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03.11.2022 - 04:27 [ UN.org ]

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General – on the Black Sea Grain Initiative

The Secretary-General warmly welcomes the announcement from the Russian Federation on its resumed participation in the implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative to facilitate the safe navigation for exports of grain, foodstuffs and fertilizer from Ukraine. He is grateful for the diplomatic efforts of Türkiye, and thanks the UN Coordinator, Amir Abdulla, and his team for their work to keep this vital food supply line open.

The Secretary-General continues his engagement with all actors towards the renewal and full implementation of the Initiative, and he also remains committed to removing the remaining obstacles to the exports of Russian food and fertilizer.

03.11.2022 - 04:25 [ UN.org ]

UN chief warmly welcomes Russia decision to end suspension from Ukraine grain deal

The UN Secretary-General on Wednesday issued a statement warmly welcoming Russia’s decision to resume its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which has allowed nearly ten million metric tonnes of vital foodstuffs to be shipped from Ukraine.

03.11.2022 - 04:11 [ New York Times ]

It’s Time to Bring Russia and Ukraine to the Negotiating Table

Ukraine would continue to receive arms and economic support from the West and work toward membership in the European Union, but it would formally embrace the neutral status that it adopted after separation from the Soviet Union in 1991. Earlier in the war, Mr. Zelensky himself suggested that Ukrainian neutrality could be part of a peace deal with Russia.

Second — the harder part — Moscow and Kyiv would need to arrive at a territorial settlement. A reasonable starting point for negotiations would be to aim for a Russian withdrawal to the “line of contact” that existed before Russia’s invasion began in February.

03.11.2022 - 03:52 [ AtlanticCouncil.org ]

As the election fog clears, Netanyahu poised to ride a hungry, far-right tiger

Conflicting priorities to maximize the performance of their own anchor slates and also strengthen the market shares of their allied factions—with which they would aspire to craft ruling coalitions—were the source of schizophrenic messaging by Likud and Yesh Atid, which left voters to choose in whom to place their trust. Those decisions shaped the current playing field.

03.11.2022 - 03:18 [ Prof Emeritus C Omowale Simmons / Nitter ]

US Troops are on the ground in Ukraine „as trainers“. That’s exactly how we began in Vietnam. The force that stopped the war was continuous protest by US & global citizens, including protest by US soldiers against the war; but not Congress.

03.11.2022 - 03:14 [ Hon. Allen J Cannon For NJCD1 / Nitter ]

Not one mention of US troops in Ukraine.

So why did they send those billions again? #VoterEducationNeverEnds.

03.11.2022 - 02:58 [ Siemtje Möller / AtlanticCouncil.org ]

German defense state secretary: What ‘Zeitenwende’ really means

I am a child of the post-Cold War order. Peace and prosperity in a united Europe were my reality, but those certainties no longer exist. A radical rethinking has begun, as we realize that there is no natural law protecting freedom. Europe’s systemic rivals will openly challenge the rules-based international order and our ways of life.

In Germany, we coined a term for these strategic challenges of the future that concern us all: Zeitenwende—a turning point. As I travel to Washington this week to meet with US defense officials and others, here’s what the United States should know about this term and this pivotal moment in time for Germany.

03.11.2022 - 02:31 [ ORF.at ]

Scholz bricht zu Kurzbesuch nach China auf

Der deutsche Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz bricht heute zu einem nur elfstündigen Antrittsbesuch nach Peking auf. Dort wird er morgen Präsidenten Xi Jinping treffen – als erster westlicher Regierungschef seit dessen Wiederwahl zum Parteichef.

03.11.2022 - 01:30 [ Tagesschau,de ]

Entlastungen in der Energiekrise: Darauf haben sich Bund und Länder geeinigt

Für große Industriebetriebe soll ab Januar eine eigene Gaspreisbremse greifen. Für bis zu 25.000 große industrielle Gasverbraucher soll ein Verbrauch von 70 Prozent des Jahres 2021 mit Staatsgeld subventioniert werden.

Am 18.11. soll die Maßnahmen im Kabinett gebilligt werden. Die Einmalzahlung im Dezember hat die Bundesregierung bereits beschlossen.