the Trump administration is escalating tensions with Iran based on intelligence reports from Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would have us believe that this isn’t the first time he has been responsible for the actions of the Trump administration.

18.05.2019 - 03:50 [ Times of Israel ]

Report: Mossad intel of looming Iranian attack led US to send in carrier force


“The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.”

According to Israel’s Channel 13, Israeli officials conveyed information gathered largely by the Mossad on an Iranian plan to attack either a US or US-allied target, details of which were not provided to the network.

18.05.2019 - 03:14 [ Washington Post ]

Who actually supports military strikes against Iran?

Among them, the trio of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. It’s no coincidence that these countries have courted the White House since Trump entered office in January 2017 — they saw the incoming administration as an ally against Iran.

17.05.2019 - 06:12 [ Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for President / Twitter ]

Trump promised to get the US out of “stupid wars.” But now he and John Bolton are on the brink of launching us into a very stupid and costly war with Iran. Join me in sending a strong message to President Trump: The US must NOT go to war with Iran. #TULSI2020

17.05.2019 - 06:10 [ Bernie Sanders ]

Tell Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

Sign Bernie Sanders‘ petition to tell Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

17.05.2019 - 00:09 [ Haaretz ]

If the U.S. Goes to War With Iran, Netanyahu Will Be the Prime Suspect

But while the campaign to blame Israel for the Iraq War was limited to a relatively small clique of its most vociferous critics – the most prominent of which were Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer in their book about the Israel lobby – conflagration with Iran would dramatically expand the circle of Israel-accusers. When Walt and Mearsheimer published their book a dozen years ago, Israel still enjoyed wide partisan support in Congress. Its situation today is substantially worse:

16.05.2019 - 06:56 [ Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for President / Twitter ]

Trump says he doesn’t want war with Iran, but that’s exactly what he wants, because that’s exactly what Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu, al-Qaeda, Bolton, Haley, and other NeoCons/NeoLibs want. That’s what he put first–not America.

16.05.2019 - 06:54 [ Washington Post ]

Trump, frustrated by advisers, is not convinced the time is right to attack Iran

Trump grew angry last week and over the weekend about what he sees as warlike planning that is getting ahead of his own thinking, said a senior administration official with knowledge of conversations Trump had regarding national security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“They are getting way out ahead of themselves, and Trump is annoyed,” the official said. “There was a scramble for Bolton and Pompeo and others to get on the same page.”

15.05.2019 - 19:06 [ Sky News ]

US orders embassy staff to leave Iraq immediately

The US state department ordered the pullout of employees from both the embassy in Baghdad and its consulate in Erbil, the embassy said in a statement.

It said Iran and its proxy forces in the region were targeting its citizens and American interests.

15.05.2019 - 07:53 [ New York Times ]

Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump’s New Claims of Threats From Iran

As the Trump administration draws up war plans against Iran over what it says are threats to American troops and interests, a senior British military official told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday that he saw no increased risk from Iran or allied militias in Iraq or Syria.

A few hours later, the United States Central Command issued an unusual rebuke: The remarks from the British official — Maj. Gen. Chris Ghika, who is also the deputy commander of the American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State — run “counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from U.S. and allies regarding Iranian-backed forces in the region.”

15.05.2019 - 07:24 [ NBC News ]

Israel, Saudi Arabia and Trump aides want confrontation with Iran. Will Trump listen?

It’s unclear whether Trump will heed Bolton’s advice, as well as the counsel of leaders in Israel and Saudi Arabia, and push Iran to the brink, or pull back and pursue the „art of the deal.“

15.05.2019 - 03:43 [ Real Clear ]

Bernie Sanders: John Bolton Wants To Lie Us Into War In Iran Like He Did In Iraq, Like They Did In Vietnam

„It is almost impossible to imagine that after the horror of the war in Iraq when we were lied to by the Bush administration and one of the leading architects was this very same, John Bolton,“ Sanders said.

15.05.2019 - 03:28 [ Gareth Porter, / ]

Bolton Is Spinning Israeli ‘Intelligence’ to Push for War Against Iran

The Israeli delegation, led by national security adviser Meir Ben Shabbat, met with Bolton and other unnamed officials in the White House, according to Ravid, to discuss possible Iranian plans. Bolton himself tweeted on April 15 about his meeting with Shabbat:

Great meeting with Israeli National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat today. The close United States-Israel strategic partnership reflects the tremendous strength of the ties between our governments and the citizens of our two allied countries.

15.05.2019 - 01:58 [ The Guardian ]

No increased Iran threat in Syria or Iraq, top British officer says, contradicting US

The general’s comments are likely to heighten concerns that fabricated or exaggerated intelligence may be being used by administration hawks led by the national security adviser, John Bolton, to further the case for war against Iran, in a manner reminiscent of the buildup to the Iraq invasion.

14.05.2019 - 10:39 [ Radio Utopie ]

Wie auch der nächste Anlauf zum Krieg gegen den Iran in sich zusammenfällt

Die verbleibenden Vertragspartner des internationalen Atomabkommens J.C.P.O.A. außer dem Iran, also die Regierungen von Russland, China, Deutschland, Frankreich, Großbritannien, sowie die „Europäische Union“, heucheln weiter bis zum Erbrechen und versuchen Zeit zu schinden, bis die internationale Kriegslobby – der sich selbst angehören – den diesbezüglich einzig relevanten Entscheider, den „Führer der Freien Welt“, die Spitze der real existierenden Hierarchie auf dem Planeten, in den nächsten Massenmord bzw Angriffskrieg gequatscht hat: U.S.-Präsident Donald Trump.

Der hat, wie immer, keine Ahnung von gar nichts. Das hat er mit der Menschheit gemein. Ändert sich das, macht es *puff* und auch der nächste Anlauf des seit Jahrzehnten ablaufenden Programms zur Zerstörung und Eroberung des Iran löst sich wieder einmal in Luft auf.

Bereit, wenn Ihr es seid.

14.05.2019 - 08:44 [ @YadiraVargasTi1 / Twitter ]

Good afternoon Mr. Amb. Bolton and Mr Meir Ben Shabbat .


14.05.2019 - 08:41 [ New York Times ]

White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War

As recently as late April, an American intelligence analysis indicated that Iran had no short-term desire to provoke a conflict. But new intelligence reports, including intercepts, imagery and other information, have since indicated that Iran was building up its proxy forces’ readiness to fight and was preparing them to attack American forces in the region.

14.05.2019 - 08:30 [ Axios ]

NYT: Pentagon presented plan to deploy 120,000 troops in case of Iran escalation

Details: The plan was reportedly presented during a meeting about the Trump administration’s broader Iran policy, attended — among others — by Bolton, CIA director Gina Haspel, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. It’s unclear if President Trump has been briefed on the details of the plan, which did not call for a land invasion of Iran, but requested a similar number of troops involved the U.S.‘ 2003 invasion of Iraq, per the Times.

13.05.2019 - 06:07 [ ]

Scoop: Israel passed White House intelligence on possible Iran plot


The intelligence about a possible Iranian plot is not very specific at this stage, but the officials said it was clear the threat was against a U.S. target in the Gulf or U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

The bottom line: An Israeli official told me Mossad drew several scenarios for what the Iranians might be planning:

12.05.2019 - 21:53 [ John Bolton / Wall Street Journal ]

The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First


The Winter Olympics’ closing ceremonies also concluded North Korea’s propaganda effort to divert attention from its nuclear-weapons and ballistic-missile programs. And although President Trump announced more economic sanctions against Pyongyang last week, he also bluntly presaged “Phase Two” of U.S. action against the Kim regime, which “may be a very rough thing.”

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said in January that Pyongyang was within “a handful of months” of being able to deliver nuclear warheads to the U.S. How long must America…

12.05.2019 - 20:54 [ ]

US-Außenministerium löscht Liste über Erfolge der Sanktionen gegen Venezuela

Darunter finden sich unter anderem die umstrittene Selbsternennung Juan Guaidós zum Interimspräsidenten und die eintausend übergelaufenen venezolanischen Militärangehörigen. Weiter werden auch 3,2 Milliarden US-Dollar eingefrorenes Staatsvermögen im Ausland sowie der Einbruch der Ölproduktion genannt. Letzteres habe geschätzt den Verlust von etwa 50 Prozent der Staatseinkommen innerhalb des letzten Jahres bedeutet.

Der venezolanische UN-Botschafter Samuel Moncada bezeichnete das zurückgezogene Dokument angesichts seiner Offenheit als eine „Liste von Geständnissen“.

12.05.2019 - 20:09 [ CNN ]

Trump tells Iran ‚call me,‘ playing good cop to Bolton’s enforcer

President Donald Trump and his most senior Cabinet officials have a message for the leaders in Iran — it’s just not quite the same one.

12.05.2019 - 20:07 [ NBC News ]

Trump’s top intelligence and military advisers held unusual meeting at CIA on Iran, officials say


Five former CIA operations officers and military officials said that in the past, such meetings have been held at CIA headquarters to brief top officials on highly sensitive covert actions, either the results of existing operations or options for new ones.

12.05.2019 - 20:04 [ Washington Post ]

A frustrated Trump questions his administration’s Venezuela strategy


President Trump is questioning his administration’s aggressive strategy in Venezuela following the failure of a U.S.-backed effort to oust President Nicolás Maduro, complaining he was misled about how easy it would be to replace the socialist strongman with a young opposition figure, according to administration officials and White House advisers.

12.05.2019 - 20:02 [ Washington Post ]

Does a Trump doctrine on foreign policy exist? Ask John Bolton.


More important — because Trump is rarely consistent and could change his mind tomorrow — it reflects the views of the man closest to him on foreign policy, national security adviser John Bolton.

Bolton has been variously described as a neoconservative, a paleoconservative and a conservative hawk. In fact, he is simply a conservative, in the oldest, most classical sense: someone who has a dark view of humankind.

06.05.2019 - 18:30 [ BBC ]

US expands ‚axis of evil‘


The United States has added Cuba, Libya and Syria to the nations it claims are deliberately seeking to obtain chemical or biological weapons.

06.05.2019 - 17:39 [ Tagesschau,de ]

US-Flugzeugträger in Nahost: Alles nur ein Bluff?

So zumindest deuten es mehrere US-Experten. Die Politikanalytikerin Becca Wasser von der Denkfabrik „Rand Corporation“, die das US-Verteidigungsministeriun berät, schrieb: Es würden routinemäßig Flugzeugträger in die Region entsandt, um den Iran abzuschrecken.

Das Verteidigungsministerium habe in letzter Zeit die Anwesenheit von Flugzeugträgern variiert, um unvorhersehbar zu wirken.

06.05.2019 - 10:37 [ ]

Konflikt mit dem Iran: USA verlegen Flugzeugträger in Nahen Osten

Wie der Sicherheitsberater des Weißen Hauses, John Bolton, mitteilte, werden der Flugzeugträger „USS Abraham Lincoln“ sowie eine Bomberstaffel vom Mittelmeer in den Nahen Osten verlegt.

Den genauen Ort der Stationierung ließ er offen. Bolton sprach lediglich von einer Verlegung in die Region, für die das Streitkräftekommando CENTCOM zuständig ist – dieses Gebiet reicht von Syrien im Westen bis Pakistan im Osten.

05.05.2019 - 23:58 [ ]

Putin und Trump sprechen über Venezuela, Militär versichert Maduro Loyalität

Bei einer Pressekonferenz im Weißen Haus berichtete Trump, er habe über eine Stunde lang ein „sehr positives Gespräch“ mit seinem russischen Amtskollegen Wladimir Putin geführt, auch über Venezuela. „Er will sich überhaupt nicht in Venezuela einmischen, sondern er möchte nur, dass etwas Positives für Venezuela geschieht. Und ich empfinde genauso, wir wollen humanitäre Hilfe leisten“, sagte der US-Präsident.

Damit widersprach Trump wiederholten Äußerungen und Drohungen von Außenminister Mike Pompeo und Sicherheitsberater John Bolton.

03.05.2019 - 01:44 [ ]

The Tragedy of Venezuela Is the Tragedy of the United States of America

Knowing what I know about my own Administration’s attempt to unseat Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2002, I was not surprised when the effort was recently renewed by the Trump Administration, particularly when such arch-defenders of Latin American rights as Elliott Abrams, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott – not to mention John Bolton – began to appear on the White House payroll.

03.05.2019 - 01:40 [ ]

Die Tragödie Venezuelas ist die Tragödie der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika

In Kenntnis dessen, was ich über den Versuch meiner eigenen Regierung weiß, den venezolanischen Präsidenten Hugo Chavez im Jahr 2002 aus dem Amt zu werfen, war ich nicht überrascht, als die Trump-Administration die Bemühungen kürzlich erneuerte, insbesondere als solche Erzverteidiger lateinamerikanischer Rechte wie Elliott Abrams, Marco Rubio und Rick Scott – ganz zu schweigen von John Bolton – begannen, auf der Gehaltsliste des Weißen Hauses aufzutauchen.

01.05.2019 - 11:30 [ Tulsi Gabbard, candidate for President / Twitter ]

As a soldier who knows the horrible cost of war, I call on both sides in Venezuela to resolve their differences peacefully. We should always be ready to sit & speak with adversaries. Civil war in Venezuela will result in unimaginable suffering & undermine US national security.

01.05.2019 - 11:20 [ Joe Biden, Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States / Twitter ]

The violence in Venezuela today against peaceful protesters is criminal. Maduro’s regime is responsible for incredible suffering. The U.S. must stand with the National Assembly & Guaidó in their efforts to restore democracy through legitimate, internationally monitored elections.

01.05.2019 - 11:08 [ telesur ]

Joe Biden and Democratic Establishment Support Trump’s Coup Attempt in Venezuela

Early in the morning as the situation unfolded in the capital city of Caracas, Trump, Rubio, Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo in blatant violation of law gloated in support of the attempted coup. But the Democratic establishment didn’t stay behind expressing the same sort of comments and sentiments against the democratically and legitimate government of Venezuela.

01.05.2019 - 01:40 [ Dr. Jill Stein / Twitter ]

The people of #Venezuela shouldn’t be made to suffer a bloody civil war to satisfy the greed of foreign investors. Bolton & Trump have said outright: WE WANT THEIR OIL. US desperately needs a true opposition party & independent media that won’t just rubber-stamp war for profit.

30. Apr. 2019

01.05.2019 - 01:35 [ Sputnik ]

Jill Stein Slams Bolton, Trump for Seeking Regime Change in Venezuela

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein condemned the Trump administration’s policy in Venezuela on her Twitter account, saying that the current crisis was caused by the US attempt to change the regime in yet another country as well as its “greed” for the natural resources of Venezuela.

19.04.2019 - 21:18 [ Reuters ]

White House says Trump spoke to Libyan commander Haftar on Monday

Both the United States and Russia said on Thursday they could not support a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Libya at this time.

Haftar was among officers who helped Gaddafi rise to power in 1969 but fell out with him during Libya’s war with Chad in the 1980s. Haftar was taken prisoner by the Chadians and had to be rescued by the CIA after having worked from Chad to overthrow Gaddafi.

He lived for around 20 years in the U.S. state of Virginia before returning home in 2011 to join other rebels in the uprising that ousted Gaddafi.

18.04.2019 - 03:27 [ CNN ]

Trump administration targets so-called ‚troika of tyranny‘ with wave of new sanctions

Pompeo said Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, also known as the Libertad Act, would be implemented in full effective May 2. He had already informed Congress of the decision, he said…

The decision by the Trump administration to fully implement Title III is likely to be met with opposition from European nations and Canada, whose businesses have billions of dollars of investments in Cuba.

22.03.2019 - 23:38 [ Gerry Condon / Veterans For Peace ]

VFP Members Visit Venezuela with U.S./Canada Peace Delegation

On my way back from Venezuela, I stopped in Nicaragua for three days.

I met with Vietnam veteran Brian Willson, who lost his legs in 1987 while attempting to stop a train carrying munitions for the U.S. wars in Central America, and now lives in Nicaragua. We met with several Nicaraguan veterans who are forming a chapter of Veterans For Peace. They want to unite all the veterans in Nicaragua, including former counter-revolutionary forces, the Contras, to oppose U.S. regime change schemes.

I learned a lot about the U.S. attempts to destabilize the government of Nicaragua, which Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton has grouped with Venezuela and Cuba as the “Troika of Tyranny” that has “finally met its match,” thus announcing U.S. plans to overthrow and replace the governments of all three nations.

16.03.2019 - 01:01 [ Zeit ]

USA verhängen Sanktionen gegen Internationalen Strafgerichtshof

Die Regierung von US-Präsident Donald Trump hat Sanktionen gegen den Internationalen Strafgerichtshof (IStGH) in Den Haag verhängt. IStGH-Mitarbeiter, die an Untersuchungen gegen in Afghanistan eingesetzte US-Militärs beteiligt seien, bekommen künftig keine Visa für die USA mehr ausgestellt, teilte Außenminister Mike Pompeo mit. Die ersten Einreiseverbote seien bereits erlassen worden. Die Namen der Betroffenen nannte Pompeo nicht.

13.03.2019 - 23:00 [ Raúl Antonio Capote / Granma ]

Rezept für Trump: eine Dosis vietnamesischen Sirups

Wie in den letzten Jahren der 80er und den frühen 90er Jahren glauben sie wieder an den Dominoeffekt: Wenn Venezuela fällt, fällt Nicaragua, und natürlich wird am Ende auch Kuba an der Reihe sein.

04.03.2019 - 03:05 [ CNN / Twitter ]

.@AmbJohnBolton on Venezuela: “I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro” @jaketapper: Do you not see US support for other dictators around the world undermines the credibility of your argument? Bolton: “No, I don’t think it does.“ #CNNSOTU

04.03.2019 - 02:51 [ ]

Bolton: USA wollen Bildung einer breiten Koalition zur Absetzung Maduros

Dabei berief sich Bolton auf ein umstrittenes US-amerikanisches Dokument: „In dieser Administration haben wir keine Angst davor, den Begriff,Monroe-Doktrin‘ zu benutzen. Das (Venezuela – Anm. d. Red.) ist ein Land in unserer Hemisphäre. Und es ist das Ziel der amerikanischen Präsidenten seit Ronald Raegan gewesen, eine komplett demokratische Hemisphäre zu haben.“

15.02.2019 - 01:36 [ ]

Pompeo versucht den Iran, die Hisbollah und die Krise in Venezuela zu verbinden

Im Laufe eines Mittwochabendinterviews mit dem FOX Business Gastgeber Trish Regan gab Außenminister Mike Pompeo mehrere Erklärungen ab, die die Augenbrauen hochgehen ließen, wie z.B. die Behauptung, dass Kuba in Venezuela eingedrungen war und „die Kontrolle über den Sicherheitsapparat Venezuelas übernommen“ hatte und dass die US-Sanktionen, die illegal gegen Venezuela verhängt wurden, „nicht gegen das venezolanische Volk gerichtet sind“.

Die überraschendste Behauptung, die Pompeo im Interview aufgestellt hat, war jedoch, dass Hisbollah und Iran in Venezuela „aktiv“ sind und ein „Risiko für die nationale Sicherheit Amerikas“ darstellen.

09.02.2019 - 19:07 [ Junge Welt ]

Kein Konsens in Montevideo

Bundesaußenminister Heiko Maas verzichtete auf eine Reise nach Montevideo, sondern ließ sich durch einen Beamten vertreten. Er selbst konferierte lieber einen Tag zuvor in Washington mit dem Nationalen Sicherheitsberater der USA, John Bolton:

09.02.2019 - 14:18 [ Auswärtiges Amt ‏/ Twitter ]

Bei dem Treffen von Außenminister @HeikoMaas und @AmbJohnBolton ging es vor allem um #Venezuela: Wir haben vereinbart, dass wir weiter Druck dafür machen, dass der von uns anerkannte Interimspräsident @jguaido schnell in die Lage versetzt wird, Neuwahlen durchzuführen.

09.02.2019 - 03:10 [ Basler Zeitung ]

Cassis will bald Freihandelsabkommen verhandeln

Bundesrat Ignazio Cassis war in Washington mit seinem Amtskollegen Mike Pompeo und Trump-Berater John Bolton verabredet… Das erste Treffen mit einem Schweizer Aussenminister in Washington seit bald 10 Jahren, war auch dem US-Aussenministerium eine kurze Pressemitteilung Wert. Demnach haben die beiden Amtskollegen auch über die Notwendigkeit gesprochen, die multilateralen Organisationen zu reformieren.

05.02.2019 - 08:56 [ Bloomberg ]

The U.S. Failed in Venezuela Last Time. It’s a Different World Now

(25.1.2019) When the U.S. rushed to endorse a military coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2002, it ended up with egg on its face. The self-styled leader of a “Bolivarian” revolution was back in office within three days — and more anti-American than ever.

The decision by Washington to recognize National Assembly leader Juan Guaido as the nation’s legitimate president could see a repeat, if Chavez-heir Nicolas Maduro should cling onto power. But it takes place in a very different geopolitical climate, one where failure risks global repercussions.

05.02.2019 - 02:04 [ Military Times ]

Military intervention in Venezuela is ‘an option,‘ Trump says, as Russia warns against ‘meddling’

A U.S. military intervention in Venezuela is still on the table, President Donald Trump said Sunday.

The president was asked about his position on the crumbling South American country this weekend during an interview with CBS‘ Face the Nation.

03.02.2019 - 17:45 [ ]

Warum muss Venezuela zerstört werden?

Es wäre durchaus verständlich, wenn Sie diese Regimewechselaktion mit einer Art absurder Performancekunst verwechseln würden. Sie ist sicherlich ein wenig zu abstrakt für die Komplexität der realen Welt der internationalen Ordnung. Ein armer, ängstlicher Diener wird vor eine Kamera gestoßen und erklärt sich zum Präsidenten von Narnia, und dann springen drei Handlanger (Pence, Pompeo und Bolton) plus Bozo der Trump auf und schreien „Ja-ja-ja-ja, das ist er!“. Und ein pensionierter Versager wird von der Bank geholt, abgestaubt und auf eine Mission in ein Land geschickt, das ihn nicht haben will.

02.02.2019 - 03:39 [ Common Dreams ]

‚Yiiiiikes‘: John Bolton Threatens to Send Venezuela’s Maduro to Offshore US Prison at Guantánamo

Bolton’s comments were quickly highlighted on social media by critics, including journalist Jeremy Scahill, whose latest episode of the podcast Intercepted, published Wednesday, focused entirely on how the Trump administration „is openly engaging in a blatant effort to overthrow“ Maduro.

01.02.2019 - 13:49 [ New York Times ]

Senate Rebukes Trump Over Troop Withdrawals From Syria and Afghanistan

The 68-to-23 vote to cut off debate ensures that the amendment, written by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and backed by virtually every Senate Republican, will be added to a broader bipartisan Middle East policy bill expected to easily pass the Senate next week.

The vote was the second time in two months that a Republican-led Senate had rebuked Mr. Trump on foreign policy.

01.02.2019 - 13:32 [ CNN ]

In rebuke to Trump, Mitch McConnell unveils proposal urging troops stay in Syria, Afghanistan

(29.1.2019) Trump ordered a rapid withdrawal of troops from Syria on December 19, a move that was widely criticized by lawmakers from both parties.
Since that initial announcement, Trump earlier this month extended his original 30-day timeline to withdraw the troops to four months and told reporters, „I never said we’re doing it quickly, but we’re decimating ISIS.“

30.01.2019 - 14:34 [ ]

Maduro zum Machtkampf: „Wir lassen uns nicht erpressen“

In einem Interview mit der staatlichen russischen Nachrichtenagentur Ria Nowosti gab sich Maduro offen: „Ich bin bereit, mich mit der Opposition an den Verhandlungstisch zu setzen, um zum Wohle Venezuelas über Frieden und die Zukunft zu sprechen.“

Die Gespräche könnten unter Vermittlung mehrerer Länder stattfinden, schlug Maduro der Agentur zufolge vor.

30.01.2019 - 14:31 [ ]

Maduro: Bolton verbietet Trump Dialog mit Caracas

„Ich habe seit Jahren Versuche unternommen, (…) Verbindungen, achtungsvolle Beziehungen, Dialog mit den USA herzustellen, unberücksichtigt der politischen, kulturellen und ideologischen Differenzen“, sagte Maduro. Es schien ihm zufolge, dass es bald soweit sei, doch Bolton soll Trump verboten haben, einen Dialog aufzunehmen.

30.01.2019 - 14:25 [ Tulsi Gabbard ‏/ Twitter ]

It’s about the oil … again. Bolton just exposed real motive for intervention in Venezuela: „We’re in conversation with major American companies now…It would make a difference if we could have American companies produce the oil in Venezuela. We both have a lot at stake here.“

30.01.2019 - 02:56 [ Junge Welt ]

USA ölen die Putschisten

Die demokratische US-Kongressabgeordnete Tulsi Gabbard, die 2020 Präsidentin ihres Landes werden will, wertet das als den realen Grund für die US-Intervention: »It’s about the oil … again«. Das südamerikanische Land verfügt über die weltweit größten bestätigten Erdölreserven.

28.01.2019 - 05:34 [ Radio Utopie ]

Venezuela: Krisentreffen der Karibischen Gemeinschaft (CARICOM) mit Generalsekretär der Vereinten Nationen

Am heutigen Montag, dem 28.1.2019, kommt es zu einer Notfallsitzung mit fünf Vertretern von Mitgliedsländern der Karibischen Gemeinschaft wegen der aktuellen Situation um Venezuela im U.N.O.-Hauptquartier in New York in den U.S.A. mit U.N.O.-Generalsekretär Antonio Guterres.

27.01.2019 - 02:43 [ Gareth Porter ‏/ Twitter ]

Warmonger-in-chief Bolton never rests.

His latest trick: trying to gin up a new #Iran crisis by claiming Iran has lied to international atomic watchdog IAEA. But it’s fallen flat. Neither the IAEA nor the Europeans took his antics seriously.

15.01.2019 - 08:55 [ Henry Olsen / Washington Post ]

John Bolton is under attack

The first report seeks to portray Bolton as a bumbler whose undiplomatic attempt to soothe both Netanyahu and Erdogan made the withdrawal harder to implement. This could be the work of someone trying to diminish Bolton’s influence within the administration. When the president asks why his administration has yet to fully withdraw from Syria, these people can use the report as evidence that Bolton is the problem.

15.01.2019 - 08:42 [ ]

From Trump tweets to Pentagon leaks, infighting leaves US Middle East policy in tatters

At the same, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and New York Times all carried major damaging stories targeting White House Middle East policy, all sourced to unnamed American diplomats and defence officials, targeting Mr Trump’s handpicked adviser Mr Bolton for pushing the country towards the brink of war with Iran and trying to maintain the US military presence in Syria as a bulwark against Iranian influence.

05.01.2019 - 09:16 [ ]

Bolton to praise Bolsonaro, declare „Troika of Tyranny“ in Latin America speech

National Security Adviser John Bolton will declare the election of right-wing firebrand Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil as a „positive sign“ for Latin America while denouncing Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua as a „Troika of Tyranny,“ according to excerpts seen by Axios of a speech he will give at 1 p.m. ET in Miami.

14.12.2018 - 02:57 [ Reuters ]

Russia, China abstain on U.N. Central Africa vote, unhappy with France

Earlier on Thursday the Trump administration unveiled its strategy for Africa, which national security adviser John Bolton said aimed to counter economic and political influence of China and Russia on the continent.

13.12.2018 - 17:04 [ Portal ]

USA schließen Büro in Havanna

In einem Interview hatte der Nationale Sicherheitsberater des Weißen Hauses, John Bolton, kürzlich geäußert, Kuba, Nicaragua und Venezuela seien eine „Troika der Tyrannei“ und gedroht: „Der Tag der Abrechnung erwartet sie”.

12.12.2018 - 05:18 [ Radio Utopie ]

Erster strategischer Dialog zwischen den USA und Griechenland in Washington

U.S.-Aussenminister Mike Pompeo und der nationale Sicherheitsberater des U.S.-Präsidenten, John Bolton, empfangen griechische Delegation zu einem „Minigipfel“ in der Hauptstadt der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika

15.11.2018 - 07:08 [ ]

Bolton aide exits White House after high-profile clash with first lady

Ricardel remained at work on Tuesday as Bolton objected to her ouster and was reportedly at the office on Wednesday before her transition was announced.

Bolton brought Ricardel on board in May to serve as his No. 2 on the National Security Council. She earned a reputation as an enforcer and fierce bureaucratic infighter, clashing with White House chief of staff John Kelly and Defense Secretary James Mattis.

15.11.2018 - 07:01 [ New York Times ]

Mira Ricardel, Aide Who Crossed Melania Trump, Is Removed From Her White House Role

Hours later, the White House said that Ms. Ricardel was indeed leaving her post but that she would still work in the administration — just not under the first lady’s roof.

“Mira Ricardel will continue to support the president as she departs the White House to transition to a new role within the administration,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in a statement.

14.11.2018 - 23:10 [ Jason Ditz / ]

Bolton schwört, den Iran „zu zerquetschen“, Sanktionen eskalieren

Da die neu verhängten US-Sanktionen gegen den Iran kaum bis gar nicht wahrnehmbare wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen haben, spricht der nationale Sicherheitsberater John Bolton über seine Pläne, die Sanktionslinie weiter zu eskalieren, und sagt, er werde „den Iran ausquetschen, bis die Kerne quietschen“.

14.11.2018 - 05:49 [ Fox News ]

Melania Trump’s office calls for firing of top Bolton deputy

The paper added that the first lady’s office suspects Ricardel of leaking negative stories about the first lady and her staff.

The Journal also reported that Ricardel has sparred with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis over policy differences and staffing decisions. The Washington Post, citing three current and two former White House officials, reported that Ricardel had berated people in meetings and spread rumors about Mattis. The paper also reported that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has sought Ricardel’s ouster for months.

09.11.2018 - 06:03 [ Kathimerini ]

Christodoulides meets US National Security Advisor John Bolton

Earlier on Wednesday, Christodoulides visited the American Hellenic Institute and met with its President, Nick Larigakis, and also met with the leadership of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Diplomatic sources said it has been agreed that President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades be the keynote speaker at the AIPAC Congress in Washington, in March.

07.11.2018 - 17:24 [ ]

Bolton: Even more Iran sanctions planned

„We’re gonna have sanctions that even go beyond this,“ Bolton said on Fox Business. „We’re not simply going to be content with the level of sanctions that existed under Obama in 2015.“

„More are coming,“ he pledged, adding, „We are actually going to have very strict, very tight enforcement of the sanctions that exist.“

05.11.2018 - 05:34 [ ]

RPA: Armenia government gives no appropriate response to Bolton, Mills’ statements

According to the deputy, this region is important for US and Russia to be close to Syria and Iran.

“Both Russia and the United States are trying to consolidate their political capital in this region, to increase their influence in order to fulfill their future goals,” the deputy concluded.

23.10.2018 - 17:47 [ ]

Bolton: US, Russia Will Benefit From Sanctions on Iran

National Security Advisor John Bolton has been holding a series of talks in Moscow with senior Russian officials including Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

23.10.2018 - 16:06 [ Sputnik ]

Patruschew und Bolton berieten in Moskau: Iran-Deal im Fokus

Der Sekretär des Sicherheitsrates Russlands, Nikolai Patruschew, und der Sicherheitsberater des US-Präsidenten, John Bolton, haben am Montag in Moskau die Situation um das Abkommen mit dem Iran, die Lage in Syrien, Afghanistan und in der Ukraine sowie das Nuklearproblem auf der Korea-Halbinsel erörtert.

22.10.2018 - 18:01 [ Ruptly / Youtube ]

LIVE: US National Security Advisor John Bolton meets Lavrov in Moscow: arrivals at MFA

US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meet at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Monday, October 22. According to Bolton, the meeting comes with the aim of continuing the talks held at the Russia–United States summit in Helsinki earlier this year.

22.10.2018 - 09:22 [ New York Times ]

John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration

(18.10.2018) The three people said Mr. Kelly and Mr. Bolton were sparring over an issue that has frequently angered the president and has often prompted him to lash out at Kirstjen Nielsen, who succeeded Mr. Kelly as the secretary of homeland security after serving as his deputy chief of staff in the White House. Mr. Bolton was siding with the president, who has angrily blamed Ms. Nielsen for failing to stanch the flow of migrants across the border, while Mr. Kelly, who is fiercely protective of his protégé, defended her, the people said.

20.10.2018 - 05:19 [ Guardian ]

John Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty

Bolton, Donald Trump’s third national security adviser, has issued a recommendation for withdrawal from the 1987 intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty (INF), which the US says Russia has been violating with the development of a new cruise missile.(…)
Former US officials say Bolton is blocking talks on extending the 2010 New Start treaty with Russia limiting deployed strategic nuclear warheads and their delivery systems.

04.10.2018 - 03:53 [ Auswärtiges Amt ]

Mehr in die Partnerschaft investieren

(2.10.2018) Nachdem Heiko Maas Ende August in einem Namensartikel für eine ausbalancierte Partnerschaft plädiert hat, ist er heute in der US-Hauptstadt, um sich unter anderem mit Außenminister Mike Pompeo und dem Nationalen Sicherheitsberater des Präsidenten, John Bolton, zu treffen.

26.09.2018 - 13:19 [ Al Jazeera ]

Top US official John Bolton to Iran: ‚There will be hell to pay‘

„So I might imagine they would take me seriously when I assure them today that if you cross us, our allies or our partners, if you harm our citizens, if you continue to lie cheat and deceive. Yes there will indeed be hell to pay,“ the US National Security Advisor said.

Speaking at an organisation that opposed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, from which the Trump administration withdrew in May, Bolton criticised the deal as „the worst diplomatic debacle in American history“.