Archiv: Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)

19.06.2021 - 11:32 [ Haaretz ]

U.S. to Withdraw Hundreds of Troops, Air Defense Systems From Across Middle East, WSJ Reports

The report, confirmed by administration officials to the paper, said that the Pentagon will withdraw around eight Patriot antimissile batteries from countries including Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. will also reduce the number of fighter jet squadrons in Saudi Arabia, as well as ordering the removal of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, from the kingdom.

12.10.2019 - 10:04 [ Pentagon ]

DOD Statement on Deployment of Additional U.S. Forces and Equipment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

At the request of U.S. Central Command, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper authorized the deployment of additional U.S. forces and the following equipment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

02.04.2019 - 18:02 [ Press TV ]

Lockheed Martin receives $2.5bn deal to forward US THAAD deal with Saudi Arabia

In November last year, Saudi and American officials signed an agreement for the sale of 44 THAAD launchers, missiles and related equipment to Riyadh worth $15 billion.

The Pentagon said the Saudi government would pay $1.5 billion of the $2.4 billion to Lockheed.

04.03.2019 - 22:42 [ PressTV ]

Committed to Tel Aviv regime, US deploys THAAD to Israel for 1st time

The US has already supplied the advanced missile system to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

08.05.2018 - 10:44 [ KBS ]

Südkorea und China setzen nach zwei Jahren Dialog über Verteidigungspolitik fort

Der 1995 eingeleitete Dialog über die Verteidigungspolitik zwischen Südkorea und China fand seit dem letzten Treffen im Januar 2016 nicht mehr statt. Grund war der Konflikt um die Stationierung des US-Raketenabwehrsystems THAAD in Südkorea.

Wie verlautete, habe Südkorea gefordert, den wegen des THAAD-Streits eingestellten Austausch von hochrangigen Militärs wieder herzustellen.

05.05.2018 - 07:44 [ Korea Times ]

US, China in talks over THAAD withdrawal

„Withdrawing the THAAD system from South Korea is part of a peace roadmap being discussed between Washington and Beijing after denuclearizing North Korea,“ a source told The Korea Times. „Washington knows well that it is impossible to seek deals with the North without cooperation from China. And China wants the U.S. to get rid of the THAAD system from South Korea.“

23.04.2018 - 19:33 [ Arirang News / Youtube ]

Police block entrance to THAAD base as protests turn violent

This comes after 30 protesters confronted police officers at the base’s entrance on Sunday evening,… leaving at least two with injuries following the clashes. Demonstrators have been blocking the transport of construction materials and equipment into the THAAD site for months. More clashes are expected Monday as the defense ministry has said more construction equipment will be brought in today,… after attempts to do so earlier this month failed.

23.04.2018 - 19:31 [ Arirang News / Youtube ]

Tensions rise in Seongju County between residents and police over further base

(11.4.2018) About 150 local residents, as well as some civic activists who are against the deployment,… have occupied the road into the site for the past few months,… preventing trucks from going in and out. Some three thousand police officers have been deployed there starting from seven A.M. Thursday,… to try and ensure the trucks can access the site.

23.04.2018 - 19:28 [ Korea Broadcasting System ]

Erneut Zusammenstoß zwischen Polizei und Einwohnern wegen Bauarbeiten an THAAD-Standort

Etwa 3.000 Polizisten wurden eingesetzt, um 200 Demonstranten auseinander zu treiben. Dabei wurden dutzende Personen verletzt, zwei mussten wegen ihrer Verletzungen ins Krankenhaus gebracht werden. Es wurden zwei Fahrzeuge und ein Zelt, die die Zufahrtsstraße blockierten, entfernt. Anschließend startete der Transport von Baumaterialien und Geräten.

13.04.2018 - 04:28 [ Chosunilbo ]

Protesters Block Building Materials for THAAD Site

Protesters on Thursday blocked a consignment of building materials for the site of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery in southwestern Korea despite earlier assurances to the Defense Ministry that they would let it through.
After negotiations they only agreed to let old construction equipment that had been piled up since last November pass through their barricades.