Archiv: Protests in China against SARS II state of emergency measures / Proteste in China gegen SARS II Ausnahmezustands-Maßnahmen / 2022

27.12.2022 - 10:38 [ ]

China scraps inbound quarantine rules in decisive break with zero-Covid regime

China will remove quarantine requirements for inbound travellers from January 8 as the country dismantles the remnants of a zero-Covid regime that closed it off from the rest of the world for almost three years.

The National Health Commission on Monday unveiled the move as part of a wider announcement that downgraded the country’s management of Covid-19 and definitively abandoned a host of other preventive measures.

08.12.2022 - 03:06 [ ]

Chinas Corona-Politik: „Die Proteste haben etwas bewegt“

Überraschend schnell lockert Peking seine strikte Null-Covid-Politik. China-Expertin Nadine Godehardt erklärt, welche Rolle die Proteste dabei spielten – und was diese über die chinesische Gesellschaft verraten.

29.11.2022 - 18:05 [ ]

Wall Street gains moderately after easing fears over China protests

The National Health Commission affirmed that it will accelerate the vaccination of older adults and softened the tone on the lethality of the most recent variants of Covid-19. News about the real estate sector in that country was also added,” explained the eToro firm. .

29.11.2022 - 17:50 [ Capitality / Nitter ]

U.S. stocks had their worst day in nearly three weeks on Monday as protests in China raised global-growth risks and Fed said more interest-rate increases will be needed to subdue inflation.


29.11.2022 - 17:43 [ The Art of Hacks Trades / Nitter ]

Chinese Stocks in US Rise, Erasing Drop Triggered by Protests – Bloomberg

28.11.2022 - 22:48 [ CNN ]

Global markets fall after protests erupt in China over Covid lockdowns

European markets opened broadly lower, tracking the performance of Asian shares. The FTSE 100 (UKX) dropped 0.7%, the CAC 40 (CAC40) fell 0.6%, and the DAX (DAX) was down 0.5%.

Earlier, Hong Kong’s benchmark Hang Seng (HSI) Index had finished the day 1.6% lower, after paring some losses.

28.11.2022 - 22:44 [ ]

Amid protests over lockdowns, Goldman Sachs warns that China’s exit from COVID-zero may be ‘forced and disorderly’

China’s climbing COVID caseload and expanding lockdown measures, which prompted rare public protests over the weekend, highlight the risk of an unplanned and chaotic exit from the country’s tough COVID-zero policies, predicts Goldman Sachs.

28.11.2022 - 22:32 [ Selina Wang, CNN International Correspondent based in Asia / Nitter ]

Surreal night in Beijing Protesters chanted „no to covid tests, yes to freedom“ for hours Some cheered for Xi Jinping to step down. After 2am, police presence ramped up. I asked one what they’d do if people didn’t leave. Would they use tear gas? He just said plz go home


28.11.2022 - 06:58 [ ]

Proteste in China: „Wir sind hier, weil wir mutig sind“


In drei Reihen hintereinander stand die Polizei einer Menge von Hunderten Menschen gegenüber – und Rufen nach Freiheit. Keine Corona-Tests mehr, sondern Freiheit, riefen sie. Ein Mann erklärt: „Ist das, was sie tun menschlich? Nein, das ist nicht menschlich. Die Polizisten kennen nur die Partei, aber keine Menschlichkeit.“ Die Polizisten wüssten nur, wie sie der Partei gegenüber loyal sein könnten, so der protestierende Mann weiter.

28.11.2022 - 05:06 [ Bloomberg ]

China Protests Spread to Multiple Cities as Anger Builds Against Covid Zero


– China sees widespread protests against Covid curbs
– Public anger focuses on deadly fire in Xinjiang
– Censors scrub social media of mentions of unrest
– Chinese stocks and yuan slump amid investor concern

28.11.2022 - 05:04 [ Bloomberg ]

China’s Exit From Covid Zero Seen Stretching Beyond 2023

(November 23, 2022)

– Reopening could see 5.8 million in ICU: Bloomberg Intelligence
– ‘No way an uncontrolled wave of infections can be managed’

28.11.2022 - 04:12 [ CNN ]

Protests erupt across China in unprecedented challenge to Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy

The campus protests continued on Sunday. At Tsinghua University, another elite university in Beijing, hundreds of students gathered on a square to protest against zero-Covid and censorship.

Videos and images circulating on social media show students holding up sheets of white paper and shouting: “Democracy and rule of law! Freedom of expression!”

28.11.2022 - 04:04 [ @whyyoutouzhele / ]

重庆超人哥 视频1 今天一名身背超人背包的男子在重庆某小区门口, 怒骂防疫人员是走狗,抨击天价胡萝卜 期间金句频出,周围市民连连叫好 “世界上只有一种病,就是不自由和穷,我们现在全占了。我们现在还在为一个小感冒折腾” „市政府错了,就只能一直错下去,不然就必须有人负责。“


28.11.2022 - 03:58 [ CNN ]

China’s Urumqi to ease Covid lockdown amid public anger over deadly fire

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, local government officials promised they would ease lockdown measures in neighborhoods categorized as “low risk” by authorities “in stages.”

Residents in these areas will be allowed to leave their buildings in staggered periods of a day, but they won’t be allowed to leave their residential compounds until all compounds in the neighborhood are categorized as “low risk” areas.

28.11.2022 - 03:44 [ Last World News Channel / ]

Now-censored videos appear to show China’s zero-Covid measures delaying response to deadly fire


At least ten people are dead and nine others injured after a fire at a residential building in China’s Xinjiang Region, according to the local fire department’s statement. The lockdown measures appeared to delay firefighters from getting through to the scene, based on videos circulating on social media reviewed by CNN. CNN’s Selina Wang reports.