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27.01.2023 - 04:41 [ Patrick Breyer #JoinMastodon / Twitter ]

In order to blackmail lawmakers into agreeing to the totalitarian #ChatControl #CSAM scanner, EU Home Affairs Commissioner @YlvaJohansson at a conference just openly lied in the face of ministers. Let’s fact-check her lies one by one: Thread (1/6)

(Jan 17, 2023)

Johansson’s lie #1: Without adoption of #ChatControl by 2024, police have no means of prosecution.

Not true. Plus #ChatControl does not significantly contribute to protecting children from sexual abuse.

More in the video: (2/6)

Lie #2: We don’t open new doors for detection.

Truth is: Under the proposed #ChatControl legislation for the first time all providers of messaging, e-mail and chat services could be compelled to deploy error-prone incrimination machines.

More in the video: (3/6)

Lie #3: Only after a court order may police search our communications.

Wrong again. According to the proposal, any „independent authority“ could order indiscriminate #ChatControl searches of our private correspondence.

More in the video: (4/6)

Lie #4: Without the #ChatControl law, law enforcement agencies lack 80% of all leads.

There are no source to back up this figure. To the contrary, there would be a massive increase in false suspicions, with severe consequences for those affected.

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26.09.2020 - 12:44 [ ]

USC Law professor, students react to Breonna Taylor indictment


Jasmine Caruthers is one of the two students helping Miller and said she had mixed emotions on the decision.

„Part of me was happy that the Taylor family was going to get compensated because they have been through so much. Another part of me was extremely sad because at the end of the day you can’t put a price tag on someone’s life,“ said Caruthers.