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30.09.2020 - 14:07 [ Kevin Gosztola / Twitter ]

Witness #1 and Witness #2 are afraid UC Global director David Morales could retaliate against them as result of giving information. They requested protected status on the basis that their families and themselves were at risk. #AssangeTrial

30.09.2020 - 13:50 [ ]

Assange case: former security firm staff allowed to give anonymous evidence

Anonymity was granted to two former employees of UC Global after a hearing at the Old Bailey in London was told they feared that its director and owner, David Morales, or others connected to him in the US, could seek to harm them.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser said she would permit their identities to remain anonymous out of respect for a Spanish court that had done the same as part of a case in which they are involved.

30.09.2020 - 13:48 [ Craig Murray ]

Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 20

The day concluded with a foretaste of excitement to come, as Judge Baraitser agreed to grant witness anonymity to the two UC Global whistleblowers who are to give evidence on UC Global’s spying on Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy. In making application, Summers gave notice that among the topics to be discussed was the instruction from UC Global’s American clients to consider poisoning or kidnapping Assange. The hidden firearm with filed-off serial numbers discovered in the home of UC Global’s chief executive David Morales, and his relationship to the Head of Security at the Las Vegas Sands complex, were also briefly mooted.

30.01.2020 - 22:04 [ ]

Recht auf anonyme Kommunikation: Klage gegen Verbot anonymer Prepaid-SIM-Karten gescheitert

Der EU-Abgeordnete Patrick Breyer (Piratenpartei) hatte schon 2012 Beschwerde beim EGMR erhoben, nachdem seine Verfassungsbeschwerde vom Bundesverfassungsgericht abgewiesen worden war. Er begründete diesen Schritt damit, dass die Zwangsidentifizierung beim Kauf einer Prepaidkarte eine freie und unbefangene Kommunikation und Internetnutzung gefährde.

25.05.2019 - 19:30 [ Google Play ]

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