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13.02.2019 - 10:58 [ Brendan Chilton / Spiked ]

Jeremy, stay true to your principles

Consensus is emerging within the Parliamentary Labour Party, however, around Jeremy’s proposal for an EU-wide customs union. This would include a customs-union code and a common external tariff. But this proposal needs closer scrutiny.

If this position were to be adopted, the UK would not be able to develop an independent trade policy after Brexit, as doing so would be illegal under the Treaty of Rome. The UK would not have taken back control of its trade. Our capacity to trade would be regulated and controlled by an authority over which we would have no control, influence or rights.

13.02.2019 - 10:55 [ spiked / Twitter ]

Jeremy Corbyn is right to block a second referendum. But his Soft Brexit stance would still betray Brexit voters by keeping us in the EU in all but name. He should stand up for Labour’s great tradition of Euroscepticism, writes @BrendanChilton

11.02.2019 - 10:01 [ ]

Theresa May agrees to hold fresh talks with Jeremy Corbyn over his plans for a soft Brexit

In a letter to the Labour leader, the Prime Minister did not rule out Mr Corbyn’s demand for a „permanent“ customs union although she said it would present a „negotiating challenge“.

She also agreed to talks on Mr Corbyn’s call for „close alignment“ with the Single Market, as well as committing to asking Parliament if it wishes to follow EU rules on workers‘ rights and environment standards​.​

11.02.2019 - 09:58 [ ]

Brexit news latest: Theresa May accepts offer on more talks with Jeremy Corbyn to break deadlock

The Prime Minister penned a letter to Mr Corbyn on Sunday in which she questioned the Labour leader’s key call for Britain to remain in a customs union with Brussels.
But she offered concessions in other areas and said she wanted talks between Labour and Tory teams „as soon as possible“.

10.02.2019 - 14:52 [ Socialists for Britain ‏/ Twitter ]

Dear Remainers, We voted to leave. We did not vote to be members of the Single Market, EEA or the Customs Union. The Brexit vote was not a “Right Wing” vote. It was a vote against the devil take the hindmost economic system that the EU keeps us locked in. Cheers, 52% #Lexit

07.02.2019 - 16:19 [ Kate Hoey, Member of Parliament ‏/ Twitter ]

Staying in THE Customs Union is staying in the EU. Would not be able to sign independent trade deals and would be bound by all EU regulations and the EU court. Staying in A Customs Union sounds the same to me !! @labourleave

07.02.2019 - 16:11 [ Guy Verhofstadt ‏/ Twitter ]

Open discussion w/ @theresa_may. Backstop non negotiable. We’ll never abandon Ireland. I welcome @jeremycorbyn letter making a cross-party approach for the first time possible. From the hell we’re in today, there is at last hope of a heavenly solution even if it won’t be Paradise

07.02.2019 - 12:57 [ Adam Bienkov, UK Political Editor of @BusinessInsider / Twitter ]

Corbyn’s letter to May does four things: 1. Shuts off claim that Labour wants to block Brexit 2. Erases Labour’s previous unworkable six tests. 3. Puts blame on May for no-deal Brexit if she refuses offer. 4. All but kills off a second referendum.

07.02.2019 - 12:51 [ ]

Jeremy Corbyn lays out Labour’s five Brexit demands in letter to Theresa May

Corbyn ends the letter by suggesting further discussions with May on these proposals “with the aim of securing a sensible agreement that can win the support of parliament and bring the country together.”


07.02.2019 - 12:47 [ Jessica Elgot, political correspondent for the @guardian in the Westminster lobby / Twitter ]

Big stories on Labour in tonight’s @guardian – Corbyn writes to May setting out terms for backing Brexit deal DROPPING opposition to withdrawal agreement but demanding new clauses, including customs union in Political Declaration & written into UK law

01.02.2019 - 10:33 [ ]

Brexit: Drop the backstop and create a customs association, Ifo economists say

The authors* – Gabriel J. Felbermayr (LMU, Ifo Institute), Clemens Fuest (LMU, Ifo Institute), Hans Gersbach (ETH Zurich and chairman of the Board of Academic Advisors to the German BMWi), Albrecht O. Ritschl (LSE), Marcel Thum (TU Dresden, Ifo Institute, and chairman of the Advisory Board to the German BMF) and Martin T. Braml (Ifo Institute) –suggest a minimum three-month extension will be necessary to establish a European Customs Association.

01.02.2019 - 10:20 [ ]

What is the Common Customs Tariff?

Since the completion of the internal market, goods can circulate freely between Member States. The ‚Common Customs Tariff‘ (CCT) therefore applies to the import of goods across the external borders of the EU.

The tariff is common to all EU members, but the rates of duty differ from one kind of import to another depending on what they are and where they come from. The rates depend on the economic sensitivity of products.

31.01.2019 - 15:01 [ Raphael Hogarth, leaders columns for @thetimes ‏/ Twitter ]

There is something mind-boggling about the fact that Corbyn both opposes the backstop because it contains a customs union that the UK could not end, and opposes the withdrawal agreement because it does not contain a commitment to a permanent customs union.

31.01.2019 - 13:22 [ ]

Labour and No 10 at odds over May-Corbyn customs union talk

A spokesman for the Labour leader said shortly after the meeting broke up that May had shown a “serious engagement in the detail” of Corbyn’s proposal for a customs union with the European Union after Brexit.

A few minutes later, Downing Street responded by saying that while May had asked Corbyn questions she had not shifted her underlying position. Sources said she had told the Labour leader that the UK must be free to sign its own trade deals.

31.01.2019 - 12:04 [ ]

What Corbyn’s meeting with May reveals about Labour’s Brexit plan

For what it’s worth, my understanding is that Corbyn sees the failure to secure a majority yesterday of the Cooper and Grieve motions – and Labour’s own one, which explicitly mentions the possibility of a referendum – as proof that MPs really don’t want a People’s Vote.

31.01.2019 - 12:00 [ ]

Thursday briefing: At least they’re talking – Corbyn and May discuss Brexit

May opposes a customs union and Downing Street said that while May asked Corbyn questions, her underlying position had not shifted. Many in Westminster believe the PM could yet be pushed in the direction of a customs union and some Tory Brexiters have hinted they might back it if the backstop goes. The two party leaders will meet again soon, most likely within days.

30.01.2019 - 10:56 [ Irish Times ]

Cliff Taylor: Ireland could face choice of backstop concessions or no-deal Brexit

(26.1.2019) This could end in Taoiseach Leo Varadkar facing the ultimate call on Brexit: give some ground on the backstop or face a no-deal Brexit with all the economic and political disruption this would bring.

We are not there yet, and events could move in another direction.But this week has illustrated starkly just what is at stake.

30.01.2019 - 10:51 [ ]

Juncker warns May: permanent customs union is price for revisiting backstop

(26.1.2019) Jean-Claude Juncker has told Theresa May in a private phone call that shifting her red lines in favour of a permanent customs union is the price she will need to pay for the EU revising the Irish backstop.

Without a major shift in the prime minister’s position, the European commission president told May that the current terms of the withdrawal agreement were non-negotiable.

18.01.2019 - 19:46 [ ]

Brexit: DUP edges towards customs union

The DUP would be open to a soft Brexit that kept the whole of the UK in a customs union with Brussels, senior sources have told The Times.

In a break from Conservative Brexiteers, leading figures in the DUP have indicated that they could sign up to a Norway-style deal with a customs union if it removed the threat of the Northern Irish backstop.

26.11.2018 - 08:36 [ Brendan Chilton ‏/ Twitter ]

@UKLabour should do the following: 1) Vote down the Withdrawal Agreement 2) Drop the idea of a permanent Customs Union 3) Ferociously attack the Tories for failing on Brexit 4) Commit to leaving the EU and the negotiate a Canada style deal Do that and we’ll win the next GE!

25.11.2018 - 11:35 [ ]

Theresa May’s open letter direct to voters begging them to back her Brexit deal

Desperate Theresa May on Sunday goes over the heads of MPs to appeal directly to the nation to back her Brexit deal.

As things stand, the PM knows she faces defeat when the deal comes before the Commons next month as enemies on all sides gang up on her.

23.11.2018 - 17:10 [ ]

Why would she humiliate Britain like this? Lawyer savages Theresa May’s Brexit deal

But her claims rang hollow for Mr Howe, a specialist in EU law who let loose in a caustic column for The Sun. He wrote: “Politicians who claim this is just a bad treaty – one we can get out of later – are being ignorant or disingenuous.”

With respect to the backstop for Northern Ireland, for example, he said once it was in force, the UK would not be able to leave it without a joint decision with the EU which he said amounted to a veto over the UK’s exit.