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05.03.2023 - 14:32 [ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / Twitter ]

When I opposed this Amazon project coming to New York bc it was a scam of public funds, the whole power establishment came after us. Billboards went up in Times Sq denouncing me. Powerful pols promised revenge. Op-Eds & CEOs insulted my intelligence. In the end, we were right.

05.03.2023 - 14:30 [ theHill.com ]

Millionaires urge Democrats to include billionaire tax in spending bill


A group of about 250 millionaires on Monday urged top Democrats to include a proposal to tax billionaires‘ investment gains annually in their social-spending package, after the proposal was left out of a framework the White House released last week.

05.03.2023 - 14:21 [ Salon.com ]

Amazon’s labor exploitation is a return to the 1920s — and unions are our best hope out


Amazon claims to be innovative, but its strategies of market dominance and labor exploitation are as old as capitalism itself, and were perfected by predecessors like Standard Oil, General Motors, US Steel, AT&T, Walmart and Microsoft. My union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, views this as history repeating itself.

The Roaring ’20s were great for those at the top, but meant massive exploitation of workers. As we embark further into the 2020s, the Teamsters will make sure that Amazon cannot repeat a history where workers suffered acutely to make ends meet and were frequently injured or even killed on the job while company executives stuffed their pockets with the profits.

05.03.2023 - 14:19 [ CNBC ]

How companies like Amazon, Nike and FedEx avoid paying federal taxes


The 55 corporations cited by ITEP would have paid a collective total of $8.5 billion. Instead, they received $3.5 billion in tax rebates, collectively draining $12 billion from the U.S. government, according to the institute.

05.03.2023 - 14:17 [ theGuardian.com ]

Amazon had sales income of €44bn in Europe in 2020 but paid no corporation tax

(4, May 2021)

Accounts for Amazon EU Sarl, through which it sells products to hundreds of millions of households in the UK and across Europe, show that despite collecting record income, the Luxembourg unit made a €1.2bn loss and therefore paid no tax. (…)

The Luxembourg unit – which handles sales for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden – employs just 5,262 staff meaning that the income per employ amounts to €8.4m.

05.03.2023 - 14:07 [ Macrotrends.net ]

Amazon Income Taxes 2010-2022 | AMZN

Amazon annual income taxes for 2022 were $3.217B, a 167.15% decline from 2021.
Amazon annual income taxes for 2021 were $4.791B, a 67.34% increase from 2020.
Amazon annual income taxes for 2020 were $2.863B, a 20.6% increase from 2019.

05.03.2023 - 14:03 [ macrotrends.net ]

Amazon Gross Profit 2010-2022 | AMZN

Amazon annual gross profit for 2022 was $225.152B, a 14.01% increase from 2021.
Amazon annual gross profit for 2021 was $197.478B, a 29.28% increase from 2020.
Amazon annual gross profit for 2020 was $152.757B, a 32.85% increase from 2019.

05.03.2023 - 14:00 [ Europäische Organisation für Kernforschung CERN ]

The birth of the Web

Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, while working at CERN. The web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.


On 30 April 1993, CERN put the World Wide Web software in the public domain. Later, CERN made a release available with an open licence, a more sure way to maximise its dissemination. These actions allowed the web to flourish.

05.03.2023 - 12:40 [ Bayrischer Rundfunk ]

Tausende protestieren in Israel gegen Justizreform

In Tel Aviv haben die neunte Woche in Folge Tausende Menschen gegen die von Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanjahu angestrebte Justizreform protestiert. Die Demonstranten skandierten am Samstag im Stadtzentrum „Demokratie, Demokratie“ oder „Schande“, viele schwenkten israelische Flaggen. Auch in anderen Städten des Landes, darunter Jerusalem und Karmiel nahe Haifa, fanden Proteste statt.

05.03.2023 - 11:37 [ Haaretz ]

„Good Evening, Anarchists and Terrorists“: Record Number of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Coup

Despite the heightened police presence and the force used by officers against protesters earlier in the week, over 180,000 Israelis protested the government’s planned judicial overhaul throughout the country on Saturday night, for the ninth week in a row.

After the demonstration ended, protesters attempted to cross the barricade that blocked off the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv. Police tried to obstruct those who broke through, but several thousand people made their way onto the main road and began marching.

05.03.2023 - 11:35 [ i24news.tv ]

Estimated 250,000 at rallies across Israel against judicial overhaul

According to official estimates cited in local media, some 160 thousand people turned out to the Tel Aviv demo. Many more thousands joined smaller rallies in other Israeli cities, with some citing a grand total as high as 250 thousand.