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07.02.2019 - 16:11 [ Guy Verhofstadt ‏/ Twitter ]

Open discussion w/ @theresa_may. Backstop non negotiable. We’ll never abandon Ireland. I welcome @jeremycorbyn letter making a cross-party approach for the first time possible. From the hell we’re in today, there is at last hope of a heavenly solution even if it won’t be Paradise

18.11.2018 - 19:45 [ Adrian Hilton ‏/ Twitter ]

And yet, perversely, if anyone takes issue with this, they are routinely smeared as being unpatriotic, xenophobic, racist, anti-European, even anti-democratic. The EU was never created to accommodate democratic nation states: they must become less so the empire may become more.

18.11.2018 - 19:38 [ Michael Lightfoot / Twitter ]

Yesterday footage circulated of an angry @guyverhofstadt, whose words and mannerisms reminded all who saw them of Hitler. Today he’s mixing it up with a bit of Mao, demanding a ‚leap forward.‘

As we can’t vote him out of office, we should at least get him onto @bbcquestiontime.

18.11.2018 - 19:33 [ IamSpartacus / Youtube ]

The madman of Brussels

This was posted on Jacob Rees-Mogg`s Twitter page earlier Today (17th November 2018) but strangely disappeared a few hours later. NOT before i posted it on YouTube though. Guy Verhofstadt loses his temper, blows the lid off why he is so angry with Britain and tells the truth about why he wants to destroy our sovereignty.