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30.09.2020 - 16:32 [ Progressive International / ]

The Belmarsh Tribunal

Confirmed speakers:

Roger Waters, rock musician, co-founder of Pink Floyd

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil

Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece, MeRA25

Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador

M.I.A., musician and activist

Slavoj Žižek, philosopher

Pamela Anderson, actress and activist

Srećko Horvat, philosopher, co-founder of DiEM25

Alicia Castro, trade unionist and Argentine diplomat

John McDonnell, former Shadow Chancellor, Labour Party

Jennifer Robinson, human rights lawyer

Tariq Ali, public intellectual and member of Russell Tribunal

Angela Richter, artist and activist

30.09.2020 - 16:30 [ Yanis Varoufakis / Twitter ]

First they came for Assange. Then for all journalists that dare expose them. Then for each and every one of us that dare resit them. Join us in opposition to Julian’s extradition! This Friday. At 15.00 CET

05.09.2019 - 22:38 [ Youtube ]

LIVE: Roger Waters Performs ‚Wish You Were Here’ in Assange’s Support in London


02.09.2019 - 09:35 [ WSWS ]

Roger Waters holds concert on Monday: Take forward the fight to free Julian Assange!

At 6:00 p.m. in London today, a critical event has been called by bassist, singer and songwriter Roger Waters and journalist John Pilger to demand freedom for WikiLeaks publisher and journalist Julian Assange. Waters will hold a concert in front of the office of British Home Secretary Priti Patel at 2 Marsham Street, and Pilger will deliver remarks.

Both Waters and Pilger are men of great principle who have fought—Waters as an artist and Pilger as a courageous journalist—to keep alive the struggle to free Assange. This fight, however, must be carried forward through the mobilization of workers and youth internationally to stop the extradition of Assange to the US, ensure his safe return to Australia and secure his freedom.

05.03.2019 - 02:30 [ WSWS ]

Sydney rally issues strong demand for the freedom of Julian Assange

In the weeks preceding the rally, prominent independent journalists, artists and defenders of democratic rights issued endorsements of the event. Those who lent their support included filmmaker John Pilger, singer-songwriter Roger Waters, civil rights advocate Professor Stuart Rees, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, Elizabeth Vos, editor-in-chief of Disobedient Media, Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief of Consortium News, filmmaker Curtis Levy, Terry Hicks and Christine Assange, Julian’s mother.

20.02.2019 - 22:51 [ teleSUR ]

Roger Waters Slams Interventionist Concert at Venezuela Border

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters slammed an upcoming „Live Aid“-style concert to raise funds for humanitarian aid for Venezuela, calling the event a U.S.-backed effort to tarnish the socialist government in a video circulating Tuesday.

„It has nothing to do with humanitarian aid at all,“ the 75-year old Waters said. „It has to do with Richard Branson … having bought the US saying, ‚We have decided to take over Venezuela, for whatever our reasons may be.'“

16.02.2019 - 21:42 [ Granma ]

Roger Waters steht auf der richtigen Seite

Die CIA war für die große Unterdrückungsoperation und den Kulturkrieg verantwortlich, womit die Yippie-Bewegung und die Gegenkultur zerstört wurden. Bei Bill Grahan steht zu lesen: „Die kulturelle Projektion von Rock wurde zu einem schönen utopischen Traum reduziert. Die angebliche Gegenkultur wurde aufgesammelt und in die Freizeitbranche integriert“

Roger Waters weiß, auf welcher Seite er sich befindet. Seine Stimme trägt Licht. Die Mächtigen dieser Welt haben ihm den Krieg erklärt. Wir sind mit dir, Roger.

05.02.2019 - 21:12 [ teleSUR ]


Musician/activist Roger Waters is calling on people to act against the ongoing United States coup d’etat of the elected Venezuelan government by taking part in an ‘emergency demonstration’ in front of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations (USUN) located in New York City Monday.

20.11.2018 - 15:55 [ teleSUR ]

Roger Waters Arrives in Ecuador to Visit Indigenous Communities in Amazon Affected by Chevron

„Can I speak with someone higher up the ladder because this is ridiculous, trying to stop me from visiting these people?“ Waters asked civilly. He pleaded with the airport authority saying he’s trying „trying to help your brothers and sisters, these are your Ecuadorean brothers and sisters. We’re trying to help them.“

21.04.2018 - 06:58 [ Grayzone Project ]

Exclusive Emails Show How The White Helmets Tried To Recruit Roger Waters With Saudi Money

(19.April) Farsi’s relationship to the The Syria Campaign had been kept private until now. A Syrian-British oil tycoon named Ayman Asfari has taken a much more vocal role with the PR group, providing it with seed money to advance his mission to stimulate US and UK support for regime change in Syria. Waters was informed that Asfari’s wife, Sawsan, would be on hand for the 2016 White Helmets fundraising dinner.

19.04.2018 - 07:28 [ Radio Utopie ]

Roger Waters Antikriegs-Statement auf Konzert in Barcelona über die White Helmets

Rogers sagte, dass er nicht mit der Meinung dieser Person übereinstimmt und nach seiner persönlichen Ansicht die White Helmets als Sprachrohr derjenigen ansieht, die weiterhin in Syrien den Krieg eskalieren lassen und Regierungen den Grund liefern, Bomben auf Menschen zu werfen. Der Musiker nutzte seine Ansprache zu einem Appell, diese Welt zu einem besseren Ort werden zu lassen und nicht auf die Propaganda zu hören, die keine Beweise sondern gefälschte Behauptungen vorlegt.