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19.06.2018 - 19:24 [ Youtube ]

John Pilger speaks out for Julian Assange

Legendary Australian writer and film-maker, John Pilger, has returned to Australia to seek urgent help, both government and public, for the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Pilger’s public speech at Sydney Town Hall yesterday was informative and painfully moving. Assange, he says, has not only been a victim of persecution from the US and other states, from which he was granted political asylum – or, a place to remain arbitrarily ‚holed-up‘ for 6 years, according to two UN rulings… What troubles Pilger more is the „Vichy journalism“, of which he gives numerous examples, that has served to aggregate lies and smear that would demolish public support for Wikileaks, and deflect us from reading the content of their publications. If we would only read them now, we might be skeptical about journalists describing a war hawk as „the icon of our generation“…