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United States Relations with Chiang Kai-Shek, 1937-1949

Chiang was the leader of the most stable faction within China and consequently gave promise of being able to serve American interests. For this reason he was selected as the agent with whom the United States would treat with in China. During the years 1937-1949 the United States furnished Chiang Kai-shek’s government a considerable amount of material and financial aid.


Some American officials thought that Chiang was merely taking all of the American aid he could get, then conserving his forces for a future struggle with the Chinese Communists f or control of China. There is evidence to support this viewpoint.


A final effort on the part of the United States to find some effective means of supporting Chiang Kai-shek and keeping him in power came in July, 1947 when the fact finding mission to China of General Albert C. Wedemeyer was arranged. His mission also failed to bring about any concrete results in regard to assisting Chiang Kai-shek. Recommendations in Wedemeyer’s report, if followed, would have required a commitment of American troops far larger than the United States was willing to make. The American government was caught in a dilemma: a decision was necessary but the American people would not support sending large numbers of troops, Chiang would not follow American suggestions and Russia was a constant threat. Once again, America was „too late with too little“ and the mainland was lost to Chiang and Chiang’s value as America’s agent in China was destroyed.

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Absolutely one of the best things about her: Those close to Harris describe her as a “Truman Democrat,” a nod to her willingness to use American power to promote American values and interests.


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Auch das US-amerikanische Engagement im Koreakrieg und der Marshallplan wurden mit den Argumenten der Truman-Doktrin begründet. Durch die Truman-Doktrin wurde der außenpolitische Aspekt der Monroe-Doktrin endgültig abgelöst. Sie bildet auch die Rechtfertigung für die Intervention der USA in innere Konflikte anderer Nationen, etwa im Griechischen Bürgerkrieg, im Koreakrieg oder in Vietnam. Die „Eindämmung“ des kommunistischen Machtbereichs zugunsten der „freien Welt“ weist den USA faktisch die Rolle einer globalen Ordnungsmacht zu – im Gegensatz zur in der Zwischenkriegszeit herrschenden Politik des Isolationismus.

Dieser Anspruch der USA als globale Ordnungsmacht spielt auch nach dem Ende des Kalten Krieges im „Krieg gegen den Terror“ noch eine große Rolle.

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The Biden Doctrine Exists Already. Here’s an Inside Preview.

The Democratic nominee and his closest advisors served in the Obama administration—but their foreign-policy vision is finding inspiration in Harry S. Truman.

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#Biden – „The Democratic nominee and his closest advisors served in the Obama administration—but their foreign-policy vision is finding inspiration in Harry S. Truman.“