15.11.2018 - 07:08 [ ]

Bolton aide exits White House after high-profile clash with first lady

Ricardel remained at work on Tuesday as Bolton objected to her ouster and was reportedly at the office on Wednesday before her transition was announced.

Bolton brought Ricardel on board in May to serve as his No. 2 on the National Security Council. She earned a reputation as an enforcer and fierce bureaucratic infighter, clashing with White House chief of staff John Kelly and Defense Secretary James Mattis.

15.11.2018 - 07:01 [ New York Times ]

Mira Ricardel, Aide Who Crossed Melania Trump, Is Removed From Her White House Role

Hours later, the White House said that Ms. Ricardel was indeed leaving her post but that she would still work in the administration — just not under the first lady’s roof.

“Mira Ricardel will continue to support the president as she departs the White House to transition to a new role within the administration,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in a statement.

14.11.2018 - 23:10 [ Jason Ditz / ]

Bolton schwört, den Iran „zu zerquetschen“, Sanktionen eskalieren

Da die neu verhängten US-Sanktionen gegen den Iran kaum bis gar nicht wahrnehmbare wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen haben, spricht der nationale Sicherheitsberater John Bolton über seine Pläne, die Sanktionslinie weiter zu eskalieren, und sagt, er werde „den Iran ausquetschen, bis die Kerne quietschen“.

14.11.2018 - 05:49 [ Fox News ]

Melania Trump’s office calls for firing of top Bolton deputy

The paper added that the first lady’s office suspects Ricardel of leaking negative stories about the first lady and her staff.

The Journal also reported that Ricardel has sparred with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis over policy differences and staffing decisions. The Washington Post, citing three current and two former White House officials, reported that Ricardel had berated people in meetings and spread rumors about Mattis. The paper also reported that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has sought Ricardel’s ouster for months.

09.11.2018 - 06:03 [ Kathimerini ]

Christodoulides meets US National Security Advisor John Bolton

Earlier on Wednesday, Christodoulides visited the American Hellenic Institute and met with its President, Nick Larigakis, and also met with the leadership of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Diplomatic sources said it has been agreed that President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades be the keynote speaker at the AIPAC Congress in Washington, in March.

07.11.2018 - 17:24 [ ]

Bolton: Even more Iran sanctions planned

„We’re gonna have sanctions that even go beyond this,“ Bolton said on Fox Business. „We’re not simply going to be content with the level of sanctions that existed under Obama in 2015.“

„More are coming,“ he pledged, adding, „We are actually going to have very strict, very tight enforcement of the sanctions that exist.“

05.11.2018 - 05:34 [ ]

RPA: Armenia government gives no appropriate response to Bolton, Mills’ statements

According to the deputy, this region is important for US and Russia to be close to Syria and Iran.

“Both Russia and the United States are trying to consolidate their political capital in this region, to increase their influence in order to fulfill their future goals,” the deputy concluded.

23.10.2018 - 17:47 [ ]

Bolton: US, Russia Will Benefit From Sanctions on Iran

National Security Advisor John Bolton has been holding a series of talks in Moscow with senior Russian officials including Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

23.10.2018 - 16:06 [ Sputnik ]

Patruschew und Bolton berieten in Moskau: Iran-Deal im Fokus

Der Sekretär des Sicherheitsrates Russlands, Nikolai Patruschew, und der Sicherheitsberater des US-Präsidenten, John Bolton, haben am Montag in Moskau die Situation um das Abkommen mit dem Iran, die Lage in Syrien, Afghanistan und in der Ukraine sowie das Nuklearproblem auf der Korea-Halbinsel erörtert.

22.10.2018 - 18:01 [ Ruptly / Youtube ]

LIVE: US National Security Advisor John Bolton meets Lavrov in Moscow: arrivals at MFA

US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meet at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Monday, October 22. According to Bolton, the meeting comes with the aim of continuing the talks held at the Russia–United States summit in Helsinki earlier this year.

22.10.2018 - 09:22 [ New York Times ]

John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration

(18.10.2018) The three people said Mr. Kelly and Mr. Bolton were sparring over an issue that has frequently angered the president and has often prompted him to lash out at Kirstjen Nielsen, who succeeded Mr. Kelly as the secretary of homeland security after serving as his deputy chief of staff in the White House. Mr. Bolton was siding with the president, who has angrily blamed Ms. Nielsen for failing to stanch the flow of migrants across the border, while Mr. Kelly, who is fiercely protective of his protégé, defended her, the people said.

20.10.2018 - 05:19 [ Guardian ]

John Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty

Bolton, Donald Trump’s third national security adviser, has issued a recommendation for withdrawal from the 1987 intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty (INF), which the US says Russia has been violating with the development of a new cruise missile.(…)
Former US officials say Bolton is blocking talks on extending the 2010 New Start treaty with Russia limiting deployed strategic nuclear warheads and their delivery systems.

04.10.2018 - 03:53 [ Auswärtiges Amt ]

Mehr in die Partnerschaft investieren

(2.10.2018) Nachdem Heiko Maas Ende August in einem Namensartikel für eine ausbalancierte Partnerschaft plädiert hat, ist er heute in der US-Hauptstadt, um sich unter anderem mit Außenminister Mike Pompeo und dem Nationalen Sicherheitsberater des Präsidenten, John Bolton, zu treffen.

26.09.2018 - 13:19 [ Al Jazeera ]

Top US official John Bolton to Iran: ‚There will be hell to pay‘

„So I might imagine they would take me seriously when I assure them today that if you cross us, our allies or our partners, if you harm our citizens, if you continue to lie cheat and deceive. Yes there will indeed be hell to pay,“ the US National Security Advisor said.

Speaking at an organisation that opposed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, from which the Trump administration withdrew in May, Bolton criticised the deal as „the worst diplomatic debacle in American history“.

12.09.2018 - 05:50 [ ]

Internationaler Strafgerichtshof: Bolton droht Richtern in Den Haag

Die Vereinigten Staaten erkennen diesen Gerichtshof nicht an, wollen ihm nicht beitreten und akzeptieren keine Urteile gegen amerikanische Staatsbürger, die dort angeklagt sind und verurteilt werden sollten.
Darin unterscheidet sich die von Donald Trump geführte Regierung nicht von ihren Vorgängern.

12.09.2018 - 05:47 [ BBC ]

John Bolton threatens ICC with US sanctions

The court is currently considering prosecuting US servicemen over alleged detainee abuse in Afghanistan.

National Security Adviser John Bolton called the court „illegitimate“ and vowed the US would do everything „to protect our citizens“.

The US is among dozens of nations not to have joined the court.

04.09.2018 - 22:00 [ Ron Paul / ]

Können wir Syrien nicht einfach in Ruhe lassen?

Assad sollte schon weg sein. Präsident Obama dachte, es wäre nur ein weiterer „Regimewechsel“ und vielleicht würde Assad wie Saddam Hussein oder Janukowitsch enden. Oder vielleicht sogar wie Gaddafi. Aber er sollte weg sein. Die US gaben Milliarden aus, um ihn loszuwerden und stellten sogar Radikalen von der Art Waffen und Training zur Verfügung, die die Vereinigten Staaten am 9/11 angegriffen haben.

04.09.2018 - 21:58 [ Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ]

Can’t We Just Leave Syria Alone?

Americans should be outraged that Pompeo and Bolton are defending al-Qaeda in Idlib. It’s time for the neocons to admit they lost. It is time to give Syria back to the Syrians. It is time to pull the US troops from Syria. It is time to just leave Syria alone!

27.08.2018 - 05:59 [ Al Jazeera ]

Bolton: US to act ‚very strongly‘ if Syria uses chemical arms

(23.8.2018) Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday during a visit to Jerusalem, John Bolton said: „We now see plans for the Syrian regime to resume offensive military activities in Idlib province.

„We are obviously concerned about the possibility that Assad may use chemical weapons again.

„Just so there’s no confusion here, if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond very strongly and they really ought to think about this a long time,“ he added.

25.08.2018 - 11:36 [ Washington Post ]

Bolton and his Russian counterpart discuss arms control, Syria and Iran

(23.8.2018) Patrushev, according to state-run RIA news agency, said that no statement had been written “because the Americans wanted this to say that we had meddled in their elections, as is their opinion, but we deny this.”

Bolton said they also discussed Syria and Iran.

20.08.2018 - 08:05 [ ]

Who is the Iranian group targeted by bombers and beloved of Trump allies?

(2.7.2018) Cult-like MeK was listed as terrorist group in US until 2012 – but its opposition to Tehran has attracted backing of John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and others bent on regime change in Iran

20.08.2018 - 07:37 [ ]

US-Sicherheitsberater spricht mit Netanjahu über Iran

Der Nationale Sicherheitsberater der USA, John Bolton, ist gestern in Tel Aviv zu Gesprächen über die Iran-Politik mit Israels Premierminister Benjamin Netanjahu zusammengetroffen. Es gehe bei den Unterredungen in Jerusalem vorrangig um das Raketenprogramm des Iran sowie um dessen nukleare Ambitionen. Bolton sprach von einem „Atomwaffenprogramm“ des Landes.

08.08.2018 - 20:39 [ CNN ]

Iran’s president says he’ll talk to Trump „right now“

„I don’t have preconditions. If the US government is willing, let’s start right now,“ Rouhani said during an interview that aired on state television late Monday local time, just hours before the US renewed sanctions on Iran. „If there is sincerity, Iran has always welcomed dialogue and negotiations,“ Rouhani said.
Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, when asked about the offer by CNN’s Jake Tapper, dismissed it as possible „propaganda.“

08.08.2018 - 20:34 [ Haaretz ]

Trump Keeps Contradicting His Foreign Policy Team. What Does That Mean for Israel and Iran?

Later Monday, Rouhani told Iranian television that in fact he was ready to meet without preconditions.

“I don’t have preconditions,” he said, according to CNN. “If the U.S. government is willing, let’s start right now.”

It was Bolton, told of Rouhani’s 180, who seemed to be off balance.

30.07.2018 - 11:56 [ TYT Network ]

Giuliani, Bolton Repeatedly Met With Group Formerly Designated a Cult-Like Terror Organization

That group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK for short, was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department until 2012, at which point it was removed from the State Department’s terror list after an intense lobbying effort. The group was on the terror list for good reason: MEK has killed several American servicemembers and contractors; attempted to assassinate a top U.S. general; and attempted to kidnap the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Douglas MacArthur II.

In 1992, the MEK conducted a terror attack on the Iranian mission to the United Nations in New York, making it one of the few terror groups to have operated on U.S. soil, according to Daniel Benjamin, the former coordinator for counterterrorism at the State Department.

The group has been widely characterized as a cult.

30.07.2018 - 10:55 [ Real Clear Politics ]

Tucker Carlson: Kristol, „Swamp“ Foreign Policy Establishment „Working Overtime To Ensnare Trump In Iran“

(25.7.2018) „The mullahs are months away from building a nuke, the neocons tell us. Keep in mind, these people have been saying the exact same thing, word for word, for more than a decade. You can look it up on Google.

They have no idea what they are talking about. Their track records are embarrassing. Disaster after disaster. They ought to be selling time-shares in Maui or doing something useful.“

30.07.2018 - 10:44 [ Fox News / Youtube ]

Tucker: An Iran war would destroy Trump’s presidency

(24.7.2018) Tucker: We are moving toward confrontation with Iran. That should worry everybody, but it should especially concern the president’s supporters. If President Trump decides to go to war with Iran, it will destroy his presidency, just as the Iraq War destroyed the presidency of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush.

28.07.2018 - 14:30 [ Paul Craig Roberts / Rubikon ]

Der Staat im Staate – Der Tiefe Staat der USA fürchtet nichts mehr als den Willen zum Frieden.

Wir wissen nun, warum der Neokonservative John Bolton das Treffen in Helsinki arrangiert hat. Es war eine Falle für Trump. Es bereitete ihn für die politische Exekution durch die Medien und den Kongress, beide vom Militär- und Sicherheitskomplex gesteuert, vor. Es gibt in den USA keinerlei Unabhängigkeit in den Print- und TV-Medien – mit Ausnahme Tucker Carlsons – und keinerlei Unabhängigkeit im Kongress. Dies sind gesteuerte Institutionen und auch Tucker Carlson wird nicht mehr lange toleriert werden.

20.07.2018 - 05:49 [ KBS ]

US-Geheimdienstdirektor: Denuklearisierung Nordkoreas innerhalb eines Jahres unwahrscheinlich

Coats hatte eine Frage zur jüngsten Bemerkung des nationalen Sicherheitsberaters John Bolton beantwortet, der von einem Jahr als Zeitraum für die Denuklearisierung in Nordkorea gesprochen hatte.

Bolton hatte gesagt, dass Pjöngjang den überwiegenden Teil seiner Massenvernichtungswaffen innerhalb eines Jahres offenlegen könne.

Coats verwies auf Aussagen des Außenministers Mike Pompeo, der jüngst erklärt habe, dass die Denuklearisierung Zeit brauche. Der Prozess sei viel komplizierter als die meisten denken würden.

20.07.2018 - 05:41 [ ]

Controversial John Bolton Ally Breaks With Trump Over Helsinki Summit

Having long derided the Iran nuclear deal as “defective,” Trump during the Helsinki summit stood alongside Putin as the Russian president spoke of “lamentable consequences” if the treaty was not maintained.

20.07.2018 - 05:33 [ ]

USA und Russland: Trump lädt Putin nach Washington ein

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat seinen Nationalen Sicherheitsberater John Bolton gebeten, Putin einzuladen. Das teilte die Pressesprecherin des Weißen Hauses, Sarah Huckabee Sanders mit. Entsprechende Diskussionen seien im Gange. Trump hatte zuvor bereits getwittert, er freue sich auf ein weiteres Treffen mit Putin.

04.07.2018 - 01:54 [ Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ]

Who’s Afraid of the Trump/Putin Summit?

As could be expected given the current political climate in the US, the neoconservatives have joined up with the anti-Trump forces on the Left — and US client states overseas — to vigorously oppose any movement toward peace with Russia. The mainstream media is, as also to be expected, amplifying every objection to any step away from a confrontation with Russia.

04.07.2018 - 01:51 [ Ron Paul / ]

Wer fürchtet sich vor dem Trump-Putin-Gipfel?

Wie angesichts des derzeitigen politischen Klimas in den USA zu erwarten war, haben sich die Neokonservativen mit den Anti-Trump-Kräften der Linken – und den US-Satellitenstaaten im Ausland – zusammengetan, um sich jeder Bewegung in Richtung Frieden mit Russland energisch entgegenzustellen. Die Sudelmedien verstärken, wie zu erwarten ist, jeden Einwand gegen jeden Schritt weg von einer Konfrontation mit Russland.

02.07.2018 - 10:15 [ Haaretz ]

‚One Little Kick and It’s Done‘ Senior Trump Advisers Believe It’s Possible to Hasten Collapse of Iranian Regime

Senior U.S. and Israeli sources tell Haaretz that White House is divided over Iran strategy, with John Bolton pushing for regime change and James Mattis striving for new agreement with Islamic Republic

23.06.2018 - 10:07 [ Abigail Tracy / Vanity Fair ]

“I Don’t Expect Bolton to Last Much Longer”: How Mike Pompeo Won the Trump-Kim Summit

After the crucible of the Trump-Kim summit, it seems clear that Pompeo has been elevated, and Bolton diminished, by the president’s sudden love affair with Pyongyang. But Pompeo will also be the first to fall “if this thing goes to shit.”

13.06.2018 - 16:10 [ Democracy Now ]

Rep. Ro Khanna: If U.S.-North Korea Summit Happened Under Obama, Democrats Would Be Cheering

„My disagreement with Senator Schumer in that letter is that’s basically parroting the talking points of John Bolton, saying that we should not engage in any diplomacy or make any concessions without complete denuclearization. That’s just not realistic. A far more realistic framework is what Bill Perry has advocated in the 1990s and worked on, which is an incremental approach, where we need to look at our joint military exercises, as the president has, where we need to ask for the cessation of testing, and make concessions on an incremental basis. And that’s what I think has begun with this process.“

09.06.2018 - 05:39 [ Jason Ditz / ]

Trump, Kim meiden hochrangige Treffen vor dem Gipfel

Außenminister Mike Pompeo gilt als einer der führenden Vertreter der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, der sich nachdrücklich für Diplomatie einsetzt. Dem steht der Nationale Sicherheitsberater John Bolton gegenüber, der ein unverblümter Gegner war und manchmal des Versuchs beschuldigt wurde, die Gespräche zu sabotieren.

Deshalb war Pompeo im Vorfeld des Gipfels der einzige Spitzenpolitiker, der sich mit Kim getroffen oder andere hochrangige diplomatische Schritte unternommen hat. Das fällt in seinen Zuständigkeitsbereich als Außenminister, aber noch wichtiger ist, dass man sich darauf verlassen kann, dass er nichts absichtlich kaputt macht.

07.06.2018 - 10:16 [ ]

It Sure Looks Like John Bolton Is Trying to Sabotage the North Korea Talks

(16.5.2018) That hasn’t stopped North Korean first vice foreign minister Kim Kye-gwan from accusing the U.S. of trying to “drive us into a corner.” In a press statement, Kim said, “prior to the DPRK-U.S. summit, unbridled remarks provoking the other side of dialogue are recklessly made in the U.S. and I am totally disappointed as these constitute extremely unjust behavior.” He specifically took aim at National Security Adviser John Bolton and his “assertions of so-called Libya mode of nuclear abandonment.”

07.06.2018 - 10:09 [ ]

Mattis pressed on Bolton’s, Giuliani’s support for regime change in Iran

(10.5.2018) Mattis sidestepped questions from lawmakers Wednesday about whether Bolton’s and Giuliani’s vocal support for regime change in Iran has directly influenced the current US strategy, but offered little indication that Trump and his top advisers have reached a consensus on the administration’s long-term vision.

„Our problem with Iran is not with the Iranian people. It is with the regime. But I would let Mr. Bolton and Mr. Giuliani speak for themselves,“ Mattis said, adding that he would prefer not to comment on the specific instances in which both men have pushed for regime change in the media.

25.05.2018 - 09:51 [ NBC News ]

Inside the summit collapse: Trump wanted to cancel before N. Korean leader could

The move exposed significant disagreements among the president’s top advisers. Several administration officials said Pompeo, who has taken the lead in negotiating with the North Koreans, blamed Bolton for torpedoing the progress that had already been made. Pompeo flew to Pyongyang twice, met personally with Kim and helped secure the release of three Americans who had been held there.

25.05.2018 - 09:49 [ Vanity Fair ]

With the North Korea Summit Off, “It’s Hawk Versus Whack Job” in Trumpland

Mike Pompeo is pursuing terrible and deluded foreign policy all over the world, but, compared to Bolton, he’s Henry Kissinger. Trump’s version of nationalism, meanwhile, has increasingly come to mean nothing but pathological self-interest.

25.05.2018 - 09:45 [ Newsweek ]

Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un: Did John Bolton Blow Up the North Korea Summit On Purpose?

Trump sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo twice to Pyongyang in the ensuing weeks to talk directly with Kim, and at no point, the State Department says, did he come away thinking Kim was not serious about the meeting. On the other hand, State says it sought for weeks to arrange a lower level meeting of diplomats from both countries to finalize the agenda—a request the U.S. says the North Koreans never responded to.

25.05.2018 - 02:23 [ Moon of Alabama ]

How John Bolton Sabotaged The North Korea Talks

U.S. President Trump just canceled the planned summit with North Korea’s chairman Kim Jong-Un. The two were supposed to meet on June 12 in Singapore. In a letter to Kim Jong-un, released to the media, Trump accused North Korea of hostile statements which, according to him, make the summit impossible:

24.05.2018 - 20:06 [ ]

John Bolton Uses ‚Shadow‘ Council To Help Vet White House Hires

John Bolton relies on an outside group of advisers with ties to think tanks and organizations that will only reinforce the administration’s desire to wage war.

24.05.2018 - 19:57 [ New York Times ]

Meet the Members of the ‘Shadow N.S.C.’ Advising John Bolton

One of Mr. Bolton’s longtime associates, Charles M. Kupperman, a former Reagan administration official and defense contracting executive, has taken a temporary leadership post on the National Security Council, while at least three others — Frederick H. Fleitz, Sarah Tinsley and David Wurmser — are believed to be under consideration for posts.

Mr. Bolton’s relationships with most of the associates date back decades, to his days working in positions related to foreign policy in the Reagan administration.

24.05.2018 - 19:52 [ Daily Beast ]

John Bolton’s Wrecking Ball Takes Down North Korea Summit

There’s a clear line here: Bolton’s Libya talk sets expectations for Trump, who slips up and threatens North Korea with regime change, which leads to Pence defending Trump, which leads to North Korea lashing out, which leads to Trump canceling the summit. The dysfunction within this administration in the lead-up to this meeting ultimately brought the summit crashing down.

The North Koreans, in the meantime, have kept their position static and have been more than willing to communicate what they were willing to offer up; not once did any authoritative North Korean statement indicate any interest in denuclearization as the White House imagined it.

24.05.2018 - 19:29 [ Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party 2016 candidate for President / Twitter ]

Trump cancels North Korea summit? Actually John Bolton already torpedoed it by telling North Korea to self destruct with the “Libya model”. This was perfect warmonger strategy to stop the threat of peace breaking out on the Peninsula. South Korea, please stay the course!

24.05.2018 - 19:25 [ Vanity Fair ]

Foreign Policy – “This Could Go to Hell in a Handbag”: Is John Bolton Playing Games with Trump?

(18.5.2018) The national security adviser is “creating a power dynamic that leads straight to him,” one source says. Another calls his lean new N.S.C. a “Republican wet dream.” Is he trying to outflank the secretary of state on North Korea?

18.05.2018 - 10:37 [ Arirang News / Youtube ]

Trump dismisses ‚Libya model‘ for North Korea’s denuclearization

With the prospect of the summit between North Korea and the U.S. under a cloud,…. President Donald Trump veered away from the idea of applying the „Libyan model“ in denuclearizing North Korea… contradicting recent comments made by his national security adviser John Bolton.

18.05.2018 - 10:33 [ Yahoo ]

Bolton Emerges as Potential Wrecking Ball for Trump’s Kim Summit

The White House on Wednesday distanced itself from Bolton’s remarks, while experts wondered why Bolton would make such an indelicate comparison just weeks before the planned June 12 meeting between Trump and Kim in Singapore.
“It pushes all the wrong buttons,” said Joe Cirincione, president of Ploughshares Fund, which seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. “The diplomacy with North Korea is going very well and Bolton threw a spanner in the works. ”

18.05.2018 - 10:30 [ ]

Full text: North Korea calls John Bolton repugnant and threatens to bail on summit with Trump

(16.5.2018) High-ranking officials of the White House and the Department of State including Bolton, White House national security adviser, are letting loose the assertions of so-called Libya mode of nuclear abandonment, “complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization”, “total decommissioning of nuclear weapons, missiles, biochemical weapons”. etc, while talking about formula of “abandoning nuclear weapons first, compensating afterwards”.

This is not an expression of intention to address the issue through dialogue. It is essentially a manifestation of awfully sinister move to impose on our dignified state the destiny of Libya or Iraq which had been collapsed due to yielding the whole of their countries to big powers.

18.05.2018 - 04:20 [ John Wight / RT ]

Can Pyongyang trust Washington? Ask Native American Chief Red Eagle

Just how much trust can the North Koreans place in the word or an administration which at the same time it is pledging to guarantee their security in return for denuclearization, is unilaterally withdrawing from a treaty its predecessor made with Iran in conjunctions with the other five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany over its nuclear development program?

17.05.2018 - 11:44 [ KBS ]

Nationale Sicherheitsberater Südkoreas und der USA beraten sich nach Nordkoreas Drohung mit Gipfel-Absage

Nach Nordkoreas Drohung mit einer möglichen Absage des geplanten USA-Nordkorea-Gipfels haben die nationalen Sicherheitsberater Südkoreas und der USA, Chung Eui-yong und John Bolton, sich über deren Hintergrund und die Perspektiven ausgetauscht.

16.05.2018 - 08:56 [ ]

John Bolton won’t say whether he’s pushing for regime change and pre-emptive strike on Iran

White House national security adviser John Bolton made headlines upon his appointment for his history of controversial opinions on foreign policy — but Bolton declined to say Sunday whether he’s brought those opinions with him to the White House.

13.05.2018 - 21:46 [ ABC News ]

Trump adviser says US could sanction European allies if they continue nuclear deal with Iran

Bolton noted that Trump said in announcing the U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear deal that “countries that continue to deal with Iran could face U.S. sanctions.“

“Europeans are going to face the effective U.S. sanctions, already are really, because much of what they would like to sell to Iran involves U.S. technology, for which the licenses will not be available,” the national security adviser said.

09.05.2018 - 10:14 [ Radio Utopie ]

Im Weißen Irrenhaus

Das Gefährliche an Donald Trumps am 73. Jahrestag vom Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs abgesonderten Potburi des Wahnsinns waren nicht der Bruch des internationalen Iran-Abkommens oder die Unterwürfigkeitsgesten der üblichen Untertanen. Es war das Schweigen der Staatskader in der großen Koalition des Krieges in China und Russland.

06.05.2018 - 18:56 [ Yonhap ]

S. Korea, U.S. to work closely for successful Trump-Kim talks: Seoul officia

Chung Eui-yong, chief of the presidential National Security Office, made the remarks upon arriving at Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul, after his visit to Washington to meet his U.S. counterpart, John Bolton.

„We had in-depth discussions on ways to make the summit between the U.S. and North Korea successful,“ Chung said. „To that end, the South Korean and U.S. presidents are planning to have close consultations in Washington in mid-May.“

05.05.2018 - 21:04 [ Michael F. Brown / Electronic Intifada ]

Bolton’s plan to make Palestine disappear

(26.3.2018) Bolton has proposed a “three-state solution”: Israel, giving Gaza to Egypt, and giving the West Bank to Jordan.

He contended in a 2014 Washington Times op-ed that under his plan, “The contentious issue of Jerusalem’s status as the purported capital of ‘Palestine’ would disappear, since Amman would obviously be the seat of government for an enlarged Jordan.”

That was magical thinking.

05.05.2018 - 07:25 [ KBS ]

Nationaler Sicherheitsberater erneut auf geheimer Mission in den USA

Daher wird davon ausgegangen, dass Chung der US-Seite die Ergebnisse der Diskussionen mit Nordkorea über den Tagungsort übermitteln werde und eine letzte Meinungsabstimmung vor einer endgültigen Entscheidung stattfindet.

Es wird vermutet, dass auch über eine konkrete Roadmap für die vollständige Denuklearisierung, das wichtigste Thema beim USA-Nordkorea-Gipfel, diskutiert wurde.

04.05.2018 - 10:26 [ Korea Herald ]

Moon’s top security adviser in US to discuss US-NK summit

President Moon Jae-in’s top security adviser is visiting Washington to discuss matters related to the upcoming summit between the US and North Korea, Cheong Wa Dae confirmed Friday.

Chung Eui-yong, chief of the presidential National Security Office, traveled to Washington on Thursday at the request of the White House National Security Council, according to an official at the presidential office.

04.05.2018 - 10:13 [ KBS ]

Präsidialamt bestätigt nachträglich Besuch der Sicherheitsberaters in Washington

Weil die US-Regierung Chungs Besuch geheimhalten wollten, habe das Präsidialamt zuvor erklärt, dass Chung privat unterwegs sei, erläuterte ein Beamter des Amtes.

Chung traf laut mehreren diplomatischen Quellen am Donnerstag (Ortszeit) in Washington ein. Es wird vermutet, dass Chung mit dem Nationalen Sicherheitsberater der USA, John Bolton, abschließende Diskussionen über den geplanten USA-Nordkorea-Gipfel führe.

02.05.2018 - 20:50 [ Tulsi Gabbard, Abgeordnete des U.S. Repräsentantenhauses / Twitter ]

@AmbJohnBolton using Libya as a model for negotiating North Korea’s denuclearization is mind-boggling. Toppling Gaddafi after he made a deal & gave up nuclear weapons program is a reason why NK’s Kim sees nuclear weapons as only deterrent to regime change.

20.04.2018 - 13:06 [ Politico ]

Bolton and Russian ambassador meet at White House

The White House on Thursday said national security adviser John Bolton and Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov agree that both nations want to have a better relationship, but cautioned that Bolton said such an improvement will only occur if Russia address „concerns“ about interference in 2016 election and its actions in Ukraine and Syria.

18.04.2018 - 12:14 [ Egypt Independent ]

Egypt to decline any request by US to send troops to Syria: former intelligence official

In response to a recent report published by American newspaper The Wall Street Journal regarding an alleged request by the United States to Egypt to send armed forces to Syria, former undersecretary of Egypt’s General Intelligence Mohammad Rashad said that Egypt will summarily decline any such invitation.

“The Egyptian Armed Forces are not mercenaries [and cannot be] leased or ordered by foreign states to deploy forces in a certain area. This is not acceptable and no one […] should dare to direct or give instructions to Egypt’s army,” Rashad told Egypt Independent.

18.04.2018 - 09:01 [ New York Times ]

Mattis Wanted Congressional Approval Before Striking Syria. He Was Overruled.

Administration and congressional officials said the hawkish Mr. Bolton is not expected to defer to the defense secretary; already, neoconservative members of the Republican foreign policy establishment have started to air concerns that Mr. Mattis is ceding strategic territory to Iran and Russia in Syria.

Mr. Mattis is widely viewed by global leaders as the strongest and perhaps most credible voice on foreign policy in an administration that has been rocked by firings and resignations among senior presidential advisers.

18.04.2018 - 08:43 [ CNN ]

Bolton dealing to build an Arab military force in Syria

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, said Tuesday that Saudi Arabia is engaged in talks with the US and would consider sending forces to Syria along with other Arab countries as part of this contingent.
Jubeir also noted that the idea is not necessarily new, as Saudi Arabia made a similar proposal to the Obama administration, but that the US did not take them up on the offer.

13.04.2018 - 11:02 [ KBS ]

Chefsicherheitsberater Südkoreas und der USA beraten sich vor Spitzentreffen

Chung Eui-yong und John Bolton kamen am Donnerstag im Weißen Haus zu einem einstündigen Gespräch zusammen. Anlass waren die geplanten Spitzentreffen mit Nordkorea.

Vor der Rückkehr nach Seoul sagte Chung Reportern am Dulles Flughafen, dass beide Seiten nützliche Diskussionen gehabt hätten.

12.04.2018 - 11:15 [ KBS ]

Weißes Haus: Top-Sicherheitsberater Südkoreas und der USA kommen am Donnerstag zusammen

Laut mehreren Quellen war ein Treffen zwischen Chung Eui-yong, dem Leiter des Büros für nationale Sicherheit im südkoreanischen Präsidialamt, und John Bolton, dem neuen Nationalen Sicherheitsberater der USA, ursprünglich am Mittwochnachmittag geplant. Das Treffen wurde jedoch um einen Tag verschoben, da sich Washington mit den plötzlichen Entwicklungen in der Syrien-Krise befassen müsse.

Chung war am Mittwoch (Ortszeit) in Washington eingetroffen.

10.04.2018 - 03:29 [ Washington Post ]

Trump’s tirade after the Michael Cohen raid, annotated

TRUMP: So I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys — a good man. And it’s a disgraceful situation. It’s a total witch hunt. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I’ve wanted to keep it down. We’ve given, I believe, over a million pages‘ worth of documents to the Special Counsel.

They continue to just go forward. And here we are talking about Syria and we’re talking about a lot of serious things. We’re the greatest fighting force ever. And I have this witch hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now — and actually, much more than that. You could say it was right after I won the nomination, it started.

And it’s a disgrace. It’s, frankly, a real disgrace. It’s an attack on our country, in a true sense.

09.04.2018 - 03:28 [ ]

Trump national security spokesman to depart White House

This source insisted, “He completely flipped. He was brought in because of Flynn but he became the biggest cheerleader for the McMaster faction that fought against implementing the president’s policies.”

Whether that is true or not, his departure cleans the slate for Bolton to build his own team. Monday will be Bolton’s official first day on the job.

08.04.2018 - 19:20 [ ]

Dear John Bolton: 3 Things Israel Needs From You

(24.3.2018) Syria has been the chess board of world and regional powers over the last seven years. The prospects of the territory becoming a staging ground for Iran and its Shite proxies are real and must be prevented.

To prevent Iran from establishing and maintaining a stronghold in Syria, Russia must be rallied, Assad must realize there is a price to pay for continued bombardment of his civilians and there must be a clear end state.