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21.04.2020 - 23:37 [ ]

Bank of England boss Andrew Bailey warns against easing social distancing too early and says the psychological effects of a ‚false start‘ that forces Britons back into lockdown could damage economy more

– Andrew Bailey told the Daily Mail a premature end to restrictions could result in a loss of confidence
– The Bank of England governor issued the stark warning at a time of increasingly heated debate over lockdown
– It comes as ‚hawks‘ have been advocating for early easing of restrictions to save the huge costs to economy
– On the other side, ‚doves‘ argue relaxing constraints too early would be reckless and devastating for the NHS

13.02.2020 - 16:26 [ Jason Groves, Political Editor of the Daily Mail / Twitter ]

I’m told Dominic Cummings opposed the appointment of Andrew Bailey as Governor of the Bank of England. Outmaneuvered by Javid – adding to the reasons he wanted the Chancellor reined in

13.02.2020 - 16:24 [ Sebastian Payne, @FinancialTimes Whitehall correspondent / Twitter ]

Some chatter from inside the Treasury: one of the reasons Dominic Cummings was angry with Sajid Javid was the Bank of England governor. Cummings wanted Andy Haldane as the candidate most attuned to „levelling up“ but Javid managed to secure it for Andrew Bailey. #reshuffle