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19.06.2019 - 19:02 [ Korea Times ]

Ronaldo to play against Korean All-Stars in July

International football icon Cristiano Ronaldo will play against Korea’s K Leaguers in Seoul next month, the league said Wednesday.

The Portuguese and his Juventus teammates will stage an exhibition match at Seoul World Cup Stadium in the city’s Mapo District.

21.05.2019 - 14:27 [ ]

So trauert die Sportwelt um F1-Legende Niki Lauda

Die Sportwelt trauert um einen ihrer Größten! Von Mercedes-Kollege, Wegbegleiter und Freund Toto Wolff über Formel-1-Weltmeister, Ski- und Fußball-Stars hinweg bis hin zu den Tennis-Legenden Thomas Muster und Boris Becker – Sportler rund um den Globus reagierten mit tiefer Trauer auf den Tod von Niki Lauda.

15.05.2019 - 15:59 [ NDR ]

St. Pauli zeigt Einsatzleitung der Polizei Bielefeld an

Der FC St. Pauli hatte nach den Vorkommnissen eine Anwaltskanzlei damit beauftragt, die Ereignisse juristisch zu prüfen. Wie der Verein mitteilte, sei auf Grundlage des anwaltlichen Gutachtens, für das über 80 Gedächtnisprotokolle betroffener Fans ausgewertet wurden, nun Strafanzeige erstattet worden. „Für uns liegt hier ein klarer strafrechtlich relevanter Verstoß durch die Einsatzleitung der Polizei vor, den wir so nicht akzeptieren können“, erklärte Göttlich.

19.01.2019 - 07:35 [ ]

Liverpool are expected to visit Việt Nam this summer

The Việt Nam Football Federation is planning to invite European giants Liverpool to play in Hà Nội this summer.

„Liverpool have plans to tour Asia this summer, and Việt Nam might be one of their destinations,“ VFF General Secretary Lê Hoài Anh told

11.01.2019 - 04:06 [ Yonhap ]

Rooting for unified Korean team

cheering squad of South and North Koreans roots for the unified Korean team at a handball match in Berlin on Jan. 10, 2019. The two Koreas fielded a joint men’s team at the International Handball Federation World Men’s Handball Championship, the first international appearance by such a team. South Korea lost to top-ranked Germany in its opening game.

27.09.2018 - 20:17 [ KBS ]

Präsident Moon fordert Diskussionen über gemeinsame Austragung von Olympia 2032 durch Koreas

Die entsprechende Äußerung machte Moon bei seinem Treffen mit dem Präsidenten des Internationalen Olympischen Komitees (IOC), Thomas Bach, am Mittwoch (Ortszeit) in New York. Moon bat zugleich um die Kooperation des IOC.

Bach sagte, die bei den Olympischen Winterspielen 2018 in PyeongChang begonnenen Bemühungen würden vervollständigt, sollten beide Koreas die Spiele 2032 gemeinsam austragen.

26.08.2018 - 11:36 [ Olympic Channel ]

We are one

This documentary tells the story of the emotional journey of how the Unified Korean Team came to be and its legacy.

26.08.2018 - 10:34 [ Korea Herald ]

Unified Korean canoeing team wins gold in women’s 500m dragon boat racing

This was the second medal won by a joint Korean team at an international multi-sport competition. The women’s team on Saturday earned bronze in the 200m dragon boat racing.

The medal doesn’t count to either South Korea nor North Korea in the Asian Games medal standings. Instead, it will be awarded to „Korea.“

It will be the first time that „Arirang,“ Korea’s most popular folk song, will be played at a medal ceremony.

26.08.2018 - 10:32 [ Arirang News / Youtube ]

Unified Korean team wins first ever medal

In the women’s 200-meter dragon boat race, the Koreans won a historic medal on Saturday. Out of six teams, they took bronze,… marking the first time a joint Korean team has medaled at an international sporting event. The medal won’t count for South or North Korea in the medal standings, but will be tallied separately for „Korea.“

20.08.2018 - 22:27 [ William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt / ]

The Militarization of Sports and the Redefinition of Patriotism

Since 9/11, however, sports and the military have become increasingly fused in this country. Professional athletes now consider it perfectly natural to don uniforms that feature camouflage patterns. (They do this, teams say, as a form of „military appreciation.“) Indeed, for only $39.99 you, too, can buy your own Major League Baseball-sanctioned camo cap at MLB’s official site. And then, of course, you can use that cap in any stadium to shade your eyes as you watch flyovers, parades, reunions of service members returning from our country’s war zones and their families, and a multitude of other increasingly militarized ceremonies that celebrate both veterans and troops in uniform at sports stadiums across what, in the post-9/11 years, has come to be known as „the homeland.“