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25.05.2022 - 19:53 [ ]

Regierung will vermehrt gegen Deepfakes vorgehen

Justizministerin Alma Zadic (Grüne) verwies darauf, dass die Manipulation von Videos mittlerweile „extrem gut“ gemacht werden könne – und auch in Echtzeit möglich sei. Sie verwies auf ein Beispiel aus den Niederlanden, wo Mitglieder des Parlaments vorgegaukelt worden sei, sie würden sich in einer digitalen Videokonferenz mit dem russischen Oppositionellen Alexej Nawalny befinden. „Sie mussten feststellen, dass das ein live erstelltes Deepfake war.“

25.05.2022 - 18:53 [ ]

Gesetze sollen online verkündet werden

Damit das neue Bundesgesetzblatt tatsächlich im Internet erscheinen kann, muss das Grundgesetz geändert werden. Es schreibt die Verkündung eines neuen Gesetzes im Bundesgesetzblatt vor.

17.05.2020 - 17:59 [ Kölner Stadtanzeiger ]

Corona-„Detektivarbeit“: Dieses Team kümmert sich um das Contact Tracing in Köln

Schon 13.000 Menschen haben die Virusdetektive mittlerweile angerufen – davon viele täglich – um Symptome abzufragen.
Am 1. April dachten viele, es handele sich um einen Aprilscherz. Einige Menschen schimpfen auf den „Überwachungsstaat“ und legen auf.

17.05.2020 - 17:51 [ Wiener Zeitung ]

Contact Tracing gegen zweite Welle

Um nach der Lockerung der Maßnahmen ein neuerliches Ansteigen der Neuinfektionen mit dem Coronavirus zu verhindern, setzen die Behörden auf Clusteranalysen und Contact Tracing.

17.05.2020 - 17:43 [ ]

Hielt sich ein Infizierter in einem Grossraumbüro auf oder besuchte er eine Party, wird die Arbeit der Corona-Detektive knifflig

Die Virus-Detektive, die seit Anfang Woche in der kantonalen Tracing-Zentrale am Flughafen Zürich arbeiten, meistern ihre Aufgabe gut. Allerdings ist die Zahl der Fälle so kurz nach dem Ende des Lockdowns noch sehr überschaubar. Die Bewährungsprobe wird später kommen.

17.05.2020 - 17:15 [ USA Today ]

’50 states and 50 different approaches:‘ States scramble to hire COVID-19 contact tracers

Massachusetts has added more than 1,000 workers and sent some into communities with large numbers of cases. California last week began training the first recruits of a planned 20,000-person contact tracing team. And New York plans to add as many as 17,000 contact tracers through a partnership with former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Resolve to Save Lives, headed by former CDC Director Tom Frieden.

17.05.2020 - 17:00 [ S.C. / Twitter ]

UK – We now have an army of snitches – Michael Gove reveals 17,000 coronavirus contact tracers recruited …

17.05.2020 - 16:42 [ ]

Michael Gove heaps praise on under-fire Matt Hancock and reveals 17,000 coronavirus contact tracers now recruited

A senior government source told the Mail on Sunday last week that Mr Hancock was on “borrowed time” and had “fallen out with the most powerful figures in the Government”, including Mr Johnson.

But Mr Gove, who revealed that “just over 17,000 of the contact tracers” had now been recruited – told Sky News’ Niall Paterson: “Here I have to praise the work of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”

17.05.2020 - 16:22 [ Spiked ]

Social distancing corrodes society

Life without human interaction is hardly life at all.

04.02.2020 - 06:29 [ Alex Rubinstein / Twitter ]

The Defending Digital Democracy Project – which partnered with the Democratic Party to „develop strategies and systems to protect results…on caucus night“ – has gotten $500k from both oligarch Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund & Facebook. Both have funded US foreign meddling ops

25.11.2019 - 19:31 [ CNN ]

He invented the web. Now he’s warning of a looming ‚digital dystopia‘

Ahead of a conference in Berlin Monday, Berners-Lee tweeted a warning of the risks faced.
He wrote: „If we fail to defend the free and open web, we risk a digital dystopia of entrenched inequality and abuse of rights.“
In an earlier statement on his foundation’s website, he called the web „one of the defining opportunities of our time,“ adding that collaborative action must be taken „to prevent the web being misused by those who want to exploit, divide and undermine.“

25.11.2019 - 19:27 [ ]

Research paper claims Google has achieved ‚quantum supremacy‘ – a milestone in computing after their quantum processor performed a ‚calculation in three minutes and 20 seconds that would take a state-of-the-art supercomputer 10,000 years‘


The technology carries major national security implications because quantum computers potentially could break traditional internet security programs or other codes.

Developing viable quantum computers has proved to be hugely challenging because they rely on superconductivity that can only be achieved in temperatures close to absolute zero.
Any instability in the qubits, for example from vibrations, can lead to ‘noise’ that causes calculation errors and undermines a quantum computer’s power to solve problems.

Earlier this month, IBM announced it was joining forces with a German research institute to explore the potential of quantum computing, backed by a government plan to invest $717million over two years in wider research in the field.

25.11.2019 - 19:23 [ Freeman LaFleur / Twitter ]

A claim by Google researchers that they performed the first quantum computation was briefly posted on a NASA website before being removed.


22.11.2019 - 20:02 [ LA Times ]

Column: We’re swamped with 182 million robocalls a day. Is a solution finally here?

Roughly 49 billion robocalls have been received so far this year, which is more than all of last year. In other words, there have never been more robocalls being made in the history of human civilization.

11.06.2019 - 18:36 [ ]

Ghosts in the machines: the invisible human labour behind AI

It’s easier and cheaper to employ humans to behave like machines than it is to develop machines that simulate human behaviour. Of course, many technology companies would rather you didn’t know this. Venture capitalists invest in the idea of human obsolescence. To them, routine human labour is an ungainly truth – the future, after all, lies in intangible capitalism, where returns flow to platform owners unrestricted by organised labour.

31.03.2019 - 18:28 [ Alltime10s / Youtube ]

Top 10 Movies That Predicted The Future

Published on Oct 14, 2015
Bet you didn’t think that ‚The Matrix‘, Terminator 2 and Super Mario Bros predicted 9/11, well guess again as we delve into the top 10 movies that predicted the future..

17.01.2019 - 22:31 [ / ]

Artificial security and defence intelligence of the European Union

(16.1.2019) According to the study published by the European Union Institute for Security Studies, in the coming years artificial intelligence (AI) will be present in almost all areas of daily life: communication, healthcare and even security and defence.

15.05.2018 - 16:02 [ ]

Australia Bans Cash For All Purchases Over $10,000 Starting July Of 2019

(12.May) Australia’s Liberal Party government has announced that it will soon be illegal to purchase anything over $10,000 with cash. The government says it’s „encouraging the transition to a digital society“ and cracking down on tax evasion. But not everyone is happy with the move.