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05.02.2019 - 13:39 [ telesur ]

Venezuela Confronts US-backed Right-wing Coup

The United States and its right-wing allies in Latin America have come out in support of a parliamentary right-wing coup against the Venezuelan government of socialist President Nicolas Maduro after they supported a decision by opposition lawmaker, named Juan Guaido, to declare himself an “interim president” of Venezuela on Jan. 23 in violation of the country’s constitution.

Washington, Canada and members of the so-called Lima Group, which include Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, and others were quick to recognize Guaido as “interim president” with the government of Donald Trump and his advisors urging the country’s military to step in and rebel against Maduro. The military has repeatedly stated its full support for the Maduro government and rejected such calls as interventionist and a breach of the sovereignty of Venezuela.

05.01.2019 - 01:39 [ teleSUR ]

‚Humiliating Subordination‘: Lima Group, US Meet to ‚Free‘ Venezuela From Elected Leader

Bolivian President Evo Morales also criticized Pompeo and the U.S. Friday. “When he was CIA boss, Mike Pompeo confessed a plan to overthrow the democratic government of brother @NicolasMaduro. Now, from the state department, he insists on his interventionist goals. If the #U.S. is worried about democracy in #Venezuela, it should cancel its coup plans.”

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru y St. Lucia make up the U.S.-aligned Lima Group.

05.01.2019 - 01:17 [ ]

Mexico urges regional bloc not to meddle in Venezuela

Mexico on Friday called on its peers to refrain from interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs, declining to back a regional declaration that urged Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro not to take office on Jan. 10, Reuters reports.

Mexico was the sole country in the 14-member Lima Group that opted not to sign a statement critical of Maduro, the first time Mexico has not backed a declaration by the group since it was created in 2017 to push for democratic reforms in Venezuela.