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Cold Records Shattered Across Canada, Driving Energy Usage To All-Time Highs; Extreme Freeze Sweeps U.S.; Blizzards Hit Hawaii; + Wintry Weather Traps 300 Oil Workers On North Sea Rig

(December 21, 2022)

As hinted at above, Mauna Loa began erupting on Nov 27 and stopped on Dec 13.

It was the first time it has actively erupted since 1984 (solar minimum of cycle 20) — and is a sign of the times…

Volcanic eruptions are one of the key climatic forcings driving Earth into its next bout of global cooling. They have been shown to increase in both number and explosivity during times of prolonged solar decline, which is thought to be due to an influx of cosmic rays (CRs) penetrating/exciting silica-rich magma. During solar mins the Sun’s magnetic field weakens and the outward pressure of the solar wind decreases, which allows more CRs to enter the inner solar system, including our planet’s atmosphere.

28.03.2021 - 15:19 [ Forbes ]

Hawaii: An Update On Its ‘Vaccine Passport’ Program


There’s no official timetable, but the “hope” is for it to be launched mid-May.

But without a sense of urgency, some are beginning to question the economic feasibility of creating vaccinated programs at all.

So long as we stay the course, President Biden says most Americans will have access to the vaccine by May

04.11.2020 - 20:34 [ Wikipedia ]

Hart InterCivic

Hart InterCivic Inc. is a privately held United States company that provides election technologies and services to government jurisdictions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hart products are used by hundreds of jurisdictions nationwide, including counties in Texas, the entire states of Hawaii and Oklahoma, half of Washington and Colorado, and certain counties in Ohio, California, Idaho,[1] Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.[2]

Hart entered the elections industry in 1912, printing ballots for Texas counties.

23.08.2020 - 10:39 [ The Honolulu Star-Advertiser ]

Coordinators of RIMPAC and the commemoration of WWII ending scale back events due to the pandemic

The Navy plans a “sinkex” (sink exercise) next week using as a target the former USS Durham, a 575-foot amphibious cargo ship that saw service in the Vietnam War and participated in the evacuation of Saigon in 1975.

Canada said its frigates Regina and Winnipeg will fire missiles in the sinkex, with Winnipeg to fire Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles and torpedoes, while Regina will fire a Harpoon missile.

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More than 1,000 march in Waikiki to support Black Lives Matter movement


Carrying signs and chanting, at least 1,000 people Friday converged on Waikiki to support Black Lives Matter protests happening across the nation.

The march, which started at Ala Moana Beach Park, was one of a number of Oahu events planned over the next several days.

15.05.2020 - 13:07 [ mrrobert0124, living in Hawaii / Twitter ]

Lockdown for ANOTHER MONTH??? Who the hell voted for that Jackass IGE??? I hope the Hawaii Supreme Court sets us free like they did in Wisconsin! #endthelockdown #frickinggovernor #gestapostate

23.11.2019 - 18:29 [ Reuters ]

Bayer’s Monsanto pleads guilty to illegal Hawaii pesticide spraying

Monsanto pleaded guilty to spraying a banned pesticide on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and agreed to pay $10.2 million in criminal fines and other payments for the spraying and for illegally storing hazardous waste, U.S. prosecutors said.

19.11.2019 - 02:49 [ ]

Army Plans Big Isle Drill with Chinese Soldiers

The event marks the 15th iteration of the exchange, which is now rotated annually between China and the United States. Last year, U.S. Army Pacific troops traveled to Nanjing, China.

25.07.2019 - 08:36 [ ABC Australia ]

Why are Native Hawaiians protesting against construction of a giant telescope on Mauna Kea?

US Democratic Party presidential nominees Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have both tweeted their support for the protesters, while President Donald Trump has not made his position clear.

Johnson’s visit to Mauna Kea came on the 10th day of protests, after the Governor issued a state of emergency amid what he described as rising tensions at the site.

„I wanted to come here and see our people and stand with them and support them,“ Johnson told Hawaii News Now.

28.05.2019 - 10:56 [ KBS ]

Südkoreas Kompetenzen für Übernahme von Kriegskommando werden erstmals getestet

Unterdessen soll der Kommandeur der US-Truppen in Korea, Robert Abrams, letzte Woche auf Hawaii, angekündigt haben, im zweiten Halbjahr die gemeinsame Fähigkeit Südkoreas und der USA für das Krisenmanagement unter Leitung eines koreanischen Generals zu bewerten

13.12.2018 - 05:56 [ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ]

Pilot seriously injured after military jet crash off Hawaii

The pilot had been participating in a military exercise called Sentry Aloha, which was temporarily suspended after the crash. The Hawaii Air National Guard was hosting the exercise, which involved about 800 personnel and 30 aircraft from nine states.

23.08.2018 - 17:55 [ Hawaii State Department of Education ]

HIDOE closing all Hawaii Island, Maui County schools and offices ahead of impacts from Hurricane Lane

All Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) schools and offices on Hawaii Island and in Maui County will be closed Wednesday, Aug. 22, until further notice, in anticipation of dangerous storm conditions from Hurricane Lane.

12.08.2018 - 13:34 [ ]

Hawaii Democratic Primaries: Gov. David Ige, Ed Case, Tulsi Gabbard Lead Results

In other high-profile contests, former congressman Ed Case appeared to be headed back to Washington to represent Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District, while Rep. Tulsi Gabbard easily won re-election in the party nomination to represent Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.

Hawaii is heavily Democratic, and like other areas where one party strongly dominates, the primary essentially functions as the general election.

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Hawaii: Keine Entwarnung, weil Gouverneur Twitter-Passwort vergessen hatte

(24.1.2018) So soll David Ige, Gouverneur von Hawaii, binnen zwei Minuten nach dem Alarm darüber informiert worden sein, dass kein Raketeneinschlag droht.
Ige gab nun zu, dass er keinen Tweet absetzen konnte, da er sein Twitter-Passwort vergessen hatte.

12.08.2018 - 12:54 [ Radio Utopie ]

Raketen-Panik auf Hawaii: Simulierter Alarm vom Pazifikkommando

(31.1.2018) Am 13. Januar wurde durch die Katastrophenschutzbehörde auf Hawaii ein Alarm ausgegeben, der im Anflug auf die Insel befindliche Raketen suggerierte. Nahe lag für die Bewohner der Insel ein Angriff mit Nuklearraketen aus Nordkorea. Die Sirenen heulten, wie anderthalb Monate zuvor geübt. Die Menschen suchten irgendwo Schutz. Der U.S.-Sender „NBC“ verkündet während der Fernsehübertragung eines Basketballspiels in einer Audio-Botschaft („dies ist keine Übung“), das U.S. Pazifikkommando habe einen laufenden Raketenangriff auf Hawaii geortet.

Erst fast 40 Minuten später gaben die Behörden Entwarnung. Es gab keine anfliegenden Raketen.

12.08.2018 - 12:48 [ ]

False missile alert plays key role in Hawaii governor race

(9.8.2018) While Ige acknowledged that he was “ultimately responsible” for the mishap, he repeatedly pointed to “human error” and a low-level state employee who sent the alert as the cause for the panic. But Ige ordered his defense department to roll out the nuclear attack plan before it was ready, providing the framework for the error.

The Ige administration has denied an Associated Press request for emails, phone records and calendars related to the missile alert, something Hanabusa also criticized .

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Hawaii 2018 primaries: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports Democratic Socialist Kaniela Ing

Centrist politicians, Democratic Socialists, Never Trumpers — and lava. Hawaii politicians are fighting tooth and nail for last-minute votes in a primary election that reflects the divides seen within the Democratic Party nationwide.