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18.08.2021 - 17:44 [ ]

Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani revealed to be in United Arab Emirates after fleeing ‘with helicopter full of cash’

A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Kabul, Nikita Ishchenko, was quoted as saying: “The collapse of the regime…is most eloquently characterised by how Ghani escaped from Afghanistan: four cars were filled with money, they tried to shove another part of the money into a helicopter, but not everything fit.

Asked by the Associated Press about how he knew the details of Ghani’s departure, Mr Ishchenko said “well, we are working here,” without offering any more details.

06.05.2021 - 23:49 [ ]

Tensions ebb in Kyrgyzstan-Tajikstan fight over water resources


The heads of the national security committees on both sides had agreed to this, as well as compliance with a ceasefire, on Saturday.

Both countries’ presidents have also spoken over the phone and agreed to meet, though it was left open as to when exactly it would happen.

06.05.2021 - 23:15 [ ]

Mehr als 50 Tote bei Kampf um Wasserressourcen in Zentralasien

Eskaliert war der Konflikt, als tadschikische Beamte eine Videokamera in der Nähe einer Wasserverteilerstation installieren wollten. Kirgisische Bürger wehrten sich dagegen. Sie warfen Medienberichten zufolge zunächst mit Steinen. Dann verstärkten beide Seiten ihre Grenztruppen, die dann aufeinander schossen.

30.04.2021 - 14:30 [ junge Welt ]

Zentralasien: Tote und Verletzte bei Grenzstreit

Auslöser der neuen Gewalt war die Installation einer Überwachungskamera durch Tadschiken am Mittwoch. Kirgisische Grenzschützer nahe dem Dorf Kök-Tasch forderten, diese Arbeiten zu stoppen.

30.04.2021 - 14:12 [ ]

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan look to ease tensions after deadly clashes

Clashes between communities over land and water along the pair’s long-contested border are regular occurrences, with border guards often getting involved.

But the shooting that broke out Thursday between the two militaries was the heaviest fighting in years and raised fears that it might escalate into a wider conflict.

28.10.2019 - 22:19 [ ]

Baku to host regular meeting of CIS Council of Defense Ministers

The event will be attended by Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, Russian Defense Minister, General of the Army Sergey Shoigu, Belarussian Defense Minister Lieutenant General Andrei Ravkov, Kazakhstan’s Defense Minister Major General Nurlan Yermekbayev, Uzbekistan’s Defense Minister Major General Bakhodir Kurbanov, Tajikistan’s Defense Minister Colonel General Mirzo Sherali and Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic, Major General Rayimberdi Duishenbiev.

16.06.2019 - 09:56 [ ]

CICA members call for sustainable security, development in Asia

Leaders or representatives of member countries of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) pose for a group photo with representatives of observer states and relevant international and regional organizations in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, June 15, 2019. The fifth CICA summit was held in Dushanbe on Saturday. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the summit.

16.06.2019 - 09:50 [ Xinhua ]

Xi Jinping nimmt am fünften CICA-Gipfeltreffen in Duschanbe teil

Der chinesische Staatspräsident Xi Jinping hält eine Rede auf dem fünften Gipfeltreffen der Konferenz über Interaktion und vertrauensbildende Maßnahmen in Asien (CICA) in Duschanbe, Tadschikistan, 15. Juni 2019.

13.01.2019 - 16:23 [ ]

FMs of India – Central Asia dialogue with Afghanistan’s participation make joint statement

Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Republic of India, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan participated in the meeting.

11.10.2018 - 22:50 [ Ariana News ]

Abdullah Off to Tajikistan to Attend Shanghai Summit

In a statement, CEO office said, at the sideline of the Summit, Abdullah will meet with the President of Tajikistan, Prime Ministers of Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Foreign Secretary of India.

11.10.2018 - 13:07 [ Guangming Online ]

Belt and Road Initiative bolster China-Tajikistan ties, says ambassador

Cooperation between China and Tajikistan continues to rapidly develop and score results under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan Yue Bin said.(…)
Tajikistan is the first country in the world to have signed a memorandum with China on building the Silk Road Economic Belt, and Dushanbe pledged to strengthen the synergy between its national development strategy that centers around industrial development and the China-proposed initiative.

11.10.2018 - 12:00 [ ASIA-Plus ]

New EU ambassador to Tajikistan presents copy of credentials to Tajik foreign minister

The Delegation of the European Commission to Tajikistan was established in Dushanbe in 2003 and officially accredited as a diplomatic representation in May 2004. It initially operated as a Regionalized Delegation under the authority of the Head of Delegation based in Kazakhstan (Alan Waddams since 2001, Adriaan van der Meer since 2005, Norbert Jousten since 2008) while its daily operations were supervised by a Chargé d’affaires a.i. (Ms. Barbara Plinkert since 2004, Ms. Charlotte Adriaen since 2007). In 2009, the Delegation started to be upgraded into a fully-fledged Delegation, culminating with the arrival of a new resident Head of Delegation in January 2010.

03.09.2018 - 20:54 [ ]

Deputy of Xi Jinping for military issues to visit Tajikistan

Meanwhile, Xu Qiliang will hold meetings and talks with Emomali Rahmon, the Minister of Defense Colonel-General Sherali Mirzo, and will visit one of military units of the Defense Ministry of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan told Asia-Plus.

This visit will help to strengthen the strategic trust between Beijing and Dushanbe, contributing to the promotion of pragmatic cooperation in the military sphere, the Defense Ministry of the country said in a statement.