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20.02.2021 - 18:02 [ Kyodo News ]

Japan airman, U.S. instructor killed in trainer jet crash in Alabama

U.S. military plane crashed near an airport in Alabama on Friday while on a training exercise, killing two people aboard including a member of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, the Japanese Defense Ministry said Saturday.

19.06.2020 - 21:39 [ The Chronicle Herald ]

Cyclone helicopter’s system possibly overriding pilot’s efforts during fatal crash: Air force officials

The Royal Canadian Air Force CH-148 Cyclone helicopter from 12 Wing Shearwater, known as Stalker-22, was participating in Allied training exercises with HMCS Fredericton off the west coast of Greece on April 29. It had concluded flight operations and was returning to HMCS Fredericton when, approximately 7 p.m. local time, the chopper crashed at a high speed into the water in view of witnesses at the stern of the ship.

07.12.2019 - 02:49 [ USA Today ]

‚Barbaric‘: Saudi national opens fire on Pensacola Navy base, kills 3, injures 8

Alshamrani was one of 852 Saudi nationals in the United States training under the Pentagon’s security cooperation agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Defense official said. Alshamrani, began his three-year course in August 2017 with English, basic aviation and initial pilot training.

04.07.2019 - 11:58 [ Middle East Eye ]

Libyan militia building mercenary air force, rivals claim


From February 2015, the Ukrainian Glissada company, specialising in the supply of spare parts for airplanes and helicopters of various nations, began looking for pilots and technicians with experience on the Mirage F1 for full-time jobs in Africa.

The final client was Libya Dawn, via the Caravana Middle East company based in Jordan and directed by a US-Jordanian, Rami Ghanem Najm, according to MEE’s source. Najm was arrested in December 2015 in Greece on an international arrest warrant and extradited to the US on arms trafficking charges.

The first two foreign mercenaries appeared in Misrata in June 2015. One of them refused to bomb LNA troops and left. The other – an Ecuadorian, reinforced by technicians of the same country – carried out several air strikes against LNA forces, then Islamic State militants in the Sirte region.

04.05.2019 - 00:29 [ Stars and Stripes ]

Afghan Air Force pilot training program in US ends after nearly half go AWOL

The Pentagon quietly ended a program to train Afghan Air Force pilots in the United States after nearly half of the course attendees disappeared, according to a Defense Department watchdog report released this week.

More than 40 percent of the Afghan pilots sent to train on the AC-208 Combat Caravan lightweight reconnaissance aircraft went absent without leave while in the United States, according to a quarterly report of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR. The report, which was released Tuesday, did not detail precisely how many Afghan pilots deserted the training program, which has been conducted at the Fort Worth Meacham Airport in Texas.

30.08.2018 - 23:46 [ Common Dreams ]

Plan to Train Saudi Pilots on US Soil Undermines Pentagon Denial of Complicity in Yemen Carnage

„Federal procurement documents reviewed by TYT show that the U.S. Air Force is actively soliciting private contractors for training of Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) personnel to be ‚conducted in the U.S. at contractor’s facility,'“ Klippenstein reported.

Klippenstein noted that if the training of Saudi pilots to fly F-15 fighter jets takes place, it would appear to be the first such activity on American soil since the U.S.-Saudi coalition intervened in Yemen’s civil war in 2015.